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experience during Semester At


The captain's joking lifted spirits By Amy Landphair that were low from a straight week of Contributing writer rough seas. Classes were being held in empty rooms where students sat cross-legged Special note from the editor: On Jan. 26 in the middle of the Pacific on the floor with their laps as the only desks Ocean, a 50-foot wave crashed into the MV\ that wouldn't fall over. Professors acted like practicing circus Expforer, a "Semester at Sea" ship carrying performers, dancing to keep their bal681 college students. ance at the board. £ At the time the wave struck, the ship was approximate^ 1,600 miles from Honolulu. However, the usual 20-foot swells vanished that evening as I crawled into U.S. Coast Guard vessels and aircrafts were bed around midnight. dispatched to help the ship. Mercyhurst students, Amy Landphair, Approximately an hour and a half later CaitBn Miller and Laurel Dauphin are travel- I awoke to things going bump in ing on the Mv Explorer and experienced the the night. Not the dateline or the typical loose book falling from the desk, terrifying event but This article is a personal account of the passenger's televisions and dressers becoming dangerous projectiles. experience from Amy L/mdpbctir. Drawers, once duct-taped, now slid Experiencing the wave: Somehow every perilous survival story furiously open and closed. Books scathas a hint of irony. My story is not the tered here and there. • Chairs tipped back and forth. Beds exception. The night the 50-foot rogue wave pum- crept away from the walls. Pots and pans meled our ship had been the smoothest crashed and slid across the kitchen on the floor above us. night on the Pacific thus far. I reached to the wall behind the bed Many people have experienced drills of one sort or another: tornado,fireand to flip on the light and found nothing! atomic bomb drills, to name a few of the Stretching two feet farther I reached most common. the switch; my bed had moved out into But few people ever perform the drill the room. procedures in the face of real danger. I Getting up to secure moving items am one of those few who has. It hap- on the floor, I began to feel more than pened when I was a passenger aboard the normal rocking and rolling on wavy the MV Explorer. ^ ^ 4 nights. 4BS* This is my tale as I lived it on the The ship rocked deeply from side to morning of Wednesday, Jan. 26,2005. side. Our captain, "Buzz," made an So far to the side that standing unaided announcement Tuesday evening about was impossible. While storing away my the ship's upcoming crossing of the stray items, I tumbled to thefloor,taking International Dateline. He joked about a hard hit in the ribs from a chair on my feeling a bump when we crossed. Little way down. I crawled back onto my bed; the did we know what kind of bumps we would experience within the next 12 safest place. Trying to forget about the waves and hours.


Photo courtesy of Amy Landphair

Students wait in life vests for further Instructions after being evacuated from their rooms.
the noise, I fell back asleep until 3 a.m. By this point, the ship was really rocking. The assistant dean of Semester at Sea made an announcement over the loud speaker around 3:30 a.m. He encouraged all passengers to remain calm, hold on tight and return to or stay in their cabins. He informed us that the ship had come upon an unexpected storm and the captain was doing his best to get us out of it. f Winds that night blew at 116 mph, comparable to sitting in a hurricane.

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W h o w i l l w i n t h e jtitle o f M r .
By Jaime Myers Contributing writer Knowledge, humor, school spirit. These will be the deciding factors in the crowning of the first Mr, Mercyhurst on Friday night The Mercyhurst College Dance Team is busy planning and promoting the event, which is held on Friday night at 8 p.m. in the Walker Recital Hall inside the Audrey Hirt Academic Center. It is a fundraiser for the dance team. Ten Mercyhurst men will be competing for the title of Mr. Mercyhurst Events include formal wear, casual/ summer wear and a question and answer round. But the most entertaining part should be the talent portion of the competition. Word going around is that the talents range from Napoleon Dynamite impressions to eating talents. "This competition is going to be a lot of fun," said senior Robyn Mast who is one of the seniors in charge of the event 4 "The guys have been planning their talents for awhile, and Pm excited to see every one of them," said Mast Tickets are two dollars and are being sold in the Student Union all week long. Tickets will also be sold at the door, but there is a limited amount of space. There is also free food for students attending the event as well as prizes for the audience members. Once your buy a ticket, you name is entered in the drawing for a number of prizes and gift certificates. The dance team is trying to raise funds for competitions as well as costumes. They thought it would be fun to have something where the school could get involved. <c We hope that we are starting something that could become an annual event on campus/' said senior Heather

I |
to entertain the audience and give it all they have to make the audience laugh, tlie crowning will take place after all of the contestants go through every round. Judges will score them on each event throughout the night The judges for Mr, Mercyhurst are a few professors from campus: Dr. Melissa Gibson Hancox of the Communication department and Christine Hay from the Dance department Warzala also said, "You can expect a good time. I think this event will be a lot of laughs and that's what we are all going out for—to have a great time "


The men hope that they will have a crowd of people to come and support them. Crowd appeal could be a big factor in choosing the winner. "If I win, I would credit it to the humor of my performance," said contestant Steve Watzala. fit's a change of pace for a lot of us who have never been asked to something like this before. Most of the guys involved with this event are walking around saying there is no way that they will win because none of us are models." This is not going to be the Miss American Pagean I These men are going

Valentine's Day'raffle will benefit 5-year-old Zachary
By Josh West Contributing Writer Raffle tickets for the Valentine's Day Sweetheart Basket are available for this week only. Tickets are one dollar and benefit a campaign to raise money for five year old Zachary Kauffman. Zachary is the grandson of Art Am ami, director of the Civic Institute at Mercyhurst One week before Christmas, Zachary was taken to the emergency room in Hamot Medical Center because of severe vomiting. A CAT- Zachary Kauffman SCAN revealed ~~-"~~~~~——— the presence of a medulloblastoma, a cancerous tumor in back of the brain. Though surgery successfully removed the tumor, it was expected that further testing would reveal more cancer. Doctors in Pittsburgh offered the option of a broad radiation treatment that would likely defeat the cancer, but leave Zachary mentally handicapped. The family received more hopeful news from Saint Jude's Children's Hospital in Memphis, Term, They made contact with Saint Jude's one evening, and according to Anann, "By the next day they were on the case

K a u f f m a n

and within several days they had sent put together by the Mercyhurst Ambasus plane tickets to get his family down sadors. "1 was just taken aback with the there." ? | | He is now undergoing a program generosity of the Ambassadors...I'm at St Jude's that begins with radiation extremely pleased," Anann said. treatment and will end with intensive Tickets are available through the chemotherapy, allowing for a brief trip Admissions Office in Weber Hall or the home in between. Ambassadors. Ambassadors will be in Zach's mother is by his side in Mem- the Student Union Feb 7-11 from 11:30 phis while this father and older brother a.m>-2 p.m., and 6 p»m.-7:30 p.m. The drawing will take place on Feb. 11 * wait anxiously in Erie. The family was uninvolved with organizing the basket raffle, which was Please see Valentine s on Page 2,

cu: News
Campus television studio shutdown for repairs. Look for a brand new set next term.f §?f f f Page 2 iMercyhurst e-mail capacity was originally set too high. Q) Fixing the problem may affect your account. Page 3
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February* 2005


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By Ashley Breen Contributing writer Students were unable to gain real "iive" experience in front of the camera this term, but with the changes that have been made to the television studio in the communication department students will gain a more realistic television studio experience. The television studio, located in the Audrey Hirt Academic Center, is in the process of un* dergoing some minor technical changes. According to Brian Sheridan, professor of communication, over time various wires throughout the studio had been changed and because of this the studio was experiencing some minor technical difficulties. Sheridan said, "Coming from the profession, I understand how quickly the industry changes and the standards that the industry upholds change. In order to give students the most realistic working experience and idea of how the equipment works we need to make sure everything is working properly."

The decision to rewire the station camefromDr. Melissa Gibson Hancox, chairperson of the communications department According to Katrina Walker, student television station manager she hopes the updates will allow more opportunity. "Hopefully once the updates have taken place we will be able to offer students a more comprehensive look at careers in television and also be able to give the Mercyhurst community some quality programming that they will enjoy," said Walker. g^ 'Thanks to the addition of Brian Sheridan to our department we were able to bring in a trained technician to perform all the necessary updates that needed to be performed/' added Walker. ' ^ Mike Koblyka, a professional engineer, who has been working on rewiring the studio throughout the duration of winter term, expects thefirstphase to be completed in time for the beginning of spring term. Although studentswere assigned to work in the television studio this term, they were unable to present the live television

The television studio will take on a new look for spring term.
shows that are aired throughout campus and they were also unable to gain experience doing taped performances and technical projects like the Bulletin Board that airs on Channel 19. Sheridan said, "When all the technical aspects are correct.

Katie McAdams/Photo editor

and the rewiring is completed, students will have the opportunity to work in a reliable studio. It will be more beneficial for

students to work in a studio when everything is correct" Walker added, "The TV station is an important part of the communication department and not having shows this term has really put a cramp in learning how to operate the equipment, especially for those assigned to practicum. It is important to make the changes to the Studio, though, because now students will have a chance to operate the equipment without having to worry about if it will work or not" Aside from the technical changes that are being made, some cosmetic changes are also taking place. The studio will be redone to carry a more professional appearance. The sets are being redesigned and improved to give it a more realistic appearance. Though many students were disappointed with not being able to put on various shows this term, many are looking forward to working in the improved station. "Stay tuned for spring term and Hurst TV to see all the new changes that will be taking place," said Walker.

through the encouragement of By Corrie Thearle research, good teaching, publicaContributing writer tion and the exchange of learning and ideas among historians. It Do you possess a love for the seeks to bring students, teachers past? Would you like to share that and writers of history together interest with fellow students on for intellectual and social excampus? This winter Mercyhurst changes, which promote and College inducted new members assist historical research and into the Phi Alpha Theta History publication by its members in a honors society and is looking to variety of ways. continue to expand. ,' *f fjL This prestigious and vibrant ' This organization's mission is society is, not limited to histo pr6mote 'the study of history tory majors, but encourages and

PhiiAlpha Theta seeks students Valentine's raffle
welcomes students who have ContinuedfromPage 1. a minimum of twelve history credits to join. Inductees must The basket is valued at over also maintain a 3.1 GPA in their $80 and includes Mardi Gras history courses and a 3.0 overall at the Grotto, Sparkling Cider, GPA. p [ Two Wine Glasses, Hollywood If you are interested in joining Video Gift Certificate, Frank this organization on campus, Sinatra CD, Heart Note Pad, please contact Dr. Colin-Bums Russell Stover Large Chocolate in the History Department by Heart, Pulakos Chocolate, Two email: ccolinburns@mercyhurst Two Russell Stover Strawberry edu, telephone: ext 2331 or by Chpcolates and a Valentine's ? ' ^ stopping by her office in ^res- Teddy, Bear.' ton 121. The basket raffle is not the only fundraising being done for the family, who currently faces formidable expenses due to medical costs, living expenses and missed work. "The medical bills are just astronomical" Annan said, "The whole community has been really supportive about what's happened with Zach," J'"A Picnic for Zach" will take place at Elmwood Presbyterian Church at 20 and Elmwood in Erie. The event will take place from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Feb. 27. Tickets are available at the door and cost $10 each. Elvis Appreciator Jim Moore, Dapper the Clown and plenty of food are among the festivities. All food, service and entertainment hayp been dopated, so all money raised will go to help Zach and his family.

Police and Safety Log
Under Age Consumption/! Disorderly Conduct Parking Lot 15 15 January 2005 Student was under the influence of an alcoholic beverage while being under the age of 21 years old and urinating in public. Theft Student Union 18 January 2005 Unknown person(s) took the Grandfather clockfromthe Great I Room area. Clock recovered. Suspects questioned. Criminal Mischief 3945 Lewis Ave <20 January 2005 \ ^Unknown person(s) broke the front ^window. Disorderly Conduct 3951 Lewis Ave 20 January 2005 Student forced his way into another student's apartment taking personal property and running around the apartment, causing alarm to the residents. Criminal Mischief 3925 Lewis Ave 23 January 2005 I Unknown person(s) broke a window to the apartments. Harassment by Communication West Duval 25 January 2005 SubjectfromAkron, Ohio was sending harassing messages to at student via the Internet. Indecent Conduct Mercy Apartments 26 January 2005 ;* Student was urinating outside the •*apartment door. NEW ITEMS:

Inn Winter Term
Galley Grill
Tropical Island Oasis Fruit Smoothies Strawberry Banana Pina Colada Potato Skins French Toast 1/2 lb. Galley Burger OLD FAVORITES: Chicken Fingers Sizzling Salad Ruby's Famous Pizza Grilled Chicken Sandwich Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8:00a.m.-1:00a.m. Saturday 1:00p.m.-1:00a.m Sunday 5:00p.m.-1:00a.m

Theft W
Student Union 26 January 2005 f Unknown person(s) took a painting from the Marion Shane Reading Room. Liquor Law Violations 3807 Briggs Ave 28 January 2005 Students under the age of 21 years old were in possession of and consumed alcoholic beverages. Harassment by Communication East Duval 28 January 2005 Unknown person(s) made threats to a student via cell phone.

