Doctor of Oriental Medicine

1. Joint Opening Exercises 2. Meridian Stretching Exercises 3. Qi Circulation Exercises a) Macrocosmic orbit, four limbs b) Dantian natural breathing. c) Dantian reverse breathing d) Closing Qi Gong, natural breathing 4. Eight Pieces of Silk 5. Face and Limb Massage

1. Sense organ rejuvenation 2. Heavenly water 3. Microcosmic orbit 4. Organ cleansing 5. Facial massage

1. Stay relaxed. Keep joints open. 2. Tongue on roof of mouth. Breathe through your nose. 3. Breath light, thin, and invisible: no sound, no volume. 4. Place your mind in the area of energy, whether its the Dantian, other chakras, or the limbs. Use your mind to move and empower the energy.

rotate knee. squat knees together. 1. Balance on one foot. 3 x 6. Rotate fingers to outside. 3 x 4. 1. rotate toe-ankle. Small circle with top of head. 5 x. hands opposed. Reverse. keep head still. Rock hips back and forth. Knee and ankle exercises. Pull fingers into claw. Chin down. then to the back and down 3. pulling arms high. 5 x each side 2. 3 x each way b. Front stroke. raise in front on inhale. 5 x 3. 3 x 2. fingers back. Shoulder exercises. Wrist and hand exercises. 5 x each direction 2. to sides. Back stroke. Rotate head side to side. Rotate palms and shoulders from dantian. Knees together. 1. forwards and backwards. shoulder height. Push palms out to the sides. Balance on one foot. 1. roll hips forward. 5 x e. then to the back and down 5. 3 x each direction 5. 5 x c. squat while rotating knees. Repeat on other leg .2 1. chin up. 3 x each side 4. 5 x 2. Roll shoulders without arms. fingers back. pulling arms high. Heels together. exhale. push out. Rotate palms and fingers forward. 2. OMD . Rotate waist. hands to insides of knees. behind head. hands opposed. exhale. Rotate palms and fingers towards each other. 3 x 3. 5 x each 5. 3 x Rotate fingers to inside. 3 x d. Push palms out in front of you. Neck exercises. arch spine. 3. Repeat on other leg Jake Paul Fratkin. Waist exercises. JOINT OPENING EXERCISE a. Arms shoulder height. Hands back to back. rise rotating knees to outside. 4. 5 x each direction Rock foot up and down. 1. hands to outside of knees. inhale.

rotate head to left. hands pushing head downwards. Repeat to right side. Repeat 2 x. Spinal rotation: Rotate torso. each side 3 x g. 3. a) Starting position 1. with your mind. arm over head. Do not strain. Sideways bend. Rotate Rock. hands on hips. Bend backwards. Forward spinal roll. Expand dantian forward as you bend backwards. Bend forward. Relax tension slowly. OMD . 2. Move dantian back. Hands at side. head towards knees. one vertebrae at a time. Repeat. Spine exercises. b) Governing Vessel-Conception Vessel 1. each direction 2. Spinal twist: Arch back. 1. look at opposite heel. Inhale into meridian. Relax deeply into your dantian. 2. hands behind knees. to left and then to right. 1 x 2. Jake Paul Fratkin. Repeat each exercise for three to five respirations. grasp rock. 1. exhale away from meridian. Release any tension with exhalation. rotate behind head and around to front. Standing. Breathe from dantian along arms and legs to hands and feet. MERIDIAN STRETCHING EXERCISES Basic principles: Deep relaxation. then hips to left. down and then up. relaxing spine. deep relaxed breathing. bend body forward. or force a stretch.3 f.

