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Campus Improvements PAGE 2

Students share Chrstmasjoy with local\underpriveleged children
By Jaime Myers Contributing writer Christmas will be celebrated a few weeks early by the Mercyhurst community and deserving children at die annual Christmas on Campus this Saturday from 1 to 4 p.m. Mercyhurst College faculty and students are giving back to the Erie community by hosting the event in the Student Union for underprivileged children. More than 100 children from 12 different agencies around Erie will attend the day's events. Some agencies include Booker T. Washington Center, the John E Kennedy Center* the Martin Luther King Jr. Center, the Erie Boys and Girls Club, Community Shelter Services, Emmaus Kid's Cafe, House of Healing, House of Mercy and Mercy Center for Women. The agencies are chosen based on Mercyhurst Service Learning connections and all have students from Mercyhurst serving there regularly. Each child will be paired with a Mercyhurst student volunteer, their "buddy" to participate in the various activities. With close to 150 Mercyhurst students giving their time to be buddies, dressing up as characters and working to plan the event, this year could be the largest Christmas

Obesity: H o w big of a problem is it?


Baseball, Bonds, & steroids, one take on the scandal.


D* Angelo Oper a Theatre presents "Tails \ of Hoffman" PAGE 8

This closet bursting with toys will be handed out to the kids on Saturday. ganizing this year's event include Anni DiBartolomeo, Mike Foglio, Amy Todd, Jackie Farina, Patrick Neubert, t h e e v e n t jComixiittee- members o r - Beth lablonskj and Ale3c|iameL The on Campus to date. Many students have already been hard at work since October planning committee is aided by student director Kelly Rose Duttine and director of student activities Darcey Kemp. l t c % t Bleas& see C *TiF ™" " * Page.£

Mercyhurst sees wave of the future
College will continue growth and expansion despite lack of additional space
The new bookstore allowed for the By Jason Endress Laker Inn to be modified and expandContributing writer ed, as well as tying the freshman portion of the campus to the other half The class of 2005 has witnessed of the college, providing a centralized Mercyhurst College grow by leaps meeting place and study area. Mercyhurst students may have and bounds. Housing now stretches from the come to expect to see heavy maMercy Apartments all the way to chinery on campus, but MercyhurstV Wayne Street, linked to the rest of "final" growth spurts have come to pass, due in part to the lack of adcampus by twin walkways. Students watched attentively as the ditional space. President Dr. William Garvey said tower of the Audrey Hirt Academic Center was erected, and were the first that current problems on campus, to take courses in (he new academic such as parking, are "like dominos" building, their classes supplemented For instance, building an additional by "smart podiums." parking garage next to the Hirt Center would require the demolition of some of the apartment buildings in the area. Mercyhurst, however, is not finished growing, at least not in the sense of the larger institution of the College. Beyond several tentative and longrange plans for main campus, there are concrete plans for a West Campus, as well as plans for expansion at Mercyhurst North East The North East campus will be undergoing expansion as it grows closer to its target enrollment of 1200, which will be 900 next fall, Garvey said£ A freshman dorm is planned to handle the increasing student population. Garvey noted that Haraot Medical Center has expressed a desire to build a professional building on the campus, which will allow for an enlarged medicine and nursing program, as well as the potential addition of sports medicine to the curriculum. Like North Eeast, the west campus, which will be built near the Fairview area, will be a two-year community college. A definite site has not been selected, but selection has been narrowed to two or three locations.

GLIAC play u p ahead for women's basketball P A G E 11

Upcoming Campus Events
Wednesday, Dec. 8
Film: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring, 2 p.m. and 8 p.m., PAC.

Please see Future on Page 2.

Thursday, Dec. 9
Lecture: Former Erie police officer Terry Dawley: Surviving an armed confrontation, 8:15 p.m., Taylor Little Theatre.

Marshall Scholar Hurst lights up Krysiek awarded prestigious scholarship
By Joshua Wil wohl Layout assistant Senior Tim Krysiek possesses more than just the intelligence I to be a super spy with the government. Majoring in research and intelligence, I Russian studies and minoting in po- Tim Krysiek the award also grants him room and board, world-wide travel, a stipend and travel between the university and the United States* Krysiek is not an amateur to studying abroad. Traveling on the Boren Scholarship, Krysiek traveled to St Petersburg for several weeks of Russian studies. In addition, he traveled to Quebec City in Canada to study French language. Dr. Mary Ann Owoc, representative of the Marshall Scholarship, said, "Tim is remarkable. He is both personally and intellectually mature beyond his years, and this, combined with a great sense of humor, a critical mind, self-motivation and a love of learning, make him an ideal scholarship and graduate school candidate." The Marshall Scholarship finances two years of graduate study in the United Kingdom at a university chosen by the student Requirements for the scholarship include a minimum GPA of 3.7, United States citizenship and a fouryear undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university. "If any sophomore or junior interested m applying for the scholarship, they should get in touch with the Mercyhurst Marshall Representative on campus to set up an interview," said Owoc.

Saturday, Dec. 11
Christmas o n C a m p u s : 1 p.m. until 4 p.m., Student Union.

Tn A a v / News

provided the | *a| qualification Krysiek needed to win 2 News the George C Marshall Scholarship. News • 3 Krysiek, the first Mercyhurst ,: student ever to receive a Marshall reotwres**... « .#••#•••• H Scholarship, will spend the next two Features 5 to three years abroad in the United ^^ • -, Kingdom at the University of Saint Opinion ... ...—#..#•••• ..•••O Andrews in Scotland where he plans t o 8tU( Opinion ••*.*• •••••• ***7 *y Middle Eastern and Central Q Asian security. ^ ^ & E. • ** "I Was very excited,0 said Krysiek. A xv j? •••••••9i "It's such a great feeling to know * that school is paid for the next two Sports * ° to three years and to know that I will 9 Sports ••• H be earning a great education/ r * v; J The scholarship itself is a comprebports ....•» • hensive award that covers more than just tuition. According to Krysiek,



I Utfcal 8Cience


Joshua Wllwohl/Loyout aswilanl

The campus of Mercyhurst Is decoratedforthe holiday season. This Christmas tree in Old Main Is one of the many glowing symbols that Christmas is almost here.





Decembers, 2004

By Jaime Myers Contributing writer

To contact

There is always maintenance work going on around the Mercy hurst campus, but the most is came over breaks so that students were not interrupted from their studies. As the term cames to an end, many new things have been built or renovated on campus over break. One of the most noticed changes is the new archway over the Parade Street entrance. The archway has just recently been completed. The main entrance from 38th Street is very eye catching and functional. Tyrone Moore said that because of the amount of people that enter the campus from Pacc rade Street, We needed a more attractive entrance for the west perimeter.] Not only do students use that entrance, but many others do for things like athletic events. In question is still what to do with the vacant lot that was origi- nally meant for more parking. Because of the complaints from many of the residents on

Parade Street, ideas are still being thrown around for what to do with the area. Some ideas now include a recreation spot Possibly a volleyball court or even a beautified area are being considered. There is no rush to make a decision. A classroom on the third floor of Old Main has been changed into a boardroom. The classroom was mainly used for education classes. The education department was moved to the Audrey Hirt Academic Center two years ago. The need for classrooms in other buildings has lessened due to the new classrooms in the Hirt Center. Some other changes include new blinds purchased by Mercyhurst Student Government for the Student Union. A new DN A lab has been put into Zurn for the use of students. Maintenance was busy over Thanksgiving break doing work around housing areas. Moore said he did not want to inconvenience the students by interrupting their schoolwork with the maintenance work that needed to be done. Every break including Thanks-

giving, Christmas, Spring Break and Easter, a detailed list is made on what needs to be done around campus. This past break, a few apartments received bathroom exhausts. The rest were finished this summer. The second floor of Egan Hall received an upgraded electronic panel. This will hopefully fix the frequent power outages there. Also many sewer lines were snaked out, hoping to lessen the flooding in apartments due to the interference of tree roots. Some lighting has been replaced in the Performing Arts Center. Lighting was also upgraded in the drafting lab in the Family and Consumer Sciences building. Also, some of the classrooms that needed to be painted in Zurn were completed by the start of the winter term. One big change will deal with the security on campus. Eightyfive percent of the campus is guarded with security screens. The rest of the buildings will soon be completed. Many students want to feel more secure around campus and do not want people to just be

Katie McAdams/Photo editor

The west entrance of Mercyhurst has a new look
able to walk into their buildings without keys. Between six and eight screens have been torn out, whole buildings are getting fined because nobody admits to breaking them. "Kids are just destructive, they don't look at the big picture," said Moore. Moore wants to crack down on the security of students.

Social w o r k club promotes H I V / A I D S
By Kelly Bragan and Joseph Betz Blood, semen, vaginal secretions and breast milk. No, this is not an article on childbirth; rather, these are the four fluids through which HIV can be transmitted. World AIDS Day was recently celebrated on Dec. 1, and It Is important ijf\ffiderstan3 the disease. First, there are four ways you can get HIV: Unprotected sexual intercourse with an infected partner, sharing needles or other contaminated injection or skinpiercing equipment, blood and blood products through infected transfusions and organ or tissue transplants, transmission from infected mother to child in the womb, at birth and/or breastfeedingHTV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. This is the virus known to cause AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). If someoheTs HTV-positive, it means they have been infected with the virus. A person infected with HIV does not have AIDS until the virus seriously damages their immune system, making them vulnerable to a range of infections, some of which can lead to death. In 2003, almost five million people acquired HIV and an average of five people die every minute of AIDS, Currently, at least 38 million are living with the disease. For the past three years, the Mercyhurst Social Work Club has organized an HTV/AIDS Awareness evening to educate the college campus on HIV and AIDS related issues. Last year was a global perspective that brought an African doctor, two African Sisters of Mercy, a Russian perspective and Latin American perspective on the disease. This year, the club welcomes three speakers to Zurn 214 on Thursday at 8:15 p.m. They include: •Fran Reinsel, a registered nurse with a specialized background in HIV, STD and other communicable diseases. She is the coordinator of Shout Outreach, which is a grass roots outreach team that began in 1966. They provide HIV education and assistance to all communities within the Erie community with a focus on high risk areas. •A personal perspective will be offered by a female living with HIV from the area. •Gil Kudrin: founder of a company called Night Sweats

to call home. Students from Mercyhurst College go down to Honduras every year to visit this orphanage and engage with Honduras, the country with the greatest AIDS pandemic problem in Central America. You will also be able to purchase t-shirts from Night Sweats and T-Cells directly from Gil, the founder of the company. z 1 * A Come this Thursday, Dec 9* at 8:15 p.m. in Zurn 214 to learn the truth about HTV/AIDS and to listen to personal accounts of people living with the pandemic disease. Education can be used to make a difference in this world.

and T-Cells from Cleveland, Ohio and recipient of The Spirit of Healing Award by Ohio. He will speak about the policy work he did in Washington, D C . for people with AIDS and the company he began in Cleveland that is a full service screenprint and design shop owned and operated by persons living with HTV/AIDS. Gil has a fascinating story that he has shared all over the country. Finally, there will be a chance for you to make a difference by donating to Casa Cortizon, an orphanage home in Honduras for children living with HIV/ AIDS who have no other place

Christmas for underpriveleged
ContinuedfromPage L
"Christmas on Campus is something that wouldn't happen without the whole campus/' said Darcey Kemp, adviser of the event and agency contact. Faculty, staff, administration and even some students donated the presents that Santa Claus will give to each child. The committee for gathering and wrapping all of the gifts matches each child with a gift based on their "wish list" The most popular toys requested this year? Anything and everything Dora the Explorer Spiderman and of course, Barbie. During the course of the day, there will be dancing, face painting, Christmas Bingo, a sing-along and many crafts, all sponsored by different clubs and organizations and athletic teams on campus. Children can take pictures with Santa, make ornaments, decorate sugar cookies, "shop for" and even wrap presents to give to their parents for the holiday. They can also talk to and dance with 26 of their favorite characters including Santa's elves, the Flintstones, and many Disney characters. The fun will conclude in the Great Room with a reading of " Twas the Night Before Christmas" by Barry McAndrew while the children enjoy milk and cookies and presents from everyone's favorite Santa and Mrs. Claus pair—Foglio and DiBartolomeo. "It is a worthwhile cause. It brings the opportunity to kids who otherwise would not have an experience like this," said Kemp.

Galley Grill

Laker=WinterTerm Inn
Tropical Island Oasis Fruit Smoothies Strawberry Banana Pina Colada Potato Skins French Toast 1/2 lb. Galley Burger OLD FAVORITES: Chicken Fingers Sizzling Salad Ruby's Famous Pizza Grilled Chicken Sandwich Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8:00am-1:00 a.m. Saturday 1:00pm-1:00 a.m. Sunday 5:00pm-1:00 a.m.

Future plans expand Mercyhurst
ContinuedfromPage 1.
The planned courses at the West campus will revolve around conservation, veterinary medicine and wildlife management, among other areas of study. Garvey noted that the courses that will be taught are for the expressed purpose of supplementing and adding to the West county population. The courses in conservation are planned with the development of a state park in the Owl Creek area in mind. Garvey noted that a future racetrack is the rationale behind both veterinary medicine and wildlife management, as the racetrack will need people qualified to handle and care for horses. The superintendents in the area "asked for a school," Garvey said. The region around Erie was severely lacking in two year colleges, Garvey noted, prior to the advent of North East. The West campus will serve to extend the education opportunities yielded by Northeast and the Main campus. "The wave of the future in Erie is the two-year college," said Garvey.

Laker Express
NEW ITEMS: OLD FAVORITES: Meals In a Minute Grilled Chicken Salad Macaroni and Cheese Turkey Bagels Stuffed Shells Crispy Chicken Salad Chicken Parm Ham and Turkey Subs Penne Pasta w/ Alfredo Sauce Chocolate Chip Cookies Board Equivalency Available:

Parking Announcements
Parking lot 12 will be closed at 6 p.m. Friday, Dec. 10 until(i2 a.m. Saturday Dec. 11.I Parking in underground lots without a pass is prohibited, even during school breaks. |The campus speed limit is 10 mph, students are asked to obey the limit. Subconnection
SATURDAY SPECIAL: Any foot long Sub Just $3.25 cash and campus card only!!!! add $1.00 for a combo!!!!

