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Mercyhurst seeks new president |
By Josh Wilwohl Staff writer Mercyhurst College begins the process of finding a new college president after Dr. William P. Garvey formally announced his retirement on Dec 16,

2004. | £

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Indonesian volunteers pull a body from the wreckage in Banda Aceh on Jan.


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After 42 years of service, Garvey will officially retire at the end of winter term, effective Feb. 25,2005. f | 8 $ Board of Trustees chair Marlene Mosco has said that it will take between 12 to 15 months to fill die position of college president following Garvey*s retirement in February. | "We are concentrating on an interim president right no\t;" said Mosco. Mosco stated that the board will review internal candidates, along with! community candidates. £ "In addition, the committee will use an external search company called The Registry to help place an interim president," Mosco said. President of the faculty senate, Dr. David Livingston, said that the "Board is working on bringing someone in


quickly." ^

£ J

The Mercyhurst community raises aidfor tsunami victims
toll she expects to be much bigger. Many groups and individuals of the Mercyhurst community are also workIn wake of the Dec 26 earthquake ing to raise donations for the victims.| and tsunami that hit 11 nations sur- Some of these include the Young rounding the Indian Ocean, people Democrats, Young Republicans and Phi around the world, including students and Sigma Alpha, along with Keiko Takioto faculty from Mercyhurst, are sending aid Miller, professor of World Languages and Cultures.. to help the victims. According to USA Today, the death According to Kristen Hudak, presitoll is currently at 147,600 with tens of dent of Phi Sigma Alpha,rightafter the thousands of people still missing. Jan disaster she was contacted by students Egeland, the United Nations humanitar- wanting to help. "As soon as the disasian chief said that she feels that 150,000 ter happened, I was contacted by other estimated death toll is low and the final members of Young Republicans and By Jonelle Davis News editor Young Democrats, as well as Phi Sigma Alpha, to discuss what, if anything, we could do to help" said Hudak. £. -j The Young Democrats, Young Republicans and Phi Sigma Alpha are putting their political differences aside and joining together for this cause. "Former Presidents Clinton and Bush were appointed to lead a national fundraiser to collect money for disaster victims. Therefore, the Young Republicans and Young Democrats agreed, with a bipartisan and generous spirit and as part of Mercyhurst's commitment toward mercy and compassion, to

According to Livingston, an announcement naming the interim president will be made sometime in February. But, with all the hype of finding a join with Phi Sigma Alpha in collecting temporary replacement, the selection of donations " said Hudak. a new, full-time president has not been £. Miller is also taking action to raise aid- forgotten — even if it has just begun, j She has posted numerous signs around "Right now we are in die 'gathering campus also asking for donations. mode,"' said Livingston. ^ When questioned about her efforts, "The board is in the current process Miller said she feels a person in a lead- of arranging a search committee that ership position should make it aware to includes two members of the faculty and everyone how this could have been us. student representatives/lie said. She took a different light to the situaAccording to Livingston, a faculty tion questioning why there has to be a meeting was held last week and found tragedy in order for people to want to six candidates for the position. help others. "The board will select two of the six," Livingston said.

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Sennett h o n o r e d for his 3 3 years of
By Zoe Contes Contributing writer After serving on Mercyhurst College's Board of Trustees for 33 years with 13 of those as Chair of the Board, William C. Sennett has received the honor of having the Alumni Board Room dedicated in his name. ?fc. A' The dedication ceremony was held Thursday, Dec. 16 after the board meeting in the Alumni Board Room, which! is located on the fourth floor of the Hammermill Library. -? The Alumni Board Room sign has been replaced with a sign that now reads u the Sennett Room." A portrait of Sennett was unveiled during a speech given by President Dr. William P. Garvey Principal board members and Sennett's family members were among the 40 people at the dedication. Sennett atfended his first board meeting on FebV.29,1972. His tenure is the second longest of any statutory trustee member in the history of Mercyhurst College. He was nominated to the board


A l u m n i B o a r d R o o m i s r e n a m e d t h e S e n n e t t B o a r d R o o m i n h o n o r of William

by recommendation of Sister Carolyn Hermann, then president of Mercyhurst College. 'When Bill decided to step down from the chairmanship, we wanted to do something to capture his spirit on the campus," said Garvey during the dedication speech. "What seemed most appropriate to us and to him (if we insisted) was to name the Trustee Board Room in his honor. & Garvey said the reason the board room "seemed most appropriate" to be dedicated to Sennett was because most of Sennett's 33 years were spent in one board room or another at Mercyhurst. While the location of Mercyhurst's board room has changed over the years, Sennett's presence has been a constant ! since 1972. ) > Throughout Sennett's very distinguished professional career, he seemed Katie McAdams/Photo editor always to make more than enough time William Sennett and Or. William Garvey at the dedication ceremony on Dec. 16. to contribute to Mercyhurst College. He is a partner in the law firm of profession. Sennett's reputation as both a scholar institution, has earned him this unique Knox, McLaughlin, Sennett & GornalJ, from which he retired in June 2004, fol- Quite notably, Sennett is a former and a leader at Mercyhurst College, honor. along with his long-time devotion to the lowing a prominent career in the legal Attorney General of Pennsylvania. Please see Sennett Page 2.
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• Tyrone Moore discusses safety issues. Should females live in the basement aparW ments on campus? i Page 2




[ Tired of wearing sweats everyday to keep warm? There is a solution to your problem! Page 5



• Mow do you feel about the United Nations? Read inside to see why we're unimpressed. f Page 6

Arts &iEntertainment
I The Paqulto D'Rivera & the Assad Brothers will perform at Mercyhurst. The six time Grammy Winners will be here Jan. 23.

i a Wrestlers work on and off 4 ) the mat as they participate In " O the Big-Brothers, Big-Sisters "(7) program. Page 3


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• Two Mercyhurst football players look toward possible careers In the National Football League. £ H 1 Page 10

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January 12,2005


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Student safety issues President search
Tyrone Moore discusses campus safety efforts
By Jason Endress Contributing writer Student safety is one of the driving issues on campus. There is a delicate balance between comfort level of students and effective security. The past few years have seen an expansion of the school's security camera network, as well as the addition of key card access for the residence halls. Tyrone Moore, Associate Vice President of Administrative Services,believes that "it's all about safety" The school recently placed 796 security screens on all apartment windows under six feet at a cost of about $22,000. "Cost is not an issue when it comes to safety/' Moore said. He also pointed out that around 30 of the screens have been destroyed, which will be replaced and the buildings in concern will be charged. Moore has said that security might be strengthened by moving all female to upper floors of the Briggs and Lewis apartments, an Female students look out their basement apartment window. issue which has been the source of rumor for several years. and Moore pointed out that the or a buzzer system. Moore also offered some advice, saying that "It is my belief that female school only had possession of mentioned a light system, which people who walk around campus, students should live on an upper the buildings for about 40 days would illuminate a propped door particularly at night, should be Boors," he stated. The final decibefore the academic year began, to bring it to Police and Safety's with at least one other person., sion in this matter, however, rests which was not sufficient for ad- attention via the camera system. and mentioned that Mercyhurst with Director of Residence Life, dressing the problem. "We're not trying to do any- is always working towards makLaura Zirkle. The bolts are intended to thing that will be disruptive to ing the school safer, noting the "I think Laura believes everyserve as a stopgap measure for students," said Moore, adding, recent improvements in the one is equal," Moore said conthe porches, which will either "we're going to come up with a campus lighting. cerning basement apartments. be reinforced or removed in the good answer." "People should be more reMoore pointed out other future. "We would love to have Students will be involved in spectful of others while at die recent safety developments on the patios open, but not at all the decision-making process same time being more attentive," campus, such as the problems costs," said Moore. for future security measures on Moore said, adding that "prewith the Wayne apartments. ventative measures are always in One of the major security campus. For those who either live in the concerns, regularly addressed by "We're going to work with order." He encourages students apartments or have visited, they RAs across campus, is the prop- student government and make to take an active concern in their will notice that the patio doors ping- of-*partment d&ara^Kmttpms u r e it's a win-win situation for safety and wcll-'being and to use for «II the apartments have been Moore mentioned several pos- everyone,*' Moore stated. common sense at all times, bebolted shut sible solutions that are under For students who wish to make cause, as Moore said, "Nothing This is due to insurance issues, consideration, such as entry code the campus a safer place, Moore is foolproof"

Mercyhurst begins search for president
Student Government PresiContinuedfromPage 1 dent Mike Manrinelli will repOne candidate being Livings- resent the student body on the ton, and the other either Dr. committee, "Students will have Candee Chambers, Dr. Mary- a voice," said Mancinelli. "The Hembrow Snyder, Dr. Alice MSG president is guaranteed Edwards, Mr. Rob Hoff or Dr. a spot on the selection boards so that students can be heard" Mike FedericL 'The faculty senate will then Currently, MSG does not have come up with ideas for a leader* a statement on the matter, but ship statement about what we (as is working on it for their next a faculty) are looking for," said meeting. Livingston said that when Livingston. Livingston was unsure of it becomes time to develop a when a firm meeting was set for leadership statement from the students, 'They should take sethe voting. "Sometime in February," he riously their role in developing said, "The board will vote and their own leadership statement a consultant will be present to and being involved to influence inform the board on how to the process." Mancinelli did note, however, perform searches (for the next that the process will extend into president)." The consultant — the Asso- the following school year and ciation of Governing Boards of that the new president of MSG Universities and Colleges (AGB) will take over his seat on the - will "help guide us in the pro- committee. 0 The selection committee is cess, Mosco said. "We would like to see candi- headed by William Sennett- who dates who are decisive, spirited, was not available for comment sensitive toward the mission, And according to Mosco, "All charismatic and, most important- constituents of the college will be represented." ly, student oriented," she said.

Tsunami relief efforts
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"Why does it take disasters of such a catastrophic magnitude for us to come to the realization that we are all one? Only when we are made to be nameless human beings do we seem to be able to finally 'see' our own sentient state. When science corrected us that the earth is not the center of the universe, we praised our reasoning so much that we forgot to humbly practice Irving with the rest of the universe," said Miller. She added that "It is in this spirit that we, as the community of Mercyhurst College, take this crisis as our humble opportunity to begin practice living with others by building our relationships with our Southeast Asian tsuI nami victims." Miller said Mercyhurst has direct connections to the tsunami victims. "Dr. Neville Fernando and his wife Kamala are from Sri Lanka. They are our connection to the Sri Lankan tsunami victims. Dharmavijaya Foundation, a Sri Lankan Buddhist relief organization in Colombo, Sri Lanka, is known to have been rehabilitating victims of natural and man disasters for the last 25 years, including the floods of May 2003," Miller said. "The Dharmavijaya Foundation, will need our help, in money or in person, to help its people build schools and homes as soon as possible." Miller relayed the story heard from Kamala Fernando, who, according to her, plans to hand over the contribution in person to the Foundation. Fernando thought that it would be wonderful if the funds raised by Mercyhurst students could be a part of the rehabilitation, especially to build schools for children. Her effort is also joined by her fellow members of the Tibetan Buddhist Sangha group in Erie, who, along with their family members, according to Kamala Fernando, has been very generous. Working with Dharmavijaya may allow the Mercyhurst community a different experience be* cause it is a smaller organization. "Rather than simply offering the token monetary aid to a bigger organization, by having this connection directly with the Dharmavijaya Foundation, thanks to the Fernandos, we may be able to experience the process of building a more genuine friendship together," said Miller. This overwhelming disaster has caused a major outpouring of help from the United States, along with many other countries. According to a recent Gallop Poll, nearly half of American households have contributed to the tsunami relief. In order to get involved with either of these fundraisers contact Kristen Hudak at khudakl 1 @mercyhurst. edu or Keiko Miller at

Sennett receives honor
ContinuedfromPage 1
the quality of the college has improved as well through the "He has always been fair, development of new programs. thoughtful, balanced and open Marlene Mosco, who is now to new ideas. In short, he has Chair of the Board, said that been an outstanding chairman she and Sennett became betand that's all you can really ask ter acquainted when she began for," said Garvey working on the executive comGarvey added that Sennett has mittee with him. supported the greatest growth "It's a long time for one person period in Mercyhurst's history to dedicate their time and voland has always been very sup- unteer to any institution and Bill portive of change. Sennett did that with love for this Sennett said the change that institution," said Mosco. Mercyhurst has undergone over "It means a lot to me. I have the years is why he has stayed spent a lot of time in the room. devoted for such a long period It's a beautiful room overlooking of time. Presque Isle and I am honored," <f Mcrcyhurst College is always said Sennett moving forward," Sennett reMr. Sennett will continue to marked. "It does not rest" work toward the advancement Sennett spoke about the chang- of Mercyhurst College. es in the college he has witnessed As Chair of the Search Comsince his first meeting. mittee for Mercyhurst's new He said that it has not only president; he will be leading the changed physically with the college in finding a new president addition of new buildings, but after Garvey leaves in February.

