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3610 Woodsong Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45251
CPA (exam passed in first sitting) In 25+ years of preparing financial informat
ion for outside audit or review, no critical error corrections had to be made.
Private sector hands-on Controller for the last 15 years supervising small staff
s of up to 10 people. Eye for efficiency in both manual and computerized accoun
ting systems. Able to learn new accounting systems quickly and to incorporate E
xcel spreadsheets to enhance reporting abilities. Demonstrated good business se
nse in helping management improve operations and manage costs. I am an honest, s
elf-motivated, results-oriented professional that takes an ownership view of bus
General Ledger, Journal Entries, Financial Statements, Year-end Close to Audit.
Budget Preparation, Fixed Assets, Job Cost, Excel Spreadsheets, Account Reconci
liations, Cash Management, A/R, A/P, light Collections
SERVALL ELECTRIC CO. INC, Cincinnati, OH (40 employees, 5 mil Revenue)
Day to day duties included journal entries, cash management, account reconcilia
tions, financial closing, light collections, job cost review, management consult
ations, and supervising staff of 2.
Started GAAP accounting system where none existed. Reconciled loans and bank s
tatements from scratch. Commenced daily reconciliation of cash. Started weekly
job cost monitoring to manage costs.
Created companies first ever Budget in format given to CBank in accordance with
loan covenants
Reiser CPAs did tax work and accounting advice. Accounting software QuickBooks
Reason for leaving - Economy, letter of recommendation from Operations Directo
THE RAY HAMILTON COMPANY, Cincinnati, OH (40 employees, 3.5 mil Revenue)
Day to day duties included journal entries, cash management, account reconcilia
tions, financial closing, light collections, budget preparations, job cost revie
w, management consultations, auditor communications and supervising staff of 2.
Created job cost system that allowed better management of individual moving job
s and competitive pricing.
Recommended move from temporary to permanent labor, saving an average of 10% co
st while stabilizing labor force and providing a better trained workforce, which
added to the efficiency of our service to our customers.
Instituted cash management procedures, cutting cash reserves by $100,000, thus
allowing the company to be less dependent on debt and cutting interest expense.
My implementation of Job Cost System showed fulfillment division to be obsolete
, leading to its shutdown, saving tens of thousands of dollars, and shifting com
pany from an annual loss to a profitable company.
Decreased time for annual review by external accounting firm from a three week
to a two day process.
Cassady, Schiller and Associates did the annual review. Accounting software: B
usiness Works
Reason for leaving economy shrunk business, Letter of recommendation from Owne
r and CPA firm
THE OVERHEAD DOOR COMPANY OF GRTR CINTI, Cincinnati, OH (120 emp., 20 mil Rev)
3/00 3/03
Day to day duties included journal entries, cash management, account reconcilia
tions, financial closing, budget preparation, variance analysis, job cost review
, auditor communications, and supervising staff of 5.
Restructured accounting department, moving payroll and A/P functions to Cincinn
ati from Indianapolis, increasing the efficiency in making payroll deadlines. N
o increase in staff in the Cincinnati office was needed.
Spearheaded team efforts with IS Department to improve the efficiency and repor
ting of Microsoft Business Solutions features. Efforts resulted in the ability
to track all installation and service work down to the sub-division and individu
al house level decreasing time of order entry by 30% while increasing order entr
y accuracy.
Established credit and collection policies that resulted in reducing delinquenc
ies by 7%.
TOM GRABO, C.P.A._____________________________________ Page 2
Created and implemented annual budgets, building 3-dimensional Excel worksheets
to input and analyze budget scenarios, resulting in new capabilities of departm
ental budgeting and accountability.
Katz, Sapper and Miller did our annual audit. Accounting software: Navision (M
icrosoft Business Solutions)
Reason for leaving: Accounting function consolidated to main office in Indiana
polis. Letter of Recommendation from Corporate Controller
AUTO AMERICA Inc. and BEST CHOICE FINANCIAL, Cincinnati, OH 6/96 -2/00
Day to day duties included journal entries, cash management, account reconcilia
tions, financial closing, inventory control, auditor communications, and supervi
sing staff of 5.
Startup company. Completely set up accounting system for Auto America and its
subsidiaries (Auto America Sales and Best Choice Financial). System allowed for
inventory, sales and loan tracking as well as the financial results of each of t
he 3 companies.
Provided financial models to management forecasting what-if scenarios, aiding i
n the direction of the company.
Analyzed and valued company loan portfolios resulting in increased ability to o
btain new funds for the company.
DeLoitte and Touche did our annual audit with an eye to go public. Acctg. Softw
are: Account Mate and AutoStar.
Reason for leaving: Company went out of business. Letter of recommendation fr
om consultant.
CROCKER-FELS, Cincinnati, OH 3/95 6/96
Day to day duties included journal entries, cash management, account reconcilia
tions, financial closing, budget preparation, inventory control, variance analys
is, auditor communications, and supervising staff of 10,
Corrected discrepancies between General and Subsidiary ledgers. Worked with Da
ta Processing to develop new and rectify old reports. Results included improved
accuracy of financial statements, decreased time for closing as well as providi
ng set policies and procedures to insure accurate posting of sub-systems.
Established and maintained cash management procedures working with limited cash
flow. Worked with vendors to reduce credit hold situations, improving product
flow. Worked with DP to develop a cash requirement report.
Implemented credit/collection policies that reduced A/R by $1.1MM and improved
the turn on AR by three days.
Grant Thorton did our annual audit. Accounting software: Walker and DRC.
Reason for leaving: Company sold. Letter of recommendation from Owner
SCRIPPS HOWARD, Cincinnati, OH 11/84 -7/94
Accounting Manager
Completely handled close for company of $65MM annual revenue. Ensured accuracy
of subsystem interfaces, made journal entries, conducted financial analysis and
account reconciliations.
Created a database for foreign agent collections to expedite the payment of tal
ent. Resulted in accelerated payments, and superior information used in evaluat
ing foreign markets and agent performance.
Developed a Fixed Asset Management/Depreciation System on PC. Provided departm
ent heads a list of fixed assets and the associated costs for budgeting purposes
DeLoitte and Touche did our annual audit.
Reason for leaving: Large segment of business sold.
Fund accountant responsible for trial balance and ledger entries for numerous f
unds in manual system.
Education and Certifications
University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
Bachelor Business Administration in Accounting graduated 1983
Eagle Scout
CPA Certificate, 1992 (passed exam on first sitting)