Hours of Operation: Monday-Thursday 11:30-8:00 p.m Frida y 11:30-3:30 p.m Saturday & Sunday Closed

FEATURE8: Meatball Sub Baja Chicken BBQ Chicken Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 11:30-9:00 p.m. Saturday 1:00pm-9:00 p.m. Sunday 5:00pm-9:00 p.m


December 8,2004



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Students to lose Pell grant
Government mistake changesfinancialaid for students
By Josh West Contributing writer College students across the country may find themselves facing changes in the amount of money they receive from the government in the form of college grants. James Theeuwes, Director of Student Financial Services at Mercyhurst says that "we (Mercyhurst) won't notice the 5 change. In May of last year, the Department of Education published revisions to the tables used to determine the Expected Family Contribution (EFQ of students and their families for the 2004-2005 award year. The EFC decides how much a student and his or her family are expected to contribute towards the student's cost of attendance. A student's EFC is calculated based on the amount of the IOTO courtesyol Joditoefto family's income left over after the consideration of certain allowances, such as basic living expenses and tax liability. The statistics used to make this caling a three and a half month culation are taken from the Free long trip all over the world this Application for Federal Student year through the Semester At Sea Aid (FAFSA) and tables created program. She said, "Including by the Department of Education my flight to the ship and return to determine state and other tax home, I will go completely across allowances. By law, FAFSA input and tax the globe." Landphair will mainly take allowance information must be core classes on the ship: cultural updated annually to ensure an anthropology, world geography, accurate reflection of economic geology and Asian religions. Landphair said students attend class every day, including Saturdays and Sundays, because there is no class while in port. The ship services about 635 students from across the U.S. and intprj national qopimunity,.accQf$Li$g py Ipny Faqey to Landphair: 1%&$ Landphair estimates that the Contributing writer \ trip will cost around $20,000. She did not let that deter her In February 2003, long term <C dream. I was then determined tensions erupted, resulting in war to go in order to experience a in the western region of Sudan once in a lifetime opportunity in Africa. to receive a global perspective," A rebel insurrection frustrated said Landphair. with the Khartoum government's Landphair is looking forward marginalization of the Darfur to this trip. "From this voyage, I region began to demand political hope to obtain a more complete and economic reforms. understanding of world issues The government's response and politics. I hope to enrich my was the deployment of Arab milife with the culture and passion litia into the region, to quell the of the people I meet abroad. I uprisings. However, the militia think this trip will strengthen (known as the Janjaweed) quickly my character and encourage me became notorious for the murder to pursue other seemingly unob- and rape of people, as well as the tainable ventures in my life, both destruction of villages. After 18 personal and occupational." months of conflict between the On Nov. 2, more than 60 militia and the two African rebel students attended Study Abroad groups, there have been 50,000 Night, which showcased the people killed and two million affiliated programs. Evans said displaced. there are more students signed The Sudanese government up this year than last, but does has said that the rebels' call for not have an exact number. outside support has only served

Jody Mello took advantage of the program In Australia,

Studentsican experience'the worldfor credit
By Elizabeth Johnson Contributing writer Students looking for a way to travel the world while continuing their education may want to consider studying abroad "Students can go anywhere they want in the world and they can pursue any avenue to do that as long as they get permission from the college " said Eric Evans, Director of Internadonal Students and Services and Study Abroad. There are six programs that Evans encourages students to is 'VL^tn , ^ nrU /iflrsmoLr work with: AustraLearn, American Institute For Foreign Study. Semester At Sea, Cultural Experiences Abroad, Syracuse University and Freeman-ASIA. Evans said that it is in the best interest for students to use these programs because they have a lot of resources for the students. This includes everything from picking them up at the airport, to taking them on excursions on the weekends; they really look after them when they're overseas. Students have to get Mercyhurst approval, but can choose a location to study. Then, they choose what program best fits their needs. One unique feature of The Internadonal Student Center, located in Baldwin Townhouse No. 4, is the Study Abroad Resource Center, a comfortable place for students to research the study abroad program. There, students can study literature, research programs online and talk to Evans or Emily Mosco, the graduate assistant of internadonal admissions. * The information is hyperlinked to the Mercyhurst Web site under current students and parents and prospective students and parents. Students can find the information by clicking on Studying Abroad Information link. Cost is determined by destination and provide^ but Evans said that part of the students' financial aid will go with them as long as they are taking the correct number of classes and complete the proper paperwork. Julie Hofmann, coordinator for financial aid, said that these trips can easily be affordable. Students can choose to study abroad for a semester, a year, or a summer program, although there is no financial aid for the summer program. Each program has different application deadlines; there is still time to sign for spring and summer. Evans said that students should participate because it makes them better global citizens by exjjeriendng other cultures. He said it also makes them appreciate and see America in a different light Evans didn't officially join a -tudy abroad program, but lived in Guatemala for five months after college. Mosco participated in the Syracuse University five month programs in Madrid, Spain. She thinks every student who has the opportunity should study abroad. She pointed out that seeing original art pieces such as the Mona Lisa and The David is different than seeing copies or a slide. Mosco emphasized that The International Student Center is there to help students find a program that fits their needs. Jody Mello went to Australia in January through the AustraLearn program.. She attended B.otid Umyers|tx : a^d ^ i e d .cornmuni cations and international relations. Mello had a postive experience. "Bond University is an amazing opportunity; since it is the only private university in Australia...! made friends from Germany, South Korea, Australia, Sweden and many from the U.S. as well," said Mello. Mello enjoyed the cultural diversity and educational experience. There were students from all around the world in her international relations tutorials, which made debating about current events interesting and opened her eyes to differences in cultural perspectives. Mello encourages students to study in foreign countries. "You gain an awareness of the world that you could never gain without being outside of your own country. This awareness and understanding raises your tolerance for other cultures and different ways of life."? Junior Amy Landphair is tak-

climate and student needs. Although FAFSA input has been consistently on hand for the last 10 years, the Department of Education has been claiming since 1994 that it was missing the Department of the Treasury statistics necessary to update the tax tables. The result was a full decade with no change in input for the tax allowance portion of the EFC formula. The May 30 revision by the Department of Education marked the first use of new tables since the adjustment requirement was instituted for the 1994-1995 award year. The Department of Education claims that new tables were drawn up as soon as Treasury Department statistics became available in the form of data for the 2000 tax season. Because of the new information, students will see their EFCs altered to reflect the statistics from the year 2000, as opposed to 1994. Specifically, the Pell grant is most affected. At Mercyhurst College 1,022 students are eligible for the Pell grant, which has a maximum allotment of $4,050. Department of Education estimates indicate that as many as 84,000 students across the country could lose their Pell grant eligibility under the new tax tables. The tables are broken down on a state-by-state basis and vary by situation, so students and families concerned with the status of their Pell grants need to research

the specific effects of the revisions on their particular case. Theeuwes predicts the effects of the change to be "marginal and minimal." "For every one individual that loses [a Pell grant] another might pick one up," Theeuwes said. 'In my opinion, one variable won't make a significant change." Theeuwes emphasized the fact that the change in aid will be based on new input into an existing formula. The formula itself is unchanged. Theeuwes pointed out that "any radical change in formulation would likely lead to a political outcry." Indeed, such an outcry seems to be taking place despite the fact that the formula itself has not changed at all. A faction in Congress that has called the Department of Education's revision, though legally mandated, an underhanded means by which to cut educational expenses without facing the public According to die office of Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa., the Pell grant system is not in jeopardy, but rather the Department of Education revision will serve to better ensure that money is being allotted to students with the greatestfinancialneed. The House of Representatives Committee on Education and the workforce reports that since President Bush took office in 2000, the budget for Pell grants has increased by $3.7 billion, a rise of 42%.

Money raised will provide re lief for the people ofDarfur
. ~ A w H A k V l f f A S [ • • • • • ^ u . . |

Students hold art auction
•;rfK.:;>'*i (s lb \ i $ rj t q r a u g m e n t the situation and

provide aid to tk\e people or the

escalate tensions. The government sees the conflict as a strictly Sudanese problem. owever, as the situation stands, millions of innocent people are being massacred because of the war and the atrocities committed in its name. The people of the Darfur region are living in a perpetual state of fear. Lacking aid due to its government's interference, the people of Darfur also face widespread starvation. Because of the insufficient support and ignorance of this problem, the Mercyhurst International Student Organization (MISO) in collaboration with Peace and Justice Club, have chosen to organize a panel discussion to promote awareness of the subject The discussion will take place Thursday, Dec 16 at 8:15 p.m. in the Student Union. To further this coalition's active stance MISO has organized an art auction to raise funds to

Darfur region. The proceeds will be sent to Oxfam to assist in their aid work. This auction will take place on Sunday, Dec 12 between 8-10 p.m. in die Student Union. The main theme of the show is in relation to art highlighting elements of human conflict, as well that of peace, emphasizing the Sudanese struggle. ^However, these are not strict guidelines, and all entries are encouraged regardless of subject matter. They can be delivered between 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. to International Center (Baldwin Townhouse No. 4; diagonal from the Bookstore). This is not a contest, and everyone is encouraged to participate and donate their work in support of this cause. The art gallery can be previewed at The key words to access the gallery work are "Darfur Art Auction"

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December 8.2004




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Studentsurged to support Ukraine
By Olga Polishchuk Contributing writer In an unprecedented uprising of national solidarity, the people of Ukraine are showing their will and determination for a democratic and prosperous country. The upsurge engulfed even those who were indifferent to any aspect of political life before. Slogans like "Together!" "We're many!" "Yes to the Democracy!" and "No to Corruption!" are mixed with orange ribbons, clothing and banners as Ukrainians fight for democracy and fair elections. This election is about a fundamental shift in Ukraine from Soviet style government filled with secrecy, corruption and a lack of transparency to a more open and democratic way of governing the country. Both the candidates share the same first name, Victor, but that's about it. Victor Yushchenko, the opposition candidate, started the presidential campaign as the most popular and charismatic politician in Ukraine. 1 He favors the promotion of Ukrainian culture and closer relations with the West Before the elections the country was shocked by Yushchenko's alleged poisoning that left his previously handsome face scarred and disfigured. His team claims could have been another dirty trick of his opponents. His rival, Victor Yanukovych, the government candidate, r relied on the state-controlled i naUdiff-'tO make him'iotfk1 good inrthceyes o f the people, iu He favors the promotion of Russian culture and closer relations with Russia. Yushchenko won the first round of the election on Oct 31 by 55 percent of total vote over Yanukovych; however, Ukrainian election laws state the winner must receive a majority of the total votes to win in the first round of voting. Since Yushenko and Yanukovych received the two highest amounts of votes, they were to face off in the second round on Nov. 21. The official results showed the current Prime Minister Yanukovych being declared a winner by die Ukrainian Central Election Committee. However, allegations of election irregularities, corruption, and cheating by Western observers, Yushchenko supporters, the European Union and the US. brought people to the streets wanting their true voices to be heard. What the real figures in the second round were, well never know. The "official" result showed that the country was "split" between the two men, and it has only annoyed people more. For two weeks straight after the election results had been announced, an estimated one million people from all over the country gathered in the country's capital, Kiev, in order to support Yushchenko and protest for fair elections and freedom of choice. The people at the protest I feel they were cheated and humiliated and their basic human rights violated. Many fear that with Yanukovych's victory and his close ties with Russia, Ukraine'wilj :i lose its natiortarari£&ilty And possibly again become part of Russia. For me, the Ukrainians on the streets are not fighting for or against the West or Russia, but are fighting for their basic rights, national dignity and their right to vote and be heard. For years there has been a sense of political apathy in Ukraine, and I would have never before imagined that my countrymen had so much pride and will to resist humiliation and stand up as one nation. I am admiring the unity of all those spending days and nights on Independence Square in Kiev and those donating food and warm clothes to the protestors living in tents, The protest looks more like a fair, with famous rock bands giving concerts, free tea being distributed and a huge TV screen to update protestors on the latest news;.L One of the keys to the opposition success has been the amount of diplomatic and moral support Ukrainians have received from around the world. Past elections have been marred with fraud, but this election has been different because the people have stood up and governments around the world have called for investigations into allegations of fraud. As much as I want to be in Kiev protesting now, there is still a lot I can do here. During Thanksgiving break, I went to a rally outside the Ukrainian Embassy and was energized by the crowd of over 1,000 people. s It was great to see the support from Mercyhurst International Students Organization who organized a petition drive. As was once said, "Every 1 journ& begiq^ g^gf* ? fkffa step" ^ 4 9 h ^ , ^ ^ ^ ^ p a n s ^ ^ taking that step after years of apathy to defend democracy and become a nation yearning for change.

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AmeriCorps attracts student volunteers t
By Courtney Nicholas Contributing writer Do you enjoy giving back to the community? If so, AmeriCorps may be an organization that you should join. AmeriCorps is a network of national service programs that engage more than 50,000 Am ericans each year in intensive service to meet critical needs in education, public safety, health and the environment AmeriCorps members serve through more than 2,100 nonprofit public agencies and faithbased organizations. They tutor and mentor youth, build affordable housing, teach computer skills, clean paries and streams, run after-school programs and help communities 250 hours of service, while can interact with their children respond to disasters. the other half can be obtained while on a one year probation 9 Created in 1993, AmeriCorps while they are at home during period, ' Davis said. is part of the Corporation for the summer. Davis does special activities National and Community SerThe groups of students at with the children and makes sure vice, which also oversees Senior Mercyhurst College had to fill their mothers interact with them Corps and Learn and Serve out an application and submit it every day. Her children have America. to Sr. Michele before they were Attention Deficit Hyperactive Together these programs en- allowed to start their service Disorder (ADHD), ~t % f w j gage more than 2 million Ameri- hours. This application included j$ "Having children with ADHD cans of all ages and backgrounds essays where the student had and children that have so much in service each year. to explain why they were fit anger was a challenge. I feel that Sr. Michele Schroeck, who for AmeriCorps and why they they trust me and I have bonded with the children," Davis said. is the head of Service Learn- wanted to volunteer. ing at Mercyhurst College, has The students have a variety of Finally, Stephanie Prohaska introduced AmeriCorps to stu- sites to choose from and then is volunteering at the Martin dents and has gotten a great must submit timesheets to Sr. Luther King Center. She tutors response. Michele, They can also submit six girls four days a week in math and reading. Helping Sr. Michele with this their hours online. project is Jen Ruska, a VISTA Sophomore Meghan O'Hara is "I have enjoyed my experience from AmeriCorps. volunteering at the Kids Cafe in thus far and am looking forward VISTA members have been downtown Erie. She is tutoring to completing the remainder of helping bring individuals and students and is making plans to my hours," said Prohaska. communities out of poverty. start a Girls Club. The Erie area has many volMembers serve full-time for a The Girls Club will help the unteer opportunities. If you year in nonprofit, public agen- female students deal with situ- are interested please contact Sr. cies and faith based groups ations and O'Hara hope§ it will thrqughout the country, working also improve their self-esteem. to fight illiteracy, improve health j 'This experience has opened services, create businesses, increase housing opportunities or bridge the digital divide. Several students are actively involved with the AmeriCorps program. The student volunteers must complete 450 hours of service within the 2004-05 calendar year. They must choose a main site where they will complete my eyes. I appreciate my family and the love I receive from them. It is a very different atmosphere here, and the children have a different mentality/' said OTiara.. Another Mercyhurst College student who also got involved with AmeriCorps is sophomore Savanity Davis. She chose to volunteer at House of Healing. "House of Healing is a nonviolent atmosphere where mothers


This experience has opened my eyes. IfS..'

I- Meghan O'Hara

Are you really starving?

