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125 Carlisle Court * Chandler, IN 47610 * (812) 202-9051 *

Attorney with over 7 years of full-time experience in government and law firm se
ttings. Skilled in maintaining effective relationships with clients, opposing co
unsel, Judges, bailiffs, and courtroom personnel. Talented researcher with excep
tional analytical, investigative, organizational and communication skills. Able
to handle independent projects as well as function as a team member in fast-pace
d environments. Juris Doctorate. Licensed to practice in Ohio and application fo
r reciprocity pending in Indiana.

Shaw & Miller, Columbus, OH V Pro Bono Attorney 2009-Present
X Drafted motions, briefs, expungements, jury instructions, and sentencing memor
X Interviewed clients, witnesses, and expert witnesses
X Researched evidentiary rules and admissibility, confessions, arson, theft, rig
ht to privacy, right to attorney, knowing and voluntary pleas, child custody, pa
rental rights, operating a vehicle while intoxicated
X Drafted direct examination and cross examination questions, opening statements
, and closing arguments
Franklin County Public Defender, Columbus, OH V Staff Attorney 2002-2007
X Served the legal interests of indigent criminal defendants
X Averaged over 1,600 cases per year
X Conducted trials, contested motion hearings, pre trial hearings, plea negotiat
ions, arraignments, bond hearings, parole and probation hearings
X Drafted motions, briefs, sentencing memoranda, and jury instructions
X Trained new attorneys in the office and acted as mentor
X Assisted and advised various attorneys in the office on competency issues and
insanity pleas for clients
X Drafted informative pamphlets for clients explaining sentencing, traffic viola
tions and the law, how to get a valid drivers license, the basics of a trial and
/or court hearing
Shaw, Zolman & Associates, Columbus, OH V Criminal Defense Attorney 2001-2002
X Interviewed clients at office, jail, and prison. Constantly communicated with
clients, witnesses, law enforcement officers, probation and parole officers and
opposing counsel
X Researched topics regarding sex offender registration and notification, search
and seizure issues, self incrimination, double jeopardy, child endangerment, do
mestic violence, and admissibility of prior record
X Drafted motions, briefs, sentencing memoranda, and jury instructions
X Routinely checked calibration and maintenance logs for breathalyzer (BAC) mach

JD, The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law, Columbus, OH, 2001
Graduate Studies in Administration of Justice, Southern Illinois University, Car
bondale, IL, 1998
BA in Government, Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, KY, 1996