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Mechanical Design Consultant
Service your companys engineering department through mechanical design with reli
able, cost-cautious, and timely performance, working both onsite and from my own
Diligent and results-driven mechanical designer with focus on simplistic innovat
ion, continuous and thorough improvement, and company success in a highly compet
itive industry. Accomplished the equivalent of over 10 years of experience in 10
industries of engineering, involving up to 5 projects simultaneously. Self-moti
vated performance improvement; coordination of established solutions with design
concepts; optimum cost savings while offering the most robust and efficient sol
ution possible for each customer. Design engineering proficiencies include:
Product Innovation ------------- SolidWorks / PDMWorks / AutoCAD
Specification Development ------ Assembly Process & Design
Feasibility Testing & Analysis - Materials & Manufacturing Processes
Multiple Project Management ---- Blueprints / Drawings / Plans / Models
Engineering & Technology ------- Lean Manufacturing/ Six-Sigma
Design Cost Management --------- Production & Processing
Statistical Analysis ----------- Technical Documentation
Quality Control Standards ------ 20,000+ hours SolidWorks Experience
Premium Design Talent ---------- Design of Complex Machinery
Experienced in meeting multiple specifications and standards, while successfully
designing final product from concepts with proven solutions to meet all custome
r requirements at minimum cost.
AUTOMATION | Client Consulting, Multiple Projects, On/Off-site | September 2006-
Design industrial machines for material handling application
Redesign manufacturing cost reductions of up to 67%
Accurate machinery design completion-time reductions of up to 75%
Incorporate existing designs, vendor products, electrical design and software d
Design sheet metal components and housings, steel structures and hardware
Produce related necessary engineering documentation (E.C.N., B.O.M., part reque
Success of design work shows clear in completed machines, which sold immediatel
EDUCATION | Client Consulting, Single Project, Off-site | May 2010-Present
Coordinate multiple concepts into single product for prototype
Design robust and cost-efficient piece-part assembly for final product
Acquire materials and necessary resources and build prototype for client
Allocate material manufacturing requirements to necessary vendors for productio
CONSTRUCTION | Client Consulting, Multiple Project Support, On/Off-site | July 2
008-September 2009
Designed research & development proof-of-concept prototype components and assem
Applied range of materials included thermopolymers, polystyrene, and MDF
Incorporated manufacturing processes such as molded, preformed, extruded, and m
Processed file output types for various business applications (.DOC, .PDF, .DXF
, .STL, .STEP)
CONSUMER PRODUCT | Client Consulting, Single Project, Off-site | April-June 2009
Designed production-level consumer product from concept
Prepared full document package for assembly and piece-part drawings
Produced related manufacturing and customer program files (.IGES, .PDF)
TELECOMMUNICATIONS | Client Consulting, Single Project, Off-site | March-May 200
Designed multi-functioning fixture for communications technology electronics te
Incorporated selection design, sizing design, redesign, and concurrent engineer
ing practices
Accomplished design project on telecommute basis
DEFENSE | Client Consulting, Multiple Projects and Support, On/Off-site | August
2007-June 2009
Assisted in design and documentation of electromechanical and structural system
Designed assemblies and components for various projects as required
Completed layouts of electrical cables, mechanical assemblies, and mechanical d
Monitored / developed numerous design stages and drawings for industrial comput
er application
MEDICAL DEVICE | Client Consulting, Single Project Support, On/Off-site | May-Au
gust 2007
Integrated existing design with newly updated sub-component designs
Analyzed design of mechanical, electrical, and fluid control systems
Coordinated drawings, parts lists, bills of materials, and engineering improvem
AEROSPACE | Employment, Multiple Projects, Onsite | April 2004-September 2006
Designed electro-mechanical instruments and panels for flight simulators
Coordinated to meet government and customer specifications, and minimal manufac
turing cost
Reduced accurate design completion-times by up to 80%
Developed mechanical components and assemblies with use of SolidWorks 3D softwa
Drafted piece-part and assembly drawings
Applied concurrent engineering, selection design, sizing design, redesign, & co
nfiguration design
Completed bills of materials and necessary technical documentation
Utilized ANSI drawing standards and tolerancing
MANUFACTURING | Temporary Internship, Project Support, Onsite | August 2003-Janu
ary 2004
Assisted in steel metallurgy failure analysis and process improvement
Analyzed thermal performance of combustion reheat furnace
Administered experiment/testing and data collection
Maintained Microsoft Access database for statistics of ongoing performance qual
ity monitoring
AVIATION | Temporary Internship, Project Support, Onsite | May-August 2003
Assisted six-sigma (lean manufacturing) trained professionals
Identified and managed all on-site chemical data and safety procedures
Applied use of PC and communications skills to detail and document various appl
Planned and designed company safety reference area to meet OSHA standards
Pre-Professional Engineering Program | UT Arlington | 2000 - 2004
College Credits for Calculus & Physics | Arlington HS | 1999 - 2000
Board Drafting & AutoCad Course | Arlington HS | 1998 - 2000
References & contacts are available upon request.