Obesity: Unhealthy but treatable
By Michelle Brewer Contributing writer The idea of obesity is often met with a shudder and a look of disgust, but according to recent studies, 15 percent of children are overweight, and two out of three (60 percent) of adults are obese. The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention use the term overweight" as opposed to cc pbese" but nonetheless, there are terms applied to such wellknown people as Carnie Williams and Ruben Studdard as "super morbidly obese." These and other obese people are focused on because they fall outside of the quintessential image that the media presents, but it's not the way they look that should be the main concern; it's their health. The idea that the problem of obesity can be solved with gastric bypass surgery and some new clothes is neglecting the most important issue. Healthy living, not possessing the perfect body, is what is important, and being vasdy overweight is not healthy. Obesity and body type are determined by different factors. These factors include genetics, environment, stage in life, nutritional intake, cultural norms and lifestyle. The images produced on screen or post air brushing are simply unrealistic for most people. There are both short and long term consequences with obesity. The short term effects fall into the psychological category. Children through adults have eating disorders, but these are prevalent with those people who are overweight. 3 f: This is especially true for binge eating, in which overweight females prevail with a daunting 30 percent

marked on the issue of hunger. As exemplified by these stuBy Katie Trapnell "1 think we have a big issue dents, in reality, students are Contributing writer with hunger in the world, but if actually receiving a comfortable we evenly distributed our food amount of food at school. Most college students can recall and didn't waste, we could feed So what can a student do about a time when they called home and everyone." the problem of hunger in the said that they were starving. Some Hauser, like all first year stu- world? may be feeling that way as they dents, purchased a meal plan of Bread for the World addresses read this article. her choice. This makes it impos- hunger by helping advocates However, what does it mean to sible to go hungry. contact congressmen and letting really go hungry? Hauser has the choice of where them be aware about what they can do to help. According to the organization to eat her meals. Bread for the World, 800 million "I usually eat in Egan; it's conThe organization tries tt people in the world go hungry and venient and you get a variety," misconceptions of what hi Lunger is 13 million children in the United she said. and what can be done. States live in households where Throughout their college experiStudents can join in and help people skip meals to make ends ence, students can keep the plan, Bread for the World by writing to meet One in 10 households are but some choose to buy their own their representatives, volunteering living with hunger or are at risk. groceries or do a little of each. at local soup kitchens, visiting Bread for the World is a Na"When I go grocery shopping, or donating food tional Christian Citizen Movement I usually spend around $50; I buy or money Katie McAdama/Photo editor "If people gave more unneeded Are you concerned with your health? You may be surprised that seeks justice for the world's snacks, bread, milk and the essentials," freshman Kathy Telaak or unwanted food to the hungry, hungry people. to see how prevalent an Issue obesity really is. The organization reaches out to said. then good food wouldn't be For her meals, Telaak said, "I wasted and people wouldn't go This is notably serious, but let's therapy and reduction in sedentary the community to help those who usually eat subs, sandwiches or hungry," Hauser said. are not as fortunate. not forget the day to day harass- behavior. g Freshman Katie Ha user re- salads over at the This means get up and exercise. ment that anyone can receive for The best things to do to stay having more body fat than 95 healthy are eatright,watch calorie percent of their peers. The punishment that the self- and fat intake (this doesn't mean esteem of these people must face fad diets which, by the way, prois unimaginable, especially when mote backlash weight gain, ladies) one can't walk past a magazine isle and make exercise a daily part of or flip through the stations with- your life. out being bombarded with half Most of us don't eat in the cafdressed, scantily dad women, or eteria and we have a "free" gym, so tan, muscular "pretty" men. this shouldn't be too hard. jftThere is also the occasional crude This goes for everyone. remark such as my favorite yelled once at Anna Nichole Smith (pre 1st Month is rent FREE TrimSpa) "Look how fat she isl" Reduced Security Deposit The long term effects are less h>i* Amork*'* # 1 CANCVN psychological and more physical. [heat until 3-31-05 ACAWICO The impact of overweight adoJAMAICA limited time * lescents who remain so Into adultBAHAMAS hood face increased morbidity no*M due to coronary artery disease and arthritis. 1 & 2 bedrooms available This is independent of the effects Soli Trips, Earn Cash, Co Free! of their weight in adulthood. Now Hiring On-campus Reps It is also being studied to deCaH f t r § r « * dfaounts termine if the recent increase if impaired glucose tolerance and Call forfan appointment type 2 diabetes in children can be attributed to obesity. Treatment for such a condition leSvfcu includes nutritional and physi1-800*648*4849 / cal activity education, behavioral
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Students serve to learn in Honduras over break
By An dree a Neagu Contributing writer While most students at Mercyhunt got a chance to go home during the Thanksgiving break, spend some time with their families and enjoy delicious home cooked meals, a group of students decided to spend their time off from school by taking advantage of one of the alternative fall break options available. One of the students who chose to spend his break outside of the U.S. in the spirit of helping others was Kyle Goodroe, a junior criminal justice major. His interest in going out of the country over a break started last year, but since he was only a sophomore he could not go. This year he didn't hesitate to take advantage when the opportunity to go for a week to Honduras. "It was a learning experience. I wanted to go mainly to see what kind of people live in a third! world country and the suffering they go through" Goodroe said. "I was also interested in learning about the differences in their law enforcement [as compared to the United States] and their views on the political system." The trip was for a week, and it came at a low cost to the students. "It cost $450, but we had donors give money to help pay for it, and did fundraisers at football games and such, so everyone ended up paying a different clinic/orphanage for kids who lost their parents to HIV or who were sick and their parents could not take care of them. The most unforgettable and touching memories Goodroe came back with from the trip relate to his time in the clinic Casa Corazon de la Misericordia. Here the Mercyhurst students spent time with the kids coloring, making bracelets and entertaining the little ones. Goodroe recalls how "there was a big tree painted on one of the walls, and all the kids in the clinic would put their handprints with their names on it all over the tree, and whenever one child died they would put a cross on his/her handprints." He also recalls hearing a story Photo courtesy of Kyle Goodroe of a little girl who was at the Students like junior Kyle Goodroe (thirdfromright)gave up clinic, whose older sister had died i part of their break to spend time doing service for others of AIDS. •; % "The little girl for six months amount based on how much they from 8-12," Goodroe said. saved half of her food for her raised," Goodroe said. "Then we would come back for sister, thinking she will come The group that went included lunch, and after would have some back, until she eventually realized 10 other students, Sister Adriana time on our own until 1 p.m. [her older sister] was not coming Almaguer and Sister Kathleen when we would work again until back," Goodroe said. Marie Leap. They left the campus four. After that we had an hour Goodroe mentioned how given on Wed. Nov. 17 at midnight, and break and then dinner," another chance he would love theirflightleft on Thursday. The Goodroe also mentioned other to go on the trip again, but the group arrived in Honduras late in activities organized for the stu- administration prefers that new the afternoon, and spent the first dents such as discussion groups students go, as to give everyone days at a mission. on issues like laws and politics the chance to experience a trip like this. During those days, Goodroe and various games. said that they were on afixedbut Some students also attended When planning your next fun schedule. Mass there and had an opportu- break, consider the possibility "We would get up, have break- nity to do some sight seeing. of helping people in the way that fast at 7:30 with some of the The second half of the trip Goodroe and other Mercyhurst other Honduran workers and was spent in a relatively differ- students did this Thanksgiving. some kids, we would get our ent way. assignments and start working The students stayed at an HIV

Ad fclub takes off at Mercyhurst
By Esther Claroe Berlioz Contributing writer It all started off with a brightly colored flyer announcing a brand new club, The Erie Ad Club, Theflyermentioned the opportunity to win scholarships and internships, something that would appeal to many students* When it was time for the first meeting, the graphic design lab at the Hilt Center was packed. Advised by Jodi Staniunas Hopper, the club would become a junior chapter to the Erie Ad Club. Hopper, who has been a board member of the Erie Ad Club for the past two years and a member of the organization for about eight years, knew that this organization could provide a great deal of opportunities to students at Mercyhurst "For the past seven years I had been trying to get some student orientated organization started, especially one having to do graphic design. People had joined the club years before, but the projects never really took off," Hopper said. "In August, I had been in contact with the Dr. Melissa Gibson Hancox from the communications department and Lee Beiovarac from the business department It was at the same time that senior Eric Hollenbeck came to see us about a proposal he had formulated about a chapter of the Erie Ad Club.", £ "He had done research and decided that it would be in the best interest of the Mercyhurst community, especially marketing, communications and graphic design students, to start an AAF student chapter on campus. It could have not been better timing." Any student interested in joining in the activities of both this club and the Erie Ad Club would only have to pay a fee and be able to qualify for the benefits of the latter. This newly founded club, now officially named AdPro, is the junior branch of the Erie Ad Club of Mercyhurst College. As Hopper and Hollenbeck explained, the club would present opportunity for any Istudent interested in applying their strategy and creative skills. This is especially for any communication, graphic design and business/advertising majors and to work as a team in order to be able to design a campaign for a particular organization or client Among the activities planned for this year are workshops where students have the opportunity to get to meet students from other majors, prepare projects for clients and participate in a large project in which the classifying teams would travel to Tennessee for a competition. Junior Kristin Pique tte, the public relations coordinator for AdPro, describes how wonderful an opportunity this is for everyone who joins. "It's a good experience, it incites leadership and it's also fun working with people from other majors," she said, "It provides a great addition to one's resume, because you are competing at a national) level facing real life situations where you have deal with all types of aspects in of the design process," "It is definitely an experience for any communication, business and graphic design major because, besides of all the preparation you receive, it also provides you with the opportunity for networking, Piquette added $ AdPro members will be part of many of the activities of the Erie Ad Club. That offers many benefits* The Erie Ad Club usually charges students a $50 membership fee, but if a student becomes a member of the Ad club through AdPro the fee is $25. If a student is a member of AdPro he or she also has the opportunity to meet people within the field and to meet possible employers of an internship, a summer job or even a permanent position. The Erie Ad Club also offers a scholarship for students who prepare a portfolio of their work. Last year, three Mercyhurst students were awarded scholarships for their portfolio. One of them was Jennifer | Blakeslee, "I had heard about the port* folio review from Mrs, Hopper because, we have a class dedicating specifically to the development of our portfolio senior year;" Blakeslee said. 'This way you get the chance to weed things out, improve your stuff and come up with new work." "When it came to presenting the work to the representatives of the Ad Club, you would show all yours tuff, go through three reviews, where you are congratulated on your strong points and advised on how to improve your weak areas."

Reduce, Teuse, rec
By Michelle Brewer Contributing writer It seems that no matter who you are, every Christmas brings about tidings of good cheer, rich holiday confections and a plethora of presents wrapped in colorful metallic paper and stiff bows. Among this mountain of gifts, there is inevitably one that upon unwrapping will elicit a response similar to Jerry Seinfeld's, "Oh, tube socks! Thanks..." Apparendy, your 75-year-old great aunt forgot that you are no longer playing with Barbie dolls, but, after all, it's the thought that counts! • You wait in line at the Toys * R Us behind clusters of frazzled soccer moms and screaming children only to learn that you are nothing but an exploit under the guise of retail success. The item is only returnable with a receipt that, naturally, you don't have. So what do you do with the gift? 4 You suddenly remember that your best friend has a younger sister with a birthday approach ing quickly. The thought crosses your mind, "Can I give her the Barbie I got for Christmas?" This practice commonly referred to as "re-gifting" has gotten a bad rap in the past as being trite, tactless and quite crass. But it turns out experts on giftgiving etiquette have concluded that there is afineart to re-gifting that can be quite ethical. Don't worry, we won't tell Emily Post. Money magazine columnist Getri Willis establishes some guidelines for successful re-gifting this holiday season. First and foremost, don't feel guilty about re-gifting, because chances are, keeping the unwanted gift would be wasteful; there may be someone who could use your gift and cherish it! However, re-gifting with the

-* f


• ,r -



Also, don't fake the funk by pretending that you went through painstaking measures to find the perfect gift for that person. It's glaringly obvious to all parties involved. * What your mother always told you is right: It is the thought that counts and not the actual gift Christmas presents are symbolic of affection for others. Somehow, I doubt that Mary or Joseph accepted the gifts from the Three Wise Men at the site of Jesus' birth and then speculated, "Wow, we really didn't want frankincense, who could we give it to?" fg \ | 5 Presents at Christmas time are symbolic of love and affection for others. Giving or accepting a gift under the hospices of hostility and carelessness ruins the whole spirit of the holiday. Just remember,«.no one likes a scrooge, so accept graciously and then work from there.

knowledge that the person will not like the gift is foul play. Also, you should re-gift the item as soon as possible to avoid the mortal sin of reciprocal re-

gifting. J
The embarrassment of mistakenly giving the gift back to the original person would be unfathomable. Some other tips include giving the gift in its original condition, which includes any wrapping or boxes. Also, head off trouble by regifting only to someone that will never come in contact with the original gift-giver. Consider the possibility, as well, that you may have been or will be a re-giftee at some point! Re-gifting is an exercise in walking the tight rope of dignity and respect for others. Be gracious and use your intuition. If you know that you would be offended if someone gave you that particular gift, do not pass it along.

Starbucks b r e w s acomfy cup of coffee for java lovers
Street Starbucks nestled on the By Joshua Wilwohl corner, illuminating the dark Layout assistant night with the familiar hue of its green sign. However, for the holiday seaAs winter covers campus with its white blanket and the layers of son, the green supplemented clothes pile on, there is nothing with Christmas decorations conmore soothing than a nice warm sisting of white and red — while the wonderful aromas of coffee cup o' joe. i \ Erie has five coffee shops made the nostrils perk and the where anyone could dodge the mouth salivate. Christmas songs softly played cold for a moment, sit back, relax and escape with the wonderful as an overload of college students sat sprawled throughout aromas of mocha. In the next few weeks, my cof- the shop, laptops humming and ayout •••latanl Starbucks may be a national chain, but each store provides fee connoisseur friend Ashley lots of conversation going on. Making our way to the counter, a unique atmosphere to warm up with friends. \ and I plan to visit the cafes, taste the coffees and choose the best we were greeted with a rather vacant seat among the coffeepeppy, yet fast, "Hello, and wel- cappuccino, cococcino, a Ipacino^X Java getaway to heat up this frigid come to Starbucks. How can I finally ordered a grande vanilla high science students. time of year. First stop: Where I was satisfied with the resulting help you?" caffe la t e, while Ashley chose else, but Starbucks? Staring at the rather over- the venti peppermint mocha, the taste of mine: a perkyflavorwith With three locations alone in the taste of melting froth mixed whelming menu, Dennis Leary's total just under six dollars. Erie - State Street, Peach Street with an extract of vanilla, bit on coffee quickly came to and the Millcreek Mall - it was Waiting a very short time for Ashley described her drink as mind as 1 skimmed the menu our drinks - which is always hard to choose a location. being ".. very tasty with a hint of board... mochaccino, frappHCtno$ Wefinallyopted for the Peach pleasing - we managed to get a peppermint that reminds me of cole Farrcll, manager of the store winter, especially Christmas. It's and fellow Mercyhurst student, the perfect warm-up with a twist to learn more about Starbucks. of a relaxing flavor" According to Farrell, there is Now, of course, the drinks are no single bestselling drink for the not the only sellers in a coffee winter season; there are three. shop; the atmosphere has an 'The gingerbread lattes, pumpequal amount of influence in kin spice lattes and the pepperdetermining any good cafe. mint mocha are by far the most Despite popular belief that popular" she said. every Starbucks is the same, they As for the customers—the surprising abundance of students are not. This particular Starbucks was ~ she said, 'There are always a very clean and nicely decorated, lot of college kids here, primarOn the walls hang unique and ily from the LECOM Medical intricate paintings that create a School. A few come from Gannon — they mainly go to the State calming effect. Besides the music playing, Street location ~ and some from small chat between tables and the Mercyhurst." gurgling sounds of the espresso Overall, combined with friendly machines, the atmosphere is service, a wonderful atmosphere calm and relaxing. and delicious coffee, Starbucks is The layout of the shop even a "grande" coffee shop that gives includes a drive-through for any any customer a break from the coffee lover on-the-go. grind of winter. While there, we spoke with NiRatings 8.25/10



