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Objective Plastic Process Technician Machine Experience: Kawaguchi, Cincinnat

i, Engel, Mitsubishi, Toyo, UBE, and Nissei Robot Automation: Conair, Ranger,
and Fanuc Robots, Sepro Automotive Mechanic (State of Michigan Certified) Fro
nt End-Auto Electrical-Auto Brakes-Auto Electronics (Troubleshooting, Blueprin
ts and Schematics) Electricity and Electronics Solid State Devices and Semicondu
ctors Integrated Circuits and Micro-electric Technology Computers (Microsoft I
nformation System) Computer Software (Windows installation and configuration) Co
mputer Systems and Peripherals (Component upgrade and software installation) Com
munications and Networking (Local Area Network Devices and configuration) Skills
Basic Electricity and Electronics Solid State Devices and Integrated Circuits B
lue Prints / Systemic Analog / Digital Trainers Digital and Microprocessors Stat
e License - Electrical, Braking Systems State License - Front End & Suspension D
ie Setting Scientific Injection Molding Decoupled Injection Molding Computer Sof
tware Computer Systems and Peripherals AC / DC Circuits Oscilloscopes / Function
Generators Communications and Networking Perform - Engines / Transmission R/R
Perform - Heating / Cooling Systems Process Control and Troubleshooting Robot Pr
ogramming / Sequencing Tooling Maintenance Supervision
Process Technician - Apr. 2005 - Jul. 2008
Plastech / LDM Technologies, Romulus, MI
Processed 2500 to 3500 Ton Machines, Create and Maintain Process Control Documen
ts? Launched New Production Molds, Established Processes and Documentation? Se
quential Valve Gate Molding, Decoupled Molding Process Techniques? Ranger Autom
ation Robot Programming, Sepro Robot Experience
Automotive Mechanic - Sep. 2004 - Dec. 2004
Roush Industries, Marion, OH
Performed rework procedures to fix assembly line defects on new 2005 Chrysler Ve
Process Technician - Jan. 2003 - Mar. 2004
Lear Corporation, Taylor, MI
Processed 85 to 400 Ton Machines? Process and Maintain Injection Molding Machin
es, ? Record Process Data Daily for ISO Verification
Process Technician - Sep. 2000 - Dec. 2002
NYX Plymouth, Livonia, MI
Processed 400 to 4000 Ton Machines, Verified Process Control Daily ? Fanuc Auto
mation Robot Programming, Ranger and Conair Automation Robot Programming? Assum
ed Supervision Responsibility In The Absence Of My Direct Supervisor
Die Setter - Oct. 1997 - Jul. 2000
Chivas Industries, Canton MI
Performed Die Changes on 85 to 800 Ton Machines? Processed and Made Changes As
Jun. 2008
Global Information Technology, Southfield, MI
Microsoft Certified Service Engineering
Diploma - Jun. 2004
Breithaupt Career and Technical Center, Southfield, MI
Electronics and Computer Technology
Certificate, Automotive Service - Jun. 1997
Breithaupt Career and Technical Center, Detroit, MI
Automotive Service