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SHAWN HAKE 58 Bluff St New Castle, Pa 16101 Home (724)656-1363 Cell (724)971-7795 Objective To acquire a position utilizing my past experience with an organization that off ers advancement with demonstrated ability. Also to keep my employer and his/ her employees at the highest level at all times. Work Experience Plant Manager 5/2004 - 11/2008 West Penn Plastic Inc., New Castle, Pa My responsibilities are to maintain and control all production, safety, quality, maintenance, attendance, hiring, scheduling and discipline of all employees f or an injection molding company. I report directly to the CEO of the company wit h all efficiency of molds, presses and employees. Also we discuss any improvemen ts, quality issues, safety and any training to help the employees to achieve the ir highest potential to make them and the company more profitable. Other duties are to work with OSHA to meet or exceed environmental standards, to ensure that monthly meetings are held to inform all employees of any new procedures, company policies and/or safety issues. in these meetings we all have discussions on job procedures, safety ideas and training. I work directly with our insurance compa ny with fire and safety hazards. Also I maintain all records pertaining from mol ds, sampling, machines, all auxiliary equipment, employees, safety reports and m sds sheets. I also order any equipment that will make the company more efficient and profitable. Shift Supervisor 5/1989 - 5/2004 West Penn Plastics Inc., New Castle, Pa Supervise 20-25 employees a shift. My daily job duties are to assist plant mana ger in daily Functions, to maintain molding parameters, to interview and evaluat e new applicants, to evaluate employees, to assumed plant manager duties when re quired, and scheduling. To follow and enforced company rules regulations and saf ety policies.To update and rewrite all s.o.p.'s and work instructions for any ne w changes that may apply. I determined when repairs should be made to presses, m olds and aux. equipment. In charge of all samples, including maintain all inform ation of all new tools, automation and scrap committees. Hold monthly meetings f or operators and material handlers. Attend and involve in daily management, prod uction, p.i.t., safety and evaluation meetings. Floor person 3/1989 - 5/1989 Nepco Corporation, New Castle, Pa Maintain all machines with material, warehousing and shipping. Machine Operator, Floor Person 11/1988 - 3/1989 Catco Inc, New Castle, Pa Packing bottles, grinding, shipping Material Handler 7/1987 - 11/1988 West Penn Plastic Inc., New Castle, Pa To maintain all machines with material, color and additives, to do all color cha nges, grinding and minor maintenance. Other duties included shipping and keep th e plant clean.

Labor 10/1985 - 3/1986 Farmers Cheese Company, Wilmington, Pa Packaging cheese Education 6/1986 Union Area, New Castle, Pa High School or equivalent Business Skills Skill Name ce computer electrician forklift operator plumbing crane operator used/15 References Reference Name Phone Jason Pfohl 630-531-0048 Terry LaScola 724-730-6783 Conrad Rhem 724-843-3546 Gary Blakley 724-730-0502 Email Type Professional Personal Personal Professional Intermediate Currently used/15 Intermediate Currently used/17 Expert Currently used/20 Intermediate Currently used/18 Expert Currently Skill Level LastUsed/Experien

Additional Info I also have training courses in word and excel. Injection molding classes in SPC , HPM'S, Cincinnati and KM'S. I had some courses in Lean Manufacturing, basic ma naging seminars such as how to handle and train employees. I have taken and pass ed courses in basic electric, plumbing, hydraulics, word and excel programs and operating a forklift.