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Mercyhurst College 501 E. 38th S i I i i | F a ; ^ 4 6 2004

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celebrates Martin Sold-out crowd of more than 1,900 watch first home win in 7games
Luther King Jr. Day


Kyle Foust represents
Mercyhurst mission
'service about self as
District 5 Erie Coun-
try Councilman.


What do you do
when doors close to


A review ofDeath
Cab for Cutie's latest
album, ] Katie McAd*m/MarciaBphotograph«r

Transatlanticm. A mob of fans reacts to the 47-42 win over Gannon on Monday night. The defensive battle ended a 5-year streak of Gannon basketball
victories over Mercyhurst and put the Lakers first place in GLIAC. The sold-out game had a crowd of 1,900.

.*- .>•
SPORTS: acquitted
Mercyhurst comes
out on top over
of charges
Gannon. By Kelly Rose Duttine
News editor
PAGE 12 According to a crime alert on the
Police and Safety Website, all students
must "remember that alcohol and
drugs impair not only your judgment,
but also your ability to make that judg-
Upcoming Campus ment clear to someone else. If you
are socializing with a group that is
Events using alcohol or drugs, their judgment

and their ability to understand you will

also be impaired. If you choose to
WEDNESDAY, JAN. 28 - use these chemicals, you are making
yourself vulnerable, r
Film: Elephant, 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. at In light of the rape charges, trial
the PAC and recent acquittal of Mercyhurst
athlete and student Faheem Williams,
TH URSDAY, JAN. 29 - File photo the Police and Safety officers have
Cafe Diem plans to offer more specials to students including coupons over Starbucks. I posted two crime alerts on their web-
Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship, 8 site to help to inform students about
being safe on campus.
p.m. in the MSG Chambers
Student-run Cafe Diem offers Sergeant of Police and Safety John
Patterson believes in using your com-

SAC presents Mentalists: the

specials, new look over Starbucks mon sense while on campus to pro-
tect yourself . Their tips also include
never walking alone on campus, lock-
Evasons, 10 p.m. in the Walker ByJonelle Davis For instance, students studying in miss the advances that the old coffee ing your doors while in your apart
Contributing writer the library may want a hot cup of shop is making. ment or vehicle and never accepting
Recital Hall
coffee. If they did not know that "During the past year alone, Cafe ridesfrompeople you do not know.
Since the beginning of the school there is a coffee shop in the library, Diem has taken on a new look by All of their tips can be found on the
SATURDAY, JAN. 31 - year, the Mercyhurst College Cam- they might trek across campus in the adding new chairs, lamps, counter- Police and Safety website, located on
pus has undergone many changes snow to the Coffee Bar. tops, and a new espresso machine, "we Lakernet, }:
Faculty Recital Series: Mosaic, 7 and renovations. However, there is a coffee shop in will also be starting monthly coupon Williams, 23, a Mercyhurst student
p.m. at the PAC .'" One major addition to the campus the library and students need to be specials that can be found in the and football player, was found not
was the new Bookstore and Coffee aware of that, and what convenient Merciad," \, 4 guilty of sexual assault, attempted
Bar, which opened at the beginning services it provides. After all, ac- The special for February is buy sexual assault and indecent assault for
of winter term. cording to Tyrone Moore, Mercy- one drink, get onefreefor your sweet- the incident that occurred earl y in the
Index Through these additions, Mercy- hurst wants to provide services to heart, and Raspberry Mocha's will be morning of Nov. 3,2002 in a Mer-
cyhurst College apartment.
News ,....,..,. .........1 hurst is working to satisfy student students all across the campus. special!) priced at $1.55.
needs by making services more con- The HRTM program started a cof- Cockrell went on to say that Cafe According to an Erie Times-News
News .'...', — «-. Iq
News •••31 venient fee shop on the first floor of the Diem has future plans to add a new Jarticle, Assistant District Attorney
According to Tyrone Moore, As- Hammermiil Library to use as a couc h, new tables, and new lamps, °avld Agresti noted that in the ab-
Features 4 sociate Vice President of Adminis- learning tool for students in 2001 ^ along with expanding their hours. sence of physical evidence, the case
w a s sc
Features * tration, the new Coffee Bar helps the It was named Cafe Diem, and has "We serve between 75 and 130 ^ founded on the respective
Forum " campus by providing students a ser- been serving a wide variety of drinks drinks per day. All of the profits goes credibility of the witnesses.
Opinion ' vice at the center of campus. It and pastries for the last few years. right back in to making improvements Agresti also challenged Williams'
serves around 130 people per day. According to Sara Cockrellj stu- to the coffee shop. We want to con- version of the events because he
A&E. ,1 1. 8 Mercyhurst is working to meet the dent manager -of Qafe Diem, the tinue to build Cafe Diem, and most claimed that he had consensual sex
A&E. .-9 greater needs of students with new advisers and student managers have of all we want everyone to know with one woman for 15 to 20 min-
Sports 10 services; however, it is important that been working to improve Ca&Diem about the coffee shop." utes while the other woman sat on
Sports ' *! other student services across cam- and with all of the hype of the new Please see Cafe on page 3. the couch and did nothing to stop him,
pus do not get overlooked. services around campus, it is easy to Please see Williams on page 3.
Sports 12
* K
PAGE 2 JANUARY 28,2004

NEWS To contact'

Iraq littered with overflowing graves

By Stephen Franklin
Chicago Tribune

BAGHDAD, Iraq- They were

killed in their hospital beds and
buried in the hospital flower gar-
dens, some with their arms still
wrapped in bandages or IVs still
And they were killed
on long death marches
in northern Iraq Kurdish wom-
en and children, separated from
their families and carrying the
few household items they could
drag with them.
Wherever they were killed,
many were blindfolded and shot
in the forehead. Saddam Hus-
sein's whole country became a
killing field
Mass graves are everywhere,
said Sandy Hodgkinson, 32, a
U.S. State Department attorney
who has been working with
Iraq's Human Rights Ministry,
the agency in charge of investi-
gating the mass graves. You fol-
low reports and they turn up in
places you would never suspect. KRT
Iraq is littered with bodies Friends and Family members gather for the exhumation of a mass grave located in Iraqi Kurdistan.
stuffed dozens at a time into There are a possible 282 mass graves and the number of the buried is in the hundreds of thousands
cemetery plots, bodies shoved mated to be in the hundreds of to them. Teams from the Unit- Kurds killed in the north have
over cliffs, tossed in lakes or hid- thousands. ed States and several European shown up in the desert south- KRT

den in farmfieldswhere vege- Among Kurds alone, for exam- nations are helping to train Ira- west f | This body was exhumed from a mass grave located near Hilla.
tables still grow, said Saad Sul- ple, there are at least 182,000 qis and assisting in the search for Iraqi officials also tried to cov-
tan, 32, a lawyer and detective people missing, 8,000 of them graves. er their tracks by forcibly mov- carried out the killing, said Sul- the regime's collapse last spring,
with the Human Rights Minis- from one extended family, the W Most of the graves ing neighbors so as to eliminate tan, the detective. when thousands of execution
try's mass graves research team. Barzanis. have- been found in the those who might identify mass Part of Sultan's job is to help orders were discovered among
So far, 282 possible mass The incomplete count of mass center of Iraq, leading experts graves In many places a deep make information available to the government's looted files.
grave sites have been identified, graves is partly a result of search- to think that the dead are Shi- hole was dug with heavy equip- the thousands of Iraqis looking Along with 21 others, his broth-
55 have been confirmed and 20 ers putting a high priority on ex- ites, victims of Saddam's on- ment in remote locations; then for loved ones, and it is a duty er was takenfroma prison cell
have been explored. But nine ploring the known sites that may slaught against those who rose bodies were dumped from trucks that has a personal meaning for and shot in 199l|
months after the collapse of aid in the prosecution of Sadd- up in 1991 at the end of the and the site was covered with him. His brother Mohammad j*£So when people come to me
Saddam Hussein's regime, the am and other top officials. But Persian Gulf War. &• I earth, was seized by security forces in with their problems, I help them
total number of mass graves is it also is because of the lack of But the regime apparently A number of witnesses have 1986 and was never seen again because I think about what hap-
unknown. So, too, is the number Iraqis trained to do such work shaped bodies around me coun- reported that two special military Sultan only learned about his pened to my brother, he said.
buried, though the figure is esti- and the few resources available try, explaining why those of units that served only Saddam brother's fate a few days after

Supreme Court <to consider


legality of juvenile executions

relying heavily on the high from a logical standpoint, Bright
By Stephen Henderson court's 2002 ruling in Atkins v. said f
Knight Ridder Newspapers Virginia, which outlawed execu- In 1989, the high court ruled
tions of the mentally retarded. it unconstitutional for states to
WASHINGTON- The Su- The "evolving standards of de- put people to death for crimes
preme Court said Monday it will cency ' the high court justices they committed before they were
consider whether executing cited in that case should be ex- 16, but the decision left open the
young killers violates constitu- tended to make executing young possibility of executing 16- and
tional protections against cruel killers unconstitutional, the Mis- 17-year-olds.
and unusual punishment, con- souri court wrote. Since then, many states have
tinuing the justices' substantial The Missouri decision was eliminated juvenile executions,
review of death penalty practic- unusual in its attempt to apply a and the pace of juvenile capital
es in this country. high court ruling to an area of convictions and executions in all
The high court already has law it didnt address at all. Angry death penalty cases has slowed
eliminated executions of the dissents on the Missouri bench appreciably.
mentally retarded, insisted that said that only the U.S. Supreme The Supreme Court embarked
juries, not judges, impose death Court was qualified to make that on a serious review of death
sentences, chastised lower courts kind of leap. penalty practices in early 2002
KRT for ignoring death penalty ap- Still, some experts say the Mis- and has restrained states from
Three children play with a chess board, one of Jose Fusters many creations. peals and significantly raised stan- souri decision was a reasonable many aspects of capital punish-
dards for capital defense coun- follow-up to the court's decision ment, but it stopped short of
Cuban artist fights the 'Axis of Evil' sel , $
Now the justices will take up
on executions of the mentally
considering again whether it
should be legal at all.
the case of Missouri death row |; "I think it's very difficult to In late 2002, the high court
times stop by and fine him for from businesspeople and tour- inmate Christopher Simmons, square the Atkins decision with rejected a second appeal of the
By Tracey Eaton allegedly violating zoning and ists to salsa dancers and diplo- who was convicted and sen- the idea that it's OK to execute Kentucky man who was the sub-
The Dallas Morning News building codes even as he im- mats. But he said he's not in it tenced to death in 1994. Sim- juveniles," said Stephen Bright, ject of its 1989 ruling on juve-
proves and brightens up the for the money. mons was 17 years old when he director of the Southern Center nile executions, prompting an
neighborhood "For one neighbor who was tossed Shirley Crook off a rail- for Human Rights and a lectur- angry dissent from four justices.
JAIMANITAS, Cuba- Jose Fuster, 57, said he pays the against the war in Afghanistan, I road trestle into a river after a er at Yale Law School. "It seems Led by John Paul Stevens, the
Fuster is one of Cuba's top paint- fines and tells the inspectors to painted a dove of peace a way botched robbery a year earlier. like the juvenile case should
to say no to the war. Another dissenting judges called the exe-
ers, the Picasso of the Caribbe- demolish all he's done if they The Missouri Supreme Court probably have been decided be-
neighbor, named Maria, thinks cution of juveniles "shameful"
an. But he's finding out it's not want to. He just wants to know fore the mental retardation case"
she's pretty, and so I made her overturned Simmons' sentence, and a "relic." I I
always easy to be an artist in a when they're coming so hi can
land of conformists. take a few pictures for posterity. an enlryway that says "Maria the
Disgruntled neighbors made Meanwhile, he gets on with his Pretty One,'" Fuster said.
that clear recently when they work, decorating Jaimanitas in One day, when residents met
painted over one of his murals,
obliterating a huge rooster and a
background of lush palm trees.
vintage Fuster _ featuring cari-
catures of ordinary and not-so-
ordinary Cubans, from farmers
to talk about what needed to be
improved in Jaimanitas, a wom-
an said the roof of her home
Winter Term Laker-Inn
"I don't know why they did it
jealousy, selfishness, envy," he
and housewives to musicians,
mermaids, men on bicycles and
had been damaged in a hurricane
and had to befixed.So Fuster
Lunch Specials
, said. "Somebody who doesn't women in swimsuits. did it, topping the house with a
like art must be responsible." "Some people get upset be- brand-new tile dome and, natu- Monday Tuesday Wednesday
To be sure, Fuster is a tad ec- cause when I earn money from rally, a funny-looking rooster. Bagel Sandwich ^ ^ Cheeseburger J SizzlingtSalad
centric, sometimes answering the my paintings, I don't put it in the He said he hopes to spend the
door in nothing but a swimsuit, bank. I create more art in my nextfiveyears or so continuing 8 oz. Fruit Cup Curly French Fries 20 oz. Fountain
paintbrush in hand, his body neighbomood," he said. to blanket Jaimanitas with cre- 20 oz. Fountain 20 oz. Fountain Drink
splattered with paint and sweat His neighbors most of them, ations. His workshop is a monu-
I But over the last few years, he at least are fans. f ment to his art. The two-story Drink Drink
has taken the concept of public "People love Fuster. They ap- building is covered with murals
t art to a new level in Cuba. On plaud him for his work," said Wil- and tiles.
his own and without government son Martinez, 39, a Jaimanitas Not everyone agrees with his Thursday
$ support, he has built dozens of construction worker. "A couple artistic creations. At least that Friday
entryways, benches, tile domes, years ago, the neighborhood was seemed to be the case when a Taco Salad Wrap Combination Sub
outdoor chessboards and more, ugly. But with Fuster, it gets bet- work crew painted over a 15-
transforming the face ol laim- ter and better." foot-high rooster he had pa in i
20 oz. Fountain 2 Cookies iSmall French
anitas, a bedraggled little town Fuster began his artistic career eel | Drink 20 oz. Fountain Fries
g west of Hava na. early, at age 14. And by the early "Some ignorant people cov-
5 "I do it out of the love I feel 1970s, his work was being shown ered it up without my permis- Drink 20 oz. Fountain
for people," he said "It has noth- in the Soviet Union and Europe. sion. They must be part of that
| ing to do with politics." Americans are among his top axis of evil that President Bush Drink
! Government inspectors some- clients. They include everyone talks about," he jokes. Students: Pont Forget to GRAB Your "Lunch on the Run!"