Laker Express

OLD FAVORITES: Peanut Butter & Jelly Turkey Bagels NEW ITEMS:Meals in a Minute Chef Salad Macaroni and Cheese Stuffed Shells I Ham and Turkey Subs

Chicken Parm Penne Pasta w/Alfredo Sauce Hours of Operation: Monday-Thursday 11:30-8:00 p.m.l Friday 11:30-3:30 p.m. Board Equivalency Available: Saturday & Sunday Closed 11:30-8:00p.m. FEATURES: Ham & Cheese Chicken Salad Fajita Chicken Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 11:30-9:00 p.m. Saturday ] 1:00-9:00 p.m. Sunday 5:00-9:00 p.m.

SATURDAY SPECIAL: Any foot long Sub Just $3.25 cash and campus card onlyl add $1.00 for a combo!

J I mi

t&Jhno tatei Lovers $7%**
' " 1 3

Racatva m complimentary plaoa of chocolate at each participating establishment, a t wall a« Indulging In thalr own ohocolata eaectalty


™ w i i t thing 11 mil
Fonduato Choealata Martini'*



12*** ' I-S^pm


February 9, 2005



N e w s Phonathon update: donations on target
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By Ashley Breen Contributing writer Students and faculty continue to work hard at beating last year's total and meeting this years phonathon goal of $100,000. Each year, following a campaign to solicit donations from Mercyhurst alumni, students and faculty make thousands of phone calls to collect donations to contribute to financial aid for students. The phonathon began Jan. 23 and will come to a close Thursday, Feb. 10. Last year 17 teams were able to collect 2,006 pledges totaling $94,399. ' This year 14 teams have already collected $76,040, and once again the Ambassadors are in the lead of collecting the most donations. A first place prize will be awarded to the student who raises the most money. According to Stephen Zinram, the head of the phonathon, the teams are right on target with last year, which is very impressive considering how aggressive the previous campaign was. Zinram said, "This year a lot of alumni that are donating are asking if it is ok to donate less than they did last year because last year we were calling after a four-year campaign. Of course, it is any amount of money they can donate we appreciate very much" I Many students do not realize that the purpose of the phonathon is not just to call alumni and ask for money, but to keep them connected with the current events going on in the Mercyhurst community. Zinram said, "It means a lot to the alumni to be able to talk to students on campus for a few minutes. They spent four years of their lives here and they have a lot .of really great memories. It gives them time to reminisce about when they were in college" meet that goal and I think it is a great goal for us to have." Ryan McCullough, senior intelligence student and Mercyhurst Ambassador, said, "Participating in the phonathon is a great way to help the school and my fellow students. We have a lot of fun talking with the alumni and, of course, raising money. It is so much more than calling people up and begging for money. It gives us a chance to catch up with the alumni and they are always interested in hearing what is going on here at school." Students are invited to help out the phonathon by calling alumni >* According to Zinram this campaign is almost over, but something new will be starting up at the beginning of spring term. Any students that would like to get involved should get in touch with Zinram, who can be found on the fourth floor of the library.

Students call alumni during the annual phonathon.
The goal of $100,000 seems hard to reach, but Zinram reassures students that even if the goal is not met, the students aren't going to be effected by it. He said, "When I told my boss about the goal amount he thought I was crazy. Maybe I am, but one of these years we will

Marketing Class plays Apprentice Almost lost at sea
By Josh Wilwohl Staff writer For this Valentine's Day, mend a broken heart by donating to the American Heart Association, or you may get "fired," Jill Slomski's Principles of Marketing class launched a series of donation campaigns—Trumpstyle — for the Heart Association this past week, reeling in more than$l,8Q0. The class split into five groups —Denim Venom, Dyed Together, Flip Skip, Cap Stone and Spiro Corporation -*-and wasorf a hm. 1 - . - * * : r ? -*i v I- •; .'"•*,.--.*%
r t

x v MfiiA: »

iced, seven-day schedule to see who could grab the most cash from organizations, businesses and students for the Heart Association. "I gave each group only $20 in seed money and they have

far surpassed that amount," said Slomski. Junior and leader of Flip Skip, Phou Daoreuang, said that his team was constantly thinking of innovative ways to raise money. "We planted the talents of guitarist Mike Hogan in the cafe, Laker Inn and apartment complexes on campus," said Daoreuang. "We also sold about 150 Toems by Phou* for donations." Senior David SchmidaPs group, Denim Venom, worked directly with the Heart Association and sold wrist bands, pins and Valentines. "Our biggest pitch was •Wear Red for Women Day/" said Schmidal. During this day, students were to wear red to represent a heart and support the Heart Association's cause. Cap Stone commander senior Shawn Mazur opted to gear his

group toward the Erie commu- Best-Buy donated a DVD player, nity. **We went to Elmer's Flower Tillman's donated a gift certifiShop and Pulako's Chocolate cate and King's Jeweler's gave us Shop where they both donated a $300 gift set" generously," said Mazur. "ElThe Spiro Corporation, repmer's contributed $100 in flow resented by Sophomore Dan ers, while Pulako's gave us 72 Zimmer, decided to stay around candy bars." campus. "We sold Krispy Kreme Mazur said that before he doughnuts to faculty and raffled started, he knew they were go- off certificates to the Cornering to need more than $20. "I stone and Teresa's Deli/' said figured what they would do in Miller. the Apprentice' and made my The catch, however, to the group the first out of the gates/' clever marketing tool is that he said. each group must ultimately fire Representative for Dyed To- a member. gether, sophomore Jessica Hale, | Slomski says that even though said her group decided to gather one tnember"must ( go" the class grab-bag baskets from all over has done an outstanding job. Erie. s *j "I am absolutely amazed," she "We went to Best-Buy, Till- said. "The teams were creative, man Florist, Tinseltown Movie innovative and resourceful...I Theater and King's Jewelers," gave them 20 bucks, and they reshe said. turned unbelievable amounts." "We received so many gifts.

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Proposed*federal budget focuses on security, cuts domestic programs
of his plan to let workers divert By Ron Hutcheson 1 Vtow Fftvtvftfts T o * Hdp some of their Social Security Knight Ridder Newspapers ~~i*r taxes to personal investment acIS- i*j is sJiiP***^ Cavort* fc^fe*) * V counts, which alone is projected Addrwi pj£j to cost trillions. WASHINGTON - President Mta Bush on Monday sent Congress a Congressional Democrats nearly $2.6 trillion federal budget called the president's budget a that would boost spending for hoax that masks the true oudook i defense and national security MUl A m J C W O N K t t I U M M 1 ITVOtNT AJO for federal deficits. m+ Conuctut MQt Bush, who inherited a $236 while scaling back or eliminat- n JUL !\tAnmkm TLmel 9ckoc} US Deparlm&ntof Educaiioi Application for Federal Sfucten billion surplus and a declining ing hundreds of domestic proTo apply for your PIN online, go to the FAFSA ALERTS: economy when he took office grams. Department of Education's PWStte. Both rw students and parents can apply for PINs, in 2001, hopes to put the govSubmit 2004-2005 FAFSA on the Web Apf The 2006 spending plan calls MM If you are a dependant student, you and Daylight t i m e , Dune 30, 2005. your parent will need to sign your ernment on a path to a $207 Submit 2005-2006 FAFSA on the Web Apr for the biggest cuts in domestic application. Therefore, we recommend Daylight t i m e , June 30, 2006. Mora» that you and your parents apply for a PIN billion deficit byfiscal2010. The expenditures since the Reagan Scheduled Maintenance: now. If you need more information about FAFSA on the Web will be unavailable on the PIN. select Mo»o» government expects to end the years, but would still result in a I t a.m. (Eastern Standard Time). Wo ape current fiscal year $427 billion this may cause. Moro» $390 billion federal deficit. Many Before Beginning a FAfSA Filing Out a FAFSA Americans would feel a direct EAE& in the red. impact from the president's proThat's a record in dollar terms, 1 illniftthe ::-i'::;-r Mart Itnilynu FAFSA has seven stops that <isk MnnH To simplify flllfmi ou< ilu; application, j * ' You can posed cuts. but not as a percentage of the uattiuf (he i fuiutii'ti documents <M n I utJtoi you. your school plans, ftnanulal StfltUflit economy, which is considered iiifmiiMiiou and more. int oi motion. FAFSA a Airline passengers would pay Nntirjt lipijimiiiifj nocninlmr A>, / m i l . all a more important gauge of the 53 to $5 more each way to help new and current £ 0 PIN lujldeit ai a BTa>« j • rat out»fAKA " ^ r i - t Miiiuti od to ddrVat<i ihuif ED PIN for government's financial health. cover the cost of improved airadded seem My against identity tlw?ft. Ilu* +Um* unmtAf%Amt*f>*?*<A • Ma l-l) PW must in* animated pi tor to tisn The budget would accelerate port security. Train passengers » rai o n f fantwai fAFSA L*WII II yati II.JVU used yuui PIN m i l i r past. via* the shift in federal priorities that would face higher ticket prices ED PIN activation is only rtquHed once. To » Uanar una ftwtvflri fAfSA en EspaAot activate yota ED PIN, go to ', \ began with the terrorist attacks or reduced service because Bush ynv/wiuiKfHt.nm/ ami sefocf the "Antft/atft • Continun working on taved FAfSA My PIN" link. Follow the IMSV stop liy slop on Sept. 11, 2001. Four years would end federal subsidies for • frovttJa fWctronk SAgnatura fuocess to aciwaiu yutn CD PIN. later, die threat of terrorism has Amtrak. Farmers would lose become a fact of life that influabout $587 million in agriculU.S. Department of Education ture subsidies. Military veterans Students wonder whether Bush's budget reform will affect ences federal spending across would pay more for prescription domestic programs like federal aid for education. the board. Bush's plan to increase defense drugs. Agencies targeted for some of allocated unevenly. Programs spending - would continue to spending by about 5 percent the biggest cuts include the En- that aren't related to defense or grow at rates well above most next year would bring the total increase since 2001 to 41 pervironmental Protection Agency, homeland security would get a 1 other government programs, "Our priorities are winning cent. The $419.3 billion defense the Education Department, the percent cut. Health and Human Services \ About 150 programs would the war on terror, protecting our budget for 2006 would consume Department, and the Housing be eliminated or dramatically homeland, growing our econo- about half the money that Conand Urban Development De- reduced, but administration of- my. It's a budget that focuses on gress has available for programs ficials declined to list them, and results," the president said at a covered by the annual budget partment. The president called his spend- Congress is sure to have different White House meeting with his process. Funding for homeland security, ing proposal a "lean budget* that ideas. Bush targeted 65 programs Cabinet "1 fully understand that funnels tax dollars to the most for elimination last year; all but sometimes it's hard to eliminate a which already has tripled since program that sounds good. 2001, would increase by 8 perfour survived. vital government programs. Although Bush said he was on cent next year, to nearly $50 bilHowever, expenditures for SoOverall spending for discrecial Security, Medicare, Medicaid track to cut the deficit in half by lion. About $34.2 billion would tionary, government programs and other so-called mandatory the time he leaves office, his pro- go to the Homeland Security c o ^ f e | ^ ^ < ^ n ^ a l budget "entiderxicnt" programs that are jections don't include spending in Department, but more than two proofs w«>uid jricraase by about essentially outside the annual Iraq and Afghanistan beyond this dozen other agencies also have 2.|Ler(&nt ? Rightly kelqw.thc budget process - and that con- year, the long-term cost of ex- responsibility for homeland-sev*r i . -Mtte^ihut .th£ B X f Y would be statute about half of all federal tending his tax cuts or any costs curity programs. E Qt C
J F AfSA mi the Web - U.S. Department of I *lu< «il lun - Mn rotof t Inl ernct Explorer prtrviifad by Merc