'Hurst dedicates board room to long-time trustee

Photo courtesy of Jim CoMn

Sennett Board Room
Sennett's colleagues, and especially Garvey have the utmost faith that he will find a president that reflects the values and tradi tions of Mercyhurst College.

Police^and Safety Log
Alcohol Violation Mercy 100 Dec 11,2004^ ! Student did consume and was in possession of alcoholic beverages while being less than 21 years of age Investigated Underage consumption of alcoholic beverages Egan Hall Dec 12,2004 Student did consume an alcoholic beverage while being under the age of 21 years old Investigated Criminal Mischief Preston Drive Dec 12,2004 Unknown person (s) broke the electronic gate behind Old Main Investigated College Violations Briggs Ave Dec 16,2004 * Roommates engaged in mutual physical contact Investigated Harassment by Communication Ward Townhouse Dec 16,2004 Resident received several' harassing phone calls from a North East Campus Student Investigated Criminal Mischief McAuley Hall Dec 28,2004 Unknown person(s) damaged the main entrance door and card reader Investigated

Theft * 613 East 38th Street Dec 14,2004 Unknown person (s) took keys from resident's apartment Investigated

Disorderly Conduct Mercy Apartments Dec 16, 2004 Non-Student climbed onto the roof of the apartment buildings Investigated

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January 12,2005



News Wrestlers give b a c k off the m a t
To contact: newBmerclad@mercyhurst.9du [By z,oe Contes Contributing writer The Mercyhurst wrestling team is working on a new project this year mentoring 12 tol 7 year old boys from a Big Brothers Big Sisters school-based program. Each week about a dozen wrestlers gather at the Perseus House to meet for an hour with kids where they provide tutoring or play video games and have fun. Intensive Treatment Unit (ITU) and Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) areresidentialprograms of Perseus House where kids who have committed crimes ate sent by the court. Many of the kids are behind academically and are potential school dropouts, according to Fred Lucore, Director of Perseus House. Big Brothers and Perseus House have joined together to arrange that a big brother is sent to each self-contained classroom. The wrestlers work on fun educational projects with the Front Row Jon, Pecon, Ryan Finn, J.J. zanetta, Jake squire, and Pat Neubert kids and tutor them; however, Back Row Frank Zatta, Angelo Caponl, Paul Bergman, Zack Schafer, and Aaron Rowe the Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters, Joe Tarquinio, says the emphasis on the program is program is about filling a void teammates in to get involved apartment ^SHBSS with the program. to establish a positive role model in their lives." **We could see when he [NeuJ Patrick Neubert, a senior wres- j Neubert's roommates, who are bert] would bring his 'little* back for the kids. "The kids these wrestlers tler who has been active in the also wrestlers, became acquaint- to the apartment how much are spending time with don't Big Brothers Big Sisters commu* ed with the community-based it meant to his 'little' and we have anyone making them feel nity-based program for the past program when he would bring wanted to get involved," said JJ 0 c< _ Z special, said Tarquinio. The two years, encouraged his fellow his little' brother around to the Zanetta. Many of the kids involved in the program tend to look up to athletes and have taken an interest in attending the wrestlers matches with the permission of Perseus House. "About five or six kids have come to a few of our home matches to cheer us on, which has been really nice," said Neubert The boys admire the relationship that exists within the wrestling team and Tarquinio feels that it positively influences the kids. "Seeing the bond that exists between the wrestlers you can really see how the kids benefit from their camaraderie and look up to them because of it," said Tarquinio. There has been a positive response from both the 'Bigs' and the littles' of the program* Many of the wrestlers now are seeking to get involved with the community based program, which means they can begin taking the kids out for three hours into the community. Katie McAdams^hoW edit "The relationship between a 3 pig and a little becomes a real bond and they are there for the relationship," Tarquinio said. "Many of the kids who do After enough wres tiers took an not have big brothers are askinterest in becoming big broth- ing for them because it is now ers, Neubert proposed the idea to prestigious to say Tve got a big his coach, Tony Cipollone, who brother and we are finding 'bigs' helped to spread the word about are getting just as much out of the program. _ the program."' _



Beat the winter blues with SACl activities
By Jaime Myers Contributing writer lib you hiWfee <rffftei BiueS? VtodlTeheer up,' 'Becaus^the Student Activities Committee is holding a number of events, some of which will be giving away money, almost every weekend for the rest of the term. Donkeys, poker, dancing and singing are just some of the action that Mercyhurst students can take part in around campus. This past weekend, SAC held an '80s party in the Union. Students showed up in their 1980's best and danced to the greatest tunes of the decade. And for all those Cleveland Cavalier fans out there, SAC brought students to the Gund Arena to see the Cavs take on the New York Knicks, which was aired on national television. The Cavs beat the Knicks 104-79. • Does Donkey Basketball sound crazy? Well it is. This Friday there is four-on-four basketball in the Rec Center where students canridereal donkeys and attempt to score baskets. Thefirstgame's players are already chosen, but the second game is open to the crowd members. ««<Jvctf««lJUhose Miqhael Jack| son fans out there, the 111 Style Rockers from Philadelphia will L^bteakdance this Saturday. *% "Students should expect to
;i < rf

.. ,F4<fc»y> Jaiw44. .J^onkey SBasketballjRec, 10 12 P .m. Saturday, Jan. 15 —HI Style Rockets, PAC, 9:30 P .m. Thursday, Jan. 20 MSG Lecture: The Meeting, PAC, 8:30 p.m. Friday, Jan. 21 Comedian Eddie Ifft, Walker Recital Hall, 10-12 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 22 Fiesta Night, Union, 10-$ 12 p.m. Friday, January 28 Movie Night, Union, 10-

12 J Wt
see fabulous feats of spinning on the limbs andcontotted body postures with rhythm, speed, control and precision in both a choreographed and improvised manner,; The show should be

comprises a fictional meeting between Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. Next weekend comedian Eddie Ifft is coming to knock your Saturday, January 29 rryr. socks off. His stand-up will be Swing Dancing, Rec, 9 held in the Walker Recital Hall. p.m.-l a.m Originally from Pittsburgh, Ifft has worked with a number of well-known comedians. Friday, February 4 That Saturday put your somWinter Formal, Sabellas, brero on because it is Fiesta 8-12 p.m£ night in the Union. Food will be provided by Erie's Mexican Restaurant, El Canelo. Students can also enjoy dancing to MexiSaturday, February 5 can music ^ Karaoke, Union, 10-12 If you are tired of going out p.m. in the snow, enjoy movie night in the 1 nion. A screen will be set up so students can enjoy two Friday, February 11 great movies: "Miracle" and Singled Out, Union, 10"Sled Riding." 12 p.m. Find a partner and learn how to swing dance. A live band Saturday, February 12 will be playing music in the Rec for students to practice their! Poker Tournament, TBA «E*Tmoves. Other events for the rest of Sunday, February 20 the term include the annual Food 4 Finals, Union, 8 Winter Formal. Once again, it p,m. v will be held at Sabella's in downtown Erie. Transportation will be available J for-students attending the dance: a blast/' said SAC chair, Laura Look for signs around campus to purchase tickets for the dance. Hearn. £, If you get sick of dancing, enIn honor of Martin Luther King J r. Day, Mercyhurst Student joy karaoke the next night in the Government is hosting a lecture Union. Students have a chance entitled "The Meeting/' which to win cash prizes.

•m/Photo editor

Students participate In Indoor soccer with SAC. And if you can never find a date for the weekend, take part in Mercyhtjrst's version of Singled Out Students will have the chance to win gift certificates for different restaurants around Erie. For all of those card players around campus, take part in the Poker Tournament. Cash prizes will be given out to the best card sharks. If you run out of food at the end of the term or don't feel like cooking while you are* studying, head to the Union the Sunday before finals and enjoy some free food. But make sure you arrive early because the food goes fast

Walker School of Business hosts luncheon
created the International BusiW o ^ f r s s a Brant ness Luncheon with the intent of providing the opportunity for the International Business majors, as £ The Walker School of Business well as other students, to experiis hosting an International Lun- ence the business methods of cheon on Jan 19 from 11:15 a.m. other countries. until 12:45 p.m. in the GrottoS The luncheon will feature guest speakers from several differDining Room. i Jv A combination of factors led ent countries. Student speakers fto the creation of the first In- include Anna Dunin and Lucas ternational Business Luncheon/-^ Kafarski of Poland, Andreyj Positive response to the addition Miroshnichenko of Ukraine and toff an Internationa) Business | Tom Barron of England. Also major to the curriculum pro- I speaking on behalf of their naduced part of the stimulus for tive countries or cultures they are familiar with are professors Dr. the lunch. - ^ **••-* Also, the plethora of interna- Selin Yalcindag of Turkey, Dr. tional students who attend Mer- Gustavo Barboza of Costa Rica, Di Sheila Kerr of England, Dr. that is an invaluable resource for Dipo Onipede of Nigeria and Mr, Peter Zohos of Greece, such an event. These professors and students Dean Michael Victor of the Walker School of Business and will speak on the common busiCommunication noted this and ness edict from their knowledge of their respective countries. Students in attendance will learn the importance of knowing the various nuisances of business practices in other countries/ For example, some other cultures have a very different perception of what is suitable in regards to time. In Mexico, arriving an hour late to a business dinner is considered perfectly acceptable and, in some cases, even expected. "In business, you can never assume your way, or the U.S. way is the best," states Assistant Dean of the Walker School of; Business and Communication, Dr* Lee Belovarac.. "Mostly, we want the students to learn respect for other countries and their way of doing things/1 said Belovarac After attending the luncheon, students will have a broad knowledge of different business tactics, methods, and even the lifestyles of individuals in other cultures. FREEtTAN o n FIRSTVISIT With 20 International Busi-| ness majors alone and over 700 Expires 2/28/05 students in the department, attendance for the luncheon will be determined on a first come first served basis. There is only available seating for 50 students per luncheon.! The business school plans to Expires 2/28/05 make the luncheon a staple event at Mercyhurst College and host it at least two terms a year. Interested students should contact Patricia Jasklcwicz. A The International Luncheon will be free of cost to students Exclude sinonth unlimited thanks to contributions from the Dr. Barrett Walker Excellence Fund Under the direction of Peter Zohos the HRIM department will cater the International Luncheons mOoasnotInclude shots


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Celebrating the holidays In Spain

Churches: Where you can attend on or off campus
'Tve taught eighth grade relimy life " said sophomore Lisa By Katherine Dlabola Greathouse about the 8:30 on- gious education for three years at Contributing writer St Jude's," Miller said. "I enjoy campus Sunday service. "I actually enjoy going at Mer- it and get a lot out of it. It's Mercyhurst's affiliation with cyhurst more than I do when I exciting to work with the kids. Catholicism is one factor that am at home because I am there They're at a cool age to work attracts prospective students. with other people the same age with because they're starting to However, its diversity of religion and for the same reason and not question what they believe." Additional off-campus servicis also a benefit because their parents are forcing ^ While the history of the school them. The sermon is directed es, including Baptist, Episcopal, is deeply immersed in Catholi- to a college age group and it Jewish and Eastern Orthodox cism, a large number of students makes it mote relevant for me just to name a few, can be found in the numerous pamphlets that on both Mercyhurst's Erie and as well" 3 North East campuses practice a different religion. Of the 3,807 students who enrolled this past fall term at both campuses, 2,772 of them stated that they practice a specific religion. g About 51 percent or 1,935 of these students are Roman Catholic 504 students or 13 percent of the students who declared a religion are Protestant. There are 100 Lutherans, 68 Presbyterians, and 93 Baptists, each making up about 2 percent to 3 percent of the student population. For students seeking religious Campus Ministry provides. j The remaining religions rep- services elsewhere, Campus Campus Ministry also offers resented include 18 Eastern Ministry provides much infor- many activities intended to Orthodox, 17 Episcopalian, mation. provide students with a wide 13 Pentecostal, 11 Muslim, 4 For Protestants, the First variety of ways to remain reliMormon, 3 Jewish, 2 Russian Christian Church Disciples of gious while at college and away Orthodox, 2 Hindu, 1 Greek Christ located at 823 Cherry St from home. Orthodox and 1 Buddhist Some of these activities conoffers services. Even with this small bit of diSophomore Emily Swain at- sist of retreats, including disversity, there are many easy ways tends First Christian while away cernment, jouraaling and the in which students can continue from home. Awakenings Retreat offered their own religious practices. "I was raised going to church," this April. Several opportunities to get Swain said. "I enjoy it, but not as Praise and Worship, a time for involved with religious services much as my home church. My students to pray with the aid of both on and off campus are pro- home church is a lot bigger and contemporary Christian music, vided by Campus Ministry, f there are a lot more children" is offered once a month. The Prince of Peace Chapel St. Luke's Roman Catholic Also Taize prayer, involving holds Protestant services Sun- Church offers a 5 p.m. Saturday chant, Scripture reading and days at 7 p.m. mass along with a 7:30 a.m., 9 silent prayer around the cross, Christ the King Chapel holds a.m., 10:30 a.m., and noon mass- is offered regularly. daily Catholic Masses Monday es on Sunday. St Jude Church With a little effort, students of thru Thursday at 8 a.m. located at 2801 W 6* St offers all religious backgrounds can be Sunday services are provided Catholic services as well.^^f***'j rel^»f^Tctivfc $ffllfe living at at H a.rh. and 8:30 p.m. Senior Mike Miller is involved ' or attending Ktertyhurst "I go because God is a part of in activities at St Jude.

