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Keith Helmich 802 Timberline Drive Cameron, Missouri 64429 816-724-1755 EDUCATION August 1993 - December

1997 Bachelor's Degree, Construction Engineering, Missouri Western State University S aint Joseph, Missouri PROFESSIONAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS 13 year career with Turner Construction. Financial Management for multi-million dollar construction projects completed at or below budget. Responsible for financial management of local business unit with average annual revenue of $150 million. Provided training seminars for co-workers on various topics related to financial and project management.

Responsible for developing and managing budgets for construction projects over $ 100 million. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Turner Construction Company Inc. 1996 - 2009 Accounting Manager: * Increased earnings by improving coordination between accounting and auditing d epartments. * Responsible for maintaining budget to track overhead expenditures. * Responsible for tracking earnings by project as well as the business unit leve l, to forecast profitability and provide insight to increase revenue for the div ision. * Developed language to incorporate Turner insurance requirements into sub-contr acts. * Reviewed insurance policies to assure coverage was in place and accurate for a ll projects. * Monitored and enforced compliance with company policies such as reporting of e arnings and risk. Regional Senior Cost Engineer: * Promoted to Accounting manager in December of 2007 * Managed cost auditing and reporting for multiple business units in central reg ion. * Increased profitability in both units by training all staff on budgeting stand ards. * Streamlined weekly and monthly payroll, improving employee productivity and re ducing reporting time by 35%. * Minimize losses by reviewing insurance policies and coverage, working with bro kers and carriers as needed to amend builders risk policies for individual proje cts. * Prepared construction project and business unit earnings forecasts and risk as

sessment. Senior Cost Engineer: * Promoted to Regional Senior Cost Engineer in December 2004 * Reported monthly earnings to Turner corporate and provided input to accomplish and exceed goals. * Managed cost auditing and reporting, plus oversight of accounting functions in the Kansas City office. * Presented financial information for Senior Management in New York, NY at quart erly review meetings on behalf of the Kansas City office. * Performed risk management duties including contract review and builders risk i nsurance policy reviews for multiple projects. Cost Engineer: * * r * k * Promoted to Senior Cost Engineer in December 2002 Audited projects and prepared quarterly corporate reports for all projects ove 2MM. Prepared reports to detail general condition forecasts, profit projection, ris review and full budget audit for projects. Assisted project managers with profit plans, project closeout.

Assistant Superintendent/Field Engineer: * Promoted to Cost Engineer in January 2000 * Learned to manage project budgets, multiple engineering logs, and risk managem ent as it related to jobsite safety compliance. * Inspect projects near completion for quality assurance, provided direction for repairs to allow on time completion.