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8522 Southlawn Court
• Alexandria, VA 22309
• (703) 863-9374 Cell
Brand Management / Market Research / Strategic Communications
Innovative, intuitive, and results-oriented marketing and strategic communicatio
ns professional with 7 years of experience working with leading Fortune 500 firm
s. Driven leader possessing a strong blend of expertise in designing and crafti
ng integrated marketing strategies that capitalize on growth, campaigns, and tra
nsform internal businesses. Creative thinker, focused on implementing cost-effec
tive programs that build internal and external brand image. Trusted advisor with
expertise in engaging decision makers and devising strategies and solutions for
long-term success.
• Strategic Communications
• Marketing Strategy & Execution
• Branding & Strategy Techniques
• Market Research & Competitive Analysis
• Campaign & Message Launches (Ex: “Social Media†& “Eco-Friendly†)
• Program Management
• Integrated Marketing Communications • Strategic Planning


Johns Hopkins University, Carey Business School Baltimor

e, MD
M.B.A. - May 2010
M.S., Marketing- December 2009
University of Augsburg
Augsburg, Germany
M.B.A., Joint International Consulting Project (*Eurocopter)
*Eurocopter is a subsidiary owned 100% by EADS (European Aeronautic, Defense and
Space Company, $42.82B), one of the three largest aerospace groups in the world
Virginia Union University, Sydney Lewis School of Business Richmond, VA
B.S. Marketing- May 2003
• Valedictorian of Class, Presidential Scholar, National Dean’s List


Deloitte/ Denysys Corporation

Rockville, MD March 2010¬¬-Present
($26.1B private company “Big Four†offering professional services that provide audit, co
nsulting, financial advisory, risk management, and tax services.)
Communications Consultant, Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Manage the execution, implementation, and development of the Office of Financial
Management’s (OFM) 2010 Strategic Branding Initiative by driving cost-effective com
munications programs for internal FDA centers and groups.
Selected Achievements and Contributions:
• Achieved 40% increase in OFM’s collective knowledge and brand image by designing an
leveraging programs for executive road show campaigns, leadership trainings, an
d meetings.
• Improved the perceptions of OFM to internal and external stakeholders through ta
rgeted e-mail communication campaigns, executive meetings and on-line announceme
• Successfully manage daily content for social media site OFM Wiki and 7 OFM intra
net sites for internal and external clients in an effort to maintain updates and
create “buzz†within FDA.
 Increased site awareness by 50% and page visits through e-mail and web promotion
• Create content, design lay-out, and promote the OFM In Focus newsletter through
web campaigns.
• Conducted market research (10 surveys and 3 focus groups) to provide data for be
tter communications strategies and tactics to OFM employees.
 Effectively revealed data and solutions to OFM leadership on challenges and conc
erns for organization

Fashion Fights Poverty

Washington, DC 2008- 2010
(A Non-Profit organization focused on ethical consumerism. FFP raises awareness
for initiatives that encourage and support creative, effective, and sustainable
means of challenging poverty.)
Brand Communications Manager
Led research and creative implementation of FFP branding campaigns for emerging
growth markets and segments for Washington metropolitan Green/ “Eco-Friendly†fashion ma
Selected Achievements and Contributions:
• Orchestrated and coordinated “Green/ Eco-Friendly†events to focus on developing
for media, social web campaigns, events, and panels in emerging markets.
 Successfully created and devised strategy for FFP leadership to focus on buildin
g “Green†audiences, awareness, and repeat engagement via social media (Ex. Facebook, Tw
itter, and MySpace).
• Coordinated 2 top grossing event marketing campaigns under the direction of the
VP of Marketing and Outreach.
 Highlights: Teen Vogue/Guess event & FFP Annual Fashion Show
• Spearheaded FFP Research Initiative targeting both primary and secondary researc
h on media coverage, consumer trends, industry landscape, target markets, and st
rategic brand messages.
• Executed a 12-month strategy to sustain market and revenue growth with the new i
mplementation of an integrated marketing plan focused on brand image.
• Monitored FFP brand awareness through surveys and focus groups revealing 3 untap
ped markets totally an estimated $1.32M.
QinetiQ North America
McLean, VA 2007- 2009
($2.4B international defense technology company based in Farnborough, England)
Manager, Market Research & Business Development
Co-Founded and branded Market Research/Competitive Intelligence group at QinetiQ
North American headquarters, a $1.2B operation.
Selected Achievements and Contributions:
• Built North American research infrastructure at QNA by successfully evaluating a
nd managing $100K budget and implementing online web resource tools for headquar
ters and QNA groups.
• Managed 70% of all projects related to mergers, acquisitions, business developme
nt, and communications planning.
• Cost-effectively negotiated and managed 9 external accounts with vendors related
to products, services, and training provided to employees.
 Saved the company approximately $80K on new and renewed contracts.
• Led internal competitive intelligence planning efforts for leadership regarding
B2B programs.
• Presented trend analysis and recommendations on communications efforts, position
ing, and promotional strategies to leadership regarding QNA 5 Year Strategic Pla
n, QNA Annual Investor’s Presentation, and major campaigns with NASA and USAF.
Science Applications International Corporation M
cLean, VA 2003-2007
($10.7B SAIC is a Fortune 500 company scientific, engineering, and technology co
Communications & Market Research Strategist
Managed research and communications efforts targeting million dollar bids with t
he Federal government.
Selected Achievements and Contributions:
• Effectively provided strategic ventures and trends of international and federal
businesses for business development group resulting in delivering qualitative an
d quantitative monthly reports for CEO and staff.
• Oversaw external vendor relationships resulting in running company internal oppo
rtunity database for business developers and capture managers.
 Improved efficiency, time, and efforts by 50%.
• Focused and performed research and financial forecasts on competitors, emerging
industry markets, and government proposal initiatives supporting nearly 8 groups
internally and resulting in 5+ business unit wins and a successful SAIC Initial
Public Offering (IPO).
• Authored and edited online web content for 3 internal websites for both opportun
ity tracking databases and company intranet research.
 Tripled webpage visitors.