UThe sermon is directed to

a college age group and itl makes it more relevant for me as well U - Lisa Greathouse

Katie McAdams/ Photo editor

Spanish teacher Ovl Horreo works after enjoying the winter holidays.


Spanish celebration is similar to that in America
By Ovi Horreo Contributing writer White Christmas? | V When it comes to Spain, a white Christmas is just a dream. Although in the Northern regions it can get quite cold at this time of the year, we only get snow in the high mountains where the sky resorts become the main destination for many Spaniards during their winter holidays. The most popular ones can be found in the Pyrenees. Dec 32 represents the beginning o£ &e Christmas season This is also the day when Christmas break begins for Spanish students. However, an event that marks the starting point of Christmas [time is The Christmas Lottery. This Lottery is commonly <El known as 'The Fat One" C Gordo**) because of the amount of money that is given (more than 2.3 million dollars). On this day, most Spanish people listen carefully to the numbers beautifully sung by the students of San Udefonso School in Madrid* They have been singing the numbers since 1763 when this lottery was founded. The two children who sang the big prize this year were Whether with our families Mohamed and Jesus, both of them bom in Spain but whose or with our friends, every year families camefromother coun- Spaniards see the New Year in tries (Morocco and Puerto Rico, with grapes. A grape is eaten for each respectively). This is a good example of stroke of the clock at 12 p.m. Each grape is supposed to the big change that is affecting Spanish society nowadays: represent one month of the immigration has become an New Year. Bars are open all night long, important issue in the last decades in Spain in particular, and and another tradition is to end the night in a cafeteria drinking in Europe in general. As a result, Spanish society hot chocolate and eating cburros is becoming more and more (dough extruded into thin tubes multicultural, where we can find with a star shaped cross section. examples of second generation They are then deep-fried and kids who feel as Spanish as any coated in sugar) before going 4 to bed. other Spaniard* Wefinishin the early hours! The next big day in a Spanish i l l Christmas is Christmas Eve, jd istmas and presents also 1 ; * \ i k e ^ h the St£te£ ,families ia'til gather together for dinner, in Unfikeln the United States, in which turkey and seafood (es- Spain children get their presents pecially king prawns) are some on the 6th of January (Epiphaof the main dishes. ny's Day) from the Three Wise When it comes to desserts, Men (in Spanish called The the big stars are those made of Three Magic Kings'). seasonal fruits like almonds: In every city there ate parades turrdn (a sweet made of ground where the main characters are almonds, which can be either the "magic kings" who drive hard or nougat-like), polvor&n around the city on floats giving (a typical Spanish sweet, dry out sweets and other presents and powdery and made with to the children** almonds) and marzipan are| However, Father Christmas is gaining more and more popusome examples. We cannot forget the cham- larity among the youngest bepagne and Spanish cava (spar- cause he comes earlier. This way, children have more kling wine similar to champagne) that always accompany time to enjoy their presents before school resumes on the these kinds of feasts, c th How do we celebrate New 7 of January and before everything goes back to normal. Year's Eve?

Sisters of Mercy
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Sunday, January 16, 2005,10:30 a.m
Guests are invited to Sunday liturgy followed by brunch and a group gathering
For information or to make a reservation call: Sr. Teresa Okonsld- 824-2476 or email:

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Week of prayer for Christian unity
ering Christian unity? By Rev. Lyta Seddig; It goes back to the gosProtestant Campus Minister pel of John and the plea for unity among believers exEach year, the Week of Prayer pressed in what is known as for Christian Unity is celebrated the "high-priestly prayer" of Jesus. from Jan, 18 to Jan. 25. This year, MercyIn this prayer from John 17, hurst's Ecumenical Prayer the phrase "that they may be Service will be held on Thursday, one, as we are one is repeated Jan. 20, at 4:45 p.m. in the Christ the several times. King Chapel. This is a prayer which, by its The speaker will be Dr. Alice very existence, acknowledges Edwards, Director of the World that such unity, even in Biblical Languages and Cultures Depart- times, has never existed. ment and Associate Professor of Nonetheless, this prayer is Spanish. prayed with increasing conDr. Edwards is also an active fidence by Christians to inmember of Wayside Presbyterian clude all who believe in Jesus Christ anywhere in the Church in Erie. Dr. Edwards will be speaking in world. relationship to the theme for the Until recendy, it was prayed week, which is taken from 1 against other believers, but now Corinthians 3:1-23: that Christians acknowledge that "All things are yours ... you all believers ha ve been unfaithful to belong to Christ ... and Christ, Jesus, John 17 is being prayed in the unique foundation, belongs a newer, more humble tone. to God." One of the reasons for this The theme stresses that any change is the existence of the unity in the church is based on the annual worldwide observance of foundation of Christ who holds the Week of Prayer for Christian the various denominations to- Unity. Impetus for this celebragether at their very roots. Considering the disagreements tion began in the Episcopal within individual denominations, Church in 1908 at Graymoor, what is the point of even consid- N.Y., within the Franciscan religious congregation of the Society of the Atonement, founded by Episcopalians in 1898. Interestingly, in 1909, the members of this Society were received into the Roman Catholic Church. As part of their commitment to pray and minister for the fulfillment of the prayer of Jesus "that all may be one," the community has continued to promote this week of prayer. | The effect of this observance is impressive. Several ecumenical organizations have been founded in addition to Graymoor. Some of these include: the World Council of Churches, a fellowship of more than 330 churches of the Protestant, Anglican, Orthodox and Old Catholic t r a d i t i o n s ; the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA, a community of 353 Protestant, Anglican and Orthodox communions; the Consultation on Church Union, a venture in reconciliation of nine American denominations. One example of the effects in local congregations of prayer for Christian unity has been the Formula of Agreement This^agreement, in 1997, established full communion (celebration of the Lords Supper) between the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the Presbyterian Church (USA), the Reformed Church in Ameri-j ca and the United Church of Christ Each year the theme and texts for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity are chosen by an international group. The group's members are appointed by the Faith and Order Commission of the World Council of Churches and the Pontifical CouncilforPromoting Christian Unity. Mercyhursts Ecumenical Prayer Service is sponsored by Campus Ministry. Fr. Jim Piszker College Chaplain, and Rev. Lyta Seddig, Protestant Campus Minister, will officiate. All members of the Metcyhurst community are in-l vited to attend, listen, reflect and -most of all- to pray!

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Baby, it's cold outside! Comparing sleds makes winter fun


Look at that snow! If you are stuck walking In this, you're going to want to be dressed warm. Why not dress fashionable while you're at it?

Look awesome while you stay warm this winter
By Christina Moschetta Contributing writer It's January in Erie, Pa., the month in which you begin to ponder why you willfully decided to go to college on the Great Lakes. Temperatures dip into the negatives as all of Mercyhurst College is covered in a candy coating of ice, with loads of powdery, sugary snow. Amid the nostalgia of a winter wonderland, however, is the reality of living in this treacherous climate. Students begin taking bets on how long it will take them to fall on the ice, and they diagnose their lack of motivation and lethargy as unfortunate symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder. The sidewalk becomes a runway for concealed figures overwhelmed by a mass of jersey knit sweats, fleece pullovers and oversized, nylon puffy coats. As you pass you can't help but wonder, "Was that a boy or a shirts for guys and camisoles and leggings for girls are the key. These garments, particularly when made of fabrics such as cotton waffle knits and fleece blends, act as fabulous insulators. "Cuddle Duds," an emerging innerwear company offers fabulous camisoles, long-sleeved tees, and leggings that are ultra soft and great for under jeans or even for winter sports, like skiing. "Cuddle Duds" can be found at major department stores, at off-price discount stores such as TJ Maxx and Gabriel Brothers and even online. $ I know what you are thinking: "When I dress in layers, I look bulky and fat." Layering is a technique that requires sppie Iqiow-ho:^- with fabrics to avoid looking hefty.2 Stick to fabrics made of natural fibers such as wool and angora, or synthetics such as acrylic that can be made into lightweight garments like sweaters that are warm, but not bulky. For outerwear, don't even think about leaving the house without a good coat Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to break the bank on a quality winter coat; you just need to know what to look for. In order to get more bang for your buck, shop post-holiday sales and look for a quality coat most suited for your needs, For seniors, you should look for a long andfittedtopcoat made of wool or a cashmere/acrylic/wool blend for professional use. Choose coats in neutral colors such as black, camel, charcoal or navy, and be sure the coat is lined for ultimate longevity. Ladies, for a more slimming look, try a coat that has princess seams, which are tailored to the body. If you are looking for a sportier coat or jacket, try companies such as Patagonia, Columbia and Northface, which are on the cutting edge of textile development and practical jacket design. The final step is accessorizing. This season's adorable scarf/ glove/hat sets could not get any cuter or more practical. For an eclectic variety, check, www. or www. girlshop.COm. . .-..- T;f..;j.:.: For thosq of us with a tight budget, Target offers an amazing selection of warm weather accessories that youll never want to let gol Also, don't forget to buy a good pair of boots. With so many versions of the UGG boot available to mass America, there is no reason to ever get cold feet Just remember, although you take your UGG's everywhere, they are not meant to be worn everywhere! So, the next time you wake up to a blustery morning, deny yourself the urge to grab the hoodie and sweats and go for smart layering Bundle up because, baby it's cold outsidel

before the sled careened to the By Jen Helbig in the middle as the rest or] side and wiped out three todFeatures editor them piled on. I think between dlers and an adult man. the five of us, our combined Although we had speed, it weight was well over 650. That It was great to see my family was no good without direcexplains why my thighs hurt this Christmas break Until we tion. and my butt was dragging too got on each others' nerves. We trekked back to the top much to even get started. It was so nice to eat cook- and got ready for the next I think there should be a ies and good chocolate* Until trial \ weight limit printed on those I couldn't fit into my pants The snow was very packed things. anymore. £ down, and the sun was out, so | | A few people bailed, and However, there is one esl it was melting a litde bit There of the winter season that|l was even some mud under the Heathet and I zoomed ofife We ended up hitting the could never grow tired of: jumps. The snow was overall a ramp, and like a marshmallow sledding. litde bit icy and very slippery. in a swimming pool, floated When I was younger, my The next trial involved my right over and made it well over neighbors used to go to Edge- little sister Heather of about fifteen feet past the jump. water park in Cleveland with 110 pounds, kneeling on a However, trekking back up my family and we would pile thin sheet of blue plastic with the hill with the huge doughnut 10 kids onto a toboggan. a handle. was a larger pain in my bottom Things haven't changed I gave her a quick shove than I had experienced earlier. much.Except that I am a sci- behind, and watched her take We decided to #ve the last ence major now, so naturally of£ r "i sled a run. My mom's old I have to get curious about Literally. wooden sled with metal runstrange things involving physics When my sister arrived at the ners sat under my friend Lindand chemistry. top of the hill, I was surprised sey, and she began by gliding So.I decided to call a few her knees were still intact We gracefully down. friends and do a litde sledding had found out first hand mat There were foot pedals on in the name of science. the thin sled was definitely the bottom for her to steer Between five people, we not appropriate to go airborne with, and even a piece of stri chose various types of sleds onJi to tug it up the hill. This idej and tried them out with riders To make her feel better, sled took her far past the other of different weights, si2es and we decided to give her some finish lines. fear tolerances. padding by having one of my There was only one drawTo begin, for those familiar friends lie on his stomach and back though: if any child was with Cleveland, we drove to the she sat on her back. anywhere near her, they better Metro Parks hill near Memphis The sled: one of those neon have run, because anyone could Kiddie Park and the drive-in. green saucers. get their foot sliced off by the ^ 1 was not too impressed with The speed: about 30 miles blades. We decided to retire the size of the hill. It was about an hour. that one for good. Better safe half the height of the one at Control factor; zero. than sorry. Edgewater beach. Heather screamed in terror Si After only an 'hour or so There were also a few ex- and clung to Megan's back as of sledding, we were entireposed sewer covers to add risk the twoflewover the jump. ly soaked from the melting to the experience, and someone Megan, fortunately, did not snow. had decided to add a few three- break her pelvis, but she had Before we left we decided foot jumps to the scenery. ' to sit out for a few minutes. that die neon saucer was the Pfl put on my mittens and Heather seemed to enjoy the fastest, most easy to carry back climbed on. The first trial was ride from her vantage point up the hill, and most unpredictwith a thick red plastic sled though. -*?&• able' (meaning fan) $le<t I with handles on the sides. My With two sore members fof £ Although the majority of the friend lindsey hopped on the the group, we decided to try 7 people at the hill were under back, and our combined weight the next sled: a giant air-filled • the age of seven, we didn't of 250 made it about 15 feet inner tube with handles. I sat stick out that bad. No matter

W^ .