"Return to your cabin," I thought, "what are people doing walking around the ship?" It turned out that hundreds of students had never gone to sleep that night, but had been sticking out the storm together in the hallways and common areas. Trusting the captain and dean, I fell asleep again until around 5:45 a.m. Now the nervousness really set in. It wasn't funny any longer. It was frightening The ship rolled to the left and held there, for a couple seconds, groaning and cracking with the stress. Then it swung to the right, groaning, cracking again. As the ship held on, I held my breath, hoping Captain Buzz was on the bridge navigating us away from this nautical roller coaster. Lying in bed felt like standing up with your bed one minute and doing ahead stand the next. The scariest part of the night occurred on one such roll of the ship. We rolled to the left I gripped my covers so I wouldn't slide out on my head. Just as the ship reached what I felt was its brink, our beds flew back two feet, slamming into the wall, and I screamed. It sounded as if everything in the ship, thousands of pounds, hit that wall at the same time. If there was ever a point where I thought the ship was going to capsize, that was i t On the deck above, sounds of metal and shattered glass | skating across the tile floor made me grip my blankets tighter and squeeze my eyes shut Suddenly, I noticed that the engines were rumbling. Choking, shutting off, then sputtering on again. Then there was silence. At 6:20 a.m. all engines stopped running. We sat, rocking, left to the mercy of the Pacific Then came an announcement from the very shaken assistant dean, asking all passengers to calmly put on their life jackets and wait in their cabins for further instruction. Grabbing my life jacket, I stumbled out into the hallway. Of the hundreds of students lined up against the walls, a few groups sat hand-in-hand praying or singing Some were taking pictures, others were talking excitedly with friends. Another announcement was made for students on decks 2,3 and 4 to proceed to decks 5 and 6, As I made my way through the ship, I never felt scared for my life. Seeing a few girls crying and one student reading his Bible was unnerving,

j o **

" &

- & -




® ®




but my attitude wag altogether positive. little did I know how much I would need that positive attitude, as I remained upstairs in my life jacket for the next six hours. Crewmembers braved the cluttered kitchens and storage rooms to bring out bread, bottled water and fruit to eat for breakfast It wasn't a horrifying experience sitting there. It was community bonding, a test of human connection. I never felt the 55-foot wave hit Most of the passengers, didn^t ' | All of the rocking felt the same that morning;. When the wave broke through the bridge windows, though, it hit the captain in the chest The control boards and electrical systems were doused with gallons of salt water. We lost all communication and controls. With our compasses broken, engines off and several feet of water on the bridge floor, no one can deny the dangerousness of the situation, especially amidst 35-foot seas. What thoughts crossed my mind in that life or death situation? If the boat were to capsize, what would I wish of my life? Over the six-hour wait with nothing to keep me occupied but the sound of broken glass scraping across the tile floors as the ship swings from side to side, those types of questions popped up in my mind. I wouldn't care if my new laptop sank to bottom of the ocean. I wouldn't mind if lost all of my belongings, except one. I wished I'd put on the gold necklace that my mother gave me before I left: a sandal to symbolize my travels with a heart on its strap for those I love waiting back at home. No longer is it just a necklace. It is a symbol of what is truly important to me in life, my family. Without phones or Internet, I could not contact my parents until four days after the incident I will never forget the way my mother said to me, "It is so good to hear your voice," even though she knew from the Semester at Sea Website that all passengers were okay. So the voyage will go on. All of the students will gain a richer understanding of their new adventures because they now have a better understanding of themselves* [ It is now, more than ever, a voyage of a lifetime. Our journey will be quite a story for the grandkids. Talcs will be told of things that went bump in the night as wc crossed the International Dateline.



February 9,2005


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G e t r e a d y t o s p r i n g b r e a k it
and think, "I wonder if I can By Christina Moschetta wear wool sweaters on spring Contributing writer break?" Don't fret because preparing The countdown is on.. .you are for the trip can be as easy as sitting in the library and looking 1-2-3! j * at the clock ticking away. First, you need to know the Instead of counting the amount climate of your destination and of hours you have to study for pack accordingly. finals, you can't stop thinking For tropical climates, you will about the drinks you will be gulpmost likely need more in the way ing down on the whits sands of of summer clothes and bathing Cancun in a matter of days. suits. Spring break, a tradition started Can't afford those cute new amongst the rowdy co-eds of the capri's you have been eyeing? 1960s, provided an extension No sweat. for the stipulations of college Take your worn-out jeans, life and provided a legitimate cut them off, and add strategic excuse for excessive nakedness, holes for a cool, casual look that drunkenness, and sex. is adorable paired with a bikini But the idea of "spring break" and sandals I carries a different connotation Second, forget all of the coordepending on whom you are dinated outfits that your mother talking to. coerced you to pack for your J For students who have endured family vacations as a child. a tension-filled week of library For the most part, you will be in marathons, over-caffeinated all- Miami Beach Is one location where MTV Is shooting some of their spring break pro- your bathing attire during the day nighters, and excruciating finals, grams. and semi-club wear at night for this is the kind of release and partying and bar hopping. pleasure equated with the Second don't tell. pens on spring break, stays on are ready to go, but you soon For daytime, take one or more Coming. And we have MTV to thank for spring break!" realize that all of your spare cash bathing suits, flip-flops, sunHowever, for parents, teachers, its universal justification when So you have been in the gym has gone toward the trip, and you glasses, a large tote and beach senior citizens, and basically any your mom sees you in compro- nine hours a day since Christmas have no budget for a new spring towel, and a cover-up. discerning adult, spring break is mising positions on the latest trying to uncover a six pack that break wardrobe. My favorite beach cover-up is viewed with the same fervor as edition of Girls Gone Wild. doesn't come in silver aluminum In a whirl of despair, you look the 1970's jersey knit babydoll Clinton's stand on homosexualYou simply respond in a mantra cans? outside to the snow flakes fall- reintroduced last season in a ity in the military: Don't ask, filled with candor: "What hapFabulous. Your mind and body ing lightly to the frigid ground variety of luscious colors.

d o w n
It is light and airy, but functional features like the smocking along the bust line and the length allow for a comfortable, not scandalous look. For nighttime, pack ruffled skirts, tanks, halters, and tube tops for nighttime glam. Also, pack one pair of heels in a neutral like black or beige that can be worn every night. When choosing your shoes, however, keep in mind that your health may be at risk. A cute espadrille may be a superior option to those tantalizing stilettos that may result in a fractured ankle after too many margaritas. Third, absolutely do not leave home without protection. Ahem, I mean sunscreen. Your skin, especially after being shielded by the thick clouds of the Erie weather, is hypersensitive to UV rays. Regardless if you have been tanning, shield yourself with SPF 30 and reapply frequently. A bad sunburn can ruin your trip as well as your friends' trip, so lather up! Have the time of your life and just remember to spring BREAK IT DOWN!

M a k e sure y o u get y o u r daily serving of video
By Melissa Brandt Contributing writer Video games have provided a source of entertainment for various age groups since the dawn of the first Atari console. In the years that have followed, a great portion of society began to view the games as distractions' from reality that deter personal communication. In a college atmosphere, video game consoles are seemingly commonplace. Gaming systems from Play Station 2 to Gamecube populate dorm rooms and apartments. But what effect do they have on college life? According to survey research by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, (http://www. their influence is ultimately a positive one. The survey polled a range of college students to determine the effect of video games on schedules and interpersonal relationships. The results were quite unexpected. In contradiction to the belief that video games seclude
— —

g a m e s

players from actual life, on college campuses, video gaming actually promotes social interaction, f "Sometimes a lot of guys get together and play," said Mercyhurst sophomore [oe Fidago. "Especially if there's nothing else to do or if there's down time in the afternoon or something." •The omnipotent presence of video games seems to be dwarfed in the face of romantic relationships also. Junior Jessica Zajac said that her relationship with her boyfriend has not suffered as a result of his penchant for video games. "He's actually very respectful about when we decide to spend time together," she said. "Plus, I'm busy too so he plays then; it doesn't really affect us." Also, it appears that at least Mercyhurst students value their classes over reaching the next level in a virtual world. i? No one admitted to prevaricating about the death of a great grandmother in order to avoid going to class because of a video game. At the same time, however, video games do have an ability

Katie McAdams/Photo editor

Freshman Chris Geer takes a little break from his studies to play some video games.
to distract some students from lot sooner than I did." scholastic duties. It appears as though video "I always get my homework games are perfect for procrasdone, don't get me wrong there," tination purposes, which very freshman Joe Zamora said." But well may be the extent of their there are times when I probably unfavorable qualities. could have started homework a The Pew Internet and American Life Project survey found that over 65 percent of college students reported being regular or occasional game players. At Mercyhurst, video games seem to be a secondary recreational option.

"I don't play that much anymore," Fidago said. "On average maybe a couple hours a week, it just depends. If it's rainy or we're all snowed in we'll all just sit down and play video games. It's better than sitting around and staring at the walls," Freshman Zamora said, "I play pretty much everyday, sometimes for. a few-oiinutes, other times longer. It's not always because I have a burning desire, but sometimes it is. Sometimes it's almost habitual." Even with varying degrees of usage, it's clear that video games, while popular and found frequently on campus, lack the ability to pose a real threat to the pursuit of collegiate goals or relationship building. In fact, they promote social activity and have other scientifically proven benefits including improving manual dexterity, increasing hand to eye coordination and speeding up neural pathways. In itself, that may be reason enough to explore the gaming world, as long as it doesn't make you late for class.

T y p e , type, click,! r e t u r n a n d ! y o u h a v e w r i t t e n
days. It is much easier to jump By Andreea Neagu online and have a whole e-mail Contributing writer written out in a few minutes and on its way to the recipient And it seems even fewer, The Internet has become such especially teenagers and college a central part of everyone's life students, use the traditional telethat it seems hard to imagine phone to get a hold of friends. how one would do certain daily The idea of calling someone tasks without it. and spending hours on the It provides quick answers to phone talking has been replaced almost any question and gives with the capabilities of online information on any subject right instant messaging. at the reach of your finger tips. This is offered nowadays by Once time consuming tasks many e-mail providers, such as such as finding the perfect trip Yahoo, Hotmail and America destination, checking a balance Online (AOL). on a bank account or spending On the Mercyhurst campus, hours walking in stores to find it seems that the most popular that perfect gift can now be instant messaging program used done in your bedroom. is from AOL. The Internet's widespread Based on a survey done for popularity has made this inven- this article, it seems that a stution lose most of its novelty. dent spends on average close to] However, over recent years, it three hours talking to others via seems that the spotlight is once America Online's instant mesagain on the Net for adding one saging program, AIM. more purpose to its list of attriSome students say that they butes; it is the desired means of prefer AIM over phone concommunication for many. versations because it is useful Few people write letters nowa- in keeping in touch with friends didn't use it [AIM]. There are no busy lines, no interruptions plus JJL...5S;~ >*l?j**S^-... ~^ffJL~ Photolggy What's up? ! you can express yourself in you hondjdw: nada j buddy profile" hondjdw you? j AIM also makes it easy to Photolggy: nuttm much just working on papers and a i know what everyone else is presentation that i have to give tomorrow morning. ] hondjdw that sounds awesome \ doing when they are not by the Photolggy oh yea you know it.. j computer by simply checking Photolggy i mean the only thing that i am glad that spring !j their "away message". break is coming because i am not sure about you but i can i Another interesting aspect use a break 3 about AIM is the varying m W.& eA m\ amount of imagination that so, what are you up to this weekend? students put into creating their screen names. For most of the students in the survey, their screen name was related to their nick names, a favorite activity or sport, or a combination of their first and last name with some numbers that usually stand for a birthday or graduation date. ••nd Sophomore Emily Parise said, TilH jffipjt Iv &pm90Qf\9 Part** VWto Katie McAdams/ Photo editor "My AIM name is just my name Some students find Instant Messaging programs to be a spelled phonetically combined with my favorite number." distraction to their schoolwork. Sophomore Carrie Naccarato from back home, that it is less at a timesaid, "My Instant Messanger expensive than talking on the Freshman Pete Glumac said, name comes from a nickname cell phone and it allows one to "College students wouldn't that my mom gave me when I talk to more than one person know how to survive if they was little, followed by the year I
S P h o t o l q g y : hondjdw • Instant Message

h o m e



was born." Freshman Rachel Meeks chose her name through something she has been involved with in the past. "I chose my name because I sang all throughout high school in choir and with the Cleveland Orchestra Chorus. I was trying to figure out something to do with singing and that is what I came up with." Identity is obviously not lost when there are infinite possibliites of names to choose. On the negative side of AIM, though, it tends to take a way from the personal and human nature of communication. Getting a letter in the mail means that a person set aside an amount of time to write it. £• Also, nothing compares to hearing the voices of loved ones over the phone. It seems that AIM has created some tension in communications between practicability and time management and nostalgia and human touch,

February 9,2005



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G o b a c k in time with the Medieval
By Melissa Brandt Contributing writer There's a new club on campus that hails its origins from an olden time. This year 'Hurst students are invited to experience the dance, customs, food, clothes and music of medieval Europe by attending meetings of the Mercyhurst Medieval Club. It primarily focuses on European culture from the 14th -16th centuries; but also incorporates Middle Eastern cultures. "Anyone is welcome!/' said sophomore and founder, Amanda Pakutz. "You don't need to know an abundance of information about the time period or have the appropriate garb to have fan" Pakutz has studied medieval reenactment independently for four years and has taken many classes through the Society for Creative Anachronism (an international organization dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts and skills of pre-17thcentury Europe). "I miss the atmosphere so much when at school, and I wanted to combat that," Pakutz states. After finding a student following with similar interests, the appropriate steps were taken to make the club official. Currently, the club has about 15 loyal members. "People here are enthusiastic and interested in actually learning things," says junior Maria Isaac. With the club's involved agenda, there's a lot to experience. "There's something different each meeting," said Pakutz. Dance demonstrations and lessons include a variety of English Country, French Bransle and Italian Renaissance genres that are commonly incorporated into the meetings. "We have literature shares, costuming from the time period, cooking demos, a music guild and even medieval acting" Pakutz said. The Mummer's Play was


"You don't have to be a pro at acting or dancing. We're so open to having different people come and try it out," said Pakutz. "Anyone is welcome to be a part of the activities." One of the main goals of the Medieval Club is to keep the period alive and illustrate its prevalence even now. "We're resurrecting history and making it more realistic," said Pakutz. "We're bringing it to life and showing it's not just mere fantasy." k However, the club's members are aware of current events, too. Just last week they held a Mideastern themed auction to raise money for the victims of the tsunami. "We do a bit of everything," Pakutz said. "We accommodate to whatever people want to discuss." The Medieval Club brings a new passion for old times to Mercyhurst. Meetings for the club are held every Monday in the student probably the best thing we've eval Club is currently rehearsing plained Pakutz. Anyone can be union Great Room at 8:15 p.m. Contact Amanda Pakutz at done so far," said freshman Commedia del Arte, a form of in the performance, and campus Samuel T. Romito. Italian improvisational theater. students as well as community for The production was held earlier "It's kind of like a Medieval members are welcome to come more information. in the year by the club. The Medi- <Who's Line Is It Anyway?'" ex- and watch.

