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, Gainesville VA 20155 703-283-0177 EXPERIENCE HIGHLIGHTS: * Full cycle development and deliverery of education and training programs * Federal Government environments * Leading training program elements -- needs assessments, design, development, instruction, facilitation, and program evaluation * Executing projects using adult learning theory, learning styles and adult mot ivation techniques * Determining learners? skill/knowledge needs and recommending and implementing the most appropriate learning solutions SUMMARY: Sara E. Sussan is a seasoned training consultant who has led talent development services for internal and external clients. She has a track record in full train ing lifecycle tasks, tactical planning, and championing new work methods to buil d, extend, and improve learning opportunities for the client base. She is known for her process-centric approach, quick grasp of unfamiliar material and situati ons, creating unique treatments for technical training material, and understandi ng of the budgetary realities of business operations. She has been responsible for the training of personnel at all organizational lev els. Ms. Sussan has designed, developed, instructed, evaluated, and/or managed n umerous programs in a variety of disciplines including financial operations; bio metrics; risk management; informational interviewing; business writing; technica l tools and techniques; project management; IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Fou ndations. In all of her positions, she has developed learning event requirements , plans and activities, developed and maintained supporting materials, tracked a nd reported activities and results, provided the instruction, and evaluated the effectiveness of the presentations. For example, she has delivered end user training on new systems as well as worke d with clients to gather and document business requirements for enhancements; re vised training materials to reflect application updates; facilitated stakeholder analysis and design sessions; provided accurate and timely status reporting; an d developed curriculum using ISD theory. She has current experience with CMMI, a nd is familiar with the software development and training lifecycles as well as MS Office. She has partnered with business area stakeholders to support maintaining competi tive strategies and anticipating future needs via developing learning requiremen ts, gap analysis assessments, plans, activities, and tailored supporting materia ls. She has provided instructional events, tracked and reported results, created and implemented new ways to measure their effectiveness, and handled the myriad of details required to standup and maintain viable training services. She has strong creative communication and organizational skills, relationship ma nagement proficiency, and human capital insights. She has demonstrated her abili ty to: ? Analyze, design, develop and evaluate training and training products in a rang e of technical and functional disciplines; including development of strategies, plans, methods, and assessments ? Collaborate with clients and colleagues to analyze performance gaps and learni ng needs ? Use strong writing, briefing, and problem-solving skills ? Work with clients to identify training requirements, clarify key messages and evaluate options ? Envision projects or plan initiatives from start to finish; ensure that vision is realized ? Identify, research, and resolve issues using industry standards and best pract

ices ? Develop work plans and processes, customized products and related documentatio n ? Develop and implement measures of training effectiveness. ? Brief clients at all organizational levels up to and including 3-Star, SES, an d other senior executive ranks. She specializes in sustainable and measurable results, cost control, startup and turnaround situations, and incorporating technical material into original cases , exercises, and videos. Her engagements have served a broad base of clients inc luding government, technology, and financial sectors. These clients have include d the Federal Government (U.S. Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Justic e Army, Treasury), commercial entities (KPMG Peat Marwick Executive Education, Aetna Insurance-Medicare audit, Republic National Bank-Internal Audit), as well as state and local governments. Examples of project experience: ? standing up and maintaining training program lifecycles ? developing overall learning strategy and designing and implementing comprehens ive training programs from the ground up without a significant amount of guidanc e or direction ? creating and managing production of a knowledge management (KM) video for the U.S. Army ? developing and instituting training program effectiveness measurements for num erous customers ? turning around failing software monitoring and control processes ? developing and fielding an automated performance appraisal system for an inter nal audit customer. Examples of functional experience: ? Planned, developed and implemented numerous technical events including first-t ime programs and those for senior and executive staffs; developed processes and supporting materials, briefings, templates, curricula, and measures and methodol ogies of effectiveness ? Conceptualized, scripted 2 screenplays; negotiated contracts and managed techn ical training video production projects ? Planned and implemented task analysis of professional staff to examine busines s issues and address dependency risks. Using mappings, recommended value-added c hanges. ? Designed, developed and implemented structural architecture for an employee re cords database, and used the resultant product as a template for other projects in matching learning needs with global employee role requirements. ? Developed and implemented training event methodology to measure content effect iveness and leverage investment. ? Supported attainment of quality standard designations (Capability Maturity Mod el). ? Planned and led first-time audits in IT operations, derivatives/capital market s trading, and commercial lending. ? Developed and fielded automated performance appraisal system. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Concurrent Technologies Corporation - Arlington, VA Jan 2009 ? Jan 2010 Principal Training Analyst-Readiness Program Analyst for Department of Homeland Security Readiness Programs efforts; start-up position. ? Accountable for conceptualizing, developing, pricing, and launching new produc ts for federal government. ? Assessed needs and requirements of Categories 1-4 Federal Executive Branch dep artments and agencies.