I know, it seems preposterous, but it is possible to stay warm without the illustrious, grungy sweats that have defined college students* wardrobes. Here are some tips to staying toasty this winter. First, layers are essential. Dressing for warmth is much like building a house: You have to build on a good foundation. Undergarments such as under-

^^WinterTerm J 1 Galley Grill
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I dreamt of a green Christmas
By Natalie Jo Vindivich Contributing writer Who says you can't enjoy seasonal flavors if you are a vegetarian? This holiday, I celebrated my third consecutive meat-free Christmas. Upon returning home for break with the holidays just around the corner, the topic of my diet soon surfaced. Are you still eating bird food, my parents asked, making little attempt to conceal their humorous undertones. I did not hesitate to reply yes, though I did not elaborate. Trying to explain my rationale to a generally carnivorous, meat eating family had proven pointless in the past, and I did not dare interfere with their famed Christmas dinner. i In all truthfulness, vegetarians enjoy many benefits from a green diet \ Besides guarding against disease, conserving land recourses and even the fact that the human intestine are designed for a herbivore (check out www.vivavegie, org/wlOl for more reasons); there is a sense of compassion that comes from sustaining a meatless diet Although it may sound corny- cheese and tomato tartlets with no pun intended- this is why, sit- vegetables" on Christmas day. ting around the table on Dec. 25, With a diverse array of veggie I substituted pasta for the honey friendly alternatives to choose baked ham. from, the spirit of a festive, fta-


I Laker Express
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/ could still enjoy the sweet potatoes, cranberries, fresh bread and of a JJ Christmas cookies. - Natalie Jo Vindivich

OLD FAVORITES: > Grilled Chicken Salad Turkey Bagels Crispy Chicken Salad Ham and Turkey Subs Chocolate Chip Cookies Hours of Operation: j Monday-Thursday 11:30-8:00
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11:30-3:30? 1

In fact, eating vegetarian on Christmas was surprisingly easy; I could still enjoy the sweet potatoes, cranberries, fresh bread and, of course, the Christmas

When looking online and even for specific books, I was surprised at the number of recipes specially designed for vegetarian Christmas menus. Vegetarian students at Mercyhurst have managed to incorporate meat-free foods into their holiday celebrations. I Senior Katie Putney ate "goat

vorful dinner is far from lost. Should anyone ever point out your meadess platter, say, at next Christmas dinner, reassure them that you are in good company: Socrates, Leonardo De Vinci and Albert Einstein were all vegetarians. Although most of us that go green on holidays do so with specific intent, sometimes the choice in diet is not voluntary. Such was the case with freshj man Kevin Burns: I ate vegetal lan this Christmas because the v turkey was too dryl"

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January 12,2005


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UNimpr essive:

Campus Question
The election, Iraq/Boston winning the World Series, or the end of Friends series: What was your most memorable moment/event In 2004?

The United Nations isn't as wonderful as some may^believe

look today in the wake of the has taken the easy way out, actBy Josh West Oil-for-Food fiasco and realize ing as to look good and to avoid Contributing writer that we are dealing with a state opposition. The response to of affairs that has gone well Arab turmoil in the Middle East? past conversant suspicion and They came down, time and time Since its inception, the United graduated to a new level of pat- again, on the mighty opposition Nations has been about making ent fraud. of Israel. a statement But then again, the U.N. can The response to genocide in The U.N. has always been the champion of defining that do no wrong and it is the United the Sudan? Practically nothing. And to your 'Tree Tibet" bumwhich is good in the world and Statu who is out to take advanper sticker? Even less. China condemning what will not be tol- tage of the Iraqi oil supply. Somehow the United Nations barely got a stern look. erated by our apparendy civilized is the body to whom we are The United Nations supports international community. As an organization whose accountable in our national de- governments that fundamentally flourishing is defined by the cision making, and our actions oppose democracy and harbor development of an international would be made to depend on terrorists. Its roster is made up of hijacked governments, image, the U.N. has been trou- their untimely approval. Our president, if open to criti- dictatorships and murderous blingly successful. How impressive must the pub- cism on any number of fronts theocracies. We don't need to take the stand lic relations department be in concerning the invasion of Iraq, order to establish and maintain should be praised simply for his that the American way is the only the iconic status of the United refusal to continue playing along way, but we do need to open our with such nonsense. eyes to reality and realize that the Nations? The U.N is a representative UN. is simply not what it has We let an appeal to the unquestioned authority of the U.N. act body whose members wield in- been made out to be. The ease by which people as a trump card in any argument fluence by means of their ability of international policy, citing the to vote within the organization. around the country and around It all seems fair and democratic, the world appeal blindly to the source with Biblical gravity as if that which is good and tight but let's not forget that many eminent authority of the United could be packaged up to fit at- of those countries that happily Nations indicates a national and tractively on the home page of exercise their vote during a U.N. global culture that lacks the dismeeting don't see the need to cretion to see things as they are. extend voting rights of any kind Werighdyapply rigorous, even The Ivory Tower politics of to their own people. cynical, scrutiny to our own govthe UN. are exactly the rhetoric We need to realize that the ernment decisions at home and that we might expect from a body that has the luxury of acting with United Nations is not a Utopian abroad, but we stand quietly by as the U.N. speaks and acts with indiscriminate global support international government It is an amalgamation of vari- a powerful mandate that is both and without the pesky liability of ous individual states whose unearned and undeserved. real-world defense concerns. The present condition of the The hypocrisy of the organiza- inclusion is based on international representation and not on United Nations might point to an tion is without bound. adherence to any fundamental incurable organization of which The U.N. once stood as a commitment to the good of the the United States needs simply beacon for misguided, though world. to wash our hands. Or perhaps icje^listic, peacekeeping and The United States was,recendy| L the*long«la©t .o£,reform is still a hunger relief. r The first publicly acknowl- (and tearlessly) removed from the . viable opportunity that can still edged chink in that dismal suit U.N. Human Rights Commis- be effectively embraced. Either way, the US. needs to of armor was exposed when sion. Syria was our replacement individuals began to realize that The Kurds poised for slaughter make a decision now whether we even the painstakingly collected in that part of the world will ap- ate in this thing for the long haul or if it is time to tell Geneva to UNICEF pennies were having preciate the irony. We also missed appointment pull out the guest bed and open troublefindingtheir way through a bloating bureaucracy, mostly to either of the two co-chair up some real estate in New York being categorically appropriated positions for the disarmament City, in the name of "organizational conference. Who got those? Iraq and Iran. expense." Time and time again the UN. To fast forward a bit, we can

2004 was kind of a blur..

Gerald " C h i p " Kubiak, H R I M J u n i o r

My 21 st birthday over summer. It was verj memorable. Well at least I was told it was.

Amanda Williams, Accounting Senior





K*-iwlu Lii

Being witness to another "bought" Presidency

Josh Dunn, Archaelogy/Geology

Gonzales needs to answer questions
The attorney general is an frankly, it should worry the extremely important position in American public. The issue of torture and the out government, one that should not be filled without careful protection of our civil liberties are, in my opinion, important thought and investigation. President Bush has nomi- enough to merit a full and comnated Alberto Gonzales, a White plete answer from Gonzales. House counsel, tofillthe vacancy | After all, if confirmed, he will be in charge of all of these isleft by John Ashcroft But, as we have come to ex- sues. In 2002, Gonzales wrote the pect in today's political realm, now famous memo to President Bush saying that the war on terror, "renders obsolete [the Geneva Conventions'] strict limiAllison tations on questioning of enemy prisoners and renders quaint Moore some of its provisions." Alberto Gonzales, Bush's This is rather frightening if you nominee for attorney genstop and think about it. eral. That statement is practically Gonzales's appointment is highly a direct attack on civil liberties. your judgment we're looking a t controversial and will be exhaus- If the situation were reversed ... We're looking for candor." and an American was being held Many civil rights groups and tively debated on Capital Hill. Last Thursday, Gonzales ap- prisoner by another country that even some military leaders have peared before the Senate Judi- decided to disregard the Geneva made their concerns about Gonciary Committee to endure tough Conventions, would that be ok zales known. questions. The committee mem- in Gonzales's mind? If not then H While Gonzales continues to bers drilled Gonzales concerning it's clear he has unclear positions defend his actions past and preshis views on and definitions of,| regarding human equality. ent, many doubts in Congress torture. When asked to provide a legal and the public still remain. Gonzales was very good, like opinion concerning the Abu At the end of the daylong most people in politics, at avoid- Ghraib prison scandal, Gonza- questioning, Gonzales admitted ing serious questions with indi- les condemned the event but he is not perfect and has made declined to provide his personal mistakes. (This is a refreshing rect answers. statement coming from this He used the standard, "I don't legal opinion. recall" line to pick and choose This enraged Sen. Joseph administration.) He went on to the questions he wished to ad- Biden, a Democrat from Dela- say he hopes to learn from those dress. |f ware. He angrily replied to mistakes. Well, for the sake of This irritated some members Gonzales's evasive remark, "You this country, 1 hope he has. of the committee, and, quite are obliged to comment That's

Going to the Bahamas with my Tropical Marine Biology class for Spring break.

Melissa Jack, Graphic Design Junior

The 2004 election and working for the campaign at the Democratic Headquarters.

Caitlin Collins, Spanish Freshman

The biggest event of 2004 came at the end the year. The tsumani made us al I realize what truely matters in the world.

Rita Galowiz, C o m m u n i c a t i o n s S o p h o m o r e

January 12,2005



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Td call or not to call:
T h e p o s t - d a t e t a n g o s e e m s t o foe a s t r e s s f u l
As I sit here staring blankly at my computer screen, desperately trying to think of an idea for this article,my eyes and thoughts keep straying to the cell phone sitting on top of my dresser. What keeps running through my mind is the question, Come "Should I call? How many days has Thearle it been? Will I sound too desperate or obsessed? Am I making myself too available?" As I become aware; of the inner monologue going on in my head, I realize I sound more like a self help book on dating do's and don'ts rather than a sane, levelheaded person who went on a first date this past weekend. We all want to believe that we don't obsess over such small trivial things such as saying, 'Til give you a call" and then analyzing the amount of time that should elapse before we pick up the phone. If you haven't gone through this type of awkward experience before, I'm sure you have given some type of advice to a friend or roommate who has. The amazing and frustrating aspect of this situation is that a simple phone call can be analyzed and interpreted numerous ways. It's just a phone call! Yet we all still consider the possible consequences before we dial. After coming back to my apartment after going on a first date this weekend, I could n o t believe the differing amount of advice I was bombarded with by various people. Thefirstand overwhelming ques^___^^^^^^^^_J tion was, "How did you leave it? Did you s&y jtou would call or did he say be would give you a call?" This piece of information apparendy holds vital significance in post-date phone etiquette. This is where the battle of the sexes enters the scene. Most of the women I talked to vehemently stated, "Don't call him. If he's interested he'll call you. Keep him guessing/' The men seemed to take a different approach and explained that it depends entirely upon the person who claimed they would call first Unfortunately, I didn't pay strict attention to which one of us claimed this convention at the end of the night; I was a little preoccupied with other pressing thoughts such as "Is he going to kiss me? Do I have too much chapstick on? I hope those Tic Tacs were long lasting" Due to my apparent lapse of human intelligence, I am now in a more complex dating situation because I have no idea which court the ball now resides in. Once again I find myself looking towards the phone and debating the burning question that continues to plague my mind against its will: To call or not to call, now that is the question. Overanalyzing is an understatement in this case. Obsession is a more accurate description. The general consensus among men and women is centered on the fear of coming on too strong or being considered a psycho stalker. If you call too soon then you run the risk of freaking the other person out It is important to keep in mind that it was just a first date and not a relationship. Calling too soon may mean that you are out on the hunt for a boyfriend or girlfriend. Safeguarding your emotions is another top motive for not calling too soon. You don't want to let the other person know exacdy how you feel or "put yourself out there." Apparently people are not supposed to expose that they either enjoyed or did not enjoy the other person's company. Ambivalence seems to be associated with "keeping them guessing." On the other hand, another guy friend told me that he almost screwed up the possibility for a second date by waiting too long to give the girl a call. Explaining that he went with the standard "three day rule," this guy was amazed to hear that the girl thought he wasn't interested when hefinallydid call Other people have rolled their eyes and said, "If you like him then just call him. Don't play games." These conflicting points of view re-emphasize that there is no happy medium between appearing like an obsessive stalker and having the other person interpret a prolonged waiting period as a sign of disinterest y. Although we hate to admit it, we all become involved in playing dating games. Maybe if everyone cast aside the paralyzing fear of rejection and just said and did what they were thinking, these games wouldn't exist After considering and pondering this alternative it somehow takes all the excitement out of dating What would we talk and analyze about among our friends if we always knew exactly what the other person was thinking? There would be no chase or mystery involved in the process, and this could result in a very dull and systematic dating event Doesn't the thrill or the unknown provide the fuel for taking risks? Alright, I know you're sick of my trite one-liners on relationships and dating Whether you are the type of person who wants the rules of dating to remain a mystery or you are sick of all the 6.S. just remember: life is full of complexities; all we have to do is reach for the phone to realize they are there.


