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A challenging and rewarding sales position in a growth-oriented organization whi
ch offers diverse job responsibility and the potential for advancement.

Strong negotiating and networking skills
Personable, motivated, enthusiastic
Proven ability to gain account loyalty
Excellent closing skills

Recognized by the Area of Director of Sales for exceeding goals for promotional
campaigns. I was promoted heavily at any opportunity for Yellow Roadway Corpor
ation. Recognized for truly believing in the services offered, and therefore, I
marketed it with full conviction.
Grew my territory by 18% the first year of selling for Yellow Roadway Corporati
on. I did this by maintaining regular contact with my customers, as well as bui
lding a sense of trust and reliability with them. Whenever they had concerns, I
made it my priority to ensure a feasible solution that would keep the customer
satisfied. As a result, many of my customers were more than happy to refer YRC
to other businesses who could utilize transportation and shipping services from
a dependable company.
Met and exceeded sales goals three out of the four years with Yellow Roadway Tr
ansportation. My motto in life is Do something to the fullest, or dont do it at
all. I was able to accomplish this by setting daily, monthly, quarterly, and a
nnual goals. With these goals in front of me, I was able to gauge my progress,
and to see where I needed improvement. Due to this, I was able to stay on task,
which encouraged me to remain motivated toward success, not only for the compan
y, but as well, for myself.
Recognized by Sales Development Manager for building strong relationships with
customers the first year in my territory. This was accomplished by my diligent
effort and loyalty to particular customers who were having some heavy issues wit
h their account. I used the resources available in the company to correct the i
ssues and then if needed would escalate the situation to my manager and during t
he process I made sure to keep the customers updated step by step, until the pro
blem was completely resolved.
Recognized by winning sales contest for securing the most business in one day.
I listen to my customers needs, figuring out the best type of service for them,
while at the same time keeping in mind the welfare and financial goals of the c
MBA concentration in Marketing (Planned Graduation 2011)
Bellevue University
University of Nebraska Lincoln 2000-2005
Bachelors Degree- Marketing

Yellow Roadway Transportation
4480 S 90th Street
Omaha, NE
Account Executive, 2005 - 2010
Managed and grew business in established accounts in my territory. Conducted 8-
10 calls daily and provided customized solutions for customers.
Core competencies include:
* Account Management
* Sales Prospecting
* Customer Service
* Sales Presentations
* Closing Techniques
* Excellent computer skills
* Networking
* Client Follow-Up
* Relationship building
* Met and exceeded monthly revenue goals
Virtual Collaboration Solutions
Tampa, FL
May 2001-2002
*Performed 20 survey calls per day
*Worked with new customers to establish new accounts
*Researched the competition
*Recorded survey results on the computer
Omaha World Herald
Lincoln, NE
September 2000
*Prospected by using the phone book
*Reached and exceeded goals set to sell newspapers
*Received monetary bonuses for exceeding hourly goals