? Created business cases and various pricing models. ? Interfaced with senior executives during business development discussions and strategy sessions. ? Built new product suite for disaster scenario. ? Managed entire video production contract and execution process, from vendor se lection through product delivery. Computer Sciences Corporation, Washington, DC Feb 2006-Jan 2009 Training Manager Principal advisor on staff functions that affected Department of Homeland Securi ty (DHSP) programmatic and operational activities for over 400 employees. ? Collaborated with clients and colleagues to elicit, identify, and verify stake holder requirements ? Clarified key messages ? Evaluated options ? Envisioned projects from start to finish and ensured that the vision was reali zed ? Identified, researched and resolved issues using accepted industry standards a nd best practices ? Developed measures of effectiveness ? Briefed clients at all levels up to and including senior executives ? Represented management at higher levels within the Corporation. ? Increased PMP certification by 375%; commenced ITIL certification. ? Heavily involved in requirements gathering, analysis and data and records mana gement. ? Developed and implemented processes, and managed the organizational training p rogram per CMMI guidelines ? Resolved audit deficiencies and directly contributed to the achievement of bus iness unit CMMI ML 3 certification. ? Developed methodology for correlating learning objective importance with learn ing event performance which was labeled a ?best practice? by Sector personnel. ? Advised a 200-person project in developing an employee records database, and u sed the resultant product as a template for other projects in matching training needs with global employee role requirements. ? Managed a post-award website standup project to deliver on time, per contract requirements. ? Established a stakeholder core service group, the Senior Training Advisory Cir cle (STAC), to provide counsel in directing OT programming and to facilitate ope rational effectiveness in learning event process and execution. ? Worked on financial operations analysis and improvement, proposal cost volume leadership on multiple bids as needed. ? Wrote the cost-volume section for a proposal and contributed to staffing work. ? Wrote the WBS dictionary and data dictionary for two major proposals. ? tracked annual performance appraisal and employee individual development plan system efforts; performed tracking for EAGLE block funding and individual propos al budgets, including assuring success of budget creation and modification, plus internal budget tracking for the capture manager. ? Start-up work was labeled ?a best practice? by DHSP senior management. ? Received a Division President?s Award for Excellence. SAIC, Arlington, VA Sept 2003-Feb 2006 Sr. Training Analyst For US Army G-6 Human Capital Management (HCM) division, designed, developed and implemented professional programs pursuant to requirements gathering and assess ment. ? Performed career development programming for GS-13-15 personnel, and the Army Knowledge Leaders (GS-7-9) intern training program ? Negotiated the contract, wrote the screenplay, and managed a $200K production project for 1.7 million members of the Army community, resulting in creation of