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W h a t ' s h a p p e n e d t o b a s e b a l l ? Bush, his mandate, n d h s l a n s or Barry Bonds, steroids, and America's past-time * ! P * America's ecosystems
By Allison Moore Opinion editor It's America's national sport It's America's past-time. It's increasingly becoming one big.... well joke. At one time, baseball was a sport that brought people together and provided fans with heroes. While some of these aspects may still be present in this day and age, I think it is fair to say that the respect for the game is dying, and the revelation of some of the league's best players use of steroids doesn't help. This past week was a damaging one for baseball. Players like Jason Giambi of the New York Yankees and more notably, the home run guru Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants, admitted to using performance enhancing drugs, likely to be identified as steroids. For players like Bonds, this puts an enormous stain on his career. While Bonds is claiming he was unaware that what he was taking was in fact steroids, (yeah ok, does he think we were born yesterday? I guess he just magically gained 40 pounds.) the damage has been done. All of the records that Bonds has broken are now being questioned. Fans are asking themselves if Bonds should receive the credit for his greatness or if he cheated his way through it. His induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame is also coming into question. In 2001, Bonds set baseball's single-season home run record with 73/ He is also projected to break the great Hank Aaron's career number of home runs, 755, by next year. The question is, should a guy that took steroids be able to pass such a baseball legend By Josh Passacantando without mentioning his use of Knight Ridder Newspapers performance enhancing drugs. Should the next generations of Does President Bush have a mandate to let his campaign contribufans to come believe that Bonds tors drill for oil and gas in our public lands? was truly greater than Aaron? Does he have a mandate to spoil the fragile ecosystem of the Or should his achievements be Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to benefit his cronies in the energy asterisked to reveal the origin of industry? his success? J Have the American people given him free rein to cause environ| In my opinion, it's up to the mental destruction in the nation's most cherished wild places? league to do something about Of course not! After Nov. 2, President Bush made a lot of prethis. posterous claims about what Americans or at least 51 percent of the It wasn't until last year that voting population gave him a mandate to do. baseball adopted strict rules Build a new generation of nuclear weapons? Hardly! The Repuband punishments for the use of lican-controlled House of Representatives just pulled the money. steroids. The time in question Aggressively prosecute the war in Iraq? No way! A majority of for Bonds is the 2001 season, Americans don't even agree with it anymore. so quite possibly nothing will or Bush, however, does have power, asfleetingand tenuous as it is could be done to punish him. for a second-term president The league needs to step up to No matter how the president chooses to deploy his power, he will the plate and take more drastic undoubtedly claim he was given a mandate. Yet an arrogant presumpaction concerning its players and tion of a mandate can lead to the erosion of power. steroids. Richard Nixon in his first term signed into law many of the great Ari2ona Sen. John McCain, environmental protections of our era, but he squandered his au(Rep.) spoke out on the issue of thority in a botched illegal operation to undermine the candidacy steroids last week. of George McGovern. | McCain is outraged by the reRonald Reagan chose to use his second-term mandate to get incent steroid scandals in baseball volved in trading arms for hostages, a bizarre scheme that detailed and is demanding reform in the his agenda. league. To understand what Bush will do, we have to understand the He wants immediate action to political costs and benefits that Karl Rove will be tallying for any be taken by representatives of -] new initiatives. 5 £ players and owners to strengthen Tofinallyopen the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for oil drilling drug-testing policy. will most certainly make oil companies happy. McCain is threatening congresBush is threatening to let his campaign contributors drill in the sional action if reform is slow to KRT photo Rocky Mountain front These are the wild lands of Colorado and occur. It is sad that the National Bonds waves to an enthusiastic crowd after hitting his Montana with grizzlies and elk. Baseball League may need to 700th career home run against San Diego. The calculus? The campaign contributors are happy and can make be probed by the Congress to enforce change. This is an issue with scandals involving steroids jil don't feel that today. I don't more donations for future elections. But what about those Bush supporters who love to hunt and that they should be rushing to and the horrific pandemonium have undying admiration for fish? i$ llll S remedy to repair the image of that ensued in Detriot are ex- players or the sport, and I think Millions of Republicans love the environment and very few of the sport amples that athletes are anything it's safe to assume that the numthem can enjoy it on their own private ranch like Bush and Cheney. The National Baseball League but role model material. ber of dissenters is growing Except for the very rich, people need public lands to fish and hike, is undoubtably eager to thwart | I don't know about you, but I The glory days of baseball are hunt and camp. any government intervention. wouldn't want my children look- gone. % Those of us who work to protect the environment have to redouble Because of the League's already ing up to a drug users or openly Outrageous salaries, greed, the our efforts in the face of an onslaughtLthat has not been witnessed. lenient rules, I doubt they would violent basketball players. rapid trading of players and now j! finlOO yeks-N * ^ * • * A J M ? J B &' •& -* want the government to oicrate I During my childhood, my fa- steroids arc all killing this nation's ^ The Bush administtation needs to calculate if c<5nlinuing to be the ther would always talk about the pastime. their policy. If *¥faftc Hgorous handmaiden for corporations by destroying this country's great natubaseball he grew up with. testing was implemented, who Something must be done to ral heritage is an effective or wise way to spend political capital He still has so much admiration counteract these trends. knows how many scandals would Bush has no mandate to destroy our natural world. He may, howfor his hero, Roberto Clemente, break. It's time for baseball to set an * and he looks back on his memo- example and save the sport from ever, waste his second term trying to do so. Athletes are supposed to be role models. Recently however, ries of baseball with a smile. total ruin.
• *\r ilr-<r ri/jv/ *VM»l/-fl


Oh title drama :
By Corrie Thearle Contributing writer People love drama. It is what encompasses the television and movie industry and hooks thousands of viewers into watchingridiculousreality television shows every day. It is easy to be drawn into the most dramatic situations on television and cheer on our favorite characters while we also sit and bad mouth the other people on the show. What is nice about these types of entertainment is that we can experience traumatic events through the people on the screen and then simply turn off the TV and leave the drama out of our livesjf Or can we?

College relationships. They're full of emotion, lust, and often cause thoseton the sidelines to lose their minds in frustration
activities that don't include them. In fact, it is healthy to hang out with other people and not call in to report to your partner what you have been doing every hour. Let's take this a step further and be reminded that the phone is not a physical representation of your boyfriend or girlfriend. Frequent phone calls that begin with "So.. ..what are you doingrightnow?" tend to be a little co-dependent and unhealthy. The second lesson to be learned (this may come as a shock to many of you): tell the truth. If you're at a party and some girl or guy tries to hook up with you, save yourself (and the rest of your partner's roommates) the ensuing fight that can be avoided simply by telling your girlfriend or boyfriend what happened. Withholding this information and allowing it to befilteredinto your significant other's c^r by a third party will only result in a confrontation that remarkably resembles fights we witness on reality television (complete with screams and shouts and awkward silences endured by innocent by-standing roommates). Once again this can all be magically avoided by: telling the truth. This does not mean reporting to your partner every single detail of your life, but bestow upon them the same courtesy you would like to receive. Reverse the situation and consider it from the opposite perspective, Wouldn't you like to hear the truth from your boyfriend or girlfriend? \ W T° save ourselves from additional stress and unneeded frustration, it is better to get rid of the drama we seem to steep ourselves in everyday. Don't be an idiot and chase after people who are hot but arc also ***holes. Don't be weak and obsessive and latch yourself onto a boyfriend or girlfriend where you spend so much time with them that you are miserable (therefore making others miserable around you) when you have to be away from them. Don't be a coward and choose to lie when telling the truth saves everyone a lot of hurt and anger, jftletk keep the drama out of our lives and leave it to the immature kids in high school '80s movies and the pathetic, fame-seeking morons on television.

44 A phone is not a physical representation of your boyfriend or girlfriend.' '
It is amazing how real life can sometimes mimic the entertainment business. * Lately I have found that I have wandered into a Twilight Zone of some sort where ridiculous situations that only can be found on reality television or from cheesy '80s movies are playing out before me. ^Relationships seem to be a reoccur ring area where I sometimes want to roll my eyes and slap people upside the head to knock some sense into them. Let's take, for example, a classic situation from multiple '80sfilmsthat concern a "nice" guy or girl who is always pursuing the wrong people. Why is it that we frequently see our smart, funny and sweet friends stuck in relationships with complete jerks? It seems that the element of "opposites attract" is the main force behind these situations. Why else would people stay or be drawn to others who treat them badly? This is the main reason that substantiates the claim that "nice guys always finish last"| These guys are obsessed over beautiful girls who are usually high-maintenance and selfish, completely ignoring the great girls who are right in front of their nose (usually one of their girl friends). By the time they do realise their own stupidity, the better choices have already moved on. Therefore, they find themselves in last place. This type of situation also applies to women who seem to enjoy being with guys who treat them like crap. It is baffling how oblivious and thick people can be sometimes. Is attraction sometimes strong enough that it wipes out all traces of common sense? I know many of you have friends who are in relationships that bear striking resemblances to


the ones frequently displayed on reality television shows such as "The Real World/' Half of the roommates have a significant other that they remained with when they joined the show. Most of their time is divided betweenfightingwith their boyfriend or girlfriend on the phone or crying over how much they miss them and can't take the distance. Two lessons can be learned from these situations which can be applied to the unnecessary drama people subject themselves to in real life. Lesson number one: The world will not end if you are away from your loved one for more than a day. Nothing is more annoying i han heating people on the phone whispering how much they love and miss each other and can't stand being apart Look, if your relationship is strong and stable, it is okay to be away from that person and to engage in other


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Merry Christmas
pears that he has been soliciting attention for his quixotic escapade for months, portraying the trend toward more inclusive holiday greetings as bigotry by which merchants] deny the existence of Christmas while gleefully counting their change like Ebeneezer Scrooge. Though it's unlikely that this harrumphing will nick Federated's bottom line (more than $15 billion in annual sales), the company did put out a statement noting that it allows its stores to choose their own advertising and that most national retailers prefer more generic greetings because they "are more


Dear Merciad:

boycott^ m i s s e s t h e p o i n t
On second reading, the news release that arrived by e-mail Tuesday sounded suspiciously like a satire straight from The Onion, the brilliandy wicked fake newspaper/Web site. . This one, though, lacked a witty sense of irony. "With the recent presidential election showing political correctness is offending millions of Americans, the Committee to Save Merry Christmas today announced a national boycott against Macy's and Federated Department Stores for the 2004 Christmas season," began the submission, distributed by the Christian Wire Service, c< Macy*s and Federated have ignored several requests that "Merry Christmas9 signs be returned and posted in Federated stores and that their advertising both acknowledge and respect the time-honored phrase, "Merry Christmas/" Boycott instigator Manuel Zamorano, who lives near Sacramento, Calif., grumbles that Macy's and its sibling stores, such as Bloomingdale's, have "systematically removed references to Merry Christmas" in favor of the more generic "Season's Greetings" and "Happy Holidays." This, he growls, "is offensive to the sensibilities of millions of average Americans." I'm all for consumers speaking with their pocketbooks. It's one of those forces that influences markets and holds potential to achieve much good. But this attempt to rejuvenate the meaning of Christmas via department store decorations is so misguided that the only appropriate response is a resounding "Ho-ho-ho." .a i 1 i Judging from Zamorano's Web site, it apother store couldn't begin to stymie the crass commercialism that took over the holiday decades ago. Mac/s still would advertise Gigantic Holiday Fortune Cookies delicately ornamented with Santas and wreaths for $24.99. Blootnie's still would offer an Austrian crystal and blue enamel Danish Palace Cross for $250. However merchants across the country packaged their end-of-the-year marketing, they still would count desperately on fourthquarter sales to boost their annual earnings. And whether the banners wish you a "Mer9 ry Christmas ' or "Happy Holidays," peace on Earth remains a preciously worthwhile but elusive goal. Weary, forlorn families continue to seek that figurative room at the inn whether in the form of a home, a job, spiritual comfort or hope for a better life. Christmas is about George Bailey helping Clarence the angel get his wings and the Grinch's heart growing three sizes that day. Those who believe that Christmas is so much more, who want to remember the reason for the season, won't find it at the mall at all. Try the Gospel of Luke, wherein the angel visits shepherds abiding in the field. 'Wnd the angel said unto them, Feat not for, behold, I bring you tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shallfindthe babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men." As Linus would say, 'That's what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown."

Letters tojthe Editor
Dear Editor, | * I would like to express a concern that I have because of an incident that occurred a couple of weeks ago in Christ the King chapel in Old Main. I am discouraged by the laxity of behavior in the chapel. The chapel is a very sacred place to Catholics. Not only are Sunday and daily Masses celebrated there, but it is also a place to stop, pray and be with the Lord. The sanctity of it is often violated daily by individuals who may not even be aware of it The Catholic Church, like other religions, values its worship place. We believe in the true presence, which means that the Eucharist (the bread and wine) truly becomes Jesus after the priest blesses (consecrates) it during Mass. The Eucharist that is not consumed is kept in the tabernacle, which is why Catholics genuflect to it when they enter the church or chapel. It is an important sign of respect I I respect individuals* beliefs and I merely ask for the same in return. I am aware that people occasionally cut through the chapel as a short cut It only takes five minutes to walk across the entire campus, so there is no reason to cut through the chapel. Not only is it irreverent, but also distracting to those who may be in the chapel praying When visiting or passing by the chapel, try to lower your voice or be silent so that those who may be praying are not disturbed. Please do not treat the chapel like just another room. I am merely asking that respect be given when around the chapeL Another thing that bothers me is that during the day I have seen people walk up past the altar and enter die back room. This is a room off to the side where the priest prepares for Mass. It is a place where no one, including Old Main staff, should be going unless they have Mass business to d a It bothers me because they do not genuflect or bow to the tabernacle. To me, not genuflecting is a sign of not being Catholic and, therefore, the individual does not have cause to be there. I am aware that above the chapel the spate has been made into offices, but I am also aware that there is a back door to get to them, so there is no excuse for anyone to be cutting through the chapel. I, however, feel that the space should not be used for offices, but should be given back for ministry purposes. If that is not possible then administration needs to provide a suitable solution to this problem that is bothering students. Also, as in any proper public place, hats should not be worn in the chapel. It is a sign of respect to remove your hat before entering. The chapel is for Catholic activities and prayer, and should not be used as a place to study, goof off or do any other inappropriate activities. I do not want to discourage anyone, Catholic or not, from praying or seeking the Lord in the chapeL In fact I encourage you; but that is not an invitationforyou to be disrespectful of our hojy place. Just be respectful This school is a Catholic organization, yet it seems like that aspect is overlooked or nudged to the side. All I ask is for reppept ami of the chapel, $$,I^ilJ £q tJj^e same in any pUqe y9*valw>-. nm M.W • Kenny Zacherl
» »>«**«- •"- 4F*rq

UIt is offensive to
the sensibilities of millions of average 11 Americans. - Manuel Zamorano
reflective of the multi-cultural society in which we live today." The idealist would say that the public in general rightly recognizes that, in our everdiversifying nation, not everyone celebrates Christmas and that embracing this reality spreads goodwill rather than diminishing the Christian observance. The cynic would say that retailers understand the tangible value of appealing to every possible disposable-income constituency, the more the merrier. <c The realist would say that restoring Merry Christmas" to the halls of Macy's or any

Avoidm&cdnjiictT I your roomrtia te _____ change his or her messy living habits?

