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Social work clubs hosts Empty Bowl event to help stop hunger
By Jennifer Ciccone Contributing writer Mercyhurst hosts Empty Bowl on Sunday April 10, at the Masonic Temple, th 32 West 8 Street, from 3:30 until 6 p.m. Senior members in the Mercyhurst College social work and art departments are hosting an Empty Bowl Dinner and Auction to raise awareness and funds for the hungry of Northwest Pennsylvania. Each year the seniors of the social work club decide on a class project and when the idea was first brought up, everyone knew it was a worthwhile cause. "Empty Bowl events are held nationwide, as part of a project to support organizations that fight hunger," explains senior member of the social work club, Karen Kolivoski.

Robert Bly

Photo Courtesy of Dr. Ken Schifl

Bly kicks off Literary Festival

"Once the idea was brought to our attention, we then talked to Tom Hubert [from the Art Department who had a By Chelsea Boothef similar idea in mind. Contributing writer Hubert and his class are helping enormously with making ceramic bowls and Spring is upon us now, despite the hosting the live auction of artwork," ever-present snow, and along with Kolivoski said. Photo Courtesy of Geontfer Biggs showers April also brings the annual Social work students Michelle Plaggesl and Karen Kolivoski with bowls for the Empty Bowl event Mercyhurst Literary Festival. Please see Empty on Page 3 The Literary Festival is a series of ey^ntS. where weU-reoowned authors speak at Mercyhurst and then hold a workshop for English majors the next day. permanent IQ loss of 5-7 points. That The first author/poet is Robert Bly, By Kelly Rose Duttine th is stealing something that belongs to the and he will be reading on April 12 at Editor-in-Chief public. They are stealing the fish, but 7:30 p.m. in the Walker Recital Hall. they are also stealing the health and the His book Iron John is internationally dignity and the chances for our children Robert E. Kennedy, Jr., author, lawyer recognized and praised. to have healthy lives and they are doing Many media sources have tried to label and environmental activist spoke to a By Amanda Orendorf it so they can earn more money," said Bly a sexist, woman-hater because of Performing Arts Center packed with Contributing writer Kennedy. Iron John, but some people, who have students and community members, all While traveling around the country read the book, see it as a work about waiting to hear America's environmental and even the world as a child with his As Mercyhurst students begin making male violence, why it happens and where destiny. uncle and father, Kennedy said he would plans for next fall, they now have Dr. Michael McQuillen, while introthe roots of it lie. see crowds of hundreds of thousands one extra thing to consider, a higher Bly has caused controversy through ducing Kennedy, said a few words about of people just wanting to be near Ameri- tuition. this work; however, his talents go far Sister Loretta McHale, who passed away cans because they loved them so much. "For the 2005-2006 school year, it will beyond those of a controversial author two weeks ago at age 99, and for whom [Kennedy believes this has now changed. cost 5.2 percent more, or an additional of a male self-help book. He is also the lecture series is named. "The U.S. is the most hated nation on SI,296 to attend Mercyhurst College. "It is our honor to keep her name a poet who gave us the spirit of the earth," Kennedy said. "We are not insensitive to the strain American Land. As Wayne Dodd, a and legacy alive at the college with the Kennedy also answered the audience tuition increases have on some of our reviewer, wrote, "Just the American McHale Speaker Series, and tonight we questions and signed copies of his students and their families, and we conland, breathing into and through Bly. dedicate this lecture in her memory," Katie McAdams/Pholo editor book, "Crimes Against Nature" after sider this issue strongly as we strive to And us." Perhaps this is true, or maybe said McQuillen of McHale. the lecture. Sj Robert F Kennedy, Jr. balance the cost of excellence with the Kennedy touched on many environit is poetic jargon, but that should be a In addition to his lecture, Kennedy price we must charge to maintain and decision listeners can decide by attend- mental issues, but did focus some of his speech on the current Bush administra- democracy," he said. "There is nothing also spent time meeting and greet- advance it each year," said Jane Kelsey, ing his reading next Tuesday. See if you can feel the spirit of the tion's lack of care for the environment, radical about wanting clean air and water ing students involved with clubs on vice president of finance and treasurer." campus, including Mercyhurst Green, "We believe that even with next year's American Land when he reads. Here citing them as "the worse environmental for our children," said Kennedy. Besides an assault on democracy, Ken- MSG and the Young Democrats and increase, we are still competitively posiis a small glimpse of his work from White House in history," which was tioned." the Poem "In Danger from the Outer interrupted by audience's applause. nedy also believes that poor environ- Republicans. During his talk with them, Kennedy According to College Board figures, Kennedy was enraged that some govern- mental policies hurt the economy. World," £ "Good environmental policy is iden- was able to go into more detail about the increase for tuition, room and board This burning in the eyes, as we open ment pollution control agencies like air and water were controlled by the worst tical to good economic policy," said some things that he couldn't cover in and mandatory fees is currently less than doors, Kennedy. "Our children will pay. We the lecture, like some of his work as a the 5.6 percent averaged by four-year polluters. This is only the body burdened down with private institutions last year. "They have put the polluters in charge have got to start protecting our environ- prosecutor for the environment leaves, Kennedy has spent 21 years as a if: It is also lower than the 6 percent that The opaque flesh, heavy as November of virtually all of the agencies that are mental infrastructure," he said. Kennedy believes children are already prosecuting attorney and a Riverkeeper Mercyhurst has averaged in the last 15 supposed to protect Americans from paying, as are adults. He feels that the along the Hudson River, and expanded years. £ Growing stubbornly, triumphant even at pollution," said Kennedy. He also expressed anger at the press reason so many kids, including his own, the organization in New York to lakes $t Mercyhurst College, in fact, holds midnight § the third lowest cost of attendance This Minnesota native has written for giving little news coverage to impor- have asthma today is because of power and rivers all over this country. He also developed the Environmen- among 15 of its top competitors folother books, edited collections of tant environmental issues, saying that the plants. Kennedy is also outraged by the toxic tal Litigation Clinic at Pace University lowing Grove City College and Gannon poetry, written his own poetry and media was not liberal, but more often helped to translate non-English poetry. controlled by the radical right, in terms levels of mercury in women from eating School of Law, which gives law students University. freshwater fish, which can lead to many special permission to act as attorneys As a private institution, Mercyhurst Bly is one of the few living great of talk radio and cable news channels, Kennedy spoke about how the pol- birth defects, like autism, blindness and and prosecute top corporations who does not get any appropriation from American poets. pollute the environment. Recently some the state government; therefore, it The reading on April 12 is open to lution and the destruction of the envi- lower cognitive level, like IQ scores. "A woman of my levels of mercury of his students fought for the largest has to make it up in a higher price of everyone, however, the creative work- ronment are not just "an assault on the enrollment. environment, but also an assault on our in her blood would have children with penalties ever. shop is by inviation only.

Kennedy speaks at! 'Hurst Tuition

rises 5.2% for 2005-06

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April 6,2005



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Electing the new pope is not just a matter of listing ideal characteristics
By David C. Steinmetz The Orlando Sentinel The next pope will be elected by a relatively small group of higher clergy known as cardinals. Cardinals are special advisers to the pope. ^j They assist him in the governance of the Roman Catholic Church and, upon his death, elect his successor. Some cardinals, such as Joseph Ratzinger of Germany, live in Rome and run departments in the Vatican. Others, like Francis George in Chicago, are diocesan clergy charged with the pastoral care of archdioceses. I Of the 117 cardinals eligible to vote for the next pope, only three were not appointed by John Paul II. I £ Their average age is 71.7. Fiftyeight are from Europe, 21 from South America, 14 from North America, 11fromAfrica, 11 from Asia and two from Australia. The fact that there are no clear frontrunners for the post has not stifled speculation about' who might succeed the late pope. The Italians, who dominated the papacyfrom1523 to 1978, would very much like to have it back. The odds-on favorite candidate from Italy is the rotund and cheerful archbishop of Milan, DionigiTettamanzi, whose principal liability seems to be his lack of fluency in English, However, Europe is no longer the heartland of the Catholic Church. With two-thirds of Catholics living in the Southern Hemisphere, cardinals may wish to consider for the first time a candidatefromLatin America or Africa, perhaps Claudio Hummes of Brazil or Francis Arinze of Nigeria. Arinze has the additional advantage of being an expert on relations between Christianity and Islam. The cardinals are well aware of the problems the new pope will free. Among the most severe is the acute shortage of clergy, brought on in part by the reluctance of young Catholics to assume a celibate life. John Paul II had been adamant on the subject of celibacy. ! He reiterated the traditional Catholic position that priests must be celibate males. On this question, the next pope may choose a different path. After all, the tradition that priests must be celibate males is not a dogma, which cannot be

If* Remembering His Holiness, Pope John Paul II (1920-2005)
(All events are in the Christ of King Chapel unless noted) Wednesday April 6,2005 Mass at 8 a.m. Confessions at 3:30 p.m. Community Mass of Remembrance at 4:30 p.m. Thursday April 7,2005 Mass at 8 a.m. Rap on Religion: 'Tope John Paul II, the church and the future of Catholicism," at 7:30 p.m. in the Prince of Peace Chapel (Located in Union) Friday April 8,2005 Social Justice Stations of the Cross at 8:30 p.m.

Photo by Katie McAdams/Pholo editor

Students pray in front of Pope John Paul II memorial Tuesday during a Rosary service at Christ the King Chapel.
changed, but a matter of disci-] pline, which can. Catholic priests in Anglo-Saxon England were often married, and priestly celibacy has not been uniformly enforced throughout the history of the church. Eastern Orthodox churches, for example, allow priests to marry before ordination. Although, once ordained, they are not allowed to remarry if their spouse should die. Orthodox bishops are usually chosen from the ranks of the celibate, though there are some exceptions. Furthermore, Rome has accepted married priests from the Anglican Communion who converted to Catholicism. Could the next pope, even though it seems likely he will reject women's ordination, allow both celibate and non-celibate male clergy? And, if so, could he permit former priests who were laicized in order to marry to resume their functions as priests with the approval of local diocesan bishops? The answer may still be no, though it is not a foregone conclusion.

Saturday April 9,2005 Novena & Rosary at 6 p.m. Sunday April 10,2005 Mass at 11 a.m. and 8:30 p.m. Monday April 11,2005 Mass at 8 a.m. Recitation of the Rosary at 8:30 p.m. Recommended Individual Activities: | +Ptivate prayer in front of the display in the chapel. +Novena books available at the entrance to the chapel, +Reception of the Sacrament of Reconciliation

24 Hours of FUN, a lot can be done!

Kennedy speaks to 'Hurst community
ContinuedfromPage rt "Last summer four of my students won the biggest penalty case in die history of the Clean Water Act They got $5.6 million penalty after trial from NYC for destroying a famous trout sirieami" said Kennedy. tf f' ,"We are forcing the city nq& 9 to rebuild that trout stream/ he said. Students also had the opportunity to ask Kennedy questions while the clubs got their picture taken with him. I Kennedy cited being jailed in South America last summer as one of the most relaxing times of his life, since He i&ftlcf not atfs&& his cell p h o n ? t o t o 4 i h i 8 ^ catch up on the reading. a While speaking to the student leaders, Kennedy spoke at length about how the destruction of the environment, especially pollution of rivers and lakes, has caused high levels of mercury infishand humans who eat fish. Kennedy said. "It is now unsai!e tFeat most of the freshwater fish in America/' " *' This meet-and-greet was schedule after the death of Sr. Loretta McHale a few weeks ago. Originally, Kennedy was to meet with McHale, for whom the Distinguished Speaker Series is named. ^According to the president's office, it was important to being Kennedy to campus because of "Mercyhurst's cotpmit^nerit to instill in its students environmental awareness." With the lecture of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Mercyhurst instilled environmental awareness in its students and in the community.


