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Beltsville, MD 20705
Web Site:
Cell: (240) 396.5953
Information Technology * Business Management
Versatile operational and information technology professional
with extensive experience in the areas of Information
Technology, Telecommunications, Financial Services,
Government, and Public Health.
Positive, results driven individual possessing exceptional
communication, leadership and negotiation skills with proven
ability to drive and sustain corporate revenues with an
emphasis on driving down costs through broad-based
competencies in the following areas:
* IT Acquisition & Management
* Computing Infrastructure & Security
* Program/Project Management
* Systems Integration
* System Architecture
* Staff Management & Development
* Strategic Partnerships & Alliances
* Strategic Business Planning
* Business Development & Growth
Over 20 years of experience in supporting government
agencies and companies through the critical startup,
growth, ongoing operation and technology implementation
2008 - PRESENT
In my current role at DOI / Verizon, I have obtained complete
knowledge, understanding, experience, and mastery of the
federal government security operations architectural framework
at the departmental level to include:
* Knowledge of FISMA legislation, NIST guidelines and
best practices, and OMB directives
* Broad managerial knowledge of Enterprise Network
and Security Operations
* Complete knowledge of technical background of
various security devices such as Firewalls, IDS/IPS, Web
Filters, VPNs, and Email Filters.
* Knowledge of strategic Security Architecture
principles and deployment and implementation best practices
* Experience interfacing and operating with the
DHS/US-CERT, and other government entities
* Experience in joint operation and collaboration
with bureau and service security operations teams
* Knowledge of incident response processes, procedures
and prescribed best practices
* Knowledge and experience with security tools and
security knowledge bases
* Knowledge of and experience with advanced threat
management and containment techniques
As a Consultant with TEK Systems / Verizon Business /
Department of Interior, I managed, developed, and revamped
Department of Interior's Security Operations at the Computer
Incident Response Center; oversaw planning, strategy
development and operations related to network and computer
security monitoring and incident response. I developed
staff adept in:
* The complete life-cycle and processes of forensic
analysis and incident handling related to the containment of
intrusion events
* Providing status reports to DOI upper management
(OCIO and Bureau Chiefs) and the US-CERT
* Analyzing and maintaining records of information
security problems and violations
* Monitoring significant violations and involving
the appropriate officials
* Investigating network and information system
security breaches and recommending emergency procedures
and mitigation strategies
* Reporting serious and/or potentially serious
breaches and security events to Law Enforcement (OIG)
* Monitoring for and reporting to the US-CERT DOI
wide exposure of personally identifiable information (PII)
in compliance with OMB directives
* Complete interaction and coordination with the
US-CERT's EINSTEIN program and threat detection and
management programs
* Using Sguil and NetWitness for deep packet analysis
and true Network Security Monitoring (NSM) with event driven
analysis of IDS alerts. Sguil integrates alert data from
Snort, session data from SANCP, and full content data from
a second instance of Snort comprising the tools necessary
for the operation of a complete Security Operations Center (SOC)
* Responded to security threats raised through the
correlation and analysis of security events from sources such
as firewalls, IDS/IPS devices, packet captures, logs, and
private and government intelligence services to include
configuring/blocking IP addresses at the perimeter firewalls
with near real-time response.
* Implementing processes and maintaining tracking
and reporting of performance metrics to achieve average
response to PII incidents of 1 hour or less.
* Monitoring phishing/spam email campaigns targeted
against DOI, performing analysis and threat assessment, and
producing actionable advisories and alerts for the DOI
security community designed to mitigate the potential
negative impact to DOI.
* Providing comprehensive CIRC help desk support
to DOI security community.
At my current assignment at DOI, I'm also part of the
management team that gathers data, makes assessments of DOI
and the bureau's situational awareness, readiness, and
mitigation strategies regarding newly discovered threats and
GUIDANT, INC. - West Palm Beach, Florida
2003 - 2007
Business Management/IT Consultant
Assessed client needs and implemented systems to address both
their needs and IT security and upgrades. Designed,
implemented and managed voice, data, and security solutions
from Microsoft, Cisco, Websense, Symantec, Dialogic,
and other vendors.
Developed and implemented effective, computer-driven stocks,
futures, and Foreign Exchange (FX) trading system for
investment management company including services such as
automated decision-making components using proprietary
IT-based trading model to include the security architecture
design and implementation.
Collaborated on all phases of startup real estate development
company; provided advice and corrective recommendations to
ensure system efficacy and security awareness.
Rockville, Maryland
1994 - 2003
Developed and implemented a new division providing Total
Client Relationship Management Services. The new division
was comprised of a fully integrated, multi-channel service
center, state-of-the-art data center, and innovative line of
business applications for the wireless and satellite (DBS)
industries. Responsible for driving and overseeing an
increase in annual revenue of over 200%.
