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Write a Letter to the Editor of your

local newspaper, and express your

condemnation of the brutality. Mention
exact numbers and figures. If your
newspaper has not given adequate
coverage to the situation in Bahrain, state
your disappointment and disapproval.
Also, call the news bureau and urge them
to include coverage of the tragedy on the
front page. See our sample letter for Media
Organisations here:

Pray for the safety and success of the revolutionaries, and for an end to
the oppressors’ folly.ImamSajjad (peace be upon him) has a particular
Supplication for the People of the Frontiers, which is very relevant to this
situation. Also recommended for times like this is Du’aJawshanSagheer. The
Awaited One Foundation has started a One Million Salawat Campaign for the
safety of the protestors. Pray to God to help the oppressed in Bahrain and
elsewhere in the world, and for the hastening of the reappearance of Imam
Mahdi, who will truly put an end to oppression in the world and establish the
Reign of Justice.
Military court upholds death sentences for two protesters
May 22, 2011

Manama - A Bahraini military

appeals court on Sunday upheld the
death sentences passed earlier this
month for two protesters accused of
killing two policemen during pro-
democracy demonstrations in

Two others facing death by firing

squad had their sentences reduced
to life imprisonment, state media
reported. Three other protesters
linked to the deaths were also
sentenced to life in prison.
The protesters are accused of running over two policemen on March 16 after security
forces stormed Lulu Roundabout, the focal point of anti-government protests in the
capital, Manama.

The case is still to be reviewed by an upper civilian court, before going before Bahrain
King Sheikh Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa.

The European Union has called for a halt to the executions, with human right groups
condemning the trial as unjust, saying the protesters were only allowed limited access
to trial proceedings and legal counsel.

The seven protesters had pleaded not guilty to the charges, but pre-recorded
confessions were aired on state television after the verdict was announced.

Following the first verdict, opposition group Al Wefaq expressed concerns that the
confessions were obtained under torture and called on international human rights
groups to pressure the Bahraini government to open the trials to the public.

'The accused were tried before a special military court, although they are civilians. It
also appears that the trial was conducted behind closed doors ... Those sentenced have
no right of appeal except to another special military court, raising great fears about the
fairness of the entire process,' said Malcolm Smart, Amnesty International's director for
the Middle East and North Africa, after the first verdict.
At least 30 people have been killed in the government crackdown on protesters, which
included the use of live ammunition, activists said. More than 400 people were arrested,
and more than 1,500 were sacked from their jobs for taking part in the anti-government

Protests demanding political reform and greater freedoms in Sunni-ruled, Shiite-

majority Bahrain began on February 14.

Bahrain, which is home to the US Navy 5th Fleet, and other Sunni-ruled countries in the
region have accused Shiite-led Iran of meddling in the country's internal affairs.

US President Barack Obama last week criticized the crackdown against pro-reform
protesters: 'We have insisted both publicly and privately that mass arrests and brute
force are at odds with the universal rights of Bahrain's citizens ... and such steps will not
make legitimate calls for reform go away.

'The only way forward is for the government and opposition to engage in a dialogue,
and you can't have a real dialogue when parts of the peaceful opposition are in jail.'
‫بسم هللا الرحمن الرحٌم‬

‫من سورة التوبة‬

‫ورهُ َولَ ْو َك ِر َه ْال َكا ِفر َ‬

‫ُون « ‪ »32‬ه َُو الَّذِي‬ ‫هللا ِبأ َ ْف َواه ِِه ْم َو ٌَأْ َبى ّ‬
‫هللاُ إِالَّ أَن ٌُ ِت َّم ُن َ‬ ‫ون أَن ٌ ُْطفِؤُ و ْا ُن َ‬
‫ور ّ ِ‬ ‫«‪ُِ ٌ »31‬رٌ ُد َ‬
‫ٌِن ْال َح ِّق لٌِ ُْظ ِه َرهُ َعلَى ال ِّد ِ‬
‫ٌن ُكلِّ ِه َولَ ْو َك ِر َه ْال ُم ْش ِر ُك َ‬
‫ون‬ ‫أَرْ َس َل َرسُولَ ُه ِب ْالهُدَ ى َود ِ‬
‫صدق هللا العلً العضٌم‬

‫تعلن شبكة ‪ 14‬فبراٌر اإلعالمٌة تبنٌها للتغطٌة اإلعالمٌة الشاملة ألسبوع انقاذ الثورة فً البحرٌن بتنظٌم‬
‫اتالف شباب ثورة ‪ 14‬فبراٌر‬

