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Music Festival in the Country
June 11th & June 12th, 2011 in Cavour, Italy

Final Line Up
Mauro Picotto // Mark Broom // Christian Smith // Gabry Fasano // Mihalis Safras // Yousef // Joseph Capriati // Riccardo Ferri (live) // Aiko // Devid // Gabry Ribetti // Matteo Gatti // Maurizio Benedetta // Daniele Papini // Luca Morris // Paolo Kighine // 00Zicky // Top 3 Winners of the Alchemy Contest Live (Yerko Alejandro from Canada, Marco Ferrantelli from Rome, Enrico Sangiuliano from Milan)

(Cavour, May 25th 2011) The countdown to the Alchemy Music Festival in Mauro Picotto’s hometown of Cavour is in the final stages. Running high on adrenalin and espressos, the festival team – which includes Mauro himself – is buzzing with exciting news. Top of the list is a celebrity-laden line up of global artists that includes Mauro, Mark Broom, Christian Smith, Yousef, Luca Morris, Mihalis Safras and more. Then there is the announcement of the top winners of the Alchemy Festival Competition: Chilean Yerko Alejandro (commonly known as Montrealer and based in Canada), Rome-based Italian DJ Marco Ferrantelli and Enrico Sangiuliano (Enrichetto) from Reggio Emilia. They will be competing on the Saturday of the festival for the first place title. Mauro says they all submitted tracks that were really original and finely executed – now it’s just a matter of seeing who has the charisma to win the crowd. Mauro is distinct about the feeling he wants the Alchemy Festival to generate: "I want people to be in the mood to have a good time – to dance and party and enjoy being together. This festival is a celebration of my life. A way to say thank you for everything I have."

Two festival days jam packed with music and more The Alchemy Festival may be on the grass. In the open air. With lots of room to dance. But it’s not cutting any corners when it comes to technology and keeping spirits high throughout the weekend. In addition to a huge 25 x 50 sqm festival stage jam packed with music and performances and the excitement of a DJ competition, there are three big video screens, eight CO 2 jets to cool down the crowds Ibiza-style, food and drink stands (NO hard alcohol allowed on the festival grounds) and a photo contest for ladies who think they have what it takes to be the Face of Cavour and the Alchemy Festival. "People are really excited and I hope it will keep building," says Mauro. "We’ve already sold out two rounds of early bird tickets so I’m expecting a good crowd. This time of year I think we can count on the weather to play along too.“ Mauro thinks the festival will attract a diverse crowd – from traditional festival enthusiasts to newcomers of all ages curious about electronic music and the first open-air festival in the Italian countryside. That’s why he will be playing a long set on Saturday night starting at 9pm until 1 am so that everyone – including all the local Italian families – will get a chance to see him perform.

Alchemy Festival Contest a massive success Alchemy Records received more than 1,000 submissions of original tracks (and some songs). Mauro and his team worked hard to trim that down to the top three based on the originality of the tracks and the performance potential of the DJ. "I heard lots of tracks with great potential and we plan to record a compilation album with the top 15-20 winners," explains Mauro. "But the top three were the ones that were ready to be cooked.“ How would he describe the winning tracks? "I can feel the power of the South American drums in Yerko Alejandro’s track. It’s clear he is not European. Marco Ferrantelli was very creative in making a sexy, groovy track that mixed House and Techno without being cheesy. And Enrico Sangiuliano is a perfectionist whose track has an amazing build-up with lots of subtle details." The three DJs will perform on Saturday afternoon with the winner being awarded an additional slot on the Sunday program. What will it take to be number one? "It’s important to see who has the most charisma on stage," explains Mauro. "Who will capture the mood of the people with the right song at the right time. I want to feel the happiness and energy of the person on stage. That’s what will decide the winner." The town of Cavour in full festival fever From the mayor Piergiorgio Bertone (Sindaco) down to the teenagers hanging out in the market square – everybody is counting down the days until June 11th. And with true Italian charm, it was Cavour’s mayor who came up with the idea of featuring a professional photoshooting for the ladies. Mauro says they are not looking

for a catwalk beauty but someone whose smile captivates and expresses the genuine beauty of the region and its people. The winner will be featured on the cover of a local magazine and will get a free professional photoshoot.

Nestled on the north side of the granite Rock of Cavour (Rocca di Cavour), this Piedmont town of 5,500 inhabitants has been a hidden treasure of medieval fortifications in the middle of a peaceful landscape – until now. The Alchemy Festival has changed all that. Google Alchemy Festival and Cavour today and pages of links lead you to Mauro’s hometown at the heart of Piedmont. By next year, chances are the English Wikipedia entry will be expanded to include mention of it being the site of the first Italian open-air electronic music festival. This is also a tremendous opportunity for Mauro fans to meet him in his element. When he’s not on stage, he’s likely to be found picnicking on the grass together with his fiancée and three children (Insider tip: The wedding is planned for July 23rd in Ibiza!): "This is a new experience for everyone and new experiences make me feel alive. I am always learning. I think when I stop to learn I will get very old."

Image: The 'Rocca di Cavour' will be transformed into a musical mecca on June 11th.

The Alchemy Festival: Travel and lodging information

Free Buses will be running between the nearby city of Pinerolo (host city of the curling events and Paralympic tournaments at the 2006 Winter Olympics) throughout the day and night. Since Cavour offers only limitted overnight possibilities, Mauro recommends overnighting in Pinerolo, where festival visitors will find hotels and hostels. For those who just need a place to chill after the festival, there are lots of cafés and shady corners in Cavour and surrounding towns. The closest airport is in Turin. Tickets at the door from 25 to 30 euro for 2 days.

SATURDAY, 11TH JUNE FROM 2 PM TO 4 AM Aiko Matteo Gatti Gabry Fasano Mihalis Safras Yousef Top 3 Winners of the Alchemy Contest Live (Yerko Alejandro, Marco Ferrantelli, Enrico Sangiuliano) Mauro Picotto Christian Smith Riccardo Ferri (live) Mark Broom SUNDAY, 12TH JUNE FROM 2 PM TO 12 AM Devid Gabry Ribetti Oozicky Maurizio Benedetta Daniele Papini Luca Morris Paolo Kighine Gabry Fasano Alchemy Contest Winner Joseph Capriati Mauro Picotto

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