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Please Take Notice

I need a few members to help draft a Bill for California to present to our California
State Legislators.

Now I could not draw up the Bill myself, not only it will be time consuming for me,
but also I think it wise to allow others to add their input prior to trying to submit it
for approval from the majority. I need your help too. Better yet…we need a few
good women and men to help get this off the ground.

Under the existing climate with the failures of Police, Congress and State legislators,
also to some shocking degree our Judiciary to recognize our inherent rights, it is
only apparent that we have a government that is in complete acquiescence to or
support of traitors to our Constitution. There is also no doubt that the U.S.
Department of Homeland Security is sending directives out to our state law
enforcement agencies that anyone that dissents in any sort of fashion as they
describe, is to be considered and treated as a suspected terrorist. And we worry
about the Muslims. So understanding the mind and attitude of Law enforcement it is
incumbent upon us as the people that we must get together and devise a strategy
that places the law enforcement officer integrity at an obvious or apparently clear
position for all to see.

Understand the strategy here should not be over looked.

How often does it really pisses you off in instances that you can show to people all
day long how any government official is corrupt or that officials have violated the
constitution and they do not care.

There are many reasons for this.

One is that the party you chose to accuse is often the party that your listener

Another is that many actually believe that someone in government will not let
things get to far out of hand.

Others believe that when people speak of government corruption, they are
conspiracy theorist.

However these opinions may differ, they are always subjected to grey areas that
can wedge a debate on real issues and pivot them dramatically from one side to the

But there is one argument that never gets dismissed and is always at the center of
debate by everyone in this country. That is Campaign promises.
It is the focal point of integrity, honesty, professionalism, knowledge, experience,
previous votes, and history of political choices. The bases of the campaign, that has
for years utilized unethical practices to exploit the constitutions, Marketing men and
women as though they were drones. And more than some of us would agree, many
constituents are asleep...for a better word.

Now, let’s think as far as our mind would permit. Who could argue that a violated
campaign promise should not be criminal without placing themselves in a bad light?

Remember that all officials run as though they can be trusted on their word.

So lets hold them to it. Put their ass in jail..Immediately and take back the power of
the people to directly decide with the provisions in this bill’s resolution.
Remember!!! Immunity is not mentioned in the constitution and there was a clear
reason for that.

Please, for your children and also loved ones sake, take a look at the draft and add
your input. PLEASE! It’s a Catch All bill.

Moreover, this bill will put officers in a bad position to argue against, but we must
draft the bill so that it will maintain the intent and integrity of its purpose while also
stimulating compulsive attraction to the philosophy of government representing the


I would like to name the Bill the "TRUTH ACT" or ANTI-PATRIOT ACT” but I cannot
find the words to each letter of "truth and anti" that would spell out an attractive
and patriotic acronym. If any of you can come up with an attractive name as an
acronym, it will be much appreciated by us all. I need to say, be it good or bad the
truth is most bills have a marketing approach that the people have become
accustom to. These type of approaches are common and intended to exploit the
people that do not understand the impact that the results of the bill would actually
do the opposite of what the unwitting constituent anticipated.

At the point the so called "TRUTH ACT" is intended to contain a language that is of
clear Mandate Authority and requires every government employee, being it
Representative, Governor, Councilmen, Mayor, Attorney General, Police Chief,
Sheriff, Highway Patrol and Judge not to mislead the people or do anything in
contradiction to the constitution that has the potential to disrupt the peoples of the
state inherent Rights. If they are found in violation of Law "Truth Act” they are to be
immediately removed from office and the degree of their violation will determine
the criminal penalty that they will be charged.


First, wording of the act will use mandate language like shall and Must, no "May".


People: In this act People is defined as man, woman of 18 years or older and a
citizen of the State and the Unites States. People shall not be construed as any
fictional characterization such as any person that receives monies paid by this

Monies: In this act Monies is defined as any vehicles or methods of transactions

and reimbursement for services received or that have derive from campaign
contributions, office, employment and contracts within the State of California and
shall not be construed to mean monies that derive from income taxes, and other
monies that are provided to the people as a means other than office, employment
or contract positions within this states government.

Person: In this act Person shall be defined as anyone, man or woman that seeks
government office or contract within this state or is in office at the time this section
was enacted.
Campaign Promises: In this act campaign promises shall be defined as any
promises that are made written or oral to obtain a Legislative, Judicial, or Executive
position and employment to office, and or contract within the state of California with
intent to convey a message or convince the people.

Promise: In this act promise shall be defined as any promises that are made
written, or oral to obtain a Legislative, Judicial, or Executive, Position and
employment, and or contract within the state of California with intent to convey a
message or convince the people while that person is in office.

Office: In this act Office shall be defined as any place of a person that is employed
by this State of California to carry out government functions and contracts in a
private or official capacity and receives all or any part of their income from State

Contract: In this act Contract shall be defined as any written or oral agreement
between the people, public and the state.

Public: In this act Public shall be defined as men or women that are employed, in
office, or have a contract, or seeks employment, office or contract with the state.

Campaign and negotiation promises.

1). Any person that seeks a position of government employment, office of the
Legislative, executive and judicial branch of government or seek to contract with
government shall not provide any misleading information to the people of the state
prior to consideration and during consideration of Office, employment, and/or

a). Any person that has violated this section shall be immediately removed from
their government position within 90 days after such violation of this section has
b). The Attorney General of this state shall immediately prosecute without delay for
violations of this act as provided in section 1. d, E.

c). If any of the people find that a government officer has violated any part of this
act following 90 days shall , upon written and sworn affidavit, have the authority to
arrest by writ of quo warranto following notice within 15 days to this California
states attorney general.

d) Anyone of the People shall serve upon a person a writ of quo warranto as follows:

A). After 90 days that the Attorney General has become aware of any
violation of this act or should have reasonably known that a violation of this
act has occurred and has not taken immediate action to prosecute.

B). No writ of quo warranto from the people shall be served without 12
signatures under oath and affirmation describing the facts of therein, from
the people in the district or jurisdiction that such violation of this act took

2). There shall be no contracts or official campaign promises stated, declared,

spoken, written, expressed or implied to the people of this state that will not be held
to full account after such campaign promises were made.

3). There shall be no contract made between any entities, departments, man or
woman of this state without full disclosure to the people. There shall not be any
terms and words to any contract with the state that contain ambiguous meanings or
terms, nor shall any contract be written or oral that the common the people of this
state will have difficulty comprehending.


I have not drawn up and criminal penalties or Fines for violations. Also, I submit this
proposal with full expectation to be considered of you to redraft its provision.

All drafts must be made and presented in an open forum for all of us members to
read and consider. I encourage all members to voice their concerns or opinions. No
question is a stupid question!
This act will go forward.