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JERRY GLENN 2642 Bison Rd, Fort Collins, Colorado 80525 (303) 519-1108 jg824e9a@westpost.

net ________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ CAREER SUMMARY Award-winning individual contributor and high level sales manager for large and mid-size medical device companies. Managed key territories for J&J Orthopaedics, Ethicon, Coopervision and Allergan, consistently exceeding sales quotas while m aintaining strong client and vendor relationships. Established start-up distrib utorship and built highly successful sales team achieving market leadership. Ear ned top sales award for two years running with Ethicon. Expertise in new product marketing and rollouts. Demonstrated ability to sell capital equipment with pu ll-through at all levels of decision makers. Successful in high growth and cost-control environments. Build and leverage past accounts and relationships for add-on and new product sales. Identify clients, convert product users and develop and maintain strong on-going support. Consiste ntly handle new developments and changes in challenging industry and markets. S trong skill in developing relationships with champion surgeons who will influenc e product purchases. Key Skills: Highly competitive. Decisive. Motivator. Self-motivated. Persistent . Quick thinker. Strong selling skills. Action-oriented. Consistently find new alternatives. Dynamic. Recruit top performers and inspire them to exceed expec tations. Meet demanding objectives. Perform against tight deadlines. CAREER HISTORY AND SELECTED ACCOMPLISHMENTS________________ Medical Sales Recruiter Jerry Glenn & Associates, Jan 2007 V Present Start-up recruiting firm focusing on sales and sales management positions throug hout the medical device and pharmaceutical/biotech industries. Work with hiring managers and H.R. departments of companies in various medical/surgical specialt ies to identify top sales people who are looking for new opportunities in the in dustry. Coordinate between candidates and hiring managers all the way through p rocess from initial contact to final offer and acceptance. Made 15 candidate placements in the past year with 8 different companies, inclu ding one management candidate, during a time when companies were decreasing hiri ng, laying off sales reps, and taking recruiting function in-house through HR De partment. Regional Sales Manager RS Medical, Jan 2000 - Dec 2006 Directed account managers of $120M medical device distributor. Drove sales quota s and collaborated on marketing to clients. Recruited and hired over 30 new reps who marketed neuromuscular stimulators to office-based orthopedic/spine surgeon s, neurosurgeons, neurologists, pain management and PM&R specialists, and occupa tional medicine doctors. Instrumental in reorganization and downsizing to maint ain company revenue during market downturn. Managed from 8-18 sales reps and ann ual sales of $6-12 Million. Increased yearly sales volume 25%+ in market representing 15%+ of RS Medicals r evenue. Tripled sales force in my region, hiring proven producers. Targeted comp etitive business in key areas and utilized leadership and coaching skills to con tinually challenge sales reps to grow business. Trained and managed #1 and #2 sa les reps three years running. Established sales territory structure that minimized conflict and increased gro wth opportunities for RS Medical. Account reps had crossovers within the region due to multiple offices for many users in market area. Assigned each sales rep k ey users and outlined specific criteria for allowing crossover accounts. Elimina

ted unhealthy competition but strategically allowed crossovers based on customer needs and wishes, with final decision based on what was best for company and cu stomer relationships. This structure was subsequently adopted by company managem ent as policy for all regions with large metro areas. Developed key market info that enabled RS Medical to refocus sales efforts. Com pany was faced with negative impact of state regulatory and insurance changes in their largest market. Well in advance of changes, uncovered potential for decre ased sales and profit and identified corrective measures and timelines for imple menting alternative plans. Presented this information to VP of Sales, who then e stablished programs that bought time to shift resources to other profitable mark ets. Sales Specialist/Trainer Allergan/Scieran Technologies, Jan 1997- Oct 1999 Sold specialized ophthalmic surgical capital equipment to hospitals for use by r etinal surgeons for $1B company. Set up training for full-line surgical equipmen t sales force to promote to specialists and hospitals nationwide. Instructed su rgeons and clinical team on proper setup and use of equipment, conducting surgic al demos. Consulted with engineers and product managers on system enhancements t o increase marketability. Developed Allergan sales training for roll-out of surgical instrument to be use d by retinal surgeons. Developed and implemented comprehensive training program, wrote training manual and conducted training program for full-line sales specia lists. Distributor Principal Glenn Orthopaedics, Inc., Jan 1987 - Sep 1996 Sold and distributed orthopedic surgical implants and instruments to hospitals i n Colorado & Utah markets for Johnson & Johnson. Assembled and directed team wh o persuaded surgeons to use the products. Provided continuous training for sales reps. Launched total hip implant line. Managed budget of $1.2M and eight emplo yees, with annual sales of $4 million+. Developed key surgeon consultant for Johnson & Johnson Orthopaedics. Identifie d and developed relationship with dynamic orthopedic surgeon in Colorado and fos tered relationship between him and key marketing and R&D people within J&J. Thi s surgeon is now the #1 surgeon designer and spokesperson for Johnson & Johnson throughout the world. Penetrated market and achieved top market share in total knee implants for Glen n Orthopaedics. Converted key orthopedic surgeons to new knee implant, resulti ng in move from position of zero market share to #1 position in Denver metro are a in 5 years. Designed annual seminar event for Johnson & Johnson. Manufacturer wanted to in crease market share and identity. Established seminar for key end users of manuf acturers products. Recruited thought leaders from surgeon community as presenter s and booked 100+ potential product users. Grew revenue for both the manufacture r and the distributor. Created sales program for Glenn Orthopaedics that drew praise for company profe ssionalism and expertise from surgeons and clinical staffers. New sales staff h ad to be quickly trained to work with the surgeons and surgical teams. Structure d a multi-step program of training, moving representatives forward based on indi vidual performance. Focused on strong provision of expertise and customer servi ce. Previous Sales Positions: Territory Manager, Coopervision Surgical, Territory Manager, Ethicon, Inc _______________________________EDUCATION___________________________________ Bachelor of Science, University of Georgia, Athens, GA. Numerous Sales, Sales Management, Hiring and Recruiting Seminars.