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Cellular 334-332-8645 804 Cheaha Circle

Auburn, Al 36830
Executive Profile
Fifteen years of experience with implementation and evaluation of training curri
culums and quality assurance in sales and customer service programs. Strong tra
ck record in development of cultural change in training teams curriculum deliver
y resulting in improved CSRs key performance and quality metrics and new hire re
tention with call center environment. Experienced in coordinating with Operatio
ns management, HR and Vendors in identifying knowledge gaps and behaviors impact
ing call center metrics.
Career Achievements
Initiated and directed new hire transition process program, OJT, to bring new a
gents, "up to speed" in quality and performance skills resulting in customer ret
ention and quality rates meeting or exceeding call center metrics in first ninet
y days.
Introduced, "Cut to the Chase," process for on-line sales/service chat programs
which successfully reduced overall average chat length by 4 minutes and continu
ed to maintain customer service surveys above a 75% metric expectations.
Key support manager in the implementation of an on Internet on-line sales chat
project expanding from 15 agents to over 180 agents. Client later expanded busi
ness to include customer support functions in on-line Service chat consisting of
140 agents.
Refined and simplified vendor-supplied training materials for product sales to
integrate with call center internal business operations.
Implemented program, "Habits of Impact," designed to improve agent soft skills
and improve quality and performance metrics in order that CSRs respond to custom
er needs rather than react as robots.
Created, coordinated and facilitated, Train the Trainer program, "Setting the S
tage," for Instructors corporate wide across U.S. centers.
Received Key Contributor Award in 2000 for orchestrating the Sales Effectivenes
s training for multiple sales projects across sites throughout the U.S. resultin
g in sales volumes reaching client expectations.

Qualification Highlights
Experienced in providing leadership and coaching for call center supervisors to
assure their success in meeting individual and team goals in performance and ca
reer growth.
Supported corporate training initiatives in retention programs at multiple call
center sites.
Managed 17 member training and quality team for inbound customer service calls
and internet chat project for major wireless provider.
Experienced in collecting, analyzing and presenting appropriate program data fr
om the perspective of improving performance, productivity and quality on multipl
e projects.
Accountable for effectively managing 8-10 supervisors of project teams in call
center with focus on maximizing achievement in key performance indicators, KPIs.
Experienced in development of training materials, job aids and transition proce
sses from training room to floor and reviewing with leadership success of initia
tives against expected performance and quality standards.
Knowledgeable with department start up functions in the opening of new call cen
ter locations with staffing ranging from 250 to 500 plus employees.
Professional Background
Training & Quality Manager 3 yrs., Senior Operations Manager 1 year 2006 to 2010
Afni Opelika, Alabama
Directly managed the training and quality team for a 500 FTE call center. Respo
nsibility was on delivery and evaluation of training curriculums in sales and cu
stomer service projects and partnered with Operations team on improving agent pe
rformance to client expectations. Coordinated and managed the Quality assurance
program and interfaced with client and Center Operations to achieve and maintai
n quality metrics.
Senior Operations Manager - oversaw and managed two projects for quality, servic
e levels and profitability. Supervised, mentored and developed coaching staff o
f 8-10 supervisors of 180 agents.
Instrumental in managing increase of project staff from a 40 agent headcount to
140 agents in 45 day time frame.
Successful in creating and maintaining a strong interface of the T&Q team with
Operations Senior Management and Call Center Coaches which previously lacked the
confidence from team members.
Senior trainer 2 years, Retention Coach 1 year 2002 to 2005
America On Line -AOL Maitland, Florida
Supervised six to eight member training team staff in delivery of sales/customer
service and retention programs. Coordinated and facilitated Train the Trainer
program for Instructors Company wide.
First year supervised project team of 20 agents for inbound calls on customer ac
counts for service needs and ensuring account retention.
Achieved consistent ranking in meeting and exceeding center metrics and awards
for outstanding achievements in team overall performance contributions.
Sales Effectiveness Manager/Senior Trainer Corporate 1997 to 2002
Convergys Jacksonville, Florida
Responsible for leading a Corporate Sales Effectiveness Training and Quality Tea
m, in supporting call centers nationwide on various sales/service projects to he
lp improve sales and service metrics on existing and new programs. Maintained r
egular interactions with senior project managers, analyzing and identifying spec
ific training and quality needs to exceed client expectations.
Successful in turning around potential loss of sales project for major computer
company client by introducing the concept of, "Habits of Impact," designed to h
elp agents improve on knowledge and delivery of information to customers in orde
r to increase project sales. As a result sales project was saved with client an
d resulted in project expansion to a second call center.
A.A., Marketing
Thornton Community College Harvey, Ill
Personnel Management
Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago, Ill
Business Administration
Jacksonville University Jacksonville, Florida
Professional certification Society for Human Resource Management, 1988. PHR - P
rofessional Human Resources