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48 Lexington Road, Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852

732-355-9292 (H)

Financial Analyst with demonstrated success in financial research and reporting
as well as Executive Administration. Extensive experience in development and tra
cking of organizational budgets and expenses ensuring annual expenses meet or un
der run targets. Skilled in financial tracking, data analysis, investigation, b
udget forecasting, projections, and reporting. Expert user of Excel. Known for
interfacing with internal customers and on cross functional teams.

IBM, Piscataway, New Jersey
1999 - 2010

Business Analyst, Shared Services - Cost Management (2009-

Americas geographic representative for the SSO Mainframe Cross Service Line metr
ics and Business Analyst for the US E2E Print Pool team with a $20M annual budge
* Investigated monthly metrics data discrepancies and provided explanations to g
lobal representative for inclusion in monthly status report for review in meetin
g with VP.
* Completed 'Best of Breed' metric project activities, which identified discrepa
ncies for correction in newly developed and loaded metrics tool.
* Documented monthly results explanations, investigations, and 2010 submissions
of the Fall Plan and Operations Plan. Contact for management regarding cost poo
l budget and expense information. Feedback from other E2E Print Pool team membe
rs included: best business analyst team has ever had.
* Supported preparation of measurements package by collecting and rolling up yea
r-to-date Cost Pool data and Global Resourcing status for inclusion in director
level monthly package.
* Provided director level organizational reports for CLAIM, Overtime, Standby, a
nd SORT vs. eTotals to all managers detailing monthly staffing hours used. Repo
rt information used in director monthly measurements package.
* Wrote Methods and Procedures for job responsibilities and assisted in global t
ransitioning and knowledge transfer of job function.
Resource Analyst, AT&T Account - Managed Operations (1999-2009)
Supported the Mainframe Tower executive management team, primarily focused on la
bor expense outlook and tracking (organizational alignments, count, chronologica
l movements, and changes affecting cost).
* Tracked progress of committed reductions and savings, processed Interlock Tool
revisions, provided weekly CLAIM reports to management for verification of bill
able hours, and supported data requests from AT&T Project Office, the Account Bu
siness Office, IBM Finance, and Executives.
* Provided weekly Change Control Reports to the Executive Leadership and Review
teams. Created a change control file template that automatically color coded hi
gh and medium risk which eliminated the possibility of human error and hours of
manual work.
* Reported daily backup failure status. Assisted in mechanization of reporting
process and in rollout of training.
* Created two different monthly accomplishment presentations for the Account VP
for rollup reporting
* Setup and completed organizational realignments through HR
* Created annual second line manager discretionary budget
* Journal entry submissions to remove miscoded expenses out of overhead
* Created an application by manager report list, collaborated with system contac
t to setup a system generated report and monthly report schedule. Used by the A
ccount Executive Team when defending business needs and discussing potential cos
t savings.
* Ensured holiday management coverage by collecting and providing an itinerary f
ile with planned time off and in-charge information for all Mainframe Tower mana
gers, followed up on gaps to ensure complete coverage.
AT&T, Piscataway, New Jersey
1983 - 1999
Associate Manager / Business Planner, Information Technology Services - Producti
on Services
Division representative to Finance for managing budget, actuals, transfers, and
organizational projects.
* Liaison for hiring contractors onto Division's DMR project contract. Tracked
and maintained actuals (accruals, reversals, and billing verification).
* Produced the monthly Division Report Card which highlighted expense results an
d technical accomplishments
* Coordinated division equipment needs and prepared requests for approval
* Member of team that planned Managers Meeting at Epcot Center in Orlando, FL
Associate Manager / Budget Coordinator, Corporate Finance (1989-1
Developed annual expense budgets at various management levels, investigated actu
als for monthly variance reporting and maintained audit trails, prepared and tra
cked transfers, provided monthly deliverables to customers, prepared End-of-Year
projections, and processed expense adjustments/accruals.
* Recognized by management and peers as a team player for helping to train, deve
loping ad hoc reports and spreadsheets, and being flexible to accommodate extrao
rdinary work needs.
Reports Clerk, McElroy Division
Publication of the Division's monthly "Budget vs. Actual" results, while assisti
ng with coordination of budgeting activities for six district budget coordinator
s in various locations.
Reports Clerk, Network Operations Education & Training
Liaison for coordination of technical training scheduling requests for AT&T Comm
unications staff through AT&T-Corporate Education & Training and Bell Core Tech.
Reports Clerk, Support Services/Word Processing
Managed work flow of Word Processing Center. Performed maintenance on center's
Senior Records Clerk, Support Services/Secretary to District Manager
Combination Typist, Support Services/Word Processing
BS Business Education, The College of New Jersey (formerly Trenton State College
New Jersey Teaching Certificate