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Remarkably astute, motivated and results-driven senior executive complemented wi

th an impressive record of success in delivering record-breaking profit growth f
or start-ups and large-scale businesses. Possess stellar reputation in revitaliz
ing operations and reinvigorating underperforming, cross-functional teams and de
partments to drive strong and sustainable productivity gains, cost reductions an
d quality improvements. Excel at identifying and implementing innovative solutio
ns to complex problems with a hands-on and lead-by-example style that foster a c
ulture of teamwork and dedication toward operational excellence. Extremely capab
le of multitasking in competitive, complex and fast-paced environment while jugg
ling multiple priorities.


* Business Management and Operations * Quality Assurance and Regulatory Complian

* Leadership, Training and Team Building * Budget Management and Financial Repor
* Time Management and Prioritization * Continuous Process and Performance Improv
* Profit and Loss Projections * Outstanding Customer Service and Relations
* Interpersonal and Negotiation Skills * Problem Resolution and Decision Making


Project Manager * Fredericksburg, VA 20072009
Provided expert oversight to 14 field supervisors and 16 subcontractors on the V
erizon FTTP project in the Fredericksburg, Virginia area. Interacted with local
governments, VDOT and other utility companies to eliminate utility damages. Fost
ered positive working attitude with Verizon management to develop team unity and
ensure timely completion of projects. Communicated with customers to provide in
formation in response to inquiries as well as to handle and resolve issues and c
Notable Accomplishments:
Instrumental for more than 1.6 million feet of fiber optic installation through
out Virginia
Assumed full responsibility in meeting with clients, conducting quality audits,
performing onsite inspection and preparing new jobs for startup
Regional Supervisor * Richmond, VA 20062007
Meticulously led excavating subcontractors to achieve the maximum level of perfo
rmance in providing high efficiency systems and indoor air quality control. Conv
ened with Verizon construction supervisors to discuss construction changes on pr
ojects and to achieve desired outcome.
Notable Accomplishment:
Primarily held responsible for the preparation of Verizons new fiber projects a
s well as with the daily billing for sub-contractor payment
President / Owner * Washington, DC / VA, MD 2005-2006
Directed and coordinated daily operational business aspects focusing on the inst
allation of underground cable TV coaxial cable for Comcast Cable in Montgomery C
ounty, Maryland. Reviewed financial statements and reports to measure productivi
ty and to determine areas needing cost reduction and program improvement. Comput
ed employees time worked, processed weekly payroll and prepared paychecks.
Notable Accomplishments:
Expertly managed crew of 10 employees in the installation of underground Verizo
n cables, fiber optic cables and duct on the Verizon FTTP project throughout Vir
ginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania
Ensured that construction projects were executed and completed in compliance wi
th building codes, regulations, safety standards, structural soundness and speci

Manager * Albuquerque, NM / Omaha, NE / Fayetteville, NC 20012004
Spearheaded, mentored and developed 55 field technicians, 4 supervisors and cler
ical support staff. Interviewed and conducted examinations to assess prospective
employees. Communicated with staff through monthly operational supervisor meeti
ngs and performance evaluations. Solidified productive relationships with utilit
y company management and director-level staff.
Notable Accomplishments:
Singlehandedly managed the profit and loss for a $4M operation along with the f
leet of company vehicle
Adhered strict compliance with company policies and quality and safety standard
Manager * Albuquerque, NM 20022003
Displayed unsurpassed leadership, guidance and expertise in Santa Fe and Las Cru
ces offices. Planned and organized periodic meetings with state public utility c
ommission officials.
Notable Accomplishments
Optimized operational productivity and efficiency while achieving profitability
within two months
Established and implemented successful quality improvement plan for the utility
Pivotal in managing telephone contract throughout the entire state of New Mexic
Manager * Omaha, NE 20012002
Presided over in the day-to-day facets of office operation to maintain the highe
st standards of quality and service. Hired, trained and supervised staff of 15 f
ield technicians throughout Eastern Nebraska. Interfered with electric company o
fficials weekly to stay abreast with various quality issues.
Notable Accomplishments
Leveraged quality by 40% in the first six months and obtained 12% of profit wit
hin first year after four years of non-profitability
Oversaw human resources activities, such as recruitment, termination, unemploym
ent along with testing, and employee evaluations
Senior Director * Southeastern, TX 20002001
Simultaneously headed multiple operations while adhering to safety guidelines an
d quality standards. Prepared cost estimates for projects and assessed cost eff
ectiveness of products, projects or services as well as tracked actual costs rel
ative to bids as the project develops. Orchestrated periodic meetings with clien
ts throughout the state, including monthly manager meetings, monthly quality mee
tings with utility companies, and unemployment hearings.
Notable Accomplishments
Handled $6M operating budget and effectively supervised 5 offices encompassing
250 staff
Reported directly to the companys president and oversaw P&L of the Texas region
Functioned as member of utility coordinating committees throughout Texas
Manager * Beltsville, MD 19921998
Managed the P&L of a $3.5M-office while leading a staff of 60 field technicians
across Maryland and Washington, DC. Fostered a positive working attitude to crea
te high team morale toward achievement of corporate objectives.
Notable Accomplishments
Skyrocketed profits from $5K to $800K by effectively turning around operations,
which was later recognized as the most profitable throughout tenure
Played a key role in maintaining high standards of quality for gas, telephone a
nd electric company contracts
Served as an integral part of area utility coordinating committees



* Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, MO


Windows-based applications including electronic billing systems

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