Madam Malarky

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your feelings. Dealing with oppressed hidden rage is just inhumane. Dear Madam Molarity People do My roommate and I were having a "discussion " before the break about whether have feelings, the problem is knowing how to let the or not people tan change. 1findher to be a slob, wink she thinks J am tooworld know. The easiest solution that comes to my malarky mind prissy. is to shun yourself in your bedroom. Lock the door if you have to. What do you think about this situation? Don't come out unless you're starving or have a dreaded class. A Sincerely, problem, though, would be appearing to be an anti-social being But To change or not to change Ah, what do we have here? A typical college situation perhaps? Yes the benefits outweigh that negative. You're completely ignorant to it is. My roommate and I have had a similar "discussions," which have what is decomposing in the apartment and you're not responsible led us generally back to the same spot We may change for awhile but for it. What better place can you be in? eventually return to our former wretched ways. But in any case, it is The last possible solution for someone in such circumstances as my belief that people cannot change the way they are. Have we seen yourself is to not look at the mess around you: the crumbs on the Homer Simpson change in the many years "The Simpsons has been floor, the rotting food on the counter, the mountain of dishes and on television? Sadly, contrary to Marge's belief, he has not changed. more. Pretend you are blind when passing by. Go to a happy place Have we seen Erie's weather change three seasons in a day? Yes, we where the kitchen is spotless, the floor sparkles and it's safe to walk have in this instance. See the difference? barefoot Simply clean up your own mess and leave the rest alone. Now, to continue on with your situation. Instead of changing Be the "Happy Gilmore" that is inside all of us and your world will the way someone acts, I suggest finding a way to prevent another brighten quite literally. "discussion" of its type from reoccuring. Aside from turning into Now that I have spread my malarky wisdom that people should another mother for her (by picking up all of her belongings and not follow. It is very important that you ask your questions. The leftover food), simply leave it. Your apartment may begin to smell two means that have been available are AIM'S mmalarky04 or email like a garbage can, but you will not be the cause of it. Of course, if It's quick, easy and available 24/7. die smell turns rancid then you may have a serious problem on your Remember for a weekly dose of malarky send a question. The entire hands. A nose plug could not solve your problem, but a simple call student body is responsible for this to happen. The pressure is on to maintenance might. Hopefully, your roommate will not let her you guys! half of the apartment turn into a dump. Even the messiest person Don't forget happiness is just a question away, notices something tingling under their nose* Madam Malarky Regarding the claims you are too prissy, I can fully understand

Dear Editor, I never thought it would happen to me. I never thought I would become one of the pathetic lot who tried to keep in touch with my ever dimming youth by reading my college alma mater's weekly newspaper: I never thought, but alas, it is true. The kid is in bed, the dogs fast asleep on my feet, and I am surfing back to a time not too long ago... I was especially impressed by this week's commentaries on the election. Though I was personally devastated by the outcome and reelection of the worst American leader in history, I am happy to know that in four years I can vote again, and maybe be heard in that election. When I left Mercyhurst, Praise God, Bill Clinton was still in office. It was not exactly cool to be gay, but it was getting better. Nowmost times who can tell gay from straight from bi from bicurious to.... who knows. In this election, my same-sex, different-race partner and I drove to the poll with our adopted son, my recendy divorced dad and three of our four dogs (one had a weird stomach ailment that day). We loaded up the bigger SUV (the environmentalists cringe), and headed off to our local voting booth to give the 13 year old a lesson in the democratic process. Why do you care, you say? No reason is clear. I guess I just see how fast timeflies,how dramatically things change and how warmed my heart is to see people working out their political agendas in die pages of the Merciad. Go you! Carpe Diem! | i Keep reading, keep writing and keep voting. You are changing the world a little bit every day. -Nick Krayger, Class of 1996 and former Merciad columnist

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The Merciad is the student-produced newspaper of Mercyhurst College. It is published throughout the school year, with the exception of midterms week and finals week. Our office Is In the Hlrt Center, room L114. Our telephone number Is 824-2376. f I "$ The Merciad welcomes letters to the editor. All letters must be signed end names will be Included with the letters. Although we will not edit the letters for content, we reserve the right to trim letters to fit. Letters are due the Thursday before publication and may not be longer than 300 words. Submit letters to box PH 485. i ?.



December 8,2004

tHe BuZz
DEC 8. Clutch, Fu Manchu, High on Fire House of Blues, Cleveland. DEC. 9. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy's Wild and Swingin' Christinas Party. House of Blues, Cleveland. DEC. 10-13. Christmas Memories with Amanda Post, Mary Alice Brown. Warner Theatre, Erie. On sale now at 452-4857. DEC 10,11. Bones ThugsN-Harmony. Peabod/s Down Under, Cleveland. DEC. 11. Ql 04 Jingle Bell Ball with Los Lonely Boys, Howie Day, Kate Voegele. Odeon, Cleveland. DEC 11. Barenaked Ladies. Shea's Theater, B ufIalo. DEC. 11. MTV2 Headbangers Ball with Cradle of Filth, Bleeding Through, Arch Enemy. House of Blues, Cleveland. DEC 12. Kenny Rogers and Friends Christmas Show with Rebecca Lynn Howard, Billy Dean. Bryce Jordan Center, State College. On sale at Ticketmaster, (800) 863-3336. DEC. 12. Jordan Knight. House of Blues, Cleveland.. ?\ DEC. 14. Sister Hazel, Ingram Hill. House of Blues, Cleveland. DEC 15. Barenaked Ladies. Akron Civic Theater, Akron, Ohio By Meghan Sullivan Arts & Entertainment editor The D'Angelo Open Theatre's first main stage production of the year commences this weekend. The 'Tales of Hoffman" composed by Jacques Offenbach is an opera in three acts. The premise for the story is set during the prologue as Hoffman is slightly inebriated in a tavern talking about the three lost loves of his life. |/Xiln Act I we are introduced to Hoffman's first love, Olympia. She is a talented singer who Hoffman sees performing for die guests at her father's party. Olympia is the perfect girl for Hoffman with her beauty, talent and ability to say little more then "oui." She has just oneflaw:she is actually mechanical doll. Olympia will be played on alternating nights by sophomores Kate Amatuzzo and Sarah Pfiefer. The next failed love is Antonia who has a fatal but unidentified disease. Antonia's mother was a famous singer who was diagnosed with the same illness. It was perpetually worsened by her singing, which was eventually her untimely end. She is forbidden from singing persuaded to later by the evil Dr. Miracle. Her life


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D'Angelo Opera Theatres 'Tales of Hoffman


•Kimberiy Foradora/Contributing photographer

Voice majors Sarah Pfiefer and Mark Donlin in "Tales of Hoffman."
comes to a dramatic ending soon after. Antonia will be played by Kimberiy Foradora and Nicole Gasse. The final love of Hoffman is Giulietta, a Venetian courtesan. She is encouraged by magician Dapertutto and steals Hoffinan's reflection so that she may possess his soul. Hoffman duels Giulietta's former lover for the key to her room to retrieve his lost soul. He slays the man and goes to her room to find that she has left with the magician. Hoffman throws the keys at her mirror, shattering it and regaining his soul. Giulietta is played by Rebecca Kerr and Jessica Bunker. Another prominent character is the Hoffman's muse. This pant-role part is played by Jennifer Kauffman and Katelyn Kurpiewski. The character of Hoffman is based on the writer E.T.A. Wilhelm Hoffman. His stories were the plot basis for the 'Tales of Hoffman" as well as 'The Nutcracker and the Mouse King". The vocally challenging role of Hoffman is being played by professional New York City tenor Coke Morgan. Morgan has been seen as Don Ottavio in "Don Giovanni" for Opera Illinois, Alfred in "Die Fledermaus" and Frederic in "Pirates of Penzance" for Light Opera of Oklahoma. There are varying opinions as to how the three acts of "Tales of Hoffman" should be ordered. Arguably Antonia's and Giuliet-

ta's acts can be interchanged. Offenbach died after completing the piano score. For the original opening of 'Tales of Hoffman," Giuletta'f act was cut and the famous "Barcarolle" melody was placed into the second act Some time after this, however, Ernest Guiraud finished orchestrating the original piano score, made many cuts and finished the opera. But, since it is difficult to see exactly what Offenbach's original intent was for the music, mere are many different versions of the "Tales of Hoffman" in existence. The D'Angelo Opera Theatre's production is directed by Louisa Jonason and conducted by Robert Frankenberry. Dance faculty Michael Gleason is in charge of set design. The epiloge and prologe were orchestrated by senior composition major M. Joseph Rendulic "This is an elaborate production and has taken a lot of hard work," says junior Mark Donlin who's playing the four comprimario tenor roles. Donlin adds spirited comic relief throughout each act of the opera. "Tale of Hoffman" will be performed on Friday night at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday afternoon at 2:30 p.m. Tickets for students are $1.*

Upcoming DVD releases
By Ed Bark
Kinght Ridder Newspaper

"Control Room" (NR, lions Gate) The political implications of DEC 15. Reverend. Horton thisfilmare now nil, but as long Heat Christmas Show. Beachas there's a conflict in Iraq, this land Ballroom, Cleveland. is still a pretty damning piece of work. "Control Room" treads DEC. 15. Christmas show. the front lines of the groundWayne Newton. Benedum breaking Arab television news Center, Pittsburgh. station ALJazeera as it relays coverage of the Iraq war to Middle DEC. 17. Christmas show. Eastern living rooms, and the Wayne Newton. Palace Therelationships that form between atre, Cleveland. the station and the American occupiers is both fascinating and DEC 17. Kissmas Bash with warming. Avril Lavigne, Simple Plan, Most of the reporters we Jo Jo Vanessa Carlton, Sky meet have a clear opinion on the Sweetham, Seven Day Faith. American occupation — they say HSBC Arena, Buffalo. as much, in fact But before you dismiss them and thisfilmas proDEC. 18. Lost Prophets. paganda vessels, it's important to House of Blues, Cleveland. ask: If the war was a good idea, On sale Nov. 20 at Ticketwhy would a TV station largely master. devoted to exercising Westernstyle freedoms object to it so D E C 21. Christmas show. strongly? The answer lies in the Clay Aiken. Palace Theater, images, many of which you won't 4 see on Fox News. Cleveland. Extras: A whopping three DEC 26. Donnic Iris and the commentaries, featuring the Cruisers. Rock Club, Pittsfilmmakers, Al-Jazeera producburgh. ers and U.S. Central Command Press Officer Josh Rushing. Also: DEC 29, 30. Claries, Ingram A mountain of deleted scenes, Hill. Rock Club, Pittsburgh. trailer. On sale now at Ticketmas- ! "Harvie Krumpet" (NR, Stuter. dioworks, Nov. 9) Animator Adam Elliot makes DEC. 31. David Cassidy. brilliance look easy with this Niagara Falls view, Niagara claymation gem, which won the Falls, Canada. On sale at (888) 2003 Oscar for best animated 836-8118. * £• short film. "Harvie Krumpet" tells the story of thefilm'snameJAN. 4-9. Musical/The Prosake, a curious fellow who can't ducers." Shea's Theater, Bufcatch a break but keeps his arms falo^ (and trousers) open in case the sea of illnesses, lightning strikes JAN. 9. Comedy. Tim Conand pink slips unexpectedly proway and Harvey Korman. duces one. Benedum Center, Pittsburgh. Harvie the man is unabashedly Note: Rescheduled date. morbid but extremely sweet, and the film bearing his name is no JAN. 12-16. Ice showDisney different, offering a well of inon Ice presents 'Beauty and spiration, sadness and genuine the Beast' Tbllio Arena, Erie. laughs in its 23 minutes. Best $41, $31, $18, $11, On sale extra; A handful of Elliot's other at Ticketmaster outlets, by pieces, rangingfromone to eight phone at 452-4857 or 456minutes long each. Also: Com7070, online at www.ticketmentary, storyboard feature, character model gallery. "Lost Boys of Sudan" (NR, JAN. 14. B.B. King, Bobby Docoruma/POV) * Bland. Bryce Jordan Center. The American media has largeState College. On sale at Tick-, ly failed to put a human face on etmaster or online at www.bjc the suffering and human rights atrocities taking place in Sudan, but as this incredibly intimate

film shows, it's far from an impossible task. material in this five-disc set is The journey of teenage refu- dated. Tammy Faye jokes, anygees Peter and Santino, who re- one? And yet a 1981 episode of locate from Sudan to the United "SCTV" is still funnier and more States as part of a resettlement effective than last week's episode program, has happy, wondrous of "SNL." Credit largely goes to beginnings. But their immense the -cast — John Candy, Eugene expectations of America — a] Levy, Rick Moranis, Catherine place they compare to heaven O'Hara, Dave Thomas, Joe Flaitself — are begging to be let herty and Andrea Martin — for down, and a case of homesick- creating characters who are as ness doesn't help matters. funny today as they were two Best extra: Commentary with decades ago. Mylan and Shenk. Also: InterIf Conan O'Brien is your coview, deleted scenes, updates, medic hero, consider this set a bonus music, more. goldmine since any number of "Festival Express" (R, New these skits would fit right in on Line) a good episode of "Late Night." A who's who of music — the Includes nine hour-plus-long epiGrateful Dead, Janis Joplin, sodes, three of which feature cast The Band, the Flying Burrito commentary. Also: Backstage Brothers, Sha Na Na and more - features, gallery and footage of - touted across Canada by train in the show's 1982 Emmy win. the summer of 1970, sharing not |!'3u-On: The Grudge" (R, lionly the stage but also the means ons Gate, November 9) with which to get there. The American remake of "The Stowed away and forgotten for Grudge" isn't all that scary, but if decades, this footage has enjoyed it's any consolation to Sarah Mia remarkable restoration, and chelle Gcllar and company, neithis set, which features an hour ther is the Japanese original. The of new material on top of the haunted house premise shows originalfilm,is a must-see for any promise, and it's executed with style to spare, but the plot is too fan of this era of music. Best extra: The aforementioned scattered and Slow to make any trove of new footage. Also: Ex- kind of emotional impact It's batended interviews, making-of sically a slasherfilmwithout the slashing: too many characters, feature, gallery, trailer. I "Richard Pryor: I Ain't Dead but not enough time to invest in Yet, #(ASTERISK)%f#@!I: any of them. In Japanese with Uncensored" (NR, Comedy English subtitles and optional English dub. Central, November 16) Comedy Central deserves f^Best extra: Interviews (in Japathanks for reminding us that nese with 1 nglish subtitles) with Richard Pryor, suffering from cast and crew. Also: trailers, backmultiple sclerosis, indeed ain't stage feature, deleted scenes. dead. And while Pryor himself ji^No extras. wasn't able to appear in this | ^"Bridget Jones's Diary: Collectribute, a host of friends — Ber-| tor's Edition" (R, Miramax) nie Mac, Mos Def, Denis Leary, Bridget Jones (Renee ZellweWanda Sykes, Dave Chappelle, ger) eats too much, drinks more Jon Stewart, Steve Harvey and than she eats, smokes more than more — happily step in with a she drinks and is surrounded by rash of funny, candid payments supposedly happily married peoof respect ple who wonder what is wrong The best comedians in the with her. A change of pace is game treat Pryor with an un- what she decides she needs, and tamed level of reverence and the bawdy but cartoonishly cute respect, and the interspersed antics that follow make for a footage of Pryor's standup act raunchy movie that your grandare proof why. It's a shame there mother can still love. Colin Firth is good as love/hate interest No. isn't more. Obligatory warning: Richard 1, Zellweger is great as Jones, and Pryor footage plus lots of other Hugh Grant is absolutely perfect comedians equals lots of bad as her perverted boss-slash-love/ hate interest Na 2. words. Extra: A half hour of addi Extras: Director comtional footage that's more candid mentary, deleted scenes, trailer and often better than what aired for the sequel, several features, on the actual special. a collection of "Bridget Jones's "SCTV: Volume Two" (NR, Diary" columns, more. Shout Factory)