April 22nd at 5 p.m.. $
Registration packets are in the Student Union

to the

Proceeds benefit the Elizabeth Glacier Pediatric AIDS Foundation

AtisonfMalmon speaks at 'Hurst
The Mercyhurst College Counseling Center is pleased to announce that Alison Malmon, president of Active Minds, an organization dedicated to furthering both the awareness and treatment of mental health disorder? among college students, will be giving a presentation entitled, "Active Minds and Campus Mental Health Issues'* on Wednesday, April 13th at 8:15 p.m. in the Taylor little Theatre. Admission is free. • What Is Active Minds on Campus? $ i i i % f Active Minds on Campus is a student-run mental health awareness, education, and advocacy organization designedforthe college campus. The group's mission is to utilize peer outreach to: a. Increase students1 awareness of mental health issues b. Provide Information and resources regarding mental health and mental illness C Encourage students to seek help as soon as it is needed d. Serve at liaison between students and the mental health community • By planning campus-wide events that promote awareness and education, the group aims to remove the stigma that surrounds mental illness and create a comfortable environment for open discussion of mental health issues. • How is Active Minds Organized^ | t ? h 1 Active Minds, Inc. is the national headquarters for all Active Minds on Campus chapters* The! headquarters is located in Washington, DC, with chapters on college campuses across the country. Each chapter is affiliated with Active Minds, Inc& but also obtains status as a student organization on its campus. • Who are Active Minds' Partners? % We have developed organizational partnerships with thefollowingorganizations and programs; a. ScreeningforMental Healthj$nc. - College Response Program bv National Mental Health Association * mpowen musiciansformental health program C. American Foundation for Suicide Prevention - "The Truth About Suicide: Real Stories of Depression in College" video ff d. Depression and Related Affective Disorders - Peer Support Program We also work closely with the Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law, Association of American Colleges and Universities, and National Mental Health Awareness Campaign • Why Active Minds on Campus? Mental Illness and the College Population: The Issue a. Young adults aged 18-24 have the highest prevalence of diagnosableformsof mental illness in the whole population at 27 percent b. Half of all adults with depression report onset before age 20 c. 75 percent of schizophrenic patients develop the disease between the ages 15-25 d. Researchers estimate that 20*30 percent of college aged women may display bulimic behavior $ e. Bipolar disorder typically develops in late adolescence or early adulthood f College students' self-rated emotional health has hit record lows in the last two years g. Suicide is the third leading cause of death among 18-24 year olds- and the second leading cause of death for college students alone. $ h. 95percent of college students who commit suicide suffer from a mental Illness* usually depression; and if depressed, substance abuse, anxiety, impulsivity, rage, hopelessness and desperation increase the risk ( t I. University Counseling Centers are overwhelmed by the combination of high demand and constrained budgets, and many have had to cut their outreach programs to simply accommodate student visits, 3" * 'i I j . University administrations recognize the potential mental health problems that face their students, and are scrounging tofindan answer to the threat of student suicide on campus s Active Minds offers a solution to this problem. Student advocacy lessens the demand on Counseling Centers, and capitalizes on the role of peers to make students aware of their mental health and where they can goforhelp, before it reaches a tragic stage. "Mental disorders are real illnesses that are as disabling and serious as cancers and heart disease in terms on premature death and lost productivity. Few Americans are untouched by mental illness^whether it occurs within one's family or among neighbors, co-workers or members of the community*1 - Former Surgeon General David Satcher, 1999


Galley Grill
NEW ITEMS: Tropical Island Oasis Fruit Smoothies Strawberry Banana Pina Colada Potato Skins French Toast 1/2 lb. Galley Burger




OLD FAVORITES: Chicken Fingers Sizzling Salad Ruby's Famous Pizza Grilled Chicken Sandwich Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8:00am-1:00 a.m. Saturday 1:00pm-1:00 a.m Sunday 5:00pm-1:00 a.m

s u





Laker Express

NEW ITEMS: Meals In a Minute Macaroni and Cheese Stuffed Shells Chicken Parm Hours of Operation: Penne Pasta w/ Alfredo cj Monday-Thursday 11:30-8:00 p.m Sauce Friday 11:30-3:30 p.m Board Equivalency Available Saturday & Sunday Closed * 11:30-8:00pm .?

OLD FAVORITES: Grilled Chicken Salad Turkey Bagels Crispy Chicken Salad Ham and Turkey Subs Chocolate Chip Cookies

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SATURDAY SPECIAL: Any foot long Sub Just $3.25 cash and campus card onlyl
add $1.00 for a combo!

FEATURES: Meatball Sub Baja Chicken BBQ Chicken Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 11:30-9:00 p.m. Saturday ] 1:00pm-9:00 p.m. Sunday 5:00pm-9:00 p.m


April 6,2005



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Graduation changes venue Tuition increase Graduation to take place at thefTulliolCenter instead of the Warner Theatre
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— said, "I think it is nice because you can bring more of your family. I would rather bring my whole family than just a few." Seniors will continue their Agreeing, senior Craig Andrews traditional march down State feels fine with the change. "It Street, come Sunday May, 22. allows people with more guests But; instead of parading straight to be easily accommodated," to the Warner Theatre, they will he said. veer slightly to the right into the The change was not voted Tullio Civic Center, upon, but decided due to the "The Warner only accom- increasing number of graduates modates a limited amount of 100 more than last year. people," said Interim President "A vote would have been Dr. Michael McQuillen. 'There- almost impossible," said McQuilfore, graduation is switched to len. "Say there are around 500 the Tullio Civic Center." graduates and 251 want to switch The switch was inevitable ac- to the center and 250 want to cording to McQuillen. "We had stay at the Warner. What would to go from the Warner to the we do?" V -y Civic Center at some point The Though no official vote took Warner, because renovation lost place, letters were sent out to 200 seats, would limit seniors to seniors and their parents asking three tickets," said McQuillen. where they would prefer graduMcQuillen, along with admin- ation to be located. "We asked, istrators and students, seems to Tf you were to have graduation share the same reasoning behind here (Warner) or there (Tulthe controversial switch — the lio Civic Center), which would limitation of attendees. ' T h e you prefer?"' said McQuillen. Warner was a majesty," said The results, according to Daly, Mary Daly who is coordinating calculated only four parents die event «$"But» since the re- wanting the Warner. Additionconstruction of the theatre, the ally, Daly said that only five Seats are limited, and the switch students responded to a survey to the Tullio Center will aliow an that they would have rather unlimited amount'* graduated from the Warner with Senior Christina Moschetta, three tickets than switch to the who plans to invite six people Civic Center. — three over the limit if graduStudent Government President ation were held at the Warner Mike Mancinelli understands the By Josh Wilwohl Layout Assistant

Photo editor Katie McAdams

The Warner Theatre is the former graduation location. 5 necessity of having the ceremony moved, but also accepts the fact of breaking a tradition. "We (MSG) have accepted the fact that it has been moved," said Mancinelli. 'The point of graduation is to be with those who are family, and even though it is moving, we are starting a new tradition." Agreeing, McQuillen hopes that "students will begin to recognize that as attractive as the Warner was as a setting, if most of the people that you know and care about couldn't see graduation, then what good is it? At least this way, more people can share the graduation experience with you. We will do our best to make the Civic Center look very appealing and attractive." Daly, who promises a very elaborate ceremony, agrees that the task will not be easy. "We have a tough job ahead of us," she said. "But, we will make the Tullio Center fantastic enough to have Mercyhurst flair."

Mercyhurst sees many improvements thanks to the capital campaign
By Brent Vlcek Contributing writer The Preserving the Legacy capital campaign ended its four -year run on June 20, 2004, raising more than $22.8 million for Mercyhurst College. According to Gary Bukowski, vice president of institutional advancement and director of the four-year fundraiser, the "Preserving the Legacy" campaign j was a reaction to Mercyhurst's growing student population. The Capital Campaign was "an effort to do some significant improvements to the college campus," said Bukowski. Mercyhurst's growing student population required more academic space and a larger endowment for scholarships. The tangible benefits from the Capital Campaign are clear. Funds raised from the "Preserving the Legacy" campaign permitted the construction of the Audrey Hirt Academic Center, which opened on September 10,2002. «~ The Audrey Hirt building features classrooms with "smart podiums," the Dr. Barrett and Catherine Walker Lecture Hall, and more classrooms for Mercyhurst's growing student population and curriculum. One of the most successful components of the Preserving the Legacy Campaign was the Alden Science Challenge. The George Alden Trust in Worcester, Mass. challenged Mercyhurst donors to raise $300,000. The Trust would then match that goal with $100,000. Mercyhurst donors exceeded that goal by raising $332,027. Since then, Zurn Hall received the Donald and Judith Alstadt Laboratory for Molecular and Cellular Research and building renovations. Student Government contributed to the capital campaign raising more than $1 million for the construction of the Student Recreation Center. The campaign also helped "preserve the legacy" of Mercyhurst through renovations to Old Main. More than 900 single-pane windows were replaced with double-pane windows. Funds also made available a new electrical system needed to power the new heating/air conditioning (HVAC) system in Old Main. (yjfc As Bukowski said, the benefits of the Preserving the Legacy campaign are "not only for bricks and mortar." Bukowski stressed that the campaign was for the student population of Mercyhurst "We didn't do the campaign just to put money in the bank. We did the campaign to give back to the students and help the students." I he capital campaign sought to raise the college s endowment to $10 million as the student population grows. Currently the endowment is at more than $20 million. Raising the endowment was necessary to provide students withfinancialaid and bring more students to Mercyhurst. The fundraising effort is already benefiting the student population. According to Bukowski, "over 60 endowed scholarships were created, $300,000 to $400,000 from the interest earned on donations were given out, and over 240 students have received scholarship aid because of the campaign." The capital campaign also benefits Mercyhurst North East students. Before the capital campaign, there was no scholarship endowment for Mercyhurst North East students. The recent fundraising efforts have now endowed Mercyhurst North East with more than $2 million in scholarship funds. % Another example of how the campaign benefits students is the recently completed Gabreski

Campaign funds benefit students
Honors Lounge in the Audrey Hirt Academic Center. The success of the Preserving the Legacy campaign is not only a result of the hard work of Gary Bukowski, but also the support of the many donors. Faculty, staff and administration contributed to the fundraising effort with 95 percent participation. The Board of Trustees pledged more than $9 million to the campaign and the Mercyhurst alumni, according to Bukowski, "gave the highest level ever in the college's history." The campaign also received funding from parents, pastors, foundations, college societies, federal sources, state sources, local sources and the Erie community. "Every possible avenue to get those funds to make a lot of these things happen was explored," said Bukowski, The success of the Preserving the Legacy campaign has many thinking into the future. The next capital campaign is expected to raise $40 to $50 million. For Bukowski, the success of this campaign means more work for the next "We've made some significant inroads to raise the bar with this campaign. Nonetheless, we are never done" he said.

"In addition, Mercyhurst continues to fund projects to The college's mandatory fees enhance the campus for stu3 I include per-term fees for reg- dents." istration, computer/network, According to Kelsey, running building assessment and student a college is almost like running government; these fees will not; a city. Mercyhurst has many undergo an increase and will things that it has to maintain remain at the same level as the and keep up and running much 2004-2005 academic year. like a city does. The tuition, on the other For example, if a water line hand, will rise to $17,760, an breaks, the college is responsible increase of 6.1 percent; and forfixingit As other examples, room and board will rise to the college also provides se$7,074, an increase of 4.05 curity services, trash removal, percent The total cost of at* utilities and other services that tending Mercyhurst in the fall a city typically provides to its will be $26,187. residents. The price of energy The administration under- alone is very expensive. Some goes a detailed process to even prices are beyond anyone's consider a tuition increase. control. The process begins in early Students today want and exfall when the administration pect more out of their college. looks at what other competing Since Mercyhurst has many schools are charging and what older facilities, a lot of money the college needs to run suc- has to go into maintaining and cessfully in the coming year. keeping them current Keeping Costs such as financial aid, tuition low and the campus upsalaries and benefits for fac- to-date is a delicate balancing ulty, staff and administration, act that gets a lot of attention and numerous other operating from the college officials. expenses including technology, In spite of the increasing infrastructure and energy are cost of attendance, Mercyhurst analyzed. College's enrollment continues The increase for the coming to grow each year. year is necessary to allow MerAll students of the college cyhurst to maintain and advance have had a letter sent home that the academic excellence that it details the price increases. In is known for. addition, the school's catalog, "We continually strive to pro- which comes out in late sumvide compensation and benefits mer, also specifies the exact cost appropriate to attract and retain of attendance. faculty and academic facilities According to U.S. News and that support the teaching and World Report, Mercyhurst Collearning environment," said lege is still a "great college at a Kelsey. great cost"

Empty bowl event
ContinuedfromPage 1
Empty Bowl events first be-


mM }M$te** Michigan
W g ^ c h o p } ^ ^ g : a n d h i s stu-« dents made ceramic bowls and, served soup and bread in them as a'means of raising funds to address hunger. The idea has now blossomed and Empty Bowl events can be found across the nation. The concept is not only to serve someone a meal of just soup and bread but also allows the person to keep a handcrafted bowl as a reminder of those whose bowls are too often empty. This will be the first time Mercyhurst will host an Empty Bowl event The response form the Mercyhurst community has really contributed to the excitement as well as the buzz that surrounds the upcoming event "Despite having nearly fulltime field placements this term, the social work seniors have been hard at work almost nonstop. The art students have also been working very, very hard as well—with the end result of beautiful handcrafted ceramic bowls," said Kolivoski. "Donations from local restaurants and shops around Erie have been amazing—we have quite the list of thank-you's that will need to be sent out after the event The response from Mercyhurst staff and faculty that have bought tickets for the event has been awesome as well." } Tickets for the student-run charitable event are $15 apiece, according to Laura Lewis, chairperson of Mercyhurst's sociology/social work department, which included the hand-crafted bowl that the soup is served

