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Brandon Pittman 1640 Derby Lane Melbourne, FL 32935 (321) 543-1946 *Active DoD Security Clearance* Objective

: As a team member with demonstrated technical ability who understands the importa nce of leadership in attaining technical excellence and customer satisfaction, I have a strong desire to lead an information technology team with challenging go als that expects and nurtures world-class technical and customer service skills in its members. I will thrive in a position that demands strong, hands-on leade rship in both technical and non-technical aspects and which takes full advantage of my strong technical background and exposure to a wide array of enterprise te chnologies. Experience / Responsibilities: Bellsouth Telecommunications / AT&T Central Office Network Engineer: 2002 - Present * Plan, organize, coordinate, execute telecommunications systems installation, t esting, troubleshooting and maintenance of SONET, DS0, DS1 and DS3 services on m ultiple vendor equipment multiplexers and digital cross connect devices. * Testing and analyzing network coverage to ensure contiguous communication and network integrity and quality. * Schedule installation calls, interpret specifications and drawings to conform to the existing environment. Utilize advanced technical skills to ensure highest possible performance standards for all company products. * Provide technical support to maintenance personnel, troubleshoot and quickly r esolve emergency failures and malfunctions. * Resolved unusual bugs and hardware issues found in Lucent #5ESS Switch that re quired consultation with Lucent design engineers to diagnose and correct. * Supervise installations, Turn-up and Test, Commissioning, Provisioning, and Ro lling Traffic onto new and newly optimized Fiber Optic Systems (MAN/WAN). * Worked on Lucent #5ESS translations from the Switching Control Center (SCC) * Experience working with multiplexers, DWDM's, routers and switches to prepare and configure for service turn-up. * Advising field technicians to resolve voice and data communication outages by assisting in the maintenance, installation, optimization, and integration of net work hardware and interconnect facilities. * Performed audits as required by local, regional, area, corporate or regulatory agencies. * Over 11 years experience in the Telecommunications Industry * Experience with DS0, DS1, DS3, OC3, OC12, OC48, GigE, E1 and Ethernet connecti vity * Knowledge Includes: Telco Infrastructure, Frame Relay, ISDN, VoIP, Ethernet, P rivate Lines, Type II PSTN Trunks * Held positions providing Circuit Provisioning, Voice and Data Circuit Installs /Moves/Adds/Changes/Disconnects, Technical Support, Service Delivery and Project Coordination * Ability to successfully manage end-to-end activities for multiple, simultaneou s projects * Experienced in the installation and maintenance of LAN network which includes network cabling, connecting cat5 and cat6 cables, and connecting fiber jumpers u sing corning connectors. * Installing, provisioning and maintenance of Cisco Catalyst 1900, 5500, 8500, 2 800, 2950, 7609 Metro-Ethernet Switch and ONS 15454 Multiplexer, Alcatel 7450 Et hernet Service Switch, CBX 500 Switch, 7330 DSLAMS & VRADS: Juniper MX960 IPAG,