To contact: newsmerciad@mercyhurst edu NEWS

'Hurst celebrates Martin Luther King Day Williams found not
Studentsplan breakfast, shuttle to downtown activities despite classes g u i l t y o f all c h a r g e s
Continued from page 1. nearby room.
ByJenAllen The witnesses told the police Carlson felt that the women
Contributing writer that they woke up to find Will- had done something they regret-
iams assaulting them after he ted and were looking to blame
escorted them home from a Williams.
Mercyhurst College joined the Halloween party last year. Will- Carlson also said that the wom-
nation and the Erie community iams claimed what happened en brought the accusations
Jan. 19 to celebrate the birthday with the women was consensu- against Williams simply because
of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. al. \ they were worried that news
Marvin Jones, the adviser for Williams' lawyer, John Carl- would spread in the small school
multicultural and minority affairs son focused that the women did community about the events.
at Mercyhurst, helped plan the not seek help while Williams was The not guilty verdict from the
day's events which included a in their apartment for over two jury came back after only an
breakfast, shuttle service to hours, even though they spoke hour of deliberation.
events in downtown Erie, and a on the phone and their other Williams will graduate from
movie in the Student Union. roommates were sleeping in a Mercyhurst this year.
"We try to do as much as we
can," Jones said concerning the
events that took place on Mar- Cafe Diem offers specials
tin Luther King Jr. Day. counter and furniture." She also
The day began with "Break- Continued from page 1.
went on to say that her favorite
fast with Dr. King" at 9:30 in the Cafe Diem managers are work- drinks are the Cafe Mocha and
Mercy Heritage Room. The ing on promoting the coffee spiced tea, and as long as she is
event was planned by the Mer- shop, however some students are at Mercyhurst she'll continue to
cyhurst Student Government already really familiar with the purchase drinks at Cafe Diem
and the Diversity 101 Club. services it offers. When asked and she would recommend their
At the breakfast, students lead to comment on Cafe Diem, stu- drinks to anybody.
King's "Address to Montgomery dent Betsy Donner, Senior Students can stop in and pur-
Improvement Association'' and HRIM major, said "I knew the chase hot and cold drinks rang-
the"I Have a Dream" speech. people that started Cafe Diem ing from a regular cappuccino
"Everyone was very im- in 2001, it's the only food ser- to turtle mocha's. Cafe Diem is
pressed," Jones said about the vice on campus that is student opened Monday thru Friday
breakfast Those who did come run and not run by Sodexo Ser- from 8am-11am and 7pm-
thoroughly enjoyed it" vices. I have seen it progress, 12am, and Sundays from 7pm-
Also on campus, the movie they have made so many chang- 12am. Watch for future im-
"Boycott" was shown through- es to make it nice. When it first provements at the Cafe Diem
out the day in the Student Union. started it was really ugly and they and the many other student food
The movie chronicled the life and have changed it by adding a new services across campus.
times of Dr. King throughout the
civil rights movement.
Along with the breakfast and
File photo Police and Safety Lo
movie, the Mercyhurst Student Marvin Jones, adviser for multicultural and minority helped to plan events to celebrate
Whoa, that*8 a lot of carbs Or was It the dirty socks?
Government offered a shuttle Martin Luther King Jr. Day In Erie and on campus. Jones felt the events all went well,
Jan. 1.2004 m | Jan. 20.2004 }
service to two different events and that Mercyhurst does as much as they can.
Mercy Suites 100 Duval Apartments
the Martin Luther King Jr. Me- Theft: Unknown person took Emergency situation: Natural
morial March and a memo- spoke at the Warner Theatre. also attended the breakfast This event has been seen be- four loaves of bread and gas leak in laundry room.
rial service at the Warner The- I t was great, it was awesome," "Since we are a part of the fore at Mercyhurst College and popcorn bowlfromcommon
atre. 'Jones said of the events. "We community we wanted to do was very successful. It is also area. NotsoLOL :-(
Jones, who is on the city plan- want to get as many of our stu- something here and be part of a put on by MSG and Diversity Jan. 21.2004
ning board for Martin Luther dents to go" bigger thing," Del Vecchio said. ioi. ST i
Next time, try a candle Mercy Apartments
King Jr. Day, said a lot of Mer- Behind the events taking place Student government has al- On Feb. 12 renowned author Jan. 4.2004 Unlawful use ofa computer:
cyhurst students went to the on Martin Luther King Jr. Day ways had a cultural budgetjine and speaker Dr. Michael Eric 3807 Briggs Ave.

I Other students without
events downtown were the Mercyhurst Student used for projects and events likeDyson will speak in the Mary |Smoke Alarm: Student permission USed student's •-

\? The 14* Annual Erie Memo-

rial March was thefirstevent for
the students who attended. The
Government and Diversity 101.
David Del Vecchio, president of
student government, said that
this one and Del Vecchio said,
"As our budget increases we can
do more."
fAngelo Performing Arts Cert- accidentally set a pot of
r*at 8:30 p.m. about hew rac- potpourri on fire.
ism and the future of affirma-
*T tf
com screen name.
Trying to escape from those
march assembled at 11:30 a.m. the two groups met several times Wow, they are a whole 50 RAs? \
With Martin Luther King Jr. tive action.
in Perry Square and ended at the this year to plan the day. cents richer Jan. 24.2004
day over though and February Also celebrating black history
Martin Luther King Jr. Center Jan. 7.2004 3810 Lewis Ave.
"We have a strong partner- nearing, Black History month willmonth, the MSG Cultural
where community leaders ad- Old Main Criminal Mischief: Unknown
ship" Del Vecchio said. "We try soon be here and similar events Awareness Committee and Di-
dressed the marchers. Theft: Unknown person gained person broke thefrontwindow.
to compliment what they do." will take place on campus. The versity 101 will present "Dinner
entry into Tampon machine and
Later in the day, Dr. Terrance The groups came up with dif- first of these events was the "Af-
and a Movie." Soul food din- Was Blockbuster closed?
removed all the money.
Roberts, one of the "Little Rock ferent ideas including the first- rican American History Bowl" ner will be served along with the Performing Arts Center
Nine" who started the desegre- ever "Breakfast with Dr. King." which took place onJanuary 24 movie "Soul Food" in the Stu- Luckily, no tampons were Theft: Unknown person took a
gation of schools in Arkansas, Many members of both groups in the Student Union. dent Union. harmed movie posterfromfrontlobby.
Jan. 12.2004
A desperate Saturday night...

Racial profiler to speak on campus

Jan. 25.2004
Theft: Unknown person gained
3923 Lewis Ave
entry into Tampon machine and
Harassment by Communication:
changed to 6 p.m.. So, disregard to campus. He said that Davis erties Union. removed all the money.
Unknown male made obscene
By Holly Burns all of the posters that are up all "bridges the gap between the Captain Davis has been cited Those pesky Kentucky call to female.
Contributing writer over campus.) data and what the data really in hundreds of news articles, as Sheriffs foil yet another evil
Davis is chairman of the Na- means." well. For example, he has been plot in Erie Only you can prevent
"Racial Profiling in a Demo- tional Organization of Black He is also a member of the featured in the Associated Press Jan. 2-13.2004 potpourri fires
cratic Society" will be the topic Law Enforcement Executives' race relations committee of the and appeared on Black Enter- 3823 Lewis Ave. Baldwin Hall
of the evening on Thursday, (NOBLE) task force on racial National Commission on Police tainment Television (BET), Harassment by Communication: Fire alarm: Fire alarm
Feb. 5. •{ | profiling, for which he wrote a Integrity. In addition, he is an Court TV, C-SPAN, CNN and Female making harassing calls accidentally damaged, causing
Captain Ron Davis of the report entitled, "Racial Profiling: expert on the issues of racial ABC Nightiine. to male. Police in Concord, alarm to activate.
Oakland, California police de- What does the data mean?" profiling and discrimination and The lecture is sponsored in Ohio and the Garrett Country
has worked with the United partnership by the Mercyhurst Sheriffs Department in It's getting hot in herre...
partment, an expert on racial Davis visited Erie a year ago
States Attorney General, Unit- Civic Institute and the Erie Weed Kentucky involved. McAuley Hall
profiling and discrimination, will when the results of the report •
ed States Department ofJustice, and Seed Initiative. The pro- Unknown persons damaged a
speak at Mercyhurst College at were released.
United States Attorney's Office, gram is free and open to the And the crime spree ends... heat sensor causing alarm to
6pm in the Taylor Little Theater. Art Amann, Director of the
National Association for the public Jan. 13.2004 S activate.
(An important item of note: the Civic Institute at Mercyhurst
College, felt that it would be a Advancement of Colored Peo- Hirt Academic Center
lecture was originally scheduled
good idea to bring Captain Davis ple, and the American Civil Lib- Criminal mischief: Damage to a
for 8 p.m. but now has been
Tampon machine while trying to
gain entry.
r "The best food
I on this side of Pittsburgh
I i 4801 Peach St.
I i Mon - Fri
I i 10:00 am - 2:00 am
I i
I i Sat - Sun
I i 12:00 pm - 2:00 am
I i ft^f! w
I phone 866 - 0337 f^

mm Mp+immmm*

WE DELIVER!! (Minimum $7:00 order for delivery) — - ' • •«r*r* #VP

1 Buy any 4 pgh Your choice 2 16" cheese and _Blfrlfcfut«f

1 | whole 14 w
1 style sand., get topping pizza mm**t\m\t4
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-4. A
16" cheese andJl
I 3 lbs. wings w/ 2 16" cheese » * IMUDU - P t £ l
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flavors and 1 topping
I 2 lbs. of wings
• * » « ! % *