original, 90-minute knowledge management training video. For the Army CIO/G-6, she analyzed existing need deficits, and compared the resu lts with the desired end state ? Developed, implemented, and controlled processes to assure timely execution of a 3-Star?s Executive Board meetings ? Interfaced with 100 General Officers and SES personnel ? Turned around previously-failing process; awarded a Commander?s Coin from the CIO/G-6. Business Lead for the DoD Biometrics Management Office biometrics education comp onent. Served as the primary customer contact in monitoring satisfaction and rec ommending cost-effective learning strategies. ? Developed and managed the first-ever Biometrics Symposium for senior-level civ ilian and military users of biometrics technologies ? Managed a web-based registration system, as a result of analyzing present and future requirements and available resources. ? Provided input and supported development of improvement processes ? Established a recruitment assurance control process for a student temporary em ployment program to promote successful attraction and retention of most qualifie d candidates ? Developed and established a course on-line registration process ? Site supervisor for personnel on liaison and requirements tasks, providing day -to-day guidance, mentoring, work review, recruitment, and business development ? Served as capture manager for new business and recompetes ? Expanded on client-developed WBS structures ? Prepared client status briefings, materials and reports Anteon Corp. - Springfield, VA Jul 1999-Sept 2003 Lead Systems Analyst/Business Reengineering Specialist Organized and executed requirements management (RM) tasks directly supporting pr oject management on a DoD logistics application development and integration team (TC-AIMS II). Used experience and best practices to identify needs, define inte grative work process and products, structure workable/effective responses, and c ontrol costs. ? Designed, developed, implemented, and maintained a RM information system using DOORS software ? Ensured that personnel were trained in system capabilities ? Supported and participated in development of procedures and materials ? Supervised architecture and defined processes ? Worked with engineers and customers to identify gaps, provide recommendations to decompose or eliminate requirements ? Developed and maintained baselines and metrics ? Established, maintained and verified requirements stability and traceability ? Input data, format and summarized information, and assured accuracy of output reports and queries ? Supported attainment of CMM Level 3 designation ? Participated in development and implementation of processes for certification ? Wrote QA plans in preparation for assessment ? Created and produced documentation deliverables ? Served as technical editor for peer reviews. ? To determine trends, elicited, analyzed, and provided stakeholder needs analys is review for management, with recommendations. ? Designed, developed, and conducted support tool training for contractors? and customer staff to meet goals. ? Designed and developed operational and quick reference guides ? Planned and implemented a task analysis of nearly 100 professionals to examine business issues and address dependency risks. Using a matrix approach, analyzed skill depth available with skills required, and recommended value-added changes . ? Developed a model for a structured approach to address risk management goals.

? Used best practices research and experience to create and recommend a core set of risk-based software metrics and guidelines for analyzing performance, and pl ans for implementation of metrics activity process. Focused on configuration accounting and process improvement. ? Tracked and analyzed problem reports and records, and software development wor kflow using PVCS ? Monitored compliance with plans and policies ? Assessed process and implemented redesign of procedures based on findings and best practices ? Managed and conducted customer-contractor control configuration boards; ? Identified control issues, and worked with management to ensure their timely r esolution. ? Developed, formatted, and summarized management reports ? Prepared and presented briefings ? Facilitated interactions by working directly with engineering team members to expedite quality delivery and defect resolution while increasing timeliness and accuracy of information exchanged. ? Analyzed test cases ? Designed a Testers Manual, trained team members ? Audited documentation to identify materiality of scope changes and to develop associated cost estimates. ? Received an Exceptional Employee Performance Award. Rel-Tek Systems & Design, Inc., Washington DC Nov 1998-Jul 1999 Sr. Trainer- End user analyst working on INS national training efforts with Fede ral financial management systems support and implementation. Work included softw are testing, materials development and presenting briefs to users in field offic es. Raytheon Systems Co, Washington DC Feb 1998 ? Nov 1998 Sr. Trainer- End user analyst working on national training efforts with biometri cs/secure ID systems for US Border Patrol. Work included budgeting, proposal dev elopment, software testing, and presenting briefs to users in field offices. General Physics Federal Systems, Washington DC July 1997-February 1998 Sr. Trainer- End user analyst working on national training efforts with biometri cs/secure ID systems. Work included proposal development, software testing, mate rials development and presenting briefs to users in field offices. Self-employed, Riverdale, NY Sept 1989 ? Jul 1997 Training Consultant Offered consulting services to clients in the financial industry regarding imple menting processes for improved audit operations. Developed, marketed, and presen ted programs to government and commercial customers (i.e., US Depts. of Defense, Treasury, Justice; KPMG Peat Marwick; Republic National Bank; Aetna Insurance). ? Performed analyses of customer requirements and functional processes ? Converted results into customized training products ? Examples include: Project Management for GS-13/14/15 cohort; Operational Audit and Best Practices; Loan Review and Portfolio Analysis; Risk Assessment (Macro and Micro); Statistical Sampling for Internal Auditors; Fraud Auditing; Operatio nal Auditing; Capital Markets Auditing; other tools and techniques programs for internal auditors and related financial personnel ? Developed methodology to analyze correlation between participants behavioral o bjectives and achievement of those objectives ? Applied the results to adjust courseware product content. Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank, Ltd., NY, NY Dec 1988 to Sept 1989 Internal Auditor Internal auditor for NY site of the worlds largest bank. ? Planned and led first-time audits in IT operations, derivatives/capital market s trading, commercial lending (>$50M threshold). ? Implemented audits of proprietary on-line, user-controlled systems for capital

