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net 19378 Upland Street NW 763-241-9439 Home Elk River, MN 55330-4140 612-802-0826 Cell 612-664-3324 Work OBJECTIVE: Management position in IP Backbone Engineering Operations support wh ere over sixteen years of experience in Core IP Backbone and ATM Frame Relay wil l add significant value to an organization. SUMMARY OF EXPERIENCE Over fourteen years of outstanding data and voice management experience Exceptional network management insight. Able to quickly isolate critical network problems and resolve it Magnificent personal accountability that leads to making better trouble manageme nt choices that result in customer satisfaction Strong skills in managing platform based ISP with sites in the entire US, Europe and Asia. Enthusiastic team player with tremendous experience supporting core backbone, Cy ber Center (Hosting), Edge, Access, DSL, VPN, Metro Optical Ethernet, Ethernet L ocal Access. These also include the Peering and Out-of-Bound network. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 2001 - Date Minneapolis, MN Qwest Communications Corporation Supervisor Network Operations, IP Backbone IP NMC/ATM/FR * Manage a group of highly skilled and dedicated support staff that comprises of staff and lead engineers * Daily support of Tera POPS, Access POPS, Cyber Centers (Hosting), layer 3 plat forms (Co-locate), Ethernet Local Access, Dedicated Internet Access and ATM/FR n etworks. * Consistently drive efforts to repair network hardware that consists of Cisco 3 600, 6500, 7000, 7600, 10000 and 12000 series. Juniper M20, M40, M160, M640 and M320 series. Nortel Shasta BSN 5000 for VPN and CBX 500 for ATM Frame Relay net works. * Strong inter-departmental experience working with support partners to resolve customer affecting issues. * Set strict standard to put in place change management process to manage mainte nance activities * Developed several technical operations level agreement between operations supp ort partners. * Developed trouble ticket audit to ensure customer impacting issues are resolve d in a timely manner based on the agreed time to repair * Known for developing talents to focus on key business areas in order to add va lue to the entire company's goals and objectives 1999 US West Communications, Minneapolis MN * Manager Network Operations, Internet services Operations Center * Played a major role in establishing the first operations center (Internet serv ices Operations Center) with the primary objective of managing, monitoring and m aintaining software and hardware changes in the network * Developed the first change management policy known as "Network Control Request for the then USWest Interprise network with the primary objective to ensure net work stability.. * Developed interface agreements between support groups. * Developed an operations center that focused on the customer * Created and developed change control request to management and control mainten ance and hardware changes in the network * Created the concept of one stop shop for the operations center 1994 Target Corporation, Minneapolis MN

* Senior Network Control Analyst, Target Network Support * Assisted in developing a common network management center for Mervyns of Calif ornia, Dayton's, Hudson using Target Network as the Corporation's Network * Worked with the vendor to develop the first network management surveillance us ing HP OpenView * Integrated HP OpenView and other scripts into Tivoli as the standard platform (Surveillance Tool) for managing the entire Target Corporation * Managed a group of engineers and technicians in the daily network hardware rep airs and replacements * Daily analysis of network and established thresholds * Developed and established interface agreements between internal support groups Technical Skills * Introduction to Cisco Router configuration * Building a Scalable Cisco Internetworks * Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices * Cisco Internetwork Troubleshooting * Cisco LAN Switch Configuration * Installation and Maintenance of Cisco Routers * Advanced Cisco Router Configuration * Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switch * Cisco CSM/6500/3500 Manager * Operation and Troubleshooting of Juniper Networks M/T series * Configuring Juniper Network Routers M/T Series * Advanced Juniper Network Routing M/T Series * MPLS Configuration Basics * Advanced Juniper Network Routing in the Enterprise * Advanced Juniper Network Policy Technical Development - Knowledge, Skills & Abilities * Involved in the evaluation, selection, adaptation, and modification of standar d techniques, procedures, and criteria to solve non-routine complex problems. * Developed complex but user-friendly Change Management system to manage all mai ntenance and routine activities in the IP Network * Consistently assigned team leadership responsibilities that produce quality re sults and creates partnerships with team members, clients, and suppliers. * Ability to understand client issues and strategies. Impacts technical knowledg e/expertise cross-organizationally to consistently exceed the client/customer ne eds * Assumes responsibilities as a resource for decisions required across multiple functional segments. Individual reduces adverse impacts to service, cost, due da tes and identifies inefficiencies. Provides near term focus of resolution of imm ediate issues. In addition, provides long term or strategic solutions * Effectively and constantly coordinates a "one-of-kind" Network Impact Level (N IL) and Mean-Time-To-Repair (MTTR) management

Education B.A. Information Technology Brown College B.A. Organizational Management (Computer Science Concentration) Ashford University M.A. Organizational Management (November 2010) (specialization in Global Managem ent) Current Salary: $98,880 (Including Bonus)

Work Status: US Citizen Desired Status: Full Time

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