I $14.99 pizza's $16.99

and antipasto salad 4»a»linHi jiiMflM to9-WI IEFES5J6
I J 1

To contact:
Foust represents Mercyhurst, Erie County Mello down under
ByJen Helbig
Contributing wrtier
JodyMello shares anotherAussie adventure
Kyle Foust is a Career Aca-
demic Counselor at Mercyhurst
College and current Erie Coun-
ty Councilman.
"I represent District Five,"
Foust said, "District Five repre-
sents the eastern part of the
county." 3
His decision to run for the
position stemmedfroma com-
bination of factors.
"I ran because I did not like
Photo oourtesy 09 google com
the way things were going in Erie
County," Foust commented. Jody Mello has moved into her room at Bond University
In Queensland, Australia and she is ready to explore and
"The libraries were being
kicked around like a political meet new people. ,.•
football' IT
Hisfirmstance in politics stems ByJody Mello and were given long boards win
from a long-term relationship Contributing writer scratch guards.
with government. We pretended to paddle in
"I went to my first political the sand on the boards and
event when I was four days old. After moving into Bond quickly jumped up with our
It was a Democratic Party pic- University there were two days foot positions with one hand
nic," Foust said. of possible trips offered to out for direction and one out
Although this was his first time new students. This was a great for balance.
to run, Foust said he is very fa- way to meet other students. After 30 minutes into was
miliar with this position. Triefirstday trip was to By- into the water for some practi-
"My father held the same po- ron's Bay where my group cal experience.
sition for twelve years." Kabe McAdmas/Phcrf o editor
learned how to fryfroma tra- Time is u p / the instructors
Foust's father was a two-time Career Counselor Kyle Foust serves as Erie County councilman for District 5. As coun- peze like a circus performer. shouted £ H
Democratic Party chairman, cilman he has connections to the budget, the health department, the libraries, the I climbed the 20 foot ladder, Tired, but content, I dragged
Foust said, "Election Day was sheriff, the court system and human service agencies. I put chalk on our hands, out my board and took off the
always big in my house." grabbed the bar, and jumped. scratch guards.
As Erie County Councilman Holding on to the bar I The group then headed for
he is in control of many issues fun, but it was time consuming 3,000 doors," Foust said, "My He will serve a four-year term, soared over a giant safety net the bus that would be taking
in Erie County. and also tiring.' Foust said. "My campaign easily doubled that" which will help him interact with and was instructed to swing ustodowntown Byrons Bay.
"The position connects me to wife and family were my great- Foust said that he dropped off die community in new ways. my legs then put them over There we found the beach
the budget, the health depart- est supporters throughout the flyers to the public while inter- "Being involved with politics the bar. and restaurants. After lunch we
ment, the libraries the sheriff, entire campaign." acting with the citizens. has changed my life because it walked around looking at all the
the court system, and human ser-
u/ listened "I listened to what was on the makes me a more informed per- 64 shops in town.
vice agencies," Foust said public's mind I molded my cam- son," Foust said. I / tried to The bus picked the group up
Foust runs a busy political life, paign message to those voices." Community involvement is not and headed north for a favor-
but his employment at Mercy-
to what was "It was tough to help some- the only way he is becoming listen and not ite surfer spot.
hurst exemplifies his close rela- times," Kilroy said, "during the more informed. We walked along a hilly path
tionship with the school. He has
on the primary and final elections we Foust is continuing his educa- think about for over a mile and then it
worked at Mercyhurst for nine had finals and studying to do at tion through a doctoratt pro- opened up into one ofthe most
years, but this is his sixth year as
public's Mercyhurst." gram at Duquesne University in hurting beautiful beaches in Australia.
a Career Academic Counselor. Foust's campaign was inspired Educational Leadership. The second day trip was to
A few students at Mercyhurst
mind. L by personal experience. The beginning of his education. myself. * ) • )
the petting zoo to see Austra-
helped out when Foust was run- "I wanted to change the library however, remains significantly lian animal life and thentoone
ning for me councilman position, system through politics," Foust congruous to his career. I tried to listen and not think of'thelargest waterparks in
' Casey Kilroy, who graduated molded my said. "The public libraries are "The spirit of community ser- about how much it might hurt Queensland
from Mercyhurst in 2003, heavily used, and the people who vice here at Mercyhurst helped if I landed the wrong way. I^We hadfivehours to spend
founded Mercyhurst's Young campaign want to close them send a bad supplement my education when I was then told to do a back at the waterpark, however it
Democrats dub. She and about message." I earned my Bachelor's degree," flip. I am not the most coordi- quickly turned intofivehours
seven other students helped out message to [i Libraries have been a familiar- Foust said. nated individual, but I am al- of standing in lines.
in various ways with Foust's cam- ity to Foust throughout his edu- Being involved in politics is ways willing to "give it a go" I -It is summer in Australia and
paign. £.. those voices/ ' cational career. very stressful and a person can as they say here in Australia. the students do not have
' Kilroy found Foust to be an "I did a good amount of my be attacked. After the "graceful" dis- school. You can imagine they
appealing candidate because of
his relevancy to college students.
-Kyle Foust Master's thesis in the Main Li-
brary," Foust said.
"Without opinions, politics
would not exist," Foust said.
mount I landed on the net,
bounced a couple times and
frequent the waterpark.
When darkness started to set
"Kyle is younger. It's impor- Through the exciting and wea- Foust has a strong connection "The only downfall of the po- then got back onto the ground. in the movie Seabiscuitwds
tant to support younger people ry times, Foust said he learned to the Erie area. sition is that people sometimes TTiis was my introduction to played.
who want to become politically about what it takes to run for "I have lived in Harborcreek have offending opinions. You the trapeze. The movie was projected
involved," Kilroy said. "He office. all of my life," Foust said learn who yourfriendsare, but Afterwards we put more on against the side of a building
brings that youthful energy back "I have had a lot of experi- "I see this position as a chance you have to accept that some- sun block and headed over the and lots of students grabbed
into the Erie County government ence in politics," Foust said. I to give back to the community. one will always be upset." hill to the beach. inner tubes and watched from
which I think is much needed." thought I knew what it took, but I felt that I was not doing as Kilroy agrees, "Politics really The path opened up on to a their comfortable seat
Foust enjoyed the campaign there is much more to it" much as I could, and this posi- forces a person to open them- beautiful beach with little We went home weary from
process, but it took a lot of During the campaign, Foust tion provided me with the po- selves up to attack.' Foust cer- shore break. the long fun-filled day with
work. The campaign ran from committed much time to his in- tentia I to give more," he said. tainly deserves to be commend- This was thefirstday of surf smiles on our faces.
March 7th to November 5th. volvement with the citizens. Foust took office on January ed." ? school.
"The campaign was a lot of "I personally went to about 2nd of 2004. \JCe broke up into two groups

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® TOYOTA '003

FEATURES To contact:

Relihan brothers are two-of-a-kind

ByJen Helbig
Contributing writer

This will be the last year for

seniors Shane and Padraic Reli-
han at Mercyhurst College, who
are natives of New Bedford,
Shane Relihan was drawn to
Mercyhurst because of its out-
standing hockey program. He
has been a member of the var-
sity team for the past three years.
This year, however, he is a
member of the club hockey Katie McAdamsfPhoto editor

team. ^
"I'm not on varsity this year Left: Padraic Relihan, a
because the schedule was just senior who plays baseball
too strenuous and hectic," Shane for Mercyhurst while his
Relihan said. "We were on the brother Shane plays hock-
road a lot I missed spring break, ey. *
Thanksgiving break, and we only Above: Senior Shane Re-
got five days for Christmas." lihan. Both are highly mo-
According to Bill Shannon, the tivated and respected by
club hockey coach, Shane Reii- their coaches, professors Mike HogarVContribubng photographer

han's persistence runs deep and peers. After gradua- Mike Hogan and the members of Dis-harmony opened
when it comes to hockey. tion Shane plans on get- for Eve 6 at Forward hall earlier this year. The band is
ting his teaching certifica- currently working on its first CD.
Shannon has helped Shane Re-
lihan on the ice but also had him tion. •
in the classroom. By Kyla Mclnchak in the near future.
Katie McAdams/Pholo editor
"Shane has this unbelievable Contributing writer "We're planning on going to
work ethic," Shannon said. "He Shane began as a Criminal Jus- That is what I want to do." set-up at Mercyhurst. "It's easi- Italy to play. We also hope to
cares about the team, his team- tice major, but found an interest \ Like Shane, Radraic has shown er this way because it's like be- There's no doubt that stu- play in Pa., N.Y., and Ohio this
mates, and simply getting things in Communications. outstanding qualities while at ing on my own." dents at Mercyhurst have tal- summer," Hogan said.
done." i , "I was drawn to Communica- Mercyhurst. Padraic enjoys Mercyhurst ent in various areas, and Mike When the bandfirstbegan
Shane is not the only Relihan tions because the professors have "Paddy is the kind of person College for its personal connec- Hogan is no exception. playing, they performed in
participating in athletics at Mer- the best personalities," Shane said that sticks with things for the tion to students. As the lead singer, guitarist, Rochester.
cyhurst long haul," Spano said. "When "Being such a small school is and songwriter for Dis-Harmo- Now that Hogan is a fresh-
His brother Padraic is gearing 44 There are times are rough he is at his best. nice because you get to work ny, Hogan gives the audience man at Mercyhurst College, he
up for the upcoming baseball There are many outstanding per- one-on-one with the teachers," something to talk about and the band are playing in
season. While in high school he formances on thefield,most no- said Padraic. When Hogan was in 5th Erie. Their last performance
was recruited, but playing base-
ball wasn't his interest, it was
numerous tably his three run walk-off in-
side the park home run against
Their parents also enjoy the
boys' choice of attending the
grade, he began playing the
guitar. He was only 11 when
was at Forward Hall on Peach |
Street Although there is some-
playing hockey.
(ji "I checked out Mercyhurst
times when Findlay in 2002." ,^
Padraic hopes the profession-
same school.
Both said, 'They always ask us
he began singing, and two years
later he joined the rock band
times a cover charge, there was
no fee for this event.
North East, and I was going to
play hockey," Padrao said. "Then
Paddy has al career he has ahead of him
will go hand-in-hand with his
questions about each other."
Although they both have their
known as Dis-Harmony.
The members of the band be-
Even more impressive than
their Forward Hall perfor-
I met coach Spano and decided
to try baseball." gone out of his major and baseball.
I "I was caught between the
own friends on campus, Shane
said, "It's always nice to have a
sides Hog-
an include I
mance is that Dis-Harmony
was selected as the opening act
Padraic plays leftfield,but he way. 55 choice of becoming a physical
therapist or majoring in sports
bit of your own blood on cam- drummer, for Eve 6. This was a differ-
contributes to the team in other pus." Chris Hin- ent but exciting experience for
ways. - Joe Spano marketing, and I chose sports
marketing," he said. "I would
L Both Shannon and Spano feel gle; bass
the band. .
"There are numerous times that the brothers have left their "The guys in Eve 6 were re-
when Paddy has gone out ofhis "Shane has a great aptitude for love to play professional base- mark at Mercyhurst. A n d re.w ally nice, and it was cool to see
way," said Coach Joe Spano. learning," Shannon said. "I have ball someday." "If Shane is not your friend Strassell; how they did things. Everything
"There isn't a freshman in the had him in Media Management Both of the Relihan brothers after meeting you," Shannon keyboard they did was timed well. We
baseball program that over the and Audio production." have enjoyed the campus while said, "there must be something player, Jon | Chris Hingle got a taste of how the profes-
last three years hasn't been Shane plans on expanding his they have attending Mercyhurst wrong with you." Scholl; and J I sional world works." said Hog-
'shown the ropes' by Paddy." Communication knowledge after College. "Paddy is an outstanding per- guitarist, Vic Master! an.
Padraic spent his freshman graduation. "I plan to attend a "The campus is small and son," Spano said, "he will be suc- Hogan attended middle The band usually targets ages
year at Mercyhurst North East. different institution and get my there's a lot of grass," Shane said. cessful in whatever career he school in Rochester where he that range from the teens to
He is a Sport Marketing major, teaching degree," he said. "I was "It's not all parking lots like oth- chooses." met Strassell's little age 40, but they hope to at-
and Shane's concentration is in a substitute teacher last summer er schools." brother. When he stopped in tract everyone to their con-
Communications. and I fell in love with education. He also likes the apartment for a visit, Hogan always certs, said Hogan.
brought his guitar along. "It's difficult to get recog-
Hingle, Scholl, and Masterf nized because there are so
R/IAP major experiences opportunity of a lifetime met in high school, and even-
tually realized they needed a
many potential acts out
there. All the things that will
guitarist. After some search- ensure our existence as a band,
By Brian Cellone ing, they found Hogan and such asfinancialbusiness, can
Contributing writer Strassell. be overwhelming. We're al-
Things have progressed quite ways trying to be the best we
rapidly for the band. On De- can be," said Hogan.
By simply looking out her of- cember 12, they won a contest In addition, Hogan shared
fice window on Pennsylvania at Water Street Music Hall in that public relations can be time
Avenue, CaMyn Miller could see Rochester, NY. consuming. Despite this, Hog-
the awe-inspiring White House "It was like battle of the an believes the audience is one
and she knew this was going to bands. It was sponsored by an of the most rewarding aspects
be an opportunity of a lifetime. independent record label and of a musical career.
Miller came to Mercyhurst Infinity Broadcasting," said Although Hogan has not de-
from Sarver, Pa. J Hogan. cided on a major in college, he
"I was primarily interested in The record label, Gruv Inc., hopes that music will continue
the R/IAP program but decid- rewarded the winners with free to be a part of his life,
ed to dual major in R/IAP and recording time. "Because of He finds significance in his
Political Science," said Miller. their interest in us, they ended music not only because it en-
Last year she had the oppor- up giving us a deal," said Hog- terrains fans, but also because
tunity to have an internship with an. of the meaningrulness of writ-
the United States Customs and The band is currently work- ing lyrics and sharing them
Border Protections Department, ing on their first full-length CD, with the public. f
which operates under the and hopes to take several tours
Homeland Security Depart-
"After spring term I packed my
suitcases and moved to Wash-
ington, DC where I would be Kalia McAdams/ Photo editor
Save Lots of Money
living from June 1 until mid- Senior Caitlyn Miller learned a lot from her internship with the United States Customs
November," she said. and Boarder Protections Department in Washington, D.C. The knowledge she gained Tanglewood Apartment Homes
from her experience has better prepared her for a job with the government.1
She interned for a subdivision
of the United States Customs
^Offering 1,2, <i 3 Bedrooms
and Border Protections Depart-
said Miller. ports of entries. had the opportunity to partici-
ment called the Customs Office
of Intelligence. Things that were included in "Everything I learned from this pate in the semester at sea pro- Heat, electric, A/C,
She had to have an interview the Homeland Security Intelli-
gence reports are discrepancies
internship couldn't be taught in
the classroom. I learned how
gram I visited nine countries.
It was a great experience," said
trash, water
to have clearances to be able to
work with the kind of informa- found in Customs reports, she complex each department is and Miller. & & sewer are all included.
tion that she would be handle said. She also sat in on meetings how they are different," said After graduation Miller wants
over the six months she was that the Customs Office had. Miller. '.' to apply to law school and to
there. ......
"This was a wonderful experi- Miller is extremely active at master's programs that focus on Call 825-8145 to apply now!
ence for me," Miller said. "I Mercyhurst. She is an ambassa- public policy. She is also think-
She had many responsibilities
during her internship. "Some of learned custom techniques that dor, part of the honors program, ing about diving head first into 907 E. Grandview Blvd.
the things that I did were con- are going to be used in many air-
ports and seaports throughout
a tutor and involved in the In-
ternational Association of Law
the job world. Miller has re-
ceived many job offers with
Great Location!
ducting research support for
analysis, reviewing traffic from the east coast." Enforcement Intelligence Ana- both private and government
the intelligence community, and She saw how Customs agents lysts (IALEIA) which Is an orga- factions,
I was in charge of the writing J dogs to eg.11 sub- nization where Mercyhurst is the Miller also works at T.GU, Fri-
and publishing of Homeland stances within international pack-
ages received at the different
only college member.
"Earlier in my college career I
days. Ask about our move-in special!!
Security Intelligence Reports,
PAGE 6 JANUARY 28,2004