markets trading and wholesale on-line lending, using workflow analysis and proc ess services ? Provided coaching to junior associates and consulting services to management ? Planned and performed first audit of the information processing facility ? Reviewed physical and logical security, which work directly resulted in an imp roved NYS Banking Department rating. Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co., NY, NY 1986 to 1988 Internal Auditor Performed complex level internal auditing for top-10 bank. ? Identified, documented and audited workflow processes in integrated controls ? Performed examinations in active areas including on-line derivatives, capital markets trading, commercial lending, and real estate banking ? Member of a select team investigating a major internal fraud event County of Westchester, White Plains, NY Jun 1970 to Nov 1984 Training Officer, Department of Health, Environmental Services 1970 to 1979 and 1982 to 1985. Start-up position. Managed the entire environmental training and development pro gram ? Pioneered, designed, organized, and instructed technical and management ?tools and techniques? programs for over 5000 engineering and inspection services pers onnel ? Reviewed existing processes ? Tailored/developed best practices ? Developed, implemented and managed certification programs (classroom instructi on plus on-the-job training), using a criterion-based approach. ? Developed and reported metrics in support of tasks ? Built and implemented an evaluation model based on earned value and organizati onal impact. District Supervisor-Environmental Compliance, Department of Health, Environmenta l Services 1979 - 1982 Directed a 10-person staff in mandated operational and compliance audits over ar ea with 300,000 population and 1000 public establishments. ? Piloted field use of a new business database to schedule, prioritize field wor k, and assess trends in deficiencies, support regulatory requirements and improv e customer service; contributed to advisory committee refining approach ? Served as task lead for engineering reviews and field investigations ? Worked with representatives from US CDC during investigations of epidemics. TECHNICAL SKILLS DOORS V6.1, STANFINS; DBOF (Defense Business Operations Fund): Visio Professiona l, PVCS Tracker V6.6, IDENT/secure ID systems; SEI-CMMI; SDLC. IBM and compatibl e personal computers (PCs), current versions of Microsoft Office Suite including MS Project, Access, Outlook, Publisher; Windows, Internet Explorer; Adobe Acro bat; Lotus Notes EDUCATION MBA With Distinction, Finance and Management, GPA 3.93 Pace University, New York, NY. MS, Administrative Medicine, June 1971 Columbia University, New York, NY. BS With Honors, Microbiology, January 1969 University of Maryland, College Park, MD. ADDITIONAL TRAINING

Capability Maturity Model - Integration V1.1 (CMMI) Biometric Systems and Information Assurance Dynamic Object-Oriented Requirements System (DOORS) Government Accounting; STANFINS (Standard Army Accounting System) DBOF (Defense Business Operating System) Graduate studies in Accounting CERTIFICATION/CLEARANCE/TRAVEL Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) #015879 DoD Top Secret, granted 09 Oct 2009 Ready to travel according to position requirements

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