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60520 Whispering Hills Drive
South Bend, IN 46614-5175
(574) 807-1652 / E-Mail:
Committed to Productivity and Profitability through Detailed Product Development
Customer Relations/Complex Problem Solving/Team Leadership
An experienced, results-driven, and team-spirited Engineer with outstanding qual
ifications in developing technical requirements in particular for both turbine e
ngine fuel and aircraft hydraulic control systems and their related components.
Experienced in component development, qualification and certification, and prod
uction coordination that includes component design layout and documentation, har
dware prototyping, hardware procurement, fabrication support, testing with root
cause and corrective action analyses, and satisfied Customers' need for technica
l documentation support.
* Establishing and Negotiating Technical Requirements
* Writing Program/Project Task Proposals
* Evaluating Supplier Program/Project Task Proposals
* Planning and Coordinating Programs, Projects and Tasks
* Effective Project Management
* Creating Technical Specifications and Reports
* Creating Persuasive Presentations
* Communicating freely to Foster Team Building
* Fostering Interdepartmental, Supplier, and Customer Cooperation
* Mediating and Resolving Technical and Personnel Conflicts
THE EXPERTS, TECHNICAL STAFFING - Plymouth, MA. 01/2008 to Present
Contract Engineer - Assigned to Eaton Corporation, Hydraulics System Division (H
SD), Jackson, MS.
Selected by Eaton-HSD to serve as its on-site representative at Bombardier Learj
et in Wichita, KS, to address technical design and development issues regarding
the Eaton hydraulic power generation system for the completely new Learjet 85 Bu
siness Jet being created. Worked closely with Learjet Development Engineering p
ersonnel to determine the hydraulic system design and test requirements that wil
l lead to the FAA and EASA Type certification of the Learjet 85 in 2012 - 2013.
Also, wrote and submitted to Learjet several technical, certification documents
to fulfill Eaton contractual commitments.
Contract Engineer - Assigned to Rolls-Royce Corporation in Indianapolis, IN.
Created test procedures for qualifying the Joint Strike Fighter Vertical Takeoff
and Landing LiftFan drivetrain components for flight usage in accordance with C
ustomer specifications and contractual agreements.
Contract Engineer - Assigned to Woodward Governor Company (WGC) in Rockford, IL.
05/2006 to 04/2007
Created vibration and pressure testing design assurance test plans and procedure
s for the Predator B unmanned aircraft propeller pitch control in accordance wit
h both the Customer's Purchase Specification and all WGC Lessons Learned design
practices and test plan templates.
* Coordinated and supervised the above design assurance tests with WGC Laborato
ry test personnel.
* Performed design assurance testing data analyses and wrote the test reports t
hat were submitted to the Customer.
HONEYWELL INTERNATIONAL - Engine Systems and Accessories - South Bend, IN.
Engineer III - Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Power and Thermal Management System Fu
el Control 10/2003 to 05/2006
Led the design assurance testing and subsequent data analysis team efforts to de
monstrate the operational feasibility and performance of this electro-mechanical
fuel control. Created and negotiated with the Customer the documentation of bo
th the test plan and test procedures for qualifying this fuel control for JSF fl
ight usage.
Project Engineer - Abrams Tank LV100 Fuel Control 10/2001 to 10/2003
Completed the design assurance testing, data analyses efforts, and reporting tha
t demonstrated the performance of the pre-production electro-mechanical fuel con
trols shipped to the Customer for testing.
Project Engineer - J69 Engine Fuel Control 04/1997 to 10/2001
Created the winning proposals for contracts worth a total of $1.5M for developin
g fuel control durability improvements. The resulting efforts produced an order
for durability improvement upgrade kits worth more than $3M to Honeywell.
BELCAN ENGINEERING GROUP, INC. - Turbine Engines Division - Cincinnati, OH.
Senior Engineer - Turbomachinery Engineering Group 10/1994 to 03/1997
Wrote the proposals responsible for winning contracts worth $240K. Led the crea
tion and modification efforts on electro- and hydro-mechanical fuel and hydrauli
c components designs that satisfied the Customer's technical systems' requiremen
Staff Engineer - Thrust Reverser Actuation System Components 03/1994 to 10/1994
Coordinated thrust reverser actuation component FAR 33.91 certification efforts
with General Electric Aircraft, Engines, Boeing, Airbus, and the Federal Aviatio
n Authority to introduce into revenue service such improved reliability reverser
components as a brake to prevent inadvertent deployment events, ball screw actu
ators, air directional control valves, solenoid operated valves, and flexible dr
ive shafts.
UNEMPLOYED 05/1993 to 03/1994
Laid-off by General Electric Aircraft Engines as a result of corporate downsizin
g due to a severe military and commercial aerospace industry business decline.
GENERAL ELECTRIC AIRCRAFT ENGINES - Cincinnati, OH. 07/1984 to 05/1993
Engine System Safety Engineer - Military Engines Programs Operation
Created and presented statistics-based safety analyses to both management and th
e US Air Force to influence engine design and modification changes, aircraft usa
ge, and program funding assets allocation decisions.
Design Engineer - Advanced Engine Control Components Group - Fuel Pump and Valve
Developed the "breadboard" design concepts of the various electro-mechanical, el
ectro-hydraulic, and hydro-mechanical fuel system components such as main engine
, augmentor, shutoff, and over-speed control valves for the XF120 demonstrator a
dvanced tactical fighter engine. Also, led the designing of all of the above co
mponents and managed various Suppliers' fabrication, calibration, and testing of
all the fuel system components. Supported the entire XF120 engine testing effo
rts with respect to fuel system issues as questions arose.
BENDIX CORPORATION - Energy Controls Division (EnCD) - South Bend, IN. 05/1973 t
o 06/1984
Senior Engineer - F100-PW-100 Production Control/Actuator Design and Support Gro
Provided technical support to manufacturing and assembly departments, Suppliers,
and Customers' teams on product design development, production, coordination of
engineering changes, and field operational problem solutions regarding fuel con
trols, hydraulic actuators, and pneumatic actuation system components.
USAF AERO PROPULSION LAB - Wright-Patterson AFB - Dayton, OH. 06/1969 to 06/1972
Student Engineer (Purdue Co-op Student) - Turbine Engine Branch
Assisted engineers in research and development of prototype turbine engine on-co
ndition maintenance diagnostic system.
Aircraft Fire Protection/Mishap Investigation Certificate, Aircraft Fire Protect
ion Associates, Dayton, OH, 1991
System Safety Management Course Certificate, University of Washington, Seattle,
WA, 1990
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, 1973
G.P.A.: 5.43 on 6.0 scale. President of Mechanical Engineering Honorary, Pi Ta
u Sigma, 1972 - 1973