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JESSIE WEIS Portland, Oregon 97203 QUALIFICATIONS Dynamic, engaging communication graduate seeks a challenging career opportunity allowing

her to use her experiences, coursework and education to support and adv ance company culture and success. Exceptional track record in providing outstand ing customer service while focusing on detail, productivity, organization, and a dministration. Highly versatile and diverse skill set including excellent leader ship, communication, interpersonal, teamwork, and relationship abilities. Excell ent marketing, advertising, advanced editing, writing, and research management s kills. EDUCATION & DEVELOPMENT REGENT UNIVERSITY, Virginia Beach, VA Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communication, May, 2010 Dean's List 2008, 2009, 2010 Merit Scholarship 2008, 2009, 2010 OZARK CHRISTIAN COLLEGE, Joplin MO Associate of Biblical Literature, May 2007 Dean's List 2005, 2006 GPA 3.75 Magna Cum Laude

Certificate in Leadership and Team Building, January 2006 - May 2006 - Ozark Chr istian College Certificate of Basic Lay Ministry - July 2003 - April 2004 - Capernwray Schools, Australia PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE SPIELVOGEL FAMILY, Portland, OR January 2008 - Present Nanny * Provide a nurturing, fun, safe, and educational environment for twin boys by c ommunicating with the parents on a daily basis in relating the day's experiences , establishing and executing clear goals and objectives for learning, and develo ping and enforcing disciplinary guidelines and boundaries. * Facilitate a functionally productive environment by cleaning and organizing th e entire house. * Enhance language skills by employing advanced methodologies such as teaching s ign language at an early age, practicing verbal skills through a variety of mean s, and providing the parents with a verbal language study that aids them in cont ributing to skill improvement. * Create numerous teachable situations to advance child development in age-relat ed skills, coordination, information processing, relational empathy, and environ mental awareness. AMORE COOKING CENTER, Joplin, MO March 2007 - December 2007 Office Administrator & Chef's Assistant * Assisted in the operation of a catering and cooking school by providing outsta nding customer service, implementing creative and effective marketing techniques , and by organizing the administrative and operational aspects of the company. * Generated revenue and increased client base by analyzing historical customer d ata using Excel and implementing and executing a research-based calling program resulting in more students in the classroom and in selling additional catering s ervices. * Fostered customer relationships by conceptualizing, designing, and creating we ekly email newsletters, redesigning and maintaining the website, and correspondi ng with existing client base on a regular basis by telephone or mail concerning

promotions, classes of interest, and special events. * Facilitated administrative efficiency by organizing the office, preparing and maintaining schedules, filing, copying, authoring documents and correspondence, purchasing, maintaining clear records, tracking student payments, recording empl oyee time, and answering telephone calls in a professional manner. * Enabled maximized productivity for instructional chefs by communicating with t he chefs to ascertain needs for class, appropriately stocking the pantries, rese arching and ordering new products, organizing recipes, and maintaining an ultra clean and sanitary environment for food preparation. * Prepared top-quality food for catering orders, assisted in teaching cooking cl asses by instructing on safe handling of food, knife skills, and menu preparatio n, planned class menus, developed and achieved class budgets, and provided outst anding customer support. STARBUCKS, Joplin, MO & Longmont, CO June 2006 - December 2007 Barista & Pastry Lead * Ensured outstanding guest experience and customer retention by preparing custo mized beverages according to guest specifications and served by extending the ut most hospitality. * Optimized food offerings and consumption while serving in the appointed positi on of pastry lead by managing presentation design and strategies including provi ding a visual map for use during alternate shifts, evaluating local customer pat terns, ordering accordingly, and rotating to ensure quality. * Other responsibilities included operating the cash register, counting tills, s tocking merchandise and supplies, opening and closing the store, cleaning and se tting up for future shifts, and training new baristas on procedure and company p rotocol. SETH WILSON LIBRARY, Joplin, MO January 2005 - May 2006 Circulation Assistant * Provided organization and accuracy to the college library by recording incomin g and outgoing books, shelving books promptly, preparing new books and repairing existing books for circulation. * Successfully reduced "Lost Books" budget by establishing, maintaining and upda ting an overdue/lost book catalog. * Performed excellent customer service by answering and directing telephone call s, cash and credit operations, and assuring full operating usage of all library technology. * Facilitated a smoothly-operating establishment by the proper execution of open ing and closing responsibilities. * Provided a welcoming and respectful climate for all visitors, students, and pr ofessors. * Effectively instructed and assisted students and professors in advanced resear ch skills, and provided and recommended resources for independent study.