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Specializarea Automatica si Informatica Aplicata


t: Coman Ion-Lucian

Computer History

Today’s world is invaded by the product of a relatively new,very

dynamic,with major implications in all areas of human
activity,including at home.It is the science and computer
engineering,which concern,in a hitherto unknown extent or another
area,both specialists and field results on users.The worl wants to
know more about computer system,their capabilities are,what can be
used and what not.All who know the buton at least once a
computer,for example games,more or less fun,easy to learn,so
handy.However,very few know the information about the appearance
of computers in the world.
Thus,more than 300 years ago,namely in 1642,inventing the first
machine arithmetic Blaise Pascal(1623-
1662),mathematician,physicist,writweer and philosopher French
realized that this mechanism representing a tool of thought,is and will
remain a creative technique.In this sense,his meditations he
said:”Machine arithmetic effect is closer to thought than all the
animals are,but not anyting we could say that it has determined it
will,like animals”.By definition,means a computer is any computing
system.which allows it to be arithmetic or algebraic operations
performed according to a predetermined schedule.
America in 1885,William Seward Burroughs(1857-1898)move
to the manufacture of a souped-up car computing.Since 1920 a new
phase in building computer machines,now passing in front on the
introduction of electromagnetic device such as alectromagnetic
relays,electrical sensors,electric motor and printing informations on
paper tape or punched cards.
Between 1939-1944 professor H. Aiken of Harvard
University,together with specialists for the International Buisness
Machine (IBM) has developed the first automatic computer,called
Mark-1.It was an electromechanical computer in the scheme which
where mainly used electromagnetic relays.Meanwhile,John
Newmann to developed the computer coding operations by applying
the bynari code.In a short perios after the realization of Mark-1
computer,it comes to making computers with vacuum tubes,also
called I.The first generation computer of this generation computers
called ENIAC,was conducted between 1942-1946 at the University of
Pennsilvanya.The computer contained about 18000 vacuum
tubes,was quite bulky and its operation requires a relatively high
consumer power.In our country the first electronic computer was
developed by IFA in 1957.He was a computer with vacuum tubes,so I
also have a generation rate of 50 operations per second.This computer
I was given the name of CIFA-1.Other computers were also
conducted at the Polytehnic Institute in Timisoara and Cluj
computing.Today almost no areas that have not entered the electronic
computer.Daily newspapers and magazines bring us news about the
various applications of computers.