palms towards head. Go to your limit for 3-5 respirations. exhaling to relax. Go to your limit for 3-5 respirations. bend forwards. 5.4 c) Lung and Large Intestine Meridians 1. exhaling to relax. exhaling to relax. Hands behind back. Rest back and shoulders on floor. Concentrate on bringing elbows to floor. 2. interlock fingers. Inhale and exhale along Bladder and Kidney meridians. 2. lean back as much as possible. Inhale and exhale along Heart and Small Intestine meridians. Stretch arms above head on floor. 3. Sit on floor. palms facing backwards. Feet shoulder width. On exhale. and raise above head). sit in seiza. and draw heels towards body. exhaling to relax. e) Heart and Small Intestine Meridians 1. Spread apart fingers. Sit with legs stretched out. Inhale and exhale along Spleen and Stomach meridians. thumbs towards floor. 4. Go to your limit for 3-5 respirations. elbows and knees to floor. f) Bladder and Kidney Meridians 1. Grasp toes. interlock hands. 4. knees straight and touching floor. 3. * 2. 3. Exhale. heels together. 2. Inhale. hook thumbs together. keeping thighs down. Jake Paul Fratkin. stretch and straighten body. raise hands towards sky and forwards. 3. 4. bend forwards. toes pointing out. Go to your limit for 3-5 respirations. Bend your body forwards and touch toes. elbows straight. palms to outside. bring soles of feet together. and slowly lean backwards. Touch head to toes. OMD . 4. Keep knees close together (but not touching). Inhale and exhale along Lung and LI meridians. *(If this is too difficult. d) Stomach and Spleen Meridians 1. Sit in seiza position.

2. Sit with both legs extended wide to each side. Repeat for cycles of 9 breaths. shoulders. i) Concluding Exercise 1. OMD . Bend forward as far as possible. 4. Let head hang down. Exhale from heart region out inside of arms to palms 3. guide the qi up the inside of the legs to the coccyx. Inhale and exhale along Pericardium and Triple Warmer meridians. back and sides of neck to top of head Jake Paul Fratkin. exhaling to relax. Inhale fingers. 3. Clasp hands high over head. 2. four limbs 1. over the top of the head to the third eye. Cross arms over each other. QI CIRCULATION EXERCISES a) Standing microcosmic orbit 1. Inhale: Using middle fingers. guide the qi down the front midline of the body. Bend towards one foot. from the third eye (between eyebrows) to the pubic bone. palms upwards. same knee). outside of arm. Inhale and exhale along Bladder and Kidney meridians. Go to your limit for 3-5 respirations. between eyebrows. 3. using arms to pull head towards floor. 3. Inhale through bottom of feet. then to outsid the legs. exhaling to relax. 1. Go to your limit for 3-5 respirations. 2. Relax deeply into your dantian. h) Gallbladder and Liver Meridians 1. Exhale: Using thumbs. Lie flat on your back. and down. 3.5 g) Pericardium and Triple Warmer Meridians. facing forwards. 4. to heart. then up the back midline (spinal cord). b) Macrocosmic orbit. knees straight and on the floor. grabbing the opposite knee (same arm above. inside of legs. or sit cross legged. feet separated. Assume lotus or half lotus posture. 2.

Heels together. relax. fingers back to back. Exhale from Dantian to feet and hands. extend fingers and arms to side and back to side of legs. One to three cycles of nine respirations. hips. and move along midline.6 4. 3. Inhale. Jake Paul Fratkin. OMD . legs and out feet into ground 5. natural breathing 1. palms up. One to three cycles of nine respirations. Thumbs in naval. One to three cycles of nine respirations. Exhale. 3. fingers together. Exhale. 2. 3. 2. Palms around post. Inhale. 2. 4. Exhale. rest palms on dantian. raise upwards along midline. raise out from body and above head. Relax lower abdomen and anal sphincter. relax. allowing energy to move back to hands and feet. exhale. rolling hands. c) Dantian natural breathing. Exhale top of head. expand belly. d) Dantian reverse breathing 1. Do 3-5 cycles. Inhale expand like a balloon. 4. 3. 1. back and sides of back. f) Closing Qi Gong . above head. arms around tree. Inhale through feet and hands to Dantian. Repeat 3-5 times. natural breathing 1. contracting lower abdomen and pulling up anal sphincter. 2. pointing downwards. e) Universal Posture. Inhale.