Home sweet home away from home
By Katherine Dlabola* Contributing writer From the trendy TLC television show 'Trading Spaces" to the NBC program "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" interior decorating has become an increasingly popular interest Feng Shut, the Chinese art of rearranging objects in a home in order to allow positive chi energy to flow and create a comfortable living atmosphere, along with DIY interior decorating books have retailers' scrambling to compete with each other. 1) The blank walls of dorms and apartments on college campuses everywhere provide perfect places for students to express their creativity while making themselves a comfortable atmosphere that can be a home away from home. With the tight budgets that we all face, doing this can be difficult However, college students do seem to possess ingenuity when they are called to step to the plate, and they seem to manage to find many different ways to decorate their large desolate apartment spaces.* The annual poster sale in the Student Union is always a good tribal mask," said junior Chris Moskwa. "It has nothing to do with the rest of the apartment decor and is borderline creepy, but it always makes me smile because of the eclectic feel it gives to the place." Sophomore Emily Swain said, "I like the gold fabric that's hanging on the wall behind the couch. Also, the fabric sashes we have over the living room window because they add color to the room." "In my room, I think that my favorite accessory would have Katie McAdams/ HhoJo editor to be either my bamboo plant Furniture like this coffee table In sophomore Mike Allen's or my 'Hazardous Materials' sign," said sophomore Adam apartment can be a conversation starter and a footrest. Bertoncello. In my own apartment, my place to find fairly low priced $7.50. What a bargain!" large Celtic-knot wall tapestry posters. "I would have to say the best Thrift stores and department decoration in our apartment is that only cost around $15 and stores, like Wal-Mart, often also a piece of furniture," said covers most of die wall behind the couch is probably the most provide students with cheap sophomore Mike Allen. interesting decoration in the decor as well. "My roommates accidentally entire apartment "We bought a yellow leather shattered our glass coffee table It makes the apartment look couch from the Salvation Army with the cordless phone one day for $20 and I think that that is and then taped the table back much less bare and adds a lot of the best decoration or accessory together again using duct tape color to the entire living room. So whether your taste calls in our apartment," said sopho- and colored pieces of plastic. It for movie posters or large wall more Katie Beil. actually doesn't look that bad!" tapestries, decorating a college Sophomore Emily Pahon has In deciding which wall decor reaped the benefits of thrift is the best, Mercyhurst students apartment or dorm room is store prices as well. "Our best seem to have various opinions. easy and essential in helping students feel at home while accessory is the super comfy "The best decoration in our chair I bought at Good Will for apartment would have to be the away at school

Let's make hunger history
are interested to join us as we By Caitlin Codetta take part in this hunger awareSenior social work class ness activity. To conclude our 30 hour fast, £ The senior social work class at the social work seniors are servMercyhurst College is taking on ing dinner at the Emmaus soup the task of helping Make Hunger kitchen. History. According to a national hunger We will be holding tables in the awareness organization, Bread student union on Feb. 7-10 from for the World, "This is the m o - | 12-7 p.m. ment to build a new movement These tables will be used to to end hunger." inform students about how they Jt cpfltjnjued, J^Th^pFPfitient,^ c^n help M-#ke. Hunger Historyr?€ in)h&{§ of .Congress, state and will allow them to write a and local officials and commupersonal letter to their state rep- nity-based activists each have an resentative or senator to express important role to play in seeing their concerns regarding the this goal through." need for social change. "As a constituent with the | The letters will only take a few power to make your voice heard, minutes to write, but the impact you, too, have a role: Writing of these letters could change and encouraging others to write the lives of millions of hungry letters to members of Congress people. reminding them that hunger is L We invite the entire student unacceptable in our prosperous body and community to join in nation." this effort to end hunger in the We have the power to Make United States. Hunger History. This informaStarting on Feb. 10, we will tion and other information embark on a 30-hour fast All regarding the Making Hunger of the students participating in History Campaign can be found the fast will meet that night at 5 at:'clock in the student union and sues/make_hunger_history/ fast together until the following overview.htm. morning We encourage all students who

Find your own love story in the library
By Natalie Vindivich Contributing writer Admit it A situation has occurred at least once where you have subtly caught a glimpse of an intriguing stranger. With Valentine's Day approaching, these brief encounters may ascribe to greater meaning as love is in die air. In college, the library is often the heartbeat of the student body,filledwith people shuffling in and out each night | Despite its familiarity and tradi tional intent, I'd like to attribute a new purpose to Hammerhill library this February. Here are a few reasons to Photo courtesy of Natalie Vlndavlch think twice about the library in regards to finding that perfect Look upfromthat book every now and then, because love might be waitlngl guy or girl: Therefore, you already have The library offers the perfect went on a datel 1. A new crowd: Every day we The original library structure see the same group of people in something in common with ground for low key conversawas built in 1971; you are not our classes, in our department or the person sitting next to you tion. Since it's not exactly the place the first to find love there, nor in 3R. i at our lunch table. It's easy to share a friendly for loud, extended socializing, will you be the last In the library, we see everyone. smile and sympathetic •'hey" to a short and sweet greeting can Even if you are not on a search The library can present opporhelp share the common burden suffice without becoming rude for that special someone, 11amtunities to meet new people we of studying that unites you to or awkward. mermill Library can still be a may have never come in contact others in a scholarly plight. 5. It's happened before: Fresh- respectable place to meet new with otherwise. 3. A no-pressure environment: man Meghan Arnold said, "A and interesting people. 2. The same reason: Despite Who knows; this Valentine's Perhaps you are intent on talking nice boy held the door for me, my ideas that the library can to someone you have become and we struck up a conversation. Day, between the stacks of serve as a practical singles club, casually acquainted with in a class We continued to run into each books, you may just find your first and foremost, people go other in the library and eventually own love story! or elsewhere. there to study.

January Special
Tall Raspberry Mocha $ 1.75 Raspberry Struedel $.95


Sun.-Thurs. Evenings: 6:00- 12:00 a.m. Mon.-Fri. Mornings: 8:00 - 12:00 p.m.

Main Floor Hammermill Library



February 9,2005


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Spare; m e , Cupid Campus Question
Valentine'slDay is still a pathetic holiday He loves me? He loves me not? He Ahhh. Love is in the air. Can
you smell it? If you're anything like me, it makes you want to choke. This can only mean one thing. The most pointless holiday of the year must be coming. That's right, Valentine's Day.

loves me? Describe your best or worst Valentine's Day experience

Allison Moore

I, like most other women, love romance. There is no better way to feel appreciated by your significant other than to be swept off your feet for a night of perfection and bliss. What I don't understand is why there needs to be an overly commercialized holiday to force this sort of affection. While all holidays in this country have become increasingly commercialized, Valentine's Day takes the cake. Coundess mushy cards with poetic sayings, chocolates in heart shaped boxes, flowers that die within days and fluffy stuffed animals have become symbols of this overdone holiday. While receiving any one of these gifts isflattering,you must also realize that your significant other has no choice but to buy into this propaganda. Ladies, if your boyfriend doesn't shower you with gifts or take you out for a romantic dinner on Valentine's Day, I'd be willing to bet you'll never let him live it down. We have come to 4J JJ "J*- 'JJ-' O i l , ' '• tJ J . J\ ex peer gifts and material things on Feb.. 14. Maybe it's ju$t me; but I'd rather be surprised with random acts of kindness from my boyfriend than be expecting it on yet another day in this country focused on material goods. In my opinion, if I were to receive a love letter or gift be-

I have yet to have a nice V-day. This year I'm hoping my boyfriend will do something romantic or fun for for me. He's pretty creative and caring anyways, so I don't know what to expect. Maybe a nice dinner and movie, or just hanging out. But I really want a stuffed animal (frog) or something! At least a card!

Katie Trapriell, Freshman, Interior Design

cause my boyfriend felt the urge to show his appreciation or love, I would be much more flattered than if I received these things on Valentine's Day because he felt obligated to do so. Maybe I'm being too kind, but I feel bad for men on Valentine's Day. I mean they, like I stated before, are expected to meet their girlfriend's standards of romance. This usually results in an unnecessary emptying of his wallet Valentine's Day is no longer an inexpensive holiday. The paper-thin valentines with cheap lollipops attached that were suitable in grade school are now completely unsatisfactory. Try giving one of those to your girlfriend and expect to be laughed at or a door to be slammed in your face. In this day and age most women think expensive is better. The old saying of "it's the thought that counts" is still nice in theory but is rarely followed. And what about the single people out there? Don't be discouraged. I have been there,

and believe me, I know you feel like Valentine's Day is just an evil holiday designed to make you feel completely inferior and alone. I never really had a bad Valentine's I also know that sometimes it Day experience, but the best works. But, keep your chin up. Valentine's Day experience has been Make it a point to go out with every year since I met my wonderful your other single friends and girlfriend two years ago. Valentine's drown your sorrows in the most Day has never really been important decadent dessert you canfindon to me, but that has changed now that I the menu. (Or if you're of legal have someone special to share it with. age, alcohol works just as well, if not better.) Last year, I waited in line at a restaurant with all of my single friends for a Valentine's Day dinRyan Conway, Junior, Psychology ner. The waiter took pity on our loneliness and gave us free dessert Sometimes, being lonely on Valentine's Day can even work to your advantage if you play your Oh my God! In 6th grade my then cards right U Single or not, we; all .know. 1001IO 'boyfriend ' or as much of a boyfriend •Kfr Valentine's Day is a bloated .*r | as you could have been in 6th grade, ear bought, me chocolate and a teddy be* holiday with no real meaning. to class! Then he got in trouble because This- Valentine's Day, don't buy it was allegedly too much and unequal into all the commercialized hype. from the Valentine's everyone else got Love is something that should each other. 1 was so stupid, but so cute. 1 be expressed everyday in little Yay! '€ ||fe ways, not in extravagant ways on one day. Anni DiBartolomeo, Senior, Social Work

?< i

Madam Malarky weighs in on Valentine's Day
Dear Madam Malarky, If you have not found someone, count your Seeing as Valentine's Day is next week and I'm currently and consider yourself the real lucky one. If money you had single, would you recommend me to go on a search for a spent 50 dollars on some girl, what would you be without? Perhaps it would be ordering pizza, girlfriend? Normally, I amfinewith being single but there's just something about that day that makes me sad. having a guys night out or buying a new pair of jeans. The possibilities are nearly endless. Thankfulforhep, Valentine's Day Blues I agree, there is something sad about this day. Cutesy stuffed animals line the shelves at CVS. Pink and red goods have taken over the stores. Ah, the day 1 Everything displays words of luv. It's a six-year-old filled with bright girls dream. But, women with someone special in pink and red. their lives just adore it. Disgusting isn't it? Then of How lovely but | Madam course everything is 50 percent off the next day. nauseating at the That's the day singles have it made. That's when same time. Since Malarky to be really happy. Buying things on sale. Escortthis is the last aring them merrily to your apartments to share with ticle before those I roommates. Of course, a little showing off is not a dreaded finals, - B _ I B I B - I P I I I - I < ^ ^ this is entirely \ appropriate to write about this week. By the time this comes out, people will have onlyfivedays (excluding the V-day) tofinda boyfriend/girlfriend. Now that's just scarier than taking on finals! The question is whether you really want to use valuable energy to find this one night stand, not to mention money. Roses and chocolates are expensive and over-rated. Thankfully, only the men are responsible for buying these gifts to show affection. It's not like the Hershey commercial with the woman saying she doesn't want flowers. problem. That's just the universal thing to do. If you show up with a Hershey chocolate bar and So, in conclusion, my advise to you and to every nothing more, well...I wouldn't want to be in your other single person on campus is to not go on a shoes. Nor would any semi-intelligent male who search for someone* As I have been told many presented their girlfriend with a dozen roses and a times before, in time, you're going to find someone. Just be secure enough in yourself to laugh at heart shaped boxed of chocolates. Once you have made a decision, it's time to the couples. Chuckle at the now broke boyfriend. choose the lucky lady. Maybe it could be one of Count your blessings you're not them. your female friends. Every male has at least one of D o n ' t f o r g e t to email M a d a m _ them. Make sure she is not seeing anyone though. The email is not Even if she is, evaluate their level of seriousness. complicated in the least Mmalarky04 on AIM Do they show PDA (public displays of affection) is somewhat reliable. Take your chances, you'll be without shame or do they hide it? In many sce- heard. Good luck with finals. narios, if cuddling, holding hands and kissing are well known throughout the campus, you're out of Enjoying the single life, luck. Next step is to ask random female students. Madam Malarky Pride is not necessary in this task. Showing sincerity and that rare display of kindness will win over at least one woman.

