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ADVANCE LICENSE – USER MANUAL The Transaction codes for Advance License are as below: 1.

ZADV_LIC01 : Advance License Create 2. ZADV_LIC02 : Advance License Change 3. ZADV_LIC03 : Advance License Display 4. ZAL_EXP_POST : Export-Posting 5. ZAL_EXP_REV : Export-Reversal 6. ZAL_IMP_POST : Import-Posting 7. ZAL_IMP_REV : Import-Reversal Additional Transaction Code for viewing and editing the documents: 1. ZAL_EXP_DE : Export-Change and Display 2. ZAL_IMP_DE : Import- Change and Display

Go to transaction code: ZADV_LIC01 for creation of Advance License Number.

The above are the list of available Classes of Exporters.

The above are the list of available Category of AL

Press ENTER after entering the values

If the already existing Advance License is entered the above error is raised.

If the date beyond current date is entered, the above error is raised.

If the period entered is greater than the range of date entered, then an error is raised.

In the additional details, AL issued in Favor is the mandatory field.

The log detail’s is the last tab which gives the details of the user who created Advance License.

Once all the details are entered save the document using the SAVE button.

After saving the document, Advance License number ‘119’ is created as above For the ARO/Invalidation details to be entered the user has to go to CHANGE MODE of the advance license number ‘ZADV_LIC02’.

For ARO/Invalidation the above button has to be selected.

To create ARO/Invalidation against an AL,

If the METAL TYPE ‘OTR – Other’ is chosen, the description has to be entered for which an error message is triggered as above.

If the allowed quantity is more than the available limit maintained in the AL, an error message is triggered. Use SAVE button to save the ARO/INV against an AL as below.

Invalidation 73 is created as shown above.

To edit the created ARO/INV number as shown below,

Here the date has been changed. This will be updated using the “BACK’ button onscreen and using the SAVE the table will be updated.

The Transaction code ZADV_LIC03 - display mode of Advance License.

For the EXPORT details to be entered, transaction code: ZAL_EXP_POST

The invoice number has to be entered as shown above.

‘0090000000’ has already been assigned to advance license, if the same invoice is used then the system is going to trigger an error message as above.

If the SION details, metal type, metal percentage has to be entered, if not entered, the below message is displayed.

The FOB Val by BRC is also entered as below.

If the FOB value entered is more than the available FOB limit of Advance License, then an error message is triggered as above. One more invoice can be added as below.

Using the above button one more invoice can be inserted.

The document is saved, and reference number ‘70’ was generated. Based on the sales document, the invoice number can be considered as below. Click on the ‘SALES DOCUMENT’ push button,

After entering the sales order number, click on ‘UPDATE’ push button. To update the export header and export item details.

While using inserting values using sales order number, the already entered invoice number will be deleted on-screen.

Since two invoices with the value 6000000.00 is already posted, the available limit will be 4000000.00, trying to post value more than the available will trigger an error message as above. The reference document number ‘71’ is created.

The invoices posted against the Advance license can be viewed and edited using the transaction code ‘ZAL_EXP_DE’.

In this, since the document ‘90000002’ line item has quantity is ‘0’; the line is deleted from the line item level.

The documents can also be reversed using the transaction code ‘ZAL_EXP_REV’.

To reverse the document, field help is provided for the invoices to be selected which is already posted against the advance license.

Here the document 90000228 is selected.

When once the document is saved, document 90000228 is reversed.

Here the Reversal document number created is ‘36’. This can viewed from the transaction code; ZAL_EXP_DE.

Here invoice 90000228 is updated with the reference document number 36, and the status of the document will b ‘R’ reversed.

For the IMPORT details to be entered, transaction code: ZAL_IMP_POST

In this IMPORTS can be done against an ARO/INV or directly against the Advance License. 1. against AL:

The invoice document number ‘5105600896’ is selected, and when entered the header and item values are displayed as below.

Metal type has to be entered, without which an error message is triggered.

If the quantity is entered more than the available limit as above, an error message is triggered. Here in which the entered value is 100000.000 and the available limit is 9000.000. Here in the above screen, at the line item level multiple lines can be added using the INSERT ROW button.

Different Line item No has to be entered when creating a new line in the item levelIMPORT details. When saved a reference document number will be created.

Here the reference document number 43 is created with reference to the Advance License number ‘119’.

2. Import against ARO/INV:

The ARO/INV indicator has to be entered.

The f4 help on the SAP ARO/Inv number gives the list of ARO/Inv created against AL.

If already existing Invoice verification number is considered, then an error message is triggered as above.

Since the ARO/Inv ‘73’ has a limit of quantity 1000.00, an error message is triggered if more this limit is posted. When saved a reference number is created ‘44’.

The IMPORT details can be viewed and changed using the transaction code ‘ZAL_IMP_DE’.

The import documents are reversed using the transaction code: ‘ZAL_IMP_REV’.

The document can be reversed by ARO/Inv number or by AL. If the document against ARO/Inv has to be reversed, the ARO/Inv number has to be entered on-screen.

If the document against AL has to be reversed, the ARO/Inv Number should be blank.

Here the document with the ARO/Inv is reversed as shown below.

Once the document is saved, then the document is reversed.

Here the reversal document number ‘24’ is created.

This can be viewed using the transaction code ‘ZAL_IMP_DE’.

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