OPINION To contact:

TheGood, the Bad and the Ugly:

What's hot and what's not at Mercyhurst
Thefrighteningfemale psyche
The ;Good... the couch. margarine 'cause my idiot room-

I Administration is considering revising the study-abroad program so that students do not have to
go through other schools in order to get valuable experience of studying in other countries. This
\MadaM\ I fancy it was something along
the lines of, "Hmm... how long
do I have to do this before her
mate ate the last of the butter
even though she datmsto be "eat-
ing healthier" these days. What-
will make the process easier and more convenient for Mercyhurst students. shirt comes off?" Perhaps if ever. So I usually take it after
you're an extra caring person, breakfast but I don't think I did
Congratulations to the men's and women's basketball teamsfortheir dual wins against Gannon there may have been a little bit I didn't. I remember 'cause I
Universtiy on Tuesday night. The games were exciting for anyone who has followed the Mercy- of "Maybe putting two packets usually take it with juice and my
hurst/Gannonrivalryover the years, but it was especially exciting for the women's team as it was of ranch on my sizzling salad was roommate drank all of that too.
theirfirstwin this year! Keep up the good work everyone! a bad idea. Is my breath nasty?" "Oh crap. What would my
DearMackimMaktrizy, mixedin. family do if I had a kid? I could

The Bad... Awhile back Iinvitedagiti over I can guarantee you that she never handle that responsibility.
towatchatnovie. Wesatprettydose was not thinking anything of the Although if it was a girl, I'd def-
togetherthe whole time, so as the sort initely name it Felicity. Oh, I
oeditsbegmtoioUlmademymove. Most likely she was thinking, would buy her the cutest little
The freezing rain that descended upon Mercyhurst on Monday night and Tuesday morning was We kissed/or a while, but then she "Hmm. Okay. So he kissed me, hats. Baby shoes! So cute and
an unwelcome surprise for unprepared students who stepped out of their dorms and apartments suddenly pulled away. Then she and I already kissed him back, tiny. Is there anything cuter than
in the morning... only to slip andfell.Watch your step over the next few days, everyone. Mainte- looked at meandsaidshe ivasn t so it's too late to think about it baby feet? They're so delicate
nance is doing a good job of trying to get everything salted, but it is a sizeable campus. expecting that, butsaiditwasgpod.What was it that Cosmo said? Oh that it's hard to believe they're
Sinceshegaw the ayrnpHment, I yeah, something about licking his even real. I probably couldn't
assumed thatshejust needed time teeth. I should do that. Maybe afford to buy cute shoes, and lit-
Students in the Duval apartments awoke on Friday morning to discover that some unknown to breatheandwantedtostartitup not Tastes like he had two pack- tle Felicity would have to wear
students had "silly-stringed" their doors in the middle of the night Now, everyone enjoys a bit of agftin.So, beingthemanthatlam, ets of ranch on his salad today. cheap ugly shoes. Hey, did I take
silly vandalism from time to time, but please remember that someone has to dean up after (he antics westartedkissirigagain. Thatoon- Oh no! So did I! Is my breath my pill today?" *
... and it's usually not the person who partakes in the fun. tinuedfor a short amount of time nasty? Well, he hasnt stopped so Thistowhen she pulled away
andthenshepulkdawayagain.At far, so it can't be thatbad. Be- the second time. Sorearnod She

... and the Ugly thispoint 1 had just about given sides, my roommates wouldn't
up, so Iturned off theDVD play- have let me leave the house to
er, andstartedto walkherout. But go to a guy's place if I didntlook
was just performing her duties
as overanalytical female.
You have nothing to worry
Over the past week, some drunken students were busy covering parked cars with snow, much to thensheaskBdrnetvbatlujasdoing and smell fabulous. After all, about %
the dismay of their unfortunate owners. To add insult to injury, some of the snow-covered cars the next day, told me to call her Cosmo said to bathe in vanilla All you need to do is be pa-
sometime, andgatemeakiss. What extract, so I've got that covered. tient with heranddont ask ques-
were also urinatedon. Way to kick a person when they're down, guys. Very nice/ ?
theheUdoesthatmean, ]sshemess-I hope my roommates don't call tions when she acts weird. Well,
There is a new computer virus quickly spreading across the Internet and you can be certain the tng with me? What'sthedeal? me a slut if anything else hap- neveraskba.
computers of Mercyhurst students will not be immune. Make sure to run the virus-check on your Gonfussd pens while I'm here. I really She'll be offended Somehow,
computers regularly and don't open any e-mails from people that you don't recognize. It's really should make sure I keep my someway, she will take it as a
just common sense. Dear Confused, clothes on, sometimes I forget personal stab against her.
I hate to break it to you, but that part" If you need to ask someone,
the answer to your question can This is when she pulled away ask me!

Playing the game: be summed up in two simple thefirsttime.

words. "She's female." Unfor-
tunately, The Merciad' won't
let me get away with such a
Then when you kissed her

again, I'm sure she thought to

herself, "Oh. Okay, well here we
Good luck with that,
Send me your questions at

Living life with all its wins and losses short answer, as the Opinion
page will be rather bare, so I
go again. Obviously the ranch
didn't matter, but I think if he's
so persistent that probably means
OR IM them to me! Add Mad-
am Malarky to your buddy list
and send questions. Thanks to
war is not over. shall elaborate.
Without some kind of personal we're headed for the part where all who have done so already,
By N iky Nocera Now that I have entered "Mer- esteem, trying to help other peo- I am sure I have mentioned
Contributing Writer in previous articles that wom- I have to start getting naked, and and many thanks to those who
cyworld," my relationships are ple with tough situations is more j
en are extremely overanalytical that's alwaysawkwaid Did I take. have sent fan IM's.
more meaningful, and there is no arduous and less satisfying. ! * ^ l_ L I C
my^piU today? Wait, let me Oh, and whoever got drunk on
Some say, "It doesn't matter need to impress anyone to dis- [*'My personal goal is to get an creatures. I can probably fig-
think... I had toast for break- Thursday and buried the little
if you win or lose, it is how you prove ridiculous labels. excellent job, get married to the ure out what you were thinking
fast with butter... no wait it was green Del Sol in lot 2? That was
play the game." Whether or not Mercyhurst Col- man of my dreams, and have while you were sucking face on
children who are happy with mine you jerks so @&#* off.
Since I took my first breath, I lege is the right place for me, this
have been challenged by the
game of life. Everyday brings
difficult choices, most which af-
fect other long-term decisions.
If I play my cards right, maybe
is all part of the process.
The experience I am having
here, including failed and aced
tests, the massive amounts of
work and projects, and the
I want them to choose the path
to take (as long as it doesn't get
them in trouble with the law, of
course), and I hope that they win
Movin on tap > 5

I'll end up fulfilling all my goals.

\'jhis safe to say that stereotyp-
friends that come and go, will
make me who I am in the fu-
the game, too.
Simply, life is a reality, and A tradition of even higher education
ing begins during late-elementa- ture. Making the right decisions dreams have to be made into
ry/middle school. is crucial to my success. At times something real. All my goals and Okay, I really need to stop lis- sonal statement It sounds easy;
I think I might lose my sanity, i \ dreams will eventually get me to By Ashley DuBose tening to cxxintry music, it makes just write a few pages describing
Because I am short and usual- Contributing Writer
ly lull of laughter, I became an During my childhood, the re- where I want to be. me cynical. your strengths, weaknesses, and
immediate target for constant lationship with my family was It will just take time and pa- < Like everything else, it all goals. Uh huh. Sure. Let me tell
wise cracks. To rid myself of normal. However, today I fail to tience, making the right moves Question: what is the one thing comes down to two choices: go you, my first draft made me a
degrading comments, I focused get along with my mother. I and rolling die dice several times. that causes more fear in seniors on to grad school, or start your saint, the second made me an
on earning impressive grades, think, "If I could just be who Life is about risk and uncertain- than midterms, finals, and career. idiot and the third, well, some-
which later made me the high she wants, I can win her love, ty; that's what makes it adven- karaoke night combined? An- Those who chose grad school one called me the patron saint
school dork and outcast. trust, and respect." turous, yet frightening. swer: Grad School. are currently gathering letters of of morons after reading it. But
However, I know that I need -; Win or lose, in the end, it is all After thirteen years of basic recommendation, writing person- that's just me.
Most school days were point-
less and painful, struggling just to make the decisions for my- about playing a game- not a com- education and four years of col- al statements, and filling out ap- The best advice 1 have is to
to survive. I did not win that self- to establish my own well- petition to defeat others, but a lege, aren't we supposed to be plications while hope and fear ask for help.
being before helping others. satisfying, personal journey. done now? blend together to create the per- Talk to your advisor, talk to a
battle of in high school, but the
^'Apparently n o t For a lot of fect stomach ulcerating panic. professor in the same field that

