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Do you like to work with facts and figures? c

Absolutely. That¶s the basis of this work. I¶ve always had a flair for the numbers side of the business, and
my thought processes are very analytical and precise. Accurate books and records are an essential management
tool and can help to identify areas that need improvement.
Facts and figures are important.
I always read the reports, and I¶m quick to spot inconsistencies and errors. I don¶t check V Vnumber twice,
though, because that¶s not what produces V. Financial records are like X rays that allow a doctor to make
a diagnosis.

There¶s so much potential for accomplishment when you¶re part of a vibrant company like this one.

Jhat is your idea of success? c

To wake up in the morning and feel good about what I will achieve during the day, to meet each
new challenge with confidence in my ability, and to have the respect of my fellow employees.
If I am successful, I will continue to be given new challenges that develop my abilities and make me even
more productive. Having fulfilling work to do, doing it well, and participating with others in reaching our
goals²that¶s my idea of success.

Do you work well under pressure? c

efinitely. Positive pressure can be the tightly coiled spring that forces the release of untapped
reserves of energy and initiative. Some of the greatest events in history were the results of pressure
situations, when someone was called on to make a quick decision and act on that decision. Positive
pressure brings out the best in people.
However, when pressure, tension, and emergencies become the daily routine in any organization, positive
pressure becomes a negative. Resources are used up and people burn out. A competent manager knows how to
control the pressure and dispense it in effective doses.

Jouldn¶t you be better off in another company? c

ëo, I¶m sure I wouldn¶t. The type of opportunity and challenge I seek are here. Furthermore, my skills and
experience match what  Vlooking for. I¶ve researched my options thoroughly, and this company comes
out on top for me. That¶s why I¶m here.

Jhat are your feelings about a large company? c

I welcome the opportunity to work in a large, developed, well-known organization such as this. The
resources and potential for advancement in a large organization are not available in smaller companies. I¶d be
proud to add my skills and abilities to the excellence that flourishes here.
Describe the perfect job. c

The perfect job is one that offers daily challenges, provides the kind of stimulation that keeps my
skills and abilities at peak levels, and allows me to achieve tangible results on a regular basis²
something that is fast paced without being frantic, in a situation where new ideas and creativity are
fostered. The perfect job is in an organization that¶s progressive and competitive. I want to be a part of a
winning team and to make a significant contribution to its success.
ëame five things that motivate you. c

Gne, daily challenges. Two, tangible results.

Three, understanding and assisting to achieve my employer¶s goals.
Four, the opportunity to work as part of a talented team of individuals.
Five, respect for a job well done and encouragement to use creativity and initiative in finding new ways to do
aow long will you stay with the company? c

As long as I continue to learn and develop my capabilities. As with any partnership, I intend to fulfill
my commitment and meet challenges as they come.
It¶s my hope that, as long as I perform well on the job and make contributions, I¶ll be considered a valuable
employee. And as long as I¶m making a contribution that is valued, I¶ll have no reason to leave.
However, if for any reason I don¶t meet the company¶s expectations, I don¶t expect to remain on the
payroll. So I look forward to staying as long as I¶m productive.

Jhy do you want this job? c






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Jhat do you picture yourself doing (five/ten) years from now? c

Five years from now, I see myself working for this company. My job will have increased at least one, probably
two levels in responsibility and scope. I¶ll have made a significant contribution to the ___________
department and will be working on new ways.c
I¶ll have gotten there by proving I¶m a producer, a problem solver, and someone who can grasp the scope of a
program while not losing sight of the details.

I¶ve been very impressed in all the reading and research I¶ve done about ________________. It projects an ex-
cellent image, and its message is persuasive. Internally, it¶s a sound operation, with ambitious goals and
realistic plans for achieving them. I see great potential for growth here, and I want to be part of it. I have many
ideas that I know could be implemented here better than anywhere else.


Absolutely. I¶m familiar with the basic job requirements, and I learn quickly. It should take me only a short
time to become familiar with this company¶s procedures and methods. If I don¶t have the answer to something,
I find it. The sooner I learn what is expected of me, the sooner I can excel in the job. I don¶t like to waste time
when there¶s a job to do. It undoubtedly will require extra time and effort on my part in the beginning; but I¶m
more than willing to devote that time and effort because it enables me to do the job right the first time.


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