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Year 35 No.

50 Second Sunday of Lent (C) — Violet March 13, 2022

I n our Covid world today, Be Transfigured of the ordinary way of life to the
“mutation” is an oft-used
word, known even to the less
educated people of society. In the
in Jesus life of the Lord. It is becoming
patient when irritable, loving
amid hatred, understanding when
Gospel, a similar word is used— things are difficult to comprehend,
”transfiguration.” Both words refer continuing to believe that God
to change. However, they arise heals despite the pandemic,
from different contexts. Mutation is hoping and proclaiming that
a structural change of the genes of we shall recover and overcome
the cell, while transfiguration refers even as people get infected with
to complete change revealing a the virus. The Transfiguration of
more beautiful, spiritual state, the ordinary is manifest in the
such as what happens when Jesus dedication of the frontliners
brings with him three disciples braving to serve the infected at
to a high mountain known as the risk of their own lives and
Mt. Tabor. He exudes a dazzling in the courage of inoculators
white appearance that even his bringing the vaccines to dangerous
clothes are so white but are not rural areas. This is the work of
hurtful to the eyes. salvation—to rise to glory from
The event has already a feast by Fr. Gerald G. Metal our painful past and never to give
on August 6. Why bother to make up trying.
The Transfiguration event is
another proclamation on the Peter wants to stay on the
the whole Bible. Yet, the story
second Sunday of Lent? mount of glory, but Jesus prods
does not end in the glorious
The reason is that the event manifestation of Jesus that makes him on. They must go down and
has something to do with Jesus’ Peter exclaim, “Master, it is good climb another mountain—Mount
passion, death, and resurrection that we are here; let us make three Calvary. Jesus’ suffering is the
that we call the paschal mystery. tents, one for you, one for Moses, only way to attain what they
The whole event is the blueprint and one for Elijah.” Jesus’s glory have experienced on Mt Tabor.
of the history of salvation. It is is revealed only when we obey It requires rising where we have
all about God in Jesus, you, and the voice of the Father who tells fallen. Our suffering is our glory.
me—the story of God and our us, through the three disciples, Jesus tells us not to be afraid of
own story. The happening is the “This is my chosen Son; listen to pain and sacrifice. By his cross
whole Bible story with Moses him.” Listening is living out the Jesus has conquered sin and death.
and Elijah, symbolizing the Law proclamation of Jesus. Listening By our own cross we bring glory
and the Prophets, respectively. is putting into life the teachings to our mortal flesh. The story does
With them is Jesus who is the of our Lord and Master. not end with the cross; it opens to
fulfillment of the Law and the The Transfiguration is not only an our resurrection. We fall and rise
Prophets. Jesus is the culmination extraordinary revelation of Jesus. until we never fall again.
of the prophecies of old. It is the manifestation of the Lord We are invited today to visit our
The three disciples stand for in the ordinary. Overwhelmed Lord’s Transfiguration in our prayer
the New Testament, with Peter for with the vision and the words rooms and adoration chapels.
faith, James for hope, and John for of the Father, the disciples fall We see an ordinary Christ before
love or charity. Faith, hope, and unconscious until Jesus touches our ordinary eyes. We may not
love are the three theological them and wakes them to the other understand everything that is
virtues that Christians who are aspect of the Transfiguration – happening in our lives. We only
followers of Jesus live for our the ordinary. Living the life of know one thing—something good
modern times until the end of Jesus is not in the magical and is going to happen. In Jesus we
time. spectacular. It is the transformation are being transfigured.
P—Christ, have mercy. with them. As the sun was about
THE INTRODUCTORY RITES All—Christ, have mercy. to set, a trance fell upon Abram,
Entrance Antiphon P—Lord, have mercy. and a deep, terrifying darkness
(Cf. Ps 27[26]:8–9) All—Lord, have mercy. enveloped him.
(Recited when there is no opening song.) When the sun had set and
(During Lent, the Gloria is omitted.)
Of you my heart has spoken: it was dark, there appeared a
Collect smoking fire pot and a flaming
Seek his face. It is your face,
O Lord, that I seek; hide not P—Let us pray. (Pause) torch, which passed between
your face from me. O God, who have com- those pieces. It was on that
manded us to listen to your occasion that the Lord made a
Greeting beloved Son, be pleased, we covenant with Abram, saying:
(The sign of the cross is made here.) “To your descendants I give this
pray, to nourish us inwardly by
P—The grace of our Lord Jesus your word, that, with spiritual land from the Wadi of Egypt to
Christ, and the love of God, and sight made pure, we may rejoice the Great River, the Euphrates.”
the communion of the Holy to behold your glory. —The word of the Lord.
Spirit be with you all. Through our Lord Jesus All—Thanks be to God.
All—And with your spirit. Christ, your Son, who lives and
reigns with you in the unity of Responsorial Psalm (Ps 27)
Introduction E. C. Marfori
(These [or similar words] may be used the Holy Spirit, God, for ever R—The Lord is my light and
my salvation.
E. C. Marfori
to address the assembly.) and ever.    
 