Our First Kiss,

Simon Stocks and Caitlin Manning, Sophomore, Business. With them is Matt Heckathorn. £ !•

4c //'snot like the

Hershey commercial with the woman 55 saying she doesn 't.

Well I haven't excatly had a bad V-Day, cause no matter if I did or didn't have a Valentine, I was always my dad's Valentine! He loves to buy me things on those special days!

Coco Sommers, Junior, Criminal Justice

My boyfriend, who is not very cooking savvy prepared a whole dinner for me- shishkabobs, wine, chocolate covered strawberries and watermelon that served as afruitbowl. It was a surprise, I couldn't appreciate it more.

Kasia Orer, Senior, Applied Intelligence.

February 9,2005



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Free speech: Use it or risk losing it
Editorial Knight Ridder Newspapers

Ifs just common sense...
By Ellen Koeing Contributing writer Recently during ft dinner conversation, one of the people present remarked that if not on a date they do not really care about what manners they display. Instead of falling out of my chair from shock, I let it pass by without a thought But as the week went on, the same proclamation came back to memory several times, and thus I found inspiration for this week's article. Nonetheless, a statement such as the one made is ghastly and illogical. Now this is not to say that we should all resort to the ways of the Victorian Era when decorum was much more arrogant than meek. But everyone should display a certain level of decorum that is not necessarily evident in day-to-day life on this campus. For instance, walking on the right side of the sidewalk, hallway or stairwell only makes sense since we drive on the right side of the road. This is especially true now that there is snow on the ground and thus the sidewalks are not completely clear. If walking with friends two or three people across and there is a person coming in the opposite direction, it is the responsibil-

Manners matter
ity of one of the two or three persons to move so the on-coming pedestrian does not have to trudge through the snow and mud in order to pass. These examples are not so much manners as simple common sense. £ Manners are superb qualities that when used make an individual classy, polite and charming. I have never heard a bad reputation about a well-mannered person, let alone seen one in bad company. For men, holding the door for a lady or letting her go in front of you in a line will often win you chivalry points that may pay off later. For females, using good etiquette in public will often, make you appear more attractive and raise you to a whole new standard of expectations. In modern society the use of words such as "please" and "thank you" have become so foreign that they sound much like Japanese. However, using those two little words that your mother stressed to you as a child will often times play a much bigger influenceon a situation than you might think. They are displays of gratitude and humbleness, that when used correctly can get you almost anything you want

Lack of cultural diversity: Black HistoryiMonth on campus
book written by WE.B. DuBois or Fredrick By Gregory Williams Douglass. Contributing writer Dusting up on "Lilly's Chocolate Heart" seems far more imperative then educating yourself on Harriet Tubman and the underground railroad, The month of February is dedicated to the his- right? For the one month out of the year that is tory and accomplishments of African Americans specifically devoted to reflect upon African and their culture, • One month, nevertheless, is simply not enough time to even begin to scratch the surface of the influence African Americans have had on our society. From music, athletics, politics and literature, African American culture has reshaped our perceptions. V Upon visiting the bookstore this week, I sat to do some last minute studying before class. To my own discontent, I noticed that the section of books pertaining to African American history and culture were stuffed in the most inaccessible corner of the bookstore, hidden behind a high-backed chair. Since it is, in fact, Black History Month, one would think it logical to construct a showcased American culture and history, would it be that section labeled "Black History Month" easily hard to set up a single display shelf filled with books pertinent to Black History Month that is viewed and opened to all. Oh, but don't worry, there is a great "Valen- visible to passing students? tine's D a / ' section containing different cartoon Because our campus is predominantly Caucabooks and poems about love for the upcoming sian, the upper echelon members of our college should make an ardent effort to open the eyes "Hallmark Holiday/'M $M l|f | This superfluous use of space is absurd. Un- of their students to other cultures. Sadly, this is not the case. less one honors the martyrdom of St Valentine The absence of books on Black History is in 269 A.D., there is no historical significance doing the entire school a great disservice. We to this holiday. Yet, why is there a Valentine's Day book display come to Mercyhurst College to become educated individuals of higher knowledge and to me, and not a Black History Month book display? I*m sure the literary classics entitled "Lilly's Black History is far more important then some Chocolate Heart," or "Puppy Love," or "Love, corporate based holiday. Piglet" would be far more influential than a

Your secret's safe with m e . . . or is it?
I find it amazing that while women sit around and talk about their boyfriends or men in general* there is usually one gmthat utters something like, "Oh, he doesn't talk about me to his friends." Apparently this person has yet to. realize that women and men always disclose to their closest friends the inner workings of their relationships. This practice is not only adopted by women, but it also takes place in locker rooms and other places where men can talkfreelyabout girls. These events do not have to be confined solely to couples. Single people frequently Corrie tell all to their friends Thearle and normally this new information is quickly gleaned from the individual. It's actually quite k^ amusing that when we see die people we know intimate information about from our friends, we can put on a straight face and pretend that we don't know about what went on in the dark. For all you people out there that think your boyfriend/ girlfriend or your latest fling doesn't spill all the details to theirfriends,you need to wake up and realize that we all know what happened last night. Conversations that begin with, "Don't tell anyone this but..." usually occur between close friends. We all hate to admit it, but ifs a part of human nature to want to tell other people information about ourselves that revolve around relationships and other various escapades.

The First Amendment is a muscle that must be used, or it will become flabby. A survey of high school students by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation reveals a frail Constitution: Kids are weak in knowledge of their rights. Seven ty- three percent said they didn't know how they felt about the First Amendment or took freedom of speech and the press for granted. I* More than a third (35 percent) thought that the First Amendment goes too far in protecting rights. One in six students indicated that people shouldn't be allowed to express unpopular opinions. Only half said newspapers should be allowed to publish freely without government approval of stories. The apathy is alarming Those who don't understand die First Amendment are certainly less inclined to exercise it, and they'll be less skeptical and more easily conned by government officials who want to twist and limit it Ignorance is not kids' fault. Unawareness starts at home. Parents' understanding of die First Amendment isn't much better. Even in the best of times, three out of 10 adults believe that die First Amendment goes too far. That belief jumped to half in the months after Sept 11. Talk-show hosts like Rush Limbaugh make good money assailing the credibility of mainstream journalists Let's face it, you don't go running to tell your parand of anybody who disagrees < «& mm. Jl£>*un km <: " • *-^~-'~ • L-*< £D&ii ents dating stories; you tell your friends or roommates J 3W with -,4 t r Come on, how else are we supposed to trade tips and getIn school, First Amendmentadvice? We all receive opinions and suggestions from rich electives are getting left our friends in almost every sphere of our lives, especially behind in the race to raise test when it comes to sex (like you really went to your mom scores in math and English. Califor consultation). fornia requires three courses in Unfortunately, you must keep in mind that when you social studies, including a semestell a close friend certain information, they in turn may ter course in American governtell one of their close friends this information, and inment and civics. But often, the evitably, you know where this pattern will lead. By the focus is on specific information morning there might be a multitude of people who know found on state history and social the details of your relationship that you thought only you studies tests, not on broad conand your partner were privy to. cepts. Schools need to convene You mightfindthat one day while walking to class you more discussions of controverrecognize a guy or girl that you have never spoken a word sial issues and to promote civic to before, but you know how they "rate" with one of your involvement outside of class. friends or roommates. It's amazing to think of the vast The Knight survey of 100,000 array of knowledge we all obtain about one another. students in 544 high schools I'm not saying that men and women run around with found a clear correlation bea loudspeaker telling everyone they meet all about their tween knowledge of the First relationships, but keep in mind next time as you tell your Amendment and participation in t best friend about your significant other that they are a school radio station or newspa- Wy KRT probably doing the same thing. per. One-quarter of schools no ft3 When you think about it (as alarming as this may sound) men for talking about relationships with theirfriendsbut longer publish papers, and many women and men are not so completely different when it to bring to light that this ritual does take place on both of those that have dropped them p comes tofriendshipsand relationships, men just appear sides of the fence. are in poor communities. to conceal their actions and thoughts somewhat better The naive people who still think that their significant The exhilaration that Iraqis than women. other or recent date doesn't highlight various details about felt in voting for the first time How can experts spout statistics such as the number recent events need to come to grips with the truth. Just should remind Americans of of times men think about women a day and still some remember, we all know that you know that we know, rights they often don't appreciate. girls believe that guys don't discuss these thoughts with you know? An atrophying First Amendment,;, one another? i is harmful to the nation's civic The point of this article is not to lament women and health.

uThe absence of

books on Black History is doing the entire schqoLa great disservice.

: .


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February 9, 2005

By Christina Ferranti Contributing writer FEB. 9. Opera. "La Traviata." Main stage Theatre, Center for the Arts,. University at Buffalo, Buffalo. FEB. 10. John Hammond. Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland. FEB. 11. Liquid Soul. House of Blues, Cleveland. On sale Jan. 15 at Ticketmaster. FEB. 12, Yanni. Gund Arena, Cleveland. FEB. 1244. Paul Anka. Niagara Failsview, Niagara Falls, Canada. On sale at (888)836-8118. FEB. 12. Ingram Hill. House of Blues, Cleveland. FEB. 13. Bone Thugs-NHarmony, hosted by Steve Labelle. House of Blues, Cleveland. FEB. 14. Josh Groban. Gund Arena, Cleveland. Sold out FEB. 14. Suffocation, Black Dahlia Murder. House of Blues, Cleveland. FEB. 15. Letter Kills. Odeon, Cleveland. FEB* 15. Mudvayne. Mr. Small's Theater, Pittsburgh. FEB. 16. Otep, American [• Headcharger. Agora Ballroom, Cleveland. FEB. 17. Pat Metheny! . Qmup. Center for tne-Aifej \ University of Buffalo, Buf-»-* i -

ART*} &

7b contact: &ntertalnmentmertiad@mercyhurst edu

Victor Prieto Jazz Trio to perforin
Typically, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the accordion is Polish polkas or German marching Music or maybe even an Italian guy on a store stump singing love songs to the back drop on the setting of Tuscan Sun. But, Victor Prieto transformed and revolutionized this sound to fit all genres of music known around the world. This jazz trio is truly an internationally spectacular combination. It fuses the of the sounds of Spanish-born Prieto with Hungarian drummer, Ferenc Nemeth, and Latin bassist, Carlo DeRosa. This exceptional musical synchronization can be heard on ? Photo Courtesy of Performing Arts Center Friday, Feb. 18,2005, at 7:30 p.m.| Victor Prieto can be seen Feb. 18 at 7:30 a.m. in Walker. Walker Recital HalL h Once Prieto was a member of Paquito DTttvera's band, he broke off to experiment with the accordion and form his own sound. His career really took off following his creation of chord approach, which is playing the accordion on both sides. His unusual technique incorporates jazz music with Argentine Tango, Bossa Nova and Samba rhythms supported by hot jazz standards with a handful of original tunes by Prieto. Prieto is also noted for the technique which consists of moving any chord by any given interval that creates rhythmical and elaborate harmonies. His sound mostly consists of a jazz feeling with the integration of the accordion and combining that sound with other genres of music Prieto teaches several master classes all over the world including Spain, Italy, Portugal and the United States. Prieto in the last few years has been recognized for over 20 significant awards. These awards includefirstprize at the Citta De Catelfidardo Jazz Competition in Italy, the Creative Performer award from the Spanish Association of Artists and Performers and the first prize at CMZK's Concourse of Composition in Argentina. Right now, this "accordion genius" is extremely excited about conducting a course in jazz accordion at the Brooklyn Conservatory, the only higher institution of learning to offer such a course is their curriculum. Tickets are available at the Mary D'Angelo Performing Arts Center Box Office all the way up through the show. | Tickets are Adults $12.50, Seniors/Students $8.00, Youth $5.00.