Academic Celebration takes over 'Hurst
frequently my colleagues collaboBy Kristen Piquette rate in and out of the classroom Advertising manager and I wanted to provide a showcase for faculty and students to Mercyhurst holds annual share their collaborations with a Academic Celebration "Inter- larger audience," said Dr. Karen disciplinary Relationships for Williams, faculty adviser for Acaa Changing World" April 3 demic Celebration. The main event was the Sisthrough April 6. This year's event featured ter Maura Smith Lecture on 25 presentations ranging from "Sustainability: Moral Mandate ecoterrorism, to gender issues for the 21st Century," which in sports, hip-hop culture and highlighted the multi-million media bias. The presentations, dollar "recycling" of the 1930s Motherhouse of the Sisters of which take on many forms such the Immaculate Heart of Mary as panel discussion, debates, lec(IHM) in Monroe, Mich., an tures, displays and performance, undertaking that won numerous are all free to the college comenvironmental awards. munity as well as the public Other featured events inThe goal of the four-day celebration, which is hosted by the cluded "The Ancient Brother," Mercyhurst Honors Program in which art faculty Peggy Brace and organized by students, is to used her artistic skills to "put create dialogue among students, a face" on the cast skull of an faculty and members of the ancient Kabwe man unearthed in Zambia. community. * "I think there is at least one "My inspiration for this year's lecture that will interest everytheme camefromwitnessing how body on campus. Many people are going out of their way to make wonderful presentations and bring in experts from outside of Mercyhurst," said student chair for the Academic Celebration, Erin Lenz. Throughout Academic Celebration, there were several presentations on alternative breaks taken by Mercyhurst students, among them "Both Sides of the Fence," a reflection on the social, economic and political implications affecting those living on either side of the US/Mexico border. There was also a panel presentation on "Media Bias: Can You Trust Your News " which examined the news through the critical lens of political, professional and ethical considerations. "Being the faculty advisor for Academic Celebration over the past few years has been a very rewarding experience for me. I always look forward to seeing as many of the presentations as I can during the four days. This year promises to be one of the best," says Dr. Williams. Among the highlights for tonight, Wednesday, April 6, is a presentation on "The Growing Influence of Buddhist Thought on Western Psychology and Psychotherapy" slated for 8 p.m. in room 200 of the Hirt Center. Also for all graduating seniors who are soon going to be purchasing their first home attend, "Purchasing a Home: The Necessary Steps for Making the Best Choice", at 4 p.m. in Hirt 213. Everyone will leave with the knowledge of knowing the mechanics of a properly main* tamed home. Finally, the academic celebration will come to a close with, "The Land of Four Winds", at 8:30 p.m. in Hirt 205. St Michelc Schroek and students will speak of their experiences at the Navajo Reservation during break.

However, to keep the cost reasonable for families, mealonly tickets for children (no hand-crafted bowl) will be available for $3. All proceeds will benefit the Second Harvest Food Bank. The seniors hope to raise more than $4,000 with the event "For each $1 donation the food bank receives, they are able to distribute $ 17 worth of food to those who are hungry, so our

contribution should certainly help," said Kolivoski. Tickets for this event may be purchased g£ t h e ^ o ^ M f l x i n ^ n ^ j %&$, PsbAW* at Second Harvest Food Bank, and at Mercyhurst College in T r i t o n Hall, Kootri 214. ft Supplying the soups are the Greater Erie Independent Restaurant Group, including Bertrand's, Pufferbelly, Colao's Ristorante, Walnut Creek Grill, Papermoon, Theodore's Restaurant, Porter's Restaurant and Tap Room, Joe Root's Grill, Maximilian's, and Colony Pub and Grille. In addition, Teresa's Deli is donating all the bread for the event "We greatly appreciate the local artists and merchants who have generously contributed to this event," says Megan Jakubowski, senior social work major and one of the student organizers. "The names of all businesses and artists who make this opportunity possible will be recognized at the Empty Bowl event." Kolivoski also said that Dr. Laura Lewis and Mr. Tom Hubert have both been crucial in organizing the event, as well as the students of the Mercyhurst College Art Department and students at nearby Mercyhurst Prep for creating the 250 beautiful hand-crafted bowls. Bach year the seniors of the social work club try to come up with a new, innovative concept to help create awareness about different social problems. |~ Hunger affects millions of people world wide and thousands of people locally. The Empty Bowl Meal and Auction will help with local hunker as well as inform the public about this epidemic. "While the event will be a great opportunity to taste great foods, listen to wonderful music, bid on local artwork, and be a wonderful social opportunity, what we would like those that come to leave with is also a raised awareness about hunger both locally and beyond," said Kolivoski. In order to help the social clubfighthunger purchase your ticket and fight hunger one bowl at a time.






April 6,2005




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A r t therapy seniors create

m u r a l

Kelio McAdamsV Photo editor

This mural Is located at the Martin Luther King Jr. Center dance space. The art was created from the combined talents of art therapy majors.
By Jen Helbig Features editor The senior art therapy majors have been very busy this year creating their final project They have constructed a mural in the community to represent the coursework that they have learned over the past four years. "Art therapists give back to their clients, and this was our way of giving back to the com* munity," senior art therapy major Jessica DeMaison said. The mural is located in the dance space at the Martin Luther King Jr. Center between 3rd and 4th streets on Chestnut Street "The center provides dance, daycare, food services and after school programs/' DeMaison said. "It is community based." Gathlyn Hahn, an art therapy professor, described the mural as a service learning project, not just a regular classroom assignment About 13 students worked on the mural over the course of five weeks. All of the students had to put in 10 hours of work, "but it took much more than that" DeMaison said. The project took so much time because there were various steps to making the mural. "First, we had to prime the wall," DeMaison explained. She said that the wall was cement brick, so it took a lot of paint to fill the pocks in the wall. "We used a whole gallon of paint," she said. . The mural covered 270 square feet of wall above a dance mirror. 'This is the biggest mural that the art therapy program has ever done." DeMaison said. Although it took many hours and much work, DeMaison commented on the positive attitudes that prevailed throughout the creation process. "This was the most bonded design, and even the supplies of any class Tve ever been in," used to create the artwork, she said. "It really felt good to ft "We painted with paper towels work on it" for a textured effect, and we used The mural consists of three a lot of pastel colors." large panels that feature dancDeMaison explained that a ers of both sexes and of many common misconception is that races. art therapists are just therapists. DeMaison said that the center "We're artists too," she said. hosts people of many cultures, Earlier in the year, the seniors and they thought that it would showed off their talents at an be appropriate to incorporate art show. the beauty of uniqueness in race "For the art show we had to into the mural create a piece of artwork of any "There are three sections to medium, and it had to be above the mural," she added. ccWe taped and beyond anything we've ever each section and then traced the done." figures on paper for an outline. "We were all to express what's Much thought went into the inside through artwork." She said that some students chose painting, but others chose various mediums such as quilting, stained glass, or even the creation of a music box. With such a talented group of artists, it was easy to see how the mural turned out so nice. Upon visiting and inquiring to see the mural, dance students at the center yelled excitedly, "Oh, you mean the artwork," as they ran ahead to show off their newly improved room. The art students' hard work was temporary, but the mark they left will last a long time.

S o l d i e r r e t u r n s f r o m I r a q jto h i s
By. Katherine Dlabola Contributing writer With seemingly no end to the conflict in Iraq and other places around the world, increasing amounts of America's youth are joining the United States military. * Many of our grandfathers can regale us with their stories from abroad in the armed forces and how hard it was for them to be away from their family, friends, and loved ones. Many of the military youth of today have yet to tell us stories of their experiences in the current conflicts overseas. Jessica McNurlen, a freshmen psychology major, has experienced first hand what it is like to have a loved one in the military and overseas. She has been dating Luke Fuchs, for one and a half years after meeting him during high school. Fuchs joined the Marines and has been all over the world
. . . .

ground level with these people, we were able to understand the difficulties they had to endure. It strengthened the reason for us being there." "Life is so precious," Fuchs reflected. "The people I love could be taken away at any moment You need to live life to the fUUest" * * « x -*| Fuchs is setting this example now that he is home. * "I plan to spoil and devote my time to my girlfriend; to stay in shape as much as I can with all the food I can eat now; and to attend college, possibly the University of Maryland in the fall" Fuchs also plans to remain in the Marine Corps and join Force Reconnaissance, the special forces of the Marines. Many of the stories and insights that America's military youth have yet to tell us contain important ideals within them and should be heard by all walks of life. ;; 4 This is just one of those stories.

including a recent tour of duty in Iraq. ^Timiim Fuchs returned March 20, 2005, from Iraq after working there as a military policeman for the past seven months, "Knowing he was over there fighting, and never knowing if he was safe was the scariest thing ever," McNurlen said. "There were nights that I couldn't fall asleep because I would be wondering what he was doing and if he was okay." Throughout Luke's entire time overseas, Jessica never doubted his decision to become a Marine. "He is over there because his country called upon him," she said. "To him, that is just his job. It is something most of us will never understand." Fuchs said that it was not very easy to be away. "Granted it was obviously difficult, but the support from family and friends was incredible and that is what really allowed me to get through this," Fuchs said. "This second deployment was

Photo courtesy of Jessica McNurlen

Freshman Jessica McNurlen welcomes home her boyfriend, Luke Fuchs.
much harder because I had to women over there," Fuchs said. "I got to converse and spend leave Jess, and saying goodbye [ Even with the difficulties Fuchs time with local populace of Iraq. was very hard because we were faced while overseas and in the Anytime that occurs it is a learntogether so often." center of Iraq's current pocy ing experience, as long as they "For the people of America conditions, he did experience weren't trying to blow us up," to understand what is going on, many things that most of us may Luke explained. they need to talk to the men and never completely understand. "Once we were able to get to

Prepare for the future with Career Services
By Missy Mulvihill Contributing writer The four years (or more) you spend in college will fly by and before you know it, it will be time to buckle down and start looking for a full-time job. But where do you begin? How can you possibly prepare yourself for what may be your future career? Don't worry; the Office of Career Services is here to help. First things first, visit Career Services (Old Main 204). They are extremely helpful and will get you going on the right track. Depending on who you need to speak with, you can either just walk-in or set up an appointment , "We try to accommodate everyone as fast and best as possible," says Regan Kosic, a junior who has worked in Career Services for the past three years. If you're ready to go visit Career Services, what will you do there? One of the most important tasks that Career Services does for students is the free resume writing help they provide. As many students know, a resume is what an employer really takes a hard look at, and it cannot be anything but perfect | According to materials pro* vided by Career Services, it is best to begin compiling your resume as early as your freshman year. | beginning your resume will give you the opportunity to get a head start on documenting research projects, practical experience, coursework, etc This means recording an accurate account of accomplishments during your college career instead of picking your brain in later years, trying to remember what youVe done in past What is the importance of having Career Services help you out, if you can make up a resume on your own? "Having a resume through our office is beneficial for a number of reasons," Kosic said. "First of all, having a resume done by us, you will always be in our files which means 10, 20 years down the road, we still can provide service to you in your job searching"! | \ Besides resume construction, Career Services offers other ways that they can help students. They offer many workshops that will enhance your job searching process and everything leading up to that point. This includes cover-letter writ* ing, job-search strategies and interviewing techniques. Even if you do not have a major or career in mind, be sure to take full advantage of the SIGI Plus, a career exploration software program located in Career Services. It can help youfigureout what your strengths and interests are and may help you decide on a future career path. K< For those seniors who are ready to begin interviewing, you can set up a "mock" interview with the staff. Here, they will be able to help you with perfecting your interviewing techniques and make you feel more confident and comfortable when going to an actual interview. K Also, be sure to take full ad vantage of their database full of job searching materials and listings. The job search bulletin board, located right in the hallway of the third floor of Old Main, carries an extensive listing of jobs that are available/ There is something for everyone at Career Services, So visit t hem today and prepare yourself for your future


StmtT to Soil?

Advertise in the Classified section of the itlerciad. % 1.00 per line Sell your: Books J Computer AWTHIM.l

Contact Kristen @ A-2370 or

April 6,2005



To contact: featuremerciad@mercyhurst edu


H a r d w o r k d o e s n o t a l w a y s p a y
By Jennifer Allen Contributing writer On a Sunday afternoon, Brooke McNierney sits on her couch clipping coupons from the newspaper. \ Shampoo, 50 cents ofE Yogurt, four for one dollar. Dish soap, buy one get one free. Anything to save a few bucks. McNierney, a junior at Mercyhurst College, feels the woes of a "poor college student" more than most |T* Since age 18, she has lived on her own, supported herself and is currently looking for any way to save money and help pay for school ^ Hence, the coupon clipping from the Sunday paper each week. f ; "About a month after my eighteenth birthday I moved out" McNierney says. "I got a one bedroom apartment a couple miles away in the same town and 1 did my entire senior year of high school on my own." Moving out was not easy, but family problems became too / much for her to handle. "Based on what I came from, it was the best thing that I could have done," McNierney explained. added. Through her senior year of The little money left from her high school, McNierney juggled paycheck as a cake decorator at Advanced Placement courses, Tops Supermarket goes with her internships, college applications coupons to buy the necessities and a full time job. for apartment living: food, toiletThis only became harder when ries, and cleaning supplies. i she started college. There is not always money or "I worked all through my fresh- time left over for enjoyment man year," she said. "You have to understand that "I had a job off campus and you do have to work two full days a work study job. The money every weekend, do your homewent toward loans, bills, car work, do your outside activities, insurance, credit cards, and my and get your projects done," storage unit" McNierney said. "I also had six months left on "Friends kind of have to take a my apartment lease when I came back seat, and I don't sleep a lot to college and had to pay for that anymore," she said. while living here," McNierney "I became a morning person and I sleep when I get the chance." McNierney does not regret all this hard work and knows that it has ultimately made her a more responsible person. But all the hard work does not necessarily make paying for college any easier: She thinks that Mercyhurst should consider helping out people like her who are working hard, but need the assistance. "I think the school should look at who the person is and what they have done and accomplished and give assistance to people who have done very well," she says.


l n e s t o r y of n o w o n e s t u d e n t h a s b e e n w o r k i n g h a r d t o p a y h e r o w n w a y t h r o u g h c o l l e g e
"If someone really wants to go here and this is the only place to get their major, they should be able to get help. One student is not going to break the bank." McNierney is currendy working to declare herself as an independent in hopes to increase her financial aid. She is also filling out all possible scholarship applications, hoping to defer the cost of campus housing. In the meantime, it will be back to clipping coupons, and looking for any way to save a little bit of money in hopes that she can return to Mercyhurst and complete her senior year of college.

