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At United Saudi Commercial Bank, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia managed the quality growth of

the bank’s loan portfolio. The attainment of this was accomplished via (a) the final
review and recommendation of the overall credit-worthiness and financial capacity of
large and/or more complex loan requests for presentation to the Credit Committee (b)
providing instruction and direction to loan officers in gathering and analyzing
information including verbal discussions with borrower (c) senior management of the
Commercial Credit Dept. staffed with 8 persons (including Dept. Manager) and 2 credit
analysts with no turnover

* During period of employment bank’s annual net income improved 21% to Riyals 7.8M
The size of the total loan portfolio increased 32% while the overall asset size of the bank
increased 37%. Net charge offs remained very low in relation to portfolio growth rate.
ROAA for 2007 was 2.22 with an ROE of 27.36. Net income and capital reached the
highest level since the establishment of the bank, 1984.

* Collaborated with all commercial lending officers in the underwriting and presentation
of loan requests of Riyals 500K (+/-). Detailed borrower’s strengths, weaknesses and
repayment capacities in order to make a correct lending decision.
* Accomplished overall streamlining of Commercial Credit Dept. with which resulted in
20% annual departmental expense savings.

Responsible for loan underwriting for commercial borrowers for presentation to Credit
Committee. Devised the consolidated analyses of business cash flow utilizing Risk
Management Association’s Uniform Credit Analysis Supervised 3 full-time analyst in
conjunction with commercial loan officer-in-training

* During employment only one loan charged off which was not identified on internal
watch list Bank historically had low annual loan portfolio net charge-offs.

* Loan review total portfolio penetration (monitored monthly) consistently was 45% or
greater with tiered review levels of all watch List , >Riyals75K, >Riyals200K and
>Riyals400K aggregate riyal credits credits. Highest portfolio penetration level was 59%
in seventh year of employment.

During the period of employment with Howard Community Bank, Livingstone, NJ. USA:

* Trained and supervised credit analysts as they worked toward commercial or other
lending officer positions. As more locations were added the bank sought consistency in
how lenders viewed credits.
* Received Alamo Bank of Texas "Goal Setter Award" (employee vote) in May, 2000.
* During Fall, 2002 examination exit meeting FDIC Examiners commended loan
review function to the Board of Directors as to competency and integrity.

• Conducted extensive departmental training for staff in Commercial Credit Dept.
resulting in high efficiencies and productivity.
* Successfully reorganized bank filing systems resulting in far more accurate and

including approving draw requests. cash flow models. expedient information retrieval. Responsible for new business development and cross-selling of all bank products including cash management tools and investment products. Reviewed and maintained portfolio. . Monitored and maintained new and existing portfolio of commercial clients. Also responsible for all phases of underwriting loans including real estate analysis. profitability models and credit underwriting. * In 1998 recognized by bank President for contribution in significantly improving FDIC examination rating. covenant compliance and quarterly updates.