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International Transactions in Mathematical Sciences and Computer ISSN (Printing): 0974-7273 ISSN (Online): 0975-3753 Chief Editor : S. R. S ingh The International Transactions in Mathematical Sciences and Computer (ITMSC) is an international research journal, which publishes top-level work on Mathematica l and Computer sciences. ITMSC will aim basically at research papers, short comm unication technical papers etc. It will also keep a look out for new and novel b ooks coming out in the market. In this way ITMSC will try to give its reader a h elping hand in finding out about the latest and the newest, in addition to all t his, ITMSC will also have invited articles form people of eminence in their rele vent field. These article will also help and guide the student as to the latest development in their concerned areas. International Transactions in Applied Sciences ISSN (Printing): 0974-7273 ISSN (Online): 0975-3761 The International Transac tion in Applied Sciences (ITAS) is an international research journal, which publ ishes top-level work on applied sciences. The Journal ITAS is a direct successor of the Journal ITMSC with the aim of publishing papers in all areas of the appl ied science. The journal contains applied science problems, including those aris ing in industry, have formed the main part of the contents. The Journal also see ks to publish papers on new developments of scientific methods, especially those that have relevance to more than one field of application and also new techniqu es suggested by particular applications. Longer papers which survey recent progr ess in topical fields of applied sciences and its applications are also publishe d. ITAS publishes original research papers, comprehensive review articles, surve y articles, book reviews, dissertation abstracts in all areas of applied mathema tics, applied chemistry, related areas of chemistry, applied Physics and their b road range of applications. ITAS cover aspects of science and applications of sy stems - oriented ideas to the physical, biological, social, and behavioural scie nces. Journal will also publish research articles and reviews within the whole f ield of Applied Sciences, and it will continue to provide information on the lat est trends and developments. International Journal of Operations Research and Optimization ISSN (Printing): 0975-3737 Modeling and optimization have become an essential function of researchers and p ractitioners. New theory development in operations research and their applicatio ns in new economy and society have been limited. In the information intensive so ciety and economy, decisions are made based on the analysis of data available. O perations research techniques and models need to be integrated with computers fo r the purpose of analysis, optimization and application in decision making. This development has led the researchers and practitioners to look for new operation al research models and their applications in global economy and society. For thi s purpose, the modeling and optimization have become a paramount important. Inte rnational Journal of Operations Research and Optimization (IJORO) aims to advanc e the understanding and practice of Operational Research (OR) and Optimization S cience internationally. IJORO will act as a platform to encourage further resear ch in OR, Optimization and their applications. IJORO publishes original papers,

review papers, technical notes, and book reviews. Special Issues devoted to impo rtant topics in operational research and optimization will occasionally be publi shed. International Journal of Inventory Control and Management COPYRIGHT © 2009 AACS B.V. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ISSN (Printing): 0975-3729 The International Journal of Inventory Control and Management (IJICM) publishes contemporary, cutting-edge research on all aspects of inventory theory to foster discussion among researchers, practitioners, and educators on the management an d control of inventories. The objective of IJICM is to promote and stimulate inn ovative inventory research and Management and their application for improving th e productivity, customer satisfaction and competitiveness of manufacturing firms , retailers, logistics providers and all organizations that manage inventories. Although the journal will maintain a focus on inventory theory and management, i t will deal with operational as well as strategic issues, with specific inventor y models as well as with general supply chain issues, with firm-level as well as macroeconomic perspectives. INTERNATIONAL TRANSACTIONS IN HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES (ITHSS) ISSN (Print ing): 0975-3745 bridges social science and humanities communities across discipl ines and continents with a view to sharing information and debate with the wides t possible audience. The ITHSS has a particular interest in policy-relevant ques tions and interdisciplinary approaches. It serves as a forum for review, reflect ion and discussion informed by the results of recent and ongoing research. The International Journal of Education and Allied Sciences ISSN (Printing): 0975 -8380 (IJEAS) is an international research journal, which lays focus on the top â lev el work in the field of Educationand Allied Sciences. The journal IJEAS would co ntribute as a functional successor over all the journals of Education with the a im of higher order of contemplation over significant issues in the area of Educa tionand Allied Sciences. The Journal focuses on problems and their solutions reg arding Education and Allied Sciences especially concerning with schools, college s, universities and societies, which ultimately would give insight to the stakeh olders. The journal also seeks to publish papers on new developments of scientif ic methods and techniques, especially those, that have relevance to more than on e field of application. The IJEAS publishes original research papers, comprehens ive articles, survey findings, book reviews, dissertation abstracts concerned wi th the sub- areas of Education. The main objective of the journal is to promote academic liaising through exchanging of ideas, to develop contemporary school of thoughts, generating cutting-edge research theories on all aspects of Education and Allied Sciences to foster the trait of intellectual eminence among research ers, practitioners, and educators. Apart from this, it will emphasize on the rec ent trends and emerging issues pertaining to educational technology, educational administration and management, special education, educational policies and prov isions, education of disadvantages, educational psychology and their interdiscip linary connections. Hopefully, the discourses of the IJEAS would stimulate the psyche of the readers and ultimately their thinking pattern to bring paradigm-shift in Education and Allied Sciences. To promote scientificism in any discipline, open discussion in the form of feedback is sine qua non. At this crucial juncture, the readers are

requested to give their feedback regarding the issues what is essential for the promotion of the IJEAS.

-Thanks and Regards Dr. S.R. Singh 09897682738 AACS Journals

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