PONYMOUSE, collection report 01 2 October 2010 --PONYMOUSE is the working project name for research on Greg Howard and

his associates, derived from the word "eponymous" that describes the title of the website www.greghoward.com. This is report 01 in a potential series of reports on Greg Howard et. al. The source of this material is REDACTED, an SME on extremist religious groups. I'm passing along REDACTED's findings with minimal comment [comments are in brackets], and can take further steps as directed. Links provided, will have to be copied and pasted into browser windows. --1) Monday Hope:

http://mondayhope.com is a "financial advisor" site at which Greg Howard offers financial services. It is assumed the reader is familar with this site, particularly since there it has relatively little comment and can be read quickly. ---


REDACTED's material:

Monday Hope would appear to be a prototypical example of the "dominionist investment scheme" variety--it can technically be considered a frontgroup of Wiregrass Church of Dothan, AL (http://mondayhope.com/about accesssed 3:27pm EDT 1 Oct 2010). Wiregrass in a bit.

More on

The model used for their insurance sales (as a reseller: http://mondayhope.com/insurance/companies-available accessed 3:28pm EDT 1 Oct 2010 and http://mondayhope.com/insurance accessed 3:31pm EDT 1 Oct 2010) is remarkably similar to the now-defunct KingdomBuy purchasing portal (which signed up en masse with "charity affinity programs" that would donate a portion of purchases to a church or nonprofit, and then essentially laundered the funds by giving them to a group of dominionist orgs that included Scott Lively's Abiding Truth Ministries and the AFA). KingdomBuy was eventually shut down after mass protest by the LGBT community informed companies that KingdomBuy was essentially acting as a *de facto* money-laundering front for anti-LGBT (and in some cases, overtly Holocaust Revisionist) dominionist groups. "Purchasing portals" are known as de facto money-laundering fronts for dominionist groups. Interestingly, AmWay is *also* an example of this [portal model] (that also operates as a de facto Ponzi scheme) and the use of "dominionist purchasing portals" is an underappreciated source of income for these groups.

The group is known to be associated with and promoting of the NAR "Christian Investment" group Crown Financial Ministries, which has some known ties to C. Peter Wagner's network (http://mondayhope.com/resources accessed at 3:36pm EDT 1 Oct 2010). They are also linked with an attorney in the area who needs further research as to his dominionist connections, particularly to dominionist legal associations like Alliance Defense Fund or ACLJ (http://mondayhope.com/resources/patrick-h-davenport-esq accessed 3:38pm EDT 1 Oct 2010). Kingdom Advisors is one of a number of associations of "Christian financial advisors" (http://mondayhope.com/kingdom-advisors accessed 3:38pm EDT 1 Oct 2010 and http://www.kingdomadvisors.org accessed 3:40pm EDT 1 Oct 2010). It is effectively a front of Crown Financial Ministries (evidence at http://www.kingdomadvisors.org/partners/crown.asp accessed 3:41pm EDT 1 Oct 2010); it is also connected with a wide variety of dominionist groups including FotF, Billy Graham Ministries (which has turned de facto NAR under Franklin Graham's leadership), Campus Crusade for Christ, and World Vision (whose US division has been largely steeplejacked by dominionist, particularly NAR, churches). Almost all the board members are connected with dominionist groups or "Christian investment" schemes, particularly the founding member board (http://www.kingdomadvisors.org/founders.asp accessed 3:44pm EDT 1 Oct 2010); almost all the business partners are operators of "Christian annuity funds" with the exception of a blatantly dominionist credit union that is promoted as a "Christian alternative" to secular banking (http://www.kingdomadvisors.org/fcp.asp accessed 3:46pm EDT 1 Oct 2010). The "core beliefs" section for Kingdom Advisors (http://www.kingdomadvisors.org/core.asp accessed 3:48pm EDT 1 Oct 2010) is something else--it all but admits that these investment groups are set up as recruitment fronts, members are literally prohibited from giving any advice to clients regarding Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy (and even gives a "Biblical" justification for its "F--- the poor" statement), and all but calls taking out a loan or a mortgage as opening a doorway to Satan. Getting back to Monday Hope, SHOCKINGLY they actually promote the use of Ponzi and MLM schemes as a sound investment and business strategy (http://mondayhope.com/key-concepts/financial-pyramid accessed 3:50pm EDT 1 Oct 2010)--in this case, it's a leadup to describing investment setups. [REDACTED comment: I got the same impression, that the use of the "pyramid" metaphor is intended to make it more palatable and thereby to soften skepticism toward the term "pyramid" in the context of fraud schemes.] The politics tab (http://mondayhope.com/category/politics accessed 3:52pm EDT 1 Oct 2010) is...very very very interesting. There is a password-protected link to an "Anti-Alinsky Project", this is apparently a link to a dominionist astroturfing campaign, as this is a reference to the "Alinsky's Rules for Radicals" (a neocon anti-Alinsky rant is at http://nonsensibleshoes.blogspot.com/2009/05/how-to-defeat-