'Jesus Christ Superstar' January 6 at Erie Civic Center Some — OK, a lot — of the
Audiences in Erie will soon have the opportunity to see the Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber's record-breaking musical 'Jesus Christ Superstar" that has been rocking the road. 'Jesus Christ Superstar" starring Lawrence Clayton as 'Judas" and Eric Kunze as "Jesus" will makes its Erie debut for one performance only at Warner Theatre, Jan. 6 at 7:30 p.m.. When "Jesus Christ Superstar*first exploded onto the West End stage in 1972, it was clear that the musical world would never be the same again. Almost 30 years later, this astonishing musical is back as fresh and gripping as ever, proving I hat no musical since has been able to touch audiences with quite the same impact or emotional intensity From his entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday through to his death at the hands of Pontius Pilate, "Jesus Christ Superstar" is an epic retelling of the last seven days in the life of Jesus of Nazareth. Telling the story of men and women driven to their fate by forces beyond their control, this unique musical is as powerful is as powerful and compelling today as the day it was written. Lawrence Clayton is an accomplished singer and actor whose talents have been featured onaqd off Broadway Eric Kunze is a Broadway veteran who has played the romantic leads in "Les Miserables" and "Miss Saigon" and starred as Joe Hardy in "Damn Yankees" with Jerry Lewis. "Jesus Christ Superstar" is packed with hit songs including "I Don't Know How To Love Him," "Could We Start Again Please" and of course "Superstar." J %\ Fierce rock rhythms, chunky power chords, pulsating tension along with heart searing ballads all combine in Andrew Llovd Webber's haunting unforgettable score. f Tickets, priced at $49.50 and $29.50 are on sale now at the Erie Civic Center box office and all Ticketmaster locations. Information provided by the Erie Broadway Series

December Special
Tall Melted Icicle $1.50 Christmas Sugar Cookies $.65


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December 8,2004



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Highmore captures your heart in 'Finding Neverland
in early London, the film shows Barrie, played by Johnny Depp, as he struggles to maintain his career as a playwright despite a "Finding Neverland" is a beau- string of unsuccessful plays. tifully crafted story that has Then, when out for a day in the already begun winning awards park, he happens to encounter - National Review Boards best four young brothers playing and film - and will not be left out his life changes as he embarks of the limelight come Oscar upon a world of adventure and nominations. imagination with the aspiring Director Marc Forster's new children. movie, about J JVL Barrie and his Now, the film is not meant to creation of Peter Pan provides be an accurate formation of the both a moving and deeply re- character "Peter Pan," but instead warding viewing experience. Set offers a clever spin on Barrie's life By Joshua Wilwohl Layout assistant with the Davis family and how he helped them to escape reality through illusion. As Barrie becomes more closely associated with the family despite his wife's objections, played by Radha Mitchell, along with the boys' grandmother Emma du Maurier, played by Julie Christie. Nonetheless, not having the faintest care for either, Barrie embraces the fatherless boys - Peter, Jack, George and Michael — and their mother, taking them into the world of imagination from dancing bears, toflying,to walking the plank of a pirate ship. As the relationships grow, Barrie develops a new idea for a play: "Peter Pan." However, because of his previous failures, Barrie's incredibly nervous producer Charles Frohman, played by Dustin Hoffman, becomes skeptical about the new play and forecasts another disaster. Yet, despite Frohman's prediction, Barrie shows just the reverse on opening night. Forster, whose last film was "Monsters Ball," delivers another cinematic masterpiece that is highly supported with a dazzling cast Co-star Kate Winslet delivers a brilliant performance as Sylvia Davis, the widowed mother of the four boys. Depp delivers an Oscar-caliber performance as the famed playwright [^However, the film is stolen by young Peter Davis, played by Freddie Highmore — the true inspiration for the Peter Pan character. Once dose to his father, Peter looks up to Barrie

as his mentor to get through the tragedies of his life: the loss of his father and his mother's illness. Emotional viewers are warned: have tissues for the final few scenes. "Finding Neverland" is a tale inspired by true events that evokes such deep emotions of love, which combined with outstanding acting and screenplay make it easily one of the best films of the yeat Grade: A+

Newly released Nintendo
By Billy O'Keefe Knight Ridder Newspaper It's been a while since Nintendo acted like Nintendo and delivered to us something truly weirdl Remember the Virtual Boy?'ROB the robot? That huge, scary light gun bazooka? - '*< The wait ends with the Nintendo DS, an intriguing little device that rewrites the rules of what portable gamitig can be. It's not the next generation of the Game Boy that's allegedly under development, and Nintendo will continue to offer full support for the current model. Rather, it's a completely new arena for not only Nintendo, but a slew of game developers who suddenly find themselves sitting in a brand-new sandbox. For starters, the DS features acronym explanation alert dual screens. This alone makes for some intriguing new gameplay possibilities, but the bottom screen's double duty as a touch

Nintendo DS: the next generation in hand-held gaming has arrived
display. Wireless multiplayer is built into the system, and die DS is built for both close-quarters and online play. A drawing/chat program, PictoChat, comes preinstalled, as does a multiplayer demo of "Metroid Prime Hunt0 : ers. s $ The D-pad is finally of adequate size and the touch screen is remarkably accurate. If only Nintendo had included an analog joystick for better 3D control this system would be able to do it all. Whether the system sinks or swims falls on the developers. The best is certainly to come; more than 125 games are in development as you read this. Not all games were available for review at press time, but here's a quick look at those that were: FEEL THE MAGIC: XY/| XX (Sega): Some companies will make more of Nintendo's quirky machine than others, and Sega, never one to not exploit a peripheral for all it's worth, is first to thefrontof the line with "Feel the Mdgic: XY/XX." ' * >; fl Classification defies it It could be mistaken for a dating simulation, but it's more a collection of bizarre mini-games with a love story wrapped around it You're an ordinary schmo who sets out to impress the girl of your dreams by, among other things, fighting off a bull rush, riding a u nicycle atop a high wire, Heimliching goldfish out of a man's stomach, and of course rolling yourself into a ball and sending yourself across traffic and into people. You'll do this mosdy by using the stylus and the touch screen, but some games require you to blow on and even yell at your DS. (The instruction booklet suggests that you "be careful not to scare people in public places." Good advice.) SUPER MARIO 64 DS (Nintendo): Nintendo's only launch tide is a supersized remake of its first 3D Mario game, widely considered one of the best games ever made. The DS version includes not only all the levels from that game, but a remixed story, a horde of brand-new levels, multiplayer support and a huge trove of brilliant mini-games that support the touch screen and stylus. Wario, Luigi and Yoshi now join Mario in the single-player quest the game actually starts you off as Yoshi and each character comes with his own abilities (Yoshi's got his tongue and Mario can wall-jump, for instance). The most sedous caveat: You have to hold down the Y button to run. This is pretty cumbersome, particularly since you are almost always running. Here's hoping developers don't make this nii&ake in' the future. Contfcol and hardware limitations aside "Mario" is a very impressive and truly fun remake of a great game, and the mini-games that you collect along the way are practically worth the price of admission alone. MADDEN NFL 2005 (EA Sports): If any game demonstrates die unfairly short development cycle developers were given to create DS games in time for launch, "Madden NFL 2005" may be it It doesn't look as good as other games, and it's missing some features, namely a franchise mode ,that are series standards. That said, EA has given us true 3D football on a handheld, and that's never happened before. And if it doesn't look as pretty as we'd like, it certainly plays like it should. The touch screen is used exactly as it should be: You can (but don't have to) use the stylus to call your plays, pick audibles, shift your defense and even select receivers when passing. The screen also gives you a handy X's and O's view of the action. "Madden" supports wireless multiplayer, and also throws in situation, practice and twominute drill modes. The franchise mode is sorely missed, but you can still trade players and edit rosters, so just keep records in a notebook until EA delivers a true whammy next year. SPIDER-MAN 2 (Activision): Activision practiced moderation in their first DS game, and the result is a pretty cool hybrid between the "Spider-Man" console games and die trio of titles that appeared on the Game Boy Advance. "Spider-Man 2" is more or less an open-ended sidescroller built with 3D parts: It's a very attractive looking game that moves beautifully and contains 3D elements galore, but it still plays out in two dimensions. It has to be seen to be fully understood. You'll probably need to do a fair amount of backtracking in order to complete each level's objectives, which can create frustration in a game that rewards you for conquering levels quickly. THE URBZ: SIMS IN THE CITY (also available for Game Boy Advance) (EA Games): "The Urbz" is a slighdy fatter version of die same game EA recently released for the Game Boy Advance, but it's also an example of hbw even the most basic use of a second screen can improve a game's pace. "Urbz" is a dty-themed spinoff of the sickly popular "Sims" series, and like those games, it's very menu-driven. You buy stuff, manage your needs, view your goals, check out the map, talk to people and more using menus, so it's nice not to have to constantly pause the game in order to do so. You can go about your business on the top screen while managing your particulars with die stylus at the same time. Sounds trivial, but it's very handy. "Urbz" generally upholds the core "Sims" values you still, for instance, need to keep your Sim in shape, happy and toilettrained. It's not as much a sandbox game as "Sims" is, so there's a goal system and story, as well as some mini-games (including a few touch screen ones) to break up any monotony. It's a relatively simple game that won't really tax your brain at any point; but as leisurely experiences go, it's a pretty good time. If you want a casual gaming experience that's truly casual, this is probably worth a look.

aeft£tt VeiU^M6^s4hHi^^^
Sports games can dedicate one screen to action and another to strategy of* team management And games that simultaneously combine traditional and stylus controls can offer players experiences that no other system can by Unking the screens together. The DS handles 3D with ease. It best reiembles a portable but souped-up Nintendo 64 so there are no real limits to what can be done with the system. With two exceptions, Nintendo has given the DS pretty much every tool it needs. The two backlit screens look considerably sharper than the Game Boy Advance's frontlit

At..TOti WE*!. r^H &i -

|Lumen deadline
Submissionsfor this year's Lumen approaching
The deadline for submission to this year's Lumen publication will be the last week before Christmas break. For those who don't know, the Lumen is Mercyhurst's annual student art publication. Possible art forms for submission are photography, short stories, and poetry. These should be turned in to the office of Dr. Kenneth Schiff before Christmas break on a disk (please do not submit paper copies of stories, etc). If anyone has any questions regarding anything having to do with deadlines, how to submit; or anything else, they can contact Dr. Schiff at Best of luck and we look forward to seeing your art/written work. The Lumen Staff





MATH LABLocated in the

304 A&B

This week in reality: Swimsuit model Munter takes 'Real Gilligan' seriously
By Daniel Fienberg Knight Ridder Newspaper
. .



From coconut radios to pesky cosmonauts to coconut phones to a surprising victory at the Cannes Film Festival, very little that happened on "Gilligan's Island" was ever mistaken for reality. Leave it to "The Bachelor" mad scientist Mike Fleiss to turn the beloved Sherwood Schwartz chestnut into deliriously exploitative unscripted television. Featuring real people cast for their resemblance to popular culture's daffiest group of castaways, "The Real Gilligan's Island" premiered two weeks ago on TBS. Searching for the perfect lovely lady to stand in for glamorous actress Ginger, Fleiss turned to Rachel Hunter. Even though your typical swimsuit-modcling legend has better things to do than spend three weeks on a deserted island playing an elimination game for the kinds of prizes she could just buy on a whim, Hunter worked with Fleiss on ABC's beauty show debacle "Are You Hot?" and jumped at the chance to collaborate again. "I love working with Mike," Hunter gushes. "If there's anyone you're going to work with in reality, it's Mike. He pushes the envelope and knows reality inside and out I've always just enjoyed his projects." | £ ^ Jg|3 It didn't hurt that Hunter vividly remembers rushing home in the afternoons to watch episodes of "Gilligan's Island," which played regularly on one of the two stations her childhood home in New Zealand received "I just loved Gilligan, he was such a goofbag," she laughs. "I loved how even though it was deserted, all these colorful characters were always on the show the crazy millionaires, the I aloofness of Ginger always wafting about in her evening gown, Mary Ann just running around so happy about everything and cooking a pie and completely out of her mind. She should have been on Prozac the entirerime.And the Professor! He was so asexual, wasn't he?" .;.' "„': xj& i Although Hunter insists, as reality show contestants always seem to do, that she would relive the "Gilligan's" experience again in a heartbeat, she had many reservations about the limited food supply made available to the castaways as they competed in challenges based on incidents from the series.

"We were given certain things, but I couldn't eat," Hunter says. "It was like eating cardboard. You'll probably see a more voluptuous Rachel at the beginning and a more scrawny Rachel at the end/' "The Real Gilligan's Island" begins with two groups of castaways,fromwhich a final group of seven one for each character on the sitcom will be chosen. Hunter's Ginger counterpart is former "Baywatch" star Nicole Eggert. Hunter promises that she was always herself when the cameras were rolling and that she never felt any pressure to follow in the footsteps of Tina Louise's aloof, spoiled Ginger, 9 She was taken aback, though, by how some of her castmates were desperate to play characters/I'm really happy-go-lucky, and I find it really hard to find something in someone that I don't like," Hunter says, "FU usually like you no matter what But there are people on this island that I just f — can't stand, that are just ~ horrible, frightening, just desperate-to-become-famous people." Hunter seems to have had particular trouble with her Mary Ann. "How can I put this?" Hunter says haltingly, trying to avoid stirring up trouble. "I always tried to be really nice to Mary Ann. She ended up being pretty evil," A poll on TBS's Web site suggests that nearly two-thirds of users would rather be with Mary Ann than Ginger, but Hunter most recently an object of lust in the Fountains of Wayne video "Staccy's Mom" can only scoff, "I don't think I need to make a case. The case is closed/' Perhaps because of the tension with some of her castmates, Hunter took the game-show aspect of "The Real Gilligan's Island" very seriously. "Competition is competition no matter what," she declares. "I don't have any of that pop psychology that America has. To me, when you're put up against competition, you're competitive no matter what. I'm not going to sit back and let somebody win." .