Bushito play $1.5 billion cupid us 'Hurst Seniors, the approach-

ing graduation ceremony means
that soon we will yet again be-
It's not that the process is very
difficult. Go online, find the
schools you want and print off
you warntogo into, or find some-
one not associated with the col-
lege in your preferred field and
come the low men on the scho- the applications. Follow direc- sit on their doorstep until they
one penny of that $1.5 billion. had harsh wordsforjudges that
By Allison Moore lastic totem pole. tions. Fill them out Woo hoo. help you Have your roommates
This program is strictly for het- redefine marriages.
Contributing Writer I'm going to state right here | As for the letters of recom- proofread it Take it to an En-
erosexual couples. In fact, these "If judges insist on forcing
that I know that many of us mendation, they're not hard ei- glish professor if you can. What-
religious groups are pushing the their arbitrary will upon the peo-
have decided enough is enough ther. Just find a couple of pro- ever you do, just don't send your
Having problems with your sig- president to create a constitu- ple, the only alternative left to
fessors that you like and who statement in without someone
nificant other? Is your marriage tional amendment to forbid gay the people would be the consti- and are going directly into the
seem to like you, and grovel. Or else's input
suffering? If you've answered couples from marrying. * tutional process. Our nation must workforce. I say, good for you!
However, the topic of this arti- ask, whichever works,* They do Finally, don't get too caught up
yes to both of these questions, America is supposed to be a defend the sanctity of marriage."
cle is graduate school (because most of the work, you just have in the whole application process.
then you need... the American place where everyone is equal, a President Bush is willing to
to give them some basic info,
government? That's right folks, place where you are not punished spend $ 1 5 billion on a program that is where I am headed, so Yes, it is important; it's one of
and maybe the form from the
President George W. Bush is for your beliefs. Throughout his- that will only benefit certain please humor the masochists. the most important decisions you
And I do mean masochists. Are Career Services Office. * have ever made, but stop for a
now playing cupid. tory, this ideology has been prov- Americans. Excuse me for say-
\\ Since Massachusetts declared en wrong many times, from ra- ing so, Mr. Bush, but if we have we nuts? Purposely going on for Oh, side note: As my room- second and look around. Look
same-sex marriages legal on cial discrimination, gender dis- $1.5 billion to throw around, two to four more years, digging mate says, "The Career Servic- at where you are, look at how
November 18, 2003, the Bush crimination, to homosexual dis- (which we don't considering our furthei into debt, putting off es Office is my heira like Sha- far you've already come. Is one
administration, and the Christian crimination. Gay marriage is not enormous deficit) then why not getting a real life, and for what? kira." Odd, but true. That Se- more step really all that much? I
groups that provide funding, as looked upon as "correct by spend it on something that all Another piece of paper to hang nior Credential File is a lifesaver mean, this isn't rocket science/
well as a voter base, for Mr. many, but who is to say that ho- Americans can benefit from, on the wall next to family por- for applyingtograd school. Oh, unless that*s what you are
Bush, have been on the offen- mosexual men and women are such as health care, child care, traits and sappy verses shellacked I Probably the worst part of the applyingfor.In that case, I cant
sive. President Bush has made it incapable of falling in love and or housing? Funding for these onto dark cherry wood! whole process is writing the per- help you. X Jt A
clear I hat he promotes healthy having meaningful relationships? types of programs would make
and sanctified marriage. To pro- Certainly not the government of life easier for many low-income
mote this ideal of "healthy" the United States. families, thereby reducing stress
marriage, President Bush is pre- Marriage is a beautiful thing, to create and sustain a healthy
pared to adopt a $1.5 billion ini- but looking ai the high divorce marriage and family environ-
tiative. rate of 54.8% in this country, ment
I This initiative, created by ul- it's safe to say marriage isn't what In addition, all Americans
tra-conservative religious groups, it used to be. The question here would be better off, not just the
would promote marriage by pro- is, is it up to the government to heterosexual population you've
viding training for couples in fix this problem? I don't think it selected in order to keep your
order to teach them interpersonal is. I conservative Christian groups
skills. However if you are in- During his State of the Union happy and your campaign funds
volved in a same-sex relationship Address, President Bush stressed flowing.
or marriage, don't expect to see the Importance of marriage and But hey, it's only my opinion.
JANUARY 28,2004

To contact: OPINION

Campus question! Why the State of Union needs a warning label
Presidential headaches:
"Myfavoriteplac&to study is... »

Did anyone else feel a slight don't see it It doesn't give me a

% • 4
the library Great "... the third floor of the I \ . .thefirstfloorof the li- pinching pain behind their eyes whole lot of hope for the future
Room because it has a col- library by the oversized brary because Iforcemyself while watching the president's But I Could Be Wrong of the American family, I'll say
lege atmosphere, making me books because when I get to study or else 111 get bored." State of the Union address last that much. There's a notion that
feel scholastic." J tired of studying, I look at -Ashley Andoga, week? seems to be going down the toi-
-Alexis Yakemokic, the ait books. Freshman If you did, it probably wasn't let at an accelerated rate.
Freshman 1 -Lakyn Bianco, because you were sitting too The broken family seems to be
".. .at the new coffee bar Freshman dose to the television or because Jaime more common nowadays man
because ifs a good, calm at- "... at the library because
" room because I the volume was turned up too Rinne the whole one and that's sad.
mosphere* i - don't have to go outside." high. I Maybe it's time to give some-
there are no distractions." -BobBeckert, one else a shot at this marriage
-Greg Wilczynski, It probably wasn't because
-Mite Bukky, Freshman your roommate's music was play- business. Maybe they could teach
preshmanf ' \ Freshman ing too loud in the other room. us a thing or two about keeping
"... at home infrontof the It probably wasn't even be- to dress yourself in the morning them together. |
".' the Merciad office
TV. If I get bored with study- cause of President Bush's horri- (one would hope) and it certain- Teach us something about stay-
because I have my own com- f... in front of my stereo.
ing, I can just watch TV. ^ M
ble red power-tie. ly won't affect yourrightto be ing with someone even when it's
puter, and it's very quiet." Most time, it helps me con-
-AshleyJohnston, It was most likely because cer- married the person of your not all sunshine and roses.
•Jessica Tobin, centrate better." i choice later on in life, assuming
Sophomore Sophomore tain points of the president's Teach us that marriage is life-
-Rita Galaviz, address could have turned even you want to be married It's not time commitment, not some-
Sophomore the most stable, sensible mind like the government puts limits thing you do on the spur of the
•'..-.3R of the library; I like "... at home because it is on the number of marriage li- moment in Las Vegas and then
the lighting and setting." into a throbbing, pounding mass
quiet" M' censes allowed to be issued in a have annulled in less than three
-Tom Dwyer, I -Kyle Wilson, of confusion. Therefore, I claim:
Mr. President, you're giving me year. Yet %$ f days. Not that I'm pointing fin-
Sophomore Sophomore "... at the coffee bar; there Although that might be the next gas, t;
is lots of caffeine to keep a headache.
Not just a little headache, mind item of legislation passed if we Teach us that staying with your
SJ is my bedroom or the me awake and separate ta- allow this disturbing trend to partner really means staying with
bles for my own space." you. A full blown, raging head-
*... in the Great Room. It's livingroom; the library gets ache with all the makings of a continue. yourpattner, even when they are
quiet and you can't fall asleep too crowded and noisy some- -Joe Piszczor, We are allowing the govern- at their most unlovable, their
Sophomore migraine.
Jpecause people are all around times.'' | So, I beg the question: how ment to control the personal as- most unattractive: when they are
-Danielle Stein, | much does it really matter if pects of our lives: if we're per- depressed, when they are sick,
-Kyle Goodroe, Junior state legislatures allow for gay mitted to reproduce, if we're when they are dying
Sophomore "... on my couch in front marriage? I mean, really matter? permitted to love the person of Teach us not to quit, not to give
of thefrv. I need back- Before you answer, I want you our choice and if we are per- up on those who we supposedly
". jjj at the subconnection;
^ % m y rooimi am an RA ground noise to study, and to think really hard about this. mitted to marry them. love 75
it's so peaceful in the study
atBakl^HaUandihavethe areas." || the library is just too quiet" If we allow gay marriages, how So, President Bush wants to m Everyone else is dearly not very
room to myself." | -Adele Crotty, much will this affect your life? promote and continue the sanc- good at it What harm could it
-Phou Daoreuang,
-Teresa Gardner, Sophomore f Junior %, Will it change how you function tity of marriage between a man possibly do? |
Junior^ T on a day-to-day basis? Will it al- and a woman by not allowing gay No, really. I'm asking: What
ter where you are going in your marriage. Sanctity of marriage harm could it possibly do? You
life and how you were planning between a man and a woman, tell me.

It s our generation: on getting there? Think about. I my butt

mean, think hard.
There might be something I'm
Seems to me that the heteros missing here.
If you do, I think you will re- have done pretty well at screw- Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm
alize that.. .it won't Not really. ing that up in recent years. off to nurse a migraine.
The new defintion of success not
If gay marriage is legalized,

you will graduate from col-

More than half of marriages |$I wonder if Excedrin makes a
then it won't affect whether or today end in divorce. medication for headaches that
Where is the sanctity in that? are government-induced.
focused in upon by the aspira- should be encouraged to explore
lege. It won't affect your ability You tell me, because I certainly m Here's hoping
Write Truth tions of those behind us. majors in a serious sense rather
Because, being anywhere from than being pushed to take ad-
seventeen to twenty-five within vanced classes and get good
me average college age, it is lu- [grades?ftis the rest or tneir fife:
cficrbus to consider planning money'would be saveci,* time
Letter to fthe editor:
one's entire life by way of choos- saved, sanity saved,; futures Faeultipattendance isfound lacking
ing one major and narrowing saved. This year onJanuary 19*, Di- dance. just forgot that every third
down to one path. On that note, another friend versity 101 and Student Gov- While many students have Monday ofJanuary is the hol-
Yet this is what is taught; find of mine called a Mercyhurst ernment organized a wonder- been working tofinddifferent iday in honor ofMartin Luth-
out what you want to do and go Alumni for her softball team, ful breakfast for selected stu- ways to honor Martin Luther er King? I hope not J|
Stevenson do it. There is a pressure suffo- askingfora contribution. What dents, administration, and fac- King Day throughout the years, It seems that the majority of
cating those unsure to pick a did she get instead? A rant of ulty in honor of Martin Luth- they haverepeatedlymet resis- the professors failed to attend
"We are born into a vast roompath for their future, but in real- how this woman was beyond er King Jt. tance from the administration. because of their apathy and
uixxBUx&ojns&cfathousnndduoK ity this pressure is suggesting that unsatisfied with her education. This was a fantastic oppor- It was my hope that the facul- lack of interest Not a single
cfpossibility. Each doorisflwigopeti they settle. What about those Success no longerfindsitself tunity for the Mercyhurst com- ty would be more understand- professor contacted the orga-
tothewoiidouisiae..." people struggling everyday to with a mere degree, sitting at a munity to come together and ing and honor more fully the nizers to express their regrets
"TenyTeachout, Citylimits find out, the ones that dream of desk rolling in the dough. Suc- recognize the contribution Dr. contributions that he made for for not attending. |
genetics and song writing simu 1 cess should be judged not by King made to every individual. both African Americans and It is my conclusion that the
And then somehow, they close. taneously, psychology and film grades, and not even by the col- The breakfast included Caucasians. This activity was spe- professors thatfeiledto attend
One of my friends can't pur- making, brain surgery and social lege one attends, but by the will- Southern cuisine, a chance to cifically designed because our did not up hold the values of
sue her dream of singing, be- work. ingness of the student to find socialize, and the opportunity academic schedule does not al- Mercyhurst College. These
cause ifs not practical enough for As a whole, our generation their true self, and toriseto their to hear selected speeches by low for a full day off of school. values seek to promote "the
her mother's support deserves the credit of this un- full potential^Who you want to Dr. King during the civil rights The professors of Mercyhurst values of truth, individual in-
Another is being forced to certainty. Refusing to allow the become is determined by what movement College do deserve the benefit tegrity, human dignity, mercy
transfer to a cheaper school, word "settle" to seep into the you do, and as a whole in gener- While the student turnout in of the doubt and I am sure mat and justice." Individuals put
basically, so her mother can go reality of aspiration, this college al this college cohort refuses to general was good, unfortunate- they had reasons for not attend- a lot of time and effort to or-
to Ireland generation isfighting to discov- accept otherwise. J ganize this great opportunity.
ly, there were only two faculty ing
One is being motivated to- er new and alternate ways to There is a preexisting under- members present. After speak- However, only two out of fif- What type of message are the
wards emancipation, the com- define the previously set in stone standing within the construct of ing to the organizers of the ty professors in attendance can- professors showing the student
plete release of dependency concept of "success." our pasts of what one is good event, they noted that they in- not be solely attributed to busy body when they fail to recog-
from her parents, so that her Success no longerfindsitself at, what they could succeed at, vited a total of forty to fifty schedules. I nize their hard work and the
mother can retire and move to in the doors of getting into a and what they should. But no one faculty. I am sure some had midterm importance of Dr. Martin
Florida without having the guilt good college. Itfindsitself with- really knows but the one persist- Moreover, many professors exams to give. Maybe a couple Luther King Jr.?
of leaving her child with no fi- in the hands of those making ing, the onefightingto become scheduled midterm exams, of professors had a sick child at
nancial assistance. money, those with titles, those their own dream. which inhibited student atten- home. Or could it be that you - Christopher E. Knestrick
Another is thefirstin his fam- rising in the ranks of the world, The challenge? To not settle,
ily to attend college; he's their last of technology and business. The I o refuse to shy awayfromthe
hope, pressured in every sense dream and ambition to pursue thousands of doors that are still
to succeed, to get good grades, human service?"professions open.
to make his family proud. seems to befindingitself as re- Keepfightingforyour dreams
Far from all of this, the ma- spected as the starving artist or and keep opening new doors,
jority of college students, even flagrant writer.
seniors, are unsure of their fu-
even if it's without the help of
Has it occurred to anyone with- the education system or even
ture plans. As one of the assem- in the high school world that your parents.

