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Guerriero wins Eric Barr Award for Phoneathon work.

faculty. MSG
By Kelly Rose Duttine News editor The debate over semesters vs. trimesters is really heating up the cold winter days on campus lately. Last week, TheMerctodiL-ponedtimt the Presidential Task Force had voted on a plan to introduce a four-credit semester system as the best option for the academic calendar at Mercyhurst The Presidential Task Force was set up to investigate options for a new academic calendar when the recent Middle States report suggested that Mercyhurst switch from trimesters to semesters. Many different faculty members and different academic departments on campus have diverse opinions about the possible change. instead of eight provides more opAssociate Professor of the Mathe- portunity to stay professional and be matics and Computer Systems de- active within our own disciplines, and partment, Dr. Charles Redmond, fa- then we can bring that excitement vors the four-by-four semester sys- into the classroom," said Redmond. tem. "That's easier to do when you are "I see the four-by-four system as only teaching six courses." an answer to problems we have with Other departments and professors the current system, because it offers feel differently from Dr. Redmond efficiency and depth," said Redmond According to Dr. David Living"Efficiency is the hallmark of the ston, President of the Faculty Senfour-by-four." Redmond would like ate, one department that has already the opportunity to get more in depth has concerns about the proposed .with his .classes during the term and | change is the Archeology Departthe extra time with a four-by-four ment semester system would give him and The department did not wish to other professors that chance. comment on a possible switch to Redmond believes that the four-by- four-credit semesters at this time four system would be more efficient because the issue is still very controfor faculty members because they versial and nothing has been finalwould be teaching three classes while ized still having two terms, instead of Another department that may preteaching four classes, like on a typi- fer to keep trimesters is the English cal semester system. Redmond said Department due, in part, to their exthat it is not that faculty does not tensive number of core classes. Assistant Professor Dr. Brian Reed want to teach more classes. 'Teaching six classes [each year] said that some of the faculty of the
Students and faculty members may' soon experience a change in the academic calendar. The Archeology Department has concerns about switching to semesters.

Steven Porter running for Congress in the 3rd Congressional District ofPennsylvania.

Madam Malarky and the drunken query.

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Kevin De vine, lead singer ofThe Miracle of 86, releases a new album.

Women's hockey remains perfect in CHA. I

English department are not 100 per- calendars could happen as soon as cent behind semesters, but that there Fall 2005, affecting more than half are many things to consider. "Switch- of the students currently on caming to semesters would be a challenge pus and all incoming freshmen. Junfor us as well as other departments," iors and seniors will defiantly be unsaid Reed "There are many things to affected by the change, unless it is consider." necessary for them to come back to Reed himself is not opposed to the Mercyhurst for additional classes to idea of semesters, but feels that it finish their degree, or if they plan would be a challenge. on attending Graduate School at |i .Mercyhurst Student Government Mercyhurst. also responded to last week's article MSG President David Del Vecchio by pasting this message on it's screen also said, "Student Government is |name, HurstMSG: "For everyone in the process of educating ourselves that read TheMerctetdand is now con- on all the issues regarding the calencerned about the semester dar, before we can effectively present system...CALM DOWN! People get the calendar issue to the students and so fired up. Student government will seek student input" take everyone's opinions and concerns This spring, the Presidential Task into account, but since the change to Force will have a formal recommena semester system will not occur un- dation to make to the Board of til a few years...when every current Trustees in the form of a proposal. student here is already graduated..we Until then, students with considerare taking the process very slowly and ations should talk to their MSG repvery delicately. Trust isn't the resentative or voice their opinions pressing issue that you think it is!" to MSG at the weekly meetings on However, the change in academic Mondays at 8:30 p.m. in MSG Chambers.

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Film: Monty Python and the Holy Grail | Mary D'Angelo Performing Arts Center Wednesday, Feb. 18, at 2 and 8 p.m. Mercyhurst Jazz Ensamble Mary D'Angelo Performing Arts Center 1 Thursday, Feb. 19,7:30 p.m. Food for Finals Student Union Sunday, Feb. 22,9 p.m. Men's club hockey game Mercyhurst Ice Center Saturday, Feb. 21 at 7 p.m. Last home game of the season

MSG diversity lecture raises controversy
ByJenny Alien Contributing writer you think that 95% of crimes are committed by black people?" j He continued by saying, "If we would get free of this racial profiling we would see that we are all the same. Dyson's next topic and the co-focus of his lecture was affirmative action. He did not limit he lecture to problems of African Americans alone, though, he mentioned affirmative action with those who are older, with women, with different ethnic groups, and young people. "Affirmative action is about giving someone a chance who deserves it," Dyson said. "We should love our brothers and sisters regardless of their color." y '.'It's about confronting real difference and how America deals with that difference," Dyson said of di-| versity and affirmative action. These topics are not ones that students of Mercyhurst are used to dealing with and Dyson presented them in a very direct manner that brought a sense of reality to the situation. The students who attended | were very receptive to his message though. Ricardo Aguirre was one student] there who thought Dyson did a great job speaking. Although he said the lecture may have been unsettling for some, "It was a real treat for me at least" $ * "I was one of the very few who was able to see him before," Aguirre, who had seen Dyson on television and read his works, said Aguirre agreed with Dyson's beliefs and approaches but said, "With the situation we are in at Mercyhurst we are not ready for a speaker like that"

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There was clapping and cheering, but also some uncomfortable faces on Thursday, Feb. 12, in the Mary D'Angelo Performing Arts Center as Dr. Michael Eric Dyson took the stage to send a message of diversity to the students at Mercyhurst and the community of Erie. £ Though the crowd was sparse, those who did attend could find a message to any race, ethnic group, or person. Dyson commanded the stage and subject of diversity from a highly intellectual standpoint Dyson began his lecture saying, "if we are going to tell the truth about diversity we must do it." He then proceeded to give his take on the issues dealing with diversity and affirmative action. Diversity, according to Dyson, is a problem dealing with "the narrow rigid definition of what it means to be an American, to be a citizen of the world." He said, "I'm talking about diversity across the border and about our biases and bigotry." "I'm not creating a problem, I'm 1 trying to reveal one," he continued. 2 "I'm just here to point these things 3 out to you. 4 The things Dyson pointed out in5 cluded the terror in America that is6 sues of race have given rise to as well as the diversity problems in ' things such as racial profiling and 8 affirmative action. 9 In a staggering statistic related to 10 the idea of racial profiling Dyson toldl 11 the audience, "I spoke in a prisonj yesterday that was 95% black. Do 12

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson speaks to a sparse crowd at Mercyhurst on Thursday. His lecture was sponsored by MSG.

He added, "It made people aware of very energetic about the topic at hand tilings they woulc I not normally think "l thought he had a lotxtf good things to say," she mentioned. "1 thought it about." Another student attending the lec- was really cool how he put hip hop ture was Jessie Verbic. She enjoyed into everything." Dyson's lecture and thought he was Please see Dyson on Page 3.





FEBRUARY 18,2004

NEWS M e x i c o City's 'Zona Rosa' is gay, lesbian district
To contact By Laurence Iliff The Dallas Morning News MEXICO CITY - Amid the jumble of restaurants, discos and knickknack shops in the capital's touristy Zona Rosa neighborhood, one small coffee shop stands out Two large rainbow flags frame a sign with the legend, in English, "BGay, BProud." An open window reveals brightly colored sofas and metal bar stools inhabited by mostly young, same-sex couples. They hold hands, drink coffee and occasionally kiss. This open expression of their sexuality is not limited to the interior of the nation's first cafe devoted explicitly to Mexico's gay population. .All over the Zona Rosa, in the heart of macho Mexico, young men walk arm-in-arm, check out passers-by and congregate on street corners. Men greet each other with a peck on the cheek in McDonalds. Lesbian couples, though fewer in number, nuzzle each other as they lounge against storefronts. "Part of what we are doing here is showing people that we have nothing to hide, we are not doing anything wrong," said Gerardo Espinosa, the 22-year-old co-owner of the BGay cafe. "This generation is unlike the others. We watch Will & Grace.' We see gay characters on "Friends.' We're on the Internet, and we absorb a lot from other cultures." Espinosa sees the Zona Rosa quickly turning into a "gay village" full of fashion boutiques, restaurants and cafes, as in the Castro district in San Francisco or Dallas' Oak Lawn. For now, the area is the center of a gay community that has rgrQwn,in recent yearja}ong with

ularity of American culture and global debate on issues such as same-sex marriage and gay priests, analysts and activists said. The trend comes on the 25th anniversary of the nation's first gay march, in Mexico City, where the City Council is considering a same-sex civil union law. It would extend somerightsof marriage to same-sex unions and might pass this year. A similar measure failed by one vote last year. One key element changing Mexican social attitudes is a demographic shift comparable to the baby boomer phenomenon in the United States after World War II, analysts said. Mexico's demographic bubble of globalized youth is coming of age. A third of the nation's 100 million people are 15 to 35 years of age. And 20 million will move into that age group within a decade. But not everyone is crazy about young men cuddling along the network of walkways in downtown's Zona Rosa _ a Bohemian and chic enclave in decades past Its name, "Pink Zone," referred to the tranquillity and glamour of an artist colony when it was established 50 years ago. Streets are named after European cities such as Liverpool and Prague. Now, some say, its two dozen square blocks are becoming more ofa "Red Zone," with shops selling sexually oriented videos, condoms and other paraphernalia. | "These people bring a lot of prostitution," said Victor Manuel Freyre, 53, who has sold handicrafts in the zone for 40 years. A gay bar dedicated to young people, El Cabaretito, moved next door to his shop three years ago. "They block the door, and you catftsaY anything . to them because then it s disI, - • - •
b |

crimination. The gays used to be more discreet." Some business groups go further, saying the young men, some of whom they describe as provocatively dressed, are driving families andtouristsfrom the Zona Rosa. Paulo Juarez, an official in the Zona Rosa tourism office, said there have been complaints about the show of affection among same-sex couples. All have come from Mexican tourists visiting from conservative cities such as Guadalajara, he said. None has come from the steady stream of foreign visitors, he added Still, Mexico remains a heavily Roman Catholic nation where the clergy campaign against condom use and sex education. President Vicente Fox belongs to the conservative National Action Party and called one of his opponents in the 2000 election "mariquita," meaning "sissy." Gay youths are sometimes physically assaulted by parents or classmates. The backlash against gay visibility has already begun, said pollster Maria de las Heras. While the vast majority say that everyone has the right to his or her sexual orientation, she said, most don't want to see physical affection among gays and lesbians in public, and only a fiftl i support same-sex marriage. "The visibility of homosexual men in a macho society like Mexico makes other men feel more vulnerable, and that makes their reactions more drastic," de las Heras said. "The level of homophobia we are seeing is intense." * In contrast, older gays and those from Mexico's more conservative countryside say they find the brashness of the capital's gay young people refreshing- ***• - • y ^* ' "My generation was much


Luis botello Carbojal and his boyfriend, Abraham Licona Bocardo hang out with friends along the pedestrian walkways of the Zona Rosa, Mexico City, Mexico more reserved; we had to hide," Tito Vasconcelos, a 52-year- chasing power, because they said Carlos Abraham Slim, 38, a old "torch singer" and pioneer only buy a few drinks," Vasconphotographer from the nearby in Mexico's gay movement, said celos said, referring to soda and city of Puebla whose art exposi- he realized five years ago that alcohol alike. "But they come tion hangs from the walls of the gay youths had nowhere to go, every single day." Further, he said, the Zona BGay cafe. The images, using a as adult-oriented bars proliferat19th century process that leaves ed in the dark basements of the Rosa has always been a gatherthem bluish, are semi-erotic. Zona Rosa. So he opened El ing spot for gay Mexicans, even "This is a place where you really Cabaretito, which initially of- if they were less visible in the feel free," he said. fered theatrical skits. Gay young past. "It was a fantastical place people flocked to the club and . . and gay people are part of the Others agreed. "In the lastfiveyears, there is stayed in nearby coffee shops or Zona Rosa and its history," Vasafreergay climate here," said Al- hung out on the streets. A com- concelos said. berto Ibarra, 23, a university stu- peting club down the block, Celo, The transformation of the zone from artsy neighborhood dent drinking a soda with four also caters to gay youths. friends in the BGay cafe. But Vasconcelos has five business- to commercial district came with outside the Zona Rosa, he said, es, including a soda fountain for the opening of the city's subway "There is still a lot of discrimi- gay kids who are not old enough system in the late 1960s, which nation despite the changes." "18" to enter a bar. A charitable brought the Mexico City masses His friend, Guadalupe Mosco, foundation offers an accredited downtown, he said Architect and history buff 22, also a university student, said high school program for teenaglesbians have it easier than gay ers who are being harassed at Edgar Tavares Lopez said the Zona Rosa has always been a men. "I think it is easier to be a school. woman. Before we were looked Rather than rejecting gay place to see extravagantly down upon, but things are be- youths as troublesome, he said, dressed people; a place where ginning to change." business owners in the Zona everybody somehow fits in. Through the years it drew soThe explosion of gay young Rosa should embrace them. people in the Zor&'Rosa is in part "On the surface, it doesn't called "hippies" or "punks"; now a byproduct of the free market. llike theyhave a lot ofpur- it's "goths" a nd gays; *