L e a r n the art of b e c o m i n g a barista
off a cart By Monica Soto Ouchi Forgot the grinder? Forget it The Seattle Times She has to go fetch it herself, wherever it is. Someone slips SEATTLE Phuong Tran is her a stirring spoon and she's usually making cappuccinos or disqualified.! Tick,tick,tick. pulling espresso shots when she 25 minutes realizes she's out of time. It's time to fine-tune her "Oh no!" she panics. espresso grind like a classical Then she wakes up.'* Tran, the 2005 US. champion guitar. barista, is training for the Olym- >Too coarse a grinds and the pic games of the specialty-cof- espresso shotflowstoo fast Too l?fine» and it draws too slow. fee world. The perfect, 1 -ounce espresso The World Batista Championship will take place in Seatde shot takes between 20 to 30 April 15-18 in conjunction with seconds to draw. The contest is the Specialty Coffee Association decided before it begins. Tick,tick,tick. of America's annual confer20 minutes ence. Time to clean up the workstaIn the contest'sfive-yearhistory, Norway and Denmark have tion. Loose coffee grounds lose won twice. Australia is the lone points. Up to six, to be exact non-Scandinavian winner. Tick, tick, tick* Canada placed second last tj> minutes I bar. That's the closest North e 9I0S 1 menca has leen to touching r The drink makiflg starts. Tran faces four sensory judges mocha. (who taste the drinks), two ? "Hopefully, Phuong will take technical judges (who evaluate us to the top this year," said Jeff her presentation and technical Babcock, co-owner of Zoka skills) and a head judge. Coffee Roaster and Tea, where She opens by explaining the Tran coaches new baristas on drinks shell prepare for the senthe art of making specialty-cofsory judges: four espressos, four fee drinks. "But it's so tough." cappuccinos and four identical And so she trains. copies of her signature-style In Zoka's unfinished Ballard drink, the Crimson Sage, headquarters. Just above a harpTick,tick,tick. making studio. 12 Vz minutes Let the games begin. First, the espresso. Tick, tick, tick. £ Tran becomes one with her 30 minutes Tran sets up her workstation. inner gun fighter. From this She pulls coffee, milk, cups, moment, it's all about nuance glasses, sugar, spices and tools and speed. The drink is served in crimson-colored shot glasses. Tick,tick,tick. Time. Go over 30 seconds, it's five points. Go over 2 minutes, : > you're out How high are the stakes? Prizes aren't set yet, although past winners have received trips to various coffee-origin countries and their likeness on a Da Vinci Gourmet syrup bottle, TheyVe received professional espresso machines and instant celebrity. The 2003 winner, Paul B as sett of Australia, now has a 13-part series on The lifestyle Channel called 'Tiving Coffee." He is the official spokesman for Cremabrand barista milk. Tran, who won a barista toolkit and cash award in the national contest, wants to be the first U.S. master barista to win P p tifiK The NGkWtB shouldn't underestimate her, at least not her stamina. Tran was in Japan for three j* weeks training baristas at Zoka's new coffee shop in Tokyo. She returned March 5 with just one week to finalize her routine and signature drink for the US. Barista Championship. The night before the competition, Tran returned to work after dinner to practice. She stayed up all night perfecting her routine, save power naps in-between. "I was always taught* If you do something, do it well" she said. Game on.

Photo courtesy of KRT

Phuong Tran is a very Intense coffee maker. When she tamps the espresso grounds, is her elbow at a 90degree angle? (It*s the only way the water evenly permeates and extracts the coffee.) Is the crcma hazelnut and dark brown with a reddish reflection? The judges are watching. Tick,tick,tick. 3 10 minutes On to the cappuccino. This drink takes longer, because she has to steam the milk. So many little details: Did she clean the pitcher? Purge the steam wand?^ How*, velvety is the foam? Does it stand an inch high or more when judges pull it away with a spoon? m If the espresso and foam synchronize, her drink is in perfect tune. Tick, tick, tick. 5 minutes Tran's signature drink is to coffee what Ichiro's swing is to baseball: one of a kind. The Crimson Sage latte is an espresso shot with sugar-cane juice, sage-infused steamed milk and a touch of white pepper.

Making the switch from student to teacher
One student finds challenges andjoys in preparing for the real world
By Jaime Myers Contributing writer "Twenty-five children and only one of me. How am I going to get through this?" This is what senior Julie Dickinson thought when she first walked into the kindergarten class at JoAnna Connell Elementary School. It was time for her to switch from student to teacher. Student teaching is a requirement for Mercyhurst education majors during their senior year. J Dickinson started out with small tasks - getting to know the children, doing small activities and doing one or two lessons a day. But now she is teaching the whole day. *I thought it was tiring just being there the whole day," said Dickinson. "But there is a whole new level oftirednesswhen I actually teach the whole dayJ The only time I got to sit was at lunch time. Throughout her four years at Mercyhurst^ Dickinson completed many practicums, as well as pipping, which is teaching two days a week. ^ She has had some experience in the classroom. But teaching everyday is a big step forward and is giving her plenty of experience. Students at Mercyhurst teach for six weeks at two different schools in either the fall or spring term of their senior year. Therefore, the student teaching term is two weeks longer for education majors than for other students. The teacher of the kindergarten class at JoAnna Connell, Ms. Tillman, has taught Dickinson some valuable lessons. She said there are days when the lessons go smooth. Then there are days when the children do not want to pay attention. Dickinson comes home and practices her lessons on her roommates. She sings songs or plays games to make sure that her lesson will work. "We hear Baby Beluga and learn matchmaker math when Julie is telling us about her lessons," said roommate Robyn Mast "It kind of brings you back to your kindergarten days." Sometimes the only way to get children to learn is to get them excited about the subject Last week, Dickinson put on a party hat to get the children excited about a math lesson. That day they were learning about shapes, and her cone hat was a perfect addition to the lesson. Not only are the children learning from her but she is learning from them. "One child in class is one of my biggest challenges, but it feels great when I get through to him," Dickinson said. "This is the best day ever Miss Dickinson. I didn't even cry." She learns what each child is good at, what he needs help with, and how he interacts with the other children as well as the authorities. Teaching is just half of the work. Student teachers must write a plan for each lesson and reflect on how well or not so well they went." Mercyhurst professors come in to evaluate, and sometimes it is a surprise visit "Kindergarten is a tough grade because they don't know much," said Dickinson. "But the kids get excited if they learn something new, which makes me excited because I taught them something." Next up, Dickinson will tackle the fifth grade at Lincoln Elementary. s£This will take her right up until the graduation week activities. Then it is time to go off into the real world. She plans on moving to Maryland after college to live with her fiance. She has already interviewed with the Charles County public schools in Maryland and also hopes to work with their summer program.

April Special
Tall Storm Italian Soda $1.50 M & M $.65


[TJhe kids get \excited if they learn something new, which makes me excited because I taught them something. J J - Julie Dickinson

, , ,I


Sun.-Thurs. Evenings: 6:00- 12:00 a.m. Mon.-Fri. Mornings: 8:00 -12:00 p.m.

Main Floor Hammermill Library

Another kindergartener, is another challenge, but for a different reason. He cries almost everyday. But Dickinson was relieved when he said to her after winning a prize,



April 6,2005

The Good

7b contact: oplntonmerGiad@meivyhurst.eclu

Campus Question
With the largest ever freshman classmoving to upperclassmen I housing next year, do you think Mercyhurst is growing too quickly too accommodate all students?

The Good, the Bad,|& the; Ugly
This year's Academic Celebration offered a wide variety of topics and student participation seems to have increased compared to last year. This annual event is a wonderful chance for students and the Erie community to expand their knowledge in topics of interest, and knowing you won't be tested on the material makes it all the more enjoyable. "The term is officially half over this week. While this may bring the burden of mid-terms, it also brings the hope of survival. At this point, students are beginning to see the light at the end of the academia tunnel However, students must attempt to stay focused as their long awaited frcedeom approaches. Women's hockey coach Mike Sisti was named Division One Coach of the Year. Coach Sisti was chosen over many prominent coaches from schools such as Harvard and Boston College. Also, senior Desi Clark was honored with the Division One All American Goalie tide. These are incredible honors and come at the end of an amazing season.

The Bad
The Erie Times-News made Mercyhurst's tuition increase frontpage news. While a 5.2% tuition hike is newsworthy, it should be noted that it was the smallest increase in the area. Why then wasn't Gannon's higher tuition increase played the same way? That's a good question.

It is growing too quickly for the community's acceptance.

The Ugly
This past weekend, Mercyhurst was hit hard with a spring-time snow storm. All around Erie, roads were closed, trees were down and conditions were treacherous. The nasty weather affected campus life as well with the cancellation of several sporting events and the MSG shuttle service. Even though the bad weather is (hopefully) behind us, the campus now has to suffer the thawing period. The ground is already saturated to the maximum, and with the nice weather returning, Mercyhurst is in for some swampy, muddy and possibly flood worthy conditions.

Professional candor
you brought it up in the first place, By Amy Sterling Like Big Bird says, everyone makes mistakes. The Contributing writer smaller, the better: A small speech error will be forgotten in a fleetFor many liberal arts track college students, the ing moment if you appear to be otherwise intelthousands of dollars and four years will be worth ligent If you come off as being a moron, you'll be remembered as a moron, regardless of how good it v For those of us who: (a) mispronounce words on you look on paper. Conversely, circumvent resembling academic Sports Center or (b) write about those who mispronounce words on Sports Center, it's a different discourse in speaking situations. Though it isn't quite as bad as *LOL' in conversation, it too has story. Do you want fries with that? Most of us will have gotten the credits that get us its ownflavqrrflfawkwatd.:t£b ^ti b^tari'- vlsisiq tftlTdeg&e wenfced: W<f\i^ graduate and move on ^|Li fjifljcefc a- time ancj ft pfofi&fot - the print an4~ to jobs, mote school, our parents' houses — what- proper/and there's a reason that spoken language' is different than that of academia. The interviewer ever the case may be. Hopefully, those major courses paid off.? And, won't actually give youfivedollars for using a "fiveideally, the time we spent trudging through the core dollar word." So, avoid the of Internet slang in any speaking courses will have cultivated better cultured, wiser, situation, especially those that are formal. more well-rounded individuals. Be marketable. Don't butcher tilings (especially The idea behind all this is marketability. We go the English language). Live the dream that the through the liberal arts experience, and that process education was worth the tuition. turns us into what thefolksin the "real world" (the Speak intelligently and in a manner suited to the ones with the job offers) are looking for. Right? | V Again, hopefully. College can only take us so far. situation. u It's "May I take your order," not Can I take your Looking good on paper is important, but presentaorder" Unless you really are a moron. In that case, tion counts, too. Look pretty, sit up straight and speak intelligently. gofor'can.' And most importantly, if you mention Taking care that the words we say should be much 'Gonzanga' in a job interview, leave Mercyhurst's more focused on content than delivery. The inter- name out viewer probably won't bust you for mispronouncing 'Gonzaga/ though they may want to know why

I am happy at theratein which Mercyhurst is growing. But I also believe a new academic building or new apartments would be beneficial to the students.