E. C. Marfori

      E. C. Marfori
P—As Jesus and his disciples 
    


    
travel to Jerusalem where suf-
Liturgy of the word  The
fering and death await, their  D G


  D   G  AThe 

journey is interrupted by an First Reading

  Lord  and  my

experience of Jesus’ transfigura- D

 my  light
 sal

  
(Gn 15:5–12, 17–18) (Sit)
  Lord    

tion. Up on the mountain, the
When Abram’s faith is sorely tested   Lord  and  my

 my  light  sal 
is my light and my sal
three disciples get a glimpse 
 Lord
Dsus is D
because of his lack of a son and
heir, the Lord gives him a sign   Dsus 
of the glory that their Master

Dsus is my light
3 D and my sal
will have after his resurrection.   va


that he will fulfill his promise 

 va

Dsus D
The experience is only for a 3

of giving the patriarch many 1.  va

The L is my light and my

moment, but it is a source of tion.
descendants. salvation;/ whom should I fear?/
fresh courage and new strength va tion.
that will sustain them on the A reading from the Book of The L ord is my life’s refuge;/ of
difficult way of the Cross. Genesis whom should I be afraid? (R)

Penitential Act THE L ord God took Abram 2. Hear, O Lord, the sound
outside and said, “Look up at of my call;/ have pity on me,
P—Brethren (brothers and the sky and count the stars, if and answer me./ Of you my
sisters), let us acknowledge our you can. Just so,” he added, heart speaks; you my glance
sins, and so prepare ourselves to “shall your descendants be.” seeks. (R)
celebrate the sacred mysteries.
Abram put his faith in the Lord,
(Pause) 3. Your presence, O Lord, I
who credited it to him as an
All—I confess to almighty God seek./ Hide not your face from
act of righteousness.
and to you, my brothers and me;/ do not in anger repel your
He then said to him, “I am
sisters, that I have greatly sinned servant./ You are my helper;
in my thoughts and in my words, the Lord who brought you from
cast me not off. (R)
in what I have done and in Ur of the Chaldeans to give you
what I have failed to do, (Strike this land as a possession.” “O 4. I believe that I shall see the
your breast) through my fault, Lord God,” he asked, “how am bounty of the Lord/ in the land
through my fault, through my I to know that I shall possess of the living./ Wait for the Lord
most grievous fault; therefore I it?” He answered him, “Bring with courage;/ be stouthearted,
ask blessed Mary ever-Virgin, all me a three-year-old heifer, and wait for the Lord. (R)
the Angels and Saints, and you, a three-year-old she-goat, a
my brothers and sisters, to pray three-year-old ram, a turtledove, Second Reading (Phil 3:17—4:1)
for me to the Lord our God. and a young pigeon.” Abram Because the cross of Christ is a
P—May almighty God have brought him all these, split scandal to the Jews and folly to the
mercy on us, forgive us our sins, them in two, and placed each Gentiles, Christian converts may be
and bring us to everlasting life. half opposite the other; but the tempted to abandon it. Paul reminds
All—Amen. birds he did not cut up. Birds the Christians to stand firm in their
P—Lord, have mercy. of prey swooped down on the belief, because the cross is the only
All—Lord, have mercy. carcasses, but Abram stayed way to glorification.
A reading from the Letter of said to Jesus, “Master, it is good one Baptism for the forgiveness
Saint Paul to the Philippians that we are here; let us make of sins and I look forward to
three tents, one for you, one the resurrection of the dead
JOIN with others in being and the life of the world to
for Moses, and one for Elijah.”
imitators of me, brothers and come. Amen.
But he did not know what he
sisters, and observe those
was saying. While he was still Prayer of the Faithful
who thus conduct themselves
speaking, a cloud came and
according to the model you P—Father, our covenant with
cast a shadow over them, and
have in us. For many, as I have you in Christ is the cause of
they became frightened when
often told you and now tell our hope. Now, we humbly
they entered the cloud. Then
you even in tears, conduct approach your throne, O God,
from the cloud came a voice
themselves as enemies of as we lift our supplications to