Enrollments risdin U.S.
By Maryanne George Knight ladder Newspapers Students enrolled in college hit a record high of 15 million last fall, and that number is expected to increase 10 percent in the next decade, according to a national study released Feb. 11. - ;'•••:-i\ But in Michigan, a struggling economy may be causing some students to rethink their college plans, say officials at Michigan State University and the University of Michigan. Across the country, applications have been increasing for the last four years at the nearly 600 colleges that were surveyed for the study by the National Association of College Admission Counseling, based in Alexandria, Va. Preliminary data at U-M show applications for this fall are down 18 percent overall and down 23 percent among minorities. At MSU, applications to date are down 15 percent for both groups. A U.S. Supreme Court decision in June striking down UM's point-based system that gave minorities a boost may be

2003-04 academic year for instate undergraduate students is about $11,000. At U-M, where in-state undergraduate tuition, room and board is about $ 14,600, admissions director Ted Spencer said he is hearing stones from parents who are nervous about committing to send their children to U-M because of the soft economy. "We are hearing parents talking about sending their students to a less-expensive school and seeing how things work out economically," Spencer said. "Even people with white-collar jobs are feeling threatened. There is anxiety out mere in the marketplace." At Wayne State University, where many students commute to campus and can live at home, applications for the fall are up 30 percent overall and 47 percent for minorities, according to Jack Kay, WSU associate provost for assessment and retention. The opening of two residence halls and stepped-up recruiting I urograms at area high schools and in the Latino community have helped boost the numbers, according to Kay.

partly responsible for the lower numbers, school officials say. UM has changed its application to require multiple essays, teacher recommendations and other data, making more work for students. At MSU, students are now encouraged to write an essay. It will become mandatory in the fall of 2005. MSU is also becoming more competitive, discouraging some students from applying, said MSU admissions director Pam Home. But an unemploymentratein Michigan of 7.2 percent, compared with 57 percent nationally, and a fear of layoffs may also be factors. "There is a lot of concern about cost," Home said 'Tuition went up about 10 percent last fall at MSU, and the economy has not bounced back in Michigan like the rest of the nation. More students and families are considering community colleges for thefirsttwo years and then transferring to MSU." Parents who invested their college savings in the stock market are also not seeing the growth they expected, she said. Tuition, room and board at MSU for the

Military investigating whether guerrillas knew of general's convoy
By Hannah Allam Knight Ridder Newspapers BAGHDAD, Iraq - The U.S.led coalitionls trying'to determine whether a security breach may have led to a grenade attack Feb. 12 on a military convoy that was carrying Gen. John Abizaid, the commander of all American forces in the Middle East, and another top U.S. general. Abizaid and Gen. Charles Swannack escaped unharmed after guerrillasfiredrocket-propelled grenades and other weapons at their convoy from rooftops in Fallujah, about 30 miles west of Baghdad, military officials said. A spokesman said it was too early to tell whether the assailants attacked the convoy as a target of opportunity or whether they had been tipped off that the two generals were in it I "Whether we can directly link this attack to any foreknowledge
, ,



that General Abizaid and General Swannack were going to be there is a leap that we are not going to make at this time," said Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt, spokesman for the U.S. military in Iraq. Kimmitt said an investigation was under way tofindout whether insurgents knew in advance of the generals' afternoon visit to an Iraqi civil defense corps compound. He added that American troops returned fire and unsuccessfully pursued the atta< kers. Kimmitt said troops searched a mosque that was thought to be harboring the men, but made no arrests. In the past, U.S. officials in Iraq and Washington have said that some Iraqis working for the American military and the civilian administration may be spies for the insurgents. Meanwhile, coalition spokesmen had no comments on reports that Grand Ayatollah All

al Husseini al Sistani, a reclusive cleric whose rulings are considered law by most of Iraq's Shiite Muslim majority, repeated his insistence on direct elections in a meeting Feb. 12 with the leader of a United Nations delegation that's in Iraq to study whether such polls are feasible by this summer.
OS SI • • 1

Sistani s insistence on selecting a new Iraqi government through direct electionsratherthan a caucus system proposed by the United States has slowed preparations to return control of the country to Iraqis by June 30. Fallujah is an anti-American hotbed in the so-called Sunni Triangle area, which is home to many diehard supporters of ousted Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. After the attack, Abizaid and Swannack, the commander of the 82nd Airborne Division, canceled plans to walk into the city and returned to a military base Instead

Fallujah's mayor questioned by U.S.
By Tom Lasseter Knight Ridder Newspapers FALLUJAH, Iraq - Machinegun-toting Iraqi men swarmed the downtown streets of FalIujah on Monday as reports circulated that U.S. forces had detained Mayor Raad Hussein for questioning about an assault on the local police station on Saturday. "If those questions lead to his innocence, then I suspect he will be released," said Gen. Mark Kim mitt in Baghdad. "If those questions lead coalition forces to suspect he may somehow have been involved in the loss of life of 25 Iraqi police service members inside the town ofFallujah, I would suspect we're going to be holding him for quite some time." Continuing confusion over who launched Saturday's attack and who is in control of the city offer a foretaste of the messy job that U.S. troops will face in handing over authority to Iraqi security forces. Iraqi guards outside the mayor's office said Hussein was arrested by U.S. soldiers late Saturday night and remains in custody. Many residents, including the guards, said Hussein was still the mayor, despite reports that he'd resigned a few days earlier. Hussein was the town's interim mayor, having come to power when his U.S.-backed predecessor resigned last November


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after his office was ransacked and set onfire.Unlike the previous mayor, Hussein had the support of many of the area's tribal sheiks. Kimmitt said investigators suspect the attackers on Saturday had inside help, including the cutting of phone lines so the police couldn t call for backup. There also may have been a false report called in just before the attack to pull out some of the police force and make the station easier to overtake, he said. A convoy carrying Gen John Abizaid, the commander of all American forces in the Middle East, was attacked near the police station in Fallujah on Thursday.



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FEBRUARY 18,2004



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Dyson lecture controversial
Continued from page 1. diversity and what it had to do on include his essaysfrom1989 However, Verbic was disap- with their life. to 1993 onfigureslike Michael pointed with the attendance for P Dyson is a renowned speaker Jackson, Michael Jordan, and the lecture which was not nearly and has shared his messages with Spike Lee. These essays also as large as it was for thefirstin- colleges across the country. His address racism, sexism, film polstallment of the series earlier this studies and research have fo- itics and music. His second colyear. "This guy is huge and our j cused on topics such as race, lection of essays was published school did not take him as huge," religion, popular culture and con- in 1995 on topics such as the she said. temporary crises within the Af- O.J. Simpson trial, the music of Marian Carey and Vanessa Will"I was really embarrassed at rican-American community. our school," she added because He has also written six books iams as well as a critique of of the minimal attendance. and is a frequent media com- gangsta rap. The majority of the people at- mentator as well as being a popThe Mercyhurst Student Govtending the speech were people ular speaker. His books include, ernment lecture series has from the community of Erie and "Holler if You Hear Me: brought many important speakseveral students from Mercy- Searching for Tupac Shakur", ers and topics to campus and hurst. There was also a lack of "Reflecting Black: African- Dyson's speech was no excepfaculty and administration at the American Cultural Criticism", tion. This year's series began in "Between God and Gangsta the fall with Notre Dame footevent "If our faculty and administra- Rap: Bearing Witness to Black ball player "Rudy" and will conKatie McAdams/Photo Editor tors are not supporting this then Culture", "Race Rules: Navigat- tinue with Ruthie from Real Senior Anna Guerriero is awared the Eric Barr award by Steve Zinram, director of the what are our students supposed ing the Color Line", and books World Hawaii in the spring. annual fund. She raised more than $7,267 for Mercyhurst. on the lives of Malcolm X and Dyson was to be the diversity to think?" Verbic said. part of the lecture for the year. Regardless of who was there, Martin Luther King Jr. also. Dyson spoke as though each seat MSG was unavailable for comMany of his books are collecin the audience wasfilledand he tions of essays which include a ments on the lecture but many tried to make everyone in atten- variety of topics and people. members were in attendance inner receives the Eric Barr schol- termined to be the winner. In dance think about the topic of Some things Dyson has written cluding Verbic and Aguirre. 2001, Guerriero raised $620, arship along with a cash prize. ByJonelle Davis The top group receives $300, with a total of 24 pledges. Contributing writer In 2002, she raised $1,030, second place receives $200, Since 1980, Mercyhurst Col- third place receives $100, and with a total of 27 pledges. In 2003, she raised $4,055, with a lege has held a yearly phonathon fourth place receives $50. This year, the Ambassadors total of 78 pledges. This year, in order to raise money for the took homefirstplace this year however, she topped them all school In an effort to address the concerns of students, changes with $7,267, and a total of 98 Mercyhurst College has enThe phonathon focuses on with a total amount of $28,842 have been implemented regarding the current pay date schedpledges. tered into a new agreement with raising money for unrestricted in donations. The cheerleaders ule. The pay date of February 20 will include two pay periAccording to Zinram, the stuPNC Bank to provide ATMs on gifts to the annual fund, which and dance team took second ods: January 15 thru January 28 and January 29 thru Februthe Erie Campus. is money that had no restrictions place with a total of $6,782 in dents that participate in the Phoary 11. A revised schedule is available on the Laker Web An ATM was installed in the for its use. This year, the money donations. The men's hockey nathon use it as a way to give site. Laker Inn and became operaraised will help provide student team took third place with a to- back to Mercyhurst. He also tional Thursday, February 12. financial aid, support the Old tal of $5,885 in donations, while added that helping to build the To effectively implement this change the following guidethe rowing team took fourth endowment is what begins the An ATM already was in place Main renovation, and help the lines will be strictly enforced: place with a total of $4,605 in relationship the students have in the lobby of the Briggs Avecollege in achieving the $300,000 with the college. They get a donations. nue entrance to the Bookstore. Alden Challenge. $ Time sheets will be due in Main 112 by noon on the schedchance to understand the prov For the three-year term of the Although not all the participatThe phonathon ran from Jan. uled submission date. There will be no exceptions. cess of supporting the college agreement, PNC has agreed not 18 until Feb. 5, and according to ing groups could receive a cash to assess a surcharge for the use Steve Zinram, director of the prize, they all still contributed to and that every donation, no matTime sheets submitted after noon on the scheduled due date, ter what the size, counts. of the ATMs, including the one Annual Fund, the results were the total amount of donations. either by the student or the supervisor, will be paid on the Zinram has run the phonathon in the Bookstore. The rest of the donations not disappointing. More than following scheduled payroll date. This is true, even if you do not raised are as follows: women's for the past six years, and he sees $90,000 was raised $ I have an account with PNC. Students organizations indud- hockey, $4,495; women's la- the overall effect the process has Students are encouraged to erirpJliadirejCt deposit, and forms-., P'ff is possible that your own on the students who participate. ing Ambassadors, Mercyhurst crosse, $3,760; softball, $1,625; . Snbepicted.iip in Room 112 Old ^ain,. Sru#nts not op men and women's-rfsoccer, He discussed one particular bank could charge you a fee for Student Government, cheer-1 direct deposit will be required to pick up their checks on payformer student, Jeff Gold, who using the PNC ATM. leading and dance teams, men $1,605; wrestling, $1,449; men's day after 8:30 am. actually called from Canada to If you have any questions, and women's hockey, men and volleyball $1,445; Mercyhurst please contact the Finance Ofwomen's volleyball, men and Student Government, $1,375; make a pledge to the Phonathon. If you have any questions, please call Diane Rutkowski @ fice at 824-2278. women's lacrosse, men and men and women's golf , $1,185; Jeff remembered his experience 2278. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation. women's soccer, men and wom- women's volleyball, $1,165; foot- with the phonathon and that even's golf, rowing, softhall, wres- ball, $1,045; men's lacrosse, ery donation counts. Overall, Zinram feels that the tling, baseball,fieldhockey, and $1,010, field hockey, $505; and phonathon benefits Mercyhurst the football team all participat- baseball, $465. 1 Spring ]Break in many ways, and he looks for- Reasons why young adults should vote ed in the phonathon. This year's individual who Bookstore Hours These groups compete against raised trie most money was Anna ward to keeping the annual propeople 65 and older feel the same Thurs Feb. 26 8:30 -4:30 each other to see who can raise Guerriero. According to Steve gram running with future im- Chicago Tribune 1 provements which will allow way. Those data come from a Feb. 27 8:30 -4:30 the most money. The top four Zinram, Guerriero has particiFri. A smattering of politically pas- recent study conducted by The organizations receive a cash pated in the Phonathon for four more donations. Sat. Feb. 28 Closed sionate young people and dispas- Washington Post, Kaiser Family prize, and the top individual win- years, and this year, she was deSun, Feb. 29 Closed sionate numbers from surveys Foundation and Harvard UniMon. March 1 8:30 -4:30 offer these reasons for partici- versity. Tues. March 2 8:30 -4:30 Reason No. 2: If the nation pation, not just at polls but in Wed. March 3 8:30 -4:30 goes to war, the young are the Thurs March 4 8:30 -4:30 technology community in the up for a chance to win some fan- campaigns too: The first ever NW Student Reason No. 1: National prior- ones fighting it. When the econFri. March 5 8:30 -4:30 eight-county Northwest region. tastic gifts and prizes. Tech Expo, hosted by the TechSat. March 6 8:00-1:00 The affiliates of the TechnoloThe expo will be held at the ities. Older voters are projected omy takes a turn for the worse, nology Council of Northwest Sun. March 7 Closed gy Council are: Crawford Area Waldron Center, Yehl Ballroom to outnumber voters under age they're the ones not getting jobs. Pa. is more than a computer Reason No. 3 (a): Simqne Mon. March 8 7:30-10:00 Peer Professionals, Erie Net- at Gannon University on Thurs- 30 by more than 2-to-l on Tuesevent. It is more than a showwork Users Group, Erie Tech- day, March 18 from 10 a.m. to day. That means the generation Ward, executive director of case for the latest hardware and nology Management Associa- 4 p.m. Admission is free and gap in such matters as Social Young Democrats of America, Interested in software solutions. It encompasstion, and Young Erie Profession- open to students of all majors. Security might be underrepre- offers this tidbit gleaned from es all areas of technological deworking for| ;: For additional information or sented in the candidates whom census data: If 18- to 24-yearals. • velopment and will focus on efThe Merciad? voters elect. Three out of five old turnout had been just 0.3 This exciting and interactive to register for this event, please forts promoting the use of techpeople in their 20s, for exam- percent higher in Florida in 2000, Applications will soon be taknology as well as demonstrate one-day event is a great oppor- or ple, said in a survey that Social Al Gore probably would have en for Merciad staff positions what technology can and is do- tunity for students in the region contact Erica Jackson, Brain Security should be redesigned so prevailed over George Bush. for the 2004-2005 school to explore cutting edge innova- Gain Manager, at (814) 4511 ing for our region. £ that workers could invest some Reason No. 3 (b): For those year. If you are interested, tions, network with leading com- 1172 or The Technology Council of of their payroll taxes in the stock who lean Republican, a slight re- please contact Editor Adam panies and organizations within Northwest Pa. is a trade associaDuShole at EditorMerciad market. Less than half the baby vision of Reason 3 (a). the Tech Council and its affili- Information provided by tion promoting the development, © boomers and only one-fourth of ates' membership, as well as sign- Maureen Nebel growth, and recognition of the