Redback Networks Smartedge 800, Fujitsu Flashwave 7500 ROADM, FLM 150/600/2400, Nortel Networks Services Edge Router 5500 Tellabs 7100 Optical Transport System , Ciena Mulitwave Transport System * Knowledge of telecom experience including: Use and knowledge of Digital CrossConnect Systems (DCS), Tellabs 5500, and Titan 532L and Lucent DACS II, IV * Intelligent Network Services: Local number portability and calling name (calle r ID) database services, wireless E911 service, toll-free dialing, and customer list services. * Transport Services: SONET-based self-healing dedicated rings, SS7 hub Signaling Network, network configuration management and surveillance, managed hi gh-capacity transport service. * Data Services: Asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) services, asynchronou s transfer mode (ATM) service, frame relay, Ethernet, and remote dial access * Helped build business cases for internal network grooming which included addit ion of OC12 and OC48 entrance facilities. * Audited existing telco costs in finance database, making updates and correctio ns as needed. * Located over $40k of monthly recurring charges being paid for disconnected or cancelled service. * Improved DS3 install interval 50%; and T1 install interval 75% by finding ways to streamline process. * Participated in core groups to improve processes & procedures and contributed to company database enhancements. * Cross-trained weekly with switch technicians in both Private Line & Hardwire i nstalls/disconnects and circuit testers. * Pro-actively trained self, management & co-workers for new duties department * Compile detailed customer information, research competitive telco pricing, dev elop cost analysis, Coordinate multiple projects involving large scale migration of live circuits to improve costs, revenue & network performance. * Performed Site Surveys: Space, Power, Grounding, Cabling & Office Superstructu re requirements and provided Detail Engineering Services, including generating I nstallation Specifications, Equipment Selection & Ordering, Maintaining Customer Office Records(Floor Plans, Cable Plans, Frame & Aisle Lighting Plans, Fiber Pl ans, Grounding Plans, Power Equipment Drawings, Front Equipment Drawings, Wiring Lists, Main Distributing Frame Assignments, Digital Signal Cross-connect Assign ments, Light-guide Cross-connect Assignments, Timing & Alarm Assignments.

BellSouth Telecommunications CWINS NOC Technician (Customer Wholesale Interconnect Network Services) 1999-200 2 * Served as the initial point of contact for dedicated leased line and collocati on customers reporting trouble.

* Analyzing, testing, isolating and correcting all network issues with local, lo ng distance and enhanced services. * Test circuits from POTS, ISDN, HDSL, ADSL, 64K, DDS Frame Relay. T1 Hi-Capacit y, SONET, T3 to the resolution as the overall controlling office using remote sw itch access and testing, also dispatching central office and field technicians. All work was done by remote access and testing with various network elements suc h as smart jacks, CSU/DSU, MUX, DCS, DACS etc. * Work in the diverse group of technicians for the installation, provisioning an d repair of broadband, narrowband and wireless services. * Managed interconnection agreements, planning and designing collocation applica tions, installations, circuit provisioning and maintenance testing. * Work with local LEC/CLEC/IXC to implement plans for optimization of Type II tr unks.

Technical Skills Summary: * Comfortable working on Windows 2000/XP, Vista, Windows Server 2008 RC2, Window s 7 X86 & X64 bit, UNIX, Sun Microsystems Sunblade - Solaris 8.0 - 9 and Mandrake/Suse/Fedora/Redhat/Ubuntu/Mandriva Linux OS's * Comfortable working on command line, GUI and home networking environment * Strong Interpersonal Skills - Work well with people; Quick Learner; Organized; Efficient * Good written and verbal communication * Effectively work in a team environment or individually * Keeps up with current consumer and enterprise technology trends via online and print resources. * Possesses strong, intuitive problem solving skills and an ability to impart th em to others. * Demonstrated leadership and ability to influence others. * Dedicated to technical excellence and superior customer experience. * In-depth knowledge of networking protocols TCP/IP, UDP/IP, FTP, DNS, WINS, DHC P, HOSTS, SSH, SSL, SMTP, VPN, IPX/SPX, PPP, PPPOE, Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gig abit Ethernet, Token Ring, Telnet and ICMP * Software Skills Include: Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 & 2010 Remedy and Granite /Xpercom, PUTTY, WINSCP, Pointsec PC & Trucrypt Full Disk Encryption * Enterprise Apps: Exchange Server 2003, Norton Antivirus, Symantec, ISA firewal l, Proxy Server, VM Ware, Terminal Server, Oracle, SQL Server 2000/2005 Awards and Recommendations: * Presented with a job well done by the PSC (Public Service Commission) in Louis iana for the first state to be eligible for long distance services and later kno wn as: BSLD (Bellsouth Long Distance) * Evaluated and audited exceptionally well to keep current with ISO-9002 complia ncy * Excellent customer service awards presented by the VP of Network Operations * 11 years of perfect attendance Education: High Tech Institute, Phoenix, AZ: AS, Computer Electronics Engineering