that said, “This is my chosen
the cross of Christ. Their end you, we pray:
Son; listen to him.” After the
is destruction. Their God is
voice had spoken, Jesus was R—Sustaining God, hear us.
their stomach; their glory is in
found alone. They fell silent C—For Pope Francis, bishops,
their “shame.” Their minds are
and did not at that time tell priests, deacons, religious men
occupied with earthly things.
anyone what they had seen. and women: through their
But our citizenship is in heaven,
and from it we also await a —The Gospel of the Lord. faithful witnessing may they
savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. All—Praise to you, Lord Jesus carry-out with zeal the mission
He will change our lowly body Christ. of mercy of Christ. We pray: (R)
to conform with his glorified C—For those who exercise civil
body by the power that enables Homily (Sit)
authority in our country: may
him also to bring all things into they take part to the call of the
Profession of Faith (Stand)
subjection to himself. gospel to protect the sanctity of
Therefore, my brothers and All—I believe in one God, life and promote love, peace,
sisters, whom I love and long the Father almighty, maker of and justice for all. We pray: (R)
for, my joy and crown, in this heaven and earth, of all things
way stand firm in the Lord. visible and invisible. C — Fo r t h e e n d o f t h e
I believe in one Lord Jesus pandemic: may all of us who
—The word of the Lord. Christ, the Only Begotten Son of are experiencing in any way the
All —Thanks be to God. God, born of the Father before suffering caused by the pandemic
all ages. God from God, Light be given the grace of healing
Verse before the Gospel from Light, true God from
(Cf. Mt 17:5) (Stand) and, strength to endure the
true God, begotten, not made, struggles towards consolation
All—From the shining cloud consubstantial with the Father; and greater peace. We pray: (R)
through him all things were
the Father’s voice is heard: This made. For us men and for our C—For those who want to repent
is my beloved Son, hear him. salvation he came down from from their sinful ways: may they
heaven, (at the words that follow, up approach the grace of mercy and
Gospel (Lk 9:28b–36) to and including and became man, healing through the sacrament
all bow) and by the Holy Spirit of reconciliation. We pray: (R)
P—A reading from the holy was incarnate of the Virgin
Gospel according to Luke Mary and became man. C—For the catechumens: may
All—Glory to you, O Lord. For our sake he was crucified they be firm in their resolve to
JESUS took Peter, John, and under Pontius Pilate, he suffered renounce sin so as to be reborn
death and was buried, and at the font of life and salvation.
James and went up the moun-
rose again on the third day in We pray: (R)
tain to pray. While he was pray- accordance with the Scriptures.
ing his face changed in appear- He ascended into heaven and C—May our belief in the re-
ance and his clothing became is seated at the right hand of surrection of the body sustain us as
dazzling white. And behold, the Father. He will come again we pray and mourn for the death of
two men were conversing with in glory to judge the living and those whom we love. We pray: (R)
him, Moses and Elijah, who the dead and his kingdom will
appeared in glory and spoke have no end. C—Let us pray for the urgent
of his exodus that he was going I believe in the Holy Spirit, concerns of our community
the Lord, the giver of life, who and our personal intentions
to accomplish in Jerusalem.
proceeds from the Father and (pause). We pray: (R)
Peter and his companions had the Son, who with the Father
been overcome by sleep, but and the Son is adored and P—Father, whose mercy endures
becoming fully awake, they glorified, who has spoken forever, listen to the prayers of
saw his glory and the two men through the prophets. your faithful people, and by
standing with him. As they were I believe in one, holy, catholic, the Word of Truth and Spirit of
about to part from him, Peter and apostolic Church. I confess grace prepare us to be cleansed
by Easter mysteries. We ask
this through Christ our Lord.

