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DAN A. DRUZ Attorney at law 291 East Main St. Manasquan, NJ 08736 732 822-1052 dd82de3c@westpost.

net Yale educated Dedicated Corporate Counsel Total commitment to organization Exceptionally successful litigator Skilled motivator Zealous advocate Passionate leader Cool-headed crisis manager Mult-tasker extraordinaire Experienced lecturer/educator Objective: A strategic, challenging role in an outstanding organization.

Accomplishments: Uncompromisingly committed Corporate Counsel: advisor to management rega rding all legal and compliance matters, business development, Human Resources, c ompensation and regulatory affairs. Zealous Advocate and Litigator, obtained successful outcome in scores of securities industry civil and regulatory actions. Highly successful litigation track record, including largest individual common law fraud award in securities arbitration venue. Enthusiastic Manager / Leader, head of 50 - 100 person sales and marketi ng unit and second quartile profit center; established 50 person sales unit in n ew, highly competitive geographic location. Extraordinarily Productive Salesperson, experienced in the trenches top 3% of 10,000 person sales force. ***Sales and Marketing Management Committee: Leading participant in development and training of sales force for small securities education firm virtually from scratch. Yale University Graduate, Economics Degree. GPA: A- in major. Skill Set: Excellent communication skills: developed in management, legal and marke ting roles. Confident advisor to the highest levels of corporate management. Experienced crisis manager: even-tempered and cool under fire. Excellent leader, motivator, negotiator and recruiter. Experienced liaison with regulatory and law enforcement entities, includ ing SEC, FINRA and various other government entities. Experienced lead counsel in complex, commercial cases. Patient developer of team consensus, and individual human capital. Tough-minded, but compassionate when appropriate; resilient, and level headed, with a good sense of humor. Employment: Corporate Counsel Pristine Capital Holdings White Plains Investment Services Capital New York New York Princeton Princeton

Management, Sales Lehman Brothers, Inc. and Marketing Morgan Stanley Inc. Pristine Capital Holdings White Plains Account Executive Merrill Lynch Inc.

Private practice Educator x rd

Law Offices of Dan A. Druz U. of Phoenix

New Jersey Phoeni Hartfo New Haven New York New Hav Storrs

CT Dept. of Education Stanley Kaplan SAT Prep Merrill Lynch Training Dept. Connecticut Pre-collegiate en/ Enrichment Program Education: Law cs

Rutgers School of Law J.D. Economi Yale University B.A. The Lawrenceville School Diploma

Bar Admissions: New Jersey; New Jersey Federal District; U.S. Court o f Appeals for 3rd C.; S.D.N.Y.; E.D.N.Y; U.S. Court of Appeals for 2nd C.; (approximately 20 appearances in New York Supr eme pro hac vice; passed N.Y. Bar exam, admission pending) Personal: I live with my virtually independent older tee nage boys in Manasquan, New Jersey. Previously, I was a Top Scholar, sophomore c lass valedictorian, at The Lawrenceville School, and an All-State, New Jersey St ate Championship athlete in basketball. Co-captain with current Boston Celtics a ssistant coach.