Dear Madam Ma larky. aged male. Mow dots a bigfitb in a small pond keepfromgetting In returning to the Tyranasaurus Rex-sized fish, eaten in a gigantic sea? we shall wonder how long he could survive with* Madam Malarky (2003-2004), BJ, and the Class of out another source of food. The sea, while being the next logical choice, is a scary place, There 2004 \ * With sniffling gratitude I received this question. are whales, sharks, or worse, far bigger fish than Feelings of bubbly appreciation have stirred deep it The answer is simple. The fish would have to within me. I thank the person who sent me this strut its fishy tails. It would have to leap out of question to the fullest extent of my ability. It truly the sea to tease the sea gulls. Follow a great white shark along with finding other faindy smaller fish does mean the world to me. to snack on. * Another route to go is to run and hide.* The fish could see a shadow and take off blindly, smashing into something far more dangerous. like a clump Madam of seaweed. The fish could stay in the pond, but Malarky then it would have surely died either from a fisherman or from the lack of food. The end would have been the finale for the fish. To compare this to fellow students, while we may want to earn more than a lousy $5.15 per hour at our work study, the real world scares us. Turning Now to the question. Several thoughts come to off lights will become an important factor. Running my mind. How would a fish get that big in a pond? the water while brushing your teeth will make a Perhaps the fish took it upon himself to eat all the difference. Thefivecredit cards we have will finally fish in the pond because he was feeling inadequate add up. Not to mention the washer and dryers with out three buttons to push. Horrifying isn't it? to the others. An inferiority complex I believe. Nevertheless, we all have to leave Mercy World Even people do things such as this. To make themselves feel bigger they do something horrific eventually. The reality of being 40 grand plus in They don't literally eat the others but, rather, it's debt will hit us or our parents will with the multiple tuition bills. Though the amount due may change emotional damage. The person of shallow descent could steal a twice within a week, you're still in debt You may feel big when you graduate from colfriend's girlfriend/boyfriend/lover out of envy, jealously or just plain malice. It does not matter. lege, but other fish will attempt to destroy you. I imagine you have to adapt to your surroundings. The consequence is the same. Maybe they just know everything or, rather, act The sidewalks will not magically get cleared on their like they know everything. They always get a 100 own. Ice will also remain, making our destination percent on a test, quiz, and homework. Never an Olympic event. Like the fish in the question, mind, we ate all resentful of these people. Admit you have to pretend to be confident "Survival of the fittest" as Darwin says. it even if you're in denial. It's the truth. S A final characterization would be if they were With that, I conclude this article. Email madam_ like a Tucker Max. While funny, he would be the or AIM mmalarky04. It's first one to run up to a gorgeous woman even the simplest challenge of them all. if they were on a date with a slightly less pretty Cheers, woman. Otherwise known as the common college Madam Malarky

How to survive as a big fish Think you're a law in the even bigger sea of life obiding citizen? [Well, think again..
By Ashley Breen Contributing writer | Many of us pride ourselves on being good law abiding citizens . . . for the most part We don't run red lights, and we always look both ways before crossing the street^ in the cross walk of course. | But you may be surprised to find out that despite all of your good intentions, you have been breaking Pennsylvania state laws. | \ Take, for instance, those of us who sing our best version of that classic Sesame Street tune, "Rubber Ducky," in the shower. We are actually breaking a law. That's right, it is illegal to sing while you are either standing or sitting in a bathtub. Guess it has to do with safety . . . or maybe there are just too many bad singers in the state. Do you remember the DMV permit test? Chances are you missed the question about what to do if a team of horses comes toward you on the opposite side of the road. In Pennsylvania, you must quickly pull to the side of the road, cover your vehicle with a blanket that blends in with the countryside and let the horses pass. It might not hurt to be very, very quiet as well because if the horses appear skittish, you must take your car apart, piece-by-piece, and hide it under a bush. This could be a problem for those of us who know nothing about cars, which I suspect includes most of us, but I suggest doing the best you can. If you complain about the time it takes you to get from point A to point B on Peach Street, be thankful that you aren't traveling on some county road. If you are traveling on a country road at night in Pennsylvania, you must send up some sort of flare every mile or so and wait 10 minutes for the road to clear of livestock before continuing. So to get to Wegmans from Mercyhurst, it would take you approximately 50 minutes, Stop complaining and enjoy your short stop at the red lights. I don't know how many of you have old refrigerators lying around, but a word to the wise, do not even think about sleeping on top of them. You could find yourself paying a hefty fine. If you can't pull ycni&df away from that bid , refrigerator, there is nothing wrong with sleeping inside of it, so give that a try. I would recommend you make sure the refrigerator is turned off first; otherwise you may develop some kind of health problem. For the college beauty queen who wakes up extra early to make sure your make-up is just perfect, make sure you have your make-up permit close by. If you are caught without it, you'll be asked to remove the makeup and turn over any beauty products you may have with you to the authorities. My advice, don't waste your time. And if you ever find yourself working in a toll booth in Harrisburg, try to refrain from engaging in sexual activities with truck drivers while at work because you would be breaking a law. But, of course, this only applies to females. Guys, don't lose any sleep over this because this law doesn't apply to you. Finally, the next time youflyhome to visit mom and dad, do not, I repeat, do not juggle in front of the airplane because that, my friend, is illegal and you could find yourself doing some serious time. All this time you thought you were productive, law abiding citizens and now you find you were anything but Remember, it is your responsibility to know the laws of Pennsylvania, so if you get caught sleeping on your refrigerator outside don't give the officer some lame story that you didn't know, because ignorance of the law is no excuse...even if the laws make no sense.

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January 12,2005

By Katie Goodwin Contributing writer

ART** &

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tHe D'Rivera, Assad Brothers to perform Jan. 23 BuZz
JAN. 12-16. Ice show Disney on Ice presents *Beauty and the Beast* Tullio Arena, Erie. $41, $31, $18, $11. On sale at Ticketmaster outlets, by phone at 452-4857 or 456-7070, online at www. JAN. 12-23. Ice show. Disney on Ice Presents Disney/Pixar's "Finding Nemo." Gund Arena, Cleveland. On sale now at Ticketmaster. JAN. 14. B.B. King, Bobby Bland. Bryce Jordan Cenf' • ter, State College. On sale at Ticketmaster, online at, by phone at (800) 863-3336. JAN. 16. George Clinton and Parliament/Funkadelic. House of Blues, Cleveland. JAN. 19. Miles Copeland. I Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland. I JAN. 21. Bo Diddley, Johnnie Johnson. House jgTof Blues, Cleveland. JAN. 25. Something Corj porate, Straylight Run. House of Blues, CleveU land. JAN. 26. Musical. "Contact" An Erie Broadway Series presentation. Warner Theatre, Erie. $49.50, $39.50, $29.50. On sale at the Tullio Arena box office, Tickemaster outlets, by I phone at 452-4857 or 4567070, and online at www. ;
-•><.•>. e f i I ' "rt ••:

Mercyhurst Welcomes Paquito D'Rivera & The Assad Brothers Six time Grammy winner and much acclaimed Latin American saxophonist Paquito D'Rivera has been called the master of Jazz since he picked hisfirstsaxophone, a gift from his father. His father also introduced him to other various musical styles and composers and then managed to organize radio and TV shows, even appearances in theatres and nightclubs for the young aspiring star. He was on his way to becoming known as a musical genius. He continued to be influenced by music as he was surrounded by musicians in his father's music store. Latin stars who frequently visited the music store encouraged D'Rivera to seek a musical career. D'Rivera played both the clarinet and the saxophone with the Cuban National Symphony Orchestra, and he eventually went on to premier several works by notable Cuban composers with them. He went on to be one of the founders of the Orquesta Cuban a de Musica Modetna and the musical group Irakere. This new


Pnoio courtesy dl

Paquito D'Rivera & Brothers are 6 time Grammy winner. sound of fusion earned D'Rivera promised a program packed with his first Grammy. special appearances from many On Jan. 10, D'Rivera will be ap- other musical stars. D'Rivera pearing at the legendary Carnegie himself will be the host for the Hall where he will be celebrating night "50 Years and 10 Nights" of This location is of great signifishow business. cance to D'Rivera. D'Rivera audiences have been It was a 1938 recording by Ben-

ny Goodman in Carnegie Hall that inspired him to aspire to go to America and become the great performer that he is today Now D'Rivera is headlining the prestigious venue that inspired him all those years old. ; Apart from mastering both the saxophone and the clarinet D'Rivera is renowned for his contributions as a composer, arranger and conductor. In the past he has been commissioned to write concertos for other great musicians and has produced some of the most colorful pieces with a Latin American edge. His instantly recognizable rhythmic abilities and improvisational skills have impressed the world over. D'Rivera has brought the Latin collection into the facade of classical music and has successfully promoted all types of classical compositions as he continues to journey around the world. D'Rivera has released over 30 solo albums in Jazz, Bebop and Latin music. He has also made great contributions to classical music They include solo performances with the National Symphony Orchestra and Philharmonic orchestras all over America, and he has also contributed to the Royal Symphonies of Europe. He frequently tours around the world with his ensembles: the Chamber Jazz Ensemble, the

Paquito D'Rivera Big Band anc the Paquito D'Rivera Quintei and in 2005 begins touring with the guitar duo of Sergio anc Odair Assad, in "Dances frorr the New World." Brazilian brothers Sergio anc Odair Assad are recognizee worldwide as one of the greatesi guitar duos in memory. Born in Brazil, they began playing the guitar together at an earl) age and studied for seven yean with classical guitarist Monins Tavora, a former student of Andres Segovia, s It is no surprise that their musical ability and performing if uncanny considering they haw shared every aspect of theii musical education together since picking up their first guitars. Their career began in 1972 with a major prize at the annua. Young Artists competition ir Bratislava. This win launched their European career. Their music is admired for its compelling blenc of styles, periods and cultures and this has prompted composers to write music for them. The) have been credited for reviving contemporary music for guitai duo. The Mary D'angelo Performing Arts Center will be welcoming both Paquito D'Rivera and The Assad Brothers on Jan, 23,2005 Tickets are availablefromthe boi office by calling 824-3000.

Bill Murray triumphs as a washed up Oceanographer
Humorously off-beat 'Life Aquatic' Us a departurefromprevious Anderson films
By Jason Endress Contributing writer •* i ' • (not entirely surprisingly) calls for eternally wounded pride.. *' r Steve Zissotf (Murray), leader of Team Zissou, once a dominant force in Oceanography, has fallenfromgrace. Thefilmopens with the premier of Zissou's latest film, documenting a typical dive gone awry. During the dive, Zissou's longtimefriendand partner, Esteban du Plantier (Seymour Cassel) is eaten by a "Jaguar Shark," which was not caught on film, nor is Zissou even sure of its existence. The documentary is an audible flop, and Zissou announces to the scientific community in at tendance that part two of the documentary will be his pursuit of the phantasmal Jaguar shark, which he intends to blow up in revenge. Ned Plimpton (Wilson) a pilot in Air Kentucky (a small airline which services, yes, Kentucky), his long-lost potential son appears, and soon joins his potential father and funds the foundering Team Zissou in this last effort to reclaim their former glory. "Aquatic" is a departure from previous Andersonfilms,in that it has a more definite plot, and has been called Anderson's 'action movie/ While not exacdy an action movie, there are pirates, gun fights, kidnapping, murder, theft and a three-legged dog named Cody. j In one scene, Zissou hands Ned a handgun, explaining that everyone on Team Zissou gets a Glock as standard issue. The supporting cast is a series of exaggerated individuals; in one scene, Alistair Hennessey (Jeff Goldblum) has a talk with Zissou while sitting on an extravagant couch (on an oriental rug) on the deck of Team Hennessey's ship (which dwarfs Team Zissou's). Eleanor Zissou (Angelica Huston), Zissou's nearly estranged wife who plays Hennessey (her former husband) and Zissou off each other while remaining totally bored with the situation. Team Zissou itself is comprised of a series of flamboyant individuals: Klaus Daimler (Willem Dafoe) is a snide European with an inferiority complex, Robyn Cohen (Anne-Marie Sakowitz) is more often than not seen topless and Pele dos San tos (Seu Jorge) is ever-present with an acoustic guitar and a David Bowie song (sung in Portuguese, no less). Thefilmis visually striking; beyond Anderson's usual off-center shots is the addition of fictional marine life, done with computer graphics. There are neon pink schools of fish, rainbow colored sea horses and, of course, a shark bearing resemblance to a jaguar. Anderson also uses stop-motion work in several scenes, both surprising and adding to the overall atypical qualities of the film. The soundtrack is comprised mostly of Seu Jorge's Portuguese Bowie renditions, and songs composed by Mark Mothersbaugh (of the 80's band Devo), and manages to top the heavily folk soundtrack of "The Royal Tenanbaums," if only for Jorge's contribution. "Aquatic" is a triumph in that it convincingly departs from the groove carved by Anderson's previous films, as well as extending his track record for both writing and directing truly great film.

