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429 Briar Place, Belgrade, MT 59714
Cell Phone: 406-539-6211 * E-mail:
Accomplished, perceptive, and versatile Licensed Master Electrician seeking an o
pportunity to leverage strong leadership and technical abilities, solid overseas
experience, and project management expertise in supporting an organization to a
chieve its established goals and objectives.
* Relationship Building - merges solid interpersonal and communication skills to
forge, nurture and maintain strong business and customer relationships. Enthusi
astically collaborates with internal colleagues to achieve established goals and
* Knowledge and Expertise - demonstrates expertise in electrical project managem
ent, site supervision, communications, safety, estimating, personnel management,
resource planning, workflow scheduling, budget administration, cost control, an
d quality compliance.
* Team Building and Motivation - effectively communicates with and motivates tea
m members, promote an atmosphere of teamwork and collaboration with an emphasis
on goal attainment.
* Customer Service - blends integrity, innovative thinking, and leadership attri
butes to ensure internal and external customer satisfaction. Optimizes service d
elivery using sound decision-making talents, critical thinking skills, and an un
wavering drive to excel.
* Competitive Drive & Strategic Thinking - personable, persuasive, and highly re
spected for project management expertise, displaying a positive leadership appro
ach, and consistently surpassing goals.
KBR, Houston, TX, 11/09 to Present
Master Electrician Logcap III
* Directly contribute to performance by offering expertise, reliability, and con
tinuity in the electrician function, providing nightshift services to the U.S. M
ilitary in a contingency environment in Iraq.
* Provide leadership and direction to a team of foreign subcontractors in the ex
ecution of daily roles and foster a team-based environment where staff work coop
eratively to achieve common goals.
* Leverage strong technical abilities to read blueprints, test and repair electr
ical systems, and install and connect wires, ensuring the highest standards of c
ompliance and quality workmanship.
* Demonstrate an innate ability to diagnose electrical faults, troubleshoot faul
ts, repair complex electrical issues, and implement immediate corrective and pre
ventative actions.
* Enforce stringent safety procedures in all areas of the daily function and the
use of power tools including benders, wire strippers, screwdrivers, and hacksaw
s among others.
* Conduct comprehensive testing using ohmmeters and voltmeters to test connectio
ns and ensure electrical system components are safe and compatible in accordance
with company policies.
* Function as an information resource and subject matter expert to colleagues, U
.S. military personnel, and staff members regarding all electrical functions, te
sting, and troubleshooting procedures.
* Respond swiftly and decisively to handle competing priorities in a fast-paced,
time sensitive environment, earning recognition for an exemplary work ethic and
a proven record of success.
Accolade Electric, Inc., Belgrade, MT, 11/05 to 11/09
Owner / Operator
* Established and built a highly successful electrical contracting company, comp
leting small and large commercial, industrial, and residential projects for priv
ate and government clients.
* Planned and executed multiple projects simultaneously, from initial planning t
o successful conclusion, completing new construction and remodeling projects tha
t consistently exceeded client expectations.
* Utilized solid analytical skills to prepare competitive estimates and present
bids to architects, engineers, and sponsors, securing a high volume of new, repe
at, and referred business.
* Worked directly with clients to design projects in a cost-effective and high q
uality manner, displaying a proven ability to manage budgets, schedules, and res
ources in accordance with client requirements.
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* Demonstrated solid financial acumen in the planning and administration of proj
ect budgets, payroll, cost control, and expense management, minimizing expenditu
re and maximizing overall profitability.
* Supervised journeymen and apprentices in all areas of the daily operation, uti
lizing solid coaching and mentoring skills to develop a high performance team th
at worked cooperatively to achieve goals.
* Managed each project through each project phase, monitoring progress to meet a
ll quality standards, established timelines, and specification standards, provid
ing detailed reports for client review.
* Enforced safety procedures, conducted safety inspections, identified areas for
improvement, and implemented immediate corrective and preventative actions that
improved safety compliance.
* Demonstrated expertise in the installation of conduit, wire pulling, installat
ion of mechanical, soft start, and variable frequency drive motor starters, and
the installation of power systems and lighting.
* Merged vast experience with solid critical thinking skills to test and trouble
shoot various pieces of equipment, working in hazardous locations, and time sens
itive environments to achieve project goals.
* Obtained all required licensing and permits in accordance with local and state
legislation and improved net profitability on an annual basis, before completin
g the successful sale of the company.
Armitage Electric, Bozeman, MT, 11/00 to 11/05
Apprentice to Journeymen Electrician
* Managed a complex daily workload with responsibility for the preparation of co
mpetitive estimates for residential, commercial, and industrial projects for pri
vate and government clients.
* Forged, nurtured, and maintained loyal client relationships and provided the h
ighest standards of service and support, improving the value and volume of repea
t and referred projects.
* Planned and executed numerous small and large construction and remodeling proj
ects, working closely with clients to design systems that achieved client goals
and expectations.
* Supervised a workforce that included journeymen, apprentices, and laborers, en
suring the highest levels of efficiency, productivity, and quality during the co
mpletion of all projects.
* Skillfully installed conduit, lighting, power systems, and motor controls; bid
for, planned, and executed a new sewer plant.
* Exercised outstanding interpersonal and analytical talents to provide timely a
nd effective resolutions to complex customer concerns and problems without loss
of client goodwill or risk of further escalation.
Earlier Professional Experience...
Apprentice, Atlas Electric, Big Sky, MT, 12/99 to 08/00
Apprentice, Shelton Electric, Anchorage, AK, 10/98 to 11/99
Kitchen Remodeler, Cabinet Doctors, Anchorage, AK, 1997 to 1998
Laborer, Holtran, Butte, MT, 1995 to 1997
Project Management Certificate, Boston University, Boston, MA, Completion date J
uly 31, 2010
Instrumentation and Controls, Orion Technical Training, 3 day class scheduled fo
r November 8, 2010 to November 10, 2010
Journeyman Electrician Studies, North Dakota State Whapeton, ND, 2003
High School Diploma, Anaconda High School, Anaconda, MT, 1990
Volunteer, Coach Kids Baseball Team

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