Comparative nature of adult animated sitcoms
By Matthew Rendulic Contributing writer If you are a fan of the adult animated sitcom as a form of art, certainly you must be excited that the FOX network has began to re-air the ingenious comedic writing of Seth Mc Far lane's "Family Guy." Since the show was taken off of the air in 1992 (after showing less than a full season on FOX), devotees could calm their urges by tuning in to Adult Swim or by buying the three season complete DVD set But now, it seems that we humans are allotted a little taste of the celestial shores by having not only the presence of "Family Guy" but also having the patriarch, and arguably the best of all animated sitcoms, "The Simpsons" back to back on Sunday Night Prime Time. But my elation over this (did I mention that I am pathetic and need friends? If you're looking Fm here for you) was quickly ruined by a skeptic who said, "Family Guy is just a Simpson's rip-off," Could this monster be speaking the truth? Could 1 be committing adultery on CocaCola Classic with the new Coke without knowing it? In "The Simpsons," the principal character is Homer Simpson. Homer, the slightly obese slothful father of three kids, who has been accused of being an oaf, performs a meaningless job at the area Nuclear Power Plant. Peter Griffin, also an oaf and a father of three, performs a meaningless job at a toy factory. Even I will admit this is begin-] enjoys singing songs from the stages of the Broadway Musicals and drinking martinis (note: not "Natty Ice" or "Keystone Light" like I was forced to drink at quarter draft night at the Conerstone). But all of the Griffin's neighbors and background characters can be very easily compared to the less significant members of the Springfieldian society. Are we the viewers to be left in a state of rancid disillusionment at the blatant plagiarisms of Mr. Seth McFarlane? In the end I think it is important to consider this; what were the Flinstones if they weren't a prehistoric knockoff of the Honeymooners. And what is Austin Powers if it isn't a humorous, eclectic knockoff of the 007 movies and the "free sex" of the 70s. Evolution and growth in art is contingent on the art of the present developing upon the strengths of the art of the past. Do we blame Brahm's for using the same forms of Mozart? No. We praise him for his expansions of the structure of music So, does it matter if Seth McFarlane perhaps based some elements of his show "Family Guy" on the success of Matt Groening's Simpson Family? I mean, in the end Coke Classic and Coke just turn to sugar and urine. The real issue isn't with these two cartoons at all. I am here, 22 years old, almost having a Bachelor's in Music and I am writing a friggin' article about cartoons! Oh, why can't I find friends?





| FEB, 17. Chris Stamey Experience. Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland. FEB, 18. Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. Warner Theatre, Erie. $39.75, $34.75. On sale at Tullio |-'Arena box office, Ticketmaster outlets, by phone at 452-4857 or 456-7070, and online at www.ticketmaster. com. FEB. 18. Gregg AUman & Friends. House of Blues, Cleveland. FEB. 18. "Undone Tour" with Mercyme, Jeremy Camp, Afters, Monk & Neagie. CSU Convocation Center, Cleveland. 1 FEB. 19. Funk Brothers. House of Blues, Cleveland.! FEB. 20. Keller Williams. House of Blues, Cleveland. FEB. 21. Winterfresh Sno Core Tour with Chevelle, | Helmet, Cross fade, Future Leaders of the World, Strata. House of Blues, Cleveland. FEB. 22. Snake, the Cross, the Crown. House of Blues, Cleveland.

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Is "Family Guy" the new "Simpsons"?
ning to look suspicious. And I am sorry to report that they both get their laughs from the same sort of physical blunders and their lack of "PCness." Behind every boor of a husband lies a slightly neurotic wife. This is the case with both Marge Simpson and Lois Griffin. Marge spends hertimeas a stay-at-home mom who is driven to secret alcoholism (through a third of a glass of wine daily), while Lois teaches piano in addition to her sitcom maternal duties. It is in the bookend children that we see a major difference in characterization. Bart Simpson and his counterpoint Chris Griffin are nothing alike. Bart is a badass and Chris a dumb ass. Baby Stewie Griffin and Maggie Simpson, although rarely ever making their way into the main plot sequence, differ greatly. Maggie is a sweet mute, while Stewie is a megalomaniac bent on not only taking over the world, but punishing his mother for making him leave the comfort of the womb. However, both Lisa Simpson and Meg Griffin search for answer of what it means to be a woman of the 1990s and still find authenticity in their life, relationships and hobbies without resorting to fakeness. The only thing that is totally unique to "Family Guy" is the charming character of Brian. Brian is Peter's best friend who

Raw Edges sees another successful year
Dancers show off talent with display of differing dance styles
By Katie Goodwin Contributing writer years. Santillano teaches an array of dance which includes jazz, tap, ballet and modern. He is no stranger to musical theatre dance and choreography. Santillano brings to Mercyhurst a lot of experience in the per-; forming field having performed nationally in musical productions of "The King and I" and "West Side Story." "The Raw Edges series is definitely an exciting production for us," said Mark Santillano, artistic director for Raw Edges and dance instructor at Mercyhurst "The students have been inspired by their dancers and fellow choreographers, so this show is certain to keep you on the edge of your seat," said Santillano. During the intermission of each performance, the public were invited to take part in an intermission chat. Several of the choreographers spoke to the audience about their new works and answering questions about the work they had done over the past weeks. Mark Santillano and Tauna making times. He believes that "Raw Edges" is a chance for the students to showcase their skills and dedication to dance. While this is the seventh year for this program of innovative new works by emerging, cuttingedge choreographers, Santillano added, "These young choreographers are always challenging their dancers and themselves with fresh ideas. I'm constantly surprised by their creativity." The performance consisted of 14 dance movements all choreographed by the students. It moves away from keeping with "typical" ballet moves and rules and includes more contemporary/modern dance integrated with some distinguished music. The dance performance "Break" choreographed by Tiffany Burgess used images of | the industrial world against a dark background with a musical tribute to Lin kin Park heard on strings- definitely a performance that kept the audience on the edge of their seats. Many of the performances were inspired by the music that accompanied them. Alternative music led to a more modern dance routine. Other aspects that influenced the choreography were quotations. In the dance piece "The Reminiscent Stars," choreographed by Katya Sussman, a quote from Shakespeare inspired everything from the set to the dance itself. "And all the world will be in love within the night" The dance department depends on more than just the dancers and choreographers to put on a successful show. The Mercyhurst dance department consists of many faculty and staff members who all facilitatfej in making this year's "Raw 1 Edges * another success dance production.

The Mercyhurst College Dance Department held their annual dance performance "Raw Edges VII" last Saturday, Feb. 5 and Sunday, Feb. 6 in the Mary D'Angelo FEB. 22-23. Musical. Performing Arts Center. "Rent." Center for the The pieces were produced in Arts, University at Buffalo, the Choreography II and III Buffalo, N.Y. classes at Mercyhurst, and the students involved were responFEB. 24-APRIL 3. Musible for close to every aspect of sical. "The Lion King.t * the production including audiShea's Theater, Buffalo. tions, scheduling, costumes, casting and lighting. They also had to FEB. 25. Aaron Carter. dedicate many vital hours of hard Warner Theater, Erie. work to actually choreographing $27.50. t and rehearsing the dances. Mark Santillano was the artistic Information provided by Go- director for the dance presentation. Originally hailing from St. Louis, he has been teaching at Mercyhurst for the past two

• • These youngt choreographers are always Challenging their dancers and themselves **
~ Mark Santillano
Hunter, the dance director and Associate professor of the dance department at Mercyhurst, together assisted the dance students by coaching the choreography classes and assessing their progress during important decision

February 9,2005



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In the spotlight with W e b e r and
By Meghan Sullivan ^ ^ Arts & Entertainment editor The newest members of the D'Angelo School of Music family are husband and wife, Brent Weber and Lisa Layman-Weber. This musical couple makes a very welcome addition to the school. As voice faculty they are making a noticeable (and frequently commented on) difference in the performance of their students. rS They didn't know what their experience would be like when first coming to Mexcyhurst "The students have already surpassed my expectations, which is good, because it presents more of a challenge for me," says Weber. « Before coming to Mercyhurst, Weber received his undergrad at Kansas State in Music Education and two masters of music from the University of Missouri and Kansas. Some of Weber's numerous performance credits are "La Boheme," "Rigolette," and "The Phantom of the Opera" as Piange. Weber commented that it was interesting to work with Kiss drummer Paul Stanley during mis production. Weber coincidently won third place in the D'Angelo competition years ago before he had any idea he would someday be on its faculty. like Weber, Layman has always been involved in music. Layman says, "I didn't get into music; it got into me." She has been singing since she was four-years-old in church with her mother. Some of Layman's favorite performance credits are "Lucia di Lammermoor," Micaela in "Carmen" with the Connecticut Grand Opera and her first so-

prano role as Violetta from "La Traviata" Weber and Layman met in graduate school at Yale University. Layman had been in Scotland and was a week late for orientation. Weber thought he was in trouble at first when he got a crush on Layman. Since he hadn't met her before, Weber mistook Layman for a professor. Happily he was mistaken. Years later; Layman asked Weber to marry her.| She wanted to go to the justice of peace right then and get hitched. Weber surprisingly said no. ? [^ He wanted to be die "big man," as he says, and be the one to propose like any typical tenor; Weber and Layman will be having their faculty recital this Thursday at 8 p.m. in Walker Recital Hall. W *

New music faculty Brent Weber and Liza Layman-Weber.

Meghan Sullivan/Contributing photographer

Rocket 101 Battle of the Bands at Sherlock's
Local b a n d Descriptive Claim plays in Battle t o m o r r o w at Sherlock's
By Meghan Sullivan Arts & Entertainment editor The annual Rocket 101 and Bud True Music Battle of the Bands is being held right now throughout February and March. Every Thursday from 10 p.m. to midnight at Sherlock's, groups from all over Erie will be competing against each other in search of rock victory. Threefinalistswill be selected to compete for the grand prize. And what a grand prize it is for an*aspiringrockbandM.7i hn/. The conquering band will win a one year supply of free guitar and bass strings, one year supply of drum sticks, one total re-heading of the drummer's entire set, two on stage guitar stands, two KORG Electronic/Chromatic tuners, three on stage microphones and stands and one free guitar and bass set up/intonate done by Catwalk music Along with all the free equipment the winning group receives, they also win their own music video Lyons Den Studio, $1,000, 10 hours of recording time at Di ecaster studios and a Budweiser sponsorship. Just hearing about all the tempting prizes almost inspires me to grab a guitar and learn to play. y Each night features three bands from the Erie area. Descriptive Claim is one of the groups performing this Thursday at 10 p.m. This Erie band has been together for about two years. They officially became a five-piece band in March of 2004* i The group consists of Mark Graziano on vocals and guitar, Katie Kurpiewski on vocals and keyboard, Doug Melvin on guitar, Frank Strumila on drums and Rob Vance on bass. Their band name was really quite spur of the moment. "We were on our way to ourfirstgig, and we didn't have a name,"*' Kurpiewski said. "Graziano randomly selected Descriptive Claim plays tomorrow at 10 p.m. at Sherlocks. 'Descriptive Claim' from a class note card. Wefigured,if we really didn't like it we could change it later. We thought about new names, but this just ended up sticking" said Mercyhurst voice major Kurpiewski. Kurpiewski was one of the founders of Descriptive Claim. She befriended Graziano during a spontaneous jam session and soon after their band was born. Later, Kurpewski and Graziano acquired Melvin into their musical mixture as Mark discovered him playing a local coffee house. | Finally, Strumila and Vance joined in to make the band what it is now. "We are extremely excited and looking forward to it We really hope to put on an excellent show and have a great time," said Kurpiewski Mark your planners for Thursday nights at Sherlock's to see who comes out victorious in the Rocket 101 and Bud True Music Battle of the Bands.

oio courtesy 01

te Kurpiewsi


T h e Corporation' to play next W e d n e s d a y at P A C
business affiliated majors considering the content directly relates to the behind-the-scenes footage of what it means to work within a major corporation and the talent it takes to build up a reputation. I Political science majors would also find the information, in relation to government, intriguing and provides a general idea of the effects the government has upon corporations, if any at all. Certainly one of the major focuses within the film is the psychology a company utilizes to mesmerize the public and persuade them to invest This documentary is not only informative and interesting, it adds insight to how people should view corporations and understand the impact it has on daily life.