Elyse Voorniesi, Frehman, Undecided

Yes, there isn't any room tofitall the new freshmen.;. % t

•e T i

Ashley Masi, Junior, Intelligence Studies

Clashing of interests
^Dear Madam Malarky, or two weekends. You will just have to put aside a social My roommates are anime lovers and quitefrankly,Vm life, homework and of course English. I'm don't know bow to deal with it anymore. I enjoy told anime is always better in Japanese. By Sunday their night at company of course. They help make life interesting. But 11:59 p.m., you should be cured of this anime situation. In addition, you will have a greater enough is enough. love of the English language. From, Anime overdosed In case this scenario does not work, I would Ah, the joys of diversity among roommates. It suggest taking control of the TV. Strategically brings the joys of odd hobbies such as this one. place the remote in a location only you can find. Strangely drawn characters with bug like eyes. Who Move your DVD's in front of the stack of burned could possibly be drawn to such a thing? Wrong, anime. Whenever a roommate suggests a movie, people are nat- -————————-—-——--—--•—• simply dive on the floor and pull out a non-anime movie. Even if a person is already there, merely act urally peculiar tremendously excited about one you've been dying creatures. Some to watch again. It will not matter if you've all seen people like colMadam "50 First Dates" 50 times; this is a code red situlecting music ation. Your sanity is at stake! Everything else will Malarky that sounds just and should be put aside, l b spice it up, I suggest ghastly, others acting like Lucy and forgetting you've watched it may enjoy col- I recently. It may appear you have lost your mind. In lee ting stuffed reality, your merely saving it animals and oth- ~ ~ ~ " — — — " — — _ _ — _ I've once again attempted to save a student with ers may collect books for some illogical reason. The main problem is, how to deal with tilings my malarky talent Alas, the job is never-ending. that make you want to barf. Myfirstbit of advice There are still hundreds of people with a hundreds t f I just need one a week. Odds would be locking yourself into your room, putting on headphones to blast music However, that can should be in my favor. However, truthfully they only go on for so long. Ultimately you're going to have not been recently. Consequently, I'm on the have to leave the bedroom. Talking to roommates verge of pleading for a question. For being a maabout the problem isn't going to help your situa- larky, that is nothing but shameful. I love writing tion. They will get cranky, angry, and just plain mad this column but I need material to keep it going. at you. They will also come to the conclusion that So I'm really asking for a question. The AIM is you're being selfish. Obviously, that confrontation mmalarky04. The hotmail address is madam I will not help. Another possible solutionforyou would be to put Sharing malarky wisdom, aside your feelings of ill will. As hard as that may Madam Malarky sound but, completely immerse yourself into this anime obsession. Start watching every bit of anime they have collected throughout the years into one

Yes. as an R.A., I'm very aware of the cramped living quarters, especially in the freshmen area. Also the larger class sizes take away some of the individual attention that makes Mercyhurst such a great place!

Tesea Gardner, Senior, Communications

No, I don't think Mercyhurst is growing too quickly. This year's freshman class was the biggest yet. I don't feel like we didn't have enough room or felt crowded. I think the size right now is perfect.

Valerie Nuzzi , Freshman, Undecided

I think Mercyhurst is growing just fine. But I think we need more good athletes so that we canfinallybeat Gannon.

Luis Sierro, Freshman, International Busine- ss

April 6,2005 THE MERCIAD PAGE 7

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Religion, power and politics Cultural perspective:
A n A m e r i c a n , Catholic,
By Martin Wallenhorst Contributing writer



the Pope

^Polish s t u d e n t & r e m e m b e r Pope J o h n Paul
By Beat a Lukasik and Diana Osak Contributing writers John Paul the Great! "Vere Papa Mortuus Est" April 2, 2005 at 9:37 the most depressing sound of the ringing bells spread across the world. The greatest person not only for Poles and not only for Catholics ended his so much appreciated journey on the earth. The world mourns the passing of Pope John Paul II as he John Paul H, who we do not Is carried to St Peter's Basilica for public viewing. hesitate to call the most incredible pope in the history of the Catholic Church, died but will that we will not have, if ever, pointed with the reactions of the always remain in our hearts. someone like John Paul II for a Americans who are also CathoThe pope's deteriorating health very long time. lics. They were asking us about problems should have prepared No one else had so much how we feel but for than it didn't the world for his inevitable leave. love for every individual living seem to be such a big deal. They But they did not Sadness. Sor- in this world. He taught us that were sad but not much more than row. Emptiness. Loneliness. This everyone deserves a second that, while for us it was a very is how we felt and still do. chance, even those who commit painful experience. This unwanted death had prob- the biggest crimes. The pope Our expectations were bigger ably the biggest impact on the himself forgave the man who from Mercyhurst College being a pope's homeland, Poland. The attempted to assassinate him Catholic institution. We were surcountry that owes to him, not in 1981. He taught us how to prised how easy it was for some only the transformation of the forgive and respect others. His people to get back to their daily political system from commu- opinions were appreciated not routines while in Poland every nism to democracy, but also the only by average people but the sphere of life was paralyzed by leadership in the fight for human biggest individuals and dictators this sad news. dignity. He "let the Poles regain in the world. Many country leadWe know that the pope wanted their national pride after 50 years ers have sought his advice and us to be happy and do not cry of Soviet occupation." guidance. He expanded Catholi- after his death. However, we It is almost impossible to cism across the world becoming could not stop our tears from describe Poland's sadness. Ev- the most traveled pope in the running as we lost someone eryone showed their deep regret history. Anywhere he appeared, who did so much for us. It will after John Paul IPs death. The whether to a Catholic country or be very difficult to come back bells were ringing long after the not, he was greeted by millions to normal life and the mourning pope's leave, all the alarms went of people waiting to see him will last for a long time after the on, all the stores were closed, the impatiently. pope's funeral. cultural events were cancelled, There is a group of 15 Polish We all believe that his teachand all the internet Web-sites students at Mercyhurst. Al- ings will not be wasted and will changed their colors into black though we are far away from continue serving the good of and grey. our home country, we were as humanity. We are aware of the This sad announcement made much touched by the pope's fact that there are no words that by the Vatican authorities com- death as our friends and relatives could express the sadness of pletely changed the daily life of in'Polafl&wo «Ji , . f , our hearts.. -,,,,»:;. KV?iJ ioj^M nfttny P6fe$. Tfce p&sftfeita ctf t < *JU 1IWtf^N^SFto the d u a d i i a ^ >M *«r*,l land, Aleksander Kwasniewski, prayed Tfdf the pope's soul. One have to be strong with the power announced national mourning. of the students, Marek, put the of love, love which is much more Theflagswere taken to half mast Polishflagunderneath the pope's powerful than death..." and we and black ribbons were wrapped picture in order to better unite it shall try to follow it around them. The country united with our country. Two other girls, Therefore, despite the early in saying their last goodbye and Kasia and Ania, lit the candles hour of the pope's funeral (4 a.m. honoring the greatest Pole in the on Saturday and before the two EST on Thursday), we will gather Masses on Sunday. We were all in front of TV to unite with millast thousand years. The pope was a huge author- watching TV, listening to Polish lions of other people around the ity and patron of Poland. He radios via the Internet and read- world who as we do, want to say was our proud symbol of love, ing news on the Polish Web-sites good bye to this amazing person unity, dedication and sacrifice in to share the pain with other Poles for the very last time. the name of good humanity. He and feel the atmosphere from was the man with the great heart home. Totus Tuus. We were a little bit disapand we do not have any doubts

As a Catholic myself, some would argue that the death of Pope John Paul II should mean more to me than those of other religious affiliations. I would have to disagree. Although only Catholics label John Paul D as their "Holy Father," he has acted as a father figure for all of humanity. Pope John Paul II has had an interesting relationship with America. Under his reign of 26 years, the third longest for any pope, he traveled to 129 different countries, and preached on all continents, sans Antarctica, i He possessed a star-like quality that many Americans equated to famous rock stars. During his papacy, he publicly denounced a variety of American political actions. He spoke out against stem cell research, gay marriage, women priests and most recendy condemned the Florida judge's orders concerning Terri Schiavo. His refusal to reconsider various church doctrines alienated many liberals, feminists and homosexuals from the Catholic Church. This estrangement was particularly prevalent in the United States, where followers, for the most part, tend to be the most liberal in the world. j Even those who felt alienated however, saw difficulty in criticiz-

ing his papacy. He had reached out to Muslims, Jews and people of all other faiths. He was the voice of the poor and spoke out against communism and capitalism. His papacy ignited opposition to communist rule in Eastern Europe; he forged alliances, and created diplomatic relations with various countries, including the United States. He was one of the first popes to visit America and was the first to have an American president visit him. In the past, American presidents were afraid of relationships with the pope, fearing the American public would see a breech in the separation of church and state. The Catholic pontiff's ongoing fight for human rights earned him the American Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest medal that can be awarded to a civilian. His relationship with President Reagan and steadfast resolve toward an end to communism triggered the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe. I think he was the most influential human being of the 20th Century, and some would even argue he was the most powerful. Regardless of how much power he actually had, he never seemed to feel above anyone else. Everywhere he went, he displayed appreciation for all people and out of respect, kissed the ground of

Pope John Paul 1920-2005
every country he walked in. He seemed to take the time to stop and talk to every individual he possibly could, making everyone feel as important as him. I label myself as a liberal, and as an American and a Catholic, there have been certain occurrences throughout this papacy that I both agreed and disagreed with. But, I feel that during the reign of Pope John Paul II, there could not have been anyone better to fill his shoes. During the times of Cold War, and the nuclear arms race, he quelled the storm. During his 26 years as pope he was the 'Voice of the voiceless" in his own words. Despite your religious affiliations or political ideologies, all people of all beliefs can respect the achievements of this great man. Achievements realized by him, for the betterment of all humanity.

Helping the environment: You rammake,a difference
By Ellen Koenig Contributing writer Inside each and every one of us, there is the yearning to want to help the environment. That is not to say that everyone has to be a Birkenstock wearing, granola eating, tree hugging, stereotypical nature lover, that often comes to mind. And while Birkenstock does make great shoes and granola is good for you, these factors do not have to be associated with having respect and a little dignity for the land, air and water around you. For some, being an environmentalist is chic, for example Ben Affleck is a spokesperson for the group Green Peace. While at the same time everyday citizens are advocates on a more local basis in their own towns and communities. Even here on our own campus, there are such examples, including members of the Green Team and the brave students who next year will be staying in green living apartments. These people are models for how the rest of us can change, so that we are less wasteful and a more environmentally aware. There is something sexy and empowering saying you are an environmentalist, but is only enforced when action is taken to further your cause and beliefs. This past Wednesday at the Q & A section of the Robert R Kennedy Jr. lecture, a woman stood up and asked what she could do. Perhaps it was just me, but I was dumbfounded that someone would

ask such a question. If you want to become involved contact your representatives in Washington. Or go online to environmental group Websites such as Green Peace, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and Sierra Club, etc. and join their mailing lists. Amnesty International even has a campaign out to protect the rights of environmental activists. You can go to these Websites, type in your e-mail and look for a button that says ccTake Action" They will send
j j

you e-mail updates and save your profile so that all you have to do is reply to the e-mail, and they will contact your representatives for you. There has never been a time when being involved in politics has been so easy. On a personal level, turn off the lights in the rooms that you are not using, turn off the computer and other electronics that you are not necessarily going to be using at four in the morning. If you have a car, keep it properly maintained, drive less and carpool as often as possible. If all else fails, take the shuttle. Often times I hear people say things they "should" do. Well here's an opportunity that you really "should" take action in completing. No matter what political party you support or how busy your schedule may be, there is no excuse not to be aware of the current environmental epidemic. Every single person has an obligation, to themselves and the environment, and should take responsibility and action to help the earth.

Letterfto thejstudent body:

« 11..

As the parents of a University of Connecticut hockey player, we had the opportunity to visit your campus on two different occasions in the past few weeks. Having been to many college arenas in the past, we felt complelled to let you know what a pleasant experience we had attending Mercyhurst hockey games vs. UConn. The support from the student body was exceptional They showed enormous school spirit and respect for one another at all times. The young men were lively and spirited while the young ladies were polite and well behaved. It was a pleasure watching the games with them. Several of the students even went out of their way to make conversation with us. Thank you for your hospitality. It was refreshing to be a part of such a fun group. Sincerely, Cindy and Bill Cram Hampden, MA

I wish to make an : earnest call to everyone, j£; Christians and the followers of other ^religions, that we work > ' together to build a ' ! world without violence, H& world that loves life 4 and grows in justice ™ and solidarity." ope John Paul I 1920-2005


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Kelly Rose Duttine Jonelle Davis Jen Helbig Allison Moore Ryan Palm Meghan Sullivan Katie McAdams Melissa Jack Kristen Piquette Sarah Dowden Emily Crofbot

The Merciad is the student-produced newspaper of Mercyhurst College. It Is published throughout the school year, with the exception of midterms week and finals week. Our office is in the Hirt Center, room L114. Our telephone number Is 824-2376. I i f 4 The Merciad welcomes letters to the editor. All letters must be signed and names will be included with the letters. Although we will not edit the letters for content, we reserve the right to trim letters to fit Letters are due the Thursday before publication and may not be longer than 300 words. Submit, letters to box PH 485. i iu. If I