Established strategic relationships with MCI-WorldCom, AT&T
wireless, Sprint PCS, Nextel, T-Mobile, DISH Network, and
DIRECTV, offering these clients a unique opportunity to
dramatically reduce costs while increasing service quality.
Planned, directed, and coordinated corporate IT strategy
and all internal and external technology relationships by
performing the following duties (sample only, not exhaustive)
personally or through subordinate management.
* Established business opportunities and
strategic alliances with other companies and organizations.
* Planned, developed and established policies
and objectives of business organization.
* Directed and coordinated financial programs to
provide funding for new or continuing operations in order to
maximize return on investments, and increase productivity.
* Established corporate strategy, goals, and
objectives to ensure share of market and profitability of
products and/or services.
* Planned and oversaw the organization's
communications with all customer relationships, partnerships,
and strategic alliances.
* Developed and executed corporate plans and programs,
both short and long range, to ensure the profit growth and
expansion of company products and/or services.
* Developed IT strategic plans and roadmaps including
short and long-term planning for IT infrastructure and
information security; administrated physical growth of
facilities from 1,450 square feet to over 25,000, instituting
state-of-the-art technologies and methods
* Developed and executed corporate plans and programs,
both short and long range, to ensure the implementation of
all aspects of the company's security program to include
design, implementation, and
configuration of security solutions such as firewalls, IDS/IPS
systems, VPNs, and content management/web filtering products
* Developed and executed corporate plans and programs,
both short and long range, to ensure the implementation of
all aspects of the company's unified communications platform
to include design, implementation, and configuration of CTI
and VoIP based telephony and call center solutions such as
traditional TDM-based PBX, PC-PBX, IP-PBX, ACD, IVR, and
predictive dialer from multiple vendors like Cisco, Adtran,
Nortel, Diologic, Microsoft, ECI/Tadiran, CELLIT and others
* Designed and implemented data center, featuring
complete, fault tolerant and redundant architecture with
backup power and power generation facilities
* Served as Chief Architect and created plans for
fault tolerant network systems, database servers and SAN
(storage area networks) designed with failover capability in
support of mission critical applications that enabled new
lines of business and created revenue increases of over 200%
in two years
* Managed projects including custom Windows and
web-based software development, including commercial (COTS)
software products and solutions
* Administrated implementation of high-end eCommerce
systems with Customer Relationship Management
features, leading to improvements of over 70% to customer
accessibility, service levels and overall satisfaction
* Directed all aspects of IT security and
telecommunications infrastructure activities; designed and
put into place dual SONET ring fiber optic connections from
two different central offices and two different telecom
providers in order to provide total redundancy for call
center and data center
* Functioned as technical expert regarding concept,
design and content of corporate website and multimedia
products, designed to promote company and its products and
Program Manager (1994 - 1997)
Enterprise Network Solutions, Inc. (Ensol) - Value Added
Reseller, System Integration, and Internet Solutions Company,
providing Systems Integration and Consulting products and
services. Developed and managed a staff that grew from 3
to more than 15 top performing IT professionals, responsible
for computing environment design, development, and
infrastructure implementation. Analyzed client requirements
and developed a hardware and software solution to meet
current needs while anticipating future growth and
applications. Some case studies follow.
Responsible for Verizon's (formerly Bell Atlantic) entry
into the Internet Services Provider business by developing,
implementing, and launching the foundational infrastructure,
which would later become a massive and profitable venture.
* Integral in the architecture, design, provision, and
implementation of core technology components such as dual
hosted RAID disk storage systems, configured with failover
to standby capability, redundant network routers
and switches with divergent fiber connections to multiple
internet backbone network providers.
* Designed network configurations for clients to solve
intricate multicasting, Intranet/Extranet, and Internet
configurations allowing them to create added revenue streams
from additional services.
* Implemented, configured and installed ISP business
support software and performed system integration to
support the operational core business of providing internet
access to consumers and premium services to businesses.
* Tasked with Data Center and network
Point-Of-Presence physical infrastructure components
selection and installation.
Critical in TeleTV's (a $300 million joint venture between
three of the Baby Bells) R&D and operational startup phase,
allowing it to become the first Video On Demand (VOD) service
provider company to the home consumer market, using ADSL
enabled regular telephone lines. This historic collaboration
pioneered the use of DSL technology for consumer use in the
United States, a technology which would become widespread
and help fuel the internet boom.
* Provided consulting, design, and roll out services
to migrate Mac based desktop environment to Microsoft
Windows based desktops and servers. Responsible for the
implementation of corporate network services such
as email, file and print, network fax, digital remote access,
backup systems, help desk, and desktop configuration services.
* Tasked to develop and install hardware and
software platform for the Software Services Development group,
comprised of high availability Oracle servers and segregated,
highly secure, network resources.
* Designed and implemented migration of traditional
network to a high performance, cell based, ATM network
architecture, with fiber optic access to the workstations in
the Creative Services and Video Production department,
doubling productivity.