Adam DuShole Editor-in-Chief
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'Mikado' proves to be a great success

Music department gives yearly production.
FEB. 2. Skrape, Life of
Agony, Flaw. Peabody's
Down Under, Cleveland. By Meghan Sullivan
Contributing writer
FEB. 3.0.A.R., Robert
Randolph and his Family On Jan. 23-25 in the Mary
Band AJ. Palumbo The- D'Angelo Performing Arts Cen-
ater, Pittsburgh. On sale ter, the music department had
Dec. 27 at Ticketmaster, its main stage production for the
year, the "Mikado." Besides be-
FEB. 7. Jonny Lang. Agora ing Gilbert and Sullivan's most
Theater, Cleveland famous Operetta, it is also the
most performed one since it
FEB. 7. OAR. Lakewood opened in 1885.
Civic Auditorium, Lake- The scene is set in Japan.
wood, Ohio. Nanki-poo, the son of the Mi-
kado, has disguised himself as a
FEB. 9. Staind. AJ. wandering minstrel. He is hiding
Palumbo Theater, Pitts- in the city of Titipu from a hid-
burgh. Note: Rescheduled eous elder from his father's court
date. that is to marry him.
While there, he falls in love
FEB. 10. Sarah Brightman. with Yum-Yum, a beautiful
Gund Arena, Cleveland. schoolgirl, who is the ward of
Koko the Lord High Execution-
FEB. 11. Finger Eleven. er. The Mikado sends word to
Odeon, Cleveland. the executioner that a behead-
ing must take place.
FEB. 14. Toby Keith, Koko volunteers Nanki-poo to
Blake Shelton. Bryce Jordan be beheaded in exchange for
Center, State College, Pa. marrying his ward and love
On sale at Yum-Yum. Being too weak-
or (800) 863-3336. stomached to actually behead
him he gets an affidavit stating Meghan SulIivarVContribubng photographer
FEB. 1 4 Jordan Knight that he has been executed. On
Odeon, Cleveland On Jan. 23*25 In the Mary D'Angelo Performing Arts Center, the music department had Its main stage production for
the arrival of the Mikado Koko the year, the "Mikado." " r J
discovers that Nanki-Poo is his
FEB. 17. Cyndi Lauper. son by Dr. Matthew Inkster, assis- vocally." The audience did just ^Each of three shows that were ule doesnt have much leeway,
Lakewood Civic Auditori Koko, conspiring with two oth- tant professor of music at Mer- that performed had its own charac- and the rehearsing was very time
urn, Lakewood, Ohio. ers, devises a scheme that sets cyhurst. Director Robert Fran- With assistance from the art ter and variations from each oth- consuming although rewarding.
them free, leaving their lives kenbeny spent many long hours department the majority of the er performance because of the "Everyone is very busy. It'salso
FEB. 18. The Big Wu. spared and Yum-Yum and doing the staging for mis produc- characters wore highly decorat- double and triple castingforeach midterms. A lot of students have
lHard Rock Cafe, Pitts- Nanki-poo happily together. Gil- tion, bringing a lot of the old text edJapanese wigs. All of the char- jobs,"Jonason continued. "They
burgh. bert uses the foreign setting of to life. acters are dressed in traditional I ?. But, with such a large selection are amazing. They are talented.
Japan, but the show is actually a The producer and costumer bright Japanese attire. The ladies of talent the casting presents a The rehearsals are always uplift-
FEB. 21. Alabama. HSBC political satire targeted at Great Louisa Jonason formerly of the wore colorful kimonos which way for the music department ing."
Arena, Buffalo. On sale at Britain and its Victorian politics. New York City Opera, stated'her were accompanied by a delicate to show off its wide range of The music department looks
Top Friendly Markets, by The "Mikado" came together thoughts on the audience's reac- fan. The sets were simple, but musicians. *• <•( forward to next year's main stage
phone at (888) 223-6000. as a collaboration of many peo- tion preceding the show. "I think were always aesthetically graced Preparing for this year's main production, The Tales of Hoff-
ple. It is accompanied by a full the audience will love it. The by beautiful colored lights that stage production wasn't an easy man," and hopes it has just as
FEB. 23. Sting. State ^ orchestra, which was conducted show is beautiful visually and dazzled the eye of the audience. feat. The music major's sched- much success.
Theater, Cleveland. SOLD
OUT. *


"Saturday Night Fever." An
Erie Broadway Series event
Warner Theatre, Erie.
$47.75, $35.75, $25.75. On
DCFC: New era of punk rock
of Eddie Vedder; a voice that
sale at Tullio Arena box ByJulie Segner
still has middle aged soccer
office, Ticketmaster outlets, j Contributing writer
moms all in a tizzy.;
by phone at 452-4857 or Not that they sound alike, how-
456-7070, online at Strange name, great sound. ever, they just have that same Don't let the name of this band sense of candid honesty that gets
fool you into thinking it under your skin ,{
FEB. 23. Rod Stewan has anything to do with death As far as this album goes,
HSBC Arena, Buffalo. On metal. | I think it's a little on the
sale at Tops, by phone at at j The Seattle quintet stole this weaker side of DCFC's full
(888) 223-6000. line from a Sixties British Art potential to "rock out." It's
College rock band called solid, it's safe, and it's what fans
FEB. 27. Train of Love. The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah that don't really know any-
Odeon, Cleveland Bandvf thing about music were expect-
What? Anyways, Transatlantic ing
MARCH 3. Rod Stewart. cism lias not spent that much time They stuck with extensions of
Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh. in my stereo; fortunately or un- previousriftsfromother albums
fortunately. and reused catchy lyrical devic-
MARCH 10. Mavericks, But that did not stop me in any es that were "cute" thefirsttime
BR549. Beachland Ball- way from driving after class on around, but now need to be put
room, Cleveland. CAN- a rainy Tuesday in October to to rest.
CELED . see them in one of Pittsburgh's Although the addition of a pi-
worst venues, Club Laga. ano on track seven was refresh-
MARCH 11. Neil Young \. Death Cab for Cutie has been ing, the bass keyboard amp used
and Crazy Horse. CSU i a favorite of minefora few years at the show and on the album
Convocation Center, now and every time I see them,
was what really impressed me and
Cleveland they just get better. is now one of my new favorite
[ Regardless of the cheesy "up- sounds! ;•
MARCH 12. Prodigals. dates" that Laga has made to
DCFC chose to do the one
Beachland Ballroom, their scene- goofy video screens
thing very few bands can inc
Cleveland jj flanking the stage beg the notion
orporate into their music- sam-
that rock stars play there and that
MARCH 13. Rory Block. you might not be able to see
from somewhere. Which is not They had used them on previ-
Rosebud, Pittsburgh. ous albums, but I think to a less-
possible because it's damn
small! er effect than on Tkwsatkmticism,
MARCH 16. David Crosby which with a subsequent
featuring CPR. Warner As for the show, they continu- move away from edgier,
| Theatre, Erie. $34.75. ally amaze me. These kids are Photo courtesy of WVAY.QQ4 m.
H (1 garage rock sounds, ends up
indy-rockers to the bone, but Death Cab for Cutie released their latest album, Transatlanticism, in October of 2003. sounding overproduced to
MARCH 19. Chris Rock. with more energy than an entire me.
Shea's Performing Arts football team, whi h is funny if Airplanes," as well as incorporat- that shred of truth that is unde- bouncing around your room Overall, this album is just an-
Center, Buffalo. you can picture four skinny ing the best of their new album niable. (poor attempt at insight into my other example of how they have
smokers, with greasy hair and Transatlanticism. Starting out in 1997, onl\ to life). \ mastered clean, concise and poi-
MARCH 23-25. MUSI- - vintage sneakers! Back up, let me give you the linally release an LP in In my personal opinion, it is gnant indy/pop rock - nothing
CAL. "Grease" starring Each member honestly looked scoop on one of indy-rock's "up 1999, they were heralded as Gibbard that makes this band. more, nothing less. *
Frankie Avalon. An Erie like they would not rather be and coming" bands. the new "indy band of the Although the other band mates Similar artists: Built to Spill,
Broadway Series event anywhere else than on stage. DCFC, a quintetj with newly year" •># fe^ are talented in their own rights Elliott Smith, Guided by Voices,'
Warner Theatre, Erie. DCFC has more than just added drummer for the record- What a title! Honestly, in 1999 without his wear-vour-heart-on- Quasi, Modest Mouse
$4975, $35.75, $25.75. On stage presence, they know how ing of this album, originate in they deserved that bee iuse of your-sleeve lyrics, DCFC
sale at Tullio Arena box to make playing look Seattle. Wash, and heftily borrow their style; minimalist drums, wouldn't be on MTV, or played Ivrjiitthwepietfioris orconcents
office, Ticketmaster outlets, effortless. }' their sound from neigh- catchyriftswith swimming gui- on large radio stations nation- KRcintfrigtbisatticleoranyotJ.ieral-
by phone at 452-4857 or For? this time around they boring indy-emo "gods Built to tars, minus over the top guitar wide bum mteusbyJulieScwicr, e-mail •
456-7070, online at 3 played all the favorites from "We Spill, ~ jj solos and a bass that kept the To make a comparison, if I j^m33& Have the Facts and We're Vot- | A comparison that is as passe rhythm and brought you from may, Gibbard's voice is like the
ing Yes," and "Something About as the Strokes, but still retains sitting quietly at your desk to unknown/underground version

Raw Edges IV takes the stage
ByJenn Camodeca
Contributing writer
PAC movies
over the students* shoulders,
By Alana lisiecki which allows the audience to
Every yeacduring the blustery Contributing writer feel as if they are a part of the
and miserably cold winter term, experience.
the Mercyhurst dancers are re- Looking for a good, free On Wednesday, Feb. 4, Sophia
quired to take a choreography movie? Well look no further Coppola's "Lost in Translation''
class. Everyone knows that cho- than the PAC, conveniently lo- will play. "Lost in Translation"
reographing can be a very diffi- cated on campus." is a drama, romance, and com-
cult and demanding task and one Many students don't realize edy all in one. Rolling Stone
would find it nearly impossible that every Wednesday at 2 p m raves, "Bill Murray and Scar-
tofindcreative inspiration in the and 8 p.m. there is a movie free lett Johansson give perfor-
middle ofJanuary. of charge for all Mercyhurst mances that will be talked about
However, Amanda Mountain, College students. for years.*i
Andrea Hashim, Brian walker, On Wednesday, Jan. 28, the The exposuretothe Japanese
Scali Riggs,.and others have mas- drama/thriller "Elephant" will culture is also another interest-
tered this feat, as their pieces will play in the PAC? "Elephant" ing aspect of this movie.
premiere Saturday, Feb. 7 at 2 was written and directed by This movie won five Golden
p.m. and 7 p.m. and Sunday, Gus "van Sant who also worked Globes including Best Screen-
Feb.8 at 2 p.m. at the Mary onfilmssuch as "Finding For- play; Best Director; Best Pic-
D'Angelo Performing Arts Cen- 1
rester ' and "Good Will Hunt- ture; Best Actress, Scarlett Jo-
ter in Raw Edges VI. ing." The movie is based on the hansson; and Best Actor, Bill
This performance marks the incidents in 1999 at Columbine Murray.
sixth year of this student chore- High School. "Lost in Translation" is about
ography program in which the Thefilmtakes on the per- Bob Harris, played by Bill Mur-
Choreography n and HI classes spective of multiple, diverse ray, an American actor work-
create a dance in hopes it will be Filephoto students on what started out as ing in Tokyo who meets the
performed on the stage. On Feb. 7-8, Raw Edges IV, the student choreographed show, will be showing In the a regular school day but ends wife of a photographer, Char-
An added feature to this diffi- Mercyhurst Performing Arts Center. ' in tragedy. lotte, played by ScarlettJohans-
cult task is for the dancers to col- Although "Elephant" is sure son. Trie relationship between
laborate with other artists. This ano, Stephanie Rose will be sing- This piece emphasizes the quirk- good time as there is no doubt to be controversial, it scrutiniz- these two Americans thickens
year's collaboration entails com- ing and poems will be read in En- iness in everyone. In life, "silly you will be amazed that you are es the daily lives of high school as they try to get acquainted
posers, musicians, and vocalists, glish, German, and Italian. This things happen" and this is what enjoying yourself. students and how the pressures with the cultural differences
many whom arefromMercy- collaboration gives the piece a makes life so interesting, states Raw Edges VI is bound to be of adolescence can be detri- themselves and the Japanese.
hurst £ perfect romantic and emotional Mountain. an exciting and comical experi- mental,! As both of their visits to Ja-
Andrea Hashim, a senior dance atmosphere which only accentu- Several other dances choreo- ence that will take you on an The New York Times refers topan come to an end they real-
major and choreographer has ates the true beauty of the danc- graphed by the students will be emotional journey. the movie as "Altogether Com- ize that they will soon be sepa-
created a pas de deux titled "Du ers. showcased. The dancing will For ticket information call pelling." Considering the fact rated. Will this be the end of
Bist Die Run." This piece, beau- Another must see piece is cho- rangefromballet to modem and 824-3000. Cost is $8 for general that many students were in high Bob and Charlotte? If you
tifully danced by Fara D'Aguiar reographed by Amanda Moun- even jazz, therefore showing the admission. school when the shootings as want tofindout what happens
and Randall Crame is about the tain. "Kronos Quartet" is rather diversity of our dance depart- An informal chat will be held Columbine occurred, it might check it out in the PAC! "Lost
struggle to-find true love, when a comedy. Lindsay BonTaTiti, ment This performance will not during intermission during which be very interesting to see "Ele- in Translation," sounds like a
often the person is actually right Meredith Erdman, Jolene Chase, be a "boring ballet" so if you the students will comment on phant" to try and understand movie everyone will enjoy.
- infrontof your eyes. Dan Stil- and Katie Finger are a few of have never attended a dance their work and answer questions exactly what those students So, take a breakfromstudy-
son will accompany on the pi- the talented dancers in this piece. performance, now would be a from the audience^- went through. ing and treat yourself to a free
The camera often looks right movie over at the PAC.