April 6,2005

tHe BuZz
APRIL 6. Ice skating. Smucker's Stats on Ice with Sara Hughes, Jamie Sale & David Pellcticr, Elena Berzhnaya & Anton Sikharulidzc, Alexei Yagudin, Kyoko Ina & John Zimmerman, Steven Cousins. Special guest TBA. Tullio Arena, Erie. On sale at Tullio Arena box office, Ticketmaster outlets, by phone at 452-4857 or 456-7070, online at www. APRIL 6. Backstreet Boys. Rock Club at Station Square, Pittsburgh. APRIL 7. Tobey Mac, Audio Adrenaline. Palace Theatre, Cleveland. APRIL 7. Big Wu. Agora Ballroom, Cleveland. f|APRIL8. Medeski, Martin & Wood, Tarantula. House of Blues, Cleveland. APRIL 9. Bobby Rush. Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland. APRIL 9. Kelly Clarkson. Palace Theatre, Cleveland. APRIL 10. Matt Bianco fc featuring Basia. Allen Theatre, Cleveland. APRIL 10. "UndoneTour" with Mercyme, Jeremy Camp, Afters, Monk & N eagle. Bryce Jordan Center, State College, Pa. APRIL 10. Ben Lee, Har Mar Superstar. Agora Theagajpr, Cleveland. § APRIL 11. Kreator, Propain, Vader. House of v :Blues, Cleveland. Note: UPropain replaces Death Angel. APRIL 12. Handsome Boy Modeling School, K-OS, Rondo Brothers, DJ Noell Dunlap. House of Blues, Cleveland. APRIL 14. Psychedelic Furs. House of Blues, Cleveland.. APRIL 15. Steven Curtis Chapman, Chris Tomlin, Casting Crowns. Tullio Arena, Erie. $33.50, $26.50, $20.50. On sale at Tullio Arena box office, Ticketmaster outlets, by phone at 452-4857 or 456-7070, online at www.ticketmaster. com. APRIL 15. Maroon 5, Thrills. AJ. Palumbo Center, Pittsburgh. APRIL 15. Billy Currington. House of Blues, Cleveland. APRIL 15. Pigface, Sheep on Drugs, Nocturne, Damage Manual. Odeon, Cleveland. APRIL 15. Strapping Young Lad. Rex Theater, Pittsburgh. | APRIL 15. Sum 41, Unwritten Law, Hawthorne Heights. Tower City Amphitheatre, Cleveland, k APRIL 15. Gaelic Storm Rockwell Hall, Buffalo State University, Buffalo. On sale at (716) 878-3005. I APRIL 16. Mindless Self Indulgence. House of I Blues, Cleveland. Information provided by By Sarah Schneider Contributing water The Mereyhurst Dance Department presents the Mereyhurst Dancers in 'Delicate Misconceptions" Monday, April 4, at 8:00 p.m. in Walker Recital Hall. This captivating evening of Academic Celebration includes "50 White Horses", a solo by Junior Dance major Sara Lawrence, choreography by Senior Ashley Wickert for the Liturgical Dance Ensemble, and Senior Dance major Sarah Schneider's contemporary work Delicate Misconceptions.

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Celebrate 'Delicate Misconceptions


Sarah Schneider has created an all-new program of contemporary ballet set to the music of Damien Rice. Her choreography is a culmination of work produced for her Choreography IV independent study course. Schneider says, "My choreography wasfirstinspired by lyrics of Damien Rice. I chose a cast of very versatile dancers because I needed them to be able to resonate the emotions in his music I

was struck by the honesty in his voice and wanted to reflect and capture it into movement" The subject of relationships, both the good and the bad, will be the focus of this 35-minute piece. "Delicate Misconceptions" takes the form of a series of compelling duets, poetry and multimedia projections. The evening of dance opens with a solo choreographed and performed by Junior Dance major Sara Lawrence. * j Lawrence recently presented her innovative and creative work "50 White Horses" at the American College Dance Festival in Buffalo, New York. The Mereyhurst liturgical Dance Ensemble will also be featured. The student-run ensemble will be performing a 10-minute piece choreographed by the group's Artistic Director, Senior Dance major Ashley Wickert Sarah Schneider's choreography will close the show. This diverse evening of dance will be presented Monday, April 4 at 8:00 p.m. in Walker Recital

Featured above are dancers Randy Prill and Pam Swaney.

Photo courtesy 51 the Mereyhurst Dance Department



"Delicate Misconceptions" is free and open to the public

Musicians Les Yeux Noirs to perform
World music comes to Erie as Les Noirs takes the stage
By Christina Ferranti Contributing writer Les Yeux Noirs will open the eyes of the Erie community They start with Gypsy music, then add Jewish klezmer, mainstream jazz-swing and French musette cafe music, and the feeling for the seductive music of Les Yeux Noirs comes into focus* Les Yeux Noirs ("The Black Byes") will perform on Friday, April 15, at 7:30 p.m. at Mereyhurst College's Mary D'Angelo Performing Arts Center. This Paris-based octet offers an irresistible invitation to participate in some of the most rhythmic and emotional sounds emanating from any part of the world. The seven-member band led by the violinists Eric and Ol ivier Slabiak, navigates ancient Hebraic melodies, classic Gypsy dances and even funk-tinged instrumentals with sophistication and accessibility. With each frenetic stroke of their bows they take the listener further into a dizzying vortex of Central European sounds and images. In 2001, Les Yeux Noirs debuted their musical career in the United States, while starting from scratch To date, they have performed more than a hundred concerts in their six tours in the States and they now regularly "tour the" U.S. three months out of every year. Part gypsy, part klezmer, this is the music that has moved people to sing and dance around the world for centuries. Les Yeux Noirs will get the audience bouncing off their seats on Friday, April 15, at 7:30 p.m. in Mereyhurst College's Mary D'Angelo Performing Arts Center. Call the Performing Arts Center at 824-3000 to get ticket reservation or for further information.

Les Yeux Noirs ("The Black Eyes' ) will be performing April 17 at 7:30 p.m.


Bloomwood returns in 'Shopaholic & Sister'
Kinsella's book may inspire you to max out your credit card
By Katelyn Kurpiewski Contributing writer What really classifies someone as a shopaholic? British author Sophie Kinsella can answer that for you in her newest novel, "Shopaholic and Sister." The book is part four of a series of stories about the life of Becky Bloomwood Brandon. Becky is a young woman, of about twenty-something, with a good heart However she's always landing herself in one bad situation after another and it almost always has to do with her addictive shopping habits. Her out-of-this-world imagination and zany way of handling life experiences will no doubt make you giggle. ${The story opens as Becky and Luke are enjoying their 10-month honeymoon around the world. When she receives an invitation to the baptism of her best friend's twins, she begins to realize how much she misses being home. Like a true businessman, Luke cannot wait to get back to work. They both agree to end the trip and surprise everyone at home with an early arrival. When they come back to London, Becky discovers that her life isn't exactly as she left it. While she was on her getaway her best friend Suze made a new

U Kinsella's Bloomwood is plucky and funny... You won't have to shop around to find a more winning I JJ protagonist.
- People Magazine
friend, and Becky feels slightly betrayed. When she visits her parents for the first time in 10 months they don't give her the warm welcome she had imagined. To top it all off, she and Luke have one of their first disagreements when the delivery trucks

show up with all of the purchases Becky made on the honeymoon.. Her life feels as if it is in shambles, until her parents tell her that she has a half-sister. Apparently her father had a fling with a woman years before he met her mother. Becky is shocked, but thrilled, to bear about this new discovery. Her parents set up a meeting between Becky and her long-lost sister Jessica. Becky's imagination goes wild. She picks out the perfect outfit for meeting a sister, buys her a gift from Tiffany's, and dreams of the numerous sisterly outings they will have. When she finally meets Jess, she realizes that sisters are not always alike. Becky is a shopaholic who loves to spend beyond her means; Jess is an environmentalist who is as frugal as they come. Meanwhile, Luke is stressing on new accounts at the office. Becky makes matters worse when she buys the very rare, yet very expensive, "Angel Bag/' Not only does she use her emergency credit card to buy it, but the stranger who helps her get her hands on i t seems to want a favor from Luke. Becky tries to pursue a sister-

like bond with Jess, but they end shop around to find a more winup having a spat that sends them ning protagonist" in two different directions. *>lf you read and enjoy "ShopaI Being as persistent as she is, she holic & Sister" I would also tries everything to keep her mar- recommend Kinsella's other riage intact and gain back what shopaholic novels: "Confessions little bond she has with Jess. of a Shopaholic," "Shopaholic People Magazine said that Takes Manhattan " and "Shopa"Kinsella's Bloomwood is plucky holic Ties the Knot" and funny.... You won't have to

Betterjthan the Beach Tanning Boutique
2627 Parade Street
Convenient to Mereyhurst (Corner of 27th and Parade inside Reel Entertainment
Video) y

(7 consecutive days in our Gold Series) New customers only - limited time offer No appointment needed! Open Every Dayl

April 6,2005



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Aj?TQ fa

'Accordion Tribe' plays today at
way. This "tribe" creates a sound so unique and innovative to perform all over the world. • Bringing to light why the film ;The Mary D'Angelo Perform- is entitled the "Accordion Tribe" ing Arts Center decided to bring we, as an audience, wonder what to you a film that has seemed is meant by a tribe. to be a reoccurring theme here Instantly, we are under the imthis year. f pression that American Indians We have brought in several are playing the accordions which accordion players from around stirs up quite a hilarious mental the world to elicit a continuing image. sound just in a variety of differInstead this "tribe" is five ent ways. composers hailing from: USA, The Accordion Tribe is a docu- Finland, Slovenia, Sweden and mentary which brings together Austria coming together to form five composers all who share a this culturally diverse group of passion for the accordion. At notable accordion composers. first, I know many are thinking This documentaryfilmportrays that this is another Polish Polka the lives of these musicians on contribution with the steady the road, including the beautiful oompa oompa sound. places they traveled through and Well, I would have to say that how they would pass the time, as this last statement is not all a lie well as how they worked together but it ties together the mellow to find the perfect harmonic accordion sounds of Germany, sound of the accordions. This film will capture the esIreland, Spain, and so many other countries that the group just jives sence of accordion playing at with whatever beat comes their its best and is recommended for

to produce the sound. One scene played forth in the documentary is when one of the players goes to visit an old accordionfriendin Pennsylvania to play him the song written and dedicated to him. While here in Pennsylvania, these two chat of how the technique used to play the accordion now has transformed and argue over which style produced the best sound. In another scene, to demonstrate their eclectic style, the five composers sit in a circle where one of them starts to play a beat, then the rest, one by one, jump in by listening to the first and improvise to create a melodious sound for all to enjoy. The levels of playing is so intricately executed that it amazes and sets up the mood which allows us to sit back and enjoy not just traditional polka accordion music but the creative diversity that is evidently shown throughout the feature.

By Christina Ferranti Contributing writer

Photo courtesy of the

Performing Arts Center

"Accordion Tribe" is playing the PAC today at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m.
people interested in welcoming new musical sounds to their repertoire. After viewing this film. I found that it is a tribute to accordion playing and traveling, but with a spin that brings to us a new sound with a peculiar variation on the accordion. One specific variation of the accordion resembles a keyboard with a piece of tubing that the instrumentalist blows through

United W e Stand presents f'The O d d
By Michelle Ellia Contributing writer Hilarious, witty, and outrageously funny are only a few words that can be used to describe the latest production of Neil Simon's The Odd Couple by the United We Stand Theater Troupe, Started in October 2001, the United We Stand Theater Troupe began with one goal: to promote integration in the performing arts. With the encouragement of the United We Stand Theater of lif e, * including persons with disabilities, other minorities and novices, are invited to participate and enjoy all the performing arts has to offer. Since its launch, the troupe has produced several successful plays, including United We Stand, The Marriage Counselor and Primal Fear. This spring the United We Stand Theater Troupe has taken on the an all female remake of Neil Simon's long-running Broadway comedy, The Odd Couple . This classic and charming production is the tale of 1 two divorced woman who live together, but whose housekeeping and lifestyles ate as different as night and day./ The show begins with a group of women friends playing their regular game of Trivial Pursuit This week, the bunch is meeting at the apartment of Olive Madison, a divorcee who frequendy admits to being a slob. Last to arrive the festivities is Florence lUnger, an obsessive compulsive who would try the patience of a saint, and who has unfortunately just become separated from her husband. As one could guess, the selfproclaimed slob and the neat freak decide to room together, providing for some side-splitting humor. Within days, Florence's obsessive habits begin to take their





MfF*. ailofr'

Photo"courtesyof United

eatre troupe


"The Odd Couple" is hilarious, witty and outrageously funny.
toll on Olive. In the end, the two women are forced to agree on one thing, even the best of friends sometimes make the worst of roommates. The spring production of this updated classic began last weekend and will run Fridays and Saturdays, until April 23rd.