Ambassador Anna Guerriero wins Eric Barr award

Another* successful phonathon


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FEBRUARY 18,2004

To contact:

- F E A T U R E S
rial Agency is a government agency," Behm explained. "They were looking for an anthropology or archeology major, and I applied" " Behm applied for a position as an image intelligence analyst, which is closer to the job field that Mercvhurst's MAP majors
go into. -

B e h m investigates death] as part of internship
ByJen Helbig Contributing writer Dayna Behm, a Mercyhurst seniorfromPortersvilie Pa., had an internship this past summer at the Allegheny County Coroner's office. From June to Sept. 1st, Behm made a one and a half hour commute twice a week to her job in Pittsburgh She spent the summer living in Erie, where she worked in the forensic lab on campus. Behm is a forensic anthropology major with a minor in criminal justice. Behm's position as an assistant deputy coroner paralleled her studies at Mercyhurst. Her job was hands-on experience for her major. % "At my job we investigated any death except for natural deaths," Behm said. "The police or a funeral home called to inform us of the death, and then we had to investigate and get evidence, and if it was not a natural death we had to write an investigation report. Allegheny County spans a large distance, roughly from the city of Wexford to the city of Washit

ington This large area kept Behm and her co-workers very busy. Behm recalled, "In a 10-hour day, we had about 13 cases." Behm's internship kept her active, but she said that she was grateful to be one of a few to receive the job. "I was one of 14 students that were chosen for the job," Behm said. "There were over 60 applicants. I worked with one other girl for the entire time, the other 12 worked with a partner during their own shifts." Behm generally enjoyed the internship for the experience that she gained She said, "It was definitely never boring. I walked away from it with a lot of experience." | This experience was unique because she was able to carry out the duties of a deputy coroner as if they were her own. "I thought that the job brought me some experiences that Mercyhurst could never have given me," Behm said. "The hands-on work in the pathology suite allowed me to work side-by-side with the pathologists." Some of Behm's classes at Mercyhurst provided her with the experience necessary to per-

form her job. Behm explained that sometimes a body would be decomposed to the bones when it was brought into the office. > f "My skeletal biology class was helpful because I was able to identify the bones that were brought in as human or animal,'' Behm said. |;; Behm also noted that the criminal investigation class she took at Mercyhurst also helped her out a great deal when they were working at the scene. Although the job provided an inside look into the real world of forensics, Behm said that she would not like to work in a coroner's office as a career. "The job was very depressing," Behm said. "It was very tough to deal with the families who didn't even care about their deceased." Behm explained that some families do not claim their deceased family members, and they leave the body for the county to pay for its cremation. "I come from a loving family, and it was hard to digest the passive attitude of these family members. The internship turned me away from being a coroner, they don't get enough credit for what they

Katie McAdams/Photo editor

Senior Dayna Behm appreciates all the knowledge she has gained at Mercyhurst. She feels this knowledge has prepared her for the real world.

As soon as Behm's background check is processed, she will thenfindout where her job will be located. Behm has lived in Erie and Portersvilie, and the Allegheny internship had her traveling also. Behm noted that she enjoys traveling, and she doesn't mind going other places for opportunities. * p*I may be located in Maryland, the Pentagon, or Virginia," Behm said \) Her entrance to a job immediately after graduation does not mean that Behm will end her education \?'H would like to go on and earn my master's and a doctorate, and although I'm not sure what they will be in, I know that I do not want to leave the field for good"

field, she already has a job to Although Behm does not plan follow graduation to pursue a career in this direct "The National Geo-Interspa-


Mello'skdventure on Fraser Island

Former Mercyhurst professor runs for Congress
By Meghan Sullivan Contributing writer amount of money because of a bill that prohibits the buying of cheaper imports of drugs, and prohibits supplemental insurance. Porter is in support of Physicians National Health insurance plan to cover all Americans, whereas his opponent has previously voted to increase out-of-pocket medical costs for senior citizens. Something that may be of interest to future educators of America is his stand on the w! "No ChUcl Left behind Act. ,j He believes the philosophy behind it, moving away from public education to private education, is exactly right. But, he feels the issue still needs to be addressed more and properly funded. Me commented that treating children the same is literally impossible. Since "minorities and poverty go hand-in-hand," the poorer districts are not able to hire the best teachers because thetestsalaries are being paid by the richer districts, t When he taught in Binghamton, N.Y.,'they were not able to have field trips, computers, and text books- the items that make the education system function. Until better funding is provided, the "No Child Left behind Act" will not be effective. "I want youtobelieve in our government again," Porter said. "Let's win."

A few Mercyhurst students and I went down to the Plymouth Tavern this Saturday afternoon for the petition signing brunch for Dr. Steven Porter, hopeful candidate for Congress in the 3rd Congressional district of Pennsylvania. K Hoping to have enough signatures to get his name on the ballot his campaigning crew scurries about him. Taking time out of his busy File photo schedule, Porter allows me an Dr. Steven Porter interview among all the actiivstituents. ity to share his viewpoints in "He doesn't tell the truth this campaign "There was a vacuum here," about his own votes," Porter Porter said. "No one had run claims^ "For example, in the against Phil English and the year 2000 he gave an interDemocrats desperately need to view in the Sharon Herald that change the balance of power) said he was in favor of importin "Washington." Porter felt that ing drugs from Canada." Porhe was up for the challenge. > ter then revealed that Phil EnPorter has an M.A., Ph.D, glish "voted against that twice." and P.D. degrees in fine arts Another one of the issues he wants addressed if he is electand educational administration ed is the exportation of AmerHe was a teacher for 37 ican jobs. \. years, and a lifelong DemoHe feels we need to "create crat. Photo courtesy of jobs for our people here at He ran for the New York Jody Mello and friends visited Fraser Island for a three-day camping trip. The water was State Senate in the year 2000, home. There are ways to do beautiful and being outdoors was great. I senatorial district 51 and cam- that that the Republican administrations are not doing." all the tree oil surrounding it ming below, and then there were paigned with Hillary Clinton. ByJody Mello Pennsylvania has the second Porter has his campaign foRegardless of this fact, this is large sea turtles a couple minContributing writer cused on four issues: the econ- largest number of senior citimy favorite place to go early in utes later. the morning. It is quiet, beauti- I From Indian Hill, the group omy, health care, involvement zens in the country, thus PorAt 6:45 a.m., I received a call ful, and the water is great. headed to the Champaign Pools. and misadventure in Iraq, and ter feels that health care is a from friends of mine that were We had dinner that night unThe Champaign Pools are the credibility of his opponant, tremendous issue. He wants to prevent senior going to Fraser Island. There der the make-shift cooking tent. scooped out sand and rock that Phil English with the constituhad been a cancellation and they We had fish. held water from rain and some ants, credibility with his con- citizens from wasting a large asked if I would be interested in it^We started camp fires across of the ocean waves when the the camp site, and everyone got wind and tide pick up. We going. f lounged around in them, baskI I packed in five minutes and familiar with one another. The next morning with a 6:30 ing in the sun. ran out the door. When I got to the bus stop and am breakfast, quick swim in the We then headed for our campcrammed into a van, the group waterhole, and we were off for site. Around 9 p.m. we headed towas off on the weekend adven- another exciting day on Fraser Island, wards the beach; we made a ture. It was a five-hour drive past fcj We headed for the different huge bonfire and sat around Brisbane and to Fraser Island. color sand dunes. There are talking for the rest of the We drove inland and stopped many aboriginal stories on why evening. at a camp sight. We entered the the sand is different colors Once | The next morning was our last campground, set up the two or the minerals in the sand come day. We packed our things, took three person tents, and then got in contact with oxygen they down the tents and had breakchange color. fast,-We went to the rainforest back in the vans. The vans headed to Lake wab- From there we traveled to a part of the island that day, folby. We got out of the vans and natural lazy river. You can grab lowed by Lake Ma< kenzie. walked through a rainforest type a tube and just float around. Lake Mackenzie is a large lake area, which opened up into huge We floated along noticing all with an island in the middle of hills of sand. the vegetation along the sides; the it. i We trudged across the sand water was refreshing. The water is very blue and hills for a little over a mile. The As we got back into the vans crystal clear; however, the sky sand hills just dropped off into to drive to Indian Head, I had turned cloudy so we headthe lake, some of the kids were thought to myself. This is hon- ed in for lunch. running down die hill and diving estly the first vacation I've ever On the way home from the in After playing in the water, we had. I didn't think it could get beach one of the van's tires went trudged all the way back to ou i better than what we had already flat/ so we went back to the vans. seen, but the best was yet to campsite to fix in : * k We said goodbye for a second We headed backtothe camp- come." At Indian Hill, we climbed up time and hopped back into the site to wash up. The water of the pond was so dark it looked a steep cliff to the top edge, The vans. black. I jumped in. I later found view was simply amazing. Some- On thefive-hourdrive, I remout the water was dark red from one pointed out a shark swim- inisced about the great weekend.

We have Immediate openings in our customer sales/servicejdept.

$12.50 base/appt. Fun flex. Hrs. around class Work!with other students!


FEBRUARY 18, 2004



By Kyia Mclnchak Contributing writerT Cheeiieading is something that requires motivation and perseverance. * Siblings Angel and Mandy Clark understand and enjoy the aspects of cheering. Mercyhurst's cheerleading squad is Division II. § This past Sunday, the girls participated in a competition at the University of Buffalo, taking third place. "We work hand to look good while performing, so I think the community takes notice," said Mandy. Z Angel, who is a business management major, is currently in her senior vear. Both Angel and Mandy cheered on their high school squad in Sugar Grove, Pa. Angel had a great influence on Mandy. She initially looked at Mercyhurst, and Mandy followed She and her sister tried out in April of their senior year of high school for the college squad. They were pleased to become part of the Mercyhurst squad, and they currently cheerforboth the football and basketball teams. "Ifs something I always wanted in college," said Angel Mandy and Angel have never been apart, and even though four years have passed at Mercyhurst, the girls are still able to live together.