'MosaicJAn Evening of Music and Dance'

•• ••*'
J j r . <l_
» J .

returns to the stage to perform intense not only because of the

Jenn Cami n «rtH "Lament," a beautiful solo cho- wonderful musicians and danc-
Conurbutinr writer reographed by Sharon Randol- ers, but also because it is twelve
ph, who was in residency from minutes of dancing. This is no
^ Thefirstcollaboration of the Dec. 1-14;^ small feat for the faculty mem-
Mercyhurst College dance and This piece is very powerful and bers who teach daily and then
music faculty will occur on Sat- moving, butfilledwith sorrow. rehearse on their own time.
urday, Jan 31 at 7 p.m. One can truly feel the emotion Mark Santillano and Solveig
"Mosaic, An Evening of Mu- through the movements and the Santillano, formerly from Pi-
sic and Dance" will be per- music in this piece^ lobolus Dance Theatre and
formed at the Mary D'Angelo It is wonderful that Hunter has MOMDC Dance Co., will also
Performing Arts Center. J returnedto the stage after not perform a duet called "Twine"
The performance entails sev- performing for eight years. With to music of Toby Twining. Com-
en very diverse works with the a wonderful career behind her, pleting the program will be an-
musicians and dancers combin- after dancing with Ballet West, other dance performed by Hay
ing their talents to the music of Colorado Ballet, Dallas Ballet, and Partusch to the music of
Debussy, Ravel, Ginestera, Saint and touring internationally, it is Maurice Ravel. Langmead and
-Saens, W.C. \ dear that Hunter has not lost any Jekova-Goza will interpret the
a Hardy, Surinach, and Toby of the dramatic qualities that music J
Twining. Dr. Sara Langmead, as- made her so successful. jffSteve Lyons, Dr. Matthew Ink-
sistant professor of music and Another work choreographed ster, and Kate Amatuzzo will top
the director of the faculty recit- by Sharon Randolph will also be off the evening with the works
al series will be interpreting this performed. The premiere of of Debussy and Surinach.
wonderful music along with oth- "Les Femmes" will be danced by Overall, this performance is
er talented musicians such asJac- Christine Hay, Noelle Partusch, bound to be a wonderful and
queline Black, and Rossitza Jek- and Tauna 11 unter. exhilarating experience. All stu-
ova-Goza. This piece was inspired by the dents should plan on attending
Black is an adjunct faculty poetry of Anne-Maril Ooman to not only support faculty mem-
member of Mercyhurst and also and Saint-Saens Violin Sonata. bers who wholeheartedly support
Filopholo shares her talents as a cellist with As with all dancing, the inter- students, but also because stu-
On Thursday, Jan. 22, the Mercyhurst Laker dance team and cheerleaders, along with a the Erie Philharmonic and the pretation comesfromthe per- dents can learn something from
Erie Chamber Orchestra^ Ms. formers. "Les Femmes" is a this wonderful display of talent
few Erie All-Star Cheerleaders, performed a routine for the Cleveland Cavaliers' pre-
Jekova-Goza resides at Mercy- statement about womanhood •For reservations call 824-3000.
game show at the Gund Arena. 1 and the different things woman Ti< kets are $10 for general ad-
hurst as an assistant professor of
music. fe symbolize. Ms. Hay interprets mission and can also be pur-
this dance as "very feministic and chased at the door. There will be
Cheerleading and dance team go pro Dancing with these talented
musicians will be the Mercyhurst
Dance Department Director
the strength of our emotional a reception in the Cummings Art
existence."! j&i Gallery following the perfbi
Overall this piece will be very mance. i
out, but felt relaxed and confi- The award winning dance team Tauna Hunter. Hunter
By Alana Us iecW dent with the routine once the " really added spice to the routine
Contributing writer performance began," Looking by performing their Latin num-
up and seeing familiar faces on be4
On Thursday, Jan. 22, the the Big- Iron was completely sur- The Marketing Director and
Mercyhurst Laker dance team real. the Public Relations Manager of
How many people can actual- the Cavaliers were very impressed
and cheerleaders, along with a
few Erie All-Star Cheerleaders, ly tell their grandchildren that and exclaimed that this perfor- MERCYHURST STUDENTS (+18)
performed an intricate routine they performed at an NBA mance by the cheerleaders and
for the Cleveland Cavaliers' pre- game? I
gameshow. Members of both teams were
dance team was the best perfor-
mance i hey've scheduled so far
this season.
We have Immediate openings in
Family members and friends excited and proud to represent
drove through the snow to cheer Mercyhurst College at such an
the teams on in Cleveland. I was an accomplish-
£"They even invited the teams
back to perform at halftime next
our customer sales/service dept
Although the seats were not ment for myself and the team
completely filled, 17,720 fans to
be able
to perform
the | Although Lebron James did not
play and the Sacramento Knights
$12.50 base/appt.
eventually filled the stands.
Needless to say, this was the Even though th( (earns had a
limited amount of time to prac-
defeated the Cavaliers 95-89, the
experience was amazing.
Fun flex. Hrs. around class.
largest crowd most of the
cheerleaders or dance team
members had ever performed in
tice with the
a complete
the If anyone is interested in
attending a Cleveland Cavaliers
Work witte otheri students!
success^ game and supporting the
front of. 1 Lakers during the next perfor-
When asking senior cheerlead- The teams threw amazing bas- mance on Feb. 18, tickets are
er Mandy Clark about the expe- ket tosses, built huge pyramids, $20. Transportation is not pro-
rience, she said, "I was extreme-and even joined the dancers for vided
ly nervous right before we went a little booty-shaking.


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Men' hockey beats UConn twice

By Ryan Palm
Contributing Writer

While packing the bus for

Storrs, Conn., the offense was
something that was certainly not
left behind
Fueled by 12 goals in two
games, the offense led the Mer-
cyhurst men's hockey team to a
pair of victories over Atlantic
HockeyrivalUniversity of Con-
The first of the two games
took place Friday night, Jan. 24.
UConn's Eric Helstedt scored
an even strength goal just seven
minutes into the game, giving
UConn an early 1-0 edge.
The Lakers did not see that as
a problem, as later in the period
they would put up three goals in
just over a minute and a half.
Freshman winger Scott Cham-
pagne scored his fourth goal of
the season at the 12:00 mark,
evening the score at 1-1.
Just over a minute later, senior
defenseman Nolan Brown fed
sophomore forward Erik
Johnson who scored to give the
Lakers a 2-1 lead, a lead which
they would not give up for the
rest of the night. Katie McAdams/Photo Edrtor
Junior TJ Kemp and sophomore Scott Reynolds rough up an AIC offender Just Inside the Mercyhurst zone
Less than thirty seconds after
Johnson's goal, junior defense- early in the second period, which the night, garnering him his first being fed by senior Mike Carter Mercyhurst received some ex- 3.32. I
man T.J. Kemp scored his third got themrightback in the game career hat-trick. and sophomore Conrad Martin. tra breathing room when Brown "Atfirstwe didn't play as well
goal of the season, being assist- trailing only 4-3. The Lakers took the contest Rynshoven now has seven scored hisfirstgoal of the sea- as we could have, but several
ed by junior Rich Hansen and Mercyhurst was not to be out- with a 7-4 final. goals on the season, and has a son, capping off a night in which guys had big nights and it showed
senior Peter Rynshoven. done, as Rynshoven scored his The two teams squared off total of 18 points. every goal was scored by a se- on the scoreboard,'' saidJohnson
Following Helstedt's second fifth goal of the season, also on again on Saturday night, ending The third Laker goal was cour- nior. on the weekend series, "We are
goal of the night, the Lakers a power-play, putting the Lakers with a similar result. tesy of Carter, as his ninth goal Mercyhurst goaltender Andy starting to play really well togeth-
were able to take their com- up comfortably by the score 5- Mercyhurst scored three times of the season was assisted by Franck had a very good week- er, and look forward to Quin-
manding lead right back. 3. Zl ••< h- before the Huskies could get on seniors Adam Tackaberry and end adding two more victories nipiac this weekend"
Sophomore forward Scott Rey- The Lakers would get a goal the board, with thefirsttwo com- Rynshoven. •• to his impressive record of 10- The Lakers currently stand in
nolds fed Johnson for his sec- from senior wing Mike Carter ing from Rynshoven. Tackaberry would again have 5-1. a second place in Atlantic Hock-
ond goal of the night, this one later in the second period, his The first came at 15:33 and his name called, but this time it Franck stopped 82 of the 88 ey, with a conference record of
with three minutes left in the first, eighth tally of the season. was assisted by Carter and fresh- was for scoring his ninth goal of shots he faced, allowing just the 10-3, and 13-9-1 overall.
putting the Hurst up 4-2. Following UConn'sfinalgoal man Jamie Hunt. the season, giving the Lakers a six goals between the two games. They will host Quinnipiac this
The Huskies were able to of the night, Mercyhurst's The second came less than a 4-2 lead with just under a minute Franck ended the weekend weekend, January 30-31, with the
notch a tally on a power-play Johnson scored his third goal of minute later, with Rynshoven play* with a goals against average of action starting at 7:30 both nights.