Performances will be held at St Patrick's Cauley Center^ which is located at 215 E. 4 th Street All show times will be 8 p.m. and tickets will be $8 general admission and 600 pennies, 120 nickels, or 24 quarters for seniors and students, which translates into $6. In conclusion, I suggest that everyone skips the spring cleaning and joins the United We Stand Theater Troupe for their hysterical twist on this classic tale of mismatched roommates. Whether you are looking for a change to your usual weekend flow or would like to treat yourself to some culture with a little) theater, I highly recommend' supporting the United We Stand Theater Troupe and their vision by catching this show. Forticketinformation or questions please contact Rob Kocur at (814)459-5084 or by email at >l You can also check out the United We Stand Theater Troupes website at

Touring exhibit features photos of A n n e Frank and family
By Aline Mendelsohn Knight Ridder Newspaper In the photographs, they are an ordinary family of four. This photo is Margot in 1938, standing on the beach in her bathing cap. Nothing foreshadows the terror they will experience. Nothing betrays the fact that, in a few years, Edith, Margot and Anne Frank will be dead. The images of the Frank family are featured in "Anne Frank A Private Photo Album," currendy on display at the Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Central Florida in Maidand. The exhibit, on display until May 31, features more than 70 copies of photos of the Franks before they hid from the Nazis for two years in an Amsterdam

"The power of it is that it's not Anne as the icon we have come to know. It's Anne as little sister, as the youngest in the family," says Mary Geary, director of development for the Anne Frank Center USA in New York. "We see them in these precious moments, when life held promise the promise that every family feels when children are young and have potential," Anne Frank's father, Otto, was a businessman who loved photography. He took dozens of pictures of his family. As much as possible, Anne'sj parents tried to shield their children from the worsening news

SRI RI33erRew8paper

This photo from the exhibit is called "New Voices."
about the condition of Jews, So after the war started, photos of Anne and Margot show them doing normal things; sunbathing, sleeping, doing schoolwork. Anne, who collected photos of movie stars, loved having her picture taken, says Ryan Cooper, who befriended Otto Frank in the early 1970s. | I As she posed for many pictures, she tilted her head in a way that shows she was both conscious of, and comfortable with, the camera in front of her. "She was a very sprightly, bubbly girl," says Pieter Kohnstam, who was Anne's neighbor in Amsterdam and now lives near Sarasota, Fla, Anne was seven years older and would sometimes baby-sit Kohnstam. "She was a

little bit of a dreamer, fantasizing about actors and clothes." *In "Anne Frank: Beyond the Diary/' Ruud van der Rol and Rian Verhoeven recount how Anne placed photos inside the red-and-white checked diary she received for her 13th birthday. Next to one, she wrote, "Gorgeous photograph, isn't it!!!!" Edmond Silverberg, who lives now in Hackensack, N.J., met Anne through his cousin in 1942, when he was 16 and she was 13. At that age, three years is a big age difference. Silverberg's parents thought he should see girls his own age. But he says talking to Anne was like being with someone his age, and he enjoyed spending time with her. They didn't have many recreational choices. Going to movies, riding bikes and using public transportation were verboten for Jews. Instead, the pair went for walks in their neighborhood and talked for hours about their families and friends. Silverberg saw Anne on a Sunday morning in July and returned to her house that afternoon. He rang the doorbell. There was no answer. "We lived at a time when people just disappeared," Silverberg says. As Silverberg walked away, he hoped the Frank family had found a safer place to stay. But the thought also crossed his mind; He might never see Anne again. It was around that time that the

Franks and another family went while they were hiding The photos taken before then into hiding. After two years, the Franks "set the stage for knowing how were arrested and sent to con- an ordinary family lived/ says Chris Gordon, an English procentration camps. fessor at St. Cloud State UniverOnly Otto Frank survived. After the war, Otto Frank sity in Minnesota. Moshe Pelli, director of the recovered Anne's diary and the Judaic Studies program at the four photo albums. Cooper remembers paging University of Central Florida, through the albums with him. says the pre-war photos bring Otto Frank didn't say much as he a sense of authenticity to the Franks' plight. looked at the photographs. "We're talking about real peo"He remembered the past but he dwelled in the present," says ple," Pelli says. "Not just names Cooper, who lives in Massachu- or nameless individuals or numbers tattooed on the arm. Real setts. Officials at the Anne Frank people, and they had real lives." Center do not know of any photographs taken of the Franks


.iflc i fi ill

w.ifK> iufijsfrinshai
M.-w AT A rcrtrif'icJ .*4~hoij| w<" vefli help ypiL

ifjour pnusicat ond mental AMP look ucuir IM'ST
- juoi: in Hme for Tuft jn the »uni.

-• i - * -' r Li I KpdlA ffd ijntj I ct:J (jour best


i Karate for Kids
4 Weeks forjus\,$39



April 6,2005

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Clark 5 Sisti receive NCAA accolades
By Ryan Palm Sports editor Mercyhurst College women's hockey program had a great wrap up to their best season ever, as coach Mike Sisti and senior goalie Desi Claris: received NCAA Division I accolades recently. Just yesterday, April 5, Sisti was named the American Hockey Coaches Association Division I Coach of the Year, a very prestegious award considering the competition. Sisti beat out six other finalists, including coaches from Minnesota, Dartmouth, and coincinden tally, Harvard. Mercyhurst lost to Harvard in the first round of the NCAA Playoffs back in March in a 5-4 triple-overtime heartbreaker. Sisti came to Mercyhurst many years back, but became the first coach of the women's program inl999.£ iH Prior to that, Sisti had served as the associate head coach of the men's program under coach Rick Gotkin. In his six years at the helm, Sisti has compiled a 140-50-11 record, and this season was the best yet for the young program. The Lakers finished the season with an outstanding 28-7-2 overall record, good for a .784 winning percentage, Mercyhurst also finished 11-0-

Senior goalie Desi Clark was named the CCM's Division I First-Team, the first Laker to earn such an honor.

File Photo

File Photo

1 in CHAW play, claiming their third straight regular season as well as tournament championship. Clarkfinishedoff an incredible four years at Mercyhurst by being named to the CCM Division I First-Team All-American squad recendy. Clark had an illustrious career for the Lakers, as shefinishedher career with a 63-18-7 record. Her .932 save percentage and

1.69 goals against average have set a high standard for Laker goalies, setting big shoes to be filled, Clark received the honor just weeks after proving to the hockey world how good she was by stopping 78 shots from the highpowered offense of Harvard University. Joining Clark on the first-team were players from hockey perennial powerhouses such as Minne*

sota and Minnesota-Duluth. Clark's 63 wins through her career are an all-time record for Mercyhurst goalies, male or female. Last season she added her name in the record books as well, as she notched 26 saves on the year to break the record for either gender: Clark picked up 16 wins this season, and was at the top nationally in both save percentage and

goals against average. She was a Top-10 finalist for the Patty Kazmaier Award, an award given to hockey's most valuable playettfby the USA Hockey Foundadon. The award was taken home by fellow firstteam member Krissy WendelL Immediately following the Harvard game Clark was named to the Second ream, a website which is often viewed as the authority for women's col-

Coach Mike Sisti was named the AHCA Division I Coach of the Year on April 5.

lege hockey. As a testament to the type of person Clark is off the ice, she was given College Hockey America Women's Student Athlete of the Year award as well. These post-season awards signal the respect that the women's program is beginning to earn, only leaving for a promising future.

W i l l i a m s leads U N C T a r H e e l s to N C A A title
By Scott Fowler Knight Ridder Newspapers They will never say never again about Roy Williams. £ \ They will never say he can't win the big one. They will never say he's a good system coach, but not a good game coach. They will never say he's 0-forthe-Final-Four. They will say he's a champion. North Carolina won the national tide against Illinois 75-70 on Monday night, losing all of a 15-point lead, then scoring the final five points to set off a jubilant celebration. Williams' voice broke in his first interview after the championship, with CBS, but his team was not broken Monday. Williams coached a masterful game when it mattered most. v The coach kept making the right little decisions playing Raymond Felton through his foul trouble, switching to a zone to give Illinois a different look, shoving the ball inside to May tipped a rebound to Felton, who hit two free throws with 9.9 seconds left for the final margin. In a 12-month period in which one sports curse after another,. seemyo have been Jifted;j Phil, ; Mickelson's slump in the majors was cured at Augusta last April, the Boston Red Sox's World Series jinx cured by their win in November, and now finally Roy Williams now has his tide as welL He was quick to share it, praising his family, his North Carolina and Kansas players and Tar Heels fans. Roy Williams, 54, said he would never jump off a building if he didn't win a national championship. But I had the good fortune to sit 15 feet from him for the entire game, and believe me, he wanted it as badly as anyone at the arena. Roy Williams was on the refs by the time the game was two minutes old, complaining about an early foul against Felton. Rashad McCants scored 14 in the first half for North Carolina, but Roy Williams looked happiest when McCants made a leaping save of a ball and called timeout while almost landing in his coach's lap. '"' ' . His team-played-Hke that nearly"* all night g And the 2004-05 Tar Heels led by an emotional, corny, wellloved coach from Asheville, N,G, will be remembered forever.

Located in the

KRT Photo

UNC Coach Roy Williams, farthest right, led the Tar Heels to a National Championship.

May even when Illinois doubleteamed him. After returning home to resurrect the program in 2003, it took Williams only two seasons to take his alma mater to the national tide. The Tar Heels led the nation in

scoring for thefirsttime, but they also won with their defense during the NCAA tournament The Tar Heels made every big play after that. Marvin Williams tipped in a wild shot by Rashad McCants and then Raymond Felton stepped

into the passing lane and intercepteda pass.;, Felton made one of two free throws after being fouled. Down three, Illinois had a chance to tie the game,.but Luther Head's 3point attempt (Illinois' 40th of the game) bounced out

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April 6,2005


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7b contact: sportsmerciad@mercyhurst.ed

Men hockey falls to Boston College

U n d e r d o g Lakers lose 5-4 in epic g a m e played o n anational stage

By Ryan Palm Sports editor One of the most memorable late-season turnarounds in Mercyhunt athletic history came to a close during the Easter weekend break, as the men's hockey team lost in a 5-4 heartbreaker to topseeded Boston College, The Lakers, seeded as the lowest team in the NCAA Tournament, rode into Worcester, Mass. given little chance against the perennial powerhouse Eagles, Talks prior to the match-up were of the high-power offense of Boston College, who featured 10 seniors on the roster along with nine NHL draftees. Also dominating pre-game talk were the memories of the near upset in 2000-01 in the NCAA playoffs, when Mercyhurst almost dethroned Michigan before bowing 4-3 in the third period. The Lakers put a big scare into BC very early, as senior David Wriglcy lit the lamp just 27 seconds into the game off Matt Warren's setup. * The goal was the third fastest goal in NCAA regional history. Boston College was able to even things up just two minutes later, but a 5-on-3 advantage produced a Ben Cottreau goal at 7:53 in the first to put Mercyhurst back ahead.

stopped 52 shots, a Mercyhurst single-game record as well as a tie for seventh-most all-time in a NCAA playoff game. Unfortunately for the Lakers, the tandem Boston College has in between the pipes is sensational, as their two goalies combined for an extremely low 1.69 goals against average on the season. Even so the Lakers from that small school in Erie were able to put up four tallies on the season, as prior to their game the team had only given up four goals once all season. Mercyhurst closed the 2004-05 campaign with a 18-16-4 record, very much aided by an eightgame winning streak leading up to the NCAA playoff game. The Lakers advanced to the tournament by winning the Atlantic Hockey tournament with wins over Connecticut, Holy Cross, and Quinnipiac, with the latter two in overtime. Mercyhurst graduates four seniors in Wrigley, Kemp, Hansen, Photo courtesy of Rick Burnham Mercyhurst goalie Mike Ella set a school-record by making 52 saves against Boston College. and Mike Kir b v. The outlook for the 2005-06 This was be the theme of the into the middle session. back to within one at 5-4. I Not many gave the blue and season is as strong as ever, as the night, in that the Lakers clearly Two more consecutive goals j. Despite numerous chances, green a chance, and yet they were underclassmen proved this seacame to play and absolutely re- in the second by the Eagles lead many of them spoiled by out- just a goal away from perhaps son that they are able to carry the fused to lay down quietly. many to believe the Lakers finally standing goaltending, the Lak- garnering the upset they all were load with scorers such as junior Dave Borrelli, sophomore Scott Boston College scored two met their breaking point ers were unable to get the final hoping for. consecutive goals to close the That was certainly not the case, tally, and were forced to head Mercyhurst sophomore goalie Champagne, and Cottreau, who first period, but the Lakers as senior Rich Hansen scored back home with their third loss Mike Ella concluded a sensa- was named the Atlantic Hockey bounced back to tie the contest with just a minute to play in the in as many Division I playoff tional stretch-run with a record freshman of the year. on a TJ Kemp goal four minutes second period to get the Lakers chances. performance against BC, as he

M e n ' s jvolleyball just o n e g a m e s h y of .500
By Matt Jackson Contributing writer The Mercyhurst men's volleyball teain matched their conference win total of last season by winning their fifth conference match of the season by completing a season sweep of Findlay on Apr. 1. The rivalry match at Croy Stadium in Findlay, Ohio went the distance as the Lakers won 3 games, two of which came in come-from-behind fashion. Junior Justin Waas delivered with 21 kills for the Lakers in the contest and is now second on the team behind only senior Dave Schmidl in the category. Junior Dan Kick continued his consistent play with 59 assists and is currently third in the MTVA in assists per game, averaging 12.71. Kick isn't the lone Laker putting up numbers good enough for top ten in the MIVA. Senior Austin Siewart is fifth in hitting percentage and seventh in aces per game. \ Schmidl isfifthin kills and fifth in points per game. Also joining the group is sophomore libero Dennis Telaak, currently third in digs per game. Telaak's performance should come as no surprise considering he was near the top of the MIVA in the same category last season competing as a true freshman. The win over Findlay evened the Laker's overall record at 9-9, but the .500 record was very short lived, two days to be exact A tough conference foe Ball State easily dropped the Lakers to a 9-10 overall record with a three game sweep on Sunday, April 3. "Ball State is absolutely a beatable team/' said freshman Dan England. "We saw how their offense worked so well be more prepared when we play them again" With only four games remaining, two conference games, the Lakers will have a tough time in bothfinishingwith a .500 record and eclipsing the five conference win mark of last season. The four game stretch to end the season begins on Apr. 8, with the Loyola Ramblers of Chicago, not an easy task by any means. Loyola is a perfect 13-0 in the cqpfejp^jgc^ndjs 23-1 oxtail. Even more, daunting to the Lakers hopes is the fact that Loyola will be riding a 20-match win streak entering their contest "Loyola is one of the toughest teams in our conference right now," said England, "but we just have to be mentally prepared to play them. As long as we stay excited and show intensity it should be a good game." Loyola won the first match between the two teams 3-0. j Just two days after the Loyola game England and the Lakers will get their -rematch against Ball State, obviously with hopes of reversing the outcome for a conference win. "We expect a win against them this weekend," said England. The Lakers should be back in the MIVA Quarterfinals again this season, a place where regular season records mean little. Mercyhurst has proved this season they have the ability to play with big teams, leaving some hope to finish strong with wins in the tournament


PI© Photo

lor Austin Siewart Is ranked fifth In hitting and seventh In aces In the MIVA.