To contact: featuremerciad@mercyhurst.0du

Clark twins motivate one another
"Going to the same college and rooming together just seemed natural," shared Mandy. She did admit that they fight, but despite this they are still dose to one another. » Angel likes to see how much the squad has grown together. When she began cheering she had difficulty with stunts, but now she believes she has improved. Mandy, who is the captain of the team, feds that it can be challenging to make everyone on the squad happy. "Sometimes it is hard to tell people what they're doing wrong, but I make mistakes, too," said Mandy. Because she is able to see her own weaknesses, Mandy understands that she is the same as everyone else on the team This helps to pull the squad together so that they can work on their problems. Angel shared that for the past three years there have been 24 girls on the squad. With this large number of individuals, she believes it can be difficult to prevent people's ideas from conflicting. Angel feels that getting everyone to attend each practice and game is also hard. Despite the problems that she may experience, Angel said that, "Mercyhurst is a goodfitfor me. I'm from a small town, so I like the fact that the college is like a big high school." Mandy believes that it's easy to


. #




Katie McAdams/Pholo editor

The Clark twins cheer for the men's basketball and on others if taken seriously.

football team. They enjoy cheering and think it has a positive effect

get to know people on the campus, yet she also enjoys the benefits of seeing different people from day to day. | Mandy is a biology major for pre-optometry. She will attend medical school after her graduation at in May.

Although she doesn't have planstoattendrightaway, Angel also hopes to attend graduate school. Next year, their younger sister, Stacey, will attend Mercyhurst. She also plans to try out for the cheerleading squad. J3

^Although she doesn't know where she 1 be after graduation, 1 Angel hopes to own a business someday. She also plans to coach a cheerleading squad after she settles down because she realizes that she will miss the atmosphere that

cheerleading creates. Mandy also plans to coach later in her future. • Mandy said that she enjoys the K social interaction that cheerleading provides. "I think that cheerleading can have a positive affect if taken seriously," she said.

Climbing is McFarland's passion Get your cook on
By Maureen Nebel Contributing writer»

Melissa McFarland's hand held gripped to two tiny crevices that held her from a 40-foot fall to the hard earth below her. i, Her knuckles turned white and her clenched fingers became saturated with sweat as she desperately searched for a better







j f|L

She quickly released the tension from her right hand and swung it upward. Then, slowly, she removed her left hand to parallel her right In an instant, she swung her gymnast body into a front support and pulled herself upward She stepped back and took a few deep breaths, letting the warm autumn air circulate in her lungs. McFarland had completed her firstfive-sevenrock which is a rock climb on natural rock formations more than 40 feet in the air. McFarland, a senior studying to achieve a bachelor's degree in special and elementary education, is a person who has al-




vs Melissa McFariand/Conlribuling photographer


Melissa McFarland demonstrates her climbing ability.

ways avidly enjoyed outdoor activities. A few years ago, she was introduced to the sport of rock climbing and hasn t stopped since. "It's amazing tofinisha climb. You can't be scared. You just have to remember not to look down," McFarland said. McFarlandfirstclimb was the Arete rock formations at McConnel's Mill in Pennsylvania. She was accompanied by a very experienced climber, Tim, who had participated in rock climb-

ing for over seven years. 'Tim has really been the one who has taught me everything that I know about climbing," McFarland said. "It's his passion." Following herfirstclimb, McFarland spent the following few months learning techniques and the proper use of equipment so that she could participate in top. rope climbing experiences. * She covered areas such as belaying, bouldering, and knot tying

Over the last several years, McFarland has experienced many enjoyable climbs at McConnel'sMill. A g»»> &L^ "Your first big climb is the hardest, but when you reach the top it makes you feel strong, like you conquered something. You look at the things below you and you just become engulfed with a sense of accomplishment." For McFarland, rock climbing is a very enjoyable experience and a great form of exercise. Most importantly, McFarland feels mat rock climbing builds an incredible trust between people. When two people dimb together they must trust each other for support. "In some sense, they hold your life in their hands." Since theirfirstclimb, McFarland and 11m have shared many great times. You can always find the two of them packing up their gear and heading towards McConnel's Mill for another run at the rocks. ^McFarland's next big adventure is set for next fall when she is going to attempt a five-nine climb in Seneca, W.Va. "I love to climb and am going to keep on doing what I love."

By Rob Wilson Contributing writer So it s your turn to cook for everyone in your apartment. What do you do? Why not make one of the most delicious Italian meals there is, chicken marsala. It's a great Italian meal and it is quick and easy to make. So what if you're not a good cook? You can still make this perfect Italian dish and it can be done in almost no time at

* r Flip the fillets over and let cookfor30 seconds. • After 30 seconds add the sliced portabella musht.tJllv



For one teacher, a lack of sense makes sense
By Megan Pass inger Contributing writer Most college professors have a preferred method of teaching. Some lecture, some depend on student participation, and others use slideshows or handouts. One professor at Mercyhurst College, however, takes quite a different approach Nicole Fisher, a 34 year-old woman who's spent almost her entire life in Erie, Pa., has a very unique personaliry. She's not just the short, blond-haired, greeneyed, bubbly lady that everyone sees. Fisher has much more history than that Fisher prefers to teach without hearing, or speaking, a single word. •"•} In fact, Fisher has been deaf all of her life. Though she isn't completely deaf (known in the deaf world as hard-of-hearing) and speaks extremely well, she's had her fair share of rough times, especially during childhood. "What was it like growing up?" said Fisher. "Kids always picked on me because I struggled with conversation, I couldn't afford hearing aids, so it was difficult to understand what was going on around me. I didn't know who I was or where I fit in and by the time I was in middle school I was diagnosed with depression, which I've beenfightingever since." One thing that helped Fisher get through childhood was her brothers and sisters. She had six brothers and sisters, two of which were also deaf. "We were all very close and very understanding of each other. We always had such a fun time no matter what we were doing." Even with her lack of hearing, Fisher always believed she could be anything she wanted. She was right $ "Since I was a little girl I've always wanted to teach," said Fisher. "I wanted to show children that not all teachers were like the We have a very good time." ones I had." In class, Fisher tries to share The ones she had inspired her to be better, but not in a way the deaf experience with students. They participate in projects that any child would hope for. ,"***My teachers were abusive at the deaf club, they have guest both verbally and physically. I will speakers, and they do a number never forget the time in elemen- of projects and simulations that tary school that a friend and I require them to be "deaf." had to go to the board and write Fisher believes that sign lansome English grammar," Fisher guage is a very good thing to said. "We got it wrong and our learn. The more communication teacher was so fangry she between the deaf and hearing slammed our heads against the worlds, especially in the work blackboard. That's just not right." place, is better." 1 gives a deaf 1 •i'-_ This abuse went on until Fishperson a sense of good feeling er was in 10th grade. Then she and ifs much easier to develop attended Western Pennsylvania a friendship," School of the Deaf in Pittsburgh Though Fisher has had her and was joined by her two deaf share of rough times in life, brothers. There she learned there's not much she'd i hange. American Sign Language and got "Even if there were a pill I could her masters degree in teaching. take that would turn me hearing "I came to Mercyhurst last tomorrow I don't think I'd take year because there was a job it. I've found my place in the opening. I teach ASL levels I-DI," deaf community. I fit in here. explains Fisher. "I absolutely love If I were a little girl, it might be it I just wish I could hear things different. Bin right now, I'm like class discussions a little bet- pretty dam happy being deaf.'; ter, but the students are patient.

All you need to cook it is a skillet, measuring cups and spoons, a paring knife and, of course, your oven. The foods you need are simple as well. Four fillets of raw chicken, two tablespoons of butter, whiteflour,eight cups of sliced portabella mushrooms, and three cups of Marsala wine. J The steps are easy to foliow and the results are phenomenal % • Cover thefilletsin flour. *: While covering the chicken, begin melting the butter in the skillet until it covers the base of the pan. * Once the butter is melted put thefilletsin the pan. - Cook the fillets on one side for about one-and-ahalfto two minutes, or until light brown.

• Continue cooking fillets until the second side is light brown and the mushrooms are tender. •Addthethree-fourthscup ofMarsala wine and let simmerforone minute. Finally, you can top it with either a brown gravy, or spaghetti sauce, whichever you prefer. This dish will be sure to tantalize your taste buds, and please everyone you make it for. "I make it for my roommates all the time, and they just love it. Its real easy for me to make and it doesn't take up a lot of my time either," said Mercyhurst Freshman Matt Jason. Jason gave me the recipe for the chicken marsala. He used to work at the Olive Garden and he learned how to cook several different Italian dishes. "My recipe for chicken marsala isn't the same as the one used at the Olive Garden. I've made some adjustments and a few different things here and there to give it my own unique taste," said Jason. "It's just always been one of my favorite dishes and it's always acrowdpleaser." f

Save Lots of Money
Tanglewood Apartment Homes Offering 1,2, A 3 Bedrooms Heat, electric, A/C, trash, water & sewer are all included. Call 825-8145 to apply now! 907 E. Srandview Blvd. Great Location! Ask aboutfour move-iniispeciall!



FEBRUARY 18,2004


7b contact

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: What's hot and what's not at Mercy hurst

Spring break is almost here, so that means 10 days of freedom from reading, studying and writing papers. Enjoy your time off everyone because spring term will be here before you know it. This means only one more term until the end of the school year (and seniors, this means only lOmore weeks until graduation). The Mercyhurst student government's "100 Days tfntil Graduation" party at the Cornerstone Bar and Grill was a great success with many senior class members in attendance. There was free food, prizes (for those who made a donation to the class gift) and great music tor all to enjoy. The junior class should make sure not to miss their party next year! | Thanks to all the students who worked on the phonathon, making 19,000 calls and 2,000 pledges! They raised more than $90,000. Good work everyone!

Madam Malarky takes on the drunken query
ny. Where better to do that than the only place they're not allowed to go? Thank goodness for the ladies room. This is essentially why women over-think and require "time" to do everything. They need the support of their cohorts. This is something that will never go away, and there is nothing you can do about it, so all I can tell DearMcutomMdlarky, you is to just deal. WhyabuvtrienhawtothinkabuntNext question: What do I think the everything theysaytoyou? Whydo ideal woman is? Well that's womenneed "time" to talk toyou difficult for me to answer, as I am a woman myself. The ideal abouteuerything? woman for me would not be the Signed* ideal woman for you. j&Dmnk at2:42 am ^Personally I think the ideal Whatdoyou thinkthe ideal womwoman is one who will keep her an is? Signal hands off my special place because I like boys. You, however, Drunk at2:45 am may have a different definition. Andwberecanlftndher? As far as what kind of woman a Drunk at2,'46am man should look for, I can give Ordoessheeven exist? you a few guidelines: Si^ied, 1. Look for a woman you can *; Dnink at2'47 am bring home to meet mom. She doesn't have to wear overalls Yay! Several questions at once! and cloth scrunchies in her hair Looks like Madam Malarky's in all the time, but she does have for a challenge. to look like presentable. If she Okay, drunken query number wears belly shirts every day, one: Why do women have to scratch her off the list. I know think about everything they say? these girls sound boring, but trust Why do they need time? Techni- me — it's always the quiet ones cally, I believe I answered this that you want. Everyone has a question somewhat in previous kinky streak, and the harder the articles rhe upshot of it was that streak is tofind,the more promwomen need "time" for every- inent it is when it surfaces. thing because "time" equals 2. Find a woman who doesn't "running to 34 of her closest smoke. Not only will she smell friends and asking them what better, but she wont ask you for they think, all the while telling money as often if she doesn't them embarrassing stories of have dirty addictions to feed. things her boyfriend has said 3- Find a woman who can look and/or done in the sack." pretty in sweats. This is self-exWhy do you think women trav- planatory el in herds to the bathroom? 4. For the love of God, don't They need to take their councils date a woman who weighs more along to discuss every detail than you do. You may be fine about the present male compa- with it, but she'll develop a com-


The? Bad...
Finals are almost here! This means that everyone has to start studying. If you haven't taken the cellophane wrappers off of those textbooks yet, now is the time to do it. Even worse, if you haven't been to class yet, now is the time to make friends with the professor in the hopes that they will cut you a break. Good luck everyone and remember, just like all things, finals week will eventually come to an end. % f Despite thefactthat the board equivalency hours at the Laker Inn have been extended considerably, some people are still complaining that there isn't enough time to get food on the meal exchange. What more do some people want? A delivery service? Ifs not going to happen, so get up, get going and get over to the Laker if you want your food. Yeesh. &

•.. and the Ugly
Still, no letters to the editor for TheMerciad Does the editorial staff have to start hitting people with hammers so that they will write in? Maybe it's time for drastic measures: door-to-door solicitations for 3 a.m.

plex and possibly an eating disorder because of it Don't feed the bulimia epidemic. 5. Girls that bathe are pretty good too. So where can youfindwomen who meet this criteria? Not on this campus. Probably not on any college campus. Probably nowhere. W^men are crazy. I have written about such psychosis in the past Check the Merciad archives for details, as I really dont feel like going into itrightnow. Does she even exist? Well, I think I kind of just answered that. She probably does not. However, I have heard several men say that they're willing to deal with a little bit of psychosis if it means that they can have that special something in their lives. (Do I really have to define "special something?") So I guess my only advice to you is to try to find a woman that is less crazy than average. Try mental institutions. This would be your best bet because women who are "out" about being crazy tend to be less crazy than the doset psychos. The only woman I know who isn't crazy is me. Toast is nice and I like su perfly burritos. Seriously though, the best advice I can give you is that I'm very tired, so ask somebody else. Woo for bananas, Madam Malarky -Frittering away her college education to bring you the best stuff to read in the MerciadSend your questions about anything G think love advice is getting '" old) to Madam__Malarky@yahqp. corn or add Madam Malarky to your buddy list and send me an IM.

