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George S. Giulvezan, Jr.

10539 Liberty Trail

St. Louis, MO 63128
(314) 422-8023
Engineering background, Masters of Engineering Management Establishes prioritie
s, monitors the progress of tasks, documents and reports results to customers an
d suppliers as well as management, assesses conditions and makes recommendations
. Coordinates efforts with muti-fuctional IDS teams in an effort to ensure that
appropriate decisions and actions are made with regards to complex problems. Eva
luates supplier capabilities and technologies. Builds long term relationships wi
th customers and suppliers. Works effectively with other work groups. Top Secret
Security clearance obtained.
The Boeing Company
St. Louis, MO
2005-2009 Material and Process Engineer F18 Observables Team
Improve and develop new materials and processes, taking into account production
feasibility and cost. Coordinate efforts with suppliers, acquiring bids, involve
d with the payment and procurement of material. Verify suppliers are meeting Boe
ing requirements. Write and revise material and process specifications. Write la
b requests for testing of supplier materials, prepare test samples. Organize tes
t data results, draw conclusions, and document the testing via report writing. I
nform the supplier as to future actions items. Provide training and engineering
support for new technology and procedure for the paint shop.
2001-2005 Senior Specialist Environmental Assurance Engineer
Coordinated with team members in the development of the Environmental Strategic
Operating Plan, which provides strategy to help meet future governmental environ
mental/health/safety regulations along with customer requirements. Evaluated OSH
A regulations as well as EPA requirements; reduced risk through elimination & re
duction of materials known to be hazardous to human health and/or the environmen
t. Identified high level list of potential influences on manufacturing operation
s in order to develop potential scenarios and solutions. Evaluated cost-effectiv
e approaches to compliance, material and/or process changes which involve R&D, t
esting, and program/customer coordination. Wrote procedure for application of an
environmentally friendly chemical coating process and taught procedure to over
500 Boeing St. Louis employees over a 4 month period. Spearheaded composite recy
cling initiative for IDS, initiative grew to BCA (Boeing Commercial Airplanes),
now a world wide effort named AFRA, (Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association), invo
lving over 20 companies.
1998-2001 Team Leader/Senior Specialist Quality Engineer
Coordinated with multiple functional IDS groups and cross functional teams to im
prove and identify manufacturing/process issues which need resolution in the are
as of Material & Process, Manufacturing, Design, and Quality Engineering. Reduce
the cost of quality through effectively analyzing cost data from multiple depar
tments; reached goal of 15% in 1998 and 20% in 1999 reduction of cost of quality
for one department. Identified repetitive nonconformance items as to develop a
hit list with intent to reduce and eliminate these issues. Provided investigatio
n and corrective action efforts concerning internal nonconformance issues, reque
sted corrective action from outside suppliers. Applied root cause analysis metho
dology. Coordinated efforts with external suppliers such as Northrop and monitor
ed their actions and progress with regards to effectiveness (eliminated 60% of n
onconformance write-ups).
Westar Corporation
St. Louis, MO
Environmental Engineer
Responsible for the substitution of Class I Ozone Depleting Chemicals and hazard
ous materials used by various agencies of the U.S. Government and commercial man
ufacturers. Researched various solvents and chemicals used in U.S. Army Aviation
technical and depot maintenance work requirement documents. Developed and manag
ed an environmental database that tracked customer aviation maintenance document
s. Created a weekly status report on action items helping satisfy a customer req
uirement. Presented weekly status to the U.S. Army Command customer.
Lemay Machine Company/Imperial Plastics
St. Louis, MO
Engineering Consultant
Presented a course on statistical process control for both locations, conducted
training seminars for both hourly and management totaling 150 employees. Organiz
ed and developed quality audit teams as well as problem resolution teams aimed a
t identifying significant characteristics of each plants manufactured product. M
ade process improvements that ultimately saved over $100,000. Submitted recommen
dations for utilization of environmentally safe solvents and reduced/eliminated
hazardous materials, reducing potential risk.
Ford Motor Company
St. Louis, MO
Quality Engineer
Member of Quality Product Systems Support Team for Aerostar. Ford supplier engi
neering liaison/point of contact for various Aerostar sub-tier suppliers. Establ
ished communication channels with Ford design engineers in Dearborn, MI; initiat
ed design changes and processed changes through the electronic engineering syste
m. Identified critical characteristics for supplier parts in order to increase o
verall quality. Participated in yearly inspection studies in Los Angeles and Chi
cago; interviewed customers, tabulated and gathered customer feedback in an effo
rt to develop and prioritize a list of concerns for in-plant team problem resolu
tion. Established a high priority list of in-plant quality issues as to visit su
ppliers manufacturing plants to perform quality audits on their products and man
ufacturing procedures. Presented engineering study results to Ford senior manage
ment recommending actions to be taken.
General Dynamics/Land Systems Division
Lima, Ohio
Chemical/Material Design Engineer
Chemical Engineer assigned to the Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings Team (CARC).
Developed the process and application of polyurethane coatings. Coordinated eng
ineering efforts with coating suppliers. Performed testing in the materials cont
rol laboratory, documented results, and implemented into the full-scale producti
on. Team member involved with implementation of a $3,000,000 design/development
project. Established new standard repairs and test procedures that required appr
oval by on-site U.S. government review board.
Masters Degree - Engineering Management
Washington University
St. Louis, MO
Bachelor of Science - Chemical Engineering
University of Dayton
Dayton, OH
SPECIAL SKILLS: VIP Courses Effective Listening Skills, Blueprint Reading, Corr
osion in Aircraft, Basic Principles of Electroplating. PowerPoint, Excel, Word -
Published: Boeing Environmental Technotes Touch-N-Prep Alodine Pen Implementati
on At Boeing St. Louis: Lessons Learned February 2003; Boeing Environmental Tec
hnotes Composite Recycling and Disposal: An Environmental R&D Issue November 2