December 8,2004

7b contact:

the top in college hoops
By Marien Garcia (KnighIt Ridder Newspapers t They laughed, joked with re[porters and teased Roger Powell ;by rubbing his recently shaved



l Illinois basketball players are •living in the moment and lovkngit I And for the moment, they are the No. 1 college basketball team in the nation. \ For just the third time in school history, and the first time since 1989, the mini are atop the naional rankings. The No. 1 ranking lasted just pne week in 1989 and in 1952, pie first time Illinois went to the pp of the poll, because Illinois lost immediately after going to |o. 1. The Illini broke that jinx Monday night by routing Chicago tate 78-59 at the Assembly Hall front of an announced crowd c f 16,618.' £ \r Luther Head scored 17 points jan d Dee Brown added 15 to go with nine assists for the Illini * Deji Akindele led Chicago State (0-5) with 14 points. : All the talk afterward centered on Illinois* lofty status among the nation's elite. If a N a 1 team carries a heavy burden of expectations, no one


(7-0). |


could tell by speaking to Brown, Head or PowelL Head rubbed Powell's head in the postgame news conference and seemed as relaxed as ever, j 'There was no celebration," Head said. "We didn't jump for joy. We took it like, we're N a 1 so let's stay there. We didn't throw balloons in the air or nothing like that. We knew it and ran with i t " Brown knew better than to celebrate. He recalled leading his high school team at Proviso East to No. 1 in the state rankings. The team threw a party com* plete with popcorn and pizza, he said. cc We were blown out the next two games," he dead panned, g The players promised to stay hungry and humble. 'They don't have egos," Chicago State coach Kevin Jones said. I .^Illinois' players said all the right things, except for a minor slip by Brown, who said the blowout victory was "boring but fun." "It wasn't boring," he said quickly to correct himself. "1 love Chicago players. They come out with a no-fear attitude." The last two times Illinois went to N a 1, the Illini ended the season in the NCAA tournament's Final Four. 'That's the first I heard about

KRT Photo

Illini forward Nick Smith added seven points despite foul trouble In the win against Arkansas on Dec.
it," Head said, "but it's good to poll of media members to edge hear." <; ." • \:J | No. 2 Kansas. ..-Illinois' jump to No. 1 came Former Illinois coach Bill Self's five days after it beat then-Na Jayhawks had 23first-placevotes 1 Wake Forest by 18 points. Il- and 1,700 points. linois was fifth in last week's AP Georgia Tech is ranked third, poll and third in the ESPN/USA followed by Syracuse and OklaToday coaches' poll. homa State. Saturday the Illini beat a tough Illinois still can't shake a link to Arkansas team 72-60 to stay Self. Brown was asked if hopes unbeaten. Illinois and Kansas meet in the They received 25 first-place postseason. votes and 1,717 points in the AP Brown said rubbing Powell's head was a way of congratulating him for being named Big Ten player of the week, an honor bestowed on him Monday for scoring 19 points against Wake Forest and again against Arkansas. Powell's achievement it's the first time he has earned the honor was overshadowed by the team's milestone. Coach Bruce Weber said little of the move to No. 1 after congratulating his players.


He's too concerned about Thursday's game at Georgetown and Saturday's against Oregon at the United Center: "They should be proud of it," Weber said. "To jump like we did we must have impressed somebody." "Now we're getting the recognition that we deserve, and we've never had it," Brown said. "People^re showing us love, and it feels so good."

A n o t h e r fine m e s s c r e a t e d b y t h e B C S
By David J. Neal Knight Ridder Newspape rs


fiiftinc«ihi3*iWdek * ofi playing and a brutal SBC ttndefofoed^nd politicking and {tolling in college» doesn't have a snokv baiTs chance affiliated football got us, well, in Alabama of getting the naone more fine mess. tional title. j : At N a 1 -and No. 2, we have Pacific 10 champion USC Southern California and Okla- would've been in the Rose Bowl homa, respectively, because the against the Big Ten's Michigan. polls have said they're Nos. 1 and Oklahoma, the Big 12 winner, would've been in the Orange 2 all season. Bowl. Auburn would've been in Also, they^e undefeated. j;* It helped that opponents lost the Sugar Bowl. kickoffs (Texas A&M against Auburn would've been two upOklahoma) or their courage sets and a Sugar Bowl win from (Stanford against USQ in the a national tide. second half. Slim chance but it happened I • That's the national champion- several different years. There ship game, here at the Orange would've been hope. Bowl. * ^ i r < S Now, they must put their frusThey're holding it without No. tration behind a polite smiley 3 and undefeated Auburn. curtain. There is something wrong Actually, what makes the sham when Auburn goes through of the BCS (Big Conference

Meyer takes Florida job
By Jeff Darlington jight Ridder Newspapers You can stop calling it an UrLegend now. After all, urban legends lack authenticity. This story is perfectly true: |rban Meyer has been chosen (Officially as Florida's next head roach. j Florida Athletic Director Jeremy Foley confirmed Meyer's firing Saturday, adding the coach will be introduced in Gainesville during a news conference Tuesday. Meyer, who only has been to Gainesville once during a recruiting visit more than four years |o, will remain in the state until at lcasi^ Thursday, when he will be horfpred as the 2004 Home Depot National Coach of the Year in Orlando. (Meyer eventually will return to Salt Lake City to continue preparations for his final game ajs Utah's coach. | The team expects to be invited tp the Jan. 1 Fiesta Bowl on bdayJ After meeting with staff and players Saturday morning to reliy the news they already knew, Meyer conducted practice as usual before talking about his decision with reporters for the first time after the workout Defensive line coach Gary Anderson said the meeting with players was simply a matter of making sure his players knew the facts, and the players took it well. "The players handled it extremely well," Anderson said. "You don't expect them to jump up and down for joy, but they were positive. They were prepared for it. It wasn't like they got hit out of left field. It was just a matter of putting an end to it putting facts to it" Foley said he was pleased with the way the search progressed. He said Florida compiled a long list of candidates before narrowing it down to Meyer. Although Meyer's father, Bud Meyer, said his son was offered an identical contract from Notre Dame, Meyer said the courting never went that far. "Florida was in the mix for a long time," Meyer said. "It was almost a done deal before [Notre Dame called]. But it was not Notre Dame vs. Florida." Meyer said the process was "95 percent along, and then, boom, [Notre Dame] called/' S

Setup) so apparent is No. 4 Uni- else) know how to sway voters. enough in the human polls versity of California's situation. Longhorn coach Mack Brown that were supposed to mean so Cal's only loss was 23-17 at might as well have donned black- much more this year that their USC, a win the Trojans preserved face and sang My Mammy as he computer edge hopped them \f>y stonewalling the GoUen,Bea*%. ^pleaded with poll voters to boose over Cal. in the*finaltwo minutes after Cal _Tbxas over "some teiifltfthat are Possibly inspiring Mack Mamhad a first and goal. my to join Keith Sweat and being talked about That's a sliver of light separatIt worked. Texas got close Tammy Faye Bakker in the Beging the Berkely Boys from the n-n alleged No. 1 team in the land. Yet, instead of Cal being in a major bowl, they're shunted off to the Holiday Bowl Why? Because the BCS dictates that Big East champ Pitt, anemic as their conference is, had to be who also is a board member of in a BCS bowl. By Josh Robbins! the Indianapolis-based Black Pitt will face 11-0 Utah, which Knight Ridder Newspapers Coaches Association, hailed the deserves to be in a BCS bowl. move as the most important That left only one spot and two Fitz Hill defied the odds once hire in the history of college teams, Texas and Cal. before. football Texas trailed Cal in the human In December 2000£San Jose An African-American had polls going into last weekend. State University hired Hill to been hired to lead the most But as we saw last month, them coach its football team. prestigious program in college boysfromTexas (or conveniently At the time, there had been football, and Willingham could from Texas byway of someplace only 15 other black head coaches help break down racial stereohired in the entire history of Di- types if he led the Irish back to vision I-A college football. national prominence. Now that he no longer has die Willingham had three years job he resigned Nov. 22 to ac- remaining on his contract cept a non-coaching position at Like many coaches across Foley, on the other hand, said the University of Central Florida the country, Hill reacted with the search has not been a done Hill wonders whether he ever disbelief when he heard of will receive another chance to Willingham^ firing. deal for long Hill, 40, understands the bar[• JHe said he did "have to deal coach a major-college football • ' team. He's skeptical. riers facing qualified black aswith the competition." "Statistics show that any Af- sistants all too well. "Some people think this has He earned a doctorate in been a done deal for three rican-American coach that has months," Foley said. "People been terminated from employ- higher education from the Uni-! can believe what they want, but ment from a Division I*A in- versity of Arkansas in 1997 and stitution will not be rehired " has written extensively about I know how the process has gone said Hill, who, at the moment, the lack of black head coaches for the past month. Tuesday, we'll doesn't want to return to coach- in Division I-A, talk about the whole search and ing. "That's what the history "The real issue is, Will Notre how it went on." reveals. That's true empirical Dame consider hiring anothI' Defensive coordinator Charlie data. If you're a betting man, you er African-American football Strong and offensive coordinawould bet against it" coach?" Hill said. tor Larry Fedora are among Last week, Notre Dame fired "Are they going to strongly those who could be considered as possible candidates for the head coach Tyrone Willingham consider hiring a qualified Af- j after a 21-15 record in three rican-American football coach? new staff. In basketball now that happens, However, attention now shifts seasons with the Irish. WiUingham's dismissal leaves and it's not even a big issue, j back to Florida lame-duck coach Division I-A with only two Af- To me, that's where we have to Ron Zook. Zook is expected to be an- rican-American head football move forward; to quit evaluating coaches: Karl Dorrell at UCLA African-American coaches colnounced as Illinois' next head and Sylvester Croom at Missis- lectively and evaluate them just coach Monday. sippi State. as white coaches are evaluated Zook interviewed at Illinois last There are 117 teams in Divi- as individuals." week, but state law prohibits the Several organizations are workschool from hiring a new coach sion I-A. There were five black head ing to address the issue. until the opening has been posted coaches at the beginning of The Black Coaches Associafor two weeks. 1 the 2004 season; Croom, Dor- tion recently published its Hiring Should he accept Illinois posirell, Hill, Willingham and Tony Report Card for the 2003-04 tion, he likely would not coach Samuel, who was fired recently school year. the Gators in the Peach Bowl from New Mexico State. In that study, all Division [-A against Miami on Dec 31, instead Notre Dame hired Willingham and I- AA schools that had openhaving a current assistant serve as on Dec 31,2001 jand Lapchick, ings for head football coaches the interim coach.
• .

gars Hall of Fame were reported bonus clauses that gave Brown 550,000 for making a BCS bowl and $50,000 for being fourth or fifth in either human poll"/ '"""^ For that kind of money, its surprising Brown didn't hire Karl Rove, >

Numbers game doesn't favor black coaches? in college football
during the academic year were analyzed and graded for their coaching searches. Among other areas, the grades took into account whether representatives of the school communicated with the BCA's executive director to seek out qualified minority candidates, had minorities on the search and hiring committee and had given on-campus interviews to minorities. Of the 28 schools that had open positions, 17 earned a final grade of "A" or "B" while 11 had grades of " Q " "D" or "R" The NCAA also has taken initiatives to boost the number of minorities in head-coaching positions. One such initiative is the Advanced Coaching Program. For the second consecutive year, 20 young coaches will meet for three days in January in Louisville, Ky., immediately preceding the American Football Coaches Association's annual convention, ? There they will participate in, workshops designed to help] prepare them for head-coaching j positions. s The AFCA also has helped] young black coaches network! with college and university administrators. W ? But such programs may yield incremental progress. g j "Irt also going to be important that we say that there* the pos J. sibility out there of legal action that could provoke the same] type of results that court a c l tion on Title DC {lias brought]," Lapchick said. f J ^"That's whereJt has to start: up at the top*Hill said J ] "You can't change the problem at the has to start up!


21 $ I

i r

December 8,2004


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G L I A C pllay n e x t for w o m e n ' s
By Paul Coffey Contributing writer Sometimes all it takes is a little motivation to bring out the best in a team. The Mercyhurst women's basketball team found that out last season when it took a rivalry game against a team with a far better record to motivate them enough to get their only win of the season. In that game, the Lakers defeated Gannon 82-71 in front of 1,500 fans. The 82 points were easily the most points scored in a game this season for the Lakers. This year, the motivation came in the form of new head coach, Karin Nicholls. Nichoils, who came to Mercyhurst after a year at Youngstown State University as their recruiting coordinator, has led her team to a 2-4 start through thefirstsix games of the young season. Obviously 2-4 isn't a spectacular record, but considering the team finished with a 1-25 record
1 1W

h o o p s



last season, it is still an improvement, and the majority of the season has yet to be played. 'Tin a little disappointed, because I think we're a better team than what we have played early

on in the season," said Nicholls. The GUAC schedule started for the Lakers on Dec 4 when they lost 83-77 to Northwood. Despite that loss and their losing record the Lakers have shown that Nicholls has brought the motivation to trigger a change going into meat of the GUAC schedule. The Lakers have averaged 67.2 ppg through the first six games of this season, far better than the 53.1 that they averaged last season;; In fact, the Lakers only scored over 67 points two times in their 26 games last season, 82 in their win over Gannon and 73 in a loss to Wayne State. '1 expected that," said Nicholls. "The system I like to play is a more upbeat style where you're scoring in transition, but if you don't have those baskets, you're not able to execute." So far this season they have improved their rebounding margin from -8.2 last season to +4.2 this season, and their turnover margin from -5.2 to -1.5, "I think right now I'm very pleased, but we're not content in any way," said Nicholls. "We just really want to keep setting the bar a Little higher." Setting the bar a little higher will not be an option but a must

senior Jessica Olmstead, a transfer from Youngstown state, has been a rebounding force for tne Lakers.

f He Photo


for the Lakers as they begin their schedule in the always tough GLIAC. i Specifically the Lakers must improve on their defensive play if they have any hopes of surviving in the conference. "We really need to hold op-

ponents under 60 (points) to be successful in the GLIAC" said Nicholls. <e We are going to be competitive and have an opportunity to win a lot of games if we can just put things together." W GLIAC play will continue for

Nicholls and her Lakers on Dec to improve, 9 and Dec 11 when they travel to 'They continue to see that their Ashland and then Findlay hard work is going to pay off, While Nicholls wants to win said Nicholls, "and that's what and probably will not settle for any coach's goal is." • mediocrity this season, she will certainly be pleased if her players continue their effort and desire