A tradition of Mercy hurst spring breaks
. By Ashley DuBose Contributing Writer It is the end of Feburary (almost) and you know what that means? Spring Break! Woo hoo! Party time! Ah, college spring break. Is there any greater tradition? What can be more fun that cruises in the Bahamas, swimming at Fort Lauderdale, or just basking in the sun by the pool because spring is here. „ Oh, wait That's right. This is Mercyhurst, home of the wintertime spring break.* It's is not like we can't travel, right? ; y You could head to Mexico, for fun, sun and Montezuma's Revenge. J But that is played out. Boring. It's been done. Personally, I suggest packing up your winter wardrobe and take a cruise north to Alaska. I mean, what says spring break better than a frozen tundra? Everybody knows that oversized fur coats and hunting spears are a fashion must have this year.^ Have fun, you crazy rich people, you! As "for those olffi8^egula¥'po6r college co-eds"wilhdut the tons of bucks to shell out for a trip away from (or to) the frozen lands, I have a few suggestions to thaw out your break. Before settling in at home to wait out the cold, hit the store. Buy yourself some playground sand, a kiddy swimming pool, a bottle of self-tanning lotion, some plastic palm trees, tacky luau lights, and some coconuts and pineapples. Spread the sand out on your living room floor. If your parents complain, tell them it is a pre-dass homework assignment They'll probably buy it. Fill the kiddy pool with salt water and place it in the corner. Surround it with the palm trees. String the lights all around the room. Now you have your very own private beach. Clean out the coconuts and pineapple shells and fill them with yourfavoritedelusion en1 lancing drink. Set your drinks out near your beach I blanket and grab your:sunless tanning lotion. Sure, you are going to be orange, but at least you won't get skin cancer from those nasty UV rays. Take some-photos of ^6u enjoying your private beach and send them to your friends at other colleges who are currently taking their midterms. So what if they are going to have a warm spring break? You get yours first. Or, you could take the easy way out by hopping in a car with a buncl i of friends yelling, "Road Trip!" and follow the highway south. You could stay in cheap motels, eat in creepy diners, and drink in dingy bars. You could get lost for a whole day and not care because you didn't have any set plans anyway. You could come back in a car smelling like feet and cheese with a bunch of exciting stories to share (or at least some good blackmail pictures if you didn't forget that camera!) No matter what you do, don't sit at home and complain that none of your friends at other schools can hang out with you. This break is about cutting loose, so go out and have some fun. This is also a term break. When those other schools let out, your friends are still going to have some homework to do.

Racism in fashion
By Mary Andom Knight Ridder Newspapers i&Tve long dealt with this reality of Shopping-While-Black: either e A you're ignored or followed. T^-The billboard of handsome white jocks and beautiful white women frolicking infieldsreminded me of how different I am from them. They are tall, slender and fair-skinned or Asian- everyone from the customers to the cashiers. "Traitor, you don't belong here," that little voice in my head admonished "Black people dont shop here. I had had enough and was ready to leave when my friend chimed in, "Great, I found it; he's going to love this shirt" "OK, let*s just get out of here." When I walked out, I was reminded of the many reasons why I refuse to spend my money in a place like Abercrombie & Fitch: -I don't have the "A&F look." -The suburban lifestyle doesn't appeal to me. -The Abercrombie image is just plain racist. We all know that beauty is largely defined in this culture as white. Even some of the most populai black actresses and pop stars, such as Halle Barry and Beyonce, have lighter skin and long silky tresses. At a young age, we are taught that white is beautiful^, from Cinderella to Barbie. As a child, I used to smear my mother's dark foundation all over my Barbie's face and plait her hair so she could look just like me. Imagine what message this is sending to the little black girl with dark skin, textured hair and full lips. Is she not beautiful or American enough? Abercrombie employs these live Barbies to reinforce the Eurocentric ideal of beauty _ or as they call it, the "all-American look." I always thought "allAmerican" referred to the melting pot theory we're taught in school. But I guess Abercrombie had something else in mind This controversial image is at the very heart of a racial-discrimination suit filed against Abercrombie & Fitch by nine Hispanic and Asian employees who accuse the company of unfair employment practices. Perhaps surprisingly, there are no black plaintiffs in the suit In a way, we've created color-coded fashion associating the urban look of flashy tennis shoes, puffy coats, baggy jeans and jerseys with blacks, and the suburban look of khaki pants, polo tops and Dr. Martens with whites. Abercrombie represents this image perfectly, further propagating stereotypes and hatred with its racist message. Does Abercrombie have an obligation to represent minorities on their billboards and in their stores and catalogs? That's for the courts to decide. Honestly, I cringe at the thought of Abercrombie & i itch expanding its marketing of self-hate and racism to even more people.

Is there aproblem with the Abercrombie imag

Bush or Kerry:
Where the Mercyhurst vote is going
If the presidential election was held today, President George Bush and SenatorJohn! Kerry would be in a dead heat, according to the latest Political Communication poll of Mercyhurst students taken last week % $ Of the 79 students asked who they would vote for if the election was held todays the results are as follows: Bush was picked by 36 percent. Kerry was the choice of 41 percent This spread mirrors national polls that show Kerry ahead of Bush, but within the statistical margin of error. The same spread holds true for registered voters and for those who said they were likely or very likely to vote in November. Tliis is in contrast to a poll taken in January when 41 percent of those respondents said they plan to vote for President Bush, and Senator John Kerry saw his supportriseto 18.5 percent. In terms of credibility, respondents were skeptical about information coming from political campaigns ads and media coverage of politics in general. Respondents gave political ads

While cruising the mall recently, I couldn't help but notice the sea of white streaming in and out of the Abercrombie & Fitch store. "Oooh, Abercrombie's having a blow-out sale," my friend said. "Let's go in." * "Uh, I don't know," I told her. "Black folk don't really shop here. I'll walk around the food court or something." Secredy, I wanted to know what all the buzz was about I had never had the courage to walk into an Abercrombie before. "C'mon, it'll only be a minute, promise," my friend said. As 1 stepped foot in that store, IfeltI was in dangerous territory. An uneasiness swelled in my stomach as the customers looked on in curiosity. Feeling outnumbered and out of place, I tried to look as natural as possible. I shuffled my feet and poked at the clothing. A bubbly sales clerk chirped " I h huh, yeah, that tube top looks great with those low-rise jeans," as techno music pulsated in the Ixickground. a 2.6 on a scale of 1-5, where Every couple of minutes, five equaled very credible, and though, she would look over my gave media coverage a 2.9. shoulder and when I'd catch her When asked how informed glance, she'd squeeze off an unthey were about politics, 31 easy smile. Not once did a sales percent said they were inclerk ask If 1 needed anything formed or very informed Poll or wanted to try something on. participants were randomly selected from the Mercyhurst The Merciad accepts all letters to the editor student directory by students in the Communication Department's Political CommunicaPlease submit your letters to: tion course. ppipionmeycjad@mercyhurst.e4ii The class also hosted a weekly discussion program, Politics The Merciad reserves the right to edit for length. Please Today, on Hurst TV Cablevisubmissions to 300 words or less. sion Channel 19.

keep all

FEBRUARY 18,2004



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activities and don't wanttoparticipate in co-ed volleyball, then find your own activities. You can't change your friends and your friends cant change you. It's when you try to do so that friendships end. Maybe the problem with selfish people is not the fact that they willput nooneeke before them, but the fact that they wont even put SL few people before them. Perhaps the annoyingfactabout selfless people is the fact that; they try to put everyone before them, not just a few people. Try to compromise. Decide who is most important to you and what is most important to you. Is your roommate's tasteless lime-colored polyester really that annoying' Well, I suppose that's relative. However, if you really have a problem with your best friend's hygiene (or lack thereof), or with your roommate's constant allnighters, perhaps it's time for somere-evaluation.Your priorites may need a slight re-adjustment Remember however The next polyester you judge, might just be your own.

Federal funding failure:
The new advances in stem cell research
By David Magnus and Arthur Caplan Knight Ridder Newspapers The announcement that researchers in South Korea have successfully derived embryonic stem cells from a cloned human embryo raises many important Issues. Making babies is not, despite what some critics of cloning research say, one of them. The researchers in South Korea have no interest in doning an army of children. In fact, they have no plans to use the technology for reproduction at all, ever. Their interest is in developing cures for diseases and disabilities. Right after the announcement of the first success in deriving stem cells from a cloned human embryo, die usual suspects began the now usual debate about how cloning embryos will inevitably lead to the cloning of children. However, the difference between the creation of a cloned embryo and a baby is like the difference between a seed and a sequoia. Even if a cloned human embryo could become a baby (which is by no means clear from the South Korean experiment), cloned embryos that are kept in dishes outside the human body have absolutely no chance to become babies. The most important ethical issue raised by the Korean announcement is what it presages about where the technology is going to be developed. US. policy virtually prohibits expending federal funding on allformsof embryonic stem cell research, using cloned embryos or otherwise. This means that this promising area of basic research is to be left in the United States to the private sector and (increasingly) other countries. Given that actual cures are still many years away, it is not surprising that the American pharmaceutical industry is not willing to pour very much money into basic research. That leaves this important work in the hands ofventure capitalists and small biotech startups. * Promising young scientists will find \ xitter prospects outside the United States. If they are smart, they'll do what happened in the Korean experiment _ team up with someone from another country. That is why some of our best stem cell researchers axe either moving to or spending long periods of time in Britain, Singapore, India and China. Does it make any sense to have to buy cures back from other countries when it is American scientists who are playing key roles in the research? The research conducted by the team in South Korea also highlights another problem with limiting federal funding. The researchers overseas obtained informed consent and got approval for their procedures by an insututional review board. If this research had been done in the United States by a private biotech company, it would fall exitside the federalregulatoryapparatus, t* There is no mandatory oversight of privately funded researchtoAinerica. There is not even a guarantee that those who donated the DNA or eggs that produced the embryos made by the Koreans would know what was.going on if a private company did the same experiments in the United States. I flf Congress outlaws all forms of human cloning, there is a grave risk that Americans will have to buy their cures overseas, making the current debate about drug imports from Canada look like a singalong. The failure to federally fund research puts the United States behind the rest of the world in a promising area of biomedical technology. "Worse, it means that what little privately funded research that does take place in the United States does so outside of our regulatory system that ensures that research is ethically conducted [ So we wind up with the worst of all possible worlds. Our scientists have to go overseas to do research because we don't want them to clone babies _ which they have no interest, in doing. And those who dont go overseas can do what they want with private funds without having to account to anyone for what it is that they do.

Selfish or selfless:
What's the best thing to be?
I've been thinking a lot about happiness lately, about whether or not there is a time to put your own happiness before that of another, or to put another's happiness before your own and when it's time to mediate between the two. Its very aggravating when people think only of themselves, isn't it? % It's annoying when you know that no matter how important you are to these people, you will always come in second to their own well-being. It's bothersome and it's hurtful and you end up feeling pretty bad about yourself and what you're worth However it's also annoying when some people think only of other people. These long-suffering folks always have a way of making sure that you remember what they sacrificed for you, of what they gave up for your own good This is also incredibly annoying. You usually end feeling incredibly guilt-ridden, despite their best intentions. So, what's the best way to go about things? Is it better to be completely selfish or completely selfless? What's the best thing?

