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33A Fairway Drive
Mechanicville, New York 12118
Telephone: 518-664-2070 Cell: 518-461-1346 Email:
Continued professional growth, achievement and excellence in Management ... Sale
s Management ... Operations Management ... Business Development, within an organ
ization that seeks responsibility, accountability and a commitment to delivering


Management & Leadership
* Significant experience in managing people and operations, delivering excelle
nce in service, revenues and profitability. Recognized for achievement on numero
us occasions including top nationwide performance. Skilled in developing a team,
managing by example, fostering communication and creating a sense of loyalty an
d ownership among people.
* Additional skills in forecasting (sales, cash flow, expenses), budgeting, pr
ofit planning and strategic planning. Delivered results to profitability target
for a $35 million operation in a highly-competitive market.
Sales & Sales Management
* Known for ability to develop exceptional sales talent through mentoring and
leadership; personally recognized for consistent sales performance.
Talent Development
* Expertise in developing talent through performance coaching, communication,
training and management-by-example. Have recruited, hired and promoted many high
ly-successful managers who became executives. Recognized for employee retention,
productivity and excellence in service.
Operations Management
* Demonstrated accomplishments in developing and then managing to operations p
lans consistent with corporate goals. Skilled in analyzing operations, identifyi
ng needs and providing recommendations & actions plans to improve efficiency.
A hands-on management professional who is driven to achieve - always ... Profess
ional, honest and candid in all respects ... Dependable, responsible and persist
ent ... Attentive to details in operations, service and the numbers of the busin
Professional Experience Review
JC PENNEY, Incorporated, Albany, NY, Bangor, ME, Warwick, RI
11/1979 - 3/2010
Retail Executive for a store which generates over $35 million in revenue and del
ivers to corporate profit targets. Manage 18 managers and a staff of 350 with lo
wer than expected turnover and higher productivity than most operations in the o
rganization. As a hands-on executive, work closely with sales managers and opera
tions staff to improve results, which has been highly successful. Constantly rec
ruit the best-of-the-best in talent and fast-track high performers.
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Selected accomplishments include:

* Exceeded national profit plan target by 100%, performance that was unmatched
previously in the corporation.
* Promoted each year based upon performance to increasing levels of responsibi
lity and sales revenues.
* Successfully turned around four underperforming stores delivering increased
sales and employee performance.
* Appointed as a troubleshooter for other stores, utilizing experience and exp
ertise in managing and sales performance to identify areas in need of improvemen
* Achieved 85% employee retention through recognition programs, orientation, t
raining and communication.
* Reduced inventory shrinkage by 50% through improved staff training and preve
ntive programs at the store level.
Previous Experience
Served as Senior Business Planning/Merchandising Manager for several years for t
he corporation in several locations.

Computer Proficiency
Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint ... Various retail management ap

Professional Development
Completed numerous executive leadership, management and sales development progra
ms offered through JC Penney, Inc.

Bachelor of Science, Business Administration,
Rhode Island College, Warwick, RI

Professional references provided upon request

Confidentiality and discretion requested