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Well, moved about a month ago and got a bit of space for it, people are possessiv

ely lazy with me most days, very neurotic and old... Been seening that my life n
eeds be lived in the hand of do what thou wilt shall hid seed hurt none. I exper
ienced the laws of Karma first hand because of the critics of my music and popul
arity of others like me... Here are the faces of the people who just moved in to
where I live while I experience this... Karma Religiously Politically effects t
he whole nation as we partake in church and play and I have had enough of it fol
lowing me and trying to destroy me as a lesser without a roller coaster the I ha
ve been... I believe that the shield of David has been a bother and also the hi
ghest privileged defense and been glutton to Christ war has expressed its stress
and left many good things in some yet I feel short lived and lost in what is, n
ot bleed through to my actual respect of being,I have been told I am that of pir
ate of Christ trapped by Felix whom was from another tribe altogether, I am not
losing out here out where I keep track like I am in college but I have not been
happy even in sacrifice... The belief of my Life flesch being measured and not u
pliften lool is beginning to make my blood to to a webbed vein of a woman I have
never loved or met... My life is in constant marked hall for the lies robbed fr
om the blood of my elders... In Masonry there are eight basic languages I have r
aise my level of thought to include most of them in short format and continue wo
rk on these Faternal realities... I ready histroy a lot to work more good within
my daily life but still am not being able to find the tolerance for just one th
ought... In reality Nobody Knows what it is That I have Attained, thee ego is li
es of endless time in the Cup as of late... Lost ie lesser of vied in trice I me
an objectively wellin withing the seasons of wanting to tell somebody so I turn
to you and I. This very day feel much like this.
cgi-bin/daily-reading.cgi/KJV-136... Please paste this link and read through ahe
ad of time to help with the vice I feel in me...Three months from this bible dat
e. I do not no deserved to be robbed on thee increase for a sinn of support of a
hand that does not respond. The native american blood rise wolf pop is off the
chart and some some only...
This is an all out war zone this neighborhood of my past nw, sc, s, compass slow
ly walked soon to 2nd move to unknown as of this site walk... What give me Carce
r thee most of this phase in my musician and my national linguistic interpretive
masonic defensive of algiz inward bent a or evil or Bose... Constant motion of
a continuous Political deal with it as though you are owed... When you may as we
ll have a p.h.d. at home... Or in navigable systematic std of golden loxs in the
bible search. Much lesser for the support of admittance and contemptuousness ov
er invisible abuse of meager lines of the constant host a disagreement...I waas
lied to be the doctors at the hospital as Freud and Jung strong psyche men sligh
ted the churches to 888 of dishonest zodiacal calendar cup of Just defense, Just
for the name I have lived out, Both men and many of the history are out dated o
ver sexism and drowning in waiting for my real life to roll forth... I am owed a
body and a life In more than one offense rusting in alchemy banned for fear and
for strength of simple with no same because of desire for greed. I've have had
1300 degrees and in radio waves and temperature spoken a lot lately think of nat
ure depressant and taking the elders myself, I deserve religious respect for the
Mormonism hypocrisy of I am a child not of heaven for my vice in theist strengt
h of my names of a healer of high... Yet is a formula for the karma the effectiv
ely hits of on my stress lately to cause me to own the pictures that nobody owns
it hits in like playing a video game and wanting to win... In all Colours or na
tive American with insight of true karmic respect in a visual energy there famil
y, one must ask if they deserve more... And now because I feel this is a immigra
te point (punto of this age) Politically Hegemony ( Or Religiousness)... From wh
at I read the freedom of religion is at a standard so low that people cannot bre
athe in some areas because of the wolf like hypochondriac theocracy of bigotry o
f destructive caste classes... For on or two words, such as the aforesaid meanin
g of the unhealthy be blamed falsely into the wrong Konig, (King) Koniger (Queen
) Kirsche (Church) or institution.. By the way We are all designate father in my book now fro
m the past funerals of the last three years.. Get some free books before the sit
e closes... Not only that... Curse off and raise up mittag hypnot mob fie, Over
occult and bible list and so on... also the reality is the Ain obsession that w
ill not cease that often and varies according to too many pehing realities.
-sigils-symbols This one hides from me within my name sake leave height treason
in Africa na und.. Netherlands, and Shell Daemon, Finn land Sweden and also a f
ew others that dine in my rifle Just,,, Coma Right in and eat me (if not). I This book may not

bee very good but it is a perfect example of what I sent last in summed format..

These are what I find to be survival sums of whole chaos systems... You could ta
ke these to school later...

If you didn't know I learned all thee forms of manipulation in 8 languages and t
he cop out of of spreading lie karmic energy to the ends of the running lions ea
rth while I was at school and as I am going back to finally get my associates b
eing possessed with religion... I have to classes to one to get my diploma I don
't think verbal conditioning works on this subject.

My final point is that I need a point of leave or rest other than the offer of a
ny hospital being as I do so much more that to let the sleight run my life and c
are less about me... So I may be having to contact the charity of many churches
to get off of my own weapon and understand this placement of suicide... Being my
element fluxes moon a lot I am in fear of another stolen death... My hope in g
eneral life in first starting school was Theosophy and philosophy and also psych
ology in a masters I have books that whinge more that Catholicism in actual mind
money so I really don't like the head down medications that slip me and fire on
me in the city without laborious clean up overly and supportive... If I have ca
ll the media the barrs the doctor the banker and the scientist and all of atlant
is of 19 colleges what are these blood designations doing on my body except viol
ating my direct doctors orders.. To combat this all the very basic stocks of mon
ey are set to raise and fall very heavily as one catholic church link has spoken
to me so take it back as you have payed to receive it.. All those alchemical ba
ses or only good in rise research but look at the vehicles and what we will host
into them in general... Make you own descision