ButI CouldBe Wrong

Jaime Rinne

Is there a best thing? Is mere a way for your friends to know that you care about them, while making yourself happy at the same time? Probably not No matter what you do, no matter how marry people you try to please, someone is going to get hurt, which is a shame, but a fact of life. Not everyone is goingtolike your major, your hobbies or your significant other. Sorry. However, some people can deal with these differences better than others. Try to find those people. If your roommate doesn't like your choice in music, try to play it a little softer or invest in a set of earphones. If you don't like your roommate's extracurricular

Indifference: Distinguishing what matters
Write Truth

A waitress break
&m a part-time
and almost sprained my ankle. By Niky Nocera j*i This was not a dream job; a Contributing 'writer seven to eight hour day was utterly boring and horrendous. While the usual spring break Needless to say 1 only worked summer. consists of basking in the sun in there.; one Cancun or Florida, I, unfortu- The next place I ran to was nately, will be waiting tables at McDonald's, and I will never work fast food ever again! ChiChis. Tm sure everyone knows about Some days it was fun, but since the hepatitis out-break a few my brother worked there and months ago at the Beaver Falls was designated my boss, it was hard to follow orders from my ChiChi's. Even though my restaurant in brother, especially when he made Butler, Pa.was not infected, our me do things he knew I hated; business dropped so much that for example, cleaning the dining I was laid off until further no- room area. In addition, because I did not act like him, which is tice. So during both fall and winter crazy becausefirstof all 1 am a breaks, I earned no money and girl, I did not get along well with slowly drained my bank ac- some of my other co-workers. Then I was supposed to get count Since the idea of going to the promoted to the same position beach is not even feasible this as my brother, and my boss babreak, I will be working and try- sically lied to me and revoked ingtosave money so that I can the promotion. I was out of pay my bills and go take a vaca there! Next, was a small Italian restaurant where I worked as a tion during the summer. I remember myfirstjob. It was hostess. a physical therapy place, organiz- Since I am Italian and most of ing andfilingcompleted folders.^ the people who worked there Thefilingroom was a dusty, were Albanian, I tended to get cold, and very small with a step hit on a lot just because I was stool to reach the higher young, new, and attractive. I still shelves. Since I'm only 5 T \ eat there, but sexual harassment reaching for the higher shelves did not float my boat. Dairy was a nightmare. One time I fell Queen was thefirstjob I really

to make a stand when things are fanaticism, and edifying meannot done (i.e. not enough park- ingless ambitions oriented to sucing on campus). Ks time to vote. cess into the minds of its peoIt's time to start becoming ac- ple, it's more than difficult to ] Michelle tive members of the society in stand in opposition. which we live. Ifs difficult not to drink BudIt's time to decide when it is weiser, watch football religiousimportant to make a stand ly, and strivetorise in the finanNothing in America would be cially supportive business world accomplished if no one cared. instead of pursuing, oh, say, soWithin the controversy of war cial work. and peace, therealevil is in the It's difficult to raise your hand Stevenson people whoremainindifferent, in class and further a discussion the 'Sdencenurybcuefoundaaiwfor ones whofindthat they are when you know you could get mastevik; htfU.hcxfcii^pQmmtyavoiding the interaction of their out of class early if you don't: ; \h > y fob? for the uvrst of them all—theapa-own beliefs and society simply 1 It's difficult to 'caste*-aboflt because it's easiertostand back things that are almost impossienjoyed. 3 thyqfhuman beings. "-HelenKeJler and watch bletochange. | The people were great, the job -• College is the time-filler.; the [* In the society in which we live, It's difficult to put a reputation was easy, and eating ice cream timetodistinguish what istobe this contemporary play of inter- on the line in the name df a cause all the time was awesome. However, when I turned 18. i found important andtodevelop national commercialism, Wall that may infactprove unaffectsubstantial opinions. Opinions Street and the sales at the Gap ed K • I FT wanted to wait tables. meaning positions on issues such are common knowledgetomore If society stops trying, love and I wanted to work two jobs at as abortion, not opinions on people than the specifics of war hate really dont stand a chance the same time, but with it being football or which shade of nail overseas or the progress of and will in fact be overcome by my senior year of high school, polish best matches your underpeace efforts. 5 Monday night football and lip the workload was pressuring, and wear. As Joan Vinge put it, "Indif- gloss, conceding to the domiI could only manage one job. So, I took a leave of absence to work Indifference is an epidemic ference is the strongest force in nance and destruction of the among students. Look at drugs the universe. It makes everything world's most threatening adverat Chi Chi's. and alcohol in the college envi- it touches meaningless. Love and sary of indifference. /Planning to have my other job ronment. No one thinks twice hate dont stand a chance against It all comes down to whether back that summer, I was irritat\ { about the abuse of substances it." or not We compete against the ed when my boss told me there among friends. After college, ifs The challenge is to make the outbreak of indifference. were no hours available. It comes down to whether or | So, since last April, I have a shameful reality that continues conscious decision to care, to worked as a server, and it is the to exist because the perspective decide what matters, and then not we decide as college students was previously absent refuse to sedentarily watch when now that we re going to care best job for me yet I enjoy workThe same is true with political things go wrong. The challenge enoughtodevelop our opinions. : ing with people and receiving money based on how well I per- values moral perception, ambi- istodecide whether it is more our beliefs, and our positions.- . tious drives. College breeds the importanttowatch reality teleIt comes down to whether or form. leaders of our society, and it also vision or engage in reality itself. not we care enough to make a p Tip money is usually nice, exrisks producing the indifference It's a hard thing to do, no difference. <\ cept when something goes wrong resulting in a languid lifestyle and doubt. In a world promoting As Edmund Burke said, "All out of my control or I get somea world corrupt without change. mindless existence, brainwasl line that is necessary for evil to sue- J one who has always left a dollar It's time to raise our hands in society with ads for Budweiser, ceed is that good men do nothfor the last 30years. classes. It's time to care enough promoting hobbies such as sport ing. " So do something. All in all, I will go back to that for a few weeks to save money for upcoming bills and what not Next year, I will hopefully have some kind of vacation planned for spring break. I guess that just depends on how lucrative the business becomes. Editor-in-Chief editormerciad@mercyhurst edu Adam DuShole Billy Elliott Managing Editor Kally Rose Outline News Editor Courtney Nicholas Features Editor opinionmerciad@mercyhurst. edu Opinion Editor Jaime Rlnne sportsmerciad@mercyhurst. edu Patrick Martino Sports Editor entertalnmentmercled@mercyhurst edu Emily Crofoot A&E Editor Photo Editor Katie McAdams Jtobin 75@mercyhurst. edu Jess Tobin Copy Editor

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2004 Grammy Awards
Event proved to be low-key for all viewers
FEB. 2 1 . Robert Randolph and the Family Band. Phantasy Theatre, Lakewood, Ohio. On sale Jan. 24 at Ticketmaster. FEB. 2 1 . r Little Steven's Underground Garage live with the Romantics, Chesterfield Kings, Reigning Sound, Fondas, Cobra Verde, hosted in person by f| Little Steven Van Zandt. Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland FEB. 22. Pennywise, Guttermouthy Stretch Armstrong. Agora Theater, Cleveland. FEB. 25 Chris Whitley, Teitur. Beachland Tavern, Cleveland. ,t FEB. 27. 1 Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland. I FEB. 28. | Punchline, Don't Look Down. Club Laga, Pittsburgh. On sale Jan. 24 at Ticketmaster.
* •

By Jess Camodeca Contributing writier Valentine's Day is a day of love that should be spent with your loved ones and your friends. What better way to spend this day than watching a performance of music and dance based upon the beauty of love and exotic movement, and a three-course gourmet meal included? On Saturday, Feb. 14, Valentgngo' premiered at the Mary D'Angelo Performing Arts Center. The evening began at 6:30 p.m., in the DanceSpace, as the studios were converted into a romantic dining hall. The HRIM department worked diligently on Friday night to change the basic studio of the Mercyhurst dancers into a gorgeous dining atmosphere. Their efforts were quite successful Brenda Moore and her HRIM students catered the meal including a "surf and turf' theme with lobster tails, or a vegetarian entree and chocolate heart-shaped desserts, i Presque Isle Wine Cellars supplied the wine for the festivities. The performance was a col-



R\f \


laboration of musical performers, Quintan go and award-winning tango dancers. The musicians played a very evocative brand of tango musk which complemented the dancers' styles to the fullest f % On Sunday, in the Dr. Barrett and Catherine Walker Recital Hall another performance with the talented dancers and musicians occurred. However, this performance also included many of the dance groups from Erie. Dafmark Dance, Erie Bayfront Dance, and our very own Mercyhurst dancers performed tango pieces along with the professional dancers. Tauna Hunter, director of Mercyhurst Dance Department, choreographed a dance for Bethany Kwasniewski and Parris Hobbs. Their duet was also based on the tango theme and, aesthetically pleasing Overall, "it was a wonderful time working with the distinguished dancers and the musicians," stated Kwasniewskl Clearly the idea to incorporate'members of the Erie dance community was a wonderfu 1 thought and a great experience for the dancers along with the audience.

MARCH 6. Ziggy Marley, Michael Franti and Spearhead.; Mr. Small's Theater, Pittsburgh. On sale Jan. 24 at noon at Ticketmaster. MARCH 8. Von Bondies, Tough f and Lovely. Beachland Tavern, Cleveland. MARCH 9. * '* Bette Midler. HSBC Arena, Buffalo. On sale Jan. 26 at 9 a.m. at Tops Friendly Markets, by phone at (888) 2236000, online at? MARCH 22. Proclaimers. Rosebud, Pittsburgh. On sale* Jan. 23 at Ticketmaster. MARCH 23 Dream Theater. Palace Theater, Monroeville. On sale Jan. 23 at* rlTicketmaster. MARCH 24. Proclaimers. Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland^ APRIL 6. Sleepy Jackson. Rosebud, Pittsburgh. On sale Jan. 23 at Ticketmaster. APRIL 8. Larry the Cable-Guy. Warner Theatre, Erie. y$27.75. On sale Feb. 7 ['; at Tullio Arena box office, Ticketmaster : outlets, by phone at i -&\ |452-4857 or 456-7070, [; online at APRIL 30. Alan Jackson, Martina McBride, Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh. On sale Jan. 24 at Ticketmaster. APRIL 30. Alan Jackson, Martina McBride. Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh. On sale date TBA. University of Buffalo • Mainstage Theater, Buffalo.

Bey once walked away with five awards, mainly for her single "Crazy in Love" and her album "Dangerously In Love."

By Lindsey Kezlarian Contributing writer. The music industry's best and boldest showed up for the 46* annual Grammy Awards, which proved to be a low-key but memorable event for all viewers. After last week's fiasco with Janet Jackson, who was noticeably missing from the ceremony, CBS pulled out any and all preventative measures to stop another embarrassing event similar to the Super Bowl halftime Show. .| Their preventions paid off and the Grammy's went unhitched. Many tuned in to see their favorite musicians and some unique performances throughout the show. Prince and Beyonce teamed up for the opening act, marking the

20 anniversary of Purple Rain. Beyonce latei performed her song "Dangerously in Love** inside of a giantframed,live painting Unique performances and pairs seemed to be the theme of the night, with a tribute and rendition of the Beatles' classic "I Saw Her Standing There" performed by Sting, Dave Matthews, Vince Gill, and Pharrell



\ p

Also, our beloved boy-toy Justin Timberiake, still reeling from the flash shock of his last performance, sang his single "Senorita" joined with jazz musician Arturo Sandoval. OutKast performed twice and won "Album of the Year" and "Best Rap Album" for "Speakerboxx," said Yahoo News. Their second performance was their single "Hey Ya," accompanied by the USC

marching band Some notable winners of the night included Evanescence as "Best New Artist," and according to Yahoo News, an award in which rapper 50 Cent was not too pleased about losing, as he did a stroll onto the stage in the middle of their acceptance speech to which the lead singer of Evanescence said, "Thank you, 50!" * 3 Beyonce walked away with five awards, mainly for her single "Crazy in Love" and her album "Dangerously in Love." According to, Justin Timberiake won "Best Male Pop Artist," in which during his acceptance speech he made reference to the Janet Jackson escapade by saying "I know it's been a rough week on everybody," We're allrightthere with you, buddy.

By Emily Crofoot Contributing writer ph 3, 2 & 8 p.m. "The Human Stain" is the story of a classics professor, (Hopkins) with aterriblesecret that is about to shatter his life in a small New England town. When his affair with a young troubled janitor (Kidman) is uncovered, the secret he had harbored for over 50 years from 1 lis wife, his children and colleagues, fast explodes in a conflagration of devastating consequences.

It's a movie with all the dials cranked up to 11, an overwhelming, intoxicating assault on the senses^ j March 17, 2 & 8 p.m. "In America," being shown on St. Patrick's Day, is Irish filmmaker Jim Sheridan's intelligent and even profound personal drama about uprooting his family and heading to the New World in the 1980s.

March 24, 2 & 8 p.m. "The Weather Underground" is a documentary about the 1970s radical group. Powerful and surprisingly timely, the film explores the March 10,2 & 8 p.m. interweaving of idealism and "City of God" is an electri- terrorism and the frustration fying picture is part tender of true believers who found com i ng-of-agefilmand part that neither approach resultgang-welfare epic from the ed in much change. Brazilian slum.

