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- Over 22 years experience as a military leader managing a wide array of process

es, projects and operations.
- Detailed oriented professional; places utmost value in integrity, commitment,
work ethic, & taking ownership.
- Proven success in fast-paced, high-stress environments, specializing in proces
s improvement, strategic vision.
- Extensive experience supervising large numbers of employees, budget management
, and long range planning.
- Outstanding communication and customer relations skills. Very comfortable com
munication with senior leadership.
- Current Security Clearance: Top Secret/SSBI (Dated 15 Nov 2007)
Objective: Obtain long term employment with an organization in a strategic posi
tion to develop policy, processes, and procedures that will ensure the long term
success, profitability, and reputation of the company/agency.
Aviation Development Manager/Program manager, Supreme Aviation FZE, Dubai United
Arab Emirates 08/09-Present
- Primary mission is to support the Subsistence Prime Vender (SPV) contract for
the Department of Defense and to ensure the over 2,000 tons of Fresh Fruits and
Vegetables (FF&V) were delivered weekly on or before the required delivery date
- Secondary mission is to deliver non FF&V cargo from the UAE to multiple hubs i
n Afghanistan on or ahead of scheduled RDD.
- Open reins to identify areas of improvement and develop solutions relating to
all aspects of the aviation division.
Major accomplishments:
- Developed constructive working relationships with military and government agen
cies that make or enforce policies that affect the way Supreme delivered its ser
vice to its customers.
- Stood up a 24-hour operations center to provide round the clock aviation suppo
rt for both the planning and execution of airlift missions.
- Completely overhauled airlift slot management for all missions into Afghanista
n resulting in near 100% requested slot assignments.
- Successfully lobbied NATO convincing them to develop a prioritization system f
or the assigning of landing slots into Afghanistan.
- Developed a database program to schedule all missions that ensured all slots f
or regular scheduled FF&V missions were applied for as early as NATO policies al
lowed, and created custom flight schedules tailored to the recipient. Spiral de
velopment of the database will eventually encompass all aspects of Aviation Divi
sion operations to include cargo inventory control, load planning, air manifesti
ng, track and trace, and financial billing for both inbound and outbound operati
- Provided subject matter expertise (SME) input on contract considerations allow
ing Supreme to make informed decisions regarding contract solicitations.
- Worked extensively with other business units to develop processes that improve
d efficiencies, accountability, reduced or eliminated bottlenecks in the end-to-
end supply chain process.
Airlift Manager, United States Central Command, Logistics Directorate, Mobility
Division MacDill AFB, FL 03/06-08-31
- Developed, implemented, and managed policies, procedures, for logistics planni
ng and airlift operations for the CENTCOM area of responsibility (AOR) to includ
e 29 aerial ports in 27 countries.
- Airlift Manager for inter-theater sustainment channels into/out of CENTCOM AOR
for over 300 cargo, 150 passenger, and 30 aero-medical evacuation missions per
month. Ensured maximum utilization/efficiency of limited airlift assets.
- Managed programs to include Command Domicile To Duty (DTDT), Theater Retrograd
e, and International Air Tenders.
- Managed movement of over 200 two-Star generals and above (or civilian equivale
nt) per month, including Presidential Cabinet Secretaries, U.S. Senators, Congre
ssmen, Governors, Ambassadors, foreign heads of State and their senior officials
, and high profile movements such as rescued/released hostages.
- Aerial Port subject matter expert (SME) for Headquarters-managed cadre of rota
tional augmented personnel deployed to division.
- Performed day-to-day logistical analysis on airlift moving 600K passengers and
200K cargo tons on 16K missions per/yr
- Developed and refined theater distribution plans, provides technical guidance,
and adjudicates interpretive differences to ensure minimum customer wait times,
maximum airlift asset utilization, with minimum cargo and passenger re-handling
- Integrated and coordinated activities and assets for rapid logistical support
of emergency situations such as humanitarian relief efforts.
- Served as the primary focal point and liaison for disseminating, coordinating,
and tracking USCENTCOM issues and concerns with USTRANSCOM, Air Mobility Comman
d, Service Components, and various subordinate agencies.
Major Accomplishments
- Conceived an authored Combatant Command policy that dramatically reduced over
inflated prioritization of cargo and reduced dedicated mission request and incre
ased theater channel dependability for the first time since the beginning of the
Iraq/Afghanistan wars.
- Co-sponsored quarterly Aerial Port Conferences- - -Leadership critical to crea
ting effective and efficient cargo and passenger operations.
- Lead innovative effort bringing Air Force Aerial Port and Army Movement Contro
l communities into one mission focused joint team.
- Spearheaded inter-modal initiative- - -attacked theater distribution system bo
ttlenecks; shifted less urgent cargo to lower priorities or to surface mode; dev
eloped and adjusted hub and spoke concept; dramatically reduced customer wait ti
mes and reduced requests for dedicated aircraft by 75% in one year.
