ENGLISH 1.Recapitulation a-z. 2.a-z with pictures. 3. alphabets lower case with phonetics’a-h’ written along with various exercises. Vocabulary –Daughter/Son, Child, Family. 1.‘i-z’ oral as well along written along with various exercises. 2. Introduction of two letter words-in,on,at,etc. 3.Quiz (catching up on A,B,C.) Three letter ‘a’vowel words along with activities, Vocabulary on hot,cold, bright, sunny. 1.Stick pictures of any five things that plants give us.2.Nature walk to observe various plants and trees found in our school. Three letter ‘e’vowel wordsorals,written along with activities. 1.Colour the T-shirts in tricolour with spray painting. 2.Beep game -after every second number say beep. 3.Building up new words with domino cards. Three letter ‘I’vowel wordsoral and written with various activities. HINDI 1.Recapitulation with pictures Akshar MATHS 1.Recapitulation 1-10.2)Concept of tens and ones, pre number concepts size, distance, shape 1.Group activity with seeds to introduce the concept of tens and ones. 2.Tambola. 1)1-20 written,Before-After,Greater and Lesser, Fill in the missing number, Number names 1-5 oral, Count and write. 2) Stick the shapes, shopping activity with complete objects and notes. 1-30 written,before after,greater lesser, fill in the missing numbers.Number names 6-10 9(oral),Number names 15(written),backward counting 201,circle the correct number. EVS A Healthy Me, My Possessions, The things I Like Parts of the body, Sense Organs. Display of food that makes a family healthy .Stories. involving family members. Importance of trees ,Importance of water, Care of Plants on nature table Miniature garden in a saucer. A Visit to a Local Park 1-40 written ,before after ,greater lesser,Number names-written 610,backward counting 30-1,skip counting by one digit –oral. Our country,colours of our national flag,national bird, flower, animal, fruit, game, Conversation on flat house, home, room, window, walls, furniture. Wild animals,sea animals, pet animal, domestic animals, land animals. Their babies, sounds and homes. Being kind to animals 1.Independence day badges 2.Rakhi making from bindis 3.Fancy dress competition 4.Simple match box furniture Paper folding animals, Spray paint around the stencils of animals,Pencil shaving caterpillars. Animal Masks from Paper bags Patriotic songs and rhymes. Song about house keeping & cooking. CRAFT Stuffed Paper Dolls, SONGS/RHYMES Ten, Littlefinger, Ten Little toes,Songs about me.

v ls v% rd d ls K rd Will be taken orally.
Activity- Scrap book on me

Health and Hygiene May My Family

Menu Cards.

Here we go round the mulberry bush. Songs on the family.

Akshars v ls v% rd with pictures.

Family collageOrigami flower bouquet for mummy.


Environment and nature / The weather/ Plants all around

Akshars o] c] d] rdA with pictures and various activities.Introduction of two akshar words by joining the akshars.

1. Collage of a landscape 2.Paper boat making 3.Mango party.

Songs about swings slides.

Inter class activity-Talk show on importance of trees and play-Teda pedh (hindi), The Generous Tree Akshars two letter hindi words oral as well written with the akshars done in class. x]


Our country and our National symbols / My House

e] Hk] u] rdA
Inter-class activity-Drawing and colouring competition/Patriotic songs


Animals all around

Akshars , ?k] /k] N] t rdA two and three letter words with akshars done in the class.

1-50 written,before after,greater lesser,skip counting by one digit,number names1-10-written

Sing all the jingles/songs on particular animals .


FestivalsDussehra and Diwali

1.Jungle scene as well as underwater scene. 2.Finger painting animal patterns 3.Visit to deer Park 4. .Building up new words with domino cards. Three letter’o’vowel wordsoral as well as written, Concept of this and that.

Interclass activity-Just a minute(speaking skills)

Akshars n] V] B] <] M] rdA two and three letter words,Reading and writing of simple sentences.

1-60- written,before after, greater lesser,skip counting by two digit number,backward counting 401,number names 11-20 –oral, Concept

Importance of dussehra and diwali, The story of Lor’d Ram &

Ravana making, painting diyas, making face of Ganeshji with

Hymns and songs of related festival.

Re-capthese/those. exercise. Cursive writing –u-z.k] M] < rdA Complete the sentences. Interclass activity-Class decoration competition.sleep. Oppositeswritten. Revision of all the work done in the class. numbers 1-20.tens and hundreds.Friezes of things we see in the sky. January Means of transport/The Busy Street Double vowel wordswritten. Blends of ‘ch’. Reading blends of ‘ch’.’ll’.Addition with carry over.] i] rdA Reading and writing of simple senences. Interclass activity-Christmas skit and carol singing competition.Road safety-Conversation Revision of all the words done in the class. Inter-class activity-Story telling competition. addition of objects. Paper hats 3.Word game-Make as many words you can from the given alphabet. . Akshars j] [k] l] . 1-90 written. Holi card making. Phrases..Fill in the blanks . 1-70-written. Horizontal and vertical concept of subtraction.Building words with domino cards. wash your face……. 1.Care of plants –oral..Traffic Rule activity –Role –play 2.’sh’ will be taken up orally. share.To be able to greet .three.Christmas bell making and Santa making.Concept of zero. Spray painting. Costumes from different states conversation Means of transportation – air. Scrapbook on My family captioned pictures of the family Wash . Quiz on every thing taught in the class Interclass activity-Just a minute Talk show. To know the good habits of cleanliness. good food. Solve the Riddles and Guess the correct word. November Habits and manners / My Family December Christmas Season/Thin gs we see in the sky / Fancy Dress 1. 1-80-written. Importance of Zebra –crossing and Traffic lights. Making two/three sentences on the given object. Three letter ‘u’vowel words – oral and written. Animals we can ride 1. Movement of the Earth. Inter class activity-Handwriting competition.’sh’ written.’oo’. Musical chairs on skip counting. Write the first akshar. 1. Number names 10-100-ten.Aspecial day of games for Diwali.Concept of ones. Making of match-box train. Myself-5 lines.use the magic words. Akshars Fk] y] >] g] r rdA two. Planets. Counting of different objects found in the classroom-to strengthen the concept of addition.A walk to the main road. Cursive writing – a-j. show concern. the festival of Lights paper plates.Recap-this/that.Name the pictures.four letter hindi words with reading and writing of simple sentences – orally. Two and three akshar words.These and those-oral. Germination of seeds. Visit to Buddha Temple Songs about trees and flowers.Addition of two digit numbers.of addition. Cursive writing-k-t. Best out of waste 2.Things you see in the class room – written. thirty Names of colours. Importance of Children’s Day. This and that-written. Akshars {k] =] K] . 2. Compound words. Using stencils to make shapes of buses The wheels of the bus …… Feb/March Colours/ My Garden 1. 1-100-written. twenty. 3.Addition of single digit number.l and and water.’ee’. Fill in the missing word.double vowel words. Recapitulation of skip counting. Subtraction of two digit numbers without borrowing. Display of food that makes a family healthy Importance of Christmas.Sun and Moon.k] M rdA Re-cap oftwo/three/four letter words.sentence making. Carols and jingles. .Subtraction of objects.2. wash. Tissue paper flowers.Subtraction of single digit numbers.

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