Liturgy of
the eucharist
Presentation of the Gifts

P—Pray, brethren…
All—May the Lord accept the
sacrifice at your hands for the
praise and glory of his name,
for our good and the good of
all his holy Church.
Prayer over the Offerings
P—May this sacrifice, O Lord,
we pray, cleanse us of our faults
and sanctify your faithful in
body and mind for the celebra-
tion of the paschal festivities.
Through Christ our Lord.
and drink this Cup, we proclaim ing us while still on earth to
Preface: The Transfiguration your Death, O Lord, until you
of the Lord be partakers even now of the
come again. things of heaven.
P—The Lord be with you. Through Christ our Lord.
All—And with your spirit. THE COMMUNION RITE All—Amen.
P—Lift up your hearts. The Lord’s Prayer
All—We lift them up to the Lord. THE CONCLUDING RITES
P—Let us give thanks to the All—Our Father…
Lord our God. P—Deliver us, Lord… P—The Lord be with you.
All—It is right and just. All—For the kingdom, the All—And with your spirit.
P—It is truly right and just, power and the glory are yours
now and forever. Prayer over the People
our duty and our salvation,
always and everywhere to give Invitation to Peace P—Bow down for the blessing.
you thanks, Lord, holy Father, (Pause)
almighty and eternal God, Invitation to Communion
(Kneel) Bless your faithful, we pray,
through Christ our Lord.
For after he had told the P—Behold the Lamb of God, O Lord, with a blessing that
disciples of his coming Death, behold him who takes away endures forever, and keep them
on the holy mountain he the sins of the world. Blessed faithful to the Gospel of your
manifested to them his glory, are those called to the supper Only Begotten Son, so that
to show, even by the testimony of the Lamb. they may always desire and
of the law and the prophets, that All—Lord, I am not worthy at last attain that glory whose
the Passion leads to the glory of that you should enter under beauty he showed in his own
the Resurrection. my roof, but only say the word Body to the amazement of his
And so, with the Powers and my soul shall be healed. Apostles.
of heaven, we worship you Through Christ our Lord.
Communion Antiphon All—Amen.
constantly on earth, and before (Cf. Mt 17:5)
your majesty without end we P—And may almighty God
acclaim: This is my beloved Son, with bless you, the Father, and the
All—Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God whom I am well pleased; listen Son, (†) and the Holy Spirit.
of hosts. Heaven and earth are to him. All—Amen.
full of your glory. Hosanna in Prayer after Communion
the highest. Blessed is he who (Stand) Dismissal
comes in the name of the Lord. P—Let us pray. (Pause) P— The Mass has been offered.
Hosanna in the highest.(Kneel) As we receive these glorious Go in peace to love and serve
Acclamation (Stand) mysteries, we make thanksgi- the Lord.
All—When we eat this Bread ving to you, O Lord, for allow- All—Thanks be to God.

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