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<div align="center"><img src="
/Los_COCOTEROS/Los_Cocoteros_01.jpg" Title="Apartamentos Los Cocoteros visto des
de la playa" width="540" height="335"></div>
<p align="justify"><strong>Apartments Los Cocoteros</strong> is one of
the most historic in Puerto del Carmen, has been remodeled in 2002, was installe
d in 2008 a swimming pool. Located on the front line to the sea views which enti
ce you to jump into the sea.</p>
<p align="justify">The complex commitment to the environment and sustai
nability is so important that we have achieved the <b>Certification Biosphere Ho
tels</b>, through the cooperation and support from our guests and employees. The
next commitment is the certification ISO 14000.</p>
<div align="center"><img src="
s/Los_COCOTEROS/Los_Cocoteros_02.jpg" Title="Vista complejo" width="506" height=
"315" /></div>
<p><strong>APARTMENTS IN LOS COCOTEROS</strong></p>
<div align="center">
<p><img src="
/Los_Cocoteros_03.jpg" Title="Ejemplo apartamento" width="507" height="318" /></
<p>Apartments 1 room with two beds, equipped with dining room, sofa bed
, full kitchen, bathroom, balcony, TV, safe (extra charge), cot (on request), cl
eaning 5 times a week, change of towels 3 times a week, change of linen 2 times
a week.</p>
<li> Apartments Standard first floor</li>
<li> Apartments Standard full sea view4</li>
<div align="center"><img src="
s/Los_COCOTEROS/Los_Cocoteros_04.jpg" alt="" width="502" height="372" title="Eje
mplo vista desde apartamento superior" /></div>
<div align="center"><img src="
OCOTEROS/Los_Cocoteros_05.jpg" alt="" width="501" height="353" title="Vista pisc
ina" /></div>
<div> </div>
<li>Wi-Fi (charges).</li>
<li>Reception: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.09:00 to 14:00 and
17:00 to 20:00.
Thursday, Saturday and Sunday: 07:00 to 23:00.</li>
<li>Bilingual Staff.</li>
<li>Foreign exchange service.</li>
<li>Pool Bar and Restaurant Snacks.</li>
<li>Pets allowed up to 5 kg.</li>
<li>Internet Point (coins) at reception.</li>
<li>Aquarsis Spa and Wellness Center.*</li>
<li>Tour services, medical assistance, rent a car*</li>
<li>Adult pool (heated Nov-March) and children's pool.</li>
<p align="justify">*Take the opportunity to relax in our Spa and Wellness
Center Aquarsis. All guests staying in Los Cocoteros Apartments are entitled to
a <b>special discount</b> in the Thermal circuit.
<p align="justify"><span class="style1">* Some services will be paid directly at
the hotel.</span></p></td>
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