Steroids issue resurfaces in Major League
By Matt Jackson Contributing writer Picture this. A college student gets an A in every class he takes for an academic year to achieve a 40. • ^ It is later found out that the student cheated in every single one of those classes. Instead of kicking this out of school, he is allowed to keep his 4.0 GPA and also receives the Dean's List honors that come with it. It's obvious that this type of situation would never occur (with the exception that the student was a Division I football player). So why is an analogous event taking place in professional baseball in the midst of the steroid scandal Barry Bonds has admitted that he unknowingly took supplements called "the clear" and "the cream " whose names sound like a remedy for teenagers with an acne problem. These performance enhancing drugs Bonds used are called performance enhancing for a Which brings me to my next point If Pete Rose's stats and awards aren't worthy of the Hall of Fame because of his betting reason.? scandal, then bfflv are Bonds? They do exactly what their At least we know Pete's stats name indicates which might and efforts were legit; we have explain why Bonds' already all seen the many highlights of great numbers skyrocketed to an Pete sacrificing his body so there unimaginable level at such a late is no question that he gave it his stage in his career. He cheated. all every game he played. Obviously nothing has been So he made a few too many decided on what will happen long distance calls to Las Vegas. to the seven-time MVP and his Big deal stats and awards, because there Bonds is amazing with the bat is a myriad of investigation still in his hand and only with the bat to be done* in his hand. But through television discusI'm not saying he doesn't have sions and other articles on the the capabilities to be dominant topic, the general consensus in the other parts of his game, appears to be that Bonds should because he has proven he can be still be inducted into the Hall of with his 40 home run/40 stolen Fame when his career is over and base seasons. that there should be no asterisk But since he put on 40 pounds by his many records. L of muscle and his head grew to 111 start by saying I agree with the size of a watermelon, it has KRTPholo the latter. There shouldn't be an asterisk by his records, only Bonds has been brought back In to question for his use of looked like he isn't even trying in thefieldor running the bases. because there shouldn't be any "the cream" and "the clear" substances.! The point is that Rose's scandal records to put an asterisk near. in no way affected the way he Bonds' records should be wiped consider placing Barry Bonds the idiots of baseball. out quicker than Wally Backman's into the Hall of Fame if he is We already know that section played the game or to the ability career as an Arizona coach. doesn't exist, though, because he played it to. found guilty, unless they have a The real losers in this whole Secondly, it is absurd to even section specifically to remember Pete Rose is still not a member.

situation are not the fans nor the multi-millionaire players involved. ' The ones being affected the most are the players that held or still hold the records that Bonds has put his assault to. , The players such as Babe Ruth,, Hank Aaron and Roger Maris,, that played the game the way it was supposed to be played when, like Latrell Sprewell might say,, the players were really just trying to feed their children. Those players did everything it took physically and emotionally to achieve the goals they set, but still managed not to cross the, line between the right and wrong way to do it It is their records that will possibly be forgotten if many more juiced up baseball players continue to push them further down in the books. It will be many years before we see the full outcome and consequences of the situation. Until then a movie by ESPN where Bonds is played by Dave Chappelle in his Pittsburgh days and then Michael Clark Duncan in his San Francisco years would* be a good way to pass the time. -


Men's hockey glad to return h o m e r ^ M K E D H C A S H ? after 10 straight road g a m e s Have "Stuff to Sell?
By Ryan Palm Sports editor When asked about his team's upcoming season a month ago, men's hockey coach Rick Gotkin stated plain and simple that the road games were going to be tough. I | The team is rinding that out for themselves lately, as they struggled through an extremely difficult 10 straight road contests. The team took to the road to begin the streak on Oct 29, and finally returns home this weekend to host Canisius on Friday, Dec 10. { The trip opened with a 3-2 loss to Union, and concluded on a good note, remaining unbeaten in Atlantic Hockey play with a 3-2 overtime win against American International College. For the past week of play freshman Ben Cottreau was named Rookie of the Week, and Andy Franck was named to the AH Honor Roll for his play in leading the Lakers the past weekend. The Laker defense has certainly been noticed as well, as they lead the conference allowing just 1.60 goals per contest, a great step above Canisius who allows 2.12. During their road trip, the Lakers faced eight different foes, racing only Colgate twice. The Lakers fell twice when visiting Colgate, and also fell mightily to traditional powerhouse UMass-Amhurst. This past weekend the Lakers faced off against a pair of Atlantic Hockey opponents, Sacred Heart University and AIC. On Friday night the Lakers fought hard against the Pioneers of Sacred Heart, as sophomore defensemen Jamie Hunt's goal with iust two seconds left in regulation gave the Lakers a tie with the Pioneers. Sacred Heart stands high atop the conference currently, boasting a 5-1-1 record. J Thi leakers are now 5-8-1 overall, 4-0 i in AH. On Saturday night the Lakers would again head to overtime, but this time came out with a win. Mercyhurst junior forward Erik Johnson, who had missed the first 11 games of the season, came back with a vengeance as he scored the game-winner just over a minute into the extra period. Sophomore Scott Champagne started the scoring for the Lakers in the second period and senior Dave Borelli added his teamleading eighth goal of the season in the third period. The Lakers return home this Friday night, when they play host to Canisius, also an Atlantic Hockey rival The puck will drop at 7:30 p.m. The team will travel to New York to visit Canisius on Saturday. Following that, the Lakers are off until the return from Christmas break, when they will host a weekend of Atlantic Hockey opponents Jan. 4-5. Bentley will be in town on Friday, followed by Quinnlpiac on Saturday.

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December 8, 2004

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Women hockey upsetting foes
By Eric Meacham Contributing writer The Mercyhurst women's hockey team went into the meat of their schedule knowing they would be facing top-notch teams. For the most part, the seventhranked Lakers have proven to still be one of the elite teams in the nation. The Lakers took to the road taking the invite to the University of New Hampshire tournament, which was held on Nov. 27-28. Mercyhurst started off the weekend by taking on the No. 2 Dartmouth Big Green in the first round of the tournament. The Big Green jumped on the Lakers early in the first period, as they scored a shorthanded goal for the only goal of the period. Dartmouth extended their lead to two, when the Big Green scored on the power play midway through the second period. The Lakers cut the lead in half when freshman Stephanie Jones scored her fifth goal of the season. Dartmouth answered right back about three minutes later with another power play goal. The Big Green finished the second period two for three with the man advantage. Mercyhurst responded with a power goal of their own just before the end of the second period. A Senior Chrissy Yule tallied her second goal of the season with assists coming from senior Lindsay Dellow and freshman Sherilyn Fraser. The Big Green maintained their 3-2 lead until the Lakers pulled senior goaltender Desi Clark for an extra attacker late in the third. The move proved to be a smart one as sophomore Jill Nugent tied the game with her second goal of the season with an assist given to sophomore Michelle Bonello. Nugent also was named College Hockey America (CHA) Defensive Player of the Week, as well as being the Mercyhurst Female Athlete of the Week. But Dartmouth broke the 3-3 tie with a goal in the last minute to break the back of the Lakers. Senior Desi Clark stopped 16 of the 20 shots she faced, and Mercyhurst outshot the Big Green 26-20. The Lakers came back the next night looking for the split on the weekend against the host University of New Hampshire Wildcats. Mercyhurst jumped on them early and never really let the then seventh-ranked Wildcats get anything going as the Lakers shut them out 4-0. But the big story of the day was the decision by Head Coach Michael Sisti to start freshman goaltender Laura Hosier. This would break the streak of 49 consecutive games started by senior Desi Clark. "Our backs were against the wall," Sisd remarked after the game. "We had a few injuries, and a few players were struggling, but we were confident we could get the job done today. I'm very proud of our players. This was a huge win" Hosier did not disappoint in

Junior Danielle Lansing hat been an anchor of the defense latley In shutout wins over New Hampshire and Princeton. her first start, stopping all 17 shots en route to her first collegiate win. She was later be named CHA Rookie of the Week. Sophomore Stephanie Bourbeau opened the scoring midway through the first period, with her fifth goal of the season. Junior Samantha Shirley, the leading goal scorer from last year, tallied her first goal of the season early in the second period* Sophomores Justine Jackson and Ashley Pendleton drew assists on the goal Freshman Danielle Ayearst scored her second goal of the year on the power play,"with

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a 1-0 win over the Lakers on an assist from senior Sara Mc- Nugent. Donald. Senior Teresa Marchese and Sunday, Nov. 21. Junior forward Heather JackThis power play marked only Ayearst drew assists on Nugent's son scored the only goal of the the third goal allowed on the first goal of the season. Just over two minutes later, game, as her and teammate Liz power play by the Wildcats. Senior Sara McDonald closed Bourbeau beat Tiger goaltender Keady worked a 2-on-l break to out the scoring with another Roxanne Guadiel for an unas- perfection beating Clark. The Lakers are now 8-4-2 and power play goal early in the third sisted short-handed goal. Junior Danielle Lansing ended will be finishing up a four game period with an assist to Shirley. The weekend before Thanks- the scoring for the Lakers with road trip with a journey to take giving, the Lakers hosted the No. the second power play goal of on the Yale Bulldogs on Tuesday the game for Mercyhurst, with and Wednesday. Dec. 7 and 8. 8 Princeton University Tigers. This will be the last action the Mercyhurst started off the assists going to Shirley and Lakers will see until after the weekend with strong special Marchese. Clark picked up her seventh Christmas vacation when the teams, as the Lakers knocked off win of the season, 54* win over- Lakers will play host to the Provithe Tigers 3-0. The Lakers got on the board all, which gave her two straight dence Friars and the University of Connecticut Huskies. midway through the first pe- shutouts. Princeton earned the split with riod on a power play goal by

Actions of a few athletes New faces adjusting well were a disgrace to the game so far for men's basketball
By Ryan Palm Sports editor The actions of the athletes involved in the Pistons-Pacers brawl last month embarrassed themselves, their teams and the entire league. Millions upon millions of Americans spent a good deal of time watching the reply over and over and over again, simply stating in shock at the idiotic actions of several "professionals.' I myself could be classified in that group, as I did not see the replay at all that night or even the next morning, but must have seen it 30 times over the next week. The actions of players such as Ron Artist, Stephen Jackson and Jermaine O'Neal were such that one would have never imagined happening at a basketball game on an ordinary Friday night. Artest was suspended for the rest of the season, and the rest of the players involved receiving lesser suspensions. When I saw the press conference when NBA Com mi sio net David Stern announced the suspensions, I believed them to be absolutely fair.

time to see that he was going to lose over $4 million in salary. What an expensive night that turned out to be. The next day on my way to work in Cleveland, Ohio, I was listening to the radio and heard an advertisement for an upcoming promotion the radio station was holding. ^ T h e event was tided "Punch a Piston Weekend-" It featured tickets to the Cavs-Pistons square off in Detroit, Mich. The brawl between the players and fans has become the joke of the year, so low that a radio station is willing to capitalize on it to get people to listen and call in. That same day while browsing the Web, I saw that Google News had almost 4,000 stories listed on the subject There was not one other story listed which had even half that many. Who cares about the diminished playoff hopes of the Indiana Pacers? I sure don't Maybe those brilliant individ uals should have thought about that before racing into the bleachers to try to knock out n a 5*7 computer programmer who weighed half as much as any of the men on the floor. Nine people were treated for injuries, injuries acquired from attending a basketball game.

Later that night when I saw I the players complaining about f the lengths, I was in shock yet J again. t Maybe Artest did not see the I part of the highlight where he [ sprinted into the stands and I began to pummel a man half his I size who did nothing to partake I in any of the actions. Artest simply ran at a random erson, completely misting the on who actually threw a cup at him. Seeing Jermaine O'Neal come out of nowhere to land a punch on the face of a fan, and then proceed to fall in front of him really convinced mc that Stern's punishments were just too harsh. Then I stopped laughing in

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The gravity of this event is something that may be unprecedented. Prior to the Monday Night Football game on Monday night following the incident, the analysts on Monday Night Countdown spoke on the subject for nearly 10 minutes. In case you missed that last sentence, that is 10 minutes of basketball talk on a football show.

Former players such as Ron Janikowski and Sterling Sharpc among others gave their opinion on the subject, noting that all throughout their careers they have been screamed at, made fun of and constantly had stuff thrown at them. I see this as a two part issue, first off, players such as Artest have to be used to it by now, and should simply realize that this type of thing happens and just rise above the level of the fans. Any fan who has watched a fair amount of professional sports on television knows very well the treatment that athletes receive, and some may see it as unfair. While that may be understand* able, the actions those several men took are not None of the players involved were rookies in the league. They all have logged hundreds of games, playing under conditions with yelling fans, screaming drunken idiots and having people on sports talk shows! complain about them on a nightly basis. Secondly, it forces the commissioners of our professional sports, not just Stern, to look at this problem in the broad sense. Are fans, in general, out of control? It was clear that alcohol played a significant role in this problem, and while it has been a staple at stadiums and arenas for years, is there really any control over it? I realize it is every man and woman's right to consume beverages until they are spinning in circles, but when it gets to the point where fans are endangering the lives of children, a line has to be drawn. As mentioned, the game took place on a Friday night, a perfect opportunity tor a family to come out and enjoy some basketball, not watch grown men act like morons.

By Eric Meacham Contributing writer New faces equal new year for the Mercyhurst men's basketball team. After losing three mainstays in the line-up in Justin Shouse, Josh Helm and Mike Marshal, the season outcome is looking to be different than last year. Even though the Lakers lost a lot, they are trying to prove the ranking in which they were given in the GLIAC South to be wrong, as the Lakers were picked to fin ish in the cellar, The conference game didn't start the way that the Lakers wanted. With dismal shooting and bleak play on both sides of the ball, Mercyhurst fell to the North wood Timberwolves 51-41. The Lakers were held to shooting just 26 percent from the field, including 13 percentfrombehind the three-point arc. Mercyhurst was also a horrendous 44 percent from the free throw line, going 12 for 27. Even though Northwood didn't put up many points either, the Timberwolves shot 35 percent from the field and 70 percent from the free throw line, accounting for 23 points on free throws alone. Freshman Terry Smith led all scorers with 15 points, with senior Jawad Ali chipping in 10 points with eight rebounds. The first half showed just awful playing, with both limited to a total of 31 points with the Northwood leading 16-15. The physical play and dismal point total continued for both teams. Mercyhurst took the lead a couple times in the second half, but could not come back in the last few minutes as Northwood pulled away for the 10-point win* th On Nov. 30 , the Lakers played

Katie McAdams/Photo editor

Freshman Terry Smith scored 30 points to lead the Lakers to victory against Bloomsburg on Nov. 23 host to Clarion University, and the miserable shooting and low point total continued, as the Lakers would fall 55-43. Ali led all scorers with 17 points and also ripped down eight boards, Smith and sophomore Mitch Brennan chipped in seven points each. Despite losing the last two games, Mercyhurst did put up 91 points in a win over Bloomsburg, as they won 91-64. Smith led all point getters with, 30 points, shooting 10 of 14 from the field including 5 for 8 from three-point land. Ali chipped in another 16 points, Brennan had 12 and freshman newcomer Kylejcffery scored 10 points. At the beginning of the season Mercyhurst looked impressive in the Tip-Off Tournament held at the Mercyhurst Athletic Center. Mercyhurst made it to the championship game after beating West Virginia Wesleyan 71-58. Ali led all scorers with 17 points; a game high 11 rebounds and also dished out six assists. Brennan chipped in another 16 points for the Lakers. Mercyhurst fell in the championship game to Stonehill in overtime, 76-64. The Lakers were outscored 14-2 in the overtime after losing the lead late. Brennan led the Lakers with 18 points. .Smith and junior Andy Rubinski each scored in 15 points, fi The Lakers are now 3-3 and 0-1 in the GLIAC -$ Mercyhurst is now starting the beginning of the grinding GLIAC schedule, as they will head to Ashland and Findlay with their next two games before playing at home against Shepherd on Dec 15*

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