JAN. 27. Madball. Rex Theater, Pittsburgh, £ JAN. 27. Tony Orlando. Niagara Falls view, Niagara Falls, Canada. On sale at (888)836-8118. W ,' JAN. 29. Heart of Rock and Roll with Earthquakes, Mr. Gone, more TBA. Warner Theatre, Erie. $12. On sale now. JAN. 30.;Yanni.;HSBC Arena, Buffalo. On sale now at FEB. 1. Low, Pedro the Lion. Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland. FEB. 5. On hold. Blood, Sweat and Tears, Terry Sylvester. Warner Theatre, Erie. On sale at Tullio Arena box office, Ticketmaster outlets, by phone at 452-4857 or 456-7070, online atwww.tickctrnaster. com. FEB. 14. Josh Groban. Gund Arena, Cleveland. FEB. 15. Keane, Zutons, Redwalls. House of Blues, Cleveland. FEE 18. Frankie Valliand the Four Seasons. Warner Theatre, Erie. $39.75, $34.75.: On sale at Tullio Arena box office, Ticketmaster outlets, by phone at 452-4857 or 456-7070, and online at www.ticketmaster. com. FEB. 18. 'Undone Tour" with Mercyme, Jeremy Camp, Afters, Monk & Neagle. CSU Convocation Center, Cleveland. FEB. 22. Motley Crue. Gund Arena, Cleveland. FEB. 24-APRIL 3. Musical. "The Lion King." Shea's Theater, Buffalo.

Director Wes Anderson has been dependably putting forth solid films since his 1996 film, "Bottle Rocket." r .' ^ Anderson both wrote (along withfriendand actor Owen Wil son) and directed "Rushmore" (1998) and "The Royal Tenan baums" (2001). Wilson's films are defined by an off-beat dry humor featuring a pantheon (especially in the case of "The Royal Tenanbaums") of anti-heroes, not to mention excellent music selection for the soundtracks. 'The life Aquatic with Steve Zissou/' starring Bill Murray, who was also the co-star of "Rushmore" and "The Royal Tenanbaums," brings his usual acting finesse to a role which

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what moves you

January 12,2005



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quickly picks up the slack and points out the problematic nature of trying to blend two schools of thought (The Greek and Roman Classical thinkers with the Puritan "thinking about anything but being a sinner in the hand of an angry God" is a stone-able offense mentality) in a concise manner that would make any open-minded fan of America ins tan tly split their side. My two favorite chapters come during the end of the book. Chapter Six entided, "The Media: Can it be Stopped?" They include many wacky supplemental game worksheets. This include ''Match the Reporters Face to their Hair," "What to Wear as a Field Reporter'' and a hilarious formula for making your broadcast pseudonym (the first name needs to be a building material and the surname the plural form of afirstname). The last chapter does a good job of tying up the United State's history by predicting its future. Subsequently we don't find Weapons of Mass Destruction then either. If you want a good laugh and are into politics you will fall madly in love with this book. It even brought me out of my postelection depression! I must warn some audiences that may not be interested in this type of light-heartedness. If you voted for President Bush in the last election because you thought this country under Kerry's leadership would automatically revert to killing all babies, make everyone convert to Islam and thenflip-flopand bring back Zoroastrianism,and legalize and sanctify both homosexual and meterosexual marriages then take it from this tree-hugging, justice-loving, Free-Tibet"ing" liberal, just keep watching Andy Griffith and listening to Garrison Keiller. j % But if you can step back and laugh at our hypocrisies as American citizens then step on up to John Stewart and his Tabernacle of Laughs.


John! Stewart's m o c k textbook 'teaches' America
By Matthew Rendulic Contributing writer During the past 1,500 years the Jews and Christians have shared the reigns on a rocky relationship. The Christians' attempt to evangelize to the Jews during the Middle-Ages, in a process that they called "The Inquisition," did not make life easy for either party. Finally however, we Jews have begun to proselytize the greater populace of Christendom with our fashionable sense of humor. Who is our missionary that parallels the apostle Paul you ask? I propose none other than Comedy Central's own John Stewart The first of, hopefully many, of his epistles. The newly released book entided "America: A Citizens Guide to Democracy." This mock-textbook gives its readers a hilarious view of the United States starting from the philosophy of democracy and ending in the post-millennial TUB DAILY SHO W WITH JON STEWART PRESENTS sovereignty of Jesus Christ after the Apocalypse. If you are a fan of the "Daily Show" then there is no doubt in my mind that you will quickly fall in love with this book. And if John Stewart's masterful comedic technique annoys you, do not fear there are many supplemental articles written by other "Daily Show" news correspondents. These include such writers as Stephen Colbert and even U.S. founding father Thomas Jefferson (who asks about Halle Berry's dating situation and added that he "likes the mocha chino"). The first chapter "Ancient Rome: The First Republicans." gives marvelous insight into the philosophers and the works which are credited to conceptualizing the American ideal of Representative Democracy. This sounds boring doesn't it? Warner Books Well don't worry, 'The FoundJohn Stewart's book takes a true but comic look at the U.S. ing Fathers: Young Gifted and White," the second chapter,

Performing Arts Center presents the 2 0 0 5 Guelcher Spring Film Series
By Christina Ferranti Contributing writer Now that everyone has returned from their long Christmas break, which was hopefully enjoyable and relaxing, you are attempting to settle back into the busy hassle of events going on at Mercyhurst. But the Performing Arts Center is always bustling to bring to you qualityfilmsand performances. So, this is just a glimpse of what can be expected here every Wednesday at 2 p.m. and then • ' k ^ n ' a t S p.^fifWd^dih^e with the Guefcher Spring Film Series. £ Showing on Feb. 2 is "Mean Creek," which is about a teen who is bullied. His brother and friends lure the bully into the woods to seek revenge and this revenge turns in a direction that is completely unexpected. It forces them to face the consequences for the unforeseen event This drama's running time is one hour and 29 minutes; it is in English and is rated R. Showing on Feb. 9 is "Door in the Floor," where a writer's young assistant becomes both This drama's running time is two hours and eight minutes; it is in Spanish with English subtides and is rated R. \ Showing on March 2 is "Broadway: The Golden Age," which is the largest collection in history of award-winning stars brought together in a single movie. It is introduced by Erie's King of Broadway—David Matthews. This documentary's running time is one hour and 50 minutes; this film is in English and is rated G. Showing on March 9 is "Maria Full of Grace," about a young Colombian girl who accepts a risky oner with drug smugglers in order to escape her country for the United States where she can establish herself and embark on a new life for herself. This drama's running time is one hour and 41 minutes; the language is in Spanish, but it has English subtitles. It is rated R. Showing on March 16 is "Vera Drake," which portrays a woman who is kind-hearted and sweet but performs abortions for people less fortunate. She finds her beliefs and practices to clash with the mores of 1950s . Britain—a conflict that leads to tragedy within her own family. The running time for this drama is two hours andfiveminutes; it is in English and is rated R. Showing on March 23 is "Sideways," a comedy about two men approaching middle age with not much to show for their lives but disappointment, until one day they embark on a road trip through California's wine country, just as one of the men is about to take a trip down the altar. The show's running time is one hours and three minutes; it is in English and is rated R. Showing on March 30 is "Red lights," which relates an encounter with a hitchhiker that proves dangerous for an alcoholic man and his wife during a journey to the South of France. This thriller film runs for one hour and 45 minutes; it is in French with English subtitles and is rated R.
£M •

"Mean Creek" will be playing on Feb.


Performing Arts Center

pawn and catalyst in his boss's response to it disintegrating household. This documentary's running This drama's running time is time is two hours and 25 minutes; one hour and 51 minutes; it is in it is in English and is rated PG. English and is rated R. Showing on Feb. 23 is "The Showing on Feb. 16 is "The Motorcycle Diaries," based on Corporation" which is a feature the memoirs of Cuban revoludocumentary analyzing the very tionary Che Guevara, charting nature of the corporate institu- his journey across South America tion, its impact on our planet in the early 1950s with his best and what people are doing in friend Alberto Granado.





If you

'The Phantom of the Opera' will capture your heart
sweetheart Christine is swept off her feet by the charming man and soon the Phantom becomes aware of Raoul's growing presence in Christine's life. The Phantom's raging jealousy challenges the passion of Christine and Raoul's growing love. Bringing this entrancing love story to film has only increased its beauty and hasn't tarnished any of its romance. ^Director/Screenwriter Joel Schumacher brings 1870*s Paris to life in this movie. Designers working on the film actually went to Paris to visit the Opera Gamier, which the fictious Opera Popular is based on, to research how the clothes and the culture of the area would have been in the 1870's. All of the characters* wardrobes and the sets of the Opera house are accurately made for time period. Performing the "The Phantom of the Opera" on film as opposed to on stage gave the scenes more depth as there was much interaction done on the stage of the Opera Popular, as well as backstage. Having the ability to have scenes take place anywhere in the Opera house helped increase the bdievability of the tale, j g The amazing set of the Opera Popular and the foggy river that flows through the basement in the Phantom's lair allow you to become even more lost in the romance of the story. Without the limitations of performing the show on stage ,the production designer Anthony Pratt was able to paint an artistic picture of how the Opera Popular would have looked. I was overall very impressed by how well the musical was represented in the film a n d had only a few disappointments. A 1 I though Rossum physi-l cally portrayed the character of Christine Daae almost perfectly, I felt that her voice did not match the caliber of her acting. The character is supposed to be very young and have an ing6nue voice, both of which Rossum has. But, I just kept waiting for her to impress me vocally and really sell herself as the character. That moment never came.

loved it before, get lost again in the 'music of the night'
Even the Phantom's voice was some what of a letdown. I felt that if the Phantom was the musical protege that they led us to believe he was I should have been thrown back into my seat by an incredibly beautiful, large bass voice.

By Meghan Sullivan Arts & Entertainment editor

Showing on April 6 is Accordion Tribe," a documentary showcase about the transforming power of music and an enjoyable road movie wrapped up in one stirring picture. | It runs one hour and 27 minutes; the language of the film is in German, but there are English subtides ,and it is rated G. Showing on April 13 is "Hotel Rwanda," which is a drama about the true-life story of Paul Rusesabagina, a hotel manager who housed over a thousand Tutsis refugees during their struggle against the Hutu Militia.

The show's running time is one hour and 50 minutes; thefilmis in English and is rated PG-13. Showing April 20 is "Moolaade," a drama relating the rousing polemic directed against the still common African practice of female circumcision. The show's running time is two hours; it is in Bambara/French with English subtitles and is rated R. Showing May 4 is "Bad Education," which is a drama about an examination on the effect of Franco-era religious schooling and sexual abuse in the lives of two longtime jSiends. Tfie show's tunning time is one hour and 49 minutes; it is in Spanish with English subtides and is rated R. Showing May 11 is "The Sea Inside," which is a real-life drama story about Spaniard Ramon Sampedro, who fought a 30-year campaign in favor of euthanasia and his own right to die. It runs two hours andfiveminutes; it is in Spanish with English subtides and is rated PG-13. Showing May 18 "A Very Long Engagement," a French drama




about a young woman s relentless search for her fiancee who has disappeared from the trenches during World War I. It runs two hours and 14 minutes and is rated R. Showing on May 25 is "Being Julia," an intoxicating combination of wicked comedy and smart drama stars set in 1930s London. It runs one hour and 45 minutes; it is in English and is rated R.

