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Clinton C Cooper

3607 Viewcrest Dr
Killeen, TX 76549
H: 254-247-0450
C: 254-554-1439
Active US government security clearance
Supervised nine personnel
Certified Chemical/Biological Instructor Evaluator
Top Secret Security Clearance Single Scope Background Investigation
December 2008 March 2010 Supervisor, US Army, Ft. Hood, TX
Supervised nine employees in day to day conduct, training and discipline.
Training six personnel in the identification, render safe, and disposal of haza
rdous unexploded conventional, nuclear, biological and chemical munitions, and i
mprovised explosive devices.
Provided support to civil authorities for incidents involving military unexplod
ed ordnance, improvised explosive devices, weapons of mass destruction, transpor
tation accidents involving DOD owned or DOD contractor owned munitions, or hazar
dous explosive items beyond the capability of the requesting civil authorities.
Managed nine teams daily operations while deployed in Iraq, writing reports and
submitting them on time daily without error.
March 2007 December 2008 EOD Instructor, Eglin AFB, FL
Chemical/Biological Detectors Subject Matter Expert for Navy School Explosive O
rdnance Disposal (NAVSCOLEOD).
Developed and maintained curriculum for downrange operations on Chemical/Biolog
ical incidents.
Certified Instructor Evaluator.
Provide classroom and high risk laboratory/practical instruction to over 850 US
military, FBI, ATF, Secret Service Agents and foreign military services, on all
aspects of Chemical/Biological to include the following: threat, Personal Prote
ctive Equipment (PPE), detectors, ordnance identification and new emerging threa
ts with 100% pass rate.
Responsible for curriculum development and creating new scenarios. In charge of
tracking, repairing, issuing and retrieval of over $1 million worth of chemical
suits, detectors and school equipment.
March 1999 March 2007 Team Leader, US Army
Performed surface and disposals operations of the impact range of projectiles,
mortars, 40mm grenades, hand grenades and guided missiles.
In charge of requisition and safe storage of ammunition with 100% accountabilit
Supported the United States Secret Service and the State Department as part of
protection details for the President of the United States, the Vice President, a
nd dignitaries from foreign countries.
Developed, presented, and maintained classes on ordnance recognition, bomb sear
ch, bomb threat and reporting procedures to military, civilian, and federal auth
Led a team and/or directly supported multiple range clearance operations on Poh
akuloa Training Area, Makua Valley, and Schofield Barracks. Encountered bombs, g
uided missiles, rockets, projectiles, flares, grenades, and sub-munitions.
Led a team of six to nine personnel into an impact area without injury over 30
Clearance of weapons caches, post blast analysis, route clearances, render safe
of unexploded ordnance, improvised explosive devices, and disposal of ordnance
at a Captured Enemy Ammunition site.
Encountered tens of thousands of different types of ordnance items in various c
Ran over 250 incidents without loss of life and saved over 10 million dollars o
f vital US government equipment
October 1997 March 1999
Integrated with other military intelligence personnel on the functionality of e
xplosive ordnance disposal.
Wrote over 30 Preliminary Technical Reports on first seen ordnance in Bosnia.
Taught classes to over 600 war fighters on ordnance identification, explosive e
ffects and ordnance to gun systems.
Graduate Advanced Managerial Course, US Army, Redstone Arsenal, AL, 2008
Graduate Advanced IED Disposal Course, US Navy, Eglin AFB, FL, 2007
Graduate Military Instructor Course, US Army, Ft. Irwin, CA, 1998
Graduate Advanced Access and Disablement, US Navy, Indian Head, MD, 1996
Graduate Explosive Ordnance Disposal School, Indian Head, MD, 1991
Graduate Ammunition Supply Course, US Army, Redstone Arsenal, AL 1990