Devine releases full length album
Lead singer of The Miracle of86 knows how to make music
ByJen Helbig Contributing writer In October of 2003, Kevin Devine released a full-length on Triple Crown Records. To some of us, it was a much awaited album, and to others, it is a call to finally bury yourJohn Mayer CD's between the car seats and get to the store for this one. Kevin Devine, the lead singer ol The Miracle of 86 (whit 1 \ also has an awesome new record) is a young guitarist/singer who really knows how to make music. P 3fl If you've never heard his voice, I would say it's less-trembling than Conor Oberst, more modem than John Denver, and less of a sell-out than Chris Carrabba. The sound is most prominently Devine's acoustic strumming over light, dean electric backup, occasionally a piano, and bright drums. Some songs involve the harmonic tones of a female vocalist, comparable to the contributing vocals in Ben Gibbard's "The Postal Service" album. This album is far better thought out than Devine's 2001 "The Circle Gets the Square." The sound that unravels will catch your attention and interest you for more. • The album begins with two slower acoustic songs, "Ball Game"; and "Wolfs Mouth." He reels the listener in with a few catchy phrases: "And I know the kid with his guitar/so drunk and anxious/has been done to death/ so tell me what hasn't ill try it." The third and fourth songs start to pick up the beat, revealing the style of the CD. 'i Sitting near the middle of the release, "A Flatline Blur" brings a catchy beat of quiet drums and low rolling piano notes creatively bouncing under Devine's words. "A paralyzed puppet sits stiff in the window/grinding his teeth and playing piano/all his songs bleed together in a flatline blur/ a broken litany of worthless words/creating space while your drinks get served."The piano solo doses the song, tiptoeing over the soft yet precise strumming of the acoustic. 1 The next Is one of my favorites on the record, "Whistling Dixie," where Devine quips on Americans gently, but almost offensively. "We're a nation full of dumbbells/Pulling nightshiftB at the gym/We're a nation full of bookworm girls/Dumbing d o w n to fall in love with them." Devine's good-heaned style is never basiling to anyone except for, Ironically, himself. His subtle lyrics make the listener feel Devine's youth, 1 >ui m >t immature like John Mayer's sappy love struck "Your Body is a Wonderland." He does not take life too seriously, but the listener feels aware of his opinions. The second half of the album tosses around various styles that surprise the listener, but all of them are tasteful. "People are so Fickle" sounds like a one-man cover band of The Get Up Kids. It's cute, poppy, and driving. "Marie," ?Country Sky Glow" and "Tapdance" are thoughtful, acoustic movements that are the soundtrack of staying inside on a rainy day. The record does not leave you sleeping, though, "Longer That I'm Out I lere," "You're My I neentive" a n d "Splitting U p Christmas" involves more excitement. :j "Longer That I'm Out 1 -lere" tells a familiar youthful story with a new energy: "And I'm singing all his songs while I sleep on your couch/I'm coughing u p a lung but I'm covering my mouth/And I paint you on the wall/Yellow, red, green and brown/I miss you all the time but I'm blocking it out." For the love song fanatics, "Thanks" brings a few sweet lines into the close of the album: |v rhin streaks of tar spill off your right eye/where my fingers find/Their way there every night we sleep side by side/Your hands in mine." The record generally has the mood for a car ride or an afternoon of background music for homework Devine has brought out even more amazing talent than his earlier albums, but if you are looking for a rock CD, this Is far too indie for you. If you e n d u p buying it and enjoying it, make sure you also go out and try "Owen," "Rocky Votolato," "Iron and Wine," or "Son, Ambulance." 3

FEBRUARY 18,2004



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Six questions J e n n i f e r A n i s t o n
faces as she aims for m o v i e s t a r d o m
ByJam! Bernard New York Daily News ^ With "Friends" coming to an end on May 6, Jennifer Aniston, the show's most popular and glamorous star, is expected to make a simple leap to major movie stardom. H It may not be simple at all. On the face of it, Aniston is well-poised to join actresses like Nicole Kidman, Cameron Diaz and Renee Zellweger on Hollywood's A-list. She could even make a charge on Julia Roberts' turf as America's highest-earning female star. Aniston boosted her standing last month with the box-office hit "Along Came Polly." Her fee of around $5 million per movie now seems set to double. But there are pressing questions chat Aniston faces as she tries to make a permanent transition from TV to movies _ a hill that's proved too steep for some. And some of those questions will pose personal dilemmas for her: Is it more important to her to have children? Is she likely to be weighed down by the continuingriftwith her mother? Will marital tensions emerge if her career outflanks that of husband Brad Pitt? Can she "open" a movie? Can she make it on her own without the "Friends" support, system? . | Is she too nice or too neurotic a screen presence? Aniston has said often enough that she wants to start a family with Pitt as soon as "Friends" ends. It seems unlikely, however, that she will disappear from view like Annette Bening, who put her career on hold the moment she married Warren BeatIf Aniston's life were as smooth as her complexion, as untangled as her trend-setting hair, she might cut a boring figure. But herfamousriftwith her mother is intriguing because it adds a dark spot to Aniston's otherwise perfect public persona She has been estranged for eight years from her mother, Nancy, a former model, ever since the latter mined their relationship for personal gain on tabloid TV and in a 1999 book, "From Mother to Daughter to Friends." In a recent interview with Diane Sawyer, Aniston seemed nearly ready to dismantle her l^ersonal Berlin Wall. "Now we're sort of all standing in our comers, just waiting -j. for the other to approach," she told Sawyer. Pitt, apparently the easygoing half of the couple, has gottenB Aniston to the jx)int where she can imagine forgiving Mom. Yet that thought agitated her during the Sawyer interview.K"I should have a shock thing around my neck like those dogs, when they start to bark. When I . start to cry, I just get electrocut- r. ed," Aniston said. Aniston and Pitt are a rare couple in Hollywood in that With "Friends" coming to an end on May 6, Jennifer Aniston, the show's most popular and they not only seem happy, to make a simple leap to major movie stardom. stable and mutually supportive, v but seldom prompt anyone to es would be throwing off their quette) is fastidious. Ross (Dav- ture to bind her, Aniston's own quirky personality will id Schwimmer) is neurotic. say anything negative about aprons and hiring agents. Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) is a ditz. create a niche for her that Aniston has unique qualities, them. No one has ever claimed it's a not least her empathic nature, Chandler (Matthew Perry; is a combines Rachel's innate sham marriage to shield one par- that position,frerto become, Ppe loser. Jpey (Matt LeBlanc). is sweetness, with those neuroses Aniston claims are at her ty from gossip or to enhance the of those few actresses who can dumb. lesser light's fame. The movie parts they get tend core. "open" movies on the strength to play on those qualities, though A little strangeness adds depth. There is no lesser light, Anis- of their name alone. Playing against Rachel's vivacton and Pitt had each succeedHer early attempts to "carry" Kudrow has managed to break deed individually before they met. movies like Ticture Perfect" and type in films like "Wonderland" ity, Aniston was good as the Their fame and creativity are "The Object of My Affection" and Cox Arquette has a dramat- pressed married store clerk who not interdependent, which is a failed. But Aniston holds her own ic role in the upcomingfilm"No- lias an affair with a stock boy in "The Good Girl." \ healthy state of affairs. opposite Ben Stiller in "Along vember." Director Miguel Arteta got When one half of a showbiz Came Polly." Aniston's Rachel, who went i couple starts to become a bigShe has also judiciously sprin- from rich, spoiled brat to self- Aniston to tone down her physger star than the other, it often kled her movie career with the sufficient buyer for Ralph Lau- ical comedy (by carrying weights breeds insecurity. splashy ("Bruce Almighty"), the ren, is the only "friend" not sad- so she wouldn't gesticulate) and Pitt hasn't had a hit in a while serious ("The Good Girl"), and dled with a defining personality deflate her hair (by not washing and could start to feel sorry for the offbeat ("Office Space"), as trait that would limit future roles. it). I .; p Aniston also has what it takes | Aniston could find it a greater himself if Aniston becomes a if anticipating that one day she'd need to cover many bases as a in ways that no resume can con- stretch to play a cynic, a bitch Hollywood darling. vey. Then again, he might welcome Hollywood leading lady, or a femme fatale. All her "Friends" co-stars have She has the girl-next-door it. Even in the name ofversatilIf all it took to be a contender made movies, too, but they've freshness of Sandra Bullock and ity, she may not want to squanfor Roberts' box-office throne mostly seen hampered by their the sophisticated comedy in- der the 10 years of goodwill stincts of Carole Lombard. were beauty and talent, then TV peronas. Rachel has accrued. Without the "Friends" strucMonica (Courteney Cox Arhundreds of winsome waitressIt is also hard to imagine Anis-

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glamorous star, is expected




Although high on family values, Aniston has, if anything, stepped up her workload since marriage (and she certainly doesn't need the money). The fact that babies have been penciled in to accommodate Aniston's schedule means that professional ambition remains a high priority.

ton stealing literary heroine roles from Nicole Kidman. That doesn't preclude her trying a dramatically dark role. It is easier for comic actors to try drama than vice versa, not least because people often use humor to mask pain. Aniston first became a class clown after her dad (soap star John Aniston) left the family when she was 9Now, with her 35th birthday approaching on Feb. 11, she can begin to let the pain show through the wisecracks. Whatever she decides to do with her "Friends" momentum, at least she'll never have to go back to waitressing or selling Poconos timeshares, as she did before she became famous. She can, of course, decide to sit back and do nothing. More likely, she'll decide to try and have it all.

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FEBRUARY 18,2004


By Ryan Palm Contributing Writer The men's hockey team was able to snap a three-game winless streak this past weekend, Feb. 13-14, with a pair of wins , against Army at West Point, ' N.Y. ; The first of the two was played Friday night, and despite being outshot 40-36, the Lakers were able to light the lamp five times against Army goaltender Brad Roberts. The first three scores of the night would belong to Mercyhurst, with the first coming at 8:51 off the stick of junior defensemen Mike Kirby, Kirov's third goal of the season was assisted by sophomore Mike Pochatek and freshman Kyle Gourgon. The second Laker goal came thirty seconds prior to the end of the second period, when senior Adam Tackaberry was fed
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Men's hocke y s w e e p s A r m y o n the
f f £ T?"\£"^7T. *J T |



by seniors Peter Rynshoven and Mike Carter. Tackabeny's eleventh goal of the season gave Mercyh u rst a 2Olead." , Mercyhurst struck again at 6:59 when senior defenseman and team captain Nolan Brown scored his third goal of the season. Brown's goal was assisted by Tackaberry and Carter. Army would get two goals in the third, but freshman Scott Champagne was able to score his eighth goal of the season in-between them. Champagne's goal, assisted by fellow freshman Jon Asselstine

Borrelli's team-leading 13th goal of the season tied the game at 1-1. \& Army scored again less than a minute after Borrelli's goal, putting them ahead 2-1. E>j 1 The Mercyhurst offense responded with a vengeance, as H they went on to score the next five goals of the game, four of which came in the second period ;" Thefirstof die four in the second camefromJohnson, whose ninth goal of the year was assisted by Reynolds and BorrelFHe Photo Scott Champagne li. /' and junior Rich Hansen, gave the Hansen was the next Laker to score, with his goal coming at Lakers a 4-1 lead. Army notched their second tal- 12:40. ly of the night with 30 seconds Champagne was credited with to play in the second, but that another assist, with Brown getproved to be the last shot that ting a tally as well. got by Mercyhurst sophomore The next two goals came from goalie Andy Franck. the stick of Champagne, with the Mercyhurst was able to cap the first at 18:19 in the second, and night off when freshman for- the second at 2:50 in the third ward Kyle Gourgon scored on andfinalperiod. an unassisted shorthanded goal, Junior forward David Wrigley his ninth of the season. added his eleventh goal of the The goal put Mercyhurst ahead season at 12:56, putting Mercy5-2, where the game would fin- hurst ahead 6-2. ish. Army managed to score again Franck finished with a stellar at 15:35, but were able to get any performance, stopping 36 of closer than that, with the game the 38 shots he faced. ending at 6-3. The two teams were back on Franck played another stellar the ice on Saturday, and Army effort, as the Lakers were again came out prepared. out shot, this time by a total of The Black Knights scored first 33-25. I : § I fj on this night, whenJon Boyle put With the pair of victories, the it past Franck at 7:51 in the first Lakers remain in second place period of Atlantic Hockey with a 13-5Mercyhurst finally got on the 1 record, trailing only Holy Cross board at 6:30 in the second, when in the standings. sophomore Erik Johnson and "We played very strong this junior T.J. Kemp found Dave weekend, and we need that to Borrelli. carry over into our next five