The popular Andrew Lloyd Webber musical "The Phantom of the Opera" has made its way to the silver screen. •' This story of love and obsession takes you back 150 years to the creation of the Opera Popular. Living in the catacombs of the Opera house you find the Phantom of the Opera, a disfigured musical genius played by Gerard Butler, haunting the ensemble of artists that live there. Christine Daae, a promising young musician and dancer played by Emmy Rossum, believes this twisted man is ner Angel of Music left by her father to guide her. i- ^ The Phantom trains Christine in the art of music while keeping her under the mystic spell of his voice. t | Opening night of an opera at the Opera Popular the Prima Donna La Carlotta, played by Minnie Driver, walks out on the show and Christine is asked to take her part She captivates the audience with her surprising performance. It is then that the rich theatre patron Raoul de Chagny, who is played by Patrick Wilson recognizes her as his childhood

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I was sadly disappointed. Wilson, however, proved his singing f capability in this , B movie as the romanf tic male lead Raoul. He appeared to be the strongest vocalist in thefilmbesides Minnie Driver's character; but |that was sadly dubbed over. Despite some vocal disappointment I would highly recommend seeing thisfilmif you are a fan of "The Phantom of the Opera." If you were one of the many who saw the musical during its run in Toronto then the film version will truly capture your heart


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January 12,2005

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By Justine Ad am s Contributing writer After completing four years on the Mercyhurst College football team, two outstanding athletes are going elsewhere to pursue their football careers. Setting school records and displaying excellence on and off the field, Jim Schuler and Jeff Thiel are exploring career opportunities in the NFL Punter and quarterback Jim Schuler is from Springfield, Ohio, where he excelled in many sports. Not only was he an outstanding football player, but he also participated in basketball and baseball. Recruited by Mercyhurst in spring of 2001, he joined the college later that year with a scholarship to play football. During his freshman year, he started as the team's punter and held that position for all four years. He also played quarterback and started his sophomore year. When he first joined the team, Schuler had many goals for himself and the team. "Coming in as afreshmanI set out to gain all school records as a punter," he said. Four years later, he's done that and more. Schuler holds school records for the most punts in a season, the highest average for a season, the longest punt, the most yards punted and has the four out of the top five punts in school

history. With all the time and effort he has put into his athletic achievements, he has managed to excel in academics as well. Schuler is a math major with a 3 3 overall grade point average. He takes pride in his work and manages to keep up with his grades < despite his hectic schedule. fttEach year, a group of selected athletes are named GLIAC AllAcademic and Schuler was a part of that team. -j\ This spring, Schuler will travel to tryout as a punter for the NFL. Every NFL team will be present at these tryouts, which creates a lot of pressure, but Schuler is going to give it his best and hopefully we will be seeing him in the 2005 NFL season. 0 Schuler's roommate, right end Jeff Thiel, will also be making a run at the NFL Thiel came out of Marion, Ohio, and graduated from Ridgedale High School. While there he had an outstanding career in football, basketball and track. Thiel was practically a one-man team in high school football He played a number of different positions including receiver, quarterback, cornerback, punter, punt return, kick off return, half back and free safety. As you can imagine, Mercyhurst offered Thiel a tempting scholarship package and asked him to play football for the Lakers. Not only was he persuaded by

Katie McAdams/Photo editor

Football's Jim Schuler (left) and Jeff Thiel (right) seen in this composite photo, will be trying out for the NFL
fellow football players, but he was He was also third in receiving interested in Mercyhurst because yards in school history. of its academic reputation. t Along with Schuler, Thiel was Joining the team in 2001, Thiel named GLIAC All-Academic for started as the team's receiver and showing academic excellence. moved to tight end for his last "I think I performed well over three years. the past four years, but I feel -Starting all four years, Thiel set that I could have done better;" said Thiel "Fve made a lot of some impressive records. He holds the record for most accomplishments, but more imconsecutive games with a catch, portantly, I've made great friendwhich is translated into passes ships that will last a lifetime." caught in 43 consecutive games, Thiel recendy returned from or every game in his Mercyhurst Kingsville, Texas where he played College career. in the 2005 Cactus Bowl. V His contribution to the team as starting tight end helped the East defeat the West with a final score of 18-15. Thiel's major at Mercyhurst is business management, with a minor in marketing. Someday he hopes to own his own business, and possibly do some real estate work as well. As for right now, he, too, is going to try out for the National Football League in late spring. He gained exposure when he was asked to play in the Cactus Bowl and has earned recognition among scouts. He will try out as a free agent and is hoping to play tight end and special teams. When asked what team he would like to play for, Thiel responded, "I would be happy to play for any team willing to select me." The Draft is scheduled for April 23-24, a weekend in which two Mercyhurst students may put the football program on the map.


Did E S P N really go over the top b n l M o s s ?
t ES 1 '' "* ' 4:

the mam character, poker legend Don "the Matador" Everest unbuckles his belt as he strolls into the bathroom of a lavish Las The over-the-top criticism Vegas office suite. of Randy Moss* touchdown There he encounters a busty celebration Sunday began when blonde who begins to kneel in Fox play-by-play man Joe Buck front of him. called it a "disgusting act" and When the camera returns to said: "It's unfortunate we had it show the Matador, he groans on our air live." softly, looks down and says: It continued with Fox studio "Bull's-eye." | host James Brown, who called it: Meanwhile in the suite, casino "Classless, ignorant and embarmanager Bart "Lowball" Rogers rassing." shakes his head. Next thing you knew, ESPN's Shapiro said the scene was Chris Berman was chiming in included to give viewers a true with: "Randy disgraced Lambeau taste of the Matador. (Field) and he disgraced himself, "We thought it was relevant I think, with what he did." to his character," Shapiro said. So what did the Minnesota "You can't watch that scene and Vikings receiver do, exacdy? not think: What a slime. He's a KRT He mimicked dropping his Vikings wide-reciever Randy Moss hauls in one of his two touchdowns. villain and an antagonist and we pants to moon the Lambeau thought that was in line with this Field crowd. finger. indecent. That can be a good | ESPN was wise to do an about- character arc That's why we put But there had to be people, tens Thankfully, Mark Shapiro, thing, but this is a news story, face, lest it be hit with charges of it in and why we left it in. of thousands of people, who ESPN's executive vice presi- and we erred on the side of being first-degree hypocrisy. "At the same time, when you tuned into ESPN's "SportsCen- dent for programming and pro- conservative. We don't want to be Thursday, ESPN will launch scan the cupboard ofv shows ter" Monday morning without duction, realized his network's gratuitous, but we have to give the poker show 'Tilt," its sec- and see "The Swan' and "Nip/ having seen Moss bend over and mistake the moment he tuned the viewers some context." ond scripted series following Tuck,' 'Desperate Housewives' stick out his derriere. into "SportsCenter" Monday By Monday afternoon, ESPN the controversial 'Tlaymakers," and *Vegas' ... this is extremely And guess what? ESPN didn't morning. was showing the Moss clip on which lasted one season after tame compared to some of the show it The network that takes "We screwed up," Shapiro said. "Around the Horn," "Pardon the the network bowed to pressure language and some of the scenes. That doesn't mean we try to pride in its hard-hitting news "There's no question we should Interruption" and "SportsCen- from the NFL. division went Pravda on us, have showed it. "Tilt" might be even more outdo each other. Hopefully it's ter. banning the clip from its early "Somewhere in the middle of By then, much of ESPN's criti- salacious. There's a scene 10 all done for reasons of character v shows. \ *4 1 thfe niglrt, a decision was made cism had been toned down. Re- minutes into thefirstepisode that development" Shapiro did acknowledge: Janet Jackson's obscured right not to put it on, and it was the porter Pedro Gomez introduced is bound to leave some viewers "We're trying to connect with breast wasn't treated this harshly. wrong decision. We're all caught the clip by calling it a question- with their, uh, mouths open. Nor was Jake Plummer's middle up in the climate of not being able end-zone celebration." In one of our first glimpses of the audience and ignite a certain By Teddy Green stein Knight Ridder Newspapers

reaction/' But he believes the scene does not cross the line. Getting back to Moss, late word came Monday that Buck wanted to clarify his reasons for referring to Moss' touchdpwn celebration as "disgusting" A Fox official, who talked to Buck said the sportscaster was actually reacting to what Moss did after his mock mooning, when he briefly rubbed his derriere against the goal post, perhaps to mock cleanse it. "That's what he termed disgusting," the Fox higher-up said. That clarification came hours after Los Angeles Times, columnist Bill Plaschke had ripped Buck on "Around the Horn," saying: "This is the same Joe Buck who takes a lot of money from a beer company to do a commercial about a self-serving, self-indulgent guy named Leon who reminds people of Randy Moss. It's fine when he's, getting paid to do it, but when he doesn't get paid to do it, he calls it disgusting." • Plaschke also came down on ESPN for initially refusing to show the Moss clip. £ "ESPN has stuff like Tlaymak-1 ers' and a big gambling and sex;J drama coming out this week," he said. "Give me a break. It was far less worse than Jake Plummer's finger." p \

College t e a m s m u s t start m a k i n g the grade or else
Harrison, chairman of the acaBy Jeff Caplan demic committee. Knight Ridder Newspapers 1 The penalty is based on a sports team's Academic Progress : W Sweeping academic reform Rate (APR). is on the way as the NCAA on Under the penalty, if a team Monday passed thefirstphase of falls bdow the minimum APR, penalties for its new Academic the scholarship of an athlete who Performance Program. was ineligible and left the school 1 I-. Sports teams that don't meet could not be re-awarded to a new minimum academic standards athlete for one year. risk losing scholarships. Harrison, speaking at the final If the program had been imple- day of the NCAA Convention mented this year, 30 percent of at the J Gaylord Texan Resort, the 117 Division I-A football said the teams at greatest risk teams would face a "contempo- are football, men's basketball and raneous penalty," said University baseball. The reforms affect all 5,017 of Hartford president Walter

men's and women's teams in athletes graduate each year. The Division I Board of DirecDivision I. The contemporaneous penalty is meant to serve tors passed a minimum APR rate, as a warning to the athlete, the which generally equates to a 50 coach and the institution to turn percent graduation rate over a things around. five-year period. Teams failing to meet that rate - <'This is pretty strong stuff," NCAA president Myles Brand will be subject to penalties. said. "This reinforces the idea The committee put a 10-perthat student-athletes arc stu- cent cap on the number of scholdents first and ate expected to arships a team can lose. graduate." Based on 85 scholarships, The APR will measure an I-A football teams could lose athlete's academic progress term- a maximum of nine scholarships in ^ny one year. Men's and by-term and year-by-year. ? * A long-term measurement, or women's basketball can lose two Graduation Success Rate, will scholarships. A second phase of punishmonitor how many scholarship

ment, called "historical penalties" were not passed by the board, but were endorsed, according to Kansas chancellor Robert 11 em* enway, chairman of the Board of Directors. Two consecutive years of failing to meet the minimum standard will result in recruiting and/or financial aid limitations, followed by possible ineligibility for postseason games for a third year of failure, and a fourth year would result in revoking NCAA status. In three to four weeks, institutions will receive an annual report outlining APR and GSR numbers

for every sports team. Contemporaneous penalties will take effect in December 2005, Thefirstwarnings for historical penalties will likely be issued in, the fall of 2006. No decisions werefinalizedon several topics, including modifylog or eliminating the requirement for Division I-A football programs to average 15,000 home attendance in order to maintain I-A status, ^£ J Also considered were the ideas of dropping Division I-AA and shortening the college baseball season.!

January 12,2005


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Injuries h a m p e r w o m e n ' s
By Matt Jackson Contributing writer The schedule has not been kind to die Mercyhurst women% basketball team through the first half of the season. Coach Karin Nicholls' squad has played 12 of its first 15 games away from the Mercyhurst Athletic Center and has started 1-4 in the GUAC and 5-10 overall. "Living on die road with such a young team has been frustrating," said N icholls> **But we came out and did a really good job with the kind of schedule we walked into." While a 5-10 overall record might not seem like a good job, one must remember that it was just one year ago that this same team mustered only one victory. Nicholls noted the 64-61 win over St Josephs and die 78-75 win over Bellarmine as big upset victories. The schedule does not get any easier for the Lakers this week. They are scheduled to play Northern Michigan and Michigan Tech, and, no surprise here, they are both away games. Even beyond those two games the schedule looks grim with five of their next seven games being on the road. It isn't until Feb. 10 that the Lakers will have a true home

h o o p s

Guard Coco Sommers has played a more significant role with the recent team Injuries.
stretch, as they play their final five games with the home court advantage. The two opponents from the state of Michigan come into the week with a combined record of 19-7, and Michigan Tech just recently knocked off No.l 2 Hillsdale. If all that weren't enough, the Lakers will be leaving two starters at home in Jessica Olm stead and Erin Solada. Olmstead is out for at least the next two games with a stress fracture. She is averaging 12.5 ppg and 7.4 rpg, second on the team in both categories. Solada is out with a bad back, which causes the Lakers to lose a starter and lot of height on the defensive side of the bail. ''We're a little low in numbers, but we can still come out with a split," said Nicholls. "We have to split if we want to have any hopes of making the GLIAC

bad breaks. "I think it has forced other people to step their game up, which has probably helped in a lot of ways" said Nicholls. If Nicholls and die Lakers do have hopes of qualifying for the GLIAC tournament, then every game will be crucial from here on out They are already two wins behind thefinalautomatic qualifier in the South Division. "It is a goal that we have," said Nicholls. "We would love to get in that tournament" The Lakers picked up their first GLIAC win this past week when they soundly defeated the visiting Cardinals from Saginaw Valley State University. The game finished with a 7659 final, and die Lakers were in control much of the night Sophomore sharp-shooter Kadyn Petit was scorching hot in the first half, as she connected on six of eight from three-point territory, on her way to 21 firstKatie McAdama/Photo editor half points. While Petit would be shut down in the second half, feltournament low sophomore Julie Anderson jj^It has already been four games stepped in and droppped 17 of since the Lakers have had Olm- her game-high 25 points after stead in the lineup and her ab- halftime. sence has been felt Without her Anderson also pulled down the Lakers went 1 -3 and scored 13 boards and was named the over 60 points only once. GLIAC South Offensive Player Despite the losses, Nicholls of the Week. has taken the positive from die

Men hockey goes

during busy week

By Ryan Palm Sports editor

For any team in any sport, practice can make a world of difference come game time. To the same degree, so can a 23-day layoff between games. The men's hockey team took to the ice this past weekend against an opponent for the first time since Dec 11 when they skated to a 2-2 tie with Canisius. The Lakers hosted a pair of conference foes during a midweek series Jan. 4-5 at the Mercyhurst Ice Center. Bentley, who entered the contest with an overall record of 3-10-3, came to Erie on Tuesday, and they came ready to skate a physical game and more than willing to cash in on penalties. They certainly excelled at the latter, as the Lakers were whistled for 18 penalties resulting in 68 minutes. The penalties gave Bentley 13 power plays on the night, two of which the Falcons cashed in on. Mercyhurst trailed most of the contest, including right from the drop of the puck when Bendey scored less than two minutes into die game.

