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213 Hollywood Drive
Bardstown Ky. 40004
502-348-3254 / 301-904-7320
OBJECTIVE: To secure a position which will enable me to enhance my skills as an
Engineering Technician and benefit the employer with a myriad of skills which wo
uld contribute to the overall mission objective.
QUALIFICATIONS: 20+ years experience as an aircraft and ordnance technician main
taining, repairing, inspecting, and performed troubleshooting on various aircraf
t platforms. Test and Evaluation experience includes test plan development, Inte
grated Test Team (ITT) support, and pre-flight and post flight inspections on a
variety weapons for fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft. Expert Liaison for coor
dinating a myriad of specialized testing and support for Navy aircraft and Navy
missile Test and Evaluation developments required by test plan initiatives. Fina
ncial Analyst performing cost analysis and cost estimates. Expert flight, ground
, and test facility Scheduler to include aircraft, aircrew and test asset resour
ce planning and operating of NAWCAD test facilities and ranges. Preparation of M
essage Reports, Results of Testing Reports, and Flight Clearance Requests. Devel
opment and verification of weapons loading checklist. Conduct official photograp
hic coverage of testing events. Act as Lead Technician for countermeasures testi
ng. Advise and assist newly assigned engineers with test planning guidance, test
plan development, and test coordination. Expert of ground/flight testing on a v
ariety of aircraft platforms, including F/A-18A-G, EA-6B, P-3, T-45, AH-1W, and
H-53D/E, MH-60R, and V-22 Osprey.
EDUCATION: High School Diploma, Bardstown High School 1975
English/Reading, Southwest Texas Junior College 1979
Psychology / Program Design, Charles County Community College 1996
USAF Training:
Aircraft Maintenance Technical School, Shepherd AFB 1976
Corrosion Control Technical School, RAF England 1977
RF4C Familiarization Course, RAF, England 1977
T38 Familiarization Course, Laughlin AFB 1979
Navy Training:
USN Applicable Ground Support Equipment School, NAS Patuxent River 1985
Non-Destructive/Fibre Optics Inspection School, NAS Patuxent River 1985
MIL-STD-1760 Training Class 1998
Testing and Current Operational Requirements (TTCOR)/Non-Combat Expenditure
Allocation (NCER) 2001 Mobile Ordnance Training and Conventional Weapons Buildu
p 2008
Conventional Release Systems Course on F/A-18E/F 2008
Patuxent River Air Field Drivers Course 2009
Annual ATEDS Seminar 2010
SOFTWARE: Microsoft Office, Canvas, Kaliedagraph, Photoshop, Flight Information
Scheduling and Tracking software (FIST).
EQUIPMENT: Final Cut Pro Video Editor, 16 MM Film Editing Associated Equipment
ManTech Systems Engineering Corporation - Senior Engineering Technician:
October 1995 - Present
Perform technical and engineering functions related to Research, Development, Te
st, and Evaluation (RDT&E) of ordnance equipment and associated employment produ
cts. Provide technical and engineering support involving research, design, compu
tation, verification, and validation tasks for the production of weapon employme
nt. Research, design, develop, test and evaluate armament system mechanical, ele
ctrical, and electronic devices and interfaces. Includes researching of aircraft
system technical publications, development of schematics or sketches, use of st
andard electronic test equipment, and knowledge of basic mechanical hardware. Pe
rform aircraft/stores certification technical and engineering functions related
to compilation and analysis of test data, preparation of technical reports, test
project coordination, safety and hazard analysis, photogrammetric analysis, str
uctural analysis, ballistic modeling parameter analysis, and engineering studies
and analysis for integration of armament and ordnance elements with systems har
dware and software. Support overall program management, generating acquisition d
ocuments, conducting industry surveys of available Aircraft Countermeasures Syst
em/Stores Management System during weapons/stores RDT ATFLIR Noise and Vibration
Evaluation, ATFLIR Phase I & II Adjacent Stores Separation Evaluations, LAU-138
Carrier Suitability Testing, Mixed Stores Separation Testing on the F/A-18 Airc
raft, T-45 Baggage Pod Envelope Expansion Evaluation, MK-82 JDAM/BRU-55 Environm
ental Evaluation (including preparing loading checklist), Carrier Suitability Te
sting of the GBU-24E/B and the MAU-169H/B on the F/A-18, AIM-9X Missile Separati
on Evaluation, Tactical Combat Training System TCTS F-18 Captive Carriage Test a
nd Carrier Suitability, SLAM-ER Data Link and Antenna Test, and F/A-18 1000lb JD
AM Weapon Separation Evaluation, Faired Countermeasure Dispenser, ALE-47, CVER,
SLAM-ER Separation Evaluation, Telemetry Data Pod, JASSM, JSOW, ALE-55, GBU-16,
SHARP, MK-84 FZU-48, and AIM-7 on the F-18A/B/C/D aircraft. Involved in the buil
d-up of ALE-47, including preflight and post-flight of loads on F/A-18E. Involve
d in the build-up of the Mongoose Pod on the P-3 as well as preflight and post-f
light inspections. Conducted GBU-24 build-up. Develop Work Unit Plans (WUP), Tra
ining, Testing and Current Operational Requirements (TTCOR) for ATFLIR Phase III
Review weekly financial reports and conduct audit to verify proper allocation s
chedules. Conduct geometrical fit test of SLAM-ER, Telemetry Data Pod, JASSM, an
d AIM-7 missiles using the Aircraft Stores Integration Manual (ASIM). Develop an
d submit daily load plan input sheets. Perform preflight and post flight inspect
ions of weapons and related systems and supervised the SLAM-ER fit test. Serve a
s technical supervisor for mass property measurements of SLAM and HARPOON missil
es used in F/A-18 E/F safe separation tests.