each. Massage face up and down 2. Pushing-Pulling Qi (horse stance) 4. OMD . FACE AND LIMB MASSAGE Rub hands 1. Fist rub to sides of ribs (Sp 21) 14. EIGHT PIECES OF SILK Four to Five times. Heel of palms around neck to chest 12. Rub ear flaps 5. Rub outside of legs. Flick back of ears Rub hands 6. Rub across eyes from bridge of nose to hairline Rub hands 8. up outside of arms 18. Bringing Heaven to Earth(feet together) 6. Pushing-Pulling Qi with Twist (horse stance) 5. Rub down inside of arms. Upwards and Downwards (feet shoulder width) 2. Rub sides of nose 9. 1. Shake out limbs Jake Paul Fratkin. Rub across forehead 7. Shooting Bow and Arrow 8.7 4. Dog Wags Tail. 3 times(horse stance) 7. Rub sides of ears 4. Fist pound Dantian and abdomen 17. Twist and pound below collar bone and opposite back of kidney (Lu 1 and Bl 23) 15. 3 times (feet together) 5. Rub above and below lips Rub hands 11. Separating Heaven and Earth (feet together) 3. Fist rub beneath collar bone (clavicle) 13. Finger pressure scalp 3. up inside of legs 19. Resonating Heaven and Earth. Rub across mouth 10. Fist pound kidney 16.

Massage four eye muscles. Massage at center of cheekbone. Pinch pull massage at middle of eyebrow 3. 18 x 2. 18 x e) Thyroid : push-pull windpipe. base of occiput. 9 x 4. push together 3. separate and pull apart other side of nose Exhale. Heavenly drum: Close ear flaps. Use fingers to pound around upper gum and angle of jaw 2. tap with third finger. separate and pull apart glabella (between eyebrows) Exhale. push together 2. below eye. 5 x 2. 36 x c) Sinus 1. Inhale. Press ear flap with index finger. Snap shut and clench teeth. snap fingers across base of occiput. Snap-pull fingers away from ear hole. Inhale. Pound lower jaw and angle of jaw 3. SENSE ORGAN REJUVENATION a) Eyes 1. Lightly massage across eyelids. separate and pull apart side of nose Exhale. 18 x b) Ears 1. rub across GB 20. Rub sides of nose d) Teeth and gums 1. up and down Jake Paul Fratkin. 3 x each 5. push together 4.8 EVENING ROUTINE SUMMATION: 1. OMD . Inhale. Repeat for total of three rounds 5. Press and release. 36 x 3.

to mouth e) Repeat with another third of saliva f) Repeat for last third 3. Liver and gallbladder 2. and do Heavenly Water. c) Repeat 9 respirations. back midline channel. scrotum. do not swallow c) Swish saliva back and forth. 9 x each direction. Lung. penis 8. Squeeze energy into vertebrae and spinal cord. 9 x each direction. b) Exhale: Using thumbs. Use for cleansing. Bring energy into mouth and teeth. prostate. Create saliva. Create saliva. energize with light d) Take one third of saliva. Bring energy up Dumai.9 2. a) Heavenly Water: 1. cervix. nurturing. right and left 5. Concentrate into coccyx and sacrum 9. uterus. do not swallow Jake Paul Fratkin. OMD . HEAVENLY WATER a) Circle tongue outside of teeth. Circle tongue outside of teeth. Create saliva. Circulate energy around inside of skull. extend to eyes. SITTING MICROCOSMIC ORBIT a) Inhale: Using middle fingers. inner ear and sinuses 11. Urinary bladder 7. swallow to lower dantian. 1. 4) ORGAN CLEANSING Use mind to circulate light inside organ. right and left 6. from the third eye (between eyebrows) to the pubic bone. Ovaries. 9 x each direction. swallowing once. do not swallow b) Circle tongue inside of mouth. Spleen and pancreas 4. to thoracic to cervical vertebrae 10. guide the qi down the front midline of the body. Kidneys. vagina / testicles. working up from lumbar. Heart 3. over the top of the head to the third eye (between eyebrows). rejuvenating. guide the qi up the back midline (spinal cord).

Finger pressure scalp 3. Small intestine 15. Rub above and below lips 11. Descending colon 18. do not swallow 3. Transverse colon 17. Stomach 14. Repeat 3 times. Rub across mouth 10. Circle tongue inside of mouth. Flick back of ears 6. Heel of palms around neck to chest 12. Rub sides of ears 4. FACIAL MASSAGE 1. Rub ear flaps 5. Ascending colon and appendix 16. Rub dantian Jake Paul Fratkin. Massage face up and down 2. 5. Rub across forehead 7. Exhale out rectum 19. 9 x each direction. Inhale rectum to dantian. Create saliva. energize with light 12. OMD .10 2. Rub sides of nose 9. Rub across eyes from bridge of nose to hairline 8. Circulate and spiral saliva and energy down esophagus 13. Swish saliva back and forth. and exhale out rectum.