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Objective I am seeking a position in the fields of Human Resources, Security, Ma

nagement or other that fits my past experiences.

Availability December, 2010 (negotiable to be sooner if needed)
Security Clearance Active Top Secret/SCI CNWDI/RD SIOP 4 & 10,
Valid until 17 Jun 2014
Awards Joint Service Commendation Medal Outstanding Volunteer Medal Air Force Co
mmendation Medal
Work Experience
United States Air Force, Barksdale AFB.
Chief, Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) Programmer (Rank Capt)
September 2009 to Present
Established the directorate security manager program processing over 50 in-bound
personnel ensuring proper security maintained at all times
Developed foundation for Air Force Global Strike Commands (AFGSC) corporate stru
Assisted Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) in development of FY 12 budget proposal
s (14.7 billion dollar asset value)
Developed AFGSCs first ever budget proposal for FY12 (2.8 Billion dollar asset v
Assisted in Zero Balance Transfer of funds from AFSPC to AFGSC ensuring missions
remained funded as required by Department of Defense, Congress, and Presidentia
l Direction
Experienced Major Command (MAJCOM) level staffing and management processes
Assisted in stand up of new AF MAJCOM to re-invigorate the nuclear enterprise, A
ir Forces number one priority (first new MAJCOM since 1982)
Assisted in the development of new policies, procedures, and requirements for nu
clear operations
United States Air Force, Minot, AFB
Missile Combat Crew Commander / ICBM Codes Vault Team chief (Rank 2nd LT throug
h Capt)
August 2003-September 2009
Operated, Secured, Maintained up to 150 Minute Man III, ICBMs and 5 Launch contr
ol centers (3.3 billion in Nuclear Assets)
Supervised 6 person vault team on day to day nuclear coding operations, and on t
he job training procedures
Managed critical weapon system test for the 91 Operations Support Squadron and c
ritical code change for the 741 Missile Squadron (MS)
Managed approximately 175 Air Force personnel for nuclear operations, spread out
over 1,000 square miles
Responsible for control, production, issue and recovery of 3,500+ critical nucle
ar components worth 216+ million dollars
Proof read over 65,000 lines of data to ensure they were error free prior to ins
pection (reported as most accurate ever seen)
Air Force Space Command Crew Member Excellence award for sustain Highly Qualifie
d rating on weapon system evaluations
Experience in paper work/staffing procedures as Personnel Reliability Program/Se
curity Manager for the 741 MS (annual inspection professional performer award fo
r efforts)
Lead 12 person team dedicated to squadron inspection preparation leading to outs
tanding rating on annual unit section
Chosen as team lead for handpicked team of officers to assist in a distinguished
visitor from Nicaragua Army General Officer
91 Operations Group staff officer of the quarter, 1st quarter 2008
741 MS crew of the quarter 3rd quarter 2004
United States Air Force, Vandenberg, AFB
Student (Rank 2nd LT)
January 2003 to August 2003
99% Academic average on all course material
Highly Qualified (no errors) on end of course 4 hour simulator ride
Staples Office Supplies Part Time
Computer Repair Technician / Computer Sales June 2001 to December 2002
Interfaced with company representatives for new products
Worked with customers to find computer products that best fit their needs
Repaired various customer computer problems ranging from viruses to hardware to
software conflicts
Upgrade customer computers with new software and hardware as requested
Deployment History
Djibouti Africa
January June 2007
Managed movement of 300+ personnel in the Area of Responsibility (Horn of Africa
), ensuring 100% accountability (approx size of land area: 800,000 square miles)
Trained 400+ personnel on processes and procedures for movement request througho
ut host nations.
Developed daily Briefs for General Officers, US ambassadors, and Foreign leaders
Interfaced with host nation embassies and US embassies in Kenya, Uganda, Djibout
i, Tanzania, and Seychelles
2005 to 2009 Masters in Business Administration
1998 to 2002 Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology / Minor in Aerospace Studi
Professional Education
Squadron Officers School
Technical Order Distribution Management Course
Initial Qualification Training Rapid Execution and Combat Targeting System A
Air and Space Basic Course
Officer Space Pre-requisite Training