By Christina Ferranti Contributng writer

"The Corporation" is a witty and informative Canadian documentary by producer/director Mark Achbar, director/editor Jennifer Abbott and writer Joel Bakan. It portrays the realities of what major corporations have accomplished around the wodd and what the future holds in relation to how they are managing at the moment. The Corporation begins with defining what a corporation actually is, and according to the th 14 Amendment to the United States Constitution, a corporation is legally a person, one which typically acts in a destructive way without a conscience that could be paralleled with a psychopath. This comparison of a corporation and a psychopath remains a central theme throughout the film. But, nevertheless, corporations were given the same rights as individuals despite their singlemindedness to pursue their own wills and desires without any consideration for other people and without reference to conventional morality. Corporations are rapidly rising in power and prestige, and we can only fantasize when corporations will dominate every aspect of our daily lives. This documentary consists of interviews with some of the major corporate executives, historians, commentators, critics, businessmen and social activists

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Advertise In the Classified section of the Jllerciad. $ 1,00 per line Sell your: Books Computer WVTHIXGI

brniing Arts Center

"The Corporation will be playing next Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. and 8 p.m.
of our time. K These include Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore, and Howard Zinn, and investigates the environment surrounding how corporations arose around the world and how they came to function as we know them to today. This film captures the essence of what a corporation, especially, hostile one, embodies. |}A few examples include the exploitation happening within the Asian sweatshops, the effects of chemical toxicity, how best to market your product to people of all ages, and overall the crime that goes on behind the scenes within these major corporations. What is most fascinating is the influence corporations have on the children of today especially when it comes to the toy industry. There is an intentioned focus to secure children's ability to nag at their parents to coerce them into purchasing the product. The issues brought about by thisfilmis in formation the general public should be familiar with and, normally, this would not be brought to light in any other respect. This film is a must-see for all


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f lour Opormtot



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February 9,2p05t^

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M u c h e x p e c t e d o u t of a t e a m r e t u r n i n g l y s e n i o r s a n d n i n e s t a r t e r s
By Katie McAdams Photo editor Even with 44 players on the men's lacrosse team, it is easy for Head Coach Chris Ryan to set each and player's mind for the same goal... to win the National Championship. For the past couple of years, that goal has changed from just a hope to a reality. For Ryan, a perfect season would be "13-0, National Championship and winning the lottery ... what would be more perfect than that?" said Ryan. The team has been working hard to improve each year. "This year we did weigh tlifting training differently then in the past. We have already seen improvements, not only great gains in strength, but also in confidence/' said Ryan. This year, the men's lacrosse team changed regions, from the Southern region the Central region, which brings a more challenging schedule. They play with six of the top teams in Division II, such as New York Tech, Bryant, Dowling, all of which are ranked in pre-season polls. These teams will definitely give the men a challenge, but they are up for it, as the Lakers return 34 players, 17 of which are seniors and nine starters. In fact, the team only gained six new players and three junior transfers. The team was also rewarded with three returning Ail-Americans: | Brendan Doran, Andrew Sands and Troy Ledbetter, Senior Dan James, who is one of the team captains, expects' a lot from his teammates. "As a team, we tend to expect a lot from each other. Most importantly, I feel that what makes us such a strong team is our trust in one another. I trust that each of my teammates is committed and will be willing to step up in situations that arise both on and off the field with the ultimate belief that it will benefit the rest of the team and garner respect for the program " said James. | In the past two seasons, the Lakers have been NCAA National Semifinalists twice, losing each year to Limestone in the Division II Final Four, cutting short their National Championship goals. Senior captain Brendan Doran thinks that Mercyhurst could come out on top of Limestone this year. "Limestone always puts together a great squad yearin-year-out. We've had some


4 men's lacrosse has lofty goals

Junior Blake Tandoi (18) and sophomore Allan Downey (43) are two players looking to contribute.
success against them in the past but haven't been able to step up and beat them when it counts. They return a lot of their top scorers but I think this year we're the better team; but that will be determined come May 8," said Doran. Currently, the team is ranked No. 4 in preseason polls, behind limestone, New York Tech and Le Moyne. "We are honored to be in the top five. Believe me, the team has earned it," said Ryan. But Ryan and his team do not give a lot or weight to their preseason ranking. "Lacrosse isn't played in December, It is played March through May," Ryan said. c Treseason rankings don't have a whole lot of meaning. The ranking we're most concerned about is the end of the year ranking, which by then we'll hopefully have No. 1 next to our name," said Doran.

File Photo

Senior captain Andrew Sands predicts this upcoming season nothing short of the championship. "We are confident about our team this year and we are all in the same mental frame of focusing on what we need to accomplish: playing as a team and winning a championship."

Women's lacrosse looks to make their mark
By D e nis Kir stein Contributing writer The spring term brings many it thoughts to our head?. ^ | WhaTaassesSto take, where to go on spring Dreak and how is the Mercyhurst women's lacrosse team going to do this season? One thing that is for sure is that the Lakers have nine senior starters that will anchor the team, and driving the Lakers' ship will be the new head coach Cecil Pilson, who has great plans for the Lakers. "We are ready to take the Lakers to a new level of competition, continue to improve the program and to grow within the Division II ranks," said Pilson. Pilson will replace last year's coach Stacey Gaudette, who coached both the women's lacrosse team and thefieldhockey team. "I am very excited that Coach Pilson is here, now we can concentrate on winning," said Karyn Craft, a junior midfielder from Marcellus, N.Y., who did not participate last season due to an injury. Senior leadership is what the

Senior Kristen Jankowski
Lakers do have. Leading the charge is senior captain Kristen Jankowski from Syracuse, N.Y. Jankowski led the Lakers last season in goals scored, as she found the net 24 times. Look for her to increase the production this spring. 1 Her assistant captains are Stephanie Dicamillo and Holly Sienkiewicz. Dicamillo and Sienkiewicz will secure the defensive side of the field. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ | "I know our seniors are dedicated to winning and that will be the difference this year," said Pilson. Up front on offense the Lakers

Senior Dara Liberati

hie Hhoio

have two more seniors, Andrea Bement and last years leading scorer, Dara Liberati. Liberati, led the team with 18 goals and 22 assists for 40 total points. "Dara was one heck of a player for us last season; it would be great if she could put up the same numbers again," said Craft. Also contributing on offense will be junior Kelsey French, who finished last season with 21 points, and sophomore Keelin Hollenbeck. This group of attack will surely give the opponent's goalie some nightmares. At the midfield position and key face-off taker is senior Carrie Kramer.

Also contributing to the offensive will be juniors Lindsay Jackson, Kim Johannigman, Karyn Craft and sophomore Jessica Hale. Starting in goal for the LadyJ Lakers will be another senior, Jessica Bunker. Bunker played in all 15 games last year, in which she made a remarkable 168 saves. Again the backbone of the defense is held strong by seniors, Michelle Delong and Kelly Beck. ^ Junior Kathryn Ball and sophomore Darci Doran will also contribute defensively. As for freshmen, the Lady Lakers have three highly touted players. One is attacker, Courtney Olevnik, who was named U.S. . Lacrosse High School All-America Honorable Mention last year. "I know that Courtney will make a major impact this season," Pilson commented. Nancy Dippold from Pittsburgh and Jeanne Grimes from Saxtons River, Vt, will also add some fire power to the to this year's squad. The Lady Lakers are currently ranked No. 9 in the Division II

preseason poll by US Lacrosse Magazine. "We are all very excited about this season and we are ready to play awesome," said Craft when' asked about the nmking^ $; Coach Pilson also has some lofty goals, "Our ultimate goal is to make it to the Division II final four, but one that we want to concentrate on is improving our overall record from last year. We want to be over .500." Look for the Lakers to move up in the rankings because they play all the teams ahead of them except for Stonehill. Like always, the big game this season is their final one versus crosstown rival Gannon at home. <c We really want to win that game to send the message that we are the top team in Erie," said Craft. Action for the team kicks off with a trip to South Carolina at the end of Feb., and their first home contest is slated for March 12, with an 11 a.m. start time. There are seven home games on the schedule for this season, including Gannon Apr. 28.

• »




Located in the





Club hockey having bestjseason ever at 22
By Ryan Palm Sports editor The Mercyhurst College club hockey team is having the best season in the eight years that coach Bill Shannon has been at the helm. They currently stand at the top of their division, the ECHL, and have the opportunity to clinch the regular seasontitlewith a win this weekend. On Saturday, Feb. 12, at 2 p.m, the Lakers host John Carroll University at the Ice Center. The team has seen unparalleled success this season, as they have fared well in several different tournaments and also are recieveing national recognition. In October the team won four-team National Catholic Invitational Tournament, and just this past weekend won the 28th Annual Crabpot Invitational at the U.S. Naval Academy, their second win in as many years. The team, currently ranked No. 15 in the nation, has also recieved a bid for the ACHA Division I



[The NO,

IP CIUD nockey team'has had unprecedented success tKts season, both In league play ana in tourn
——— — ——— J 11 1 I IJ IU ^ _ — _ ^ » » • M» — ^ 1 ^ — i ^ ^ * * fc^^^^»^»»M MM II |^^^— •• • •••

National Tournament held in Chicago from Mar. 3-6. There is one more ECHL contest remaining after this week-

ends game against JCU, as they host Slippery Rock on Feb. 20 at 5 p.m. in the Ice Center. The Lakers beat the Rock

earlier in the season by a score of 6-2. | Following that they head to the ECHL Playoffs, held in Roch-

ester, N.Y., Feb 24-26, before concluding their season at the ACHA Tournament in March.

February 9, 2005


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L a k e r s d r o p t o fifth p l a c e i n A t l a n t i c i H o c k e y w i t h 7 - 6 - 3 r e c o r d
By Eric Meacham Contributing writer The men's hockey team suffered a disappointing weekend sweep in Northford, Conn., at the hands of the Quinnipiac Bobcats. Despite the Lakers playing hard on Friday night, Bobcats forward Craig Falite was able to score late in the third period to give the Bobcats the 4-3 win. Saturday night's game was totally different, as Quinnipiac was able to chase Andy Frank from the net, en route to a 7-2 dominating win over die Lakers. On Friday night, Mercyhurst got on die boardfirstwith junior forward Mike Pochatek lighting the lamp for the first time this season. " Sophomore Denis Kirstein and freshman Kyle Gourgon picked up assists on die goal T Quinnipiac answered with a goal by forward Ben Nelson, to tie the game just before the first intermission. Mercyhurst regained the lead on a goal byfreshmanMatt Warren just three minutes into the second period. Sophomore Scott Champagne and senior David Wrigley were credited with assists. Nelson tied the game with his second goal of the game about two minutes later. Quinnipiac gained the lead for the first time on a goal midway through the third period. Mercyhurst tied the game less than five minutes later with a power play goal by Champagne. Seniors Dave Borelli and T.J. Kemp picked up assists on the goal. The Bobcats answered with the goal by Falite, giving Quinnipiac the lead for good, going on to win the game 4-3. Junior goaltender Andy Franck suffered the loss, stopping 38 of the 42 shots he faced. / The Lakers continued their woes in one-goal games, falling to 1-9 in contests decided by a single tally. j Mercyhurst also is a mere 213-2 when allowing three goals or more in a game. On Saturday, the game was completely different, but the outcome was the same. Quinnipiac jumped out early on the Lakers, scoring the first five goals of the game, en route to a 7-2 victory. The Bobcats put upfivegoals, with three goals in the first period, and two more in the second, making it 5-0 before the Lakers answered back. ['Mercyhurst made it 5-1 on a goal by junior forward Erik Johnson, his third goal of the season. Gourgon and sophomore Jon Asselstine picked up the assists on the goal. Quinnipiac answered right

Men hockey falls twice on road

Team leading scorers Junior Dave Borelli and freshman Ben Cottreau were held scoreless on the weekend. back with a power play to extend the lead back tofivegoals. Junior captain Scott Reynolds got his fourth goal of the season, with a shorthanded goal with just under four minutes remaining in the game. Borelli and Champagne tallied assists on the goal. Nelson, who had two goals the night before, finished his first career hat trick as a Bobcat to close out the scoring sheet, giving Quinnipiac the 7-2 win. Franck made 17 saves before giving way to backup goaltender Mike Ella, who stopped 7 of the 9 shots he faced. The weekend sweep from Quinnipiac leaves Mercyhurst in fifth place, two points behind Sacred Heart who split a weekend series with the University of Connecticut Although the difference between fourth andfifthmay seem to be nothing to many, it means the world to coach Rick Gotkin and his Lakers. Atlantic Hockey changed their playoff format this season, whereas last year all the teams went to one location for the

Ffle Photo

playoffs, this year the top four teams in each conference host a playoff game. The Lakers dropped to 8-144 overall and 7-6-3 in Atlantic Hockey play. Mercyhurst will try to turn around a poor weekend, coming back home to take on the conference's last place team, Army, this Friday and Saturday.