‫و اسبوع التضامن مع حرائر المعتقالت فً البحرٌن بتنظٌم منظمة ‪ Justice for Bahrain‬الحقوقٌة و‬
‫شبكة ‪ 14‬فبراٌر االعالمٌةحٌث ستقوم المنظمة بتنظٌماعتصامات للتضامن مع الشعب البحرٌنٌفً المملكة‬
‫المتحدة وكبرى عواصم االوربٌة والعالمٌة‬

‫و ٌتزامن أسبوع االنقاذ مع أسبوع التضامن مع آٌات القرمزي و المعتقالت من حرائر البحرٌن من‬

‫حٌث تكون الشاملة َم ٍـﮯ َ ِِ ِن الداخل و الخارج لجمٌع الفعالٌات ستكون عن طرٌق مراسلٌنا بالصوت و‬
‫الصورة و بالتعاون مع اتحاد التظافر اإلعالمً‬

‫ستكون التغطٌة عبر القنوات التالٌة‬

‫صفحة الفٌس بك العربٌة لشبكة ‪ 14‬فبراٌر االعالمٌة‬ ‫‪.1‬‬


‫صفحة الفٌس بك االنجلٌزٌة لشبكة ‪ 14‬فبراٌر االعالمٌة االنجلٌزٌة‬ ‫‪.2‬‬


‫صفحة توتر العربٌة لشبكة ‪ 14‬فبراٌر االعالمٌة‬ ‫‪.3‬‬


‫صفحة توتر االنجلٌزٌة لشبكة ‪ 14‬فبراٌر االعالمٌة‬ ‫‪.4‬‬


‫صفحة الفٌس بك لمنظمة ‪Justice for Bahrain‬‬ ‫‪.5‬‬


‫موقع منظمة ‪Justice for Bahrain‬‬ ‫‪.6‬‬


‫صفحة تجمع التظافر االعالمً لثورة ‪ 14‬فبراٌر‬ ‫‪.7‬‬

‫مجلة الشهٌد االسبوعٌة‬ ‫‪.8‬‬

‫قناة التظافر تجمع التظافر االعالمً لثورة ‪ 14‬فبراٌر على الٌو تٌوب )‪(Feb14Bhr‬‬ ‫‪.9‬‬


‫‪ .10‬قروب البالك بٌري للشبكة‬



‫وهللا ولً التوفٌق‬

‫صدر فً المنامه عن ‪ :‬شبكة ‪ 14‬فبراٌر االعالمٌة‬

‫‪ 29‬ماٌو‪/‬اٌار ‪2011‬م‬
‫مــو عجــب هشـعــب لــو ثــار لل مــو عجــب هشـعــب لــو ثــار‬
‫وارريخ ااالص مم نـص اح ر ثو ر ررغ للقح للجح عالل بووقغ محوتعع ر رع ااح ر‬
‫قبع ا صار ر س لشقبد لل نتحه لـ‬ ‫لمتح ك ها ل لدمنتا ل لمؤمم علل‬
‫ـااممس ممح متد لـ ابدر للح ر متد‬ ‫َفجّجح للو ر للاا عبنس و ا معلغ ااح ر‬
‫للبدر للح ر!!‬
‫لح تـص عتوًا مص لو بص مم ها غ ا قار ذح ل‬ ‫صار‬ ‫لبوو أمحك لـجحر‬
‫العمح مصاا للـااغ م ُشمّجح بل ا و ر‬
‫ابد امد اعبد الس ااامل روو لـ دك أتار للشمم ر ف امم لنّجبد لميتار‬
‫عزي مم را قبد مو اف م يوة للو ر هذ مو مووم ا هذ مو مووم‬
‫هذ عحام ! التحاع لبح م متجمعع وز م اهار لـ بتم ل اتف لماري ـجبع‬
‫ا قار‬
‫لح اعبي لجمار لقـتح بع عح ح لججلع مم‬ ‫را و لشقبد اببي ! ي عغ اببي‬
‫لتب اغ لشقبد صتلع ااح ر‬ ‫رم ويتار‬
‫لل وشو و خ را اس مو مجحد دو قبد! ا ل لح لماري ا م رشو خ ــقا ر وحووي‬
‫مبخ ارر ربمو اب لد ر وعتلل النمــ الحأع ثار ما حرس العار ا ما حرس العار‬
‫در ا لبوو موو اح ر ا‬ ‫بي ادد ا د ر‬ ‫بي علغ بي لص بي بص الار‬
‫عبشح ليزرع لعار‬
‫ل قم را الغ ثو ر لج د نص ثو ر‬
‫علس در لغ ماروو‬

‫‪ 911‬ملع ‪ 14‬مح رح اعجمبع‬