alinsky-rules-part-i.html accessed 3:55pm EDT 1 Oct 2010; a second article references how neocons and dominionists are explicitly "antiAlinsky" organising at http://conwebwatch.tripod.com/blog/index.blog/1890037/richard-poesantialinsky screed/ accessed 3:55pm EDT 1 Oct 2010). In essence, this appears to be a secretive group meant to try to bust up grassroots activism in the progressive community. Another link on the politics pages goes to a repeating of the old canard that Planned Parenthood was supposedly set up as an American Nazi eugenics program (this has been well debunked, but has currency especially in those particular sectors of the anti-abortion movement sympathetic to the Army of God domestic terror network). In one post (http://mondayhope.com/2009/08/accuse-me-of-treason.html accessed 3:59pm EDT 1 Oct 2010) he admits his anti-government speech and organising has been sufficiently strident that he's been accused of sedition if not treason proper. As for Wiregrass Church (the likely home of this group)...they would appear to be promoting themselves as a "modern nondenominational" (http://mondayhope.com/resources/wiregrass-church accessed 4:01pm EDT 1 Oct 2010). The church operates a page (http://www.alreadydressed.com/Main%20Page.html accessed 4:02pm EDT 1 Oct 2010) that in and of itself does not directly link at first to its site proper (http://www.wiregrasschurch.org/ accessed 4:03pm EDT 1 Oct 2010). There's a reason for this [the indirect linkage]. It turns out it's part of a network of NAR neopente churches in the area (http://www.wiregrasschurch.org/index.cfm?pageID=2621 accessed 4:05pm EDT 1 Oct 2010); the very recent date of founding is more than a bit of a warning sign indicating this was a church linked with the "Third Wave" NAR breakouts and that the founding church of the group was set up as the result of a congregational split. It is part of a NAR paradenomination known as North Point Strategic Partners (http://www.northpointpartners.org/ accessed 4:06pm EDT 1 Oct 2010) that operates primarily on a cell-church structure (http://www.northpointpartners.org/faqs.jsp accessed 4:07pm EDT 1 Oct 2010). [REDACTED note: "Paradenomination" and "parachurch" refer to organizations that exist above or outside of churches as such, and that serve as aggregators for political and financial purposes and so on. The term "cell church" refers to the use of "cell structure" organizing principles, by analogy with the mid 20th century idea of "communist cells."] Wiregrass is itself also set up on a cell-church model (http://www.wiregrasschurch.org/index.cfm?pageID=2623 accessed 4:08pm EDT 1 Oct 2010)--which is not only an environment rife for abuse but also (as we've discussed before) provides very convenient fronts and sources of recruitment for domestic terrorist orgs.

The specific model seems to be based off Yoido Full Gospel Church in Seoul, South Korea (which has thousands of "satellites" founded via cells, which accounts for its claimed membership of nearly a million people worldwide) in that sermons are telecasted from a primary church (http://www.wiregrasschurch.org/index.cfm?pageID=2624 accessed 4:10pm EDT 1 Oct 2010). The group runs a front targeting homeless people, and also has explicitly targeted every legitimate group in Dothan serving the needs of the homeless for infiltration (http://www.wiregrasschurch.org/index.cfm?pageID=2625 accessed 4:12pm EDT 1 Oct 2010); this matches reports I've heard from an associate in Florida in a dominionist-ridden area re services for the homeless there. The group is connected with a dominionist "charity" called Compassion International (that has been linked to "aid for prosyletisation", among other things--I'll send you a dossier in a bit) and is also known to be conducting prosyletisation in Afghanistan possibly putting US forces at risk (http://www.wiregrasschurch.org/index.cfm?pageID=2626 accessed 4:15pm EDT 1 Oct 2010). Despicably, one of their activities also includes what amounts to a "Christian Alternative" to "cancer camps" for children like Victory Junction Gang and the like--this does appear to be advertised to folks outside the church, without the church links revealed. Membership in a cell-church group is mandatory for all intents and purposes (http://www.wiregrasschurch.org/index.cfm?pageID=2632 accessed 4:17pm EDT 1 Oct 2010) and the entire purpose of the church is to recruit people into cells (http://www.wiregrasschurch.org/index.cfm?pageID=2633 accessed 4:23pm EDT 1 Oct 2010). NorthPoint, the parent paradenomination/parent church, apparently keeps a complete "approved" curricula package for cell-church groups in its network (http://www.groupcurriculum.org/index.do accessed 4:19pm EDT 1 Oct 2010). Some of this includes explicit "Ruth and Esther" imagery common in NAR groups (http://www.groupcurriculum.org/details.do?id=302 accessed 4:20pm EDT 1 Oct 2010) and the "lesson notes" indicate that NorthPoint uses a paradenomination-specific study bible if not Bible translation. In fact, the church strongly indicates one is NOT considered a member unless one is at least inducted into a cell, and even describes that as a mere "step towards membership" (http://www.wiregrasschurch.org/index.cfm?pageID=2693 and preceding pages, accessed 4:25pm EDT 1 Oct 2010). The church apparently requires an intrusive, online, not-publically-available questionnaire to be filled out as a condition of membership and this info is not provided unless someone is already in a cell and a "regular attender" of services (http://www.wiregrasschurch.org/index.cfm?pageID=2694 accessed 4:27pm EDT 1 Oct 2010) indicating that members are explicitly vetted for loyalty. In addition to the emphasis on cell-churches, a warning sign that SCREAMS out at me as being potentially highly coercive is that the church explicitly sets up its structure as a "home" and "family" (http://www.wiregrasschurch.org/index.cfm?pageID=2762 accessed 4:24pm