File Photo

Hard work and hard practices are going to give the team a strong finish. games," remarked Champagne five games ifwe stand a chance." Center, regarding the team's play, " C are Ve The men take on Sacred Heart This will be die team's last game trying to catch Holy Cross and this Friday night, Feb. 20, at at the MIC while school is in seswe need five wins in our next home at the Mercyhurst Ice sion. |

Men's basketball earns playoff birth
ByKristaRoss Contributing writer The Mercyhurst men's basketball team traveled to Ohio the past weekend to play GIJ^ AC teams Ashland and Findlay while also trying to seal their GL1 AC playoff spot. Hie Lakers faced the Ashland Eagles on Thursday, Feb. 12, and clinched the win 60-59 to seal their GLIAC playoff spot, and took over sole possession of first place in the GLIAC south division. The Eagles gave the Lakers a battle holding senior guardJustin Shouse scoreless in the first half. He averages nearly 15 points a game on the season. - Ashland led at the half 3531, but the Lakers were not about to back down. The Lakers NCAA Division II fourth ranked defense (58.0ppg) held the Eagles to 59 points on the night Mercyhurst tied the game at 45 with 13 minutes left, and scored 29 points, outscoring tl le eagles byfivein the second half. The game was decided when Shouse hit a shot from behind the left wing arc with only seven seconds left to play. Seniors Shouse and forward Josh Helm combined to score 24 of Mercyhurst's 29 second half points and 40 of the teams
60. ')•

College sports given black eye
By Dan LeBatard KRT Newspapers Here's a partial list of what happened recently in amateurism while America clucked about a scandalously exposed nipple: The University of Colorado began investigating whether football recruits were provided prostitutes. A North Carolina basketball recruit was released on $40,000 bond after allegedly selling copious amounts of drugs. The president at St John's discussed disbanding a run-amok basketball program that had just had a bunch of players involved in a sex scandal. ^Miami's best football recruit was arrested for the 11th time. Then, of course, there were your garden-variety bar fights, rape accusations, academic issues, domestic disputes, booster payments, suspensions and other abuses that don't feel quite right near the campus library. All this stuff didn't happen in the past year or past month. It happened in the past week. While we were leading newscasts with Janet Jackson's malfunctioning wardrobe. Speaking of boobs, the NCAA announced Feb. 12 it was forming a task force to look into the tawdry recruiting practices. That should solve everything. A task force! When it convenes, who s bringing the booze and strippers? We love to talk about the purity and tradition of college sports, about Duke's bobbing basketball crowd and TouchdownJesus and the charm of the alma mater's fight song, but shamateurism gets




Senior forward Mike Marshall pulled down nine boards.

The Lakers shot 12-16 from the foul line. The Lakers traveled on to Findlay on Saturday;Feb. 14 to face the Oilers,; Mercyhurst came out strong taking a 13-2 lead over the Oilers in the first five and a half minutes, but would get into foul trouble that would cause a 6053 verdict over the Lakers. The Oilers went on a 21-5 run but the Lakers would hold their ground at half 24-23* The Lakers leading 37-27 with 14:30 left to play held the lead with just under three minutes left to play in regulation j. The Oilers ended the contest with a 10-3 run outscoring the Lakers by 8 in the second half. Shouse, who went the entire first half without a foul, picked up five within a 13 minute span in the second half. a The Lakers ended the game with 25 fouls, the most in one game this season. Shouse was credited with two assists on the night, which put him in first place for all time leading with 246. Helm led all scorers with 15 while Shouse added 14 and guard Jawad Ali added ten. Mercyhurst sealed the GLIAC playoff spot for the first time since 2001, and will rest until next Saturday when it travels to Hillsdale. |> The Lakers also have upcoming Rival game against Gannon on Feb. 28 to conclude the regular season.

The U.C. football team Is just one of many caught up In a potential scandal.
exposed as nothing more tluin the

Kevin KrecWKRT Photo

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big business of minor-league sports with every incident, every arrest, every porno on a St. John's player's cellphone. Did you hear the details of this charming scandal? A bunch of St. John's players go to a strip club after a game and leave with a 38-year-old woman who allegedly agrees to have sex with them for money. They don't pay. She claims rape. None of the players are arrested because one of them taped the encounter on his cellphone. That's the kind of discipline and attention to fundamentals you want from your squad. If coach has said it once, he has said it a thousand times: When having an orgy with a prostitute you don't intend to pay, make sure to have your cell-

phone at the ready. After the recorded incident was shown to police, the woman was charged with filing a false report. 'She men explained to the New York tabloids that she wasn't a prostitute but a married flight attendant Would have been fun to hear her try to explain all this to her husband. He must have been soothed when he heard that. yes, his wife had sex with a bunch of basketball players but at least it wasn't for money _ making her unfaithful and a bad businesswoman, perhaps, but at least not greedy. Sorry for all the naughty talk, but that's where we are today in college sports as Rice and Houston and Colorado look into whether their recruits were wooed with strippers.

That newly formed NCAA taskforceis entrusted with finding out ifJohnny Recruit is handing over his next four years of education to Miami instead of Nebraska because South Florida has better exotic dancers. The recruiting process is a petri dish for scandal. You lure young and often poor kids with private planes, lobster dinners, big parties, nightlife, liquor and cute student hostesses and are surprised when the acts entitled or gets into trouble? Give kids enough head-swelling free stuff, and pretty soon you have those rape accusations in Colorado where players turn lobster and women into part of the same take-as*n iuch-as-youWant buffet. ;: But never mind all that. Let's just close our eyes and sing the light song again.

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FEBRUARY 18,2004

Women hockey jstill perfect in CHA



7b contact

By Ryan Palm Contributing Writer The seventh nationally ranked women's hockey team was able to maintain their perfect record in College Hockey America play with a pair of victories over the visiting University of Findlay Oilers The two wins, played Feb. 1415, improve Mercyhursfs record to 22-4-4 overall, and 10-0-0 in CHA play. The two games were quite the opposites, as spectacular goaltending in game one was superseded by the stellar offensive play in game two. Mercyhurst struck early in the first game, when freshman forward Julie Colizza scored her fourth goal of the season at 17:53 in the first. ? The power play goal was assisted by junior Sara McDonald and sophomore Danielle Lansing. The score would remain that way until 10:22 in the third period, when Findlay's Nicole Richardson would score her fourth goal of the season. With the score tied 1-1 late in the third, it appeared overtime was a distinct possibility. Luckily Samantha Shirley was open and put a rebound from Britney Millar and Teresa Marchese-Del Monte past the Findlay goalie. Shirley's team-leading 14th goal of the season would turn out to be the game winner, as the Lakers would take the contest 2 L. The Oilers pulled their goalie, sophomore Jessica Moffat, with 37 seconds remaining to get another attacker on the ice. The Mercyhurst defense stayed strong and was able to preserve the win for junior goalie Desi Clark. In the final game of the season between the two teams, the issue was in doubt for the entire

Junior forward Teresa Marchese-Del Monte attempts to gain control of the puck in front of the University of Findlay goaltender.

Kate McAdams/Photo Editor

game. say Barch. Findlay got on the board first, I Both teams would notch a talbut Mercyhurst rebounded with ly in the second period, with two consecutive goals in the first, freshman forward Jackie Janell coming from Colizza and junior doing the honors for the Hurst. forward Lindsay Dellow. Jarrell's ninth goal of the year, Dellow's sixth goal of the year coming at 17:30, was assisted by was assisted by junior Chrissy Colizza and put Mercyhurst up Yule and senior co-captain Lynd- 3-2. "• ** i •

The lead lasted until 5:48 in the third period, when Leannelunks tied the game for Findlay. Neither team could score before the buzzer, and the game headed to afive-minutesuddendeath overtime. A tie was looking probably as neither team was able to do

much offensively for the first four minutes of the overtime period Mercyhurst finally broke through when Colizza scored her second goal of the night with just 16 seconds remaining in the game. "J-?* The assist on the goal was cred-

ited to Lansing, her 11th of the season The pair of wins keeps the Lakers atop the CHA, and the team will take the weekend off. They will be back in action when they travel to Princeton University on Saturday, Feb. 28 and Sunday, Feb. 29. }

wrestle and weren't realty preBy MattJackson pared for what he was going to Contributing Writer do on the mat," said Cipolione. Academics and time-manage"I think Justin will be alright ment in college can be tough for In a pivotal match for both though. He is an endof-the-sea- anyone, especially for varsity athteams, the No. 13 Mercyhurst son wrestler and has rebound- letes. 1 •§ Lakers wrestling team dropped ed from losses in the past." N It becomes even more difficult a 19-12 decision tofifthplaced The Lakers will get to see the when someone is playing not just University of Pitt-Johnstown on UPJ team in only two weeks one sport, but is also playing a Friday., Feb. 14. when they bom will be compet- sport at the club level. It all came down to missed ing in the East Regional ChamThis is exactly what sophoopportunities for the Laker pionships, and Coach Gpollonei more Kevin Binsell and freshisn't worried about where his man Tim Falkner are doing at squad "We lost two matches in over- team is presently at. Mercyhurst College. time and had chances for pins "They (UPJ) were looking Both individuals compete for in three different weights," said past us and the East Regional the very competitive club hockCoach Cipolione. "We wrestled clear to the national tourna- ey team during the winter seahard, but it wasn't our best ment. Well I think if they are son and then are teammates the team to beat, then we aren't once again for the golf team in match." -;• I A highlight of the match for too far behind." the spring. They also share many the Lakers came in the 184 bout The Lakers will not get a break similarities in other aspects of where No.4 Ben McAvinew de- before the postseason as they their athletics as well. will take the mat against the feated No.3 Randy Pyle 6-4. "Yeah it's tough to compete in Pyle was victorious when the fourth ranked team in the na- two sports, because you have to two wrestled earlier in the year. tion, Findlay University, this learn to manage your time," said "The kid (Pyle) beat Ben at a coming weekend Falkner. time when he wasn't wrestling; Findlay is a well-balanced Binsell agreed saying, "Yeah, it his best. I think Ben is peaking team with a small amount of really is hard. It definitely cuts at the right time," said Cipol- superstars. back on your sleep time, and you ione. Coach Cipolione is hoping not have to schedule everything The other match of national- only to win the match, but also around your sports." ly ranked wrestlers did not have to help prepare his team for the Both Binsell and Falkner startas pleasant of an outcome for postseason. ed their two sports at a young the Lakers. "It's hard to say what kind of age. Binsell started playing orgaAt 197, No. 6 Justin Mautz line-ups will be put out, but we nized hockey at age six and got dropped a 3-2 decision to two- have the chance to win. Either his first set of golf clubs at age time All American Howard Bell.! way it will get us ready for the eight "We had never really seen him East Regional tournament." Falkner started his hockey days at agefiveand began playing golf at age seven. Hockey is also the preferred sport of the two. "Hockey is my passion," said Binsell. "I just love to play it." Representatives from "I like hockey better because Austra Learn & CEA of the intensity," said Falkner. Semester At Sea & Syracuse University "It's a lot more physical of a are here to answer questions about Studying Abroad. sport. n Falkner comes to Mercyhurst Wednesday, February 18, 8:J 5p.m. in ZURN 214 from West Seneca, N.Y. If you cannot make it to the meeting and would like He played for the top ranked information 18 and under team in the nation. on studying abroad, please visit Main 209 or call x2478

Club hockey players show versatility Wrestlers taken down by JtTPJ
By MattJackson Contributing Writer

Sophomore Kevin Binsell

File Photo


according to, the Buffalo Saints. He played alongside his current roommate and club hockey teammate, Ken Waszak. Binsell comes from farther north than Falkner-Georgetown, Canada. He played junior hockey while in high school and still managed to make the honor roll five times. The two also both plan to continue playing some form of hockey after they are finished with college. "I will play some hockey, but I don't know at what level," said Falkner. "And I will definitely play golf, too." f 'i "I will probably play hockey until I can't walk anymore," said Binsell. "It is just something I love to do." This season Binsell has had a huge impact on Mercyhurst\s success in club hockey. His 19 goals and 24 assists have put him at 10th in the na-

tion for scoring. In their team's most recent game, the Mercyhurst club hockey team defeated the University of Buffalo 6-3 in a key contest

for the Lakers. rhis win virtually places the Lakers in first place for the ECHL. ;• Alternate captain, and junior forward, Bobby Spitzer shined for the Lakers with two goals for the night Junior alternate captain Mick Girardi netted a goal on a break away. # Senior captain Pat Martino and sophomore defenseman Ryan Bessey each had a goal of their own fron 1 the blue line. The Lakers still have two games remaining in the regular season. Both games are against John Carroll University and take place on Friday, Feb. 20, and Saturday, Feb. 21. W Friday's game will be played at John Carroll and Saturday's game will be placed in front of a home crowd at the Ice Center. Saturday's game will also be the last home game for this year's team, and the last ever for this year's seniors.


r Hiftsx vs
Freshman Tim Faulkner
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