Women's hockey Club hockey wins 9 out of last iio

tramples Quinnipiac By MattJackson
Contributing Writer
By Patrick Martino
Sports Editor The Mercyhurst club hockey
team comes very close to first
Mercyhurst women's hockey place in the ECHL.
turned in another solid perfor- On Saturdayjan. 24, the Lak-
mance this past weekend, ers defeated Niagara University,
sweeping Quinnipiac 7-0 and 3- 9-6. J ' 4
1 on Saturdayjan. 24, and Sun- f- Niagara still holds first place;
day, Jan. 25. | however, the Lakers still have
Sunday's game proved to be two games in hand.
much closer due to stellar goal- This win for the team is their
tending by Quinnipiac goaltend- File Photo second of the year over Niaga-
er Janelle Wolilski. Marchese-Del Monte ra University.
Sunday, after a scoreless first iac 46-23 in Sunday's contest. The line of Junior Mick Gi- Katie McAdams/Photo Editor
period, junior forward Teresa In Saturday's competition, rardi and sophomores Kevin Freshman Tim Faulkner works the puck up the Ice against Slippery Rock
Marchese-Del Monte and Mercyhurst scoring was start- Binsell and Brent Klimow led the lackadaisical against the weaker winning goaltender in both con- compete this weekend in the
freshman defender Ashley ed off by Teresa Marchese-Del way for the Lakers as all three Slippery Rock team. tests. Crab Pot tourney in Annapolis,
Pendleton both put the puck in Monte. put goals on the board. Mercyhurst won the non-con- The Lakers now have three M d . • I

the net to take a 2-0 lead. The Lakers out shot the Bob- Freshman defenseman Ken ference battle by the score of 8- ECHL games left before the This tournament is pivotal to
To top off the scoring, soph- cats by 42-16 as Mercyhurst Waszak also chipped in with a 7. postseason. the team's destiny this season.
omore forward Samantha Shir- dominated play. goal on an impressive play. Girardi once again had multi- They will compete against Syr- If the Lakers win both games
ley put a shot past Quinnipiac's ark and Shivaun Siegl split The Lakers were also victori- ple goals and has been onfireas acuse University and twice in Annapolis, they will have a
Wolitski to give the Lakers their ice time. ous in a game contested on Fri- of late. against John Carroll. good chance of gaining a nation-
third goal of the day. Clark played thefirst32 min- day night against Slippery Rock Senior forward Shane Relihan The team now has an overall al ranking and possible earn a
Junior goaltender Desi Clark's utes and Sieglfinishedup the University. also scored multiple goals for the record of 13-9 and has won 11 high enough ranking to make
hopes for her sixth shutout were game. The Lakers came out firing in victors. of its last 12. their way to the ACHA national
broken when a Quinnipiac de- The Lakers will hit the ice the first period but then grew Freshman Dan Larue was the The club hockey team will next tournament in Iowa in March.
fender's dump-in took an usual again on Saturday, Jan. 31
deflection off a Mercyhurst
high-stick and made its way past
Clark with only 16 seconds re-
against Ohio State University in
a match-up of two powerhous-
Wrestling drops No. 16 Gannon 26-11
maining in regulation time.
Mercyhurst converted on two
The puck will drop at 2 p.m.
at the Mercyhurst Ice Center.
Lakers win over Gannon improves record to 9-4
power play chances while being According to Assistant Coach
perfect in killing off all five Marchetti, cash prizes and oth- the Laker domination with 3-2
er various give-aways will take By MattJackson and 7-1 decisions respectively.
Quinnipiac power plays.
place during the game. Contributing Writer Following a hard fought 5-3
Mercyhurst out shot Quinnip-
loss by Paul Bergman, juniors
The No. 12 Mercyhurst men's Ben McAvinew, Justin Mautz,
wrestling team defeated No. 16 and Angelo Caponi used a pin
Gannon University by a score of and two decisions to finish the
Join Amerka'$#l Student Tour Operator 26-11 on Friday, Jan. 23. scoring at 26-11.
The win was the first for the
attain Lakers over Gannon since Mer- Marovich is 12-4 on the sea-
aauwco cyhurst started a wrestling team son and was a state runner-up
WAAKA last year in high school.
in 2001. Coach Cipollone has already
BAHAMAS The Lakers came out fast with led his team to 9 wins, one more
fUKIDA a decision by sophomore Ricky than last year with three dual
Randazzo that was followed by!
a fall from Ryan Finn to give
Mercyhurst an 9-0 lead after two
Ben McAvinew battles for position on his op pon3"*
the Laker lead to 8-0.
meets still remaining.
'.• The win improved the Lakers
record to 9-4 while the loss drops
The Lakers rolled the rest of Gannon's overall record to 5-3
I iHpx, lam Coih, STUVMNT However, a team point was Gannonfiredright back with the way, winning 5 (>f tin• last 6 after starting the season 5-0.
freel Now Hiring TRAVKL deducted following Finn's con- two wins of its own, both via bouts.
lor araup aittowHt SERVICES test due to an unsportsmanlike Mercyhurst will next compete
major decisions to notch the Junior Aaron Rowe and soph-
on Saturday, Feb. 7 when they
I -800-648*4849 / www.ststra conduct violation that trimmed score a18-8 after two contests', omore Bryan Wolff would start
host Muskingum at 4 p.m.
« >• 1

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Lakers triumph over Gannon

Strong defense gives Lakers 47-42\win over rivals
By Krista Ross
Contributing Writer

On Monday night Jan. 26, nearly 2,000

fans piled into the Mercyhurst Athletic Cen-
ter for what was nothing but an exciting Gan-
non vs. Mercyhurst rivalry that dates back
many years.
Katte McAdams/Photo E«or
Mercyhurst, who came from behind in the
T.J. Wilson fires the ball over the net. _ second half, defeated the Gannon Gold

Men's volleyball Knights 47-42, snapping a seven-game los-

ing streak against Gannon on the home floor
of the Mercyhurst Athletic Center.
finishes second Fans cheered and hollered as Mercyhurst
took the floor and control of the first half.
By Ryan Palm Although Mercyhursfs first point of the
Contributing Writer game did not come until almost 2 minutes
The Mercyhurst men's volleyball team finished run- into the first half, which was a foul hot by
ner-up in the Mercyhurst Annual Invitational played senior guard Justin Shousc, the Lakers would
January 23-24. rally to a 22-17 lead over the Golden Knights.
The first contest involving the Lakers was played But the second half would prove to be even
Friday night, as Mercyhurst took on St. Francis Uni- more exciting.
versity The second half was a new story; the
The Lakers won the contest in four games, 30-20, Golden Knights came out strong and were
20-30, 30-21, 30-21. not going to hand Mercyhurst the victory
| Mercyhurst was led by junior Dave Schmidl and without a fight.
sophomore Justin Waas, who had 13 kills apiece. Gannon tied the game 24 with 17:38 on
Junior Austin Siewert had a sensational night hitting, the clock and would outscore Mercyhurst
as he had 12 kills in just 14 attempts, a .857 clip. 22-9 in the first ten minutes of the second
Sophomore setter Dan Kick totaled 47 assists and half to open a 39-30 lead over the Lakers.
added four service aces to lead the team on the night But Mercyhurst had no intention of giv-
The Lakers were back in action Saturday afternoon, ing up and took control, scoring the next
as they squared off against the New Jersey Institute eight points of the game and would eventu-
of Technology. Mercyhurst was able to make this a ally tie the game at 42 with 1:18 left on the
quick game, only needing just over an hour to defeat clock.
the visitors 30-14, 30-16, and 30-19. Mercyhurst continued to hold the Knights
Schmidl was again the leading hitter for the Hurst, scoreless for the remainder of the game.
as he had 11 kills in just 16 attempts. Senior T.J. Then sophomore guard Andy Kubinski
Wilson contributed five kills to the cause, with three drained a three, and junior transfer Jawad
other Lakers have at least three. Kick was again the All connected two free throws, to end the
leader in assists with 14, and in service aces with five, game with a final score 47-42.
just two short of the school record. The Lakers outscored Gannon 17-3 in the
With the two wins Mercyhurst was able to advance final ten minutes of the contest*
to the championship game, and faced off against the The final score combined to just 89 points,
University of Puerto Rico. It was the Lakers' turn to representing the lowest total between the two
fee disposed of quickly, however, as the visitors from Iteams in the 47-game history of the rivalry.
the south only needed one hour and five minutes to Shouse lead the team in scoring with 16
defeat the host. Puerto Rico won all three games, by points, and senior forward Josh Helm add-
the counts of 30-19, 30-27, and 30-28. ed 8 points and a game high 15 rebounds.
Schmidl played yet another solid game, as he boost- Mercyhurst out-rebounded Gannon 34-26
ed his team lead in kills by adding twelve more. He and shot an impressive 81.3 percent from
also tallied three service aces on the night, the best the foul line connecting 13 of 16 shots tak-
between the two teams. en.
Siewert added eight kills and junior Bill VanCise add- The win also snapped afive-gameloosing
ed seven. Waas and sophomore Nate Keegan each streak to the rival Gannon Golden Knights.
contributed five of the 43 total kills for the Lakers. The win kept Mercyhurst in first place in
Kick led everyone with 37 assists, bringing his sea- the GL1AC south division with a league
son total to 198. record 8-2 and an overall mark 14-6. Kfit>e McAdamsPhcto Edlcx
First year head coach Gary Manchel joined Senior Josh Helm drives to the hoop and goes up for a basket.
Schmidl and Siewert were both selected to the All-
Invitational Team, as chosen by the coaches of the former head coach Karl Fogel as the only lot of heart and character, and I Slocum, it was his first setback Mercyhurst will have little time
| participating teams. men's coaches in the history of the Mercy- think the team played very well," at Mercyhurst in eight contests. to rest as GLIAC south rival
"We played solidly but could not put it together at hurst program to win their first ever match- said Manchel when asked about The game was an exciting Hillsdale comes to town to bat-
die end, but we are happy with everyone's play this up with the Golden Knights. his first Gannon, Mercyhurst ri- match-up and will be the topic tle at the Mercyhurst Athletic
weekend," commented Schmidl on the team's play "The atmosphere was exciting, it was more val game. of conversation until they meet • enter on Thursday night, Jan.
overall. like an event then a game, but we showed a For Gannon head coach Jerry again on February 23. 29 at 8 p.m. %
The loss drops the Lakers' record to 3-2, and the
team will play the first of five straight road games on
Wednesday, January 28 against Medaille.
Big win is first for women's basketball
Following that game, Mercyhurst will begin play in
die Midwest Intercollegiate Volleyball Association, as
they travel to Lewis and then Loyola, on J anuary 30-
Lakers turn the corner with 82-71 win over Gannon
31. I '•
By Liz Williams
Contributing Writer

The Mercyhurst women's basketball team

was 0-16 after their game against Ferris State
on Jan. 24.
At the end of the first half, Mercyhurst
was only trailing behind 25-30.
Ferris State earned a total of 53 points
after intermission.
Sophomore guard Cassie Seth added 17
for the Lakers. Outscored 47-83, the Lak-
ers still held no wins for the season
On Jan. 26, Mercyhurst turned it around
Katie McAdtrnt/Photo Editor by defeating Gannon.
Siewert and Schmidl go up for a block. That Monday night, more than 1,500 fans
filled the Mercyhurst Athletic Center.

Intramural Update Mercyhurst had earned 82 points which

was more than 30 above the team's average
per game.
The winter season of Intramurals has kicked off. Tliis was the highest score of the season
1 nr mimicals has been the site of many exciting and for the Lakers.
spirited basketball games as of late. Gannon had a 12-7 overall record advan-
The intramural staff is still accepting roster for both tage over Mercyhurst.
basketball and co-ed volleyball. With a record oi 0-16, and only seven play- Coco Sommers tries to find some room to work with against Gannon
Sign-up sheets are available in the Recreation Cen- ers dressed, Mercyhurst took an unexpect-
ter. ed lead in the first half. guard Casey England led her Last year they ended the sea- around for the team. Everything
Scores from this week's action arc as follows. At intermission, the score was 33-26. team in scoring with 20 points. son with three straight losses, and just finally came together. We
The Rockers and Mystics battled it out, but the Gannon tied the opponents three times in \ Junior guard Emily Thorn bury this year added on an addition should have been winning this
Rockers came out on top 46-28. the second half at 41, 44, and 56 before added 16 and freshman for- 16 losses. whole time " Seth said.
The Liberty and die Comets had a defensive show- Mercyhurst took ovei the game. ward/center Sarah Pavelccky The Lakers have nine games Next for Mercyhurst is a home
case with the Liberty edging the comets 18-17. The result: a first win ,82-71, for the Lak- scored 12. left in the GLIAC. game against Hillsdale on Jan.
The Lakers dropped this week to the Celtics by a ers. ?; Senior guard Jen Gwin had a "This win was definitely confi- 29. J
score of 36-30. i Freshman forward for Mercyhurst, lulu* total of nine assists. dence building. I think the ctoss- The Lakers will try to earn a
The Cavs were scorched this week by' the blazers Anderson, led the scoring with 21 points. Gannon shot 44 percent for town rivalry really helped us,"
respectable record now that they
28-25. I For the game at Ferris State, Cassie Seth the game, while Mercyhurst had Cassie Seth said. ^
have their first win under their
In a 30-25 game, the Sonics were beaten by the made 11 of 12 free throw shots. shot 46 percent for the game. Also, the team has been doing belts.
Nuggets. \ Overall, the Lakers made 24 of 29 at the The last win for the women 40-minutc preparation rather
Hillsdale College now holds a
was 80-63 over Gannon on Feb. than the usual 30.
In the final game of the day, the Kings beat the line which was 82.8 percent \ 6-11 overall record with a 3-5
Spurs by a final of 65-16. In the game against Gannon, freshman 15, 2003. "I think this will be a turn- mark in the GLIAC.