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      ³Somewhere there is someone that  of your smile, and finds in
your presence that life is worthwhile, so when you are lonely remember it¶s true, someone
somewhere is thinking of you.´

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The Romantic era entails a movement in the literature and art of virtually every country of
Europe the United States and Latin America that lasted from the late 18th century to the early 19th
century. It is characterized by a shift from the structured use of imagination. Freedom of nature
certain themes and moods, often interwined, become the concern of almost all 19th century
writers. Those themes include libertarianism, nature, Exoticism, and Supernaturalism.

Romantic poets refer to a group of writers who were writing in the 19th century. The period
beginning from about 1798-1837 is known as the Romantic age in the history of English
literature. The word Romantic was mainly used to refer the poets as they believe in freedom of
imagination. There are two generations of Romantic period. William Blake, William
Wordsworth, Samuel Coleridge belongs to the 1st generation. John Keats and Percy Shelly
belong to the 2nd generation. Even though these poets belong to the same category they did not
function together some of these poets had never met the others. The only they shared similar
characteristic their poetry was very difference from presiding Augustan period [18th century
poems] Romantic poetry highly value imagination, human emotions and the poetry was based on
individual experiences.

Romantic age was a significant period as there was a upheaval in political economical and social
system. The major event in the political event was French revaluation began in 1789. The next
major event in the period is the industrial revolution. The end of romantic period
industrialization has produced drastic change in British Society City became over crowded,
people suffered to the lack of facilities this was the period which the Romantic poets started
William Wordsworth, one of the most influential Romantic poets in the western literature was
deeply influenced by his love for nature that was inspired him since his childhood. Wordsworth
presented a magnificent picture of the relationship among human beings and the natural world.
For him nothing was wonderful or mysterious other than nature. He introduced himself as a
Nature¶s child.

Wordsworth made an explicit connection between the poetic diction and appropriate relationship
to nature and society. His poetry often rejoices the beauty and spiritual values of the natural
world. Wordsworth¶s poems add sunshine to the human heart. William
Wordsworth saw man as a part of the natural world but felt disturbed when the industrialization
broke the innate bond and created more artificial away from his dreams.

William Words Worth was greatest nature poet his main interest was beauties of nature with a
melancholic feeling. He accepted the consequences of the industrial revolution that change the
air and terrain. Wordsworth was a factual Romantic thinker. He revolutionized poetry by writing
in simple straightforward language. His verse represents the ideas he carried from the eighteenth
century to the Victorian age. His entire life was an explosion of creative talent.

Wordsworth was a factual Romantic thinker. His poetry recounts the philosophy of life
Wordsworth defined poetry as the ³spontaneous over flow of powerful feelings´ intense
³emotion recollected in tranquility´

He often said ³Poetry is the breath and finer spirit of all knowledge: it is the impassioned
expression which is in the countenance of all science´ As a poet he blends his metaphysics with
picture of life and scenery. He used external symbols to seat to the human heart.

Wordsworth continued to write poetry with energy and passion. He used his inner thoughts to
process the ideas of freedom and independence admiring nature and pronouncing man¶s innate a
connection with it. He saw nothing loftier than human hopes, nothing deeper than the human
heart nothing valuable than nature and nothing negotiable than human freedom.

His poem guilt and sorrow could be the testimonies of his feelings. As a dejected man he
converted the personal experiences and words worth explored a wider spectrum of nature and
human heart. He was one of the prominent Romantic thinkers of all time. He does not belong to
one country or to one culture. William Wordsworth was a universal man who believed in human
freedom, aspirations and man¶s exceptional bond with nature.

Then we can talk about what are the Romantic qualities, They are Subject matter, Language,
Techniques, comparison are down from the nature, all the time Background is nature.other than
these romantic qualities William Wordsworth had his own Romantic qualities like ³pantheism´.

Firstly we can turn to William words worth¶s famous three poems, I wondered lonely as a cloud