Identify cockpit settings for digital display indicator utilized in ALE-47 test
program and the ALE-47 magazine configuration table. Draft flight clearance requ
ests for SLAM-ER, Telemetry Data Pod, and ALE-47 test programs. Developed flight
cards and presented pre-flight briefs to test pilots for various weapon program
s. Developed and documented retrievable air test vehicle refurbishment procedure
s. Verified and certified mixed stores and rack databases for automated tactical
manual supplement. Develop SLAM-ER, Telemetry Data Pod and AIM-7 missile test p
lans, message reports and test plan amendments. Reviewed, processed, and edited
high-speed 16mm ground/flight test film and video. Performed data reduction of t
est data received from Real Time Processing System (RTPS). Qualified to performe
d control system checks on the Jettison System, parent rack, M61 Gun Firing, AN/
ALE-47 CHAFF System, Fuze Function Continuity, BRU-41/42 Release System, and Rel
ease Systems End-To-End to include: AIM-9, Bomb/Rocket, AIM-7, AGM-65, MIL-STD-1
760 Interface System, AGM-84, and AGM-88.
Eye Care Center - Optician
November 1989 - October 1995
Managed and operated optical laboratory, fabricating eyeglasses, sizing and cutt
ing lenses, fitting customers, making adjustments and repairing defective glasse
s. Provided daily and weekly status briefs to management, including recommendati
ons for improvements and/or solutions. Worked independently with little or no su
pervision. Conducted employee indoctrination to laboratory operations and equipm
ent utilization. Managed all activity relating to ordering and maintaining inven
tory. Set laboratory work priorities to ensure timely receipt of product by the
customer, also to include equipment maintenance and repair. Researched customer
history and present health conditions to advise customers of optimum material ne
eded to meet their needs. Resolved customer issues by employing excellent commun
ications skills to ensure customer satisfaction.
DynCorp - Senior Maintenance Technician
April 1981 - October 1988
Eight years total experience performing technical functions associated with air
test and evaluation and maintenance support for systems relating to the A-4M and
TA-4J. Work consisted of maintenance of airframes and power plants. Applied eng
ineering techniques to modify, install, test and evaluate engines. Repaired, ins
pected and troubleshot fuel systems, hydraulic systems, avionics, and electronic
s and communication systems. Prepared, reviewed, analyzed, and applied technical
data with respect to aircraft maintenance. Instrumental in numerous test projec
ts including P408 engine stall test and A-4 flight control and slat modification
. Served as TA-4J and A-4M NATOPS engine turn up qualifier. Involved in removal
and installation of navigational, communication and avionics equipment to troubl
eshoot and test electronic systems. Organized maintenance tasks and delegated wo
rkload accordingly. Maintained, repaired, inspected and performed troubleshootin
g of A-4, A-6, A-7, F-4, F/A-18, and OV-10 aircraft. Responsibilities included v
arious flight line functions, as well as aircraft launch, recovery and servicing
using associated ground support equipment. Licensed in non-destructive inspecti
ons, including florescent dye penetrant, fiber-optic bore scope and testing for
hydraulic particle contamination. Duties also included recording and updating ma
intenance data, action forms, visual identification systems and reporting of man
hours. Four years experience as team leader.
U.S. Air Force - Sergeant
May 1976 - May 1980
October 1976 - October 1978 RAF, Alconbury, England
October 1978 - May 1980 Laughlin AFB, Del Rio, TX
May 1976 - July 1976 Lackland AFB, San Antonio, TX
July 1976 - October 1976 Shepherd AFB, Wichita Falls, TX
Served four years active duty in U.S. Air Force. Supervised maintenance technici
ans, flight line and tool control functions. Maintained and operated R/F-4C and
T-38 aircraft systems to meet and pass technical requirements, and determining m
echanical discrepancies. Experience consisted of maintenance and troubleshooting
R/F-4C and T-38 airframes. Operated various ground support equipment necessary
for military operations as well as flight line support. Analyzed and reviewed in
spection certificates to ensure inspections were completed in accordance with as
sociated government regulations. Assigned tasks to technicians. Inspected and se
rviced hydraulic systems, fuel systems, engine oil systems, pneumatic systems an
d liquid oxygen systems using associated ground support equipment, ensuring the
required safety guidelines were met. Conducted daily, turnaround, phase, calenda
r and conditional inspections. Reviewed and analyzed inspection certificates and
informed personnel of upcoming and impending overdue inspections and flight hou
rs vs. time change items needing replacement. Performed troubleshooting and repa
ir modifications on flight controls, fuel cells, and hydraulic systems and avion
ics systems. Carried out flight line procedures, including launch, recovery and
turnaround tasks. Reviewed aircraft documentation for accuracy. Organized and an
alyzed aircraft logbooks for squadron and ensured technical specifications and p
rocedures were complied with.
REFERENCES: Available Upon Request