EDT 1 Oct 2010). Info indicates this is explicitly for the purpose of cult recruitment (http:/ www.wiregrasschurch.org/index.cfm?pageID=2696 accessed 4:27pm EDT 1 Oct 2010; http://www.wiregrasschurch.org/index.cfm?pageID=2697 accessed 4:28pm EDT 1 Oct 2010; http://www.wiregrasschurch.org/index.cfm?pageID=2698 accessed 4:28pm EDT 1 Oct 2010; http://www.wiregrasschurch.org/index.cfm?pageID=2699 accessed 4:29pm EDT 1 Oct 2010). It takes massive amounts of digging (literally clicking through no less than fifteen levels of links) before one finally hits the actual theology of the church (http://www.wiregrasschurch.org/index.cfm?pageID=2701 accessed 4:31pm EDT 1 Oct 2010). The final page (http://www.wiregrasschurch.org/index.cfm?pageID=2702 accessed 4:32pm EDT 1 Oct 2010) confirms members must be vetted and cell-church membership is mandatory as well as "full immersion" baptism (indicating we may be dealing with an "Assemblies daughter") and notes that membership apps are only available at a table during church services. (Needless to say, infiltration will be difficult and potentially highly risky.) [Assemblies: AOG, Assemblies of God, a notorious dominionist outfit, highly political and power-seeking, also regarded as cult-like, coercive, and dangerous.] The church is explicitly bibolatrous (http://www.wiregrasschurch.org/index.cfm?pageID=2622 accessed 4:35pm EDT 1 Oct 2010) but seems to be very careful on not mentioning anything about "fruits of the spirit" in either its statement of faith or its "values" section (http://www.wiregrasschurch.org/index.cfm?pageID=2623 accessed 4:35pm EDT 1 Oct 2010); this is a new trend in NARasite neopentecostal churches trying to hide the fact they're neopente (some do not even include "values" or a statement of faith on their website). [Bibolatry or bibliolatry is the idolatrous worship of the Bible.] The more revelatory document in this regards is the church constitution (http://www.wiregrasschurch.org/index.cfm?pageID=2766 accessed 4:37pm EDT 1 Oct 2010). The church constitution explicitly prohibits the main body from throwing out an abusive elder, and even explicitly states the church "has no members as defined in the Alabama Nonprofit Incorporation Code" (which is what is used to incorporate a church not linked to a denomination in Alabama--in other words Wiregrass (and possibly all its satellites) are *operating illegally and fraudulently* as most church incorporation requires a regular congregation of recognised members--in KY, the legal threshold is fifty members for one to incorporate as a church). (As an aside-- Church incorporation laws are known to be discriminatory in many states; for example in general it is difficult in the Southeast US for neopagan and paleopagan groups to legally incorporate to be recognised as religions for purposes of tax exemption and ministerial licenses for purposes of marriage. Some states (Alabama is one) legally restrict incorporation (illegally) to Abrahamic faiths; others require a minimum threshold of members if the group is not part of a "recognised denomination" or does not have a state-recognised

ordination body. The requirements are generally sufficiently ornerous that most pagan groups' leaders get ULC ordinations or (in states where notary marriage is legal) become notary publics for purposes of performing marriages; in some states (NC particularly) Unitarian Universalist ordination is the only practical alternative as ULC ordination is no longer recognised as legally valid and most neopagan congregations don't have fifty people attending.) In a real rarity for such groups, the org does put its financial statements online--and it ain't too shabby for what amounts to a cellchurch pod which receives sermons via teleconference (http://www.wiregrasschurch.org/index.cfm?pageID=2755 accessed 4:46pm EDT 1 Oct 2010). I would strongly suspect that most of the "interesting" activity is likely going on in the cell-church where the owner of "Monday Hope" is participating. Finding that, and infiltrating that, is going to be an unholy bitch though. === END ===

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