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Sharon Moynihan

1 Carver St Apt. A
Duxbury, MA 02332

Professional experience:
Comcast Cable
Care Training Manager 1/08 - 10/09
* Coached and developed four direct reports to consistently provide excellent fa
cilitation of training, mentoring and support of employees. This team provided t
echnical training on High Speed Internet, Telephone and Cable TV. They also prov
ided training in Customer Service Excellence as well as use of the billing syste
m and other online tools to troubleshoot technical issues.
* Created an adjunct trainer program to use high performing employees as subject
matter experts. This provided them with a developmental opportunity and provid
ed the learners with real life experience in training classes. Several of the a
djuncts were later promoted to leadership positions.
* Mentored direct reports to partner with business leaders to determine business
needs and provide a training solution when appropriate.
* Worked with business leaders to assess training needs and partnered with the c
urriculum team to design and development training modules.
* Scheduled and allocated Instructors and classrooms to execute on training requ
* Facilitated Leadership training to all levels of management. Provided feedback
and coaching to leaders on an ongoing basis once training was completed.
* Facilitated New Employee Orientation program bi weekly to anywhere from fifty
to one hundred and twenty five new hires.
Comcast Cable
Comcast University Supervisor
10/05 - 1/08
* Partnered with Leaders in two regions to determine their training needs for ne
w hire cycles, business as usual training and new business initiatives. Allocate
d classrooms and Instructors to execute on training requests. My team was respon
sible for delivering the training necessary to staff two new Call Centers for c
ustomer care, sales and technical calls.
* Continually worked with the nine individuals on my team to develop their coach
ing and facilitation skills and increase self confidence. This team consisted of
Call Center, Sales and Technical Instructors.
* Fostered innovative thinking and used innovative ideas to drive results. Encou
raged others for new ideas, suggestions or processes.
* Facilitated Leadership training and provided ongoing coaching and support.
* Facilitated Sales training classes to obtain new customers and upgrade existin
g ones.
* Facilitated classes to all employees to provide an excellent customer experien

Comcast Cable
Instructor 2/01 - 9/05

* Partnered with Management team to access training needs and develop curriculum
to meet those needs..
* Facilitated Sales Training and Customer Care Training to new and existing empl
* Provided coaching to employees who were underperforming.
* Facilitated Targeted Selection (Interviewing Skills) training to the leadershi
p team to improve the quality of the selection process.
Cablevision of Massachusetts
Regional Administrative Training Manager 3/97 - 1/01
* Manager responsible for 2 direct reports.
* Partnered with Human Resources staff to conduct needs assessments for the desi
gn, development, and delivery of Management and HR related programs.
* Partnered with Business Leaders from the Call Center, Sales and Marketing, and
the Field to design, develop, and deliver operational training programs, that a
ssisted the performance of call center managers in conducting performance apprai
sals, coaching direct reports to improve sales skills and techniques, and develo
ping interpersonal skills.
* Developed and/or modified training programs and materials based on changes wit
hin the business such dealing with competitors in the marketplace, and the intr
oduction of High Speed Internet and Digital services.
* Determined the most appropriate instructional methodology to ensure maximized
* Designed and facilitated train the trainer sessions to develop adjunct trainer
s, who would then share responsibility for delivering training sessions to workf
* Managed the Supervisory Development Program, to provide the Supervisory team w
ith relevant skills such as communication, lawful supervision, interviewing and
hiring, performance appraisal and disciplinary action.

Cablevision of Boston
Quality Assurance Manager 2/94 - 3/97
* Represented Massachusetts as a member of Corporate task force that established
company-wide operating procedures, call monitoring guidelines and performance s
tandards, that involved attending monthly meetings to facilitate and agree upon
standardized processes
* Monitored and calibrated Customer Care associate calls to ensure customer sati
sfaction and technical accuracy. Provided feedback and coaching to the Call Cen
ter staff. Partnered with Supervisors to develop Performance Improvement Plans a
s needed
* Partnered with Call Center Management team to establish procedures for maintai
ning high standards of quality and reliability.
* Designed training programs and materials that assisted in the reduction of un
necessary technical service calls and the improvement of service quality.

* Developed evaluation tools to measure service quality, reduce unnecessary tech

nical service calls and to improve overall service quality reducing costs to th
e business.
* .Implemented peer training program to provide coaching and OTJ training to Cus
tomer Care representatives.
Customer Service Manager 3/92 - 2/94
* Managed the performance and development of a staff of over sixty employees, in
cluding 4 supervisors in a 24/7 Call Center that included interviewing, coaching
, performance management, and disciplinary action up to and including terminatio
* Partnered with Human Resources to ensure compliance with Company policies and
procedures when dealing with employee relations' issues.
* Ensured adherence to Company call handling procedures and FCC regulations.
* Provided timely, accurate and empathetic responses to customer complaints.
* Tracked and analyzed complaints and provided feedback to management.
* Managed annual operating budget.

Administrative Training Manager 3/88 - 3/92

* Conducted training needs analysis and developed training programs based on tha
t need.
* Designed and conducted new hire training program and policy and procedure manu
al for the Call Center and Sales Departments.
* Provided feedback and coaching to employees.
* Delivered Corporate management training programs.
* Developed New Hire Orientation program.

Northeastern University - attended two years in Business Administration
Professional memberships - Women in Cable Television (WITC) and American Society
for Training and Development (ASTD)