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3105 SW Idaho St.
Portland, OR 97239-1044
(503) 892-5858 (Home)
06/08 a" Current Took a much needed break from work; worked on my
house; volunteered at Habitat for Humanity to teach a bookkeeper
GAAP, Excel, did some account analysis, and designed some workbooks;
while at home I wrote an Excel program that uses employee time sheets
for customer billing, status and showing the percent of billing to
business hours for employees. See attached. Available to demonstrate
upon request to show what Excel and I can do together depending upon
the specific needs or project.
11/1 a" 06/08 Self-employed a" Gage Industries a" Excel
Programmer (using VBA)
ACCOUNTING ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Temp AR; Temp Accounting Manager several
times; Temp Cost Accountant

4/01 a" 10/01 Gage Industries, Portland, Or

Temporary Accountant/Excel Programmer
DUTIES: Collections, daily cash routines, Excel programming.
ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Successfully cleaned up old accounts receivable
items. Automated the daily
process of determining the cash balance. Automated the weekly
reconciliation of accounts receivable. Automated some job costing
1/01 a" 3/01 Oregon Catholic Press, Portland, Or
5/00 a" 9/00 See 10/98 - 10/99 for company specifics)
Temporary Accountant
DUTIES: Phase I. Assist the accounting and finance department with
their annual budget process. Phase II. Successfully convert the basic
Lotus budget spreadsheets into Excel format.
ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Phase II. The first step to this accomplishment was
to unravel and understand the original Lotus spreadsheets that were
all filled in by manual data entry. After creating the Excel format
and VBA routines needed to automatically download all the account
data into the various workbooks, linking this information to
end-reports and more analytical spreadsheets and charts was done.
Linking also allowed for auditing (or drilling down) to get to the
original source of the data. User-forms, custom menus, and utility
programs were created to make the spreadsheets user-friendly. A
system of checks and balances was implemented to verify or enable
quick reconciliation of deviations in the reports or analytical
spreadsheets caused by errant modifications. Numerous types of flow
charts and instructions were created or written to help the users
understand the relationship of the workbooks and specific information
needed to complete the budgeting process correctly.

10/99 a" 5/00 Renaissance Holdings, Inc., Portland, Or. (Acquired

by Household Finance Feb 2000)
Size: 800 employees
Industry: Issuer of sub-prime credit cards
Title: Senior General Ledger Accountant
DUTIES: Learn complex company structure by reviewing accounts
payable coding and approvals. Prepare complex monthly journal
entries. Manage intercompany GL accounts. Account reconciliation's
and special projects. Assist in monthly preparation of financial
ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Created journal entry integrations into original
accounting software. Helped with the successful conversion of new
owner's accounting software before the whole 7 person accounting
department was laid off.

10/98 a" 10/99 Oregon Catholic Press, Portland, Or

Size: 160 employees
Industry: Non-Profit
Title: Senior General Ledger Accountant
DUTIES: Help prepare monthly financial package by writing journal
entries, doing account reconciliations and variance analysis.
Maintained fixed assets on Excel. Help with new accounting system
conversion, and create all new FRX financial reports. Special
ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Increases in departmental efficiency and reduction
in processing time was attained through the use of advanced Excel
techniques and VBA programming. Some reports, tasks, journal entries,
and calculations that were done manually in the past were automated by
using the GL and payroll database and miscellaneous tables. Examples
of automation would include fixed asset maintenance and respective
monthly depreciation je; various labor and contribution reports;
monthly profit sharing accruals by department; quarterly profit
sharing payout; and automation of check processing into payroll
5/94 a" 9/98 Marketing One Securities, Inc., Portland, Or
(Operations ended Oct 1999)
Size: 200 employees
Industry: Broker/dealer for annuities and securities
Title: General Ledger Accountant; License: Series 27
DUTIES: Prepare monthly financial statement package for one, and
then two companies. Variance analysis. Monthly account and
intercompany analysis, special projects, and maintained fixed assets
on FAS. Prepared annual working papers for auditors. Helped budgeting
ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Helped organize and do massive clean up of
accounting records and procedures during first year of employment.
Mechanized various accounting procedures using macros.
10/85 - 4/94 Freelancing in Colorado, Washington and California
ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Included cleaning up accounting records for
financial statement and income tax preparation for various
industries. Trained personnel with improved bookkeeping procedures.
Assisted management in understanding their operations. This included
the preparation of breakeven analysis, budgets, cash flow
projections, revising burdens and job costing. Prepared working
papers for tax accountants and CPA firms. Reconstructed accounting
10/81 - 9/85 MLA Architects, San Juan Capistrano, Ca
Size: 20 employees
Industry: Architectural design firm and small construction company
Title: Accounting Controller
DUTIES: Responsible for all bookkeeping and accounting functions for
both companies and owner's personal income producing activities.
Prepared monthly financial statements and working papers for tax
ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Successfully managed negative cash flow.
9/80 - 9/81 Los Caballeros Sports and Racquet Club, Fountain Valley,
Size: 30 employees
Industry: Sports and racquet club
Title: Accounting Controller
DUTIES: Prepare monthly financial statements and set up internal
controls. Did most all bookkeeping functions.
ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Helped owners better understand their financial
9/77 - 9/80 Main Hurdman prepared audit reports and tax returns for
corporations, partnerships, proprietorships, and individuals
ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Learned many industry accounting styles and
internal controls.
BS, FINANCE, 1975, Chico State University, Chico, Ca (GPA = 3.5).
Additional accounting classes at Cal State Fullerton, Ca.
David L.Vogl

Some specific Gage Industries Excel Workbook Design valid client

number with project and task; date range of the time sheet; list any
missing or invalid pertinent time sheet data to be corrected; etc.
Clients (Individual and All Clients):
Lists dollar amounts and hours to be billed based on contract type
(e.g.: hourly or % complete) not to exceed the budget for each
Lists dollar amounts and hours over/under budget (determined by
estimated % complete a" provided by project manager).
Lists billing details of each employee by Client, Project, and Task,
including comments and explanations of such charges.
Employees (Individual and All Employees):
Shows percent billable as compared to net business hours (gross
business hours less vacation and sick time, etc) by month, year, and
An Excel Time Sheet for each employee is saved in a shared location
only open able by the respective employee with their own password.
This is accomplished by their having their own User Form which
provides the password to open the workbook as read-only and lists
such workbooks available to be chosen from. Should an employee have a
justifiable change to be approved by the manager, all the billing
program workbooks can be reprocessed to correctly reflect such
Payroll Department:
A report is saved in a secure location to be opened only by the
payroll department that lists all the categories that reduce business
hours (eg: sick, vacation, etc.) by employee for internal verification
User Forms:
A user form facilitates the choice and ease of opening specific
report workbooks by allowing the authorized user to choose the
respective folder (type and monthly period) of the desired workbook
(s). The user form also supplies the password to open the workbook as
read-only, as all workbooks are protected to maintain their integrity.