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Anthony Trezza

108 Maywood Avenue * Maywood, New Jersey 07607 * (201) 679-8643 * at790ede@westp
Executive Level Sales and Brand Management Professional
Customer Relations * Staff Training/Development * Merchandising * Co
st Controls * Team Leadership*
Managing Budgets* Recruiting* Customer Relations* Promotional/Distribu
tion Strategies* Merger/Acquisition

Managed and sold blue chip food and consumer product brands including: POM Wonde
rful, Sunkist, Paramount Farms, Deer Park Water, Berio Olive Oil, Diamond Nuts,
Libby's, Red Gold, Kimberly Clark, SC Johnson, Beecham, Clairol Hair Care, Brist
ol-Meyers, American Home Products, Rubbermaid, Rayovac Batteries, Hartz Mountain
Pet Products, and Playtex.
THERMAFREEZE, Red Bank, NJ * September 2009 to Present
(Company reconfigured from commercial to retail, which provides a dry gel pack
alternative to ice and ice substitutes.)
NATIONAL SALES MANAGER: Developed and implemente
d all aspects of
transforming Thermafreeze from a commercial compa
ny and successfully launching
them into the retail market.
* Established national, independent Tier 1 broker network: per
sonally selecting
brokers and providing ubiquitous support for the working re
which includes the distribution of and education about sale
s materials by conducting
general meetings with groups of approximately 150 sales org
anization members.
* Organized trade show to introduce Thermafreeze to supermarket
s, mass merchandisers and
the drug store trade throughout the country.
* Devised and successfully executed strategies for product imag
e, packaging and shipping:
Designed visuals and terminology for packaging, interfacing
with the Graphic
Designer and Illustrator to. Worked with Corrugated Compan
y to create the Shippers
Display and boxes.
TONY TREZZA ASSOCIATES/NSA, Maywood, NJ * December 2005 to Present
(Startup consulting company serving major food and non-food manufacturers)
EVP SALES: Launched food brokerage company in NY Metro a
* Grew to $200,000 in commissions first year.
* Called on corporate accounts (produce, dairy, toys and grocer
* Made strategic alliances with national brokers, buyers, and a
* Consulting for brokers and clients.

Anthony Trezza
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JOH METRO, Rochelle Park, NJ * April 2002 to December 2005

(Full service sales, marketing, and merchandising agency serving the food/consum
er products industry)
VP/Retail Sales Manager: Managed 40 sales reps and 5 mana
gers in produce and
grocery divisions. Worked directly with customers and cli
ent managers to plan new
promotions and distribution strategies. Recruited all ret
ail personnel.
* Landed key accounts with Kimberly Clark, Diamond of California, I
grocery company revenue an additional $1.350 million per year.
* Positioned New Diamond of California brand Emerald Nuts in NY ma
rket to best
share and distribution in the country.
* Convinced company to recruit frozen food/dairy specialist, yieldi
ng six immediate
new clients and justification for building entire frozen food/d
airy division

FEROLIE, Montvale, NJ * January 2001 to April 2002

($3 billion provider of sales, marketing, and merchandising services for consume
r packaged goods industry)
Director of Merchandising: Managed 95 merchandisers. Orga
nized transition
following acquisition of M & H Sales and Marketin
g, including negotiations with
regional customer merchandisers to reduce retail
* Successfully moved all existing clients with no interruption o
f service.
* Reduced client manpower demands from 200 to 60 representatives
, Completed
entire downsizing project in four weeks.

M&H Sales and Marketing Tarrytown, NY* March 1980 to January 2001
Progressive experience to Executive VP of Sales:
($1.5 billion in revenue, $25 million in commissions) in W
hite Plains, NY. Managed
all merchandising activity and five departments (F
rozen/Dairy/Deli, Grocer
HBC/GM, Produce, Retail) with more than 200 sales
reps and 25 managers.
Involved in all mergers, acquisitions, and executi
ve board meetings.
* Increased company revenue from $20 million to $24.2 million.
* Spearheaded development of diversified retail and wholesale div
isions. Built
separate division for manufactures to outsource their retail s
ales function, leading
to key acquisitions and $5 million aggregate increase in commi
* Implemented team-based account management system, adopted compa
across five divisions.