Strategic partner to Orion Network Systems, a commercial
communications satellite company, serving the European,
transatlantic, and U.S. markets, critical in enabling the
merger with Loral Space & Communications Ltd for $490 million.
* After thorough network evaluation and redesign,
performed complete network overhaul, replacing and/or
upgrading underperforming components, and implementing
developed technology plans for corporate
services and applications, generating a 40% increase in
usability, reliability, and end user productivity.
* Also instrumental in the design and implementation
of the Network Operation Center, used for satellite and
network operation services and commercial users.
* Responsible also for complete, integrated backup
solution and digital remote access facility for telecommuting
VERIZON - Silver Spring, Maryland 1989 - 1994
Project Manager/System Integrator/System Architect
Responsible for the development, integration, and
administration of systems for Human Resources Information
Systems department for the nation's largest telephone
company, with over 80,000 employees (currently over 210,000)
and with revenues in the tens of billions of dollars.
Responsible for client-server computing environment design,
development, and infrastructure implementation, within
Verizon. Performed System Architecture and Integration with
complete project management responsibility on the
various projects undertaken, some of which are noted below.
Lead complete strategic downsizing and modernization
of Information Systems by recruiting talent and developing the
team that would lead the migration from a mainframe,
centralized, computing model to distributed system architecture.
* Critical in the redesign, development, and migration
of mainframe applications to client-server based model.
Spearheaded the blueprint design, implementation and rollout
of new network infrastructure, to include LAN,
WAN, and telecom requirements.
* Responsible also for the selection, procurement,
installation, and administration of computing infrastructure
to include: new desktops, servers, routers, switches, and
many other components too numerous to list.
* The whole migration culminated with the delivery of
a new, state of the art data center, housing the new
computing infrastructure, deployment of new applications
through out the whole geographic region, complete
with testing, operating procedures, and administration
* The success of the project was highlighted with on
budget, on time, completion within 14 months, and staff
reduction/reassignment goals of 30 % having been met, with
significant productivity increases realized.
Responsible for the design, development, and implementation
of the employee job application system, based on
Interactive Voice Response/Recognition (IVR) technology,
critical in the additional realignment of staff and gains in
efficiency, with impressive increase in employee satisfaction
and positive perception of HR department.
* Lead architecture design and project implementation
with assembled technology exploration team.
* Instrumental in R&D and prototyping of technology,
system component selection, and procurement.
* Lead software development team which developed
custom, state of the art, voice processing operational core
system, with GUI based configuration, administration, and
custom management reports.
* System was deployed as an array of multiple
redundant, load balanced, voice processing nodes in a
distributed network environment, with separate backend
databases and voice repositories, designed for maximum uptime
and reliability.
Charged with the design and development of the innovative
and ground breaking Employee Profile Decision Support System,
allowing Human Resources to consolidate offices and staff
through out the region by allowing complete, centralized,
access to critical employee information, remotely, and with
never before accomplished, access to virtually
all of the mainframe's attached online and batch printing
subsystems, numbering in the thousands.
* The system integrated all of the HR databases - in
excess of 20 - turning a very complex collection of disparate
data into a master snapshot of every aspect an employee's
* The decision support system allowed HR and upper
management to have an instant assessment of an employee's
history, performance, promotions, training and development,
union affiliations, and many other
parameters used to make critical assessments and decisions
about an employee.
* The development of the Employee Profile System had
an enormous impact on the reduction of costs and headcount,
with a corresponding increase in productivity.
RIGGS NATIONAL BANK - Washington D.C. 1988 - 1989
System Engineer
Played a critical role in the enhancement, implementation,
configuration, and ongoing maintenance of the Department
of Treasury's Electronic Funds Transfer system.
TECHNOLOGY (CIT) - Bethesda, Maryland
Software Engineer
Key project team member in the design and development of
online transaction processing applications that were part of
the National Institutes of Health's Financial Management
MONTGOMERY COLLEGE - Rockville, Maryland
Degree in Computer Science
Business * Leadership * Project Management * Management
* Finance * Sales * Customer Service
* Numerous Products and Technologies
Microsoft Office Suite: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint,
Access, Publisher, Project, Visio * Adobe: Acrobat Pro,
Photoshop, Dreamweaver * Internet Explorer * Safari
* Firefox * Windows XP * Vista * Server 2000, Server 2003 *
Apple Macintosh * C/C++ * Visual Basic * MS Visual Studio
* COBOL * SQL Server * DB2 * Remedy * StealthWatch
(Network Behavior Analysis) * Tipping Point (IPS)
* TSOM (Tivoli Security Operations Manager) SIM * Snort(IDS) *
SANCP * Wireshark * Sguil(Correlation System) * NetWitness
* ArcSight * CISCO * Juniper
Currently working on CISSP and PMP certifications
Microsoft Word Resume Available on Request