Softball sweeps GU in twinbill for Men's and* women's tennis first time in Mercyhurst history combine to go 3-0 on weekend
By Matt Jackson Contributing writer The Mercyhurst College men's and women's tennis teams, both coached by Ray Yost, enjoyed a successful weekend, April 2-3, combining for a 5-0 record. f :\ The women's team, playing in theirfirstmatch since an 8-1 loss ltd the University of Buffalo on March 12, dominated Indiana University of Pennsylvania 8-1 Ion Saturday &% Natalie Paparella, Joanna Olmstead, Jamie Sutyak, Jennifer Daly and Christine Merschfall won their singles matches, t Freshman Charity Siegmundj suffered the only loss for the Lakers playing in the always tougfc No. 1 singles position. The Lady Lakers are now 1540 overall in the 2004-05 j season, and have two more mc matches remaining p4°f » post-season. The team hosts Case Western Reserve on April 23, and will travel to Carnegie Mellon the following day, both being nonconference matches. Following that the team will head to the NCAA* Regional*, which arc held May 6-7, Last season the team bowed to Michigan Tech in the playoffs by a score of 5-4. The men's team went 2-0 on the weekend, defeating Lake Superior State 8-1 and MichiganTech 7-%both conference victories. V The Lakers are now riding a three-game win streak into this Friday'8 battle against Ferris State. § Mariano Fava, Lee Michael Marnik and Lucas Krasowski were all 2-0 on the weekend. yySo going 2-0 on the weekend were the doubles teams of John Nichols and Marnik, and Albert Veverka and Fava. Six of the seven competing men's players competing in singles competition have above .500 records with the odd man out being Veverlca, who is still playing well with a 6-6 overall record. The two wins improved the Lakers to 11-5 overall and 4-1 in the GUAC 1 \ j Their lone conference loss came the hands of Northwood, currently ranked No. 17 in the nation. Only two matches remain for the Lakers until the GLIAC Team Championships.^ An above .500 record is now guaranteed for the men's team and it will be Yost's third con-' secutive as the men's coach, and will already be a much stronger conference record than last season, when the Lakers finished 3-4. By Michelle DeLong Contributing writer Tuesday, March 29, marked the date that the Mercyhurst women's Softball team would achieve something that the team has been unable to accomplish since 1988. The Lakers defeated Gannon 3-2 and 3-1 in a doubleheader with a complete and hard-earned team effort As Mercyhurst captain and centerfielder Kim Roberts simply stated, "We just wanted it more/' The I .akers chose a unique, yet effective, way to get pumped for the games. Junior Jacquie Theurer con* fessed, "We actually had a Gannon pifiata the night before at practice!" The effective pitching from sophomores Katie Clark and Jen Feret helped contribute to the wins. In the opener, Clark went 6.2 innings until Feret came on for thefinalout in the seventh. ^Sophomore Anne Styn's tworun triple in the bottom of the sixth inning chased home the winning run. The Mercyhurst win ceased an 11-game losing streak to our hometown rivals, Gannon took a 1 -0 lead in the fourth inning of the nightcap on a double, a passed ball, and a sacrifice fly. However, Feret shut the Knights down for the rest of the game as she threw a complete game four-hitter, j Mercy hurst scored all of their runs in the fifth inning on two hits, a walk, and a Gannon error* The Lakers improved their season to 8-5 with the doubleheader sweep against the Lady Knights, Mercyhurst's game versus West Virginia Wesleyan on Sunday,

April 3 was canceled due to Erie's love for unpredictable snowstorms. "Having games cancelled is totally typical for Softball players. All of us are from Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York, and all our lives we've been dealing with bad weather, games cancelled and make ups. We just have learned to be ready whenever we get the chance to actually play, even if it is only 35 degrees in Michigan," said Theurer. The action was the teams first in nearly a month, as thier last game was played on Mar. 3 in Ft Meyers, Fla. Weather caused four cancellations already this season. The Lakers are scheduled to take on Clarion at home on April 5. The team also has a busy weekend schedule, if weather permits, as they host Hillsdale on Saturday, April 9, and Wayne State on Sunday, April 10.




April 6, 2005

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Men lacrosse still perfect at
By Kelly Rose Duttine Editor-in-Chief It has been an impressive past two weeks for the men's lacrosse team, as they improved their record to 8-0 after wins over New York Tech on March 26, Wheeling Jesuit on March 30, and Dowling on April 2. With 458 fans watching, Mercyhurst defeated the No. 3 New York Tech Bears with a final score of 13-11. The Lakers did not lose the lead at all during the game, and were only tied briefly. a Seniors Andrew Sands, Jason Lappies and Mike McLellan all had three goals apiece, and senior Troy Ledbetter had two goals. Additionally, Sands had two assists and Lappies, McLellan and Ledbetter each had one. Junior Mike Bringley faced 25 shots and made 14 saves throughout the 60 minutes of play * The Lakers out shot the Bears 41-30 in the contest Last year, the Lakers had defeated the Bears in overtime, marking Tech's first regular season loss in two years. The Lakers were determined that their next match would show that their win had not been a fluke, but legitimate. On Monday, March 28, the Lakers climbed from the No. 4 ranking to the No. 3 spot after the win against Tech. The Bears dropped to No. 4 with a record of 4-1. On Wednesday, March 30, the

T e a m t a l l i e s t h r e e m o r e w i n s a n d m o v e s up t o N o . 3 i n t h e r a n k i n g s


Lakers traveled to Wheeling, W.Va. in their first away game since March 2 and their only night game of the season. The Lakers defeated the unranked Cardinals at Island Stadium 19-10. Mercyhurst scored nine of the first 10 goals before the Cardinals began to answer back in the second half. McLellan, Lappies and Jonathon Kane and each had four goals in the contest Ledbetter, Sands and Andrew Schuster each had two goals. Ledbetter, Schuster and Jim Mullaley had three assists apiece. Mercyhurst dominated most of the game, winning 24 of the 33 face offs, and out-shooting the Cardinals 53-26. On Saturday, the Lakers hosted the No. 6-ranked Dowling University. The Lakers not only celebrated "Senior Day/* honoring the team's 17 seniors, but also celebrated a 13-10 win over the Golden Lions, despite poor weather conditions from the weekend s snowstorm. Saturday's game marked the Kaue McAdams/Photo editor first time all season that the Laker's were actually down by Jason Lappfes was one of three Lakers to score three times against Dowling on a snowy April 2. more than point and were able to Bringley had 12 saves in the ers remain ranked at No. 3 in the Athlete of the week, based on his > He is currendy in the top 10 come back to win the game. nation on the Division II polls. impressive performances against nationally for goals. McLellan had four goals in the game, facing 33 total shots. Additionally, Dowling was In the latest poll, Mercyhurst Wheelingjesuit and Dowling. The Lakers put their perfect contest, Kane scored three and McLellan has scored at least season on the line when they Sands, Lappies and Dan James heavily penalized for unsports- received its first ever first place one goal in all of the 21 games he travel to Long Island, NY to were each able to get two past manlike like conduct and un- vote. necessary roughness. Dowling is still currently tied has played at Mercyhurst take on the No. 6 ranked Adelphi the Golden Lions. Dowling dropped to 5-2 for for sixth place. '£ McLellan currendy leads the University at 1 p.m. on Saturday, "jpy and Sands had two * Senior Mike McLellan was time in goals, with 30 and points, April 9. assists apiece and James had one the season. After two more wins, the Lak- honored as the Mercyhurst Male with 37. assist

Rowing teams get off to rough start thanks to Mother Nature
By Brady Hunter Contributing writer It seems that the old adage, "Practice makes perfect?* proved itself this weekend. Unable to spend any significant amount of time rowing on open water, Mercyhurst fell to the Rochester Institute of Technology in five of its six races on Saturday. "The most crucial part of training is getting on water, but since in our part of the country the lakes are still frozen, it is more difficult for us,** junior rower Ryan Gibson said. Before Saturday's competition he explained, "All of the other schools have had open water races already. Sometimes it feels like we're the only school who hasn't raced on water yet" The season opener was a bit of a disappointment for the Hurst squads, as they swept RIT last year. "Last year we blanked RIT in all five races; we beat them pretty handily,** said Ryan. Not so this year as the only race Mercyhurst won was the Men's Lightweight Four. The Men's Varsity four, Men's 2V eight, Women's Frosh/Nov four, and both the Men's and Women's Varsity eight all fell to RIT this time around. Gibson spoke about the direction of the team, "This year will be a big year for us. We were a huge freshman class, and now we're juniors, so it's time to step up. Last year we had a big year, but it was kind of a surprise. We got afewlightweight recruits and so we threw a lightweight eight together and took second at the ECAC National Invitational.*' Although the men lost to Boston College, they defeated University of Michigan, Ohio State University, Purdue and other notable teams. Their only home event, scheduled for this weekend, is in question due to water conditions. The teams can count on a rigorous travel schedule the next few months. In fact, if the Mercyhurst Invitational does not take place this weekend, the men's team will not have a single home match. th On April 24 , the women host Dowling College, but this is their only other home competition. Both teams will travel to Camden, N.J. to participate in the Knecht Cup on April 16-17. This will be followed by a trek to Indianapolis for the Indianapolis Invitational A trip Marietta, Ohio on April 30 is scheduled before the teams take part in the 2005 ECAC National Invitational i From there the teams follow separate paths, with the men competing in the Dad Vail in Philadelphia and the women planning on Sacramento for the NCAA Championships.

Women'sjwater polo wins two of four matches over the weekend
of Marist College by a score of By Chris Van Horn 9-6 and by a score of 10-6 to Contributing writer Maryland. In the 6-1 victory over Siena The Mercyhurst women's wa- College, the Lakers got: three ter polo team won two of four goals and one assist from freshmatches over the weekend after man driver Christine Somera as finishing second at the Division well as two goals from junior Cassie Rand. II Easterns. The Laker's overall record is Freshman goalie C! ina Mieras now 7-7 with three regular season stopped 13 shots to post the contests remaining before the victory. Western Division ChampionIn the Lakers 8-5 triumph over ships April 22-23. St. Francis, Somera came up big The team seeks to improve again by scoring four goals and upon the 2004 overall record of setting up two others. 12-10, and will need a pair of Freshman Carrie Willison conwins in the upcoming weeks to tributed two goals and three assists, while Mieras stopped 15 keep above .500. On April 2, the Laker* handed shots mthcyftntiik ' effort Somera now leads?* the tLakers out defeats to Siena College* 6-1, and St Francis, 8-5, as part of the on the season with 30 goals while Willison leads the team in points Siena Invitational. The team then suffered set with 18 goals and 30 assists for backs on April 3 at the hands 48 points. After getting off to slow starts in the majority of their games so far this season, the Lakers have been the ones charging out of the gates, leading 2-0 and 3-2 after thefirstperiods in their two victories over the weekend. However, the slow starts returned in the team's two defeats on April 3 as the Lakers trailed at the end of the first period in each game. The Lakers will lookforwardto a strongfinishwith three contests remaining in the regular season. On April 9, the Lakers will take on Slippery Rock at 12 p.m. On April 13, they will play host to Grove City before closing out rhef Jtyular scitoort on April 16 on die road against Washington and Jefferson. The Western Division Championships will be held on April 22 and 23 in Grove City, Pa.

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