Wayne State too much for men
By Matt Jackson Contributing writer If you're a Mercyhurst Laker basketball fan, then this hasn't been your year for celebrating success. Both the men's and women's hoops teams have given the Mercyhurst community little to brag about Since the beginning of the new year, the two teams have been putting up some of their worst numbers of their already disappointing season. The men's team is 2-8 in the month of January and February. They are currently on a six game skid, including their most recent loss, a 28 point defeat to GLIAC foe Wayne State. The loss dropped them to a 210 conference record which puts Coach Manchel's team all alone in last place in the GLIAC south, one game behind Ashland. The Lakersfinishedwith a 107 conference record last year, feeling the loss of stars like Josh Helm and hometown star Justin Shouse, both of whom ate playing professionally in Europe. Ashland just happens to be the next opponent for the men's team and already had a victory over the Lakers on their home court this season. The Lakers will need to turn the tables and win at the Mercyhurst Athletic Center just to salvage some pride from the season. I*. Prior to their recent win over Wayne State, the women's team has had their fair share of disappointment as well. Not one letter man was lost from last year's squad. Add that to the excitement and anticipation brought in with the hiring of new coach Karin Nicholls and spirits were high for the Lady Lakers going into the 2004-2005 season. f Two wins in their first four games, surpassing their win total

vtt i w ^ w s? era Fieiuo jflrfV/

File Photo

Men's coach Gary Manchel has had his hands full this season, bringing In eight new faces this year,

of one from last season, escalated that excitement to another level, but cooled quickly with four straight road losses in a 10day span including three against conference opponents. Just like the men, die women have struggledin 2005 A five game losing streak doomed die Lady Lakers to a 37 record since Jan. 1, all against GLIAC competition. So combining the two teams, Laker basketball fans have endured five wins and 15 losses in 2005. M ^ The last time the Mercyhurst fans were treated to a home victory was nearly a month ago when both the men and women defeated Northern Michigan on Jan. 13. That span includes losses by both teams at Gannon, which was also seen by many Mercyhurst fans. In all fairness to Nicholls and Manchel, their teams were not expected to do much before the

season began and were picked last in the GLIAC in the preseason polls. Manchel's team was stocked with newcomers from the start that need time to gel together and adapt to his defensive approach. The women, despite high hopes, are not experienced in winning. M After winning only one game last season, the women have not learned yet what it takes to reel together a set of wins, instead of one or two wins here and there. The good news for Laker basketball is that the remaining five games for both teams will be played at the Mercyhurst Athletic Center. This gives them a chance to show the fans they have the ability to win. Win or lose, the fans should still appreciate the hard work and effort the coaches and players have put forth, despite the losing records.

Ohio State downs men volleyball
By Ryan Palm Sports editor The Mercyhurst men's vol leybaJl team was shut down by No. 12 Ohio State University on Feb. 5. fi& The Lakers fell in three games, 24-30, 20-30, 20-30, the match lasting just over an hour in front of 387 fans at the Mercyhurst Athletic Center. Although the Buckeyes are by all means an extremely powerful team, the Lakers helped to beat themselves with many unforced errors and continued to struggle serving the ball : The Lakersfinishedthe contest with 24 hitting errors, which compared to OSU's eight is a staggering statitstic k Percentage wise, that adds up to the Buckeyes hitting at a .351 clip, while the Lakersfinishedat a .152 dip. | * Leading the Lakers was senior Dave Schmidl, who notched 12 kills on the evening. l2 Reigning MIVA Player of the Week Austin Siewart was shut down by the Bucks, being limited to just eight kills on only 15 attempts, a significantly lower number man Siewart had been getting The Lakers took a crucial blow midway through the first game when junior setter Dan Kick went down with an ankle injury. Kick had been having a solid season thus far, carrying the Lakers in time when they needed a leader the most Senior Tom Roberts came in and filled the role just fine, finishing with a game-high 26 assists and also added three kills to the cause. The third game was particularily disapointing for the Lakers, as they had nearly as many errors as they had kills. In their 33 attempts for the game, 13 went down for kills, while 11 were errors, a staggering .061 hitting percentage. The Buckeyes were also dominant in the blocking side of the stat sheet, finishing the game with nine blocking points, three solo's and 12 block assists, compared to the just four points for the Lakers, coming on three solos and only two block assists. Sophomore libero Dennis Telaak had a game-high 14 digs, seeking to defend his MIVA lead in the category. With the win, the Buckeyes now stand at 7-2 and 1-0 in




The Lakers fall to 4-2 overall, and stand fifth in MIVA with a 3-2 overall record. A weeks rest will hopefully do the team good, as they travel to Ft Wayne, Ind. to take on fourth place IPFW on Saturday, Feb. 12. T | • They return home next week, as they host D'Youvilic on Feb. The blocking of the 15 at 7 p.m.

Jody Mello/Conlrlbutlng photographer

Buckeyet proved to be too much for the Lakers to handle.



February 9, 2005


7b contact:

By Chris Van Horn Contributing writer After an eighth place finish at the NWCA National Duals, the Mercyhurst Wrestling team bounced back strong with two victories in the last week over teams ranked in the top-25 for Division II. The Lakers downed No. 25 West Liberty State 28-6 on Feb. 2 and then polished off No. 10 Shippensburg University 17-15 on Feb. 5. The two wins improve the Lakers' overall record to 11-7. The team's 11 wins already matches their win total from last year, and the team still has two matches left before Regionals begin on Feb. 25. Through Jan, 26, the Lakers were ranked No. 8 in Division II, and Lakers head coach Tony Cipollone believes his team is wrestling at their highest level of the season. "As a team we're very confident right now. Everyone on our roster, top to bottom, is wrestling at a very high level right now," Cipollone said. In the win over Shippensburg, the Lakers managed to pull out the victory despite losses from
A l l

wrestlers win two in week
Justin Mautz. The victory was a display of the depth that the Lakers have available late in the season. Big contributions came from freshman Don Cummings and senior Angelo Caponi, who won the decisive match against Shippensburg's Jared Dubbs. In the Lakers' victory over West Liberty State, Mercyhurst got off to a hot start winning the first four matches, giving the team a 13-0 lead. I I ^ West liberty managed just two wins in 10 matches as the Lakers rolled to victory. The Lakers two remaining matches are also against ranked teams. Mercyhurst will play host to No. 11 Findlay on Feb. 11 at the Mercyhurst Athletic Center. The Lakers will then close out the regular season on Feb. 19 againstrivalGannon, ranked No. 16 in Division II. The Lakers have already defeated Gannon once this season, a 35-6 triumph at the National Duals. Cipollone believes the team has only minor improvements to make as the regular season comes to and end. "We need to make sure that we stay healthy, first and foremost We have a good chance to qualify 10 guys for nationals, and that's

Sophomore J J. Zanetta's win at the 133-pound weight class was the first win for the
our top goal right now. I believe country. that we have the depth and the However, the remaining matchleadership to make a run and es will be no easy task for the win Regionals as well," Cipol- Lakers. % lone said. [ Findlay has a deceptive record, Qualifying 10 wrestlers for 2-10 in duel competition, but Nationals would put Mercyhurst has a solid line-up from top to among the top programs in the bottom.
* A

Lakers against Shippensberg.

Katie McAdams/Photo editcx




T» '


senior All-Americans Ricky Randazzo, Ben McAvinew and

Findlay also has a score to settle with the Lakers. Last season, the Lakers scored the upset over a ranked Findlay team. As for the match against rival Gannon, don't expect a second Laker blowout of the Golden Knights.

"We don't feel that we got Gannon's best when we played at the duals. Obviously it's a rivalry match, and in those kind of matches you can throw the records out the window, because anything can happen," Cipollone said.

Women hockey splits pair with Colgate
By Eric Meacham Contributing writer The No. 7 ranked women's hockey team extended their current winning streak to eight games before suffering a tough loss to the Colgate Red Raiders. Mercyhurst took to the road as they began their six-game, non-conference streak against Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference (ECAQ foes. On Saturday, the Lakers jumped on the Red Raidersfromthe drop of the puck, not allowing them to get any momentum going. Mercyhurst scored the first four goals of* the game before Colgate finally busted the shutout just before the end of the second period. Senior goalie Desi Clark has been nominated for the Patty The Lakers opened up the Lakers forward Stephanie Jones scoring midway through the with just under two minutes left made it 3-0 with 46 seconds left first frame with a power play in the first period. goal by junior forward Samantha Sophomore Ashley Pendleton in the first period, giving her 10 and freshman Danielle Ayearst goals on the year. Sophomore Shirley. defenseman Lesley McArthur Senior Sara McDonald got the picked up assists on the goal. lone assist on the goal. Marchese's goal extended her tallied the assist on the goal. Senior Teresa Marchese added scoring streak, giving her a point I Mercyhurst junior forward and captain Chrissy Yule widened the a power play goal of her own in the last nine games. , the end of the second period. Mercyhurst senior netminder th Desi Clark picked up her 12 win of the season, stopping 14 of the 15 shots she faced. "We were able to come out and dominate the first game," said junior defenseman Danielle Lansing. "But the second game was different We got in a hole and couldn't climb out of it" On Sunday, Colgate came out firing and was able to shutout the Lakers for only the second time this year, beating Mercyhurst 3-0. The Red Raiders opened up the scoring with two goals in the second period, one each by Cheryl Setchell and Amanda Bar re. Colgate added an empty net goal to close out the scoring with 50 seconds left in the game. Colgate goalie Brook Wheeler stopped all 43 shots she faced, while Clark turned away 14 of 16 shots. | "We played well on Saturday, but Sunday was different," said sophomore Jackie Jarrell. Jarrell, who has not seen action because of injury since November 6, was one of the leading point getters, before going down.. , . Despite the loss, Clark is having a great season and is being rewarded for her success. She has been the only goalie named to the list of finalists for the Patty Kazmaier Memorial Award. The honor is given to the top NCAA Division I women's ice hockey player each year by The USA Hockey Foundation. Clark leads the nation in goals against average (1.32) and third in save percentage (.935). This was the first weekend in quite some time which saw Coach Mike Sistd only playing one goalie for the weekend, as time had been split between Clark and freshman Laura Hosier, who is currently 6-0 on the season. Mercyhurst is now 18-6-2 and 7-0-1 in College Hockey America

Kazmaier Memorial Award.

File Photo

lead to four, closing out the scoring for the Lakers. The assist on the goal was credited to sophomore defenseman Michelle Bonello. Colgate got the final mark of the game, ruining the shutout, with a power play goal just before





The Lakers will try to rebound on the road as they head to Rhode Island to take on Brown University this weekend.

W o m e n ' s hoops drop W a y n e State 87-81 in
By Denis Kirstein Contributing writer It took 11 years and 45 minutes for the Mercyhurst Lady Lakers basketball team to defeat the Women Warriors of Wayne State, fe This was thefirsttime the Lady Lakers defeated the Warriors since the 1998-99 season. It was a very interesting game from the point of momentum. "The game was goofy, they had the lead, then we had the lead, then vice versa and then we had the lead at the end, and that is all that counts," said guard Cassie Seth, a junior from Waterford, then clicked because of our great defense," said Seth. Mercyhurst had four players in double digits for scoring. Julie Anderson dropped 18 points and Mary Clare Harlan had her first double-double of the season with 16 points and 12 rebounds on a perfect, 4-of-4, night from behind the arc One other player that helped the Lakers get the victory was Jessica Olmstead. Olmstead, a senior transfer from Division I Youngs town State University, has been hobbled by injury, but was able to convert 24 points and pull down seven boards. This is a huge win for Mercyhurst because it was believed that Olmstead would be lost for the season due to injury. "Jess was back from a terrible foot injury. She was able to prove everyone wrong. She is a huge asset for us as a team," Seth said about her teammate. "It is great that we have her back for our playoff run." A playoff run is what Mercyhurst has ahead of them. With the win versus Wayne State, the Lakers have the opportunity to make the playoffs if they are able to win their final five games, which are at the Mercyhurst Athletic Center. All of theirfinalopponents are in the GLIAC South. "Coach was extremely happy with this win, because that win puts us in contention to still make the playoffs and with our remaining games at home, we have a great chance," said Seth, The win marks the most wins by a Mercyhurst women's squad since the 9-17 record the 200102 squad carried and the most road wins by the Lakers since the 1999-00 team went 9-7 on the road. As the season finishes, look for the Lakers of Mercyhurst to continue the roll that they are on, which will propel them into the playoffs and help them reach their goal of a GLIAC dde.




\ p^

Seth contributed 16 points and 6 assists to lead the Lakers to victory. The Lakers were clicking on all cylinders, as they shot a season high 46 percent from the field. Their defense was not bad either, "Our T>" in the second half was unbelievable, our offense

Junior Cattle Stth't 16 points and six assists ltd the Lakers over tht Warriors

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