- Directed the development of a theater airlift retrograde initiative to return
damaged weapons systems to CONUS for repairs, refit, and return to the fight usi
ng underutilized repositioning channel missions at surface rates--huge success s
- Worked with medical community to double the frequency of fresh blood shipment
s into the AOR. The initiative reduced blood age and resulted in doubling the s
urvival rate of mass transfusion patients.
Superintendent, 3rd Aerial Port Squadron (APS), Pope AFB, NC 03/03-02/06
- Held multiple leadership positions to include Superintendent of Aircraft Servi
ces (130 personnel), Superintendent of Passenger Services (26 personnel), Team C
hief & Air Terminal Manager (ATM) deployed to Bagram Air Field (44 personnel), A
fghanistan, Air Terminal Operations Center (ATOC) Duty Officer (20 personnel), a
nd Squadron First Sergeant (230 personnel).
- Managed 130 personnel performing cargo operations including processing, inspec
ting, loading, and unloading all commercial and military cargo aircraft.
- Responsible for the safe, efficient, and timely handling of over 10K tons of
cargo, 2.5K passengers on over 350 missions monthly.
- Managed passenger and baggage operations including processing, loading, and un
loading of commercial and military passenger aircraft.
- Directed and coordinated disciplinary actions on service members failing to me
et Air Force standards with the Commander, Legal and Area Defense Counsel office
s, and local authorities.
- Counseled service members in need of assistance in a wide variety of areas inc
luding financial, parenting, marital, and mental health.
- Worked extensively with Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) providing logi
stical support meeting the sensitive requirements.
- As ATOC Duty Officer, acting voice of the commander overseeing all aspects of
port flight-line operations (150+ missions per month).
- As Air Terminal Manager (Deployed), managed all aspects of the largest Aerial
Port in Operation Enduring Freedom.
Major Accomplishments
- Completely reworked Passenger operations from the ground up. Completely redes
igned and refurbished passenger terminal to improve functionality, efficiency, s
afety, and appearance. Restored and upgraded aging vehicle fleet and IT infrastr
- Provided first class support to squadron leadership and personnel by both enfo
rcing the standards and provided personnel all available resources including cou
nseling, mentoring, and professional agencies.
- Seamlessly integrated 90 activated Air Force Reserve personnel into port opera
tions allowing 60% of active duty personnel to deploy in support of the Global W
ar On Terrorism (GWOT). Ensured home station mission success.
- Selected to be the first senior enlisted member to fill ATOC Duty Officer Posi
- While deployed to Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, authored Air Base LOGCAP State
ment of Work (SOW) for aerial port operations. Redefined roles, responsibilitie
s, and oversight; resulted in a dramatic decrease in operational errors and powe
r struggles.

High School Graduate, 1980 (Paola High School, Paola, KS)
Associates Degree: Community College of the Air Force, Major: Transportation, Se
mester hours: 64, GPA: 3.8
- Global Decision Support System (GDSS 2) General Functions Course, 03/2007, 2-D
ays, Air Mobility Command
- Joint Operations Planning and Execution System (JOPES) Support Personnel Cours
e (JSPC), 04/2007, 5-Days, Joint Forces Command
- Quality Assurance (QAE) Personnel Course, 05/2006, 2-Day, 6th Contracting Squa
- CENTCOM RFI / Tasker Tool Training Course, 04/2006, 4-Hour, CCJ6-DST
- Automated Message Handling System Training Course, 04/2006, 4-Hour, CCJ6-DST
- Air Force Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Academy, Correspondence (2-Months),
05/2005, USAF Air University
- Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) 101, 1-Week, 09/2005, DLA
- Global Decision Support System (GDSS 2) Transportation Management Course, 2-Da
ys, 04/2005, Air Mobility Command
- Non-Commissioned Officer Academy, Kadena Air Base, Japan, 6-Week, 07/2001, USA
F Air University
- Air Transportation Manager Course, Ft Dix, New Jersey, 2-Week, 02/2001, Air Mo
bility Warfare Center
- Hazardous Material Inspector Course, Kadena Air Base Japan, 1-Week, 02/2001, A
ir Force Training Command
- Transportation of Hazardous Materials Course, Travis Air Force, Base, Californ
ia, 1-Week, 10/1995, Air Force Training Command
- Intermediate Wartime Contingency Course, Ft Dix, New Jersey, 2-Week, 09/1995,
Air Mobility Warfare Center
- Principles of Instruction, Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas, 1-Week, 11/1995, Ai
r Force Training Command
- AMC Affiliation Airlift Planners Course, Ft Dix, New Jersey, 1-Week, 07/1994,
Air Mobility Command
- Cargo Operations and Systems Course, Ft Dix, New Jersey, 1-Week, 06/1993, Air
Mobility Warfare Center
- Intermediate Cargo Course, Torrejon Air Base, Spain, 1-Week, 11/1988, Air Forc
e Training Command
- Airlift of Hazardous Material Course, RAF Mildenhall, England, 1-Week, 10/1988
, Air Force Training Command
- Air Cargo Specialist Course, Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas, 6-Weeks, 06/1987,
Air Force Training Command