The teams left the locker rooms after the second intermission with the scoreboard reading 2-2, but it got out of hand after that) point. ^ The men in the stripes called the Lakers for nine penalties in the third period, amounting for 50 penalty minutes in a 20-minute period. The Laker coaching staff was unhappy with the officials all night, as at one point two of the leading scorers, senior David Wrigley and junior Scott Champagne were each hit with two penalties, including a 10-minute misconduct for the pair. The misconduct for each resulted in the pair sitting out the next game as a team policy. When it was all said and done, the teams were knotted at 4-4 after the overtime period, and the Lakers left the ice with a sour taste in their mouth, The following night proved to be one of sharp contrast, as Mercyhurst skated well against Quinnipiac from start to finish. The Lakers, minus two of their top scorers and an alternate captain, fell behind early once again when the Bobcats beat junior goaltender Andy Franck less than three minutes into the period.

Little did anyone know that it would be the last puck to slip by Franck, who for his performance received nomination to the Atlantic Hockey Honor Roll. Before leaving the ice following the first period Mercyhurst was able to not only erase the deficit, but jump out to a 2-1 lead. Sophomore Denis Kirstein notched his first goal of the season on a slap shot from the point, which was followed by a power play goal by freshman Ben Couttreau. Cottreau's sixth goal of the campaign was assisted by senior Scott Reynolds and junior Dave BorellL | The score would remain that way until late in the third period, when shortly after the Bobcats pulled their goalie for an extra defensemen, Scott Reynolds Katie McAdams/Photo editor found the empty net for his third Senior Alternate Captain Rich Hansen leads the Lakers wtth nine aislsts on the year. goal of the season. The goal pushed the Lakers Mercyhurst sophomore Mike ference play. ahead 3-1, where the game would feated earlier in the season here The team returns back to the |in Erie by a score of 8-2. Ella got the start, his first action finish. This contest was not nearly the since Nov. 14, and turned away Ice Center for a pair of weekend The performance was stellar considering the short handed same, as the Lakers learned how all 39 of the shotsfiredby Robert games, when they host Holy Cross on Friday, Jan. 14, and much a team can improve during Mortis. bench the team played with. The game was the last non- American International College The Lakersfinishedup its busy their first season of play. The two teams skated to a 0-0 conference matchup of the on Saturday, Jan. 15. stretch by heading down 1-79 to Both games have the puck square off against Robert Morris tie, thefirstin the history of both campaign for the Lakers, as they now hit the home-strech in con- scheduled to drop at 7:30 p.m. University, who the Lakers de- programs.

Men's volleyball gets fresh start
By Chris Van H o r n Contributing writer The Mercyhurst men's vol lcyball team expects to take a giant leap forward in Division I volleyball this season. ' With a new coach and a new attitude, senior captain Dave Schmidl has reason to believe that this season will be the Lakers' most memorable since the volleyball program began in 1997. Most of the starting line-up is returning from last year's team that produced a 12-14 overall! record and a 5-11 record in conference play. The program is entering its ninth season in the Midwest Intercollegiate Volleyball Association (NflVA). Among key returning players are Schmidl, who led the team with 313 kills, junior Dan Kick, who had a team leading 895 assists and sophomore Dennis Telaak, who set a new single season mark for the Lakers with 231 digs. Schmidl feels that this team has the talent and the continuity both on and off the court to pull off some big wins this season. "All the pieces are in place for us to make a run at the conference title this year," Schmidl said in a recent interview. One of those pieces is new Head Coach Ryan Patton. Patton's last head coaching job was at Juniata College of Division III. 7. ••* He served as coach there from 1996-2002 and won the Division III National Championship in 1998. ? The arrival of Patton on June 28 marked the beginning of a new era in Mercyhurst men's volleyball. He replaces Craig Davie, the only other coach in the program's brief history. Among the opponents that are significant on the schedule this year include Lewis, who were the National Champions two years ago, Ohio State, Ball] State, Loyola, 111., and last year's national runners-up Penn State. "If I could pick one big game for us to win all year, it would be Penn State" Schmidl said. Among some of the goals this team has to shoot for are a better overall record, a top three finish in the conference, and hopefully a trip to the final four. Patton's arrival has increased the mentality and focus for this year's team. A strong incoming freshmen cast will only add fuel to the competitive fire of the Lakers as the freshman will be fighting for playing time. If this team is going to be successful, it needs a solid effort from every player that steps out onto the court. If all the pieces come together, the Lakers could have a big season.

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January 12,2005

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By Denis Kirstein Contributing writer For most people, thinking back to four years ago seems like yesterday. Most students at Mercyhurst College were still in high school Now, if you are Coach Tony Cipollone, four years ago, you would just be starting the wrestling program at Mercyhurst Cipollone knew when he started to recruit for the Lakers wrestling squad he needed to find athletes that wanted to accept the challenge of starting the Mercyhurst wrestling tradition. This was key in developing the Lakers into a mighty Division II wrestling program. He found the athletes he was looking for in Ben McAvinew, Justin Mautz, Angelo Caponi and transfer Ricky Randazzo, to name a few. 'They were the original guys, and they had the faith to come in and be the first ever players to wear the Mercyhurst wrestling uniform," said Cipollone. Cipollone is very impressed with what his senior and pioneer wresders have done for the program, "I get e-mails and phone calls everyday with kids who want to come wrestle at Mercyhurst, because they know someone who wrestles here or they heard about how our program was growing" Cipollone said The Mercyhurst wrestling program has had its share of sue* cess also with Justin Mautz, Ben McAvinew and Ricky Randazzo, | all winning individual Ail-American awards. This season has the Lakers continuing to strive for success. Currendy the Lakers are ranked No. 8 nationally. In the Midwest Classic at the University of Indianapolis this' past weekend, Jan. 7-8, as a team the Lakers finished in second place with 129 points. The champion of the 19 team field was Ashland University with 162 points. Mercyhurst did have individual champions, most notably sophomore Zack Schafer won at 165 pounds while on his way to being names the Classic's Most Outstanding Wrestler. "Schafer is currendy ranked fourth in the nation and is definitely wrestling as well as anyone right now," explained Cipollone.* Schafer was also named the Mercyhurst Male Athlete of the Week this week, and the wresders were named the team of the week. Joining Schafer in the winners

ace second
at 2 0 0 5 Midwest


T e a m claims second place

Sophomore Zach Schafer was named the Most Outstanding Wrestler at the Midwest Classic on Jan. 7-8. circle was McAvinew, a senior who won first place in the 184 lbs. weight class* The Lakers also had two second place finishers in Randazzo at 125 pounds and Mautz in the 107 weight class. The Mercyhurst Lakers have a chance to do some damage at nationals this year and many are looking for them to do so. The Division II national tournament this year will be held at the University of Nebraska Omaha, the defending national champion. "It would be a great opportunity for us to defeat the defending nation champion in their gym, and we have a shot," said Cipollone, "As long as we can place at least eight wresders in the finals and then have those wresders perform, we will have a great shot9'

Katie McAdams/Photo editor

The Lakers next match is Jan. 15, in a duel against a pair of Division II foes at Shippensburg University. As the season progresses the question still remains, can the Lakers knock off last year's national champion, in their gym?

Women's hockey downs UConn 4
By Eric Meacham Contributing writer The No. 5 ranked women's hockey team tried to keep their winning ways alive as they welcomed in the New Year. But the incoming Providence Lady Friars had plans of their own, bouncing back from a 102 drubbing by No. 2 Dartmouth last weekend to knock off the Lakers 3-2. Mercyhurst showed their month of rust, as this marked their first game since they swept No. 10 Yale Dec 8-9. Providence jumped on the Lakers in thefirstperiod with a goal by freshman Rachel Chrissy, her second goal of the season. The Friars owned the first period, as they out-shot the Lakers 13-4. But the Lakers shook off the rust as they came out in the second period looking a little more like themselves, out shooting the Friars 15-7. Junior Sam Shirley, who was named College Hockey America (CHA) Offensive player of the week for her 4-point weekend at Yale, tied the game just over three minutes into the second frame with her fifth goal of the season. Senior Chrissy Yule and sophomore Michelle Boncllo drew assists on the equalized The Lakers took the lead about five minutes into the third period on a goal by sophomore forward

Stephanie Bourbeau, her sixth goal of the season. Senior Teresa Marchese and sophomore Jill Nugent were credited with assists. But that is all the scoring the Lakers could muster, as the Friars answered with two straight goals of their own to gain the road win. Senior Desi Clarkfinishedwith 31 saves in the loss. Clark was also given two honors for her weekend at Yale, being named CHA Defensive Player of the Week, and she also got the Honorable Mention recognition by U.S. College Hockey Online (USCHO). The Lakers looked to bounce back and salvage the weekend against the visiting UConn Huskies on Sunday afternoon. Mercyhurst came out early putting down the Huskie attack scoring midway through the first period. Shirley tallied her second goal of the weekend and sixth of the year on the power play, and Katie McAdams/Photo editor extended her goal streak to five was a familiar sight as the Lakers would light the lamp four times. s straight games. Marchese andfreshmanStephfor the year and will travel to Deanie Jones were credited with the ens, as she cashed in on a failed the game. clearing opportunity by the LakFor her play she was named troit for a two game series with helpers on the goal.* the CHA Offensive Player of the Wayne State Warriors. Bourbeau extended the Lakers ers defense. The match-up is a return for Marchese closed out her four* the Week. lead to 2-0 just three minutes She leads the team in goals with the Lakers to conference play in into the second period with her point day with two goals of her the CHA, which they have won 9, assists, 12 and points, 21. seventh tally of the season with own in the third period. She scored her eighth and ninth Freshman Laura Hosier ex- the past two seasons. assists going to Marchese and Mercyhurst will then come goal of the year, ending with tended her winning streak to sophomore Justine Jackson. UConn answered right back an picture-perfect 2-on-l finish three, stopping 15 of 16 shots back to the Mercyhurst Ice Center the following weekend to host just 30 seconds later with an alongside Jones with just less she faced. The Lakers moved to 11-5-2 Boston College. unassisted goal by Tiffany Ow- than four minutes remaining in


Located in the

,'304 A & B '



Little of this, little of that...tidbits from the editor
•Anyone else notice the naBy Ryan Palm tional recognition that our athSports editor letic teams have been receiving? Women's hockey was up to No. Here are just a few random renewed soon, as the Lakers will 5, wrestling at No. 8, lacrosse thoughts which deserve to be travel downtown on Monday, was given the No. 4 ranking in shared... Jan. 24. In case you did not hear, preseason polls, women's latickets are $3, a jump from last crosse recieved a No. 9 ranking and countless athletes are taking •Kudos to the Ice Center for year's price of $0..,. home "Player of the Week" getting the new glass installed awards. That type of rccognion the penalty boxes. Although •Both varsity hockey teams perhaps not loved by the players, showed rust after taking the ice tion can only lead to better the off-ice offcials who watch the for their first games in almost a recruiting... boxes are happy,.. month. In Atlantic Hockey, to •A pair of Mercyhurst baseball which the men belong, seven of •The annual Gannon/Mercy- the nine teams were in action players were recognized recently by "Collegiate Baseball Magahurst basketball rivalry will be over the span when we sat...


zine." Senior OF/IB Tim Stacey junior 2B Wally Wieczorek were both honored, Stacey as a "Player to Watch" and Wieczorek as a "Newcomer to Watch." The list appears in the magazine's 2005 Division II preview...

hockey fan, penalties in overtime simply do not happen...

•As mentioned in the story on page 11, the men's hockey team was whistled entirely too often in their game against Bentley on •Finally, the men's volleyball Tuesday, Jan. 4. As a witness to team begins play this weekend a the fact, never before have I seen new coach has big goals, I would so many penalties called in one certainly keep the eyes open,,. period, all topped off by a penalty called in overtime. Ask any

^ •Wrestling's Zach Schafer was named the 2005 Midwest Classic's Most Outstanding Wrestler, quite an accomplishment considering a large field